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Elizabeth Warren Says People Are Struggling and Jeff Bezos Hasn't Pitched In Enough

Bezos pitched in by creating an online marketplace of cheap consumer goods that people can get delivered to their homes in two days flat.


Over the weekend, the space billionaires appear to have taken up rent-free space in Sen. Elizabeth Warren's head. "The richest guy on Earth can launch himself into space while over half the country lives paycheck to paycheck, nearly 43 million are saddled with student debt, and child care costs force millions out of work," the Massachusetts Democrat tweeted Sunday. "He can afford to pitch in so everyone else gets a chance."

This is strange criticism to level at a person who has created a million jobs, has supplied cheap consumer goods to 150 million paying Prime customers (and more goods to the other 150 million who opt for slightly longer shipping times), and is attempting to put satellites in space that will enable high-speed internet access for people who live in far-flung parts of the globe. Even more confusing is the idea that Bezos' tax bill is why Americans are feeling the squeeze.

From the Warren vantage point, it's easy to capitalize on this moment to make the case for a wealth tax, an idea she's been fixated on for years. But taxing billionaires' fortunes will almost certainly fail. A tax on households with high net worths (over $50 million in assets, in Warren's template plan, with more for households of $1 billion or higher) would present a huge incentive for people to engage in capital flight, fleeing for greener pastures on far-away shores; taxing the same pot of money over and over will result in less money to tax over time; some assets that rich people store their wealth in are very difficult to assess; and, all these other matters aside, much of this wealth isn't actually liquid.

I suppose Warren could look to France to see how they pulled it off—except they didn't. When France implemented a wealth tax, more than 40,000 millionaires fled the country over a 12-year period. The country ultimately dropped its wealth tax; Germany and Sweden did the same to theirs.

Inequality arguments aside, Bezos should not be scapegoated for high costs of living that compel people to take on student debt and saddle them with high child care costs. Though politicians often address poverty via income-based approaches, they could take a cost-based approach instead. For example, they could try to eliminate the government-created muddled incentives that have encouraged so many colleges to jack up tuition while letting unqualified Americans take out tons of cheap loans to earn degrees that do not make them very much money. This is something that's within Warren's power to attempt to solve, not Bezos'.

Warren seems to view wealth in America as a fixed pie. But companies like Amazon that deliver cheap goods to people who want them aren't responsible for people's malaise. In fact, Bezos' creation may be easing that malaise by delivering inexpensive products to people who are otherwise struggling to get by.

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166 responses to “Elizabeth Warren Says People Are Struggling and Jeff Bezos Hasn't Pitched In Enough

  1. “The richest guy on Earth can launch himself into space while over half the country lives paycheck to paycheck, nearly 43 million are saddled with student debt, and child care costs force millions out of work,”

    I’m sure some proggie commie senator was saying something similar when Ford came out with the Trimotor.

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    2. All these problems are her fault, not Bezos. I say that as someone who hates Bezos and doesn’t consider him worthy of my defense. I hope he decides he’s had enough of her shit and uses his malignant prog influence to destroy her. Then maybe it will destroy him too.

      1. I have no time for Bezos and think he’s an ass. But that’s not a crime nor should it be taxable. Isn’t it funny how relative it all is? People only want to tax those who are richer than they are. I recall Bernie Sanders saying that the country shouldn’t be run by millionaires and billionaires. However, since his run for office made him a multi-millionaire, he now just says it shouldn’t be run by billionaires, and millionaires get a pass.

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    4. Ford didn’t come out with the Trimotor — he reverse-engineered Richard Byrd’s Fokker.

      Lieawatha is conveniently overlooking the difference between her paycheck (not even counting the bribes) and the median income in her state.

      1. She also forgets that while Bezos et al create wealth for hundreds of millions of Americans, she steals wealth from hundred of millions of Americans…

    5. How about Nancy Pelosi? Her husband has made a killing based on the information from the Congress. She’s a multi-millionaire, and that status was acquired while serving in Congress. Same goes for Maxine Waters. How about them? The truth is that we are paying far too much taxes, all of us, including Jeff Bezos.

  2. over half the country lives paycheck to paycheck,

    I know people who make more than I do who live paycheck to paycheck. It’s their own damn fault. I don’t doubt that some people struggle to get by for no fault of their own. But I think it’s mostly people who are bad with money.

    nearly 43 million are saddled with student debt,

    If it wasn’t worth it to you, you shouldn’t have taken all those loans. You made your decision, now live with it.

    and child care costs force millions out of work

    Maybe taking care of your own children should be more of a priority?

    1. No shit. In high school I worked with this old retarded guy who was a millionaire. Guinness record for burgers flipped at the time. Rode a bike to work. Studio apartment. Didn’t even have cable. But he was happy.

      And then there who win the lottery and shortly after go bankrupt.

    2. Or, um, not having children that they can’t afford?

      1. Not having children you can’t afford is a thing of the past. Biden is playing 3600 bucks per kid per year. Cash payments each month. It pays to keep having em, woo

      2. Coworker has 2 kids and gets SNAP. She gets $600/month for food while only spending a fraction of that. She’s got $2600 accumulated so far.

        She also declared her kid handicapped (by her poor parenting) and gets $600/month to take care of him.

        She’s got children ???????? can’t afford.

        1. That should read:
          She’s got children we can’t afford.

        2. As of July she gets an additional $250/month per child “tax credit” up-front per month.


    3. Yes exactly this. The reason no one can afford a 500$ emergency and live paycheck to paycheck:

      Having multiple kids they cant afford, doing it before financially stable
      Buying more cars than they need, nicer than they need
      Toys: boats, ATV’s, motorcycles etc
      Finance all of the above in unideal interest loans (or worse, credit cards)

      When I walk through most neighborhoods this is what I see. People sign themselves up for a lifetime of debt paying off stuff they couldn’t afford because they are essentially financially irresponsible. Then they cant afford to get an ingrown toenail fixed, and its the fault of capitalism, or the billionaires, or the US, or greedy whoever the fuck is to blame today.

      Comes down to the same issue: personal responsibility. Most of this country are immature babies that want someone else to fix their problems.

    4. Zeb agreed I’m friends with a pharmacist couple make big dollars and two of them, yet they are still going through bankruptcy and have massive student debt. I on the other hand when I was making $10 hour right out of graduate school years ago I was able to budget and pay off my student loans. I’m not sure it isn’t a lot of people who can’t manage anything.

  3. Fauxcahontas is sending virtue smoke signals again.

    1. Howie Carr much?

    2. Excellent!

      1. Yes, I may have to borrow that.

  4. A wealth tax is a subsidy on consumption by billionaires. Why does Warren love billionaires so much that she wants to give them our tax dollars?

    1. NO, a wealth tax is not a consumption tax. It is a wealth tax. You really need to bone up on simple economic terms.

      1. “NO, a wealth tax is not a consumption tax…”

        Of course not. As I said, it’s a consumption subsidy. You need to bone up on your reading.

        1. Oops! I did misread that. But the real reading makes even less sense. How the dickens can any tax be a subsidy?

          1. Because not paying a tax is the same thing as being given money.

            /liberal logic

          2. Dick Cheney was accused of not paying enough taxes because he donated too much.

            Next, Billionaires will be accused of avoiding wealth taxes by transferring their wealth to other entities.

            Thought experiment: Jeff Bezos transfers all his assets (boat, Amazon, space ships) to an LLC. How do we value the LLC that mixes publicly traded and private companies?

            I love the hubris that academic senators will somehow craft a set of rules that supervillain billionaires can’t game.

      2. If they spend more money on things like trips to space then that money won’t get taxed as wealth. And since not paying a tax is the same as being given money, that makes this a subsidy

  5. I think someone has a kidney they aren’t using. Selfish cow.

    1. One of Remy’s best!

      1. Chipper Morning Wood————————————————————————–
        May.26.2021 at 6:29 pm
        Flag Comment Mute User
        Libertarians have more in common with Marxism than with modern conservatism. It’s sad that it’s come to that, but here we are.

  6. OK, so Bezos is worth ~200 billion at the moment. So all of his wealth, if it was even possible to convert it to dollars (which it isn’t), would be good for < $1000 per person in the US. Even if we just look at the poorest quintile, that's like $3000 per person. Not going to fix any of these problems for that much.
    It's such an easy thing to refute, why do people keep pushing this stupid idea. Giving people money or stuff might keep them from dying or being homeless, but it's not going to solve the problems that create those situations in the first place.

    1. It’s such an easy thing to refute, why do people keep pushing this stupid idea.
      Stupid people outnumber smart people by a wide margin.

    2. Because nobody wants to point out that lizzy Warren is a literal Nazi cunt

    3. It’s such an easy thing to refute, why do people keep pushing this stupid idea.

      Poor people getting free cash is dependent on believing it, so naturally they’re going to agree.

      “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”

    4. “It’s such an easy thing to refute, why do people keep pushing this stupid idea.”

      Because “fact checkers” are Democrat propagandists so they are rarely ever refuted for most voters.

    5. The easiest solution is to eliminate the leftists. This is all their fault.

      1. My simple solution to the global climate warming change crisis: all liberals and lawyers must stop exhaling CO2 until the earth cools.
        (after a brief spike due to an unexpectedly high number of cremations, all will be well with the world)

    6. Yeah, no. Elizabeth Warren isn’t talking about Jeff Bezos contributing his money to poor people, she’s talking about Jeff Bezos giving his money to the government. Because it’s not greedy for a government that has trillions of dollars to be scraping a few billion more. What a greedy, greedy bitch.

    7. Stupid ideas are promoted by people in positions of authority, broadcast by toadying media sycophants, to a populace largely unwilling or unable to critically examine information.

  7. One trillion dollars is a THOUSAND BILLION. If Jeff Bezos has 100 billion, (and assuming it’s all liquid) that’s one tenth of a trillion. We are almost 30 trillion in debt. Jeff Bezos money is an infinitesimal portion of that, assuming he’s responsible for the debt.

    Stop Spending Our Money!!!

    1. Old school:

      Fuck you, cut spending.

      1. Yet you have attacked the people trying to stop this and supported the people doing it.

  8. You first Lizzie. Pay up from your millions in graft and corruption.

    In truth this is further proof that A) Twitter needs to be abolished so we don’t get writeups on hot takes from dumb ass politicians and generals who too fucking stupid to realize what idiots they are, and B) that scumbag politicians only care about your money and how they can spend it to increase their own power.

  9. Warren’s statements cause me to raise an eyebrow…and a cheekbone.

  10. The Original Karen

    1. Word.

    2. This.

      Original dumb cunt too. Literally doesn’t know shit about a damn thing. She continues to outdo herself on stupidity.

  11. “nearly 43 million are saddled with student debt”

    And who subsidized that?

    1. And which professor profiteered from students getting loans to pay her artificially inflated salary?

      1. Hey that book I wrote was entirely necessary and completely worth $500.

      2. We should have clawback provisions from academic salaries to fund student debt forgiveness.

        That’s what happens when companies pay bonuses before declaring bankruptcy.

      3. How dare you?

  12. Warren’s just mad at Bezos because he didn’t use his newspaper to support her presidential campaign. Hell hath no fury like a Democrat scorned.

  13. “He can afford to pitch in so everyone else gets a chance.”

    Someone needs to tell her about MMT. Taxes don’t pay for anything anymore. If she wanted to give other people a chance, she doesn’t need Jeff Bezos to pitch in.

    Won’t some democrat come and straighten her out?

    1. Just get rid of her. She’s, a useless, corrupt Hag with socialist plans and Marxist aspirations.

  14. LOL

    Like Bernie and AOC, Warren is another useful Democrat to have around. Her “make billionaires pay their fair share” routine is designed to trick low-info poor people into voting for Democrats — even though the party has completely abandoned its working-class roots.

    Those of us who actually pay attention know the modern Democratic Party exists to serve its billionaire base.


    1. I starting to believe you are on to something.
      When can I preorder your book?

      1. No need for me to write a book. I promote Charles Koch’s billionaire agenda, of course, but only on a part-time basis because he doesn’t pay me. Just keep reading Reason.com every day for the full-time professional version of what I provide.


          1. He has been rather inspired lately.

            1. Agreed, he’s been on point lately.

    2. When the “parody” account just has to speak the literal truth, we’re fucked.

      1. It stopped being a parody about five years ago.

        1. What is the British phrase?
          Ah yes “overtaken by events”.

      2. Now that’s a working man’s definition of “fucked.”

    3. Her “make billionaires pay their fair share” routine is designed to trick low-info poor people into voting for Democrats — even though the party has completely abandoned its working-class roots.

      It also makes slightly-less-low-info people, like the writers at Reason, see Joe “Information Czar” Biden look like a moderate.

  15. As long as Elizabeth Warren is still a Senator, Bezos clearly hasn’t pitched in enough.

    I mean, how much could it have possibly cost to send her some COVID-19 blankets, anyway?

    1. +++

  16. Liz is like that bossy lady who shows up on the school yard, forces the kids playing basketball or baseball to let the dweebs play, and takes charge of the food that some kids brought so everyone can have a fair share. And then she climbs into her Pontiac (get it?) and drives away.

    1. Pontiac? I don’t get it. I thought she was Cherokee.

      1. The Jeep is at home, sitting on the same cinder blocks it’s been sitting on since the TARP bailout.

  17. Elizabeth Warren Says People Are Struggling and Jeff Bezos Hasn’t Pitched In Enough a Bunch of Stupid Horseshit That Probably Sounded Better in the Original German

    Fixed your headline for you.

    1. You misspelled “Needs To Die In A Grease Fire”

      1. I’d settle for a massive stroke.

        1. Scalped or GTFO.

  18. You gotta start with the recognition that this woman is a dishonest piece of shit whose entire career is built on lying about her heritage.

    And she demonstrates regularly that she gives zero shits about the constitution. The wealth tax is clearly unconstitutional just like the income tax would be absent an amendment.

    Of all of the oily scumbag politicians running around, it’s hard to identify one more undesirable than her, although honestly several are trying to be.

    1. But you’re happy: No more mean tweets, right?

      1. Sevo, what the fuck are you even talking about?

        UCS – congresswoman Greene is pretty awful too. But I suppose a better partner on her spectrum is AOC.

    2. She and Josh Hawley set the standard for awfulness on their respective ends of the spectrum.

      1. Even then Hawley plans to kill liberty one cut at a time whereas Warren aims to put the shotgun to its sternum and pull the trigger.

    3. Adam Schiff.

  19. “The richest guy on Earth can launch himself into space while over half the country lives paycheck to paycheck, nearly 43 million are saddled with student debt, and child care costs force millions out of work,” the Massachusetts Democrat tweeted Sunday.

    “The craziest gal in the Senate can tweet nonsense while over half the country lives paycheck to paycheck, nearly 43 million are saddled with student debt, and child care costs force millions out of work.”

    1. The irony is that those things are not Bezos’ doing, yet they are Warren’s fault.

  20. I’m convinced the biggest reason this woman crashed and burned so hard and fast in the primaries after being considered the front-runner by many early on is this simple: she’s such an fucking annoying bitch.

    1. Whichever leftist the media adores crashes and burns. Kamala, lizzie, avenetti, buttigieg, etc.

      1. Except Kamala is one 25th Amendment away from being president.

        1. There you’ve done! You’ve ruined my breakfast, you cad.
          Gag, retch….errrppp
          I feel my innards revolting already.

    2. She also sounds like a really,depressing nagging mother in law. No one likes that. Her voice is terrible. Her communism doesn’t help either.

    3. She’s an annoying bitch, but Clinton is a far more annoying bitch who managed to get nominated. I guess Fauxcahontas never had the opportunity to stand by a rapist scumbag for the party and get rewarded for it.


    4. Being the darling of the media does not make one the darling of the voting public.

      I bet there are still reporters out their scratching their heads as to why she didn’t get the nomination after all the campaigning they did for her over the years.

    5. You forgot unintelligent as fuck.

  21. It’s revealing Warren complains about student loan debt but refuses to examine the primary cause. The problem isn’t other people’s success, the problem is academic management.

    The education system is corrupt and Warren is a primary example of how. Her propaganda study which claimed half of all personal bankruptcies in America are due to medical bills helped pass several laws but it was entirely false. The sad fact is that even when it was produced every serious analyst in academia or mainstream media knew immediately it was propaganda but refused to speak against it in allegiance to far left politics. She created what the system values so it made her rich (adding to the debt she pretends to care about) and powerful enough to threaten people who really have improved the world.

    1. Bitch got paid 40pk a year to teach 2 classes.

      1. I’m sure it’s a coincidence she thinks making 400k for next to nothing is fine, it’s only when someone makes more than her it becomes an outrage.

    2. “…Her propaganda study which claimed half of all personal bankruptcies in America are due to medical bills…”

      Didn’t realize this was bullshit, but even if it wasn’t, so what?
      If you are forced into bankruptcy, it ought to be for serious reasons, not to cover your table losses in Vegas. And what could be more serious than paying for that care that keeps you alive?

      1. Didn’t realize this was bullshit,

        The real number is ~5%.

      2. IIRC it was sort of like dying with covid. If you had any medical bills at all, then they were “responsible” for the bankruptcy.

        1. When you declare bankruptcy, all debt is included in the filing schedules. So even a $100 outstanding medical bill would be included. I’m sure she lumped that into her 50% claim. As she is an intrinsically conniving, dishonest person.

          Which is why she’s a democrat to begin with.

      3. And what could be more serious than paying for that care that keeps you alive?

        Not saddling your children and maybe even your grandchildren with crushing debt.

      4. Yeah, seems like the headline there should be that even if you can’t afford expensive medical procedures in this country, you can still get them.

    3. “It’s revealing Warren complains about student loan debt but refuses to examine the primary cause.”

      You assume she hasn’t. I assume she’s lying for political gain. There’s a reason Democrats are winning.

      1. Poverty pimping has been very rewarding to democrats.

        1. Yup.

  22. Does it really matter if you can’t fool all the people all the time if you can fool most of the people all the time?

    1. They only need to fool 51% of the people all of the time.

    2. Don’t even need to fool them all the time. 51% of people every November is sufficient.

  23. In my right hand I have a saying. In my left I have a machete. Now take the machete and HACK HACK HACK at the saying!


    1. response to n00bdragon

      1. No, you messed it up.

  24. The richest guy on Earth can launch himself into space while over half the country lives paycheck to paycheck, nearly 43 million are saddled with student debt, and child care costs force millions out of work,” the Massachusetts Democrat socialist scold tweeted Sunday. “He can afford to pitch in so everyone else gets a chance.”

    So very, very ashamed to live in Massachusetts and not be able to get rid of these busybody thieves.

    1. Bezos probably paid more in taxes last year than this bitch will ever pay through her whole worthless life.

  25. When has Warren volunteered to give up her millions? Nothing is stopping her but herself. She can pull her grandchildren out of private school while she is at it too. Live the life you preach, lady. Until then…fuck off.

    1. And she HAS millions. $12 million in 2019, according to Forbes. Funny how she isn’t giving up HER money.

      1. She made her money honestly by pretending to be Cherokee when she is not.

        1. She’s an obvious liar.

        2. Are you saying she’d give someone a gift and then take it back or expect something of equal value in return? Racist.

  26. One of my favorite examples of terrible government thinking came from Miss Warren (IIRC) when talking about the cost of living vs. what the banks pay their tellers. The very first thing she did was take the 45k (or whatever) and sliced it down to 32k after taxes. The taxes were BY FAR the largest chunk of the teller’s “spending”, but nobody mentioned it again. The end goal was to try to shame the banks into paying the tellers more, but I thought it should have been to shame the government from taking so much in the first place.

    1. God only asks for 10% as a tithe. How dare government ask for more than that.

      1. They really don’t want to take so much, but if they only took 10% it would violate the separation of church and state enshrined in Jefferson’s personal correspondence.

  27. Remember back during Obama’s reign that poor woman who got arrested by a swat team for unpaid student loans. I’d link the article I’m sure it was on reason (back in those days it would anyway).

    We thought that was odd, a one off, maybe something got out of hand. But now we all know the truth, that rich or poor they are coming for you at some point. They are telling you, right now, what they plan to do (using Bezos as a proxy).

    Buckle up. Chuckie was right.

  28. Warren complains about the rich not paying their “fair share” but her idea of a “fair share” is always more. When the government takes in $5 trillion dollars and it’s not nearly enough, the scraps from the billionaires aren’t going to make much difference. It’s obviously not about raising revenues, it’s about hating billionaires. Warren is a hateful, spiteful, incredibly stupid and dishonest person.

    1. Its not even about hating billionaires.

      Its about *power* and increasing her personal wealth.

      After all, are you really rich if you only make 200k a year – ignoring the state provided housing, food, driver, security detail, . . .

      Its not that she’s spiteful, she’s playing a game whereby she drums up other people’s envy in order to benefit from it personally.

      1. “Its not that she’s spiteful, she’s playing a game whereby she drums up other people’s envy in order to benefit from it personally.”

        Personally and of course politically. And I wouldn’t rule out spite; just look at the crazy bitch, if you can.

  29. “…while over half the country lives paycheck to paycheck…”

    There was a proggie POS columnist in the Chron with whom (until he ‘muted’ me) I had a running discussion, calling him on his bullshit. One line in particular had it that ‘most of us are just one paycheck away from being bums (‘homeless’ in proggie)’.
    If that was true, ‘most of us’ had made some really bad financial choices; his response, whether he knew it or not, blamed the government.
    He finally ‘muted’ me when, a month or so after claiming ‘economics was BS, since SUVs were still selling’ after gas prices spiked, his column carried a note about SUV sales falling through the floor. Daily columns carry the risk of being called on your bullshit.
    sarc? jeff? turd? mike? Brandy? Is that you?

    1. You’re not supposed to remember, much less remind them, of their contradictions.

  30. Its gonna be funny, if they get their ‘wealth tax’ passed, watching their heads explode when the billionaires, instead of investing their money – OR PAYING TAXES! – engage in even more ludicrous public displays of conspicuous consumption.

    1. Sir Richard Branson is known for his public displays of conspicuous consumption. Elon Musk only has a his Tesla in orbit as an example. Bezos has, well, this is his first and only display that I know of.

      Still, I think it would be awesome if one of them shot a solid gold rocket into space, then said “You want my wealth? There’s my wealth. Go up and get it!”

  31. I can’t stand Jeff Bezos but the criticism his little rocket ride has spawned has been retarded. According to these morons, because his company sunk the R&D costs to develop potential commercial space travel (still essentially a long way off from being practicical), Bezos deserves to have his entire hypothetical networth and the net worth of his companies (both current and former) requisitioned by the government to pay for more free shit. The problem with this is 1) net worth calculation is a terrible way to assess someone’s actual wealth because networth is a calculation of their real assets and then their theoretical assets like their ownership stake in a company. The problem with attaching the value of one’s ownership in a company to a calculation of their wealth is that the valuation is mostly hypothetical, subject to constant change, and not a very liquid asset to extract. 2) Liquidating a billionaire’s entire assets + their very subjective networth value (which is, again, nearly impossible to liquidate) might be able to cover this free gibs for about 6 months. 3) After taking the entire value of a person away to cover the cost of stupid government feel-good projects for a negligible amount of time, you will never have that same source of taxable wealth ever again either because that billionaire would either commit suicide, flee or refuse to have his assets so violently raped a second time to the point of never working another day in his life.

    1. I’d prefer Bezos do something more useful with all his money than give it to the government.

      Flushing it down the sewer comes to mind…

  32. I just bought a brand new BMW after having made $6375 this past one month and just over 12k last 4 week. This is the best and most financially rewarding job I’ve ever had. I actually started this few Weeks ago and almost immediately started to bring home minimum 74BUCKS p/h… http://bucks2.com/

  33. I’m not a huge fan of many things Bezos does, like keeping those goddamned tankies at the WaPo fed and clothed instead of panhandling on the street like the worthless whining little failures that they are, but Fauxcahontas can go fuck herself. At the end of the day, Bezos makes his money by delivering goods and services that people pay for willingly.

    Fauxcahontas is a tax dependent apparatchik who delivers nothing of value to the public, and who benefitted from fraud to put herself on the political map in the first place.

    So she bitches about “fair share” without ever admitting that Bezos gets looted for several orders of magnitude more than the typical American does. What an ungrateful cunt.


    1. Capitalizing in his space trip plays right into her political themes [look it him squander while all the “little people” suffer], and this was an opportunity she obviously could not resist.

      1. She’s not even original; think of all the complaining about the 1960’s space race as a waste “while so many people are starving”. The silliest being Abernathy calling for the cancellation of Apollo 11 while it was in the process of being fueled. The money had all been spent. Did he think they could just sell the rockets and take the proceeds for charity?

        It’s all just grandstanding.

  34. If Warren is so smart why doesn’t she start a business, pay $20 an hour to all employees with paid benefits for leave, college etc and pay extra with her taxes to a rate she deems a “fair share”
    She is the poster child for this quote.

    G. Gordon Liddy — ‘A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money.’

  35. The world is full of Elizabeth Warren’s.

    “I just got done knocking up the neighbors daughter while smoking crack then stole all the cash and TV and got fired from my job for not showing up today and spending my work hours compulsively complaining instead of working.”

    “It’s complete B.S. that Bezo’s isn’t as ‘poor’ as I am after offering customers a better service than eBay. After all knocking up the neighbors daughter, stealing, compulsive complaining and non productive life should be worth just as much!”

    1. What the left is absolutely famous at attempting to do; Taking the most significant variable of *earned* out of the wealth equation.

  36. Would she be happy if Bezos stopped doing the things that got him where he is? He could close the wealth gap by lowering his net worth too.

  37. Leave Bezos alone, of all people. He created modern cloud computing, on which countless things now run.

    1. Bezos did not “create modern cloud computing”; he merely monetized it.

      1. He didn’t invent the building blocks like virtual machines, but AWS was the first integrated cloud ecosystem. The next big one, Google Cloud Services, did not appear until six years later.

        1. So? Without Bezos, any of a dozen other companies would have been “the first integrated cloud ecosystem”.

          And, of course, what is desirable about that in the first place? Amazon has been up to the same shenanigans as Microsoft, replacing open, interoperable standards with proprietary standards and services, all the while receiving massive amounts of government funding.

          I see no benefit from having Bezos in particular having a big presence in this space.

  38. Do you know who else is not struggling? Elizabeth Warren is not struggling.

  39. “In the book [“Persist”], she admits to making some strategic mistakes. “I was wrong to take the test,” she writes of the DNA test she took to try to settle questions about her past claims of Native American ancestry.”

    1. Oh, I’m sure she knows it was a mistake to remove all possible doubt that she’s a fraud.


      1. Also says she running for senate again in 2024; this after spending at least two years doing everything possible to get herself out of that job [POTUS, Sec a the Treasury…]; I suppose it being MASS that it will come down to whomever gets the Democratic nomination in that State.

        1. Of course she’ll run, and of course she’ll get the nomination, and of course she’ll win, and of course I’ll have to spend yet another 6 years being ashamed to admit that I live in a state stupid enough to keep repeating the same mistake over and over and over.

          1. We have Gretchen the Witless.

            1. At least you have not inflicted her on the rest of the country, yet.

              Thank you!

  40. over half the country lives paycheck to paycheck

    Yes, the public school system and endless “economic stimulus” programs are responsible for that. I.e., Warren herself is the culprit.

  41. EW is a flunky of the DNC. She doesn’t’t have a clue about our constitution. Cancel her!!

  42. “She doesn’t’t have a clue about our constitution.”

    What, that old thing? Written by a bunch of horrible old white guys. Much better that we have a government of Warrens just telling us what we should believe and do.

  43. I am sure Liz is living on her government BIA check and giving the rest of her salary and wealth to the struggling poor and destitute to set an example for others. (sarc)
    What you say? Liz ain’t a native American! But she had old family Native American recipes!!!!

  44. Elizabeth Warren is an asshole and I wish she would just die already.

    1. Can’t happen soon enough to the useless douche.

  45. NO ONE is COMPELLED to tke on student debt, OR to incur high child care costs. I know pesonally a few millonaires who never went to college, or if they did maybe one or two terms was enought o convince them it was not worth the price. And NONE of those friends of mineinherited their wealth. Every one ot them worked hard, ws smart with their money and tume, did NOT sit around playing video games, mall or pub crwling….

    nw I WILL say that govermment regulations and standards push the cost of both educaation and child care far higher then it ought to be.

    Bezoz has gotten his billions on the backs of milllions he has fleeced by his own hrdnose policies. Futher, he has done much to destroy retail ales accross the nation by undercutting Minumum Advertised Pricing contracts with manurafturers, driving trade to his own company and away from the walk0in retail establishments that have been our mainstay for generations. He has also used unscrupulous policies to remove many former Marketplace Sellers, emptying out that space in favour of Sold By and Shios From Amzon goods. Bezozs is no friend of the marketplace. Any attempts by Marketplace Sellers to get redress of these issues is countered with an endless flood of bot-generated form letters demanding the same “proofs” over and ove,r never ahuman involved, until one gives up in frustration. NO ability to communicate with any human form is ever granted.Personally I wish he’d go off into space and stay there.

  46. Finding excuses to justify, does not nullify the fact that Warren has the mind of a thief.

  47. Then you donate you dumb cunt! You and your husband (poor fucker) have enjoyed all the fat under the table envelopes and other deals only a slimy politician gets and have gotten fat and happy. Donate or STFU.

  48. Is all liberal policy based solely on jealousy? Bezos did not rob banks to make his money, he started a company that sold books on the internet and then expanded to selling everything. Great idea, even better execution. No one is forced to use his service. If you don’t like him personally, don’t shop there. And why is someone’s moronic decision to borrow tens of thousands of dollars to get an unmarketable degree from an expensive university somehow Bezos’s fault (our yours or mine either)? College is a business decision but we treat it like a singles cruise. We should not be loaning money to people unless the can explain how they are going to pay it back. This is just like the 2008 housing collapse but instead of a three bedroom ranch with a two car garage, it’s a degree in sociology with a minor in gender women’s studies.

  49. Behold the envy-filled and fueled Wicked Witch of the East.

  50. I missed the part where Bezos shutdown the economy. Thank you Warren for pointing that out.

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