Trump Slashed Regulations That Stopped Americans From Having a Good Shower. Biden Is Bringing Them Back.

Environmentalists criticized Trump's reforms for wasting water, while showerhead manufacturers worried the deregulation would subject them to more foreign competition.


Under pressure from environmentalists, the Biden administration is putting some stricter energy efficiency regulations in place. On Friday, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced that it would be reversing a short-lived Trump administration rule that eased restrictions on the pleasing flow of multi-headed showers.

The root of this dispute goes back to the Energy Policy and Conservation Act, a 1992 law which imposed a host of convenience-crushing energy efficiency regulations on appliances. Chief among them was a requirement that showerheads sold in the U.S. emit no more than 2.5 gallons of water per minute.

Former President Donald Trump was a frequent critic of both this regulation and Obama-era regulatory changes in 2011 and 2013 that required whole shower units to comply with the 2.5-gallon-per-minute limit. Previously, multi-headed shower units could emit more water so long as each individual showerhead didn't surpass 2.5 gallons-per-minute.

"I build, and I build a lot of stuff. And I go into areas where they have tremendous water… And you have sinks where the water doesn't come out…. You have showers where I can't wash my hair properly, it's a disaster!" said then-candidate Trump at a 2015 rally.

It's a complaint that Trump re-upped multiple times during his tenure in the White House. It wasn't until December 2020, however, that his DOE undid the Obama administration's restrictions, letting multi-headed showers flow freely again.

The Biden administration has now proposed to undo this important win for individual liberty.

"As many parts of America experience historic droughts, this commonsense proposal means consumers can purchase showerheads that conserve water and save them money on their utility bills″ said a Department of Energy spokesperson to the Associated Press on Friday.

Of course, Americans could still purchase water-conserving showerheads under the Trump administration's rule. The Biden administration would just force them to do so.

The changes that Trump imposed in 2020 were not without controversy. Environmental groups and water districts complained that easing restrictions on showerheads would result in more water use, and thus wasted water and energy.

Industry groups representing showerhead manufacturers also complained about the changes, citing the money they'd already spent complying with the existing rules and expressing concern that any changes would open them up to more foreign competition.

The Trump administration's proposed changes would "negate significant investment costs the industry has taken to comply with the existing DOE regulations and guidance" and create a "potential competitive disadvantage for U.S. manufacturers who have developed products to comply with the current requirements," said the American Supply Association, a trade group, in a public comment in October 2020.

If regulations did allow multi-headed shower units, "some manufacturer out there will make them and will probably garner some markets share," says Ben Lieberman, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. "From the perspective of manufacturers who are now making the compliant models, they see nothing to be gained by allowing the heavier flow models onto the market."

When the Obama administration first proposed its more restrictive standards for showerheads in 2010, manufacturers got pretty steamed.

"Leave my shower alone," said one showerhead seller to The Wall Street Journal. "It was not the legislative intent of Congress to authorize DOE to regulate the bathing habits of Americans," said another manufacturer.

What a difference 10 years and millions spent on compliance costs makes.

Once the Biden administration's new proposed rule is published in the Federal Register, the public will have 60 days to comment. A final rule will come down sometime after that.

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250 responses to “Trump Slashed Regulations That Stopped Americans From Having a Good Shower. Biden Is Bringing Them Back.

  1. This article doesn’t exist. Reason never said anything about Trump cutting regulation and they’ve never criticized Biden. So there’s no possible way that this article can actually be here. It goes against the narrative. It’s a figment of your imagination. Move along. Nothing to see here.

    1. I believe the complaint is that there weren’t many (if any at all) of this type of article prior to the election. You know, when it actually might have mattered.*

      *This being a libertarianish publication, I don’t think it would have mattered much to the readers or commenters.

      **Thats right i said “libertarianish”. I obviously don’t read every article, but the ones I do read don’t seem to make the liberty case for most of the subject matter. I will say the long form articles usually do, but it would be nice if the hot takes did as well.

      1. I’m sure there were plenty of such articles. But like this one, they didn’t exist. That’s why Reason doesn’t publish this type of article. Because when it does they are completely ignored, and when you point them out you get silence. They don’t exist because if they did then the Trumpistas couldn’t bitch and moan and whine and complain and fret and howl and bleat and carp and about how Reason is always mean to Trump because they hate Trump and they hate America and love Democrats blah blah blah….

        This article doesn’t exist. Move along.

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        2. Notice here he still can’t say a word about Biden and makes assumptions on what happened on the past without bothering to actually go look.


    2. If you read an article that doesn’t exist, does it negate your existence?

      1. Haven’t you read the Hitchhiker’s Guide? The population of the universe is zero.

        Although you might see people from time to time, they are most likely products of your imagination. Simple mathematics tells us that the population of the Universe must be zero. Why? Well given that the volume of the universe is infinite there must be an infinite number of worlds. But not all of them are populated; therefore only a finite number are. Any finite number divided by infinity is zero, therefore the average population of the Universe is zero, and so the total population must be zero.

        1. Then how do you explain the ravenous bugblatter beast of Traal?

          1. Don’t look at it. That’s all. Don’t look.

          2. Like everything else, it is only a product of your deluded imagination.

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        Meanwhile the brigade of trolls I’ve muted continues to drop turds on all my posts.

        Reminds me of when my ex had rabbits. Damn they make a lot of poop.

        1. Perhaps Ken is a Fluke of the Universe

          1. I’m surprised I was able to handle 20 seconds of that. Almost puked.

        2. “Reminds me of when my ex had rabbits. Damn they make a lot of poop.”

          If your ex still has rabbits, please tell her that she can sell their poop for top dollar! Have her send the rabbit turds to R Mac, who takes them as “smart pills”!

          1. Not bad. Mostly funny.

            1. Be careful. Don’t want to fuck up responding to your sock again.

        3. Ken only likes libertarians like Lindsey Graham and Noot Gingrich.

          1. He definitely has a thing for amphibians. At least that’s what his ex girlfriend told me.

            1. Conservative types are attracted to amphibians. It is known!

              Let me give you a VERY prominent Amphibian Person with the CORRECT conservative thoughts and attitudes! I give you Pepe the Amphibian Person, stolen-IP-4Chan-Frog! Racist frog, NAZI frog, yaya-yada!

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          2. Don’t know but unlikely Ken gives a shit what a cp purveyor posts about him.

          3. Hey the biden and Cuomo cultist.

        4. Yes. Youre a victimized Saint who would never thread shit like you did on the very first post.

          1. Yeah, Ken is victimizing this piece of shit by ignoring him. As if *ANY* of sarc’s responses ever addressed any point at all.
            The issue here is sarc’s stupidity; he is stupid enough such as to be unable to know how stupid he is.
            Further, if one or two people find you whiny, self-righteous piece of shit, they might be wrong. When the world finds you to be such, *YOU’RE* wrong.
            sarc is too stupid to understand that; he’s got the Hitler ‘victimhood’ thing going.

    3. We’re about 2 and a half days in to Reason barely beginning to awaken and realize Trump isn’t the boogeyman and Republicans aren’t in any power any more. It’s not much, but it’s a trend

      1. Sarcasmic will be here to carry on the banner.

      2. This is the correct answer. Maybe.

        We shall see.

    4. See how sarcasmic can’t actually criticize biden here? Instead he thread shits as usual.

    5. I think the relevant question here is why the fuck people in Utah pay less for water than people on the east coast.

      1. They have their own source.

      2. Do you really not understand this?

  2. The market provides. The showerhead I bought last summer came with the regulator AND the tool to easily remove it.

    1. That’s too funny! Also note that MANY-MANY shower-head designs can be easily modified with a simple drill (power drill preferred of course). Just drill bigger, the little hole that goes from the higher-water-pressure inlet side to the shower-head outlet side, and you are set to go, for higher flow! Go with the higher flow, man!

    2. PS, I live in an area where there’s TONS of cheap water to be had, so NO guilt-tripping here! (It rains a lot here, in top-secret land; I guard my identity fairly carefully. Sarcasmic is brave for letting us know that he lives in Maine).

      1. Seriously, we are not want for water in the northeast. Even so, I have well water, so the only strain more water flow creates is on my well pump. Why should these regulations be national in scope?

        1. to signal virtue

      2. I have to agree. Water conservation is a local issue that only matters because water is extremely heavy in city-level capacity.

        There is zero environmental reason to conserve water in Houston aside from reducing load on the water treatment plants. If not for well-designed drainage, I would live in a swamp. We have to watch out for alligators coming into our housing developments. However, somehow people think that a city that is the end point for multiple rivers and has no downstream at all is going to be short on water in the future.

    3. That is like a showerhead with a high capacity magazine!

    4. I buy the cheap plastic heads from Ace, toss the o-ring that restricts the flow and Bob’s your uncle.

  3. “Trump Slashed Regulations That Stopped Americans From Having a Good Shower.”

    And Biden slashed regulations that stopped billionaire employers (like’s benefactor Charles Koch) from importing cost-effective foreign-born labor.

    Hmm. Let’s see. Who would I rather have in the White House. It’s a tough call!


    1. As someone who thinks pollution/environmental regulations are basically the only kind that makes sense from a libertarian philosophical perspective, I’m right there with you. I’ll take more open borders for less open showerhead nozzles any day

      1. So as a slaver, you’re happy to knee-walk and boot-lick.
        Fuck off and die.

      2. Hey waterpanther…

        Be careful man!!! Do NOT piss off Sevo the Pedo, man!!! Sevo the Pedo has special permission to insult others all day every day, with unfounded accusations, but can NOT be trolled by disrespectin’ others!!! Or else Super-Perv-Predator-Sevo the Pedo, wearing a speedo, will SUE you in the courts of Government Almighty!!! Pedo’s LAWYERS might wear speedos IN YOUR FACE in court ass well, so BEWARE!!!

      3. While I agree that since municipal water supply is naturally a collectively shared resource and thus government regulation could be appropriate, I expect that banning the sale of faucet heads that spray water quickly is likely to be ineffective and will likely do more harm than good. More effective and less restrictive measures would include taxing water usage, especially water that people are not actually drinking. Obviously, we don’t want anyone to be dehydrated, but taxing negative externalities generally works much better than telling people they cannot do something. How much water goes to residential, industrial, and agricultural purposes? How much less would each of these use if water cost twice as much? How much water is available? How long is it likely to last?

  4. I’ve never had an issue where my double showerhead performed notably worse than a single showerhead. Since the rules for single showerheads has been unchanged since the 90s, I’m wondering who the nasty ass dude in your office is that hasn’t managed to get a good shower in 30 years per your headline.

    1. This may come as a shock to you, but showerheads don’t get changed out all that often. Nearly every one I’ve used is older than I am.

      1. I suppose it depends on your water supply, but generally scale and such builds up within 10 years or so (including per-90s heads) modern showerheads generally have those rubber tips that you can run your hand over and break it up which lets’ them survive a bit better, but old ones start doing that thing where nozzles are partially blocked and you have water shooting out at odd angles.

        1. Not everyone has hard water.

          1. I’m sure there’s places out there that might have the right conditions for a shower head to last 30+ years. I don’t think that’s typical though. The worst hard water I’ve dealt with started clogging up heads within 3 years (no softener available).

            1. Get a softener or soak in a bucket of CLR. The surface waters I have worked with are soft. And conventional treatment tends to strip some of the alkalinity as part of the coagulation/flocculation unit operation.
              But yes, hard water clogs them quickly.

              1. I usually do a ziplock filled with white vinegar.

          2. Older cities tend to artificially harden the water if it’s soft, to avoid dissolving the protective layer of scale inside of lead pipes. See Flint, Michigan for what happens if they neglect to.

            Cities built up after lead pipes were discontinued (1986) don’t have to bother.

            1. Note that even if lead pipes are discontinued, lead sodering of pipes may continue, and there is no safe level of lead in a child’s drinking water.

              We should have learned our lesson from Rome.

        2. My city it is the water softners that reduce pressure more than the shower head. But very needed.

  5. Trump Slashed Regulations That Stopped Americans From Having a Good Shower.

    Trump is a germophobe.

    Biden Is Bringing Them Back.

    Biden’s an old dirty bastard.

    1. Well done

  6. Most water for residential use is provided by some government entity. Also we are seeing water become more scare and so more valuable. I have no problem with the government offering some uniform standards related to water use.

    1. Mine is provided from a well on my lot. There’s no scarcity here, and using water on the east coast doesn’t affect water supplies in middle America or the west coast.

      But you want a standard that applies to all. Because.

      1. As someone who was somewhat defending this elsewhere in the thread, you make a really good point here. Showerheads aren’t actually the crux of the issue and focusing on them is definitely an imperfect bandaid of a solution. I can see the argumeny for some pragmatic advantage of focusing efforts on things like showerheads, but I’ll grant you it’s way less than perfect

        1. It’s true that focusing on shower heads does a lot less than the environmental totalitarians would like to believe. When I use a shower with a more restricted flow than at home, where I’ve altered or removed the regulators as needed, the shower takes longer, sometimes much longer to rinse away all the soap residue and shampoo, especially if it’s one of those really sorry shower head that sputters like an old man with a prostate problem. So how much water is actually saved?

    2. There is the same amount of water on the planet as there was billions of years ago. Water is not becoming scarce, transitory drought has decreased water tables in some areas, while above average rainfall had increased it in others. Water scarcity is a local not global issue. Learn some basic Earth Science like taught to most freshman high schoolers.

      1. Yeah, but sand worms might come and hide it all on us.

        1. If they turn it into spice it might be worth it.

      2. The same amount of water, maybe, but there are a looooooooot more people now and most of those people are using way more water per person. It’s not scarce in the way, say, minerals are, but it’s valid to be concerned about the rate we’re using it relative to the rate it replenishes

        1. In some locations and not others. Water is a local issue not a global issue. And with technology, e.g. desalination, water treatment of sewage etc, it isn’t as big a problem except for underdeveloped countries and desert environments.

        2. “The same amount of water, maybe, but there are a looooooooot more people now and most of those people are using way more water per person…”

          And in CA, for example, the government has done nothing to add to storage facilities; can’t afford them if we’re to pay the retirement benes.

        3. Panther. Unless you are not managing aquifers properly, water doesn’t get used. All end uses of water end up going right back to your supply (or, more traditionally, the supply for the next town downriver). The only real exception is lawn watering during a drought. However, even then, it just delays it a bit due to rainfall.

          Water isn’t going to get more scarce because that’s just not how water works. All you have to do to fix it is route your sewage system’s outfall to your water purification plant and you have more than doubled your your water capacity. Absolute worst case: if you can fix all pipe leaks and stop outdoor water use, then your potable water supply is effectively infinite.

      3. “…Water scarcity is a local not global issue…”

        Droughts are an uncontrollable phenomenon; shortages are controllable and largely government-caused.
        CA’s population doubled between the last major drought (’74-’76), the government has added ZERO water storage during that time.

      4. All scarcity is local. That’s not saying much. The reality is that there are too many people out west for the amount of fresh water that is available there and the problem is only getting worse. You can consider that a local issue if you want, but “local” here means a bunch of different states fighting over the same supply.

        1. “The reality is that there are too many people out west for the amount of fresh water that is available there and the problem is only getting worse.”

          You’re full of shit.

        2. Right!

          So we should ban old school toilets and high flow showers in Minnesota, where they could all leave the water running all day, every day and never run out of water. That will make sure there is plenty of water in Los Angeles!

        3. Yes, that makes it a local issue because it is a problem in some places and not others. A national policy is not appropriate here.

    3. Earth continuously recycles it’s water supply, in case you haven’t noticed. Most of it ends up in the ocean as saltwater, before it returns as freshwater rain after evaporating. But progressives block any attempts to build desalination plants due to the environmental impact.

      1. As P.J. O’Rourke said (paraphrase), water never disappears, it just spends some time temporarily in a yuckier form.

    4. Most water for residential use is provided by some government entity. Also we are seeing water become more scare and so more valuable.

      Something something sand something Sahara Desert.

    5. No we don’t need more government regulation, get it through you skull.

    6. I think this applies.

      Got water problems? Don’t live in a fucking desert.

      1. You saybthat about minority problems too i bet. Hence why you chose the whitest place you could live to avoid Cubano sandwiches.

      2. “Got water problems? Don’t live in a fucking desert.”

        Got tornado problems? Don’t live in the midwest.
        Fuck off and die, slaver.

        1. Got burrs in your speedo-covered ass-crack, Super-Perv-Predator-Sevo the Pedo, wearing a speedo?

          Then don’t be an empty-headed troll in a speedo!

      3. Transition from your enlightening article post to telling us about the Hilarious Sandwich Recipe That Kinda Relates To This Topic you had the other day. Tell it in that Semi Ironic/Patently Sarcastic tone you are so proud of, but that nobody cares about. Come on, everybody’s not waiting on it.

    7. Water is a very localized resource. It is scarce in some places. It is not at all scarce in others. This is absolutely something that does not need a uniform national policy. In much of the west, which is mostly a desert and has little ground water, it probably makes sense. Where I live we are blessed with abundant shallow ground water and there is absolutely no reason for it.

      1. Aye.

        Problem is California. It’s always Cali, isn’t it?

        They’ve got a lot of population, and a lot of really shitty rules.

        As a result companies can put out the product that appeases California regulators, or school board officials, or whatever else, AND a product for the rest of the world.

        Or they reduce their products to the lowest common denominator.

        For some reason they do the latter. I’d be like “Fuck you Sacramento and the ass you humped in on” but that’s just me. And it’s probably why I’m not a successful businessman.

        1. Ok, fine. One of the many reasons I’m not a successful businessman. Not the reason.

          1. The reason is that you’re a fucking imbecile who probably couldn’t make sense of a quarterly report, along with a newspaper.

            1. All Hail! Super-Perv-Predator-Sevo the Pedo, wearing a speedo, has SPOKEN!!!

      2. Like I said to someone else, even as someone willing to partly defend this reg, this is a fair and valid point.

    8. GFY, Stalinist moron

    9. The Mississippi River turns nearly 90,000 gallons per second from freshwater into saltwater.

      You Desert Dwellers can keep your crappy showerheads.

    10. “I have no problem with the government offering some uniform standards as to
      Water use”.

      Sure. Because the water use rules in Louisiana need to be precisely the same as those in Arizona. Hate for those coon asses to mess up the water situation in Phoenix.

      Or, you know, why can’t the progressives let us figure it out ourselves. Somehow as whacked out as the Republicans are right now they’re still less of a threat to our liberty than the progressive left. The latter don’t want us to make up our own minds about ANYTHING.

    11. I have a well, and live in Michigan in Springfield Township. Wanna put that stunted brain to work and guess why it’s called Springfield? And I have a septic system.

      Now why should your dumbass have any control of my water use?

    12. You can have my high-flow showerhead when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

      1. Cold, dead, well cleaned hands.

    13. “…Also we are seeing water become more scare and so more valuable…”
      Water shortages are largely caused by government, but the asshole posing as a commenter here either is too stupid to know that or hoping others are.

      “…I have no problem with the government offering some uniform standards related to water use…
      I have no problem with you fucking off, slaver.

    14. *We* are seeing water become more scarce and valuable?

      No, only the states too stupid to realize drinking water is more important than co2 emissions are seeing it become scarce. And those dumb enough to live in a desert and not expect droughts.

    15. LOL. So typical. Completely oblivious as to just why water might be becoming more scarce and so more valuable.

    16. Here’s a crazy thought, if it’s scarce, price it accordingly and let people make their own decisions about how voluminous they want their showers to be. You could even have a logarithmic price scale to make it more expensive for the ultra rich to drain the aquifir if that’s your style.

      I swear to fuck it’s like people have never even *heard* of market forces before, some times.

  7. Yet another reason Dems will lose in 2022.
    They want to make life more miserable.
    First low flow shower heads, then no more gas appliances in new homes (California is already going there, even no one ever wants and electric range when they remodel their kitchen.)
    Public service TV ads to get your kids to nag you to use less power from 4 to 9 PM (to Keep California Golden!, since wind and solar aren’t so great after all.)
    Now new TV ads telling us that smart thermostats will stop the rolling blackouts, without mentioning that they’ll do it by turning up your thermostat remotely when it’s 95 degrees out.

    1. >>no one ever wants and electric range when they remodel their kitchen

      fruit for the reno lobby

    2. Now new TV ads telling us that smart thermostats will stop the rolling blackouts, without mentioning that they’ll do it by turning up your thermostat remotely when it’s 95 degrees out.

      But the smart thermostats work fine the 90% of the time it’s not 95 degrees outside, right? It’s like solar and wind power – they work great except for when they don’t.

      1. i got one of the smart thermostats. If i cede control of it to the power utility i get a whopping *$20* ANNUAL bill credit.

        i laughed when i read that and threw the solicitation in the trash.

        1. We get TV ads in No. CA:
          “We in CA have abundant solar and wind energy! Please don’t use your appliances between X and Y!”
          We know half the people are below average intelligence, but are they hoping for 90%?

    3. I grew up in an all electric house. Got my first apartment and it had a gas stove. It was a “where have you been all my life” moment. No way am I going back to electric.

    4. Yet another reason Dems will lose in 2022.

      If Republican took 2 thirds of the house seats and 60 in the Senate, you know, gosh darn it, they just won’t have the power to undo anything, but “vote for us again in 2024 to save you from the democrats”.

      1. Got any alternative?

        1. Sadly no, but it would be nice if they weren’t such useless cunts when they were in power.

          Instead of just *not* passing the bullshit the D’s do, they could actually *repeal* some of it, almost like they were an opposition party, and not just “democrat-lite”.

  8. I have water coming out of the top of my well right now (and pretty frequently). There is no damn reason I should have to have low flow plumbing fixtures.

    1. I miss my well. It was drilled almost 200 feet into sand. Amazing water. Made the best beer. If I win the lotto (which I don’t actually play, which by my math really doesn’t affect the odds in a significant way) I may start a brewery in that town. Damn good water.

      1. I have a 200 foot well that brings me unlimited water right out of god’s green earth. Got a new liner in the pool this year and filed with 30,000 gallons of crystal clear water straight from the aquifer. The local village has been maneuvering to bring water down my road for decades. If they ever get it done I will not be hooking up. I don’t drink liquid chlorine.

        1. If they ever get it done I will not be hooking up.

          Honest question: do they give you a choice?

          1. If it’s the same regulation as Texas, you can keep your existing well, but they will deny you the permit to drill a new well if there is an existing water system you can reasonably tap into.

      2. Narrator: he spends most of his money on lotto and alcohol.

    2. You save on you electric bill to run the well pump. But that should be your choice.

      1. And the difference between 2 gallons per flush and 5 would probably cost me $1/month.

    3. Last time checked, my well’s flow rate was 6 gallons/sec. I defy any single family home to use water at that rate.

    4. Because they said so that’s why.

  9. The voter anger will be wonderful the next two elections. Mid terms should be a blast to watch. When GOP takes over the House again I expect many mouthy democrats to lose committee assignments or get kicked out (like Swallwell) for corruption.

    1. McCarthy has said he’s going to kick Maxine Waters off of the finance committee. But he’s a squish, so we’ll have to see.

      1. McCarthy will offer to hold Waters’ purse while she’s kicking him in the nuts.

      2. Maxine HO2?

        1. +

    2. Voter anger has been turning political parties out forever, you moron.

      The most voter anger I recall was when the Bushpigs were shown the door in 2006-2008 and elected Democrats in all the power positions. Dubya slunk out of office with only a 22% approval rating.

      And there has been a full turnover three times since 2008.

      Yes, the GOP will cook up enough fake scandals like CRT to piss people off enough for the GOP to take over Congress in 2022. For one or two cycles that is.

  10. There is a Seinfeld episode about this. Kramer buys bootleg shower heads and ends up preparing his food in his shower and making a germaphobe sick.

    Conservatives want to regulate more aspects of your personal life though. The Aborto-Freaks don’t even like birth control pills. All the Falwell type freaks seek to impose their authority.

    Bottom line – both parties suck. If we could just find a party that emphasizes liberty.

    1. The Aborto-Freaks don’t even like birth control pills.

      Neither did your mother, apparently.

    2. Conservatives want to regulate more aspects of your personal life? Than progressives? That’s insane. There is nothing that the left wants us to be able to decide on our own.

      1. Yes, no question. Growing up in the South conservatives always wanted to ban abortion/the Pill, porn, drugs, books, alcohol sales on Sunday (or every day) and impose their personal morality on all our lives.

        You must be from somewhere other than the USA.

        Progressives suck too.

        Ever hear of the “libertarian” movement?

        1. Comment on an article pointing out something stupid and anti-freedom being done by Biden by complaining about conservatives. Makes sense, huh?

          Apparently you consider this policy to be consistent with libertarian philosophy. Lol.

          I’m 100x more libertarian than you’ve ever been.

          1. It is his and sarcasmics go to response.

        2. “Ever hear of the “libertarian” movement?”

          Yeah, but not here – – – – – –

        3. The south was run by democrats when those things happened dumbass.

          1. Conservatives you mean.

            I don’t give a fuck about party labels but I know what a conservative is and they all moved to the GOP during the Reagan years.

            Why do you attempt sophomoric lies like that?

            1. For a retard you easily fall for narrative shifts without any inspection.

              The south didn’t turn red until the 90s, see state and senate offices. Reagan getting the win in a 49 state route wasn’t the changing point you fucking retard.

              Likewise the drug and anti devil worship shit started in deep blue cities, not red areas. The son of Sam hysteria started most of the anti d and d shit for an example.

              But you’re so dumb and pro democrat you fall for narrative shifts despite facts.

            2. turd lies; it’s what he does. If turd ever quotes stats, you can safely assume they are outright lies or cherry-picked in the hopes the reader is stupid enough to accept them.
              Regardless, turd lies and every post by turn is a lie, as is here.

        4. Sarah, not really anymore. The only thing that the religious right hasn’t given up on is abortion.

          And the religious right doesn’t control the everyday Republican anymore.

    3. You mixed up two different Seinfeld episodes, you fucking idiot.

      1. Yep. So he got to be full of shit in everything he said in that post.

      2. No, I conflated the two.

        Words have meaning. Learn them.

        I’ll work on my Seinfeld history.

        1. Like calling southern democrats conservative?

        2. turd lies; it’s what he does. If turd ever quotes stats, you can safely assume they are outright lies or cherry-picked in the hopes the reader is stupid enough to accept them.
          Regardless, turd lies and every post by turn is a lie, as is here.

  11. McCarthy has said he’s going to kick Maxine Waters off of the finance committee. But he’s a squish, so we’ll have to see.

    1. You fucking spambot, poach someone else’s comments.

  12. We have so much water in Tennessee, we have no idea what to do with it all. A lot of people in rural areas have their own wells. The Feds have no business interfering in my bathroom. If people in the southwest want to impose regulations on themselves, they can. Or, dumbasses can’t quit moving to the fvckin desert.

  13. >>… result in more water use, and thus wasted water …

    is there not always the same amount of water?

    1. Yes, yes there is. We’ve had the same amount of water for billions of years. Water scarcity is a local issue and generally the result of the local climate. Europe wishes they had some water scarcity right now. Here in Montana we’re experiencing a historical drought that is supposed to break this fall and we’re supposed to be wetter than usual this winter and next spring. Of course our average rainfall is only 14 inches/year so wetter than average is all in your perspective. We had a wet year in 2019, wet for us, but on the east coast it would have been considered a drought.

    2. Yes. And the melting ice caps and glaciers puts more liquid water in play for evaporation and precipitation.

      1. Not really. Evaporation is irrelevant to sea level. Evaporation is proportional to surface area and ocean temperature. So global warming is supposed to increase precipitation, but not due to ice melt. This is one of the planet’s primary mechanisms of heat regulation, which will reduce the warming that can result no matter the gas absorption rates.

  14. Guess I will be buying my toilets ***AND*** my showerheads from Kanukistan …

    1. *checks Canada’s standards*
      Who’s gonna tell him?

      1. Whaaaat?
        Those fucking Proggies up North are joining the Watermelon Bandwagon?

      2. You’ve got to be kidding me. Even their west is soaked to the bone.

  15. It’s shit like this that convinced the Brits to Brexit.

  16. I know we’ve gone to doing dishes by hand because the new energy/water efficient dishwasher doesn’t get out dishes clean. So we end up using more water because of government regulations (hand washing always uses more water than dishwashers).

    1. Water efficient clothes washers are terrible.

      1. Yeah my white shirts never look clean, even when I use bleach.

        1. Check your water mineral content. More likely the issue than low flow water for washing machines as they only fill once and then spin through the water.

          1. The mineral content is pretty high, as we get our water from the Missouri river and this whole area was once a shallow water ocean. Way back when.

      2. Get a Speed Queen.

      3. The driers are worse: Ours has a sensor dedicated to refusing to dry the clothes past slightly damp.

    2. My “old” dishwasher did a load in 45 minutes … my “new” one, using half the GPM, takes 3 hours to do the same size load … Do the math, Proggie …

      1. Math is racist. So that’s why proggies can’t do math.

        1. Math is cultural appropriation from the Muslims.

          I’m serous.

          Didn’t they discover zero?

          1. Them and the Mayans and about half a dozen other cultures, independently.

            1. Well Europeans “adopted” it, which is just an euphemism for “cultural appropriation.”

              White people have no business doing math. It’s culturally disrespectful. Like naming your football team Redskins, or being white and twerking.

              1. Jesus fucking christ youre ignorant. See ancient Greece retard.

                1. Actually the Greeks were focused on geometric equivalence and patterns, primarily in the absence of numbers. Given their geometric focus, they had no real concept of negative numbers in the classical period.

                  Algebra as we know it was invented by Al Khwarizmi in 9th century Persia.

    3. Flushing twice instead of once after…well, you know…

  17. It was also under Obama that they mandated that the water flow restriction device be integral to the shower head design. Previously, most ‘compliant’ ones had these little washer-gaskets that were removable.

    It might make sense to have these restrictions (or something more market based, like the ability for the utility to charge more for water over a certain amount of use, or just more in general) in SoCal or Phoenix, where water is scarce and expensive. Some of us live in places where water is cheap and abundant, and these one-size-fits-all national ‘solutions’ to problems we don’t have kinda suck.

    There is no way that my forced reduction in water consumption, at the confluence of the 2 largest rivers in North America, helps with the droughts in California.

    1. Virtue signaling. And shared sacrifice. And other garbage like that.

  18. Has anyone determined if Britcshgi is related to the notorious CIA whistleblower?

  19. Obama 2.0.
    Trickle of water to shower in extending 5 minute shower to 20 minutes.
    Dishwashers that don’t dry dishes up next.
    Light bulbs that you need two or three bulbs to light what one used to do. Environmental hazard to dispose of too, contain mercury.

    1. It was the 1992 law that set showerheads at 2.5 gpm. The Obama-Trump-Biden thing was just how that applied to shower units with multiple heads. For a standard singe head shower, it’s been unchanged since 1992.

  20. Maybe, just maybe, presidents shouldn’t have this level of granular control over every aspect of our lives. Not Biden. Not Trump. Not Obama. Not anyone as far back as you can go.

    That it’s considered extremism to suggest that the president not be in direct control of what shower head you can use is more evidence that this world is fucked.

    1. That sounds insurrectionist, consider yourself reported.

    2. In reference to shower heads, George HW Bush in 1992. The only change has been interpretation as to how the law applies to showers with multiple heads.

      I agree with the principle of what you’re saying, but this particular issue is such ridiculously petty “culture war” bullshit that I can’t take it seriously.

      1. “culture war” bullshit that I can’t take it seriously.

        YOU LIBRUL!

        1. No doubt some will read it that way. The right doesn’t have a monopoly on dumb culture war bullshit, though the shower thing is a particularly dumb offering.

        2. turd lies; it’s what he does. If turd ever quotes stats, you can safely assume they are outright lies or cherry-picked in the hopes the reader is stupid enough to accept them.
          Regardless, turd lies and every post by turn is a lie, as is here.

          1. Super-Perv-Predator-Sevo-the-Pedo, Hippo wearing a Speedo, enlightens us ALL with Wisdom from His Ass-Crack! Keep on SMOKIN’ that ass-CRACK stuff, Speedo-Hippo!!!

            1. spaz flag, spastic

    3. “Maybe, just maybe, presidents shouldn’t have this level of granular control over every aspect of our lives.”

      Maybe, just maybe TDS-addled assholes like you might avoid false equivalences. Trump *REMOVED* that requirement, you piece of shit. Biden *REINSTATED* it.
      As a TDS-addled asshole, are suggesting that POTUS should not have the ability to *REMOVE* stupid regulations?

    4. Well adding to your vile insurrectionist sedition, I’ll go ahead and say that the entire federal government needs a serious pruning. The weeds of government need pulling so the tree of liberty can flourish.

      And that’s really just a metaphor, I’m not talking about actually destroying people who work for the feds. Just their jobs.

  21. I’ll bet you a dollar that, while Trump personally had something to do with getting the regulation repealed, Biden had little to nothing to do with re-instating it. It’s the DoE – AKA “the Deep State” – that was given free rein to regulate away. Same with every other federal agency, they have to constantly be justifying their existence by issuing ever more picayune and comprehensive regulations, there’s never a point where they can sit back and say, “well, I guess we’ve got just about the right amount of rules so I guess we can stop creating new ones now”. And you might be discouraged by just how many federal agencies there are.

    1. Jefferson may have beat Adams in the short run, but Adams has definitely won in the long run.

    2. Fuckin’ hell. Even the list of ones that start with “A” is longer than what we probably actually need.

      But you’re absolutely right. They have to keep doing this sort of thing, to justify their existence. At this point I’d rather they simply didn’t show up to the office and didn’t do the work. They can even keep getting paid, just go on permanent vacation.

  22. That sounds insurrectionist, consider yourself reported.

  23. Remember when those crazy militia dudes tried to kidnap Whitmer? A lot of commenters here said it looked like a classic FBI setup. Looks more and more like we were right.

    An examination of the case by BuzzFeed News also reveals that some of those informants, acting under the direction of the FBI, played a far larger role than has previously been reported. Working in secret, they did more than just passively observe and report on the actions of the suspects. Instead, they had a hand in nearly every aspect of the alleged plot, starting with its inception. The extent of their involvement raises questions as to whether there would have even been a conspiracy without them.

    1. A “classic” FBI set-up, it’s all they do. The FBI has never foiled a plot they didn’t instigate. And every plot they fail to foil, it turns out the suspect “was known to” the FBI. Of course the suspect was on the FBI’s radar, they’ve got a file on every single person in America. When every single crime has 330 million suspects, the FBI is useless at investigating crimes. Except the ones they set up.

      1. Wait, what? You mean the FBI is another self-licking ice cream cone government agency?

        1. Reminds me of the good old days and John DeLorean.

    1. Much like his “science”, his answers evolve.

      And Rand is right. He’s beating Fauci with own words, and Fauci is denying it. They need to get his ass under oath.

    2. The pressure on Fauci over Wuhan lab funding that was building a month ago has abated somewhat. Thanks to Rand for continuing to put the pressure on the pugnacious little gnome. Of course, Congress won’t launch a full investigation as long as the Dems are in charge.

  24. Biden doesn’t want showerheads that could effectively wash his DNA off his victim. #metoo supports #highflow

    1. Which is weird. You’d think he’d be pushing for *25* gpm showerheads…

  25. How to be smarter than a 5th grader (or Progressive) about water?

    Think like an engineer. In most cities and towns, residential water systems are (or could be) a closed loop. Water goes from central supply to homes and back to central treatment centers.

    Think like a geologist and hydrologist. The earth is a closed system and no water is “consumed” or lost. It is always on the move.

    Think like an economist. Water, as a commodity, has almost infinite supply with the right price. Almost every American city is dependent on daily delivery of mega-tons of stuff. Water will be the same.

    1. Water flows from the supplies (sources then treatment facilities) tp the distribution system, which includes a transmission, mains, storage and users. The water used does not always return to the watershed from where it came.
      Some places out west have grey water systems for non-potable use.
      I think the astronauts recycle and filter their spent urine, turned back into potable water.

  26. You think this is funny. That’s the worst part. Your jokes are worse than an obese front desk 50 year old woman.

  27. Reason will never run out of inane things to bitch about.

    1. Neither will shitlunches.

    2. Mainly because the government keeps coming up with inane regulations that curtail freedom and individual choices.

    3. Lefty shits will never run out of petty regulations to impose on people, relying on other lefty shit like this lefty shit to run interference.

      1. It was only a couple of years ago that the lefturds in Cupertino, CA whined at the city council to ban single-use plastic shopping bags. The upshot is that the stores now use much heavier plastic, which costs considerably more, and nobody but a tiny handful of greentards ever reuses them.


  28. “Under pressure from environmentalists,..”

    That’s spelled “W-A-T-E-R-M-E-L-O-N-S”

  29. No, there shouldn’t be some national regulation on shower head flow rates. And absolutely not should they be micromanaged by the president.

    The libertarian argument against these types of coercive regulations is that, whenever there is a justifiable and rational case for some particular regulation – be it water conservation, good stewardship of the environment, etc. – that persuasion works better than coercion. If a cause really is a good idea, then most ordinary people don’t need to be coerced into supporting it, they can be easily persuaded to adopt the cause on their own.

    But in order to make that argument really stick, it’s not enough to just oppose the coercion, we also have to be in the business of persuasion as well. We in the liberty community have to lead by example and do those things which will lead to better outcomes *without* being coerced.

    1. Yeah but…do you actually shower at all…and is that leading by example when the smell permeates the neighborhood?

      Just asking, fatty.

      1. Do you have anything intelligent to add?

        1. Add to the bullshit you post?
          What intelligent comment can you make about pedantic statements like that, you pathetic piece of lefty shit?
          Yeah, “‘orange man bad’ to reduce regulation, but something something don’t blame Biden”

          1. Orange Man bad?!? He BAD, all right! He SOOO BAD, He be GOOD! He be GREAT! He Make America Great Again!

            We KNOW He can Make America Great Again, because, as a bad-ass businessman, He Made Himself and His Family Great Again! He Pussy Grabber in Chief!

            See The Atlantic article by using the below search-string in quotes:
            “The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet” or this one…


            He pussy-grab His creditors in 7 bankruptcies, His illegal sub-human workers ripped off of pay on His building projects, and His “students” in His fake Get-Rich-like-Me realty schools, and so on. So, He has a GREAT record of ripping others off! So SURELY He can rip off other nations, other ethnic groups, etc., in trade wars and border wars, for the benefit of ALL of us!!!

            All Hail to THE Pussy Grabber in Chief!!!

            Most of all, HAIL the Chief, for having revoked karma! What comes around, will no longer go around!!! The Donald has figured out that all of the un-Americans are SOOO stupid, that we can pussy-grab them all day, every day, and they will NEVER think of pussy-grabbing us right back!

            Orange Man Bad-Ass Pussy-Grabber all right!

            We CAN grab all the pussy, all the time, and NONE will be smart enough to EVER grab our pussies right back!

            These voters simply cannot or will not recognize the central illusion of politics… You can pussy-grab all of the people some of the time, and you can pussy-grab some of the people all of the time, but you cannot pussy-grab all of the people all of the time! Sooner or later, karma catches up, and the others will pussy-grab you right back!

            1. spastic gets flagged

  30. I love my government toilet that uses one third less water but requires twice as much flushing.

    1. Remember when it was unusual to see a plunger next to every toilet in the house?


    2. Hmm. My low-flow potty doesn’t have that problem. Maybe you just have really big shits.

      1. Maybe you have constant diarrhea.

  31. FWIW, it only takes a couple of minutes to disassemble a shower head and remove the restrictor. If it’s not removable, it’s trivial to drill it out.


  32. I have applied a quarter inch drill bit to several shower heads to cure them of their low flow problems.

  33. “As many parts of America experience historic droughts, this commonsense proposal means consumers can purchase showerheads that conserve water and save them money on their utility bills…″

    Not that the Biden administration is making it impossible to do otherwise, it is just low flow showerheads won’t exist without their intervention. Also, freedom is slavery.

    1. That what the book said

  34. Another d-bag democrat who apparently knows what’s best for EVERYONE. Please take two steps back so you can get a good running start at f***ing yourself, Mr. President.

  35. And the Constitutional Authority the ‘Feds’ have to regulate shower-heads is WHERE? Again?

    1. Commerce clause.

      I mean, why not? It’s the justification they use for every other fucking thing…

      Either that or the FYTW Clause…

      1. FDR’s New Deal Supreme Court seems to be the culprit of the people’s law over them violation.

        Article I, Section 8, Clause 3:[3]
        [The Congress shall have Power] To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;

        As the *New Deal* Court said in United States v. Darby (1941), the “power of Congress over interstate commerce is ‘not confined’ to the regulation of commerce among the states.”

        Just gotta love how lefty-courts can slip the people’s law on it’s head and blatantly lie to get power.

        Here’s what it says; but the court will “re-write” it to say exactly the opposite. Democrats are lying crooks.

  36. Too bad Trump could not have done that in 2017 rather than 2020. To be fair, he was busy — running his damn mouth.

  37. What’s up with the use of commonsense as a compound word these days? They don’t even realize it makes their “common sense” bullshit sound even more like 1984.

  38. The more things change, the more things stay the same….

  39. Are they going to also limit the time of showers, after all, an 11 minute shower with a low flow head (2.5 gal/min) uses more water than a 5 minute shower with a 5 gal/min head.

  40. They get to determine that my enjoyable shower is a waste?

  41. Yet in sacramento its required that new home communities have lots with a yard out front that nobody sits on. Wasted water to impress people who don’t like each other anyways. Go figure. Hopefully our plan to get them to move to texas, AZ, NZ and Idaho keeps working.

  42. Israel has some interesting innovations to solve water issues.

    Desalination. They have and continue to build desalination plants. With newer technology they are less expensive.

    Recycling. Waste water can be recycled to levels safe for agriculture including brackish water.

    Better agriculture. Micro and drip systems require less water. Seeds requiring less water and more resistant to pests. Better crop yields. These techniques are being shared in Africa, Asia, and other places to help farmers.

    Water is life. If you don’t have enough of it think of ways to solve the problem. This is not one of them.

    1. Or……. Instead of dreaming up MORE Nazi ways to STEAL everyone’s money by Gov-Guns for nothing (i.e. crony socialism) —

      Let the earth RECYCLE the water as it’s been doing reliably and freely for billions of years.

      Tax-payer stolen and funded arrogant dictator pride sprouting up everywhere.

      1. Necessity is the mother of invention. Israel is now a net exporter of food and the tech economy resulting from its water and agricultural innovation is booming.

        The events precipitating the Syrian civil war were precipitated by lack of water for farming. Once thriving the wells dried up and the government did nothing about it.

        Israel is now entering a joint project with Jordon to build a desalination plant on the Red Sea. Water to be shared and the residual salt water will be pumped to replenish the Dead Sea which is drying up.

        Trump talked about infrastructure and Biden looks like is going to be all talk as well. If you are going to invest in something food and water would be a good start.

        1. “If ****you**** are going to invest in something food and water would be a good start.”

          **YOU** can; not [WE]… Especially when [WE] includes national as in National Socialism (acronym: Nazism). The USA isn’t Israel; wasn’t ever suppose to be Israel and if that’s what **YOU** want; you can probably MOVE there.

          When Individual people decide “drip irrigation” is worth while that will be exactly when it is worthwhile. Dictating that all pants have 2% cotton is ignorant to Alaskans even if it makes sense in Arizona.

  43. I spent many years as a plumber, including during the ’90s. Working in the large part of the country where water is usually only a problem in being too common, it took only a couple of dissatisfied customers for us to find the little restrictor in the showerhead that was easily jimmied out with a small screwdriver. Also, soon enough those with a less limited budget had several heads installed. It turned out to be a minor inconvenience compared to toilets that didn’t flush and the need to use high-temperature silver solder in the confines of combustible walls.
    I can only hope that the new restrictors on the entire valve are as defeasible as the showerheads in the ’90s.
    I never understood since water is so precious in some parts of the nation, why it is simply priced accordingly in each region. That way we wouldn’t need the government to constantly remind us, stupid homeowners, how much money water-saving fixtures save. In fact, it might have spurred real innovation that saves water better.
    Since so many of these requirements seem to come from the warm southwest, maybe we in the northeast should require our cold-weather building codes to be required throughout the country.

  44. Alternate title: How I learned to Stop Worrying and LOVE Rent-seeking by ASA Chief Boot Licker

  45. If you’re fine with public utilities then you can’t complain about resource waste. Private property manages resources, NOT govt. See: “The Tragedy of the Commons”. By the way, the most valuable resource is humanity. Are you happy with the way you are being managed? Try disobedience, self-governance. When I lived in CA for 20 years I took the shower head off and it was GREAT. I did it to rebel and found out it is much more enjoyable.

    1. Your fantasies are interesting; do you have a newsletter?

  46. I see a profit in importing shower heads from Canada or someplace and selling them on the black market.

    1. Crony Socialism strikes AGAIN! Capitalism could’ve made them in the USA.

  47. I just remove (or drill a larger hole in) the washers that restrict flow in the showerheads.

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