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Joe Biden's Executive Order on 'Promoting Competition' Covers Everything From Farmers Markets to Net Neutrality

Plus: Treating social media platforms as common carriers, Norway criminalizes sneaky influencer editing, and more...


Biden attempts to substitute presidential power for the legislative process again. A new White House antitrust order exemplifies one of the worst presidential trends: a proclivity for unilateral executive action, even when Congress is on the cusp of considering the same thing.

Both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have been considering a slew of changes to American antitrust policy. There are a lot of reasons to be wary of these measures, but at least—should they pass—they'll have been the subject of deliberation and voting by elected officials. In contrast, President Joe Biden's new "Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy" simply tells federal agencies to make a slew of changes in line with the president's values.

The good news is that—like so many of former President Donald Trump's executive orders—Biden is wading into territory he doesn't actually have the power to control and, therefore, much of his executive bloviating is technically toothless. There's a lot of the word encourages thrown about. The bad news is that presidential encouragement to federal agencies still has a way of becoming bureaucratic policy.

Not all of the encouragement is bad. For instance, Biden "encourages the [Federal Trade Commission (FTC)] to ban unnecessary occupational licensing restrictions that impede economic mobility." This is one area where U.S. antitrust policy does have a lot of room for improvement.

Another bit of positive encouragement: Biden is directing the Department of Health and Human Services "to consider issuing proposed rules within 120 days for allowing hearing aids to be sold over the counter."

It also touches on "right to repair" rules, encouraging the FTC to limit "equipment manufacturers from restricting people's ability to use independent repair shops or do DIY repairs—such as when tractor companies block farmers from repairing their own tractors" and to "issue rules against anticompetitive restrictions on using independent repair shops or doing DIY repairs of your own devices and equipment."

But Biden also urges more burdensome meddling in private business practices and more aggressive federal involvement in many aspects of U.S. markets. For instance, the order "encourages the FTC to ban or limit non-compete agreements" and to establish new rules on internet user data. He encourages the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to restore net neutrality rules, to ban landlords from making deals with internet service providers that say tenants must choose a particular internet service, and to create a "nutrition label" for internet service. He orders the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to support farmers markets, and further "directs USDA to consider issuing new rules defining when meat can bear 'Product of USA' labels" and to develop new labeling standards "so that consumers can choose to buy products that treat farmers fairly."

He also announces a general "policy of greater scrutiny of mergers, especially by dominant internet platforms, with particular attention to the acquisition of nascent competitors, serial mergers, the accumulation of data, competition by 'free' products, and the effect on user privacy."

The White House will establish a new Competition Council, led by the director of the National Economic Council, "to monitor progress on finalizing the initiatives." You can read more about them here.

Here's a good thread parsing the order:

Among other things, Jennifer Huddleston, director of technology and innovation policy at the American Action Forum, highlights evidence that contradicts Biden's claims about increased concentration in U.S. markets.


UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh wades into the social media/common carrier debate:


Truth in influencer-ing. In Norway, a new amendment to the country's Marketing Act means that "Instagram influencers who don't clearly state if they've edited photos which are advertisements could be fined or imprisoned," the New York Post reports.

The law also applies to ad posts on other social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Snapchat….

A new label designed by the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Family Affairs will have to be added to advertisement posts that have altered someone's shape, size or skin.

This would include an influencer advertising a protect but making their lips bigger, enhancing muscles or making themselves look slimmer or bigger in certain areas.


• How the U.S. is screwing over Afghan interpreters and contractors in other roles who helped us for years.

• The FBI is investigating Texas' "bachelor party" prostitution stings. (More on those here.)

• Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) wants to crack down on cryptocurrency.

• Antiquated zoning laws are worsening the housing crisis, argues Steven Greenhut.

NEXT: Antiquated Zoning Laws Are Worsening the Housing Crisis

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  1. New Evidence Indicates Enough Illegal Votes In Georgia To Tip 2020 Results
    In Georgia, there was both an audit and a statewide recount confirming Biden’s victory, but ignored in the process was evidence that nearly 35,000 Georgians had potentially voted illegally.

    Under Georgia law, residents must vote in the county in which they reside, unless they changed their residence within 30 days of the election. As Jake Evans, a well-known Atlanta election lawyer, told me, outside of the 30-day grace period, if people vote in a county in which they no longer reside, “Their vote in that county would be illegal.”

    Soon after the November general election, Mark Davis, the president of Data Productions Inc. and an expert in voter data analytics and residency issues, obtained data from the National Change of Address (NCOA) database that identified Georgia residents who had confirmed moves with the U.S. Postal Service.

    After excluding moves with effective dates within 30 days of the general election, and by using data available from the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, Davis identified nearly 35,000 Georgia voters who indicated they had moved from one Georgia county to another, but then voted in the 2020 general election in the county from which they had moved.


      The idea that the press is driven by ratings/sensationalism became untenable. If that were true, they’d be all over the Epstein story. The corporate press is the propaganda arm of the Regime they now see in outline. Nothing anyone says will ever make them unsee that, period. 15/x
      This is profoundly disorienting. Many of them don’t know for certain whether ballots were faked in November 2020, but they know for absolute certain that the press, the FBI, etc would lie to them if there was. They have every reason to believe that, and it’s probably true. 16/x

      …Time Mag told us that during the 2020 riots, there were weekly conference calls involving, among others, leaders of the protests, the local officials who refused to stop them, and media people who framed them for political effect. In Ukraine we call that a color revolution. 19/x

      …Even the courts’ refusal of the case gets nowhere w/them, because of how the opposition embraced mass political violence. They’ll say, w/good reason: What judge will stick his neck out for Trump knowing he’ll be destroyed in the media as a violent mob burns down his house? 30/x
      It’s a fact, according to Time Magazine, that mass riots were planned in cities across the country if Trump won. Sure, they were “protests”, but they were planned by the same people as during the summer, and everyone knows what it would have meant. Judges have families, too. 31/x

      Forget the ballot conspiracies. It’s a fact that governors used COVID to unconstitutionally alter election procedures (the Constitution states that only legislatures can do so) to help Biden to make up for a massive enthusiasm gap by gaming the mail-in ballot system. 32/x

      They knew it was unconstitutional, it’s right there in plain English. But they knew the cases wouldn’t see court until after the election. And what judge will toss millions of ballots because a governor broke the rules? The threat of mass riots wasn’t implied, it was direct. 33/x

      1. Time flat-out admitted that a “cabal” of powerful interests and their radical left-wing foot soldiers worked together to try and fix the election. That isn’t hyperbole, that was what they literally said. This wasn’t any different than Time also flat-out admitting back in the mid-90s that the US interfered in Russia’s election to get Yeltsin in office.

        It would be the height of irony if what happened in Russia after that election happens here, too. And it would be entirely deserved.

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    2. Throwing out votes that would be totally valid except they were cast in the wrong county isn’t going to win any hearts and minds.

      1. Pointing it out to shut up the “fairest election evah!!” crowd is perfectly legit.

        1. My guess is that the system is now so corrupt and rigged by the democrat machine and their cronies that the only way to correct things is at the business end of a gun.

          1. Traitor

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      2. “wrong location voted” invalidates a vote, you realize.

        1. Perhaps, but not for a reason anyone thinks is worth changing the election outcome for.

          1. “I didn’t know Marietta and Atlanta were different places” is not a good defense for terrible election laws.

          2. Yeah ballots that came in from people who ” forgot” that they moved an hour or so drive away are usually totally legit.

            1. There is no chance they were filled out by a political operative who got their hands on them from being discarded at the mail box at the apartment office

            2. I think the most likely source of voter fraud would be from mail-in ballots.

              If I voted, I wouldn’t be aware of what rules pertain to what county I should vote in. If I went to my usual voting place a county over and they let me vote, I’d assume my vote counted.

              And if I found out later that it my vote had been thrown out because I went to the wrong polling place, but for no other reason, I’d be a little pissed.

              I don’t see the need to hand someone an election victory on votes cast by accident in the wrong county.

              It’s unclear what should happen to me. I’m required to vote in my county. Why is that? Just to balance thee staff at polling places by county? And what’s the penalty supposed to be for non-compliance? A fine? Jail? Vote thrown out?

              If that’s the way the election would be won, that’s sad.

              1. Yea, totes less sad to let rampant fraud determine the direction the country takes because we wouldn’t want to risk pissing off some dumbass who doesn’t understand you’re supposed to vote where you live.
                Great call

              2. Your intuition is completely flawed. Ballots differ by location. Totals are tallied by precinct. This is important for some elections, particularly primaries.

                Plus, this is actually a thing that happens in Atlanta. Machine politics exists there. When I lived just east of Atlanta, Cynthia McKinney was my rep. One year she was videotaped taking a bussload of supporters to multiple locations to vote. They came to my area last… Arriving after the polls closed..

                The Democrat poll monitor and the McKinney team locked the republican poll watcher in a closet while they all voted… Again.

                This was covered on WSB TV and Radio for a day. Then it was abruptly dropped. Daddy was powerful in the state legislature. Instead, they named the main road in the district Cynthia McKinney Parkway and put up comically huge signs all over the place announcing the fact. It is good to have a powerful daddy who can get things done for you.

                So, yeah, there are unquestionably situations where people are doing this for nefarious reasons.

                Most places require you to vote in your home precinct and in your home polling place. This was not for “voter suppression”, but to provide the ability to make sure only people registered and eligible to vote are able to vote. They have a “voter roll” that lists all eligible names for the precinct and check off each voter as they cast their ballot.

                Allowing everyone to vote by absentee ballot or at any location makes ensuring that everyone gets one vote, and that only eligible voters are able to vote much more difficult. All this stuff about having weeks to vote, many unsecured drop boxes, vote anywhere you want capability sounds like it makes things easier, but what it really accomplishes is making it nigh impossible to vet individual ballots.

            3. In my defense, elections are completely farcical and I don’t participate.

              However, I am surrounded by idiots, I know how they think, and there’s no way in hell they’re going to give Trump the presidency because some people voted in the wrong county.

              1. There is an inverse relationship between the number of democrats and the amount of personal freedom we enjoy.

                Think about that.

          3. 35,000 wrong locations is suspicious as hell, don’t you think?

      3. They weren’t totally valid. And if the votes were from ballots sent to old addresses how confident are you they were made by the person who moved? Likewise it would invalidate regional votes such as county commissioners and the like.

        I know you like flawed voting systems, but your argument is infantile.

      4. Throwing out votes that would be totally valid except they were cast in the wrong county isn’t going to win any hearts and minds.

        Wouldn’t casting a vote in a county you don’t live in be considered election fraud?

        1. Only if you vote for the wrong person, otherwise you’re just “fortifying” the election.

          1. Explain. Because that’s not in any way connected to the real world.

            1. I don’t see a criteria for valid votes established where specific county is required.

              If there was some unenforceable law requiring me to get a drivers license in my own county, and I got it in another, would my drivers license be invalid? Perhaps not. Perhaps I’m just guilty of violating some minor law that requires an almost no existing punishment.

              It’s not a given in cases like this that invalidity is the only valid response.

              1. You’re an uninformed idiot.

                1. Unreason hates this republic so their bots wont understand how states can differ and certainly not how counties differ.

                  1. Or townships, school districts…

              2. Yes, it is. You engage in a lot of soft headed thinking. This is how the democrats get away with their bullshit.

          2. So, residents of Buffalo should be able to vote for NYC mayor?

            1. that. An idiot, but an evil totalitarian.

        2. Perhaps. If you are voting in a different county and you vote in the country races, then I would say yes.

          A different county for a national office? No. It might be illegal, but I would not call it fraud.

          1. A different county for a national office? No. It might be illegal, but I would not call it fraud.

            Uh, if you’re voting in a county that you don’t actually reside in, that is actually fraud, as you’re misrepresenting your residence.

            1. “”misrepresenting your residence.””

              Good point.

            2. Furthermore, I challenged almost 100 registered voters still on the rolls as “moved out of state”. Almost 10 had the city of Peachtree listed. There is no city of Peachtree in Georgia, so those people committed election fraud.

          2. Do I need to remind everyone here that voter rolls are filed by the county clerk’s office to verify residency, which are then provided to the Secretary of State? Or did this escape everyone’s big-brained notice?

          3. In georgia, its fraud because those illegal votes can sway county sheriff elections, etc.

            Georgia is very county oriented. Unlike some states, vehicle tags are done by county. Our state DDept of drivers services only does drivers licenses, not vehicle tags like some states.

            In other words, Georgians are more aware of what county they live in than other states because that county handles your vehicle tags, voting, property taxes and business licensing.

            1. Well Brian doesn’t think it’s a big deal. So that’s that?

      5. What about the wrong state? Would that potentially make you question the handling of the election?

        Before I get hit up with being a crazy conspiracist, I didn’t vote for Trump and I don’t buy that there’s enough discrepancies going in only one direction to tip the scales. But I also think it’s crazy how shoddily this country handles elections, especially this one with all the COVID paranoia.

        1. The wrong state has implications for the electoral college and federalism, so I would consider invalidating those.

          1. But Maxine Waters constituents voting in Orange County poses no problems at all…

        2. But you buy that senile Joe got 80 million votes legitimately, all while the Ds got shellacked down ballot?
          Have you just not looked at the many inconsistencies?

          1. Not only that, but winning over Trump, who received 12 million MORE votes than in 2016. Nothing close to that has ever happened before.

            The whole thing is bullshit.

          2. Watching on election night, after Trump won Florida, then everything in the swing states STOPS in real time, just completely stops. Has that ever happened before? I guess that’s why Pelosi is sending martial law capital police to Florida. They’re not going to let Florida happen again. They. Are. Totalitarians.

            1. Capitol. Edit function please

      6. This is what is known as a “loose thread”. When first investigating anything from corruption to fraud to malfeasance, one often does not yet have access to all the data that they would need. So you work with what you have access to and you look for “loose threads.” Things that might even be considered minor but that break the rules and should have been caught by whatever mechanisms are in place. You pull on these loose threads because that’s how you hope you are going to be able to unravel the bigger schemes. Showing evidence of wrongdoing that exists in the limited data that you have, is usually the first steps you take in convincing the courts to give you access to the data that you really need, and your opposition doesn’t want you to have, to find the greater wrongdoings you suspect.

        1. Actually it is not even that. I have no idea where my county line is and we are just talking about individual voters here not some organized effort.

          So some of them likely just showed up at the wrong polling station not knowing it was not allowed. That is very plausible and there would be nowhere to go with that.

          1. You’re missing the point. It doesn’t matter if it was intentional by the voters or not. It was a violation of the rules/law. It was relatively easy to discover using the data that was available, and the people in charge of the election did not pick it up or if they did, they didn’t do anything about it. If they missed this low hanging fruit, what else did they miss? Were there no checks and balances in place? Were there ample checks and balances but this specific circumstance wasn’t something they were checking for?
            You can’t answer any of these questions without more data. In other words, their process was obviously deficient but we don’t know to what extent it was deficient. You need more data to make that determination. One of the ways you get more data is to convince a court that there is evidence of law/rule breaking that should have been picked up but wasn’t. That appears to be the strategy being employed here.

            1. We know now because the government considers the election over somthey cant hold the data anymore plus change of addresses are being confirmed after these months.

              Its why the SCoTUS should have stayed the election results until the election fraud could be fully exposed from the prima facia evidence presented in November and december 2020. America used to wait months until all the states certified their election results and there were <5 million Americans in the 18th century.

              1. Instead America is in civil war 2.0

                1. Ultimately, our constitutional republic cannot survive with the current number of leftists in the US. The number must be reduced.

            2. Breaks my libertarian heart to be aware of a “violation of a rules/law”.

          2. Are you retarded? Finding your polling station takes 5 seconds online.

            1. In Georgia, when you check in to a wrong voting precinct, they tell you which voting precinct to go to so you can vote. You can also vote via provisional ballot which is an attempt to make sure your vote is counted correctly later after the polls close.

              Plus, Georgia has weeks of in person early voting available so if you have questions you can go early to determine exactly what you have to do.

              I personally cant wait for unreason to admit that every state had election fraud….oh wait, they will never do tha5 unless commie democrats are claiming that.

          3. People in Park County Colorado (yeah South Park is real) can’t vote for Denver Mayors, council, or anyone elected representatives. They do not pay taxes in Denver. They should be invalidated and are illegal.

      7. If you cant understand why voting in the correct county under Georgia law is important…so nonresidents are not illegally voting in sheriffs etc in counties they dont live in, then you dont have a mind.

        Trump was right again. He won the plurality of legal votes in states that mattered. Its why America is in civil war 2.0 that democrats started….again.

    3. Don’t forget the 5000 double votes they have admitted to but won’t see out charges for.


    REVEALED: The White House HELPED Hunter Biden reach deal to keep buyers of his paintings listed for up to $500,000 confidential so they could ‘avoid’ ethics issues

    1. Nothing says “NOTHING TO SEE HERE” quite like the WH working to insure “buyers” of the President’s son’s “Art” remain anonymous.

      1. Be fair. Promoting the sale of art done by “special” kids is not nearly as crooked as insider real estate deals, right?

        1. Oh? And what “insider” real estate deals are those?

    2. Jeff, white Mike, and DoL have all told me that hunters scandals don’t effect Joe. That it is nothing to speak of. Sure they are hiding big payments for shitty art. But the buyers plan on never telling Joe or hunter they bought them!

      This goes along with the Hunter laptop where NY Post keeps finding more emails such as Hunter using half of his corrupt gains to pay for the family including to Joe Biden directly. Namely to fix and upgrade Joe’s houses, pay his utility bills, etc. In one email Hunter decried half his income went to the family and most of it to Joe. Yet we are told this isn’t corruption by the idiots above.

      1. So fixing up your fathers house and paying some of his bills is corruption? So Hunter is a sorta sleazy business dude and made a lot of money. Who cares.

        1. Hard workin Hunter, parlaying his expertise in the energy sector, tech sector, finance, Ukraine, China, and Mexico to keep his poor elderly dad afloat

          1. Nope he is just playing off the family name. He may be ok at making deals. I have no idea. He used it to get into that big investment banking firm and on the boards of those companies. It is sleazy but that is very common in the privileged set. Trump and kushner families pretty much do the same thing. The Bush clan, Kennedys, all of those dynasties. There are a lot of Kardashians and Paris Hiltons out there.

            It doesn’t bother me. That is how the world works.

            1. I acknowledge you are right that it is how the world works, but it does bother me. I have to begrudgingly give Hunter Biden, or whoever thought of it, props for coming up with this art scam.

              1. Yeah that one looks very scammy. I am not sure about the confidential thing. Aren’t you allowed to do private sales anyway?

                Anyone stupid enough to pay that much for those Target quality paintings is a fool anyway. It doesn’t cost me though.

                1. I don’t see why someone would not be able to sell art to someone else and keep they buyer’s name confidential.

                  In this case, though, the White House ethics people are supposedly keeping the Bidens from knowing who bought Hunter’s paintings, so its an odd twist on confidentiality. Kinda questionable, too — if one of his paintings shows up on, say, a restaurant wall, the identity of the buyer would be pretty obvious.

                2. It’s money laundering.

              2. Unfortunately nobody’s really going to care because it’s not Trump.

                My shithead Gov had his staff work on his book on the taxpayer’s dime.

            2. He is also on emails arranging visits between investors and his dad while he was VP.

              How much corruption do you think is okay?

              1. Democrats can do whatever they want. Their motives are pure. And they are never ever to be questioned.

            3. There is no such thing as “playing off the family name”. Among the approved spin bullet points, this is among the dumbest. Nobody gives you $8 million to sit on the board of a foreign corporation because your name is the same as a famous person. Nobody pays a half million for a painting by a mediocre-at-best artist because they like the last name.

              At a minimum, they believe they are buying access to the big guy. It is silly to suggest otherwise.

              So, best case scenario: Hunter has been scamming foreign companies by leading them to believe he can help. We also know this is being done with the full knowledge of the president.

        2. If it’s the final act of a quid pro quo, then yes, but you already knew that.

          1. And he doesn’t care.

            1. Not Trump, so of course.
              Adolescent fixation on personality…

          2. If there were any evidence of that you would have a case. If not then maybe he is just sharing the family wealth which is what rich people do. There is nothing unusual at all about it. Even us non rich people share with family.

            1. IIRC, he was complaining that he HAD to share. Which isn’t sharing, it’s part of the deal.

              1. It is part of the deal in my family too but you know how families are.

                1. I mean the business deal.

                2. Your dad, a sitting government official, took you to a foreign country on a government jet, proceeded to arrange meetings with agents of said foreign power, and then he demanded a cut of the proceeds from that venture?

                  More common than I thought.

              2. And complaining is normal as well.

                I have no idea if there has been any wrongdoing over the years but I am not going to judge without evidence.

                So far this is nothing story.

                1. Youre arranging visits between your politician family and foreign investors?

                2. Uh…. That is evidence.

                  Pretty much airtight evidence. You have the payment. You have at least one specific action taken. You have admissions by members of the conspiracy..

                  The evidence checks every box. There are no missing parts to explore.

        3. 50% of Hunters funds. What part didnt you understand?

          1. The Big Guy has to wet his beak.

    3. Uday, Qusay, Unterhay.


    Simple exercise, that in if in 2 months Russia actors cyber attacked our fuel pipelines and food supply chain, while lifting sanctions on a Russian pipeline, and a photo like that existed of say a Trump Press Secretary, at what level of mass hysteria would our media be at?

    1. It is mind-boggling that after four years of “BUT MUH RUSSIANS!”, we have the press ignoring a “President” who couldn’t be blowing Putin harder than Biden is.

      1. To be fair. Obama and Hillary blew them also.

    2. “while lifting sanctions on a Russian pipeline”

      It’s okay. They put them on Canadian pipelines instead.


    Burnett asked, “Given where things are going, is it time to move on from saying please to mandating?”

    Reiner replied, “I do think it’s time to start mandating vaccines. And I think that the private industry and private organizations will do that. At GW university, where I work, starting in fall, you can’t be on campus unless you’re fully vaccinated.”

    He added, “We’re at the part of the pandemic now where the problem in this country is that 150 million Americans are not vaccinated. Half of that number is less than 18 years of age. But let’s look at the adults. Seventy-five-million adults have chosen not to get vaccinated. That choice has consequences. Now, we can’t force you to take a jab in the arm. But there are many jobs, perhaps, that can prevent you from working if you decide not to get vaccinated. So I think we need to be more proactive, and we will see industry take the lead in this.”


      The more I read this the worse it sounds. So if you take federal money or benefits, your health information is no longer private? Or are you just a servant of the government generally? Seems the left favors universal no strings attached federal payments, except when it doesn’t.
      Quote Tweet
      · Jul 8
      HHS Sec. Xavier Becerra: “The federal government has spent trillions of dollars to keep Americans alive during this pandemic. So it is absolutely the government’s business [to know who is vaccinated.] It is taxpayers’ business if we have to continue to spend money.”

      1. How our drinking water could help prevent suicide
        Some researchers think putting lithium in our water could save lives.

        If that’s the reaction to an effort to improve dental health, just imagine the public outcry against a major push for adding lithium to the water. The rap against fluoride, mocked in movies like Dr. Strangelove, is that it’s a mind-control plot. But putting lithium in the water would actually be a mind-control plot: It would be a concerted effort by the government to put mind-altering chemicals in the water supply to change the behavior of the citizenry. And I say that as someone who thinks that, if it works, that it would be a great idea! Preventing suicide is really important, but it does require changing how people think, a tiny bit.

        1. Most depressing post ever.

        2. Glad I’ve got a well.

        3. Bessemer City, NC is home to one of the biggest Lithium veins on the Planet…It doesn’t make the people any better…And judging from all the junkies’ and druggies’ teeth, the Fluoride doesn’t offset that either.

          1. Fluoride can’t help against meth.

          2. Nor can it replace a tooth brush.

        4. We joke that we should feed Prozac a few weeks before raiding rates.

        5. Remember the whole Soma aspect of Brave New World….

          1. This is something I have mentioned before. It’s surprising that marijuana is not only still illegal, but not actually mandatory. “Take your Soma for societal calm…”

        6. “Dysfunction Junction, what’s your function?”
          “Drugging up the populace to make them behaaave..”

          1. No surprise that incel goon Dylan Matthews is one of the authors.

        7. One of Stephen King’s better short stories.

      2. Becerra has always been an authoritarian looking to step up to totalitarian. He has no business holding any public office and SecHHS is certainly a terrible choice.

    2. Next up: “voluntary” loyalty oaths.

    3. Plot twist–Reiner was Dick Cheney’s doctor during his VP days.

    4. That doesn’t follow the CDC guidelines.

      So… He has been banned from all social media platforms, yes?

  5. Why do we owe Afghani collaborators anything?
    Was there some promise of an immigration visa in their contract?

    1. Actually, letting in a bunch of desperate anti-Taliban families could provide the US with a pool of knowledgeable people to help in the future. We should let in a lot more Arab Christians for the same reason.

      1. How about a global exchange program, where we trade our own socialism-authoritarianism seeking whiners for people looking for economic and personal freedom?

        1. Tony’s going on a field trip!

          1. Tony in Iran. I can picture it now.

              1. Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Yeah, we need more squealers and snitches.

        1. Hope you’re not one to complain about gang violence with that attitude.

      3. Actually, letting in a bunch of desperate anti-Taliban families could provide the US with a pool of knowledgeable people to help in the future.

        For what, more military adventures? Clandestine ops in a country that’s going to be run by the Taliban once again inside of a year, and likely sooner, after the US pulled out?

        If that’s the only value they bring, then what’s the point? The people in Afghanistan CLEARLY want the Taliban in charge of things because they’re the Big Boy on the block now. Continuing to play reindeer games in the country that holds no strategic value for us anymore is Max Boot-levels of stupid.

        1. Yes?

          I don’t like it and I don’t think those activities are justified, but we’re probably going to do them anyways and having some assistance to prevent soldiers from dying for our politicians’ decisions seems like a benefit.

          1. Sounds more like a sunk-cost fallacy to me.

            1. I mean I agree that “don’t get into any more unjustified wars” is both the morally right thing to do and the best way to keep soldiers alive, I just have absolutely no faith in this administration or any likely to come along in the near future to do that. If we’re going to do it regardless of how bad an idea it is, seems like being as prepared as possible is smart.

              You say sunk cost, I say making the best of a shitty situation.

        2. You get the government you deserve?

        3. They would work harder than most millennials, and there are jobs to be filled.

      4. It also provides a larger base for taliban as those who were actively resisting have left. There are negative sides as well.

      5. Knowledgeable about growing poppy fields? That would be great! And are the Arab Christians just tame, ecumenical “Hey, hah yew?” Presbyterians and Episcopalians and not Christian Phalangist terrorists of Lebanon? Sure, why not?

        These people would be a boon in a future libertarian U.S.A. where opiods are legal, safe, and cheap as candy and after we have A Whole New Disneyworld in Mecca and Medina and Six Flags Over Tehran and The Holy Bible and The Qu’ran are just a collections of horror stories to read to kids around the campfire.

        In the meantime, there would have to be some serious vetting. Immigration should run on the NAP/NIFF principle of libertarianism, open to all peaceful, self-supporting or voluntarily-sponsored people, closed to invaders, criminals, leaches, and terrorists. They would have to pass muster here. After that, I am their Huckleberry.

        1. “The Holy Bible and The Qu’ran are just a collections of horror stories to read to kids around the campfire.”

          Buttplug’s sexual fantasy.

          1. I thought his fantasy was living in a pornographic version of ‘Boy’s Town’.

      6. It is kinda sad to see how many people view everything as a transaction. What do “we” get from them.

        How about loyalty and trust as values. Does that mean anything? Those people trusted us. Now you are done using them and just throw them to the lions. When the Taliban get them they and their families will be tortured to death in the worst possible ways.


    Neil Bush – Chairman of the George H. W. Bush Foundation for U.S.-China Relations – joined Chinese state-run media to call for closer ties between the U.S. and the Chinese Communist Party, revealing that one of the regime’s top financiers of foreign influence operations is an “old family friend.”

    1. ‘China Was Correct’: Biden Advisor Applauds CCP-Style ‘Monitoring And Speech Control’ Of Speech.

      Harvard Law School Professor Jack Goldsmith, tapped for the president’s exploratory commission on reforming the U.S. Supreme Court, argued in an August 2020 Atlantic op-ed that “in the debate over freedom versus control of the global network, China was largely correct, and the U.S. was wrong.”

      Throughout the piece, Goldsmith calls for the U.S. government to play a more active role with internet and social media censorship, appearing to invoke the Chinese Communist Party as a model:

      The public internet in its first two decades seemed good for open societies and bad for closed ones. But this conventional wisdom turned out to be mostly backwards. China and other authoritarian states became adept at reverse engineering internet architecture to enhance official control over digital networks in their countries and thus over their populations.

      “Significant monitoring and speech control are inevitable components of a mature and flourishing internet, and governments must play a large role in these practices to ensure that the internet is compatible with a society’s norms and values,” Goldsmith, an alum of the George W. Bush administration, asserts.

      Goldsmith also praises big tech’s handling of COVID-19 – which includes the covert installation of tracking programs and censorship of stories promoting the now widely-accepted link between the virus and the Wuhan Institute of Virology – as demonstrating an “enormous public good”:

      1. Soros-Funded Groups Call on Biden To Ignore China’s Abuses in Order To Fight Climate Change

        Forty-eight progressive organizations issued the letter to Biden this week, including prominent outfits like CODEPINK, Sunrise Movement, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and ActionAid USA. The groups accuse the White House and Congress of taking an “antagonistic approach” to U.S.-China relations that will serve as a “major barrier” to cooperation on climate change. Several of the groups have taken money from liberal organizations that have funded Chinese government-linked programs.

        “We are deeply troubled by the growing Cold War mentality driving the United States’ approach to China—an antagonistic posture that risks undermining much-needed climate cooperation,” reads the letter, published by Politico.


          Progressives have officially given up on human rights: On Wednesday, a coalition of 48 lefty groups wrote the White House and Congress saying that climate change matters more than genocide and freedom.

          Some of the outfits, such as the Sunrise Movement, focus on the climate, but others (CODEPINK, MoveOn) used to claim to care about lots of other issues.

          But they’ve all united to demand the US government drop its supposed “dominant antagonistic approach” to China to somehow win the “cooperation” of the Chinese Communist Party “to address the existential threat that is the climate crisis.”

          Worse, they have the gall to claim that “racist, right-wing movements in the United States” are served by criticizing China.


            Which is to say Americans’ anger with China is real and entirely justified such that Biden can’t simply ignore it. Consequently, when the G-7’s leaders met last month, the president urged them to condemn China’s human rights abuses, and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken made a point of addressing the “ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing” of China’s Uyghur minority during a recent phone call with his Chinese counterparts.

            But for the environmentalists, none of this really matters. They’ve convinced themselves that climate is the preeminent political issue, and no other consideration comes close. Many of them would even argue that American capitalism and climate change are inseparable — even indistinguishable — political problems, never mind the fact that, while the U.S. has led the world in total carbon emissions decline since 2000, China’s new coal-fired energy capacity alone outstripped the rest of the world by 300 percent in 2020.

            Like the tankies of old, who invariably defended the Soviet Union’s various atrocities, the modern variety can’t imagine any bad actor on the world stage aside from the United States. For them, China’s signing emissions reductions pledges which they don’t intend to honor is evidence that they’re the good guys, while America’s banning the import of a single Chinese company’s solar panels over some pesky forced labor allegations suggests that we aren’t taking climate change seriously enough.

      2. We already have this with the ESG ratings the media and corporate boards now utilize.

        Why do you think companies are rushing for woke ads?

    2. Man the Bush Klan is the gift that keeps giving.

      1. Neil was the son on the Silverado S&L board when it collapsed and cost taxpayers over $1 billion for the bailout. It wasn’t as bad as what happened with the Keating Five, but it was a piece of why Colorado went for Clinton in the 1992 election.

      2. Like The Jelly of the Month Club for the Griswold household.

    3. It’s not enough for the Bush family to suckle at the teat of the House of Saud anymore?

  7. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) wants to crack down on cryptocurrency.

    Says the author of a $52 trillion Medicare For All plan than sunk her slim chances in the 2020 primary.

    For all you Peanuts who wrongly think Biden is some far left loon just take a look at the Squaw or AOC.

    1. They’re both far left loons, just like you jackass.

    2. We’re certainly not wrong to see turd as a steaming pile of lefty shit.

    3. So, a little bit of rape is OK?

      1. Just the tip.

    4. You still think biden is a moderate? 12 billion in spending. Wanting to ban guns. Sending people door to door to the unvaccinated.

      Biden cultists are unreal

      1. He’s caging kids so there is that.

        1. Are you talking about Biden or buttplug?

          1. They both like to fuck children. In Biden’s case, his daughter. I’m not sure if Buttplug rapes his younger relatives or not. I wouldn’t put it past him.

      2. this. i am incredulous about them sending people door to door.
        this is after all of the propaganda surrounding vaccines, then the censorship and now they are knocking on doors. It’s suspicious. But muh orange hitler

        1. Knocking on doors and giving those who answer information about vaccines is a far cry from breaking down doors and forcing people to be vaccinated.

          1. no one needs any more info about the vaccines, we’ve all been hit with enough propaganda to last a lifetime. But that’s not far enough for the Biden admin., they will come to your door. F’n fascists

            It’s ok to criticize Biden for something, I promise you it is. You can criticize him and still hate Trump.

            1. She can’t though. It’s not her job.

            2. Sorry, I can’t see going door to door giving people information as fascist. A waste of money, yes; fascist, nah.

    5. “To the right of AOC” isn’t saying a lot.

      1. You will find Stalin and Mao there – – – – – – – –

        1. Even Marx would probably thinks she’s a dumb bitch.


    The trend of the media saying “this definitely isn’t happening, you crazy conspiracy theorists” and then later saying, “ok yea, it’s happening but it’s actually good” is obvious right?

    I don’t understand how people aren’t seeing it.

    1. “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses. The press is so powerful in its image-making role, it can make the criminal look like he’s the victim and make the victim look like he’s the criminal. This is the press, an irresponsible press. If you aren’t careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”
      -Malcom X

      1. Most Effective Devil In America, as another brother or two have said.


    It really is something just how often Biden engages in offensive racial stereotyping and extent to which him doing so gets ignored/donwplayed by the press.

  10. I see the new 5 year plan is being prepared by team Senile Joker.


    Kash Patel, the Former Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defense, joined The Epoch Times for an interview recently on the security planning and protests on Jan. 6 at the US Capitol in Washington DC.

    During his interview, Kash admitted that Mayor Muriel Bowser turned down thousands of National Guard troops at the Capitol on January 6 for political reasons.

    Chris Wray’s FBI also refused to notify the Trump administration and his cabinet secretaries that they believed there could be a situation like the mass protests at the Capitol that took place.

    Nancy Pelosi also refused the National Guard at the US Capitol due to politics.

    1. Side note, the Epoch Times is doing great work. I am a subscriber.

    2. This will all come out in the congressional probe.,

    3. “Mr. Biden, tear down this wall !”


    There is no real answer to this question.

    The people who cling most tightly to the idea of a uniform “Black Culture” reduce Blacks to stereotypes, chastise anyone who doesn’t fit the mould as “acting white”, then turn around and complain that everyone else is racist. [Link]

  13. We’re getting to the point that residents of the neighborhoods the left pretends to care about have to depend on criminal gangs for protection.
    angering the mexican mafia is really not a war antifa wants to start. i mean i kind of want them to try it, but that’s different

    1. If the choice is between living with the Mexican Mafia or white liberals, I’m taking the former every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

        1. Yeah, white liberals really are the worst.

          1. I meant your Mexican Mafia comment dummy.

            I lived in a Latin neighborhood and there were more white troublemakers than Latin.

            Heck street level dealers were black or white(the higher ups were Latin but it’s like that everywhere)

            1. That’s why I said I’d take the Mexican Mafia, dummy.

              White liberals are the worst.

              1. So that’s why you live in a shithole suburb with other white rednecks

                1. I gave you the address, hicklib. What is it now, four or five months and you still haven’t shown up?

                  1. I’m not going to drop everything just to deal with a little fascist traitor boy.

                    You won’t even give me your real address.

                    My email is:

                    1. You’re a pussy coward, I get it.

                      I never made any kind of deal with you.

                      If you aren’t a hicklib pussy coward, come out to the address I gave you.

                    2. Then I never made a deal with you then.

                      That’s my email.

                      It bothers me that we are at each others throats like this. Threatening our fellow citizens.

                      Problem is mormons like you are destroying the country. Same with your Trump worshipping.

                      Can you please stop being a perv worshipping Nazi traitor so we can all just get along?

                    3. Why does a deal have to be involved? I gave you an address, irrespective of any kind of deal, and you still haven’t even shown up on the Western Slope despite all your big talk.

                      You’re the one saying for months that you want Mormons to die and you actually said you were going to stab someone on this board in the head. I’m not Mormon, but I’ve given you every chance to show what a tough guy you actually are by giving you a legitimate address to go to, or to unmask your email. Every time, you puss out.

                      So as long as you keep posting here, talking about how Mormons should be killed and little boys should be mutilated, I’m going to continue to provide that open invitation to show up in person and try to carry out what you say you would do to Chuck. Or, you could just apologize to everyone on this board on the Monday Roundup comment section, and stop acting like such a stupid waste of carbon molecules.

                    4. You’re not Mormon.

                      Than I’m so…

                      I can’t do it!

                      I’m not gonna apologize for standing up for what’s right.

                      It has gotten heated, but that’s your fault for being a traitor.

                      I look forward to your apology on Monday!

                      Have a good weekend!

                    5. The hicklib pederast pusses out again.

                    6. KAR really is a loudmouth pussy. I’m reality, probably Boehm or Sullum.

                    7. The staff at reason doesn’t care what you backwards, treasonous rubes think.

                      But go ahead and think I’m a reason writer.


    MSNBC analyst Henry Weissmann: “Anti-American” for
    to complain about being spied on.

    “He wanted to use this for his own purposes and to sow distrust [of the NSA], which is so anti-American.”

    1. Wow, RaG, you are on a roll today!

    2. Jeff is Henry Weissmann!

    3. The actions of an insurrectionist!


    There are only two real mandates for the government, only two reasons for its existence in our republic: To secure America’s borders from invasion and to protect the freedoms of the citizenry. That’s it. It is not the job of the government to compel you to take an experimental and questionable covid vaccine over a virus that 99.7% of people will easily survive. It is not the job of the government to create artificial “social equity” by favoring one group or ethnicity over another. It is not the job of the government to spy on millions of Americans because they do not agree with the leftist ideology. It is not the job of government to make war on the very people it is mandated to protect.

    Yet, this is exactly what the government is doing today while its totalitarianism is disguised as “humanitarianism”. In other words, they are essentially arguing that they must make war on the people in order to protect the people from themselves.

    1. “Obviously Biden and his handlers are not concerned with what is ACTUALLY causing Americans to rebel by the millions. They already know that THEY are the real cause, along with their attempts to undermine American civil liberties. What this is really about is gaslighting.

      Yes, that classic strategy used by narcissists and psychopaths; the method an abuser uses to make his victims think they deserve the treatment they are getting. The establishment takes away your freedoms and abuses your rights, then if you react to defend yourself they call you a racist and a terrorist. It’s a tried and true maneuver.”

      1. “So, yes, in a way Biden is right. The biggest threat to the system today is a domestic conflict, IF the system intends to attack the citizenry and their liberties. That said, the establishment is not sacrosanct, and when a government violates the rights of the people the people have a duty to overthrow it. We would only be “terrorists” in the eyes of the people who started the conflict to begin with.

        At this point we have to ask ourselves, “Who does the federal government actually represent when they do these things?” Do they represent us? Or do they represent special interests, such as globalists and career Marxists? Are they tearing away our freedoms at record pace for our benefit, or the benefit of people with malicious intentions? If they are acting in the interests of evil people, then isn’t rebellion inevitable? And who is to blame for that inevitable conflagration? Them, or us?”

    2. “”””

      I said that back when Department of Homeland Security was first created.

      DHS runs the country. Why else would a senior senator warn an incoming president about how vindictive the intel agencies are. Schumer said they can screw you six ways to Sunday.

      Clapper lied to Congress and when recalled to explain himself he told them he lied. To their face. They did nothing. Why? Schumer knows.

  16. Biden is wading into territory he doesn’t actually have the power to control

    Please don’t pee in the pool.

    There’s a lot of the word encourages thrown about.

    Whatever happened to Cass Sunstein and his “nudges”?

    1. Newsom’s lock-downs were, at first, just ‘strong suggestions’.

  17. “WASHINGTON, July 7 (Reuters) – A U.S. appeals court on Wednesday suspended Rudy Giuliani, a former attorney for ex-President Donald Trump, from practicing law in Washington, D.C.

    The District of Columbia Court of Appeals issued the order citing the suspension of Giuliani’s New York law license two weeks ago after a court found he had lied in arguing that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Trump.”


    Between this, taking Giuliani’s license away in New York, the investigations going after some of Giuliani’s associates, and the way they raided Giuliani’s office and took his computers, the tea leaves could be indicating the following:

    1) They’re trying to pierce Trump and Giuliani’s attorney client privilege in all the jurisdictions where they might prosecute Trump.

    2) They’re looking to prosecute Trump and, maybe, have Giuliani testify against him. (After all, they can’t even try to compel testimony from Giuliani against Trump if he’s Trump’s attorney).

    Conclusion: As Trump starts ramping up his campaign for the Republican nomination in 2024, expect prosecutors to indict him for something or other long before then. That doesn’t mean they’ll be successful in convicting him, but the people in the White House (running the Justice Department, the CIA, et. al.) now are the same bunch who were running things when the FBI was using opposition research to justify a FISA warrant for surveillance on the Trump campaign in 2016.

    And it’s not like they were held accountable for their misdeeds last time. Why not do it again? If Biden is running in 2024, he will be weak. And Harris has all the charisma of a cackling bootlicker. They don’t want to see Trump in the White House again.

    And, at the end of the day, they took Giuliani’s license away for saying that the election was stolen from Trump, which is bogus.

    There are real scumbag attorneys out there, with Avenetti, who was sentenced to prison yesterday, being an excellent example. Going after Giuliani for advocating for Trump during the election is like going after Avenetti for advocating that Trump defamed Stormy Daniels during his 2016 presidential campaign.

    Stormy Daniels was forced to pay Trump’s legal bills for that defamation suit, and she said Avenetti pushed her to pursue that suit against her wishes. Avenetti went on MSNBC and other “news” channels and said all kinds of things that weren’t necessarily true. In the end, there were all sorts of excellent reasons to take Avenetti’s license to practice law away, but advocating for his client in the court of public opinion wasn’t one of them.

    And it seems to me that this is what Giuliani was doing–he was advocating for Trump in the court of public opinion. The practical point of taking Giuliani’s license away in New York and Washington D.C. seems to be about trying to force him to testify against Trump in a criminal case–either in New York or in Washington D.C.

    If and when Trump is indicted on the basis of information they obtained from Giuliani, Trump’s supporters will be right to be skeptical and suspicious.

    1. Only one box remains

    2. I think he will be indicted and found guilty/plea bargain. Not because I think Trump did anything wrong, but because they will find some piece of paper with an i not dotted and that will be a violation of some federal criminal statute written by a non elected bureaucrat. A Crime a Day.

      Most likely: Harassing a golfer in any national park in Washington, DC.

      1. Donald is made out of Teflon. He always has a fall guy to take the hit.

        1. “Donald is made out of Teflon. He always has a fall guy to take the hit.”

          And yet, after three years of investigation by hundreds of people with irrational hated of the man (quite like you?), the worst they could manage was to finger a guy for ‘lying to a government official’.
          Perhaps, unlike your fantasies, he really isn’t guilty of anything other than being Trump, which of course triggers the TDS-addled shits among us.

        2. Best we just get rid of you leftists. My freedom is worth more than their lives.

          1. Oh? How do you intend to get rid of me?

      2. They had years to pore over the Trump organization’s financials, and all they could come up with is some business expenses that they said should have been categorized as compensation instead.

        If your company offers you free health insurance, you don’t have to report the premiums they pay on your behalf as salary and pay income taxes on it. Some companies offer onsite daycare for kids!

        All that time, and all those forensic accountants, and all they could find to charge him with was an incident of expenses that allegedly should have been categorized as compensation?

        They’ve got dick.

        1. Maybe, or maybe they were looking for charges that specifically pressure Allen Weisselberg, in an effort to get him to turn on Trump. We’ll see.

          1. “Maybe, or maybe they were looking for charges that specifically pressure Allen Weisselberg, in an effort to get him to turn on Trump…”

            Looks like even a TDS-addled lefty asshole is realizing this is nothing other than one more fishing expedition, hoping to find something, ANYTHING, on Trump.
            Prediction: in 2005 a security camera got him jay-walking!

            1. Dee supports political prosecutions because she’s a good little lefty.

          2. And you don’t see a problem with that?

            1. TDS-addled lefty assholes really do not understand that they *ARE* TDS-addled; self-awareness is one of the skills most affected by TDS.

          3. So you support government using its vast resources to target an individual instead of a crime.

            Yeah, you’re a fucking statist.

    3. Giuliani lied in court and filed frivolous lawsuits without a scintilla of evidence for his outlandish claims. He had the opportunity to show that he had some basis for his claims even if they turned out wrong and he couldn’t produce bupkis. The only conclusion is that he was lying and knew it.

      That is a big no no in the legal profession.

      He was acting in his official capacity as a lawyer at the time. He knew better.

      He has lost his mind and any sense of professional ethics, if he ever had any. He has no business practicing law. Oh and notice his adored boss dropped him like a hot potato as he always does.

      Trumps supporters should be skeptical. Trumps supports are the most deluded and paranoid people on the planet. They believe whatever he wants them to believe.

      1. Giuliani lied in court and filed frivolous lawsuits without a scintilla of evidence for his outlandish claims.

        Democrats should be welcoming audits with open arms and full transparency, then.

        1. We should audit the crap out of them. The whole damn government are nothing but swamp rats.

          1. “…but leftist corruption and totalitarianism should totes be ignored, excused, and above all unopposed.”

      2. Link the exact lie.

        Difficulty. No forensic audits have been done across the country.

        1. It is up to the person making the allegation to present evidence to back it up. If there is no evidence you are just making things up.

          And here

          1. 1) The question is whether the finding was appropriate, and pointing to the finding itself–as if it justified the finding–is stealing a base. What part of the finding do you think is justified, and what facts are using to justify it?

            2) I think it’s clear, from the rationalization in your link that I’ll quote below, that they were, at the very least, punishing Giuliani for making public statements–both to politicians and the general public–both as Trump’s personal lawyer and as part of Trump’s reelection campaign.

            “For the reasons that follow, we conclude that there is uncontroverted evidence that respondent communicated demonstrably false and misleading statements to courts, lawmakers and the public at large in his capacity as lawyer for former President Donald J. Trump and the Trump campaign in connection with Trump’s failed effort at reelection in 2020.”

            If what they were quoting were a willfully untrue statement under oath or to a judge, that would be the only accusation necessary.

            1. Disbarring someone for making public statements as part of a reelection campaign in favor of your candidate and your candidate’s case is absurd.

              1. Not if that candidate is Trump, it isn’t!

              2. Yet, no matter what your opinion, what matters is bar association rules:


                “(c) engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation;”

                1. “…“(c) engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation;”…

                  So’s murder, TDS-addled lefty asshole, but Trump hasn’t been shown to be guilty of either.
                  And in your case, you’re fortunate that public stupidity isn’t a crime; you’d never get out of jail.

                2. “”“(c) engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation;”””

                  That would get almost every prosecutor disbarred.

                  1. See prosecutors on the Capitol trials who keep reducing charges before the court while talking up insurrection in the media.

          2. That’s the accusation, not the evidence, but to some folks, that’s sufficient, since the guy they’re really after is guilty of being Trump. Right?

          3. That is not what perjury to a court with tails you fucking idiot.

            He would have to knowing lie in presence of counter proof he is aware of. Not have a different opinion than a different lawyer or government entity.

            What the fuck is wrong with the leftists here?

      3. Well said.

        It’s no secret that prosecutors are going at Giuliani and Trump’s head accountant, Allen Weisselberg, to try to get at Trump. Yet Ken just wrote 455 words stating the obvious. Apparently, Ken, is pre-announcing to all of us that he will discount any charges prosecutors end up making against Trump, even if they are true:

        “If and when Trump is indicted on the basis of information they obtained from Giuliani, Trump’s supporters will be right to be skeptical and suspicious.”

        1. Gee, TDS-addled lefty asshole Mike’s here to spread more more TDS-driven piles of shit and gripe about someone explaining why the charges against Giuliani are bullshit!

        2. Nice try, BlueAnon, but zero points.

          There is every reason for anyone to be skeptical of any charges or indictments against Trump or any of his supporters or employees, because, so far, all charges and indictments have amounted to petty bullshit. It’s vindictive, vexatious nonsense designed to either bankrupt Trump on make him toxic in 2022 and 2024.

          1. As ye sow so shall ye reap.

            Don’t worry. Trump is not worried about this. It is nothing new in his life. He launches or gets a lawsuit every week. He always gets away with it and some fall guy is left holding the bag. He is a master at this.

            1. “…He always gets away with it and some fall guy is left holding the bag…”

              TDS-addled shits make this claim along with ‘he’s a racist’ and never seem to have a single cite.
              Stuff it up your ass, TDS addled asshole.

    4. Biden Democrats are acting like Putin and dozens of other undemocratic dictators (i.e. by arresting, prosecuting, incarcerating and trying to destroy Republicans to prevent them from running in future elections, and/or prevent them from winning future elections.

      And of course, the far left wing news and social media outlets demand even more prosecutions of freedom loving Americans.

      1. Exactly.

        They do everything they can to try to discredit the guy they just removed from office–especially when they’re afraid he’s running again.

        1. Their problem is, they fucked it all up with COVID, BLM, and the second inpeachment. Now they have to resort to more and more outrageous tactics to try and discredit Republicans.

          I don’t think DJT is running again. He won’t win. I think he will keep the democrats focused on him, and keep trolling them into more an more outrageous positions. That’s been his greatest talent throughout the entire ordeal- he trolls them into doing and saying more and more outrageous, insane things and it’s glorious to watch.

          Then he’ll either run and drop out at the last minute, to keep the democrats focused on Trump bashing throughout most of the election cycle. Or he won’t run at all and just endorse someone.

          1. I hope someone better beats him in the primaries, but if he wants it, I think he has the nomination.

            And I think he wants it. I think he wants to be president again, and I think he’s actively campaigning right now.

            The appearance at the border, the lawsuit against Big Tech–all of it is presidential campaign mode.

            And when I’m looking at the way the Democrats are treating him, it looks like they think he’s running for president again, too.

            1. “I hope someone better beats him in the primaries,…”

              I’d hope we had a better POTUS for the last hundred years or so, but that’s not true; this comment regards his actions and disregards his tweets and personality (unlike the TDS-addled shits, I’m not looking for a daddy or a matinee idol).
              So the question is, how do we find ‘someone better’, unless one of the R possibilities proves *BY ACTION* (not by campaign nose) to be so?

              1. I’m genuinely concerned about his age, and from a practical standpoint, I’m concerned about his ability to appeal to suburban women–who may be voting against him for different reasons. Their votes count, even if we don’t like the way they vote, and getting rid of the totalitarian socialist progressives is extremely important.

                If he can’t deliver on that, then I hope someone else does–and IF IF IF that’s Rand Paul or Pence or Nikki Haley, I hope they win.

                He’s been better on the issues than anyone in recent memory. No doubt about that. My support isn’t about him personally. I like what he did on the issues, and, yeah, putting it in practice is a big deal. We need to get rid of the progressives, though. The progressives must lose in order for libertarian capitalists to win on the issues.

  18. Does “Promoting Competition” include education? Public K-12 schooling? Higher ed?


    Black people… are you ever curious about why these people want you to have a trauma bond with ancestors you may or may not have had? I say may or may not, because many of you don’t know your lineage and assume your people were slaves because of skin tone. Think about it.

  20. The good news is that—like so many of former President Donald Trump’s executive orders—Biden is wading into territory he doesn’t actually have the power to control

    I think you mean he doesn’t have the authority or the legal power to control. “Power” is a matter of what you can get away with and the question is who’s going to stop him? Is the press going to make a stink about this naked power grab? Is Congress going to sue to stop him? Are the courts going to agree to hear a case? Are the courts going to wash their hands of a “political question”? Will the courts agree that his power grab is unconstitutional but nevertheless allow it as long as it doesn’t go on too long? Is the public going to give a shit about any of this, will they write nasty letters to the White House, shake their tiny little fists and wish they had F-15’s and nukes to put a stop to this? Or does none of this crap matter any way because in 6 months when the economy collapses, bread costs 4 million dollars a loaf, the military has been mobilized in an attempt to maintain order, roving gangs of mutant zombies are terrorizing the cities, and the Chinese have seized control of the East Coast of the United States, we’ll have bigger things to worry about than whether or not Joe Biden said “Mother may I?” before he shit his pants?

    1. I find most people act like power and authority are synonyms. Especially in reference to police. They call the police “authorities” and expect you to do whatever they say for that reason. When cops have no authority at all except when they are enforcing the law, and the other 95% of what they do is abuse of power.

    2. Why would the Chinese seize control of the East Coast? Wouldn’t it be easier to cross the Pacific?

      1. Because the Russians already control the west coast.

      2. Sometimes that which does not need to be said must be said.
        Any one who has the military education of a Tom Clancy novel would realize that the (Communist) Chinese would take over the East coast at the end of their conquest, which would start on the West coast.

        1. Or you could, like, I dunno, look at a map or something.

        2. And anyone who knows anything about zombies knows they start on the east coast due to a lab leak of the Solanum virus from government labs. So the Chinese would land on the West coast and set up defenses from there.

      3. The East Coast is where all the money and the power is and the communists already control the West Coast.

  21. Volokh Conspiracy
    [Eugene Volokh] The First Amendment and Treating Social Media Platforms as Common Carriers

    But white Mike and dol assured us yesterday the argunent is as simple and infantile as just screaming 1a. No need for discussion.

  22. >>a proclivity for unilateral executive action, even when Congress is on the cusp of considering the same thing.

    lol oh please idiots in Congress, save us from the idiot in the White House

  23. hey Ken how about the grand slam for the Pads’ pitcher’s first major league hit yesterday? love it.

  24. Speaking of Right-to-Repair laws and Big Tech’s monopoly position, I was talking to somebody yesterday who was trying to delete the Facebook app from his phone and he couldn’t seem to do it. He could disable the app, but he couldn’t delete it. His concern was that by “disabling” the app, it just meant that he couldn’t use it, but Facebook still could. Which I don’t doubt for a second is true – if you’ve got a Facebook app or anybody you are in contact with has a Facebook app, Facebook is hoovering up all your data whether or not you’ve agreed to having all your data hoovered up. I finally asked him if by any chance the Facebook app had come pre-installed on his phone and, yep, it had come pre-installed. I told him that was the problem right there – see, that’s not your phone, it’s Facebook’s phone. You only bought a license to use it.

    Pretty much all software works that way, download a song or a movie or an e-book, buy a game or a program, and it ain’t yours, you only bought a revocable license to use it. Ask Amazon about the incident where they went into users Kindles and deleted e-books they had bought, most people were unaware that Amazon even had that capability let alone the authority.

    John Deere and GM and others have started that same shit, see, you didn’t buy a tractor or a truck from us, you merely bought a license to use our proprietary systems and we still control how you’re allowed to use it. And don’t try running off with our property, we have a GPS tracker on the thing so we know right where it is and a remotely-activated kill switch we can shut it down with.

    1. Own nothing, eat bugs, be obedient.

    2. John Deere and GM and others have started that same shit, see, you didn’t buy a tractor or a truck from us, you merely bought a license to use our proprietary systems and we still control how you’re allowed to use it.

      When OnStar first came out, I thought it was rather creepy that someone in a cubicle somewhere would get an alert if your Chevy Malibu got in a wreck.

      Honestly, though, it’s not just consumers–even the tech companies are rather clueless about how increasingly vulnerable they really are by trying to get everything connected to the internet. Centralization creates more opportunities for single points of failure, a lack of redundancy, hacking opportunities, and industrial espionage.

    3. You’re precisely right and it’s all BS.

      For your friend- he can actually delete it using adb (assuming this is Android) and a computer. There are guides out there showing how. It’s absurd one has to go to these lengths but it is doable if he really wants it gone.

    4. E-mail service providers own every e-mail a subscriber sends and receives.

      A decade ago, AOL locked me out of my e-mail account (after I was falsely labelled a spammer because I sent a weekly newsletter to a thousand folks who had subscribed), which denied me access to ALL of the tens of thousands of e-mails I had sent and received during the previous fifteen years.

  25. LOL:

    “We’re (expletive) idiots”: Some Democrats regret Colorado’s new redistricting process now that their party is in charge

    If Y and Z hadn’t passed, Democrats would now have nearly unfettered power to draw new congressional districts ahead of the 2022 election, and more say over how legislative districts are drawn.

    For those who don’t know, initatives Y and Z were promoted largely by Colorado Democrats to do non-partisan district mapping. “Competitive districts” was a shibboleth of theirs for years when they hadn’t yet turned the state into East California, and these were drawn up when they still held to that principle.

    Now that they fully dominate the state house, they’re realizing they fucked up and they could have gerry-mandered the shit out of the state. This was one of the better quotes:

    “Politics is about power. That’s what it’s about. You use it to your benefit,” said (Rick )Ridder. “If you’ve got the fastball and it’s going at 105, why do you start throwing a breaking ball to slow the guy’s bat down? You didn’t see Randy Johnson and Bob Feller in a tight situation try to throw a breaking ball. No. They threw their 110 mph pitch.”

    You can tell Ridder doesn’t know anything about sports, because Johnson and Feller were as much known for their nasty breaking pitches (slider and curve, respectively) as for their heat. And the whole purpose of a breaking pitch is to throw off the batter’s timing so he can’t get the hit. What a stupid fucking analogy. At the same time, I do respect him openly admitting how venal and authoritarian he actually is.

    1. Randy’s slider looked like Steve Carlton’s but had +10 mph on it.

      1. Sure, but there was still about a 10-15 mph difference between that and Randy’s fastball. Watching hitters flailing around while his slider falls in there are some of the funniest clips ever.

        1. John Kruk still has nightmares.

    2. It’s another lovely demonstration of the Dem’s tendency to never think ahead whatsoever.

    3. I thought you hated sports Mormon?

      The Rockies are bad.

      1. You were a worse son.

        1. Ok?

          Seriously though I thought you didn’t like sports because you spend all your time and energy on praying to your perv god, being a fascist, and teaching your kids to be Nazis?

          The Broncos are fucked for the next decade. So it’s understandable why a coward like you would abandon them.

          1. It fucking blows too cuz the Chiefs are coached by a fat Mormon with kids that kill themselves and other people.

            Too bad as long as they have Mahomes every other AFC West team is sol.

          2. If you’re so obsessed with me, unmask your email and you can call me a fascist in person.

            Or come down to that address I gave you, sharmuta. Only cowards talk shit and then puss out when given open invitations.

            1. Glad you’re admitting you’re a coward.

              Now you just need to admit you put your hard on for Trump above your own country.

              1. Glad you’re admitting you’re a coward.

                Now you just need to admit that you’re a hicklib pederast who fantasizes about mutilating children.

                1. I know you are but what am I?

                  1. Future lawn mulch.

                    1. So you’re going to grind me up and use me as fertilizer?

                      I figured a backwards hick like you would know bull shit works better.

                      You must be really inbred.

                    2. Pointing out the state that we all end up in isn’t a threat, you hicklib pederast. It’s a natural part of the life cycle.

                      Telling someone that you’ll stab them in the left temple, like you did to Chuck–well, that’s a whole different thing.

                    3. Why do you care about Chuck? He’s not a person. He’s Mormon?

                      It’s because you’re Mormon to you perv worshipping Nazi!

                    4. It’s ok to threaten(and kill) Mormons. They aren’t really people…

                    5. It’s ok to threaten(and kill) Mormons. They aren’t really people…

                      Neither are you.

                    6. You being Mormon would explain your hatred of America and a freedom loving patriot like me.

                      It would also explain your hatred of gays.

                      If you’re Mormon. You’re smart to not give me your address. Because I’d stab you in the right temple. You could have a fucking armory, but it’s not hard to outsmart people who worship a discredited con artist perv. They are fucking dumb.

                      So keep talking shit pussy lil traitor.

                    7. More of a man than you’ll ever be. Betraying your own country for a senile con artist like Trump. Have you no shame?

                    8. You’re smart to not give me your address. Because I’d stab you in the right temple.

                      I gave you an address to show up to. When are you going to show up, pussy?

                    9. Hell, Chuck even gave you his work address. If you’re going to stab him in the temple, why haven’t you let him know when you’re going to be there to do so?

                    10. I’m not gonna drop everything I’m doing for little chilling like you and Chuck.

                      I have no reason to go to asshole Texas.

                      If I go to Colorado you’ll know.

                      I’m not sure if you’re a welfare queen like Chuck but I have to work and don’t have time to fly to Denver, off you, and live my bitching life.

                    11. I have to work and don’t have time to fly to Denver, off you, and live my bitching life.

                      But you said you’d stab me in the right temple if I gave you an address. Don’t puss out now.

  26. “But Biden also urges more burdensome meddling in private business practices and more aggressive federal involvement in many aspects of U.S. markets. For instance, the order “encourages the FTC to ban or limit non-compete agreements” and to establish new rules on internet user data. ”

    Boy it wouldn’t be reason if they weren’t slobbing on the Koch knob all the time.

    How is banning non-competes bad? Only because businesses couldn’t bend your ass over a barrel for no reason. It hobbles innovation and competition and limits options for workers.

    If workers could better go to different companies without non-competes then businesses would have to compete on actual market presence, not arbitrary bullshit contracts meant to enshrine their business via paperwork instead of productivity and excellence.

    1. “…How is banning non-competes bad?…”

      Sevo’s law (for the benefit of this steaming pile of lefty shit):

      “Any time a third party sticks its nose in a free transaction between two competent agents, at least one, and usually both lose”.

      Fuck off and die, slaver.

      1. Only because businesses couldn’t bend your ass over a barrel for no reason.


        Ol’ razzledipshit is a 2-bit shill for all things D. He has no idea about the millions of owners and employees of small business franchises. Voiding non-competes would jeopardize every franchisor business model forcing them to become giant multi-state corporations to protect their intellectual property.

        I believe it is the word ‘intellectual’ that he has trouble understanding.

        1. More than 2 syllables…
          Oh, and he’s full of shit (again? still?) about non-compete agreements being illegal in CA.

        2. He’s not a fan of “property” either.

    2. They say one of the reasons for Silicon Valley’s successful startup culture is California’s banning of non-compete agreements.

      1. “They” don’t say you’re a TDS-addled lefty asshole, so we can ignore what “they” say.

  27. Biden attempts to substitute presidential power for the legislative process again.

    Well he did say he was running for Senate this latest campaign.

  28. In Norway, a new amendment to the country’s Marketing Act means that “Instagram influencers who don’t clearly state if they’ve edited photos which are advertisements could be fined or imprisoned…”

    “What are you in for?”

    1. “…And creating a nuisance”

  29. How the U.S. is screwing over Afghan interpreters and contractors in other roles who helped us for years.

    Why should they get treated better by the U.S. government than Americans do?

  30. The FBI is investigating Texas’ “bachelor party” prostitution stings.

    “Are we pretending to take down hookers or is that just a thin blue line in your pocket?”

  31. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) wants to crack down on cryptocurrency.


  32. Trump wrote an Op-Ed for the Wall Street Journal in which he explains why he’s suing Big Tech.

    He makes arguments that are specific to his case, but basically makes the same kinds of arguments I do–in terms of censorship by Facebook and others not just being about property rights. One of his examples is the way social media is using the CDC as the arbiter of what’s true or false.

    Maybe think of it this way: If he was deplatformed, in part, because he said something that the CDC said was false, then aren’t we talking about the government deciding what can or can’t be said on social media? If he was right and the CDC was wrong about something, that’s beside the point. Doesn’t matter!

    By banning “misinformation” is the FTC saying that we shouldn’t be free to say things online if they contradict a government agency?

    He’s framing his entire suit as a defense of the First Amendment and the right of the American people to speak their minds–free from interference from government bureaucrats among others, apparently. Read Trump’s piece for yourself, and if you have to use the Wayback Machine, use the Wayback Machine.

    “Donald J. Trump: Why I’m Suing Big Tech”:

    1. This guy who was supposedly “deplatformed” has his own social media site:

      It will be cosmic if Trump’s lawsuit succeeds and his GETTR site is forced to publish antifa rants, pro-CRT arguments, etc.

      1. It will be cosmic if Trump’s lawsuit succeeds and his GETTR site is forced to publish antifa rants, pro-CRT arguments, etc.

        I don’t think you know how lawsuits work.

        1. He doesn’t know much of anything.

    2. Like how he leaves out any mention of the Capitol riots, or how his social media posts egged on the rioters.

      1. I thought you were calling them an insurrection.

        Now that it turned out that the hill security opened the doors and removed the barricades for the protesters, and that nobody wiped poo on the walls, brought zipties, killed a cop or brought molotov cocktails, what do you have that makes this worse than any other protest last year?

        And hey, do you believe that the capitol riot was planned on a lego set?

        1. Plus the deadly fire extinguishers.

          1. Damn things caused delayed strokes, according to jeff.

      2. Remember when the democrats were saying no civility until dems are elected? You don’t think that’s egging people on?

        1. She doesn’t care about that. She actually defended some of the actions resulting from those orders.

    3. If he was right and the CDC was wrong about something, that’s beside the point. Doesn’t matter!

      This has been said time and again. Yet I still expect SQRLSY One to show up and tell us that we’re fascists for expecting the government to arbitrate what is true and false. And then tell us that website owners are the property owners, except when it’s a liability, then they aren’t.

  33. “Net-neutrality” is back, oh brother. The funny thing is people don’t actually want net neutrality, they only think they do because it’s such a benign and even positive sounding term. Tell them that net neutrality means their provider can’t speed up their Netflix streaming and they’ll change their tune toot-sweet.

    1. Especially if pro sports franchises are finally unbundling live game steaming from cable subscriptions, as Ken has been saying.

  34. “Biden attempts to substitute presidential power for the legislative process again.”

    Fascists gotta do fascism – – – – – – – – – –

  35. Is Biden regulating the “black market” because I think the “black market” will be doing very fine very soon!

  36. Hey, somebody plugged the server back in!

  37. Poor unreason. Georgia is going to throw out 30,000 illegal votes and/or redo election 2020 and special election 2021.

    Imagine if more and more Americans see el presidente biden for the banana republic usurper that he is during civil war 2.0.

    1. I doubt that will happen. But maybe it will incite several million Americans to overthrow the democrat party and destroy it forever.

      The natural rights of even one American far away the value of the collective lives of all leftists.

      1. Traitor!

        How’s asshole Spokane today?

        1. Not too bad. So why don’t you define how us patriots are actually traitors?

          Be specific.

  38. Bidens E.O. Summary —

    – Encourages the FTC to ban
    – Encourages the FTC to ban
    – Directs the Food and Drug Administration to work with states and tribes to safely import prescription drugs
    – Directs the Health and Human Services Administration (HHS) to increase support
    – Encourages the FTC to ban
    – Directs HHS to standardize plan
    – Directs the DOT to consider issuing clear rules
    – Directs the DOT to consider issuing rules that require
    – Encourages the Surface Transportation Board to require
    – Directs USDA to consider issuing new rules
    – Directs USDA to consider issuing new rules
    – FCC to Prevent ISPs from making deals with landlords
    – FCC to Revive the “Broadband Nutrition Label” and *require* providers to report prices and subscription rates to the FCC
    – FCC to Limit excessive early termination fees.
    – Encourages the FTC to establish rules
    – Encourages the FTC to establish rules
    – Encourages the FTC to issue rules
    – Encourages the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to issue rules

    National Socialism in the making……

    This one is the funnest —
    “Health Insurance: Consolidation in the health insurance industry has meant that many consumers have little choice when it comes to selecting insurers. And even when there is some choice, comparison shopping is hard because plans offered on the exchanges are complicated—with different services covered or different deductibles.”

    consumers have little choice … comparison shopping is ‘too’ hard

    Sooo…. Directs HHS to standardize plan options in the National Health Insurance Marketplace so people can comparison shop more easily.

    Anyone else notice that entire 180-shift from here’s a problem but lets make the problem worse.

    Sadly; This well-worded executive order is the biggest curse of all. It points to all the problems government has created over the years and pretends MORE government will fix it.

    1. Exact same strategy as Obumercare that made health insurance completely “unaffordable” and unattainable without *stealing* more from those people by Gov-Guns.

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