Brickbat: Bad Influence


New Norwegian marketing rules will require advertisers and social influencers to label any photos they post or publish that have been retouched.  Those who fail to do so could face fines or even prison.

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  2. Great. Now everyone is going to know my phat ass isn’t all that phat.

  3. Unenforceable. All photos are altered automatically when shot with a digital camera or smartphone. It’s baked into the hardware.

    Do they not understand that sensors convert light into images through algorithms, rather than light to images through film?

    Almost all smartphone photography undergoes software image alteration automatically, as well. Filters, red-eye adjustments, exposure and focus adjustments. Most without the user’s input.

    That all happens before touching up and digital airbrushing can occur.

    Stupid unenforceable law.

    1. When every photo is manipulated . . . *none* of them are!

  4. This is easy to get around. Just label all photographs as retouched. Then no one will care.

    1. Yes, why risk a fine.

      1. Works for Prop 65. Just use the word “may” — Photo may be retouched.

        And it’s technically almost always true. I use a digital camera and have to process a picture, just to get it from RAW to web postable.

  5. New New Norwegianwood Blues

    I said a couple photoshop touch ups
    Women round here start looking good
    A couple more photoshop touch ups
    I’m going down to Norwegianwood.

  6. It’s a shame Norway has turned into a total shithole.

    1. When vikings become pussies.

    2. Not a shithole. Still a nice place to visit. Unlike some places here in the U.S.

      But Norway like most Scandinavian countries, has a very conformist attitude. Everyone wants to be like everyone else. They have what they call “Tall Poppy Syndrome” The tall poppies get cut, so don’t be a tall poppy.

      I worked with a Norwegian company for several years, here in the US. The culture clash was interesting. They did want to excel, but they did not brag about it like ‘Muricans do. I recall the CEO driving a shiny new Mustang but remarking that there was no way he could drive anything but an ordinary car in Norway. But there was a huge range of Norwegians. Some were progressive to the core, worse than any American. But others were opposite and were almost libertarian in outlook. One even got into guns and reloading.

      In short, don’t judge other nations by your local standards. They are not clones and not everyone is fully in favor of everything their government does. Stop being so collectivist. Individuals are individuals even outside the United States. I mean, duh.

  7. Next, they will require that beer company ads only use people who actually drink lots of beer.

    And (more amusing) ads for universities, especially touting arts and humanities programs, will have to show how their alumni live after graduation.

    1. beer company ads only use people who actually drink lots of beer.

      Define ‘lots‘.

  8. Let’s hear it: someone said…


    And then there was.

  9. A question no one seems to have asked: How do they define “social media influencer?”

  10. Semi-related, the Norwegian admiral added a bar code to every ship in the fleet. When they return the port it enables the harbormaster to scan da navy in.

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