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Pfizer Vaccine 94 Percent Effective at Stopping Severe Sickness From Delta Variant

Plus: XTube is shutting down, the E.U.'s privacy paradox, and more...


Should you worry about the delta variant? Recent headlines have been filled with alarming warnings that existing vaccines may be no match for the rapidly spreading COVID-19 variant. Meanwhile, some authorities have been using the delta variant to suggest an end to the easing of public health restrictions like business closures and mask mandates or instituting such restrictions once again.

But while the delta variant definitely poses a risk for unvaccinated populations, its danger to vaccinated people may be overstated.

Yes, "new data from Israel suggest the effectiveness of Pfizer-BioNTech's mRNA vaccine declines sharply when it's pitted against the hyperinfectious delta variant," Megan McArdle noted at The Washington Post yesterday. "Last week, more than half of all covid-19 cases in Israel reportedly occurred in people who were vaccinated; the vaccine appears to prevent only about two-thirds of symptomatic cases, compared with preventing almost 100 percent among older variants."

While the Pfizer vaccine might not be as effective at totally thwarting the delta variant as it is with older strains of COVID-19, however, it still seems to protect recipients from the more severe effects of the virus.

"The vaccine protected 64% of inoculated people from infection during an outbreak of the Delta variant, down from 94% before," points out the Wall Street Journal. "It was 94% effective at preventing severe illness in the same period, compared with 97% before, the [Israeli Health] ministry said."

And some health experts are skeptical of the Israeli data, suggesting that it understates the value of the Pfizer vaccine against the delta variant.

"Speaking to colleagues in Israel, real skepticism about 64% number," tweeted Ashish K. Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, on July 5. "Best data still suggest mRNA vaccines offer high degree of protection against infection" and "superb protection against severe illness."

As of now, "if you're vaccinated, I wouldn't worry," Jha commented.


Porn site XTube announces plans to shut down amid targeting from values groups. "XTube, one of the first adult site (sic) to allow users to upload and share pornographic videos, is shutting down on September 5, thirteen years after it was founded," reports Techspot. "While no reason for the closure has been given, it's speculated that the legal problems faced by parent MindGeek influenced the decision."

Mindgeek—which is also behind Pornhub—has been a major target of religious activists at Exodus Cry and the famous 1980s values group Morality in Media (now called the National Center on Sexual Exploitation), which have been leading a campaign against the company in Congress, the media, and the courts.



• We still don't know if masks work.

• "Keeping American boots on the ground means keeping them in harm's way," writes Fiona Harrigan.

• Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee, a Republican, is drawing criticism for his plan to fund airline tickets for people who travel to Tennessee.

• "Chime, a 'neobank' serving millions, is racking up complaints from users who can't access their cash," reports ProPublica. "The company says it's cracking down on an 'extraordinary surge' in fraudulent deposits. That's little consolation to customers caught in the fray."

• How antitrust can hurt U.S. competitiveness.

• Another tale of out-of-control child protective services.

• Protecting and serving:

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  1. We still don’t know if masks work.

    For signaling? They work perfectly.

    1. Ashish K. Jha, MD, MPH
      “Jul 5, 2021
      Speaking to colleagues in Israel, real skepticism about 64% number
      Best data still suggest mRNA vaccines offer high degree of protection against infection
      And superb protection against severe illness
      Lets await more data but as of now
      If you’re vaccinated, I wouldn’t worry”

      Are people still worried?

      1. Wrong place. Grr.

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    2. Pfizer Vaccine 94 Percent Effective at Stopping Severe Sickness From Delta Variant

      Like jobs saved or created. When only 0.08% of people die from the worse plague ever, you have to keep moving the goal posts to keep the fear porn going.

      1. and from what we saw in the article yesterday their really much worse delta was .007% versus .002% so I’m still not sure besides fear mongering the point of hammering the delta variant angle.

        1. Because most people are victims of the public schools, they don’t understand maths.

        2. Watch for them to start agitating about the lambda variant next. I’ve been seeing some mentions of that pop up recently, and the media appears to be putting that on tap for future scare-mongering if delta doesn’t turn into the Black Plague that they want it to be.

          1. News editors are much like any other media writing team. The current story is pandemic, and the audience seems to want more pandemic, so let’s give ’em what they want.

            1. Hardly. People are thoroughly sick of the pandemic. They’re pushing it because the boss has told them to push it.

              1. DOL’s not though. He loves this shit. He hopes he gets to mow some citizens down with an Apache helicopter someday soon over lockdowns.

                1. Maybe in Call of Duty.

              2. They hate the pandemic, but they will watch news about the pandemic being terrifying nonstop. You’re talking about related but distinct things.

      2. “Pfizer Vaccine 94 Percent Effective at Stopping Severe Sickness From Delta Variant”

        Yea, so is the average human immune system

        1. Fake news! Only government can protect us.

      3. the worst plague ever that only kills the fat and the old

        1. It also has some long-lasting effects on a small but significant group of people. The furin cleavage site makes it attack a wide variety of tissues, which helped it to affect different species in the lab, but makes it rather problematic in the host sometimes as well.

    3. Also for Howard Hughes level germophobia.

    4. “For signaling? They work perfectly.”

      In San Fran, they’re an absolute Karen-spotter!

    5. Just prepping for the inevitable “Turns out masks don’t work” article based on actual data from the real world that we’ve had for over a year at this point.

  2. From a Koch / Reason libertarian perspective, the Biden Era is going even better than we expected.

    The 10 richest Americans have gained a combined $195 billion this year.

    It turns out Biden was being too modest when he promised a roomful of wealthy donors that nothing would fundamentally change when he became President. Well, in fact things did change — billionaires are now doing better than ever!


    1. It only took $8 trillion in stimulus and bailout spending to do it…….

  3. Chime, a ‘neobank’ serving millions, is racking up complaints from users who can’t access their cash…

    It’s okay, your 4th of July BBQ savings should cover you until it’s worked out.

  4. Porn site XTube announces plans to shut down amid targeting from values groups.

    When skin is no longer profitable…

    1. *Whew!* The Internet is not forever after all!

  5. Should you worry about the delta variant?

    I’m waiting for lambda panic to take hold.

    1. 11th Commandment: Thou shall not download videos of barely legal girls doing anal.

      1. What about for “research”? Asking for a friend.

  6. Recent headlines have been filled with alarming warnings that existing vaccines may be no match for the rapidly spreading COVID-19 variant.

    They can’t be sued for blood clots or loss of sperm, but can Big Pharma be held liable for false advertising?

  7. Last week, more than half of all covid-19 cases in Israel reportedly occurred in people who were vaccinated…


    1. Or did they just identify as being vaccinated?

      1. Wait, did I miss something? Do we have separate bathrooms now for the vaccinated?

        1. Soon

        2. Just Springsteen concerts so far.

  8. And some health experts are skeptical of the Israeli data, suggesting that it understates the value of the Pfizer vaccine against the delta variant.

    Some health experts accuse Israel of trying to jew America down on the vaccine price.

  9. North America endured hottest June on record. Satellite data shows temperature peaks are lasting longer and rising higher.

    1. The sky is blue.

    2. Why is it when we have abnormal hot streaks, it is climate change, but when record cold temps strike, it is always “weather”?

      1. Weather here in the Midwest – Iowa/Illinois has been absolutely pleasent compared to the 1980’s. We had a warm first two weeks of June (90-95f) with no rain. Then the rains came and Temps have been 70’S to 80’s. The last two days it broke 90 but it is going to rain tonight and keep everything in the lower 80’s. This has been typical of the last few years. If this is the climate change, then I want more of it.

        1. yeah I live in your world. I was all in on global warming when they first came up with it. I figured by now January temperatures would be in the 50s and I could convert my snowblower into a woodchipper. If NYC slid into the Atlantic it would be well worth the trade off. Turns out the whole thing was a scam. Now that it’s climate change I don’t know what to expect.

        2. Texas too has had one of the coldest and wettest Junes in my memory.

          1. See, CHANGE!

          2. Seems you guys had a bit of a cold snap last spring also.

      2. “Why is it when we have abnormal hot streaks, it is climate change, but when record cold temps strike, it is always “weather”?”

        Because the media targets lefty assholes like pod.

      3. That’s only in the summer. In the winter, both are climate change.

      4. No, when it’s hot streaks it’s global warming, when it’s cold streaks it’s climate change.

      5. How dare you! How dare you all!

        1. How long until your Onlyfans is up? Asking for a friend.

          1. Ugh! Not only for obvious reasons, but also Eco-preaching is such a cock-block!

    3. We didn’t have satellite data in the 30’s.

      1. Trump’s fault.

      2. You know who we did have in the 30s?

        1. The actress from Soccer Mom Gangbang 3? She was in her 30s by then.

    4. Hottest June “on record”. Since the record covers 0.000005% of earth history, perhaps we should be cautious.

    5. Look at this cherry I have picked! Isn’t it incredible? What if all cherries were like this one?

    6. Is this based on records that were modified downwards in the 1930s? Because I can show you the records that were. It is documented well. Past temperatures were lowered to match modeling estimates of historical Temps.

      1. Don’t worry. Environmental modeling is at least as accurate as the COVID death rate modeling.

      2. Lol.

        you guys.

        Jesse here has figured out that the entire record of global temperatures is flawed, and he knows the real data.

        No, he is not a PhD in this field. No, he is not published. No, he is not 1000’s of scientists that have dedicated their entire working lives to studying and knowing these things.

        He’s something greater.

        Behold: Jesse!

        1. Shorter DOL: TOP MEN!

        2. Certainly don’t question someone that gets paid, and only gets paid, to say the data says one thing.

        3. JesseAz’s posts are at least substantive and often times well researched and referenced. Very few people on this site are actually experts, including you, you mendacious cunt.

          1. “Substantive” if you want to get the distilled version of today’s federalist, breitbart, and, but don’t have time to read all of that.

            1. Very substantive response.

            2. Annoying leftist is annoying.

  10. “We still don’t know if masks work.”

    Ummmmm ……… what? Isn’t this the type of statement that can get your website taken down, or your social media accounts suspended or banned?

    Be careful, Reason. Youtube would be entirely justified in removing your channel if they even suspect you might produce a video with that message.

    1. We still don’t know if masks work.”
      People with brains know they didn’t stop the pandemic , so no, they definitely do not work. I

    2. But what impact do masks have on open borders?

      1. And the Koch fortune?

  11. Cops committing sex crimes is common

    This one was an Officer of the Year last year

    They pass awards back and forth to each other so that when accused they can later mention that the armed state agent perpetrator was so above reproach that he was once Officer of the Year.

    1. “Officer of the year” is one that didn’t get caught yet.

    2. I think it was supposed to say Orificer of the Year

      1. He preferred to kick in the *back* door before tossing out a flash bang?

    3. What’s more interesting is the lack of data cited in the ‘common’ claim; the use of twitter activist bs as news isn’t a surprise or interesting. Common compared to what? Lesbian ipv? Rape committed by women? The canard of unreported rape? All of the above?

      1. You’ve already put more thought into the use of the word than Mr. Doucette and ENB put together. Now get back in line with the narrative.

  12. Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee, a Republican, is drawing criticism for his plan to fund airline tickets for people who travel to Tennessee.

    Democrats and libertarians pounce.

  13. we’re going to encourage tech companies to automatically & indiscriminately scan all your private messages, chats, and emails for suspicious content…

    The right to be gotten.

    1. If you’re innocent, then you have nothing to fear.

    2. we’re going to encourage tech companies to automatically & indiscriminately scan all your private messages, chats, and emails for suspicious content…

      I’ve been repeatedly assured by everyone from various titans of technology down to armchair enthusiasts that this isn’t possible. The computers can’t possibly scan through the data that they scan through, encode, transmit, scan through, decode, and publish repeatedly across the interwebs. Automagic prevents them from scanning through the data before publishing it.

  14. The president of Hati, who’s been acting like an autocrat, had some really big plans about how to stay in office–after refusing to hold elections that were apparently already supposed to have taken place.

    “The country, the poorest in the Western Hemisphere, has been roiled by violent protests, economic contraction brought by the pandemic and security concerns since Mr. Moïse, who was narrowly elected in 2016, refused to leave office in February, arguing that his term lasted another year. Opposition leaders accused Mr. Moïse of turning into an autocrat.

    The 53-year-old president, a former banana plantation manager, also launched an effort to rewrite Haiti’s Constitution to give the presidency more power. Among other things, the changes would allow the president to run for a second term, greater control over the armed forces and legal immunity from actions taken while in office.

    When you control the whole government, you get to make these kinds of decisions with impunity, right?

    Actually, they scheduled an election in September, under intense pressure from protesters, but it turns out Moïse won’t be taking part in the election in September–and that’s because he’s dead. Gunmen broke into his house last night and killed him, and getting killed in the middle of the night has a way of ruining your plans.

    Mr. Moïse appears to have fallen victim to the same mistake I see a lot of progressives make every day. You can fiddle with election rules, rewrite laws, change the Constitution, dominate the media, violate people’s freedom of speech in the name of the First Amendment, and ignore the law of the jungle (like that oppression breeds revolt), but reality is what it is anyway–and it has a way of asserting itself.

    In the end the government cannot avoid suffering the negative consequences of the stupid and awful things it does. It doesn’t always end in revolt or the death of the dictator. Sometimes it ends in an exploding crime rate, rising inflation, falling living standards, a government that is increasingly considered illegitimate by more and more people, or a midterm election that absolutely eviscerates the party in power. In the end, progressives can’t escape the negative consequences of the awful things they’re doing either.

    1. As a very wise man once said, “When you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer”.

    2. Poor Haiti. The legacy of two dysfunctional legacy cultures: France and Africa.

    3. “When you control the whole government, you get to make these kinds of decisions with impunity, right?”

      You have a good point. When Trump tried to overthrow the results of the 2020 election, he might have gotten away with it if not for those Supreme Court kids refusing to meddle with the Constitution.

      1. Mike Laursen has a death wish.

      2. “…When Trump tried to overthrow the results of the 2020 election,..”

        Do TDS-addled lefty asshole think bullshit like this makes them appear to be other than TDS-addled lefty assholes?

      3. Like when Trump refused to go along with RBG’s dying wish and instead fulfill his Constitutional responsibility?

      4. Did he overthrow them with a single fire extinguisher?

        1. And ZIP TIES! Don’t forget the zip ties!

      5. Pathetic troll once again succumbs to his TDS.

    4. Spanish-speaking assailants shot the leader and wounded the first lady, interim prime minister says, sparking fresh political turmoil

      Oh great, now even the CIA is relying on illegal Mexicans.

      1. Where do you think they get their cocaine?

        1. Colombia, I’d think.

        2. Who’s Fat Mike and what kind of drugs does he have? How good are they?

    5. Man, now that was a fellow with low hanging goals. Dictator of *Haiti*.

      1. Ocean front property on a Caribbean island………

    6. Ken, you already admitted that you know that there is no evidence for Trump’s elections claims, and that they are, in fact, a tactic and nothing more.

      Why do you keep debasing yourself like this? It’s pathetic.

    7. And by the way, if Trump has gotten his way and somehow overturned a valid election, what do you think would have become of him? He’d have turned autocrat, and we would have killed him, as red blooded patriots do.

      1. Sociopath.

        1. Simp for a fat wannbe dictator.

          1. The topic is Haiti. Only you and a clearly low IQ lefty (you know it’s true) is trying to make it about Trump. But don’t worry, if you keep this up, SPB will be along shortly to join you.

            1. He’s such a lying piece of shit.

      2. What is this ‘valid election’ you speak of? Certainly not 2020.

        Pathetic asshole.

  15. The 10-year yield is down to 1.3%.

    Those wingnuts squawking about “hyperinflation” are wrong yet again.

    1. Hmmmmm, I’m not sure if you’re the best person to gloat about other people’s failed predictions. After all, I heard you lost a $20 bet that involved some kind of financial or economic prediction. And you also spent months repeatedly guaranteeing Jeb Bush would win the 2016 GOP nomination.


      1. Wrong.

        I paid Reason $20 for a bet on which stock would go up.

        And me and Florida Man had a wager on who would oust Trump and I picked Jeb and he picked Lil’ Taco Rubio. No payday on that.

        1. Liar.

        2. So you’re wrong on inflation and elections.

          1. Easier: Where has turd ever been right?

    2. Have you learned what the 3/5th rule really meant yet, dumbfuck?

    3. Well they’re living to see any political opponent fail so..

    4. You buy lumber lately? Or gasoline? Or property?

      1. Dude stays in his mom’s basement trolling Reason and watching kiddie porn.

  16. Trump told chief of staff Hitler ‘did a lot of good things’, book says

    On a visit to Europe to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the first world war, Donald Trump insisted to his then chief of staff, John Kelly: “Well, Hitler did a lot of good things.”

    The remark from the former US president on the 2018 trip, which reportedly “stunned” Kelly, a retired US Marine Corps general, is reported in a new book by Michael Bender of the Wall Street Journal.

    Bender reports that Trump made the remark during an impromptu history lesson in which Kelly “reminded the president which countries were on which side during the conflict” and “connected the dots from the first world war to the second world war and all of Hitler’s atrocities”.

    1. And FDR admired Mussolini.

      1. And dildo posted links to kiddie porn.

      2. Biden admires FDR.

        1. What about Il Duce?

          1. You would think we would get stories around here about one party governments.

            As adverse as we are to partisan politics, the only thing worse is a one party government–and we’ve got one, even if it’s more of a dominant single party system.

            “Opposition parties are subject to varying degrees of official harassment and most often deal with restrictions on free speech (such as press laws), lawsuits against the opposition, and rules or electoral systems (such as gerrymandering of electoral districts) designed to put them at a disadvantage. In some cases outright electoral fraud keeps the opposition from power.”


            Surely, someone on staff must have noticed this is what we’re dealing with, and looking at the way various parties in various states have tried to keep the Libertarians off the ballot in various ways, it really shouldn’t be hard to see the Democrats engage in the same kinds of behaviors–especially with the way the Democrats are trying to rewrite election rules from the federal level.

            There’s nothing new about any of this. They’d recognize it clearly if it were happening in some other country–of if the Republicans were doing this to the Democrats.

            1. “You would think we would get stories around here about one party governments.”

              Reason is playing the role of the Washington Generals.

          2. He sung about making stupid noises on EuroVision.

      3. It seems to me that FDR was the American expression of fascism.

        It was the same everywhere in the developed world at the time. We always imagine that social trends are unique to our country’s history, but they’re driven in all developed countries by the same technological innovations, economic forces, etc., and they tend to produce the same results around the same time everywhere.

        If you were talking about a leader who rounded up minorities (men, women, and children) and held them in camps, placed the economy in the service of the state, used newly emerging mass media to propagandize the people, mostly unified the country’s government behind one party, preached strength through unity, etc. you might be talking about leaders in Germany, Italy, France (Petain), Russia, Spain, and others in the 1930s and 1940s. Or you could be talking about FDR.

        FDR’s expression of fascism had an American flavor to it, but France’s had a French flavor, Franco’s had a Spanish flavor, etc., etc.

        1. It’s true, based on what he did, FDR was a fellow traveler in authoritarianism and he even had a communist VP in Henry Wallace.

          After discarding Germany, Patton wanted to finish off the soviets, but FDR thought too affectionately about ol’ “uncle Joe.”

      4. The deflections are hilarious.

        How to tell people you are in a cult of personality without telling people you are in a cult of personality.

        1. It’s amazing how the right-wing partisans here perceive Reason as promoting leftist causes just because they don’t fulminate against Democrats like an AM talk radio host or something.

          1. I don’t see it quite like that. It’s that reason doesn’t fulminate against dems like they do against muh orange man, such that I may as well be reading mother jones. Not even when it’s clear the far bigger threat is and has been dems with all the commie BS they are pushing down our throats. There’s no balance or anything even close to it.

            1. “reason doesn’t fulminate against dems like they do against muh orange man”

              They don’t fulminate against “orange man”. I would challenge you to find a single example of a Reason writer speaking passionately against Trump.

              1. They spoke passionately against many of Trump’s policies, and treat Biden’s with kid gloves.

                But to answer your question, two reason staffers that have severe TDS are Gillespie and Sullum.

                1. Gillespie does not have TDS. He said many times on the Reason Roundtable podcast during the run up to the 2020 election that he preferred a Trump win to a Biden win.

                  1. Anyone that claims Trump was an authoritarian or that he wanted to be, yes they have severe TDS. Gillespie used to whine about Trump incessantly like a lil’ leftist prostitute.

                    1. Example?

              2. No Dee. We can’t find a _single_ article.

    2. Heck, why would a President need to be familiar with history.

      1. “Heck, why would a President need to be familiar with history.”

        Why would a TDS-addled lefty asshole have to make a point?

      2. Don’t you and pedo claim the racist South became conservatives despite the south not flipping until the 90s when the racist generation died off?

        1. Jesse is a southern strategy denier as well. Color me surprised. Makes sense that you would deny it, as it was part of Trump’s mostly plagiarized scatter shot campaign strategy.

          You should write a history book. It would be a fascinating study in alternative facts.

          The South had been solidly Democratic until Republican Barry Goldwater unsuccessfully sought the presidency in 1964 — losing the race but winning Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina by campaigning on his opposition to the Civil Rights Act.

          Four years later, Nixon’s challenge was competing for Southern votes against George Wallace, a segregationist who was running for president as an independent between terms as Alabama’s Democratic governor. Nixon had to peel away some Southern white voters from Wallace without alienating voters in other regions.

          In his speech accepting the nomination at the 1968 Republican National Convention, Nixon promised a war on crime amid “cities enveloped in smoke and flame.” He also bluntly denied that “law and order is the code word for racism,” saying, “Our goal is justice for every American.”

          But an internal memo from Nixon’s 1968 campaign, later made public by his presidential library, suggests an intent to harness racial division. Drawing conservative Democrats to the GOP ticket would turn on “the law and order/Negro socio-economic revolution syndrome,” campaign strategist Kevin Phillips wrote, adding that Nixon “should continue to emphasize crime, decentralization of federal social programming, and law and order.”

          1. To be fair, it’s not like the radical left and urban riots didn’t give people a reason to think that law and order might be needed.

            Given the riots last year, Trump would have been stupid to not try and capitalize on that. He just wasn’t the politician that Nixon was, and as Time Magazine fully admitted, the cabal was already working to ensure the election had the proper outcome regardless.

            1. It’s a logical move in the sense of game theory, which is why it is almost inevitable in our system. And so it did happen.

    3. audio or video of it being said, or you’re just another lying sack of shit.

      1. This won’t work, I give you the ‘grab them by the pussy’ quote as example one. Bias makes Trump’s detractors hear whatever they want to hear, imagine intent and meaning. It is not a healthy way to live, thinking one can know what other people know, think, feel, without taking the time to ask.

        1. Man if you didn’t hit the nail on the head.

          Turns out that you can’t reason with people like buckleup because people like that never reasoned themselves into their position in the first place. No way to reason them out of it.

          1. Proof hank is full of shit by who agrees with him. Lol.

        2. Is that the only exame you have? The one where he says they let you grab them

          How about the fine people or Mexicans are rapists quotes? The ones where trump didn’t actually say what the media says they did?

          Are you even capable of honesty?

          1. Yeah, great, totally non racist people regularly have to clarify remarks they made about Mexicans being rapists and criminals by including a small aside (after a giant pause),

            “…some of them, I assume, are good people.”

            Well, glad he included that part. I was beginning to think he might be a bit racist.

    4. Hitler built the autobahn so yea he did do something good he was also a great artist but overall he was an evil crazy bastard. Facts are hard but then again Trumps statement may be proven as another lie by those with TDS as most other lies in the past have been shown to be

      1. Better than Hunter?

      2. Trump obviously is completely ignorant to history and most other topics. Which is an obvious outcome of not reading and not being interested in anything other than yourself.

        1. Obviously of course. It is obvious. Obviously.

          1. The more a liar says obviously, the more they’re lying.

      3. It’s not whether it is factual or not. It’s Trump’s having no concept of tact.

        By the way, Hitler was a non-descript, competent artist, not great at all.

        1. I just realized I probably have to explain that having tact is something one looks for in the person in charge of all diplomacy for our country. Some commenters here would have no idea why tact or civility or not making mean tweets matters.

          1. Unfortunately his lack of tact led to several wars and no positive movement in the Middle East.

            1. Dee’s not concerned with such things. More importantly, what did they say about him on The View?

      4. Ah, but couldn’t a private entrepreneur have built an Autobahn too, maybe even faster and safer?

    5. BTW, here’s a real turd level of “evidence”

      “The remark from the former US president on the 2018 trip, which reportedly “stunned” Kelly, a retired US Marine Corps general, is reported in a new book by Michael Bender of the Wall Street Journal.”

      We have it in a book by someone who heard about it from someone who claims to have heard it.
      Yep: That’s what we got for four years. Bullshit squared.

      1. Call Dan Rather!

    6. First, I don’t believe it. It’s too much of a “just so” story that fits too neatly in the stereotype of Trump while ignoring his actual actions. The “I reminded him who was fighting on what side of the war” is too cartoonish and full of self-puffery to be believed.

      Second, it could have been an “Hitler ate sugar” comment. Just because the man was a monster doesn’t mean everything he did was horrible automatically (that would include loving his dog and drawing Disney fanart).

      Even if it was a well reasoned and rational comment, I fully trust it to be taken out of context for shock value in order to sell papers and books, and that is taking for granted that it wasn’t fully made up at all.

      1. “Say what you will about Hitler, but he did kill Hitler.”

        We’ve had fun for decades around here pulling out snippets of Nazi platforms and asking which party they align with. The party managed to co-opt the German center with more than just Jew hatred and revanchist foreign policy.

        1. No one has a better kill count on commies than other commies.

      2. “It’s too much of a “just so” story that fits too neatly in the stereotype of Trump while ignoring his actual actions.”

        You just made a pretty strong argument that the story is plausible.

    7. Funny how this is the first we’re hearing of this, despite Trump and Kelly hating each other’s guts. You’d think Kelly would have run to the press sometime in the last year with that kind of juicy gossip.

      1. Considering Kelly is a Marine Corp General who served honorably and has no record of lying, and Trump has a rather robust record of never telling the truth, even when that would be easier and suit his purposes better, and Trump has admitted that he reads very little, refused to release his grades, and at least on of his professors said he was the worst student he ever had, and his dad had to get him into Wharton, and that Trump has espoused admiration for many other dictators to include Hitler…this seems plausible.

        1. Except Kelly didn’t have any problem slagging Trump in the press after he left. That’s why this smells more of shitthatdidnthappen.txt than something he actually said.

          We’ve probably heard more third-hand “can you believe Trump said this stuff” than anything that was actually verified, and this was a dude who couldn’t stay away from a live mic or camera. The press was actually fooled into thinking he had the Gorilla Channel set up, for fuck’s sake.

        2. I mean Trump is the guy who talked about Revolutionary War airports in a speech.

    8. You rape children.

  17. “We still don’t know if masks work.”

    Yes, we do know. They don’t.
    At least as far as the CDC “cloth face coverings” having any positive medical effect. They do, however, create a warm moist pocket in front of your mouth and nose, a perfect breeding ground for every bacteria known to man.

    Here is what the CDC currently says about flu virus not from Communist China:
    “Unvaccinated Asymptomatic Persons, Including Those at High Risk for Influenza Complications
    No recommendation can be made at this time for mask use in the community by asymptomatic persons, including those at high risk for complications, to prevent exposure to influenza viruses.”

    1. I canceled my last scheduled blood donation when I realized that I would be required to wear a mask. Who would the mask be helping?

      1. Some karen.

    2. They don’t. Oh, well longtobefree said it so I guess it’s gold. I’m sure they did all the requisite testing for it.

      Imagine being that stupid.

      1. Imagine being that stupid.

        Speaking from experience?

      2. How did we have a widespread pandemic when everyone was wearing magic masks?

  18. Typical progressive

    Insurrections that fail badly and quickly can still be called insurrections

    1. You could call a backyard barbeque an insurrection.

      1. At least you saved 16 cents on this year’s insurrection.

        1. I’m using it to buy ammo for the coming civil war.

    2. Robby took a beating in the responses.

  19. Conclusion: … A randomized trial underway in Bangladesh found that they could increase mask wearing by 30 percentage points.


  20. Seems weird to be publishing communo-nazi propaganda openly, but they changed the name so it’s all good

    A children’s book on Critical Race Theory themes. Clever! [Link]

    1. I hope that some of the authors writing these books are hardcore, profit-driven capitalists.

    2. Pretty sure that’s a law school textbook. I’ve been assured that CRT is not being taught to children.

      1. That’s the other Critical Race Theory.

        1. It is like CRT proponents are channeling Saddam’s public information officer.

    3. People who try and indoctrinate children with this poison should be put down.

  21. ‘As of now, “if you’re vaccinated, I wouldn’t worry,” Jha commented.’

    Sedition! Heresy! Blasphemer!

  22. Privacy is a human right?

    From the back seat, in a whiny 10-year-old voice: “Mom, she’s looking at me. Make her stop looking at me!”


    Axios editor says people who object to door-to-door vaccines are national security threats

    Where is this going? [Link]

    1. people who object to door-to-door vaccines at midnight are national security threats

      That’s where it’s going.

      1. How many people will be shot by SWAT for not opening their door to get a vaccine… But if is just saves one life the other hundred dead by police fire will be worth it.

        1. Probably only a few before people learn to shoot before opening the door.

        2. Zero. The SWAT scenario is pure paranoia.

          1. Just let them get it out. Kinda like a circle jerk.

            Actually exactly like a circle jerk.

            1. Or a joke that went over both of your heads.

              But if you want to take the issue up seriously, maybe bring it up with the guy from Axios?

            2. True.

            3. I’m sure you’re an expert on such things.

          2. Can you imagine the outcry from the media if Trump would have sent out his minions to make sure everyone got the jab?

            Biden does it and it’s no big deal!!

            1. Except Biden hasn’t done that. Nobody is forcing anyone to get vaccinated.

              1. Your kind gleefully discuss this all the time. You would force this on people without hesitation of you thought you could get away with it.

        3. If they violate “No Trespassing” signs while doing this is that considered an insurrection?

    2. Pretty spicy take considering how many Blessed and Holy Minorities haven’t gotten stuck yet.

    3. How it started: “15 days to slow the spread”

      How it’s going: “you’ll need an F-15 to stop us”

  24. “Give me four years to teach your children, and the seed I have sown shall never be uprooted.”
    -Vladimir Lenin

    1. *chemjeff liked this comment*

      1. Chemjeff is the result of that comment.

  25. The Mozilla Foundation did a study where it asked 37,000 YouTube users to report videos they regretted watching through a browser extension, and the browser extension reported the offending videos to some researchers at a university in the UK. They found that of videos that users regretted watching, 71% of them were recommended by YouTube’s AI. In other words, as the mainstream media is spinning it, YouTube is actively spreading hate speech, misinformation, etc. I guess we need the government to step in and regulate what can and can’t be on YouTube?

    There are a number of good reasons to question this narrative.

    For one thing, the people who volunteer for a study to test YouTube’s AI may be people who hate YouTube, for whatever political reason, or are especially inclined, politically, to want to see YouTube regulated for things like hate speech and misinformation.

    This statistic about “misinformation” seems especially telling:

    “Mozilla’s study, for example, found that YouTube videos with misinformation were the most frequently reported as regrettable.”


    How much of this “misinformation” is questions about the origins of covid-19 or questions about the efficacy of masks–things that turned out not to be misinformation at all?

    How much of this is just about people being offended by an AI that recommends videos based on subject rather than one side of the subject? When AI recommends a video to a BLM supporter about a protest, the AI might not realize that they aren’t someone who wants the National Guard sent in to put a riot down. The AI may just know they’re interested in the protest.

    Meanwhile, some people like to be outraged. They aren’t watching anti-fa videos because they support anti-fa. They’re watching anti-fa videos because they love to hate anti-fa. They want to be outraged by them, and they want to report them as misinformation. It’s the same thing with the Proud Boys or Howard Stern. This forum, here at Reason, is often full of people linking to stuff they hate. And if people are watching something on YouTube because they love to hate it, they really shouldn’t be surprised to see AI make recommendations for more things they’ll love to hate.

    Of course those videos will be reported as regrettable and misinformation.

    1. You wanna know what videos I regret watching? The videos with boats riding in big waves, with a title that implies the boats get capsized or thrown into some rocks. But 5 minutes later, it’s just a video of a boat riding over some big waves.

      1. Other stuff doesn’t get the views it should.

        At about 30 seconds, you can see the killer whale in this ski boat’s wake. It’s like their daughter goes from a family fun waterskier to bait in 30 seconds. It’s a nightmare!

        I’ve seen dolphins play in the wake of boats when we’re going to Catalina. I’ve seen dolphins ride waves around me when I was surfing. And I think that killer whale was just having fun in the wake rather than tracking their daughter.

        Still, if you watch that video, you’ll never want to go waterskiing on Puget Sound again (if that’s where they are).

        1. Maybe they’re in Australia?

          1. Everything in Oz is trying to kill you.

        2. Can’t see much on my phone. Have to check it out later.

          1. I missed it at first, because it shows up in front of/below the girl

        3. Orcas don’t eat people in the wild, there are no known cases of it actually happening. They are quite smart, that one is either curious about what’s going on or playing in the wake like you suggest.

          They do attack us in captivity sometimes, but frankly we kind of have that coming.

      2. If we never wanted to watch videos we regretted, all of Youtube would be cats falling over and dogs freaking out when they hear they are going to the vet.

        1. I like videos of drunk dudes thinking they can beat up bouncers.

          1. If you’re not familiar with Steve Inman’s work, I think you’d enjoy it

            1. Lol at the biker and soy boy video.

  26. “Best data still suggest mRNA vaccines offer high degree of protection against infection” and “superb protection against severe illness.”

    And, as always, those of you with natural immunity through previous infection can go right ahead and fuck yourselves.

  27. Porn site XTube announces plans to shut down amid targeting from values groups.

    Coming soon – YTube!

    1. I had been thinking, I didn’t enjoy the 1980s, the bs with the religious right; the progressives have been acting like the religious right from the 80s for at least twenty years. Now, both groups are back, and likely working on issues in tandem, which is how one knows that the issue is worth defending, as a rule of thumb. And, fuck, I hate these guys, both groups, authoritian cultist twaddle-peddlers.

      1. There’s not a single corporation in America that worries about the religious right. It’s keeping woke that prompts every board decision these days.

        1. You would know this how CANADIAN?
          (A crappy Canadian who doesn’t like hockey for some reason. I guess you have to spend all your time working on fascism)

          1. This post is a “True Doh” if I ever saw one, eh.

            1. Jesus Christ your funny!

              1. You’re

              2. Yore wright!

          2. Well that made zero sense. Have another tallboy, sarcasmic.

          3. Faggot, he is correct. Get back to working your glory hole. I’m sure you have many Mormon cocks to suck.

            And stop with your treason.

    2. Or perhaps KYTube, for all who like it smooth and gentle.

  28. “Paulina Porizkova, 56, shares stripped-down mirror selfie in ‘celebration of narcissism’”

    I think I’m starting to understand why Ric cut her out of the will.

    1. I’d guess the 56 part. Anyhow, if she can’t even afford a vehicle and gets stuck somewhere who’s gonna drive her home tonight?

      1. I’d guess the 56 part.

        According to Ric, it was because she “abandoned” him, although I have no clue what he was talking about. I find it more amusing that she’s done the Liz Hurley “look at my hot naked body” thing over the last few months in order to hook a sugar daddy. At least she’s self-aware enough to know what she actually brings to the table.

        1. I thought you Mormons were against lusting after woman?

          1. Lusting after women is far better than lusting after mutilating little boys, you hicklib pederast.

            1. I agree. Doesn’t your church believe being attracted to someone outside of marriage is immoral?

              1. I agree.

                Not based on your posting career.

                When are you showing up at the address I gave you?

                1. If I’m ever in Denver you’ll know or if you quit being a coward and hold up your end of the deal.

                  So you fantasize about dying of aids?

                  Why am I trying to defend myself against a treasonous scumbag bigot like you?

                  1. Are you threatening people again, sarcasmic?

                  2. If I’m ever in Denver you’ll know or if you quit being a coward and hold up your end of the deal.

                    All you have to do is name the date and time to expect you, you hicklib pederast. Travel restrictions aren’t in place, so what’s holding you back?

                    So you fantasize about dying of aids?

                    Why do you fantasize about mutilating little boys?

                    Why am I trying to defend myself against a treasonous scumbag bigot like you?

                    Because you’re a hicklib pederast with a low IQ?

          2. Recall Mit having binders of women.

  29. Mindgeek—which is also behind Pornhub—has been a major target of religious activists at Exodus Cry and the famous 1980s values group Morality in Media (now called the National Center on Sexual Exploitation), which have been leading a campaign against the company in Congress, the media, and the courts.

    Oh fuck right off ENB! It’s still 1992 in the fucking world you’re trying to portray.

    We all know that these guys had absolutely nothing to do with it, and your hubby’s woke compatriots had everything to do with it. Quit gaslighting us.

    1. Amy evidence for your claim?

      Or did you pull it out of your ass like everything else?

      1. Hey you jewIsraeli-hating piece-of-shit, what have I ever lied about?
        Just give me one example you facist piece of garbage.

        1. He’s just angry because he hates himself for loving Mormon cock so much. He spends his spare time at the SLC bus station. Sucking the dicks of closeted Mormon men for $15 a dick.

  30. “Porn site XTube announces plans to shut down amid targeting from values groups.”

    Well, that sucks.

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