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Vancouver School Board Is Eliminating Honors Programs To Achieve 'Equity'

"By phasing out these courses, all students will have access to an inclusive model of education."


The Vancouver School Board in British Columbia, Canada, is eliminating honors courses as part of a push to foster inclusivity and equity in the classroom.

The board had previously eliminated the high school honors English program, and math and science will now get the ax as well.

"By phasing out these courses, all students will have access to an inclusive model of education, and all students will be able to participate in the curriculum fulsomely," said the school board in a statement, according to the CBC.

This is a spectacularly frank declaration: Education officials don't like that some higher-achieving students are sorted into environments where they are more likely to succeed than their less-gifted peers, and would prefer to keep everyone officially at the same level to the greatest extent possible. The plan closely mirrors California's recent efforts to discourage students who are proficient at math from taking calculus any earlier than their classmates; Canadian educators seem no less excited than their U.S. counterparts about naively pursuing equality of outcome at all costs.

Parents are understandably furious, and several told The Globe and Mail that their children felt affirmed and accepted in their honors courses. For a response, the paper turned to Jennifer Katz, a professor of education at the University of British Columbia, who derided the parents' concerns as "nonsense."

"That's a stereotype," she said. "I don't buy that. That is a part of racism and systemic racism. It's a part of 'I don't want my kids in class with those kids.' And that's nonsense."

Parents who want their kids to take classes that are actually challenging and stimulating—and populated with similarly gifted students—are not racist. They are not perpetuating systemic racism. If anything, the implicit assumption that only kids of a certain race can thrive under such conditions is racist.

Equity is a noble goal, but it should be obvious that taking away resources from smart teenagers in order to make them more similar to their lower-achieving peers is the height of idiocy. It does not inspire great confidence in the public education system that the officials who think this way are in charge of schools in Vancouver, California, and elsewhere.

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  1. Equality is a myth.

    1. But equity is a very useful propaganda tool.

      1. I wish I could give you an upvote.

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    2. But since “equal” can’t be quantified, it’s a really useful concept for assholes to use to stir up shit. You’ll never have equality, so you’ll never have a shortage of assholes to complain about it.

      1. As with racism and gender bias; guaranteed to provide the desired return indefinitely.

      2. equity also means the LeBron james should be handicapped to allow Andreas Glyniadakis to play at the same level as LeBron.

    3. The Vancouver School Board in British Columbia, Canada, is eliminating honors courses as part of a push to foster inclusivity and equity in the classroom

      More than likely directed for the benefit of teachers too stupid to teach AP courses.

      For a response, the paper turned to Jennifer Katz, a professor of education at the University of British Columbia, who derided the parents’ concerns as “nonsense.”

      Don’t they have tar and feathers up there?

      1. It’s to bad Arnold failed to take Quebec

        1. You mispelled “damn lucky”. Most Canadians would gladly give it to you if you asked.

          1. We have a qebecois satellite office. I’d rather have Mexico.

      2. Can’t. Sorry. Uses too much carbon to heat up the tar.

      3. They dip you in maple syrup and coat you with Timbits. They ride you out of town on hockey sticks. Which, since they are composite, nowadays, break.

    4. “But I’m going to whine about my tax rate anyway.”

      1. Do you have anything useful to say?

        No, of course you don’t.

        1. Tony hasn’t had anything useful to say since the Ford administration. Which is unsurprising since that’s also the last time the little jerk had a coherent thought.

          May be time to lay off the glue sniffing, Tony. Do you still think libertarians are the same thing as Republicans?


      This is the perfect representation of the argument going on about CRT in schools.

      Pro: “CRT is benign, and should be in schools”
      Anti: “Actually CRT is dangerous, and many of those pushing it are pushing flat out racism at the same time”
      Pro: “This guy doesn’t even know what CRT is! He cant even define it! He is racist for pushing back against it!”
      Anti: “Actually I know exactly what it is, and not only have good reason to object, but could out debate you on its merits, would love to have the conversation for all to see”

      Pro: “…..RACIST WHITE MAN!!!!! GET HIM!!!”

  2. Parents think they’re kids are smart? They’re in for a surprise. The kids who would go to these classes are going to get bored and fuck off, their grades will drop because they’re bored and don’t give a fuck, and the school will tell the parents that their kids need to be treated for a learning disability.

    1. their

    2. this does happen

      1. It happened to me when I was a kid, I didn’t learn about the behind the scenes of the situation until later in life but it still pisses me off.

        They tried to hold me back between 4th and 5th grade because I was “disruptive”. What was actually happening was that I was finishing my assignments before the other kids in class, and like a lot of 8 year old boys sitting still and being quiet were not my strong suits so I’d go draw shit on the chalkboard or try to socialize, which the teacher viewed as disruptive behavior.

        They called my parents in to break the bad news that I would need ADHD medication, to which my parents said “well have you tried just giving him more work to do? Sounds like he’s bored and that’s the real problem”. The teachers apparently acted like this was crazy talk, right up until my parents told them I’d either be in 5th grade next year or I’d be in a different school. I went to 5th grade.

        1. a similar thing happened to me

        2. Who’s fat mike and what kind of drugs does he have?

        3. Of all sockies to turn down some healthy rails of gubmint-subsidized starter cocaine ritalin… To not help increase demand for recycling confiscated dope to fund black ops in other countries shows lack of patriotism.

      2. “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop”. When smart kids get bored, many will find “fun and interesting” things to do.

        1. “He’s such a smart boy, I don’t know why he’s such a trouble maker.”

    3. A pill to make them numb, a pill tk make them dumb

    4. Maybe you shouldn’t have been so dismissive of the growth of CRT, cultural marxism, etc the last half decade blaming it on right wing populism.

      1. Exactly. Idiots don’t realize this is the epitome of CRT in practice in the classroom.

        When they say we don’t know what CRT is, this is what we should he pointing to.

      2. I made the mistake of unmuting you, thinking you might have something to add to the conversation, but no.

        As usual your comment isn’t about the article, it isn’t about the subject, it isn’t an original thought, and it isn’t a response to what I said.

        Instead the comment is about me. Always me. Me, me, me. Some accusation of something I never said nor did, and expecting a response.

        But never once about the topic or what was said.

        Great minds discuss ideas.
        Average minds discuss events.
        Small minds discuss people JesseAz discusses me.

        Putting your small mind back on Mute.

        1. No one gives a fuck what you do. You seek negative attention, expect to be treated negatively. You’re mostly useless or counterproductive as a commenter anyway.

      3. I’m not sure what the last half decade has to do with the subject, being that this has been going on for a couple generations.

        If you want to focus on the last five years for political points and to point names then that’s fine.

        It just means you’re not invited to the adult table.

      4. It looks like Sarc unshunned you, and now he is going to reshun you.

        Oh no!

    1. Math education is so poor nobody will understand your post.

    2. LOL YTM!

    3. I assume LCD isn’t for “Liquid Crystal Display”, but rather, for “Least Common Denominator”, in this case, in the sociopolital rather than mathematical domain.

      I agree! What we have here is the “dog-pile phenomenon”. The pack of dogs (or wolves) don’t do what the smartest, biggest, or strongest dog (wolf) decides to do… They reach consensus via the “dog-pile”… They all pile on the outcast or scapegoat dog, barking and growling and nipping at him all day, till they decide to do what THEY want to do, and NOT the out-voted outcast dog, regardless of what the actual facts are!

      So in this case, the dog-pile has decided that we are all intellectually equal, whether that’s actually factual, or not!

      When human societies try to over-ride the facts using the dog-pile, this is what happens: … For just one example! THIS was a major contributor to agricultural failure and starvation in the USSR!

      1. Not funny.

        1. Evil combined with stupid is NEVER funny, dog-piler!

          1. Go back to your shit bowl. You have nothing useful to contribute.

            1. Sexless Stranger-Strangler the Dog-Piler says… that the dog-pile has decided that we are all intellectually equal, whether that’s actually factual, or not!

              Sexless Stranger-Strangler the Dog-Piler shows that the bottom of the bell curve is VERY real!

    4. The dog-pile phenomenon also occurs right here in the comments here! “You can NOT be both a publisher AND a comments forum “common carrier”, because the dog pile has said so!”

      Pure unadulterated authoritarian dog-pile-ism! “Here, join my dog-pile, and we can TAKE OVER private property, web sites, for OUR purposes, and the “enemy” will NEVER think of pussy-grabbing us right back!”

      The dog-pile-ism in this case is more ethical-moral and less “scientific” or strictly-rationally data-driven, but the ugly results are the same! And those of you who are WRONG, resent the HELL out of those of us who are RIGHT! Because we are better people than you are!

      Ye wannabe Jesus-killers, Mahatma Gandhi-killers, and Martin Luther King Jr.-killers should look to rectify your souls about this, but the truth is pretty ugly. HIDING the truth ALWAYS leads to MORE ugliness in the long term! Always!

      For the truth about dog-pilers in the moral-ethical domain, see

      1. Speaking of dog piles, here’s home movies of SQRLSY picnicking.

  3. Well they ought to be able to save a lot on teacher’s salaries since you can now just have the dumbest kid in the class fill in as the teacher. Not that the teacher isn’t already likely to be the dumbest person in the room.

    1. My wife and I went to Chile to visit relatives. A neighbor who taught 7th grade for about 20 years asked ‘Is that in Africa or South America?’ Of course, his primary interests were organic gardening and pot smoking.

      1. Well, he had a 50% chance of getting it right.

        1. Presidential material for sure.

      2. You should have told him it’s in Antarctica and see if he believed you

      3. At least he didn’t think you were going out to dinner at the mall.

      4. I would have told him with a straight face “Neither. It’s in western Asia.”

      5. A friend who taught high school English until full retirement thought one billion was equal to 100 million. OK, he taught English, but c’mon.

        1. Did that friend teach high school English in the US or England?

          There’s are differences in the order of magnitude scale names between the US and the UK.

          1. And in both systems 100 million never equals a billion.

      6. I had a teacher who marked my daughter down because she was filling out a science sheet asking them to give examples of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. Got omnivores my daughter put down humans. The teacher marked it wrong.

        1. Until I corrected her and made her change the grade.

          1. My kid got marked down in first grade because the assignment had something to do with insects, and she didn’t circle the spider, because spiders are arachnids. She ended up arguing her way up to full points because she made the teacher look it up, and wouldn’t shut up until she did.

            The same teacher also gave her detention for saying the Obama was a socialist.

            1. My kid made me look like a fool when he told me baby rabbits were called kittens. I’m still annoyed that he was right…

      7. In today’s teaching dogma you no longer teach children where anything is on the map. You just teach them to read a map. Much better. Another way of saying, “Why learn anything when you can just look it up on the internet?”

    2. Unfortunately, that’s really true in many cases.

  4. Dumb all the kids down. It has been a primary goal of public education for decades. When I was in 11th grade my English teacher assigned a book that was targeted for 5th or 6th graders. I asked her after class why this book was selected. She said there are a few students in her classes that are not on the same reading level so this was the fair option to include them. I made comments about this to my mom. Next thing I knew she was calling the school and within 3 days I was no longer in this woman’s class.

    This was over 20 years ago and this bullshit was going on.

    1. I once told a teacher give me something to do today or I’m leaving. he shrugged his shoulders and i left. the other students were amazed with my brashness but i think the teacher understood and did nothing about it.

      1. BTW this was in the late 70’s. schools past 10th grade are a waste of time

        1. On the contrary, with AP classes, my Junior and Senior years were the most productive of all my grade school. I not only learned advanced calculus, history, sciences, and C++, but read the Aeneid in its original language. Removing the honors classes will delete my experience as a possibility and leave everyone with yours.

          1. Removing honors classes will create a bunch of bored smart kids.

            The only kind of person who would consider this is someone who has never been in an honors class.

            We’re talking about government administrators, so that’s a given.

            As a good buddy of mine once said “Government is the idiots with guns who tell the experts how to do their job.”

            1. I have to say it feels good when we have near unanimity in the comments. Some ideas aren’t left or right, but just absurd.

              1. Thing is, only people on the fringe of the bell curve truly understand because 95% of the people were never invited.

                1. A bell curve has 2 fringes. What you are trying and failing to say correctly is ‘students who place near the upper limit of the bell curve’. You have a demonstrated history of peddling bullshit that you think makes you sound smart. It is sloppy.

                  It is rather the same thing that is happening to the English language. It becomes ugly and inaccurate because our thoughts are foolish, but the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts. – George Orwell, Politics and the English Language

    2. I asked to write an essay comparing King Lear and Balzac’s Pere Goriot in 11th grade and was denied by my AP English teacher. In his class, you could only write on one of three themes using a strict 5 paragraph structure with topic and thesis sentences all underlined.

      1. In his class, you could only write on one of three themes using a strict 5 paragraph structure with topic and thesis sentences all underlined.

        Which is a stupid requirement because not every AP essay question is constructed like that, which the teacher should damn well know. Some are compare/contrast between two works, which only requires four paragraphs. Some are set up to allow for multiple examples, so five might not be enough (assuming you can write fast enough to do more than five decent paragraphs in a 50-minute response time).

        What IS consistent is that the essay question itself will provide the test-taker with the basic format that the essay should take and what each paragraph should focus on, and your knowledge of the work and analytical abilities have to fill out the rest. Our AP English teacher actually wasn’t bad, but she never pointed this out to our class, and it wasn’t until I noticed these patterns about halfway through the year that I started smoking the practice essays and ultimately scored a 5 on the final exam. No one else in the class seemed to have caught this, including our two class valedictorians, who both ended up scoring 3s.

        1. Oh, the format was purely for ease of grading. That’s why he wanted things underlined—so we wouldn’t have to waste time reading our essays

          1. Dang it. *he*
            So *he* wouldn’t have to waste his time

    3. Same BS even 45 years ago involving a slide rule (which we had all been required to purchase and learn to use about 4 years earlier in the same school system). I started to use mine (I still carried it with me – yeah, I’m a geek) on a physics exam and the teacher told me I had to do the math longhand “because not everyone can use a sliderule”. I had nothing to do with it, I but I’m pretty sure that was that fellow’s single year of teaching in that district.

      But that was a long, long time ago, in a less enlightened time.

      1. I still find it amazing that we sent men to the moon before the invention of pocket calculators.

        1. The computer memory on the Apollo craft were wires threaded through magnets by little old ladies.

      2. Slide rules are fun but just as soon as we started with those they said computers are the thing we must learn Fortran on the schools computers. since so few had home computers yet.

        1. Younger co-worker mentioned that he talked his high schooler out of wanting to buy a new truck, by showing him how much it would really cost if he had saved the money with compound interest. I asked if that was the first time his son had been introduced to Mr. Euler.
          “Oiler? No, he used Excell, what’s Oiler?”. Felt really old.

  5. Homer Simpson – “Listen to your mother kids. Aim low. Aim so low no one will care if you succeed.”

    1. If you need butter, it’s under my face.

  6. It’s a good move if your attempt is to dumb down white people. Flood the country with illegal fentanyl, get em hooked, take away good jobs, and make their kids sit in classes with other slackers.

    1. The first priority of the * administration, which got 75% of Wall Street’s donations? Eliminate thousands of working class pipeline jobs.

    2. This is Vancouver. Lots of Chinese children will be affected. Are there significant numbers of “minorities” living up there? Are they doing this to boost white people?
      Maybe they’re doing this because it’s the latest education fad.

  7. Meanwhile, China, who is funding this shit, ain’t doing this.

    The left that Reason supports hates this country and wants it torn down in favor of their fellow socialists in China.

    1. This is what it’s really about. China is working to destroy the ability of rivals to compete. The only equity this is intended to achieve is everyone equally ignorant, useless, and vulnerable.

  8. “Equity is a noble goal”

    No it isn’t.

    1. Exactly. ‘Equity’ as it’s been defined by the progressives, is equality of outcomes. Equality of outcomes is never a noble goal, and can’t be achieved through noble methods. It is evil.

      1. But, again, it is very useful, and effective at turning delusion into votes.

  9. Harrison Bergeron should be required reading. Not for the students, but the administrators. Of course, they’ll probably miss the point.

    1. They will mandate arm weights and in ear buzzers

    2. I had my 10yo read it as a part of homeschooling. Interesting discussions after that

    3. Gawds that’s a nasty tale! Glad that I’ve never run into it before.

      It should be required reading as part of every CRT class.

    4. The current crop of public school administrators would take it as a how to manual.

      1. That’s already taken by “1984”.

        1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          SO FUCKING THIS.

        2. Eh, with the new sex Ed mandate in my state, I think Brave New World has overtaken 1984 as the dystopian handbook du jour

    5. Oh, they’ve read it. And since they thought it was so awesome, they’re starting on the implementation of its lofty ideals.

    6. It’s not supposed to be a training manual!!!

  10. “Vancouver School Board Is Eliminating Honors Programs To Achieve ‘Equity'”

    Good. All schools in Canada and the US should do likewise — unless their advanced classes have precisely the same racial breakdown as the school as a whole.

    You want to know what the real problem in education is? As chemjeff —’s leading defender of critical race theory — has explained, it’s parents who don’t want their public schoolchildren to be assigned White Fragility.


    1. Hey, keep up the good work OBL; now do Kamala Harris and Guats stay home.

  11. Now that CRT is being turned against Democrats by the GOP, the wise commenters on the Washington Post are claiming that it was actually made up by Republicans specifically to be used as a weapon in the 2022 elections. For example.

    “Critical race theory, a Mag got construct used to whitewash history.”

  12. Teaching some children multiple grades below their level, while teaching others at their level, isn’t equity.

  13. Whenever I hear the word “equal”, I reach for my revolver.

    1. “God created man; Sam Colt made them equal”

      1. Exactly.

  14. On the plus side, there will be fewer of these kids competing for college admissions, since they will rank behind all those who were allowed to attend advanced classes.

    1. But the collage admission criteria will be:
      1 race
      2 sexuality

      I will let you figure out who gets the high and low rankings for admission

      1. More likely race and gender identity, but your point still stands.

  15. Don’t stop at academics! Let all kids make the football team as well! Not enough positions? Well obviously there should be enough teams for everyone! And every team gets to play in the main field with all the parents watching with their own cheer leading squad. For Great Equity!

    Ditto for those cheer leading squads. Everyone gets to make a team. And everyone gets to be class president too!

    1. I think you mean class chairman, don’t you comrade?

      1. No, I mean chairperson you unwoke reactionary!

    2. a few years back i went to a relatives football game. they announced the school king and queen(which ended up to be a black couple) then the black queen and king and the latino king and queen. there were no white king/queen or asian king/queen even though there were several asian students.this was 26 years ago today they probably have the LGBTQYZ? cuckkingqueen

    3. Just as in Harrison Bergeron, those with the physical talent should be forced to wear heavy weights in order to keep them from outperforming those with lesser ability.
      In other words handicapping the best down to the level of worst.
      What a recipe for equity!

  16. Just so we are clear, it is not racist to explicitly say that ‘people of color’ cannot succeed like white people and thus must be catered to by their betters?

    That, or we’re to take this as a tacit admission that the entire staff of their school system are incorrigible racists and refuse to let minorities into their honors programs?

    If A, it’s disgusting.

    If B, they are admitting that they should all be fired. Getting rid of the evidence of their massive and pervasive racism seems like a large ask, but they’re willing to ask for it anyway.

    1. but it’s the right kind of racism….

    2. This is not exactly what Kendi said, but it’s what most of his followers think he said.

      As Rudyard Kipling noted, it’s a Woke Man’s Burden.

  17. Another policy brought to you by people who never made the honors program…

  18. Wonder what they’re going to do with the funding they free up by eliminating these programs.

    1. Raises all around, I’m sure.

    2. After school work experience programs for hookers and hockey players.

  19. This is so ridiculously Harrison Bergeron, which I’m glad was already mentioned. I’m also glad I’m homeschooling my kids. Everyone needs to escape the public education system ASAP. Or at least move away from areas where the districts are doing this garage.

    1. Harrison Bergeron was cut when they dropped Honors English

      1. It ought to be read in about ninth grade English. If a freshman can deal with Macbeth and Fahrenheit 451, he can certainly handle Harrison Bergeron.

      2. It’s weird when you’re laughing at a really funny comment and then it slowly turns into rage.

  20. Jennifer Katz, a professor of education at the University of British Columbia, who derided the parents’ concerns as “nonsense.”

    “I don’t buy that. That is a part of racism and systemic racism.”

    Prof Katz just told you what she thinks of minorities.

    1. No reading between the lines.

    2. Go to any school in the country, the average SAT of education majors is the lowest.

  21. What’s Misinformation? Increasingly defined as information the powerful want to suppress, science or non science.

  22. If having advanced classes for “gifted” students is racist then having tryouts for sports teams and cheerleaders is equally racist. And, of course there is no racism is excellence of talent, effort, aptitude.
    LeBron James has his position in basketball due to racism? At every level of his play throughout his school years he was allowed to excel due to racism? Hmm.
    Where do assholes come from

    1. “Where do assholes come from”

      Posterior bullet wounds?

  23. Equity is a noble goal.
    No, it isn’t. Equality of opportunity is a noble goal.

    1. Equality of Opportunity isn’t possible either. We all don’t start from the same starting line. Some of us are born on third base. (Problems begin when we think we are there because we hit a triple and are thus an automatic star player.) Equality before the law is the noble goal of a free society.

      1. Making the human race into interchangeable identical drones would be the utopia they speak of with ‘true’ equality of the individual.

        Sounds like the premise of a horror film, rather than an aspirational goal.

        But, if being a sheep chased by a dog most of the day long sounds like heaven I suppose it makes some amount of sense.

  24. Someone needs to explain to these administrators that reverse racism is still racism. Draw them a picture. In crayon.

    1. Except they have talked themselves into a paradigm where only white people can be racist because of some twisted logic about power dynamics. They literally do not believe what they are proposing can be racist.

      1. And any questions or contrary ideas/proposals are racist. Heads they win, tails we lose.

    2. If you don’t have a crayon, just borrow one of theirs.

    3. Or maybe just that “it’s racist” isn’t a real argument. Virtually every progressive professor argues like this:

      X via a very long and tortured argument is racist.
      Racism is bad
      Therefore X is bad

      And when they don’t get the answer they want, they redefine racism until it gives them the answers that they want.

      All this leads to a whole lot of arguments about the meaning of the word racist and whether something is or is not racist. Which is such a bad way to argue about things.

      It would be so much better if the argument was simpler:

      X is bad policy, here are the concrete undesirable outcomes of such a policy.

      The reason that this is important is that while everyone agrees that racism is bad in the general case, the arguments of today are at the margins, and are poorly served via such indirection. Imagine as a thought experiment, studies found without a doubt that black students did better in school if they went to an all-black school, while the performance of other students didn’t change. The studies were repeatable and based on actual learning outcomes, not relative performance. Nobody doubts the methodology. If such a study came to pass, we would have to carefully deliberate the trade-off between black student educational performance vs the value of mixed race socialization and and an aversion to race-based decisions. Those would be hard discussions that would cut at the heart of the nation’s values. What would be distinctly unhelpful would be if the argument devolved into whether it is more racist to bring back segregated schooling or to not fix the achievement gap.

      1. The argument must be long and tortured to strengthen the claim that the unconvinced simply don’t understand it. Hence, everyone calling out CRT for the twisted crock of shit it is simply doesn’t *understand* CRT (or intersectionality, or implicit bias, or privilege theory, etc.). The goal is not to have honest, meaningful discussions leading to practical solutions.

  25. This is nothing less than intellectual suicide.

    From personal experience as one of the least competent high school teachers in history (I got out quickly once I realized how incompetent) “teaching to the bottom of the class” guarantees that no one learns anything. For whatever reason, some students simply should not be in certain classes; they are at best wasting the efforts of the teacher, and at worst are draining whatever enthusiasm that the more gifted student posses.

    This has nothing to do with race, or even necessarily socio-economic background, but simply native ability and interest.

    1. Someone of note, fairly recently, did say “poor kids can be as smart as rich kids.”

      1. well now smart kids can be stupid as well

      2. I think it was worse than that, QUT.

        Substitute “rich” with “white”.

        1. You are correct

  26. The fact that the Vancouver School Board apparently believes that “fulsomely” is a synonym of “fully” is evidence that they wouldn’t have made it in an English honours program.

  27. This is what the fight against CRT is all about. It’s not about fighting the teaching of some esoteric theory at the University level. It’s the (mis?) application of it in the real world.

  28. I can’t wait to see the “conservative backlash”.

  29. All part of their “No Child Gets Ahead” initiative.

    1. Not exactly. It’s the “All Children Are Indoctrinated” initiative.

  30. Professional educators do not understand that top students learn despite the teachers. Good schools have educated parents and bad schools don’t. I went to the bookstore the other day and their was an Asian mom doing math with her 4 year old. When they finished, as a reward, the child was given books. Schools can do whatever they want, the achievement gap will not close.

    1. “…When they finished, as a reward, the child was given books. Schools can do whatever they want, the achievement gap will not close…”

      Tuesdays, after dinner, our mom would take us to the library; it was a family ‘activity’ and a fun one.

      1. My mom was crazy as a shithouse rat and wouldn’t allow a television in the house because she thought it would rot your brain, so as a kid growing up, all we did is read books. The local library had a policy of only allowing kids to check out two books at a time, but we were given permission to check out as many books as we liked so we would come back from the library with 20 or 30 books at a time. (She finally bought a little 14″ black-and-white TV when I was eight and allowed us kids to stay up all night long watching Neil Armstrong walk on the moon, then the TV got put away in the closet.)

        1. I was in Anchorage AK for that, and remember my sister telling me “people [she meant the prols, of course] in communist countries don’t even know this is happening.
          Some things you should never forget.

          1. people [she meant the prols, of course] in communist countries don’t even know this is happening.

            That’s a thought that never occurred to me then or since, and one of the most profound I’ve heard in a long time. Please thank your sister for me.

        2. “My mom was crazy as a shithouse rat and wouldn’t allow a television in the house…”

          “Get off my lawn” moment:
          Left home to go to Vietnam (not my choice); never had a TV before I left.
          Watched Nixon crash and burn via the morning paper; his resignation speech was the last political speech I’ve ever listened to, and it got turned off the radio maybe five minutes in. Better things so do.
          My first TV was the cheapest available to serve as the vid screen for a computer kit (Commodore?), bought from the back pages of Scientific American (before it was Socialistic American), which, by happy-stance coincided with the 9er’s first Super Bowl season (’81?).
          To this day, my use of the TV is reality TV; no, not what is claimed to be so: Sports. That happens.

  31. “That’s a stereotype,” she said. “I don’t buy that. That is a part of racism and systemic racism. It’s a part of ‘I don’t want my kids in class with those kids.’ And that’s nonsense.”

    Seems like she is the racists…she is saying that other races are too stupid to make it into these honors classes.

    1. A professor in education doesn’t understand that parents with gifted children want accelerated classes for them so they stay engaged and stimulated. And this prof says it’s really racism that motivates these parents, not their children’s wellbeing. Let that sink in. The racial dogma is everywhere on the Left.

    2. The thing is she’s right.

  32. Reading between the lines you’d almost assume the school board thinks minority students are too stupid to learn unless they have brilliant and wealthy white (and asian!) kids propping them up.

    I can’t imagine what being a black parent is like. How do you encourage a kid to work hard and study to make something of themselves only to have society lash out at them for not playing the role of the stupid dumb ogre they are “supposed” to be and then with the very same breath turn around and bemoan how unfair it all is to you while doing everything in their power to make sure it stays that way.

    1. I think what you posted is rather well said; everyone has to fit a certain stereotype, and you just described the most obvious one, yet it hides in plain site on a massive scale.

    2. It Is Known that People of Color cannot navigate Public Life.

    3. I probably wouldn’t be very motivated to excel either if I was constantly reminded that the racist world is just gonna hold me down anyway.

      When athlete or entertainer don’t pan out there’s always the streets.

      Progs will have to answer for this someday. I don’t even think they’re “well meaning” anymore.

    4. The problem is all the tricks to equalize black and white outcomes have been tried. We’ve tried forcibly integrating black and white students and we’ve tried segregating them and we’ve tried just not intervening. Nothing produces equality of outcome. The rational conclusion would be that it’s impossible since blacks and whites are not equally gifted at everything but since we’ve ruled that out a priori because it hurts our feelings we’re stuck cycling through the same failed policies every year.

  33. I thought every Reason article needed to have a “both sides” section?

    1. On the one hand, “both sides” show’s you’re above it all. On the other hand… I had something for this I swear.

      1. Fuck off, slaver?

    2. That’s in Mother Jones and Spartacist rags.

      1. And the Missouri compromise?

  34. “you’d almost assume the school board thinks minority students are too stupid to learn unless they have brilliant and wealthy white (and asian!) kids propping them up.”

    Worse, they don’t want the brilliant and wealthy white (and asian!) kids propping them up, they want to forcibly drag the brilliant and wealthy white (and asian!) kids down to the level they imagine the minority kids are at.

  35. Did Canada fall for ObamaCore aka Common Core, a race to the bottom as well? Equity will reap its destruction as the dopes can’t get into college. But I’m certain colleges will follow. Many have already dropping the ACT, SAT because black, er, underserved communities, are also ‘disadvantaged’ communities. It’s a sickness, the RACE to the bottom in all categories of life.

  36. “By phasing out these programs, we can lock all students into the slough of mediocrity we ourselves occupy.”

  37. Read Kurt Vonnegut’s short story Harrison Bergeron for a view of equity taken to the ultimate end at the hands of The State.

    1. By “Ultimate end” you mean where we are right now?

    2. Listen to Tom Lehrer explaining how the Army forbad discrimination not only on grounds of race, and nationality, but also on grounds of ability. Drafting the kids into a paramilitary Hitlerjugend would be in keeping with the spirit of National Socialist Egalitarianism so popular in Canada in the 1930s

    3. How about Atlas Shrugged?. Rand drew on her first hand experience of socialism and correctly predicted the current state of politics, education and science.

      Besides, I met Vonnegut once and he was a cranky old fart.

  38. Every country should strive to achieve ‘equal opportunity,’ but none should be so foolish as to promise equal outcome.

  39. Today: “Vancouver announces it’s eliminating Honors Classes.”

    Tomorrow: “Every Parent Who Wants Their Child To Be Educated Withdraws Them From The Vancouver Public School System.”

    1. What are the alternatives in Canada? If this reached a “problematic” level, I would expect the Canadian government to eliminate home, charter, or any viable alternative program and mandate that they all attend the “correct” public school.

      1. They probably think they can just ban private schools and ban homeschooling. Maybe they even can force people to keep their children in public school as the system is failing. But people still vote with their feet, and families with children will choose to live places where they believe the school cares about the success of their child, and not forcing equal outcomes on every student. It just will take five years or so and the effect is so distantly removed from the cause that the administration is able to scapegoat whatever racist bogeyman they need to.

  40. Another reason all schooling should be private.

  41. Maybe be less violent to those who don’t make the classes in life. Bunch of violent slavers here.

    1. Someone clearly did violence to your brain, because a 1950s kindergartner displayed better literacy.

  42. A part of me is thinking, “Oh good! Fewer kids I will need to be competing with in the future! When someone needs to hire someone competent they will turn to us old farts!”

    1. When they turn to you, it probably won’t be a choice. When you’re in your 70s, some young, fit, clipboard-wielding person will hand you a garden hoe and instruct you which collective farm you’ll be reporting to.

      1. When they turn to you, it probably won’t be a choice. When you’re in your 70s, some young, fit, clipboard-wielding person will hand you a garden hoe and instruct you which collective farm you’ll be reporting to.

        How foolish, our Aged Comrades, who have given all to the revolution, will not be made to work in their golden years. They will all be taken in a luxurious high speed train to Sunset Villages on the coast, where they will live reclining years in peace and plenty.

        Now, how do you like your soylent?

  43. Eliminating honors courses in math and science will mean no more calculus in the high school curriculum, which is great because it will now be easier to squeeze in a new graduation requirement, namely, that all students pass a class on indigenous studies.

  44. Equity is a noble goal

    No, it is not.

    I’d say ‘for a magazine named ‘reason’ ‘ to invoke a old joke, but the shithole this place has become isn’t worthy of it.

    What the hell has happened to all of you?

    1. So true Azatroth. Robby’s pretty good, but sometimes slips up like this.

      Equity should never be a goal. It’s something to avoid. People excel at different things and all of those things are destroyed if equity becomes a “noble goal”.

  45. Equality is a noble goal. Equity is not, it’s basically Harrison Bergeron BS, dragging down people

  46. Harrison Bergeron lives. Where to we go to get our “burdens”?

  47. one of teh problems with public schools eliminating advanced classes is that a poor student who is a good student could improve their lot with advanced classes. now only those “rich” who can afford after school private advance classes will advance. they are truely making it worse for those they claim to want to help

  48. >>Equity is a noble goal

    dude no.

  49. School board: “also, going forward there will no first or second strings on any sports team. All positions will randomly cycle through all available players.”

  50. >Equity is a noble goal

    My fucking ass it is. Equality under the Law is a noble goal Equality of Opportunity is a noble goal, equity is anti-humanist claptrap saying that you should stop achieving as much as you can becuase that hurts others fee-fees.
    Go to hell Soave

  51. School’s a racket anyway.

  52. I am sure that will help the truly smart kids to get into places like Harvard, Princeton, Yale and other prestigious Universities. You might think it wouldn’t but it will when the parents that can afford it take their kids out of public schools and put them in private schools so they can get a good education and excel in life. This should widen the gap between rich and poor, just what the Democrats want. A subclass of idiots to control.

  53. What they say:
    “By phasing out these courses, all students will have access to an inclusive model of education.”

    What they mean:
    “By phasing out these courses, our union teachers will be able to work less and the money saved will allow for the badly needed teacher union dues increases.”

    1. You would need one more normal class for every gifted class you eliminate. I would think that managing a classroom of all abilities would be far more difficult than either a gifted classroom or one with the gifted students removed.

      1. By dumbing it down you have only one lesson plan. Management wouldn’t be any more complicated than it is now since it’s basically just send the SRO to “correct” any non-compliance.

  54. If we continue reducing people to their least common denominator, we are going to find ourselves back at being a troop of baboons.

    1. Tell us how mean tweets are worse than Biden again, TDS-addled asshole.

  55. Another example of socialism being equality in poverty.

  56. My first reaction was this HAD to be about Vancouver Washington. NO WAY would Canadians be dumb enough to buy into that crap. But noooooooo….

    1. I’m pretty sure everyone up there in Canada is either white or Asian, so it’s ok.

  57. The school board wants all students to participate “fulsomely.” Apparently, whoever wrote the press release didn’t qualify for honors English. defines fulsome:

    offensive to good taste, especially as being excessive; overdone or gross:
    fulsome praise that embarrassed her deeply; fulsome décor.
    disgusting; sickening; repulsive:
    a table heaped with fulsome mounds of greasy foods.
    excessively or insincerely lavish:
    fulsome admiration.
    encompassing all aspects; comprehensive:
    a fulsome survey of the political situation in Central America.
    abundant or copious.

    1. Using the wrong word superfluously in a sentence? The calling card of a lifelong administrator.

  58. “Equity is a noble goal…”

    No, it isn’t. It’s an absurd and unattainable goal.

  59. Maybe these people are correct in their implicit claim that minorities are inherently inferior and aren’t smart enough for these courses.
    They are much too busy in their rush to mediocrity to wash their own white sheets.

  60. I have two questions:

    1) In response to Dr. Katz, how can gifted programs be a way for parents to exclude students from the classroom in a racist manner? Last I checked, there are gifted students of every race. What stereotype is she talking about? It seems me that if she is talking about “students in gifted programs will learn faster and therefore allow the class move faster and be more stimulating and educational”, I believe that is more than a stereotype. Feel free to bring evidence that is not true, but you can’t just dismiss it out of hand.

    2) Do the students in the normal track even want gifted students in their classes? It seems to me that it would be super discouraging if the vast majority of the students getting the best grades in a class aren’t even trying. A median student could work hard and compete against a student in the 80th percentile of natural talent. S/he doesn’t stand a chance against the 99th percentile, no matter how hard s/he studies.

    1. “2) Do the students in the normal track even want gifted students in their classes? It seems to me that it would be super discouraging if the vast majority of the students getting the best grades in a class aren’t even trying.”

      I ran into this issue in college. We had a couple profs (albeit few, fortunately) that insisted on attendance. I had done AP calc in high school, but they had a very annoying policy that depending on your major, they could potentially make you still take the course if it was “essential” to your major (earlier days of AP courses, they were figuring out the kinks). I was a biology/premed but they only let me get credit for non-STEM stuff (history, english), and 2 semesters of math were required. So I took calc (again). Went to class, would nap most of the time, perk up now and then to be sure I was comfortable with the material still, napped some more. I worked 2 jobs, so I was tired a good bit.

      Anyways, prof fucking hated it. He pulled me aside a couple times, berating me for being arrogant and acting above it all, like I didnt care, and that it encouraged others not to care. I asked him to just let me show up for the tests instead, and he insisted on keeping 10% of the grade as attendance (also a relic of a time that is, fortunately, gone). We agreed that I would sit in the back and be less obvious about it (I think his wording was “less of an overconfident ass”).

    2. 1) In response to Dr. Katz, how can gifted programs be a way for parents to exclude students from the classroom in a racist manner? Last I checked, there are gifted students of every race.

      Also this ^.

      The soft bigotry of low expectations has been absolutely RAGING among the left in recent months. If I was a black parent I would be absolutely disgusted to have my family treated in this manner.

    3. The whole thing makes much more sense once you recognize that the races are not equal in ability and that the hard left secretly recognizes this, too. Why did Katz attack the idea of separating kids by talent, instead of arguing that the school just needs to do a better job of teaching talented black and brown students so they can make the honors class? Because secretly she knows it’s not the teaching but the lack of innate talent in those students. Once you realize that, if you’re still committed to equality of outcome , the only solution is to dismantle meritocracy itself and impose equal outcome by force like Harrison Bergeron.

      We need to stop pretending people are equal in every way. Some are just better than other at some things; some are better than others at most or all things. Deal with it. Thing is we can still have a prosperous society if we allow each of us to rise to our own levels of talent and ambition. Comparative advantage means the most talented should still concentrate where they are strongest and trade with the less talented.

  61. Because certain races can’t keep up they say we are doing this for equality….blahahahaha! I call bullshit! Maybe put the slow ones in a slow school and leave the achievers alone. Problem solved!

  62. It’s a part of ‘I don’t want my kids in class with those kids.’ And that’s nonsense.”

    No, THIS is nonsense. It ain’t taht Ma and Pa don’t want their kid in with those kids”, its that “those kids” are too stiking lazy to want to be in the classess with Ma and Pa’s kids.

    Someone ought to go get a copy of a book on the study of economics, written by a man who is VERY black grew up in “the prijects” in a single Mother household but who REFUSED to let her kid be as dumb and stupid as the other kids in the projects. SHE wanted him to have something better than the ilife they lived through daily in those tenement shacks. He became a world renown economist (numbers were NOT out of his reach….) has published some forty boook in that discipline and several others, has lived a long adn full life, easily ixes with people of all raeces and demographics, and is one of the more brilliant public figures of the last hundred years.

    Someone needs to take this “perfesser” ahd stick her nose in Thomas Sowell’s book Basic Econoics, and tell her she cannot spek again on this subject until she has read the entire book. She sould watch for not only the principles put forth in that tome, but also coneintually remind herself that this is one of dozens of products of similar quality and signficance produced by a man who was onece “one of those kids” she accuses the parents of the more astute children to not want their kids around “those kids”. His origins put him squarey in that “those kids” category. Yet look at what he has done….. silly iggerunt perfesser

  63. “Parents are understandably furious, and several told The Globe and Mail that their children felt affirmed and accepted in their honors courses. For a response, the paper turned to Jennifer Katz, a professor of education at the University of British Columbia, who derided the parents’ concerns as “nonsense.”
    “That’s a stereotype,” she said. “I don’t buy that. That is a part of racism and systemic racism. It’s a part of ‘I don’t want my kids in class with those kids.’ And that’s nonsense.”
    Wait, wait … Kanukistan has (GASP) “systemic racism” ???

  64. Nopity nope nope nope. My kids and I would be outta there on the next moving truck. I put up with this when I was in school, and in my case it wasn’t divided along racial lines. Our class was almost all white, so the fast-tracked kids were white and nearly all the non-fast-tracked kids were white as well. I’m not letting a bright kid get bored and get dragged down by other people’s social jealousy. Not gonna happen. If I have to move to another town, another state, another country I will do it for my children’s education and cultural knowledge. I’ve already had enough of this country’s lack of respect for intellectual aspiration. I don’t try to prohibit other people from their slavish admiration of men who can put a ball in a net or a hoop or an endzone, even though billions of dollars are needllessly diverted to that every year. I don’t hate those players just because I can’t play in even the same universe as their level. But you can’t steal the pursuit of a life of the mind from me or my children.

  65. “…By phasing out these courses, all students will have access to an inclusive model of education…”

    Not in the least. All the students had access to all parts of an education.
    Some are desirous of same and make use of it to succeed, and for reasons that have nothing to to with this pile of lefty shit, some don’t.

  66. For generations we’ve been telling kids to work and study hard and try to get ahead in life, but getting ahead in life means trying to become unequal. What could be more antisocial and less woke? We’ve not only got to try to discourage that but we’ve also got to eliminate the means, because unfortunately, bright people with good educations usually earn more than those who are less bright. That’s not always the case; sometimes a less bright person makes a lot of money and there are enough smart people who never get anywhere, but that’s not the way to bet. So, this initial test is on Canadians to see if over a period of time we can damp down on bright young kids becoming successful. If this experiment achieves the desired results it can be expanded, though you may need to abolish private schools as there will be a rush to them. If this doesn’t work, then perhaps lobotomies. Presumably there will be bright young doctors in India or China who know how to perform them. There might be a few in the States who could perform them too, especially if combined with a fly fishing trip up north (if they can find a guide smart enough to rig a rod).

    1. “…but getting ahead in life means trying to become unequal…”

      Yep, the alternative is the equality of mediocrity.

      1. If you want true equality you’re going to have to get below general mediocrity. It’s going to take some work, but we should applaud our northern neighbors for trying this bold experiment.

    2. I think the progressive consensus is not to eliminate differences between people but to simply put a floor on the number of basic needs society permits them to go without.

      I don’t know why they don’t frame it this way more often, but the idea is to actually improve capitalism, because people who aren’t spending 60 hours a week trying to acquire food and shelter are freed to pursue their higher-level skills and compete with other skilled people in the marketplace.

      This can be described as a social good without resorting either to egalitarian straw men or Darwinian nature red in tooth and claw.

      1. Yeah, tony, we know. Working for a living is “misery” that only the government can remedy, with other people’s money.

        Kids don’t pay taxes, so they have to contribute to your “floor” by not being allowed to excel.

        What is wrong with you?

        1. What’s wrong with me, apparently, is that I don’t believe that children should go without health, safety, and opportunity because they happened to be born to poor parents.

          You’re a libertarian and you bring up the fact that children exist? Amateur move.

          1. It’s not so much the floor that so many people are concerned about but the ceilings that progressives are adamant about imposing.

  67. I so wanted to be in AP classes. My high school had a lot of kids whose parents were professors at the local state college. Unfortunately, I had transferred from a private catholic school to the public schools. In this rare case, I think the educational quality was the same. A really good public school (once named one of the top 10 by Time magazine) and an average private school. I could not get onto any AP track. My parents were no help – my dad was a janitor at the University – and had quit school after the 8th grade to work on his parents farm, being the only son. They didn’t know what to do with me. My dad did hang out with a bunch of university students as he worked the night shift in the chemistry building (so he could run the farm during the day.) Visiting him at work and meeting some of his student friends got me interested in science. But there was no way I could compete with the professors kids. When I went to the local state school, I had some of the AP kids in my Calculus 1 class. Turned out that I was one of only 2 kids to get an A in the class. The other A was to an Iranian student who I now realize was much older than 18 year old me and had more math than me. My classmates who had taken the AP classes barely passed. I managed to get through college, the only one of my 2 brothers and 4 sisters to do so. Strangely, most of my brothers and sisters live in bigger homes than me.
    The point here is that AP is a good thing. Not always great but generally good. Just knowing that I had to catch up to the AP guys helped motivate me.
    As a side note, I think we read Harrison Bergeron in High school. Vonnegut lived in the same city so I had heard of him and read many of his books.

    There are some nasty cultural things going on where I have seen certain racial groups put down high achievers. It seemed to be common with the kids that I met when my wife and I were doing respite/short term foster care. This is relieving foster parents by taking the kids for awhile in our house, or taking kids who had just entered the system on a short term emergency basis. So often, I would hear the kids be so proud of getting out of learning or work. Some cultural groups are there own worst enemy.

    1. AP is pretty rigorous learning for high school, and I can’t think of any reason why it’d be bad to let capable high school students participate in rigorous studies to earn college credits.

      I took, I think, 11 AP classes altogether, and the result was I could double major in college with plenty of time left over to become an alcoholic and graduate just in time to burn out.

  68. Sounds like one of those choices a school might make in a free marketplace of schools.

  69. The author states that “equity is a noble goal.” “Equity” with respect to what? In what context? Defined how? It is a very bad idea to pretend to be on the same page as thugs trying to mash everybody down to the same low level. You and they don’t actually “agree” about “equity.”

    1. I think it means the stake of ownership you have in your house? I’m certainly appreciating that phenomenon at the moment, but I’m not sure I’d describe it as noble.

      For my money, progressives should have stuck with “equality.” They’re never going to win the Frank Luntz word-fuck race, and trying to outflank Jordan Peterson’s inane ramblings is like playing soccer with a bean bag. “Equity” sounds vaguely communistic to me right out the gate anyway. “Equality” is a good word, isn’t it?

  70. If they would have pulled this nonsense when I was a kid I would have been FURIOUS. Hopefully the kids will stand up and fight back.

  71. Since this is happening in Canada and in Vancouver as well comes as no surprise to me. None at all.
    Vancouver is like the San Francisco of Canada. Just as filthy and filled with snobbish techies and liberal progs who believe they know what’s best for everyone else.
    The outcome will be as expected: an even more dumbed down generation,easy to control and manipulate.
    Congratulations Vancouver, you will achieve the ultimate goal of creating an entire generation of dolts.
    But that’s what the liberal progs want.
    Expect this rubbish to expand to the states, especially Communist (democrat) states run by students of Marx and Engels. At least there is Ron DeSantis and other governors who are fighting back successfully against the Marxist fecal matter known as CRT. I salute DeSantis for his courage and for leading the way.

  72. Good first step. Now lets give infantrypersons who are better marksmen bent sights. Not fair for them to have a greater opportunity for survival or promotion than the poor shots!

  73. Equity is a noble goal

    No it isn’t. Maybe in law is, but otherwise it is code for equality of outcome.

  74. When my daughter was in grade school I asked her how she liked math class. She said that she hated it. “She keeps teaching us the same thing over and over again. We know it already!” During the parent/teacher conference I suggested that perhaps my daughter should be moved to a higher math class. The next year she was placed in the highest math class and suddenly she liked math. She went on to score an 800 in the math portion of the SAT. Perhaps one might argue that the original class was boring for everyone and it was just a bad teacher but I think that my daughter has a facility with math.

    I understand that having different tracks can result in some kids being trapped in a given track, especially late-bloomers, but there has to be some mechanism for dealing with kids who learn faster than others.

    Finland seems to have had good results after they removed tracking even for math and foreign languages in the 1970’s. Maybe we can learn something from them. One source said that after tracking was stopped, “Mathematics teachers were now compelled to apply internal differentiation within heterogeneous teaching groups, but at the same time this change of the teaching environment was supported by reducing the size of teaching groups.” So instead of tracking (takes place between classes) they used ability grouping (within classes). Also, maybe Finland has a more homogenous society, such that “heterogeneous groups” are closer in ability than they might be in other places.

  75. Canada is no longer a free country. The Canadian school system is much different than that in the United States. When niece was denied accelerated courses in high school, her mother quit her job and home schooled her. Her mother bought a number of help aids for passing the local college’s entrance examinations and used those as guidelines for subjects to teach my niece. At age 15 my niece took the entrance exams as a special case student and was offered full admission on a full scholarship. Both conditions were a complete surprise to her parents, and she started as a college freshman the next fall. My niece took courses year around and got a BA Degree in Mathematics as the rest of her former high school friends were graduating from high school. My niece went on to finish both her masters degree and PhD by age 22. She now works for some company on the east coast that works on highly classified government contracts, and she is extremely well paid and in very high demand in some field that I do not understand, and I have 3 masters degrees in STEM fields.

  76. Using this retarded logic effective immediately the athletic teams will be forced to accept, and play, unathletic persons and the various bands will be forced to accept, and allow to perform, persons with no musical ability so that all may participate fulsomely. Looking ahead we can look forward to an endless supply of special Olympics grade games and musical performances that will peel paint.

    There, now don’t you feel inclusive!

    We are so fucked…the kids that are excellent at stuff will evacuate the schools for ones that reward them and the dumbing down shall accelerate

  77. So the real takeaway is that if you have the money to send your kid to private school, you should!

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