Brickbat: Take That


The Glendale, California, police department has placed four officers on administrative leave after video showed them punching and kicking a shoplifting suspect. "We take these types of incidents very seriously. Appropriate actions will be taken following the investigation," the department said in a statement.

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  1. “We’ve given the officers involved a paid vacation — I mean, administrative leave — while we ask them, errr, an ‘independent committee’, to investigate their actions as we wait for media attention to die down before reinstate them with a mildly worded note in their sealed personnel files plus a bonus for playing along.”

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  2. With all the organized looting, er, shoplifting going on in many cities I’m having trouble caring. What the cops did was wrong, but, something need to be done . When stores are closing do to looti, er, shoplifting civil order is breaking down.

    1. I care.

      I care that these officers are in trouble for doing the right thing.

      Shoplifters are the low level criminals who make everyone suffer. I’m glad officers were there to stop this one.

      Maybe the next shoplifter will think twice about trying to get away during an arrest.

      1. Explain in any rational universe where punching and kicking a non-violent criminal is a reasonable response by police.

        1. The chemjeff universe, where you can shoot people for misdemeanor trespassing.

        2. Resisting arrest is violence and introduces danger in a routine police action. Putting down resistance should be done swiftly, harshly, and publicly.

          Turn, put your hands behind your back, shut up, and go along with the arrest. You have the next day to get legal help and sue the cops. But today, just don’t resist.

          It’s not that fucking hard.

          1. It’s not hard for you, maybe, because you’re a coward who doesn’t mind being walked and spit upon. Tyranny must be resisted at every level.

            Was the shoplifter wrong? Obviously so. That does not excuse the officers for being even more wrong in their response. If you want to live in a police state, move to Singapore.

    2. Either the justice system works or the cops will beat people.

      Because if the cops aren’t beating people then the people will take matters into their own hands – and if that happens shoplifters will be longing for the days when getting caught just meant some cops beat the shit out of you.

      1. Exactly.

        It’s only a matter of time before we have another “LA Riots” or “nyc riots” where the hoodlums steal, shopkeepers retaliate, another race baiter comes along, and a whole city burns again.

    3. Hahahah What next? Blame a union for organizing looting?

  3. While attempting to detain the suspect, a struggle ensued and force was used by the officers…

    Are police unions also fooled by the passive voice? “Officers became placed on administrative leave and an investigation became started.”

  4. Wait a minute.
    I thought the benevolent state of California made shoplifting small amounts ( < $1,000 maybe) a group sport instead of a crime?
    Or was that just one of the cities?

    1. Definitely not all of California. I did hear that story, but i think it’s just some podunk hyperprogressive town. Sausalito or somewhere. Heck, might even be Seattle. Seems more like Seattle actually.

  5. “We take these types of incidents very seriously.”

    Are they talking about the shoplifting or the punching?

    1. The news reporting.

  6. As the anti-immigration pro-police peeps of the commentariat told me, if they didn’t want to be punched and kicked they shouldn’t have broken the law while not having papers. They got what they deserved. They’re lucky they’re not in a facility in west Texas waiting for their hearing to come up in sometime in ’23.

    1. It’s what you get when you vote democrat, schmuck.

      1. Hahahahaha. Vote GOP for Capitol Storming.

    2. Congratulations. Any time I’m considering that libertarians might be useful for something besides punching bags, you come along and convince me I had it right in the first place.

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