Brickbat: Getting Medieval


Japan's House of Representatives has amended the nation's Firearm and Sword Control Law to require residents to obtain a permit from their local Prefectural Public Safety Commission in order to possess a crossbow or bow gun. To obtain a permit, a person will need to be at least 18 and pass safety classes. The amendment also restricts the use of crossbows to activities such as target shooting and euthanizing wild animals. Japan's National Police Agency reports that crossbows/bow guns were involved in 37 reported crimes between 2010 and 2020, including 16 murders or attempted murders.

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  1. Well, that fixes that crisis.

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  2. Note to self: Add Japan to list of places I laugh at during the Zombie Apocalypse.

  3. I’ll bet that the asshole behind this idea is related to the only licensed instructor of such “safety classes.”

  4. They should have cut the rot off at the root.

    Ban Renaissance Faires and pointy shoes. And witches.

    1. And cosplay. No way that is safe.

      1. Ban cosplay from Japan? That’d destroy their culture. Not just Manga, either. It sneaks into everything from porn to Baby Metal.

    2. I imagine Japanese Ren Fairs are much like those in the States; everyone is a Samurai and no peasants to be seen.

      1. Go to any real Renaissance festival that’s not just a one-day sightseeing event. You’ll see most of the crowd are peasants having fun and practicing crafts and ancient sports.

        1. Found the nerd.

  5. When I was in high school my friends and I made crossbows, are those “ghost crossbows?

    Is a balista an” assault crossbow? ”
    Will you need a permit to buy pencils
    … I mean ammunition?

  6. So 3.7 crimes a year over ten years?

    Yes, this was an enormous problem that needed addressing.

    1. Hey, it’s just common sense crossbow control. And if it saves even one life…

  7. Firearm and Sword Control Law

    The law works! You don’t see ninjas committing assassinations all over Japan, do you?

    1. Duh, you never see ninjas–that’s the point.

    2. thats why they resort to home made rockets and poison gas. look it up it has happened a few times in Japan when you limit the easy stuff people make the big stuff. BTW Murder by sword still happens there

  8. Japan is freakin’ awesome! Crossbow murders! Epic!

    1. Personally, the country that effectively says “It’s OK to euthanize wild animals with a crossbow.” sounds exceedingly retarded.

      1. Yeah, they should stomp them instead.

      2. As Tom Lehrer observed: “It’s not against any religion, to want to dispose of a pidgeon!”

  9. No amount of weapons control in Japan stops Japan’s enormous amount of suicides.

    All you need is a Slim Pickens Gen-U-Wine Early American Harry-Carrey Knife (he meant Hara-Kiri) for just such an occasion.

    “Pass it around, boys. Maybe sombody’s got a use for it.”

  10. euthanizing wild animals

    Holy fuck that’s a pretty insidiously onerous phrase. Reading into it a bit, it sounds like you can’t euthanize domesticated animals and can’t otherwise kill wild animals. So, if a predator attacks you, your choice is to just accept getting mauled or, should you choose to exercise the few options allowed to you that may allow you to narrowly escapte the mauling, face charges for killing an animal.

    1. I think it simply means that you may kill injured wildlife to end suffering or defend yourself from animal attacks.

      Presumably, an injured domestic animal would be brought to a veterinarian.

      They have other laws that cover hunting.

  11. As someone posted above, this “problem” consisted of 3.7 crimes a year, in a country of 126 million; apparently somebody really needed to send a message, about virtue.

    1. Violence that features uncommon weapons tend to make the news, seemingly amplifying their threat.

  12. Is the medieval news right not sure how it works

  13. By the way it is the only shooting game right. happpy to be part of it

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