Brickbat: She Won't Need That Anymore


A British court has given Ayesha Basharat a suspended sentence of five months in prison  after she pleaded guilty to theft and fraud by false representation. Basharat worked as a healthcare assistant on the COVID-19 ward of Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham. She took the bank card of an 83-year-old woman after the woman died. Basharat made six purchases of £1 each on the hospital's vending machine just 17 minutes after the woman's death. Basharat claimed she found the card and confused it with her own. But police say that the cards were different colors and hospital policy required her to turn in lost property.

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33 responses to “Brickbat: She Won't Need That Anymore

  1. Sometimes you feel like a nut. Too dated?

    1. Give me a break

      1. Okay, here’s a piece of a Kit-Kat bar.

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    2. Sometimes you don’t….

    3. Melt in your mouth, not in your hands?

  2. I wonder if they would have prosecuted if she used it once for just one bag of crisps. I wonder if they would have prosecuted if the victim had not died. I wonder if she knew the woman died (I am guessing she did). I wonder how much this was prosecuted only because there was security camera footage.

    This is a hugely interesting story to me because it “feels so real” and raises interesting philosophical / policy questions. Not a good story for the abbreviated Brickbat treatment though.

    1. Normally, a £6 theft would be too low to prosecute. However, given the huge ethical issues of stealing from a helpless patient and stealing from the dead, I see why they went through with it.

      With this conviction on her record, she will never be put in a position that requires trust again, even if there is no real punishment, which there really shouldn’t be since it’s such a small amount

      1. Unless she were a cop, then she’d get a promotion.

        1. Reassigned to desk duty, along with a raise.

        2. All in the name of asset forfeiture. The woman died illegally.

      2. Yeah. Sometimes these stories confuse me. What’s the moral here? Usually it’s government overstep. Do they think that’s an overly-harsh reaction? It’s a suspended sentence.

        1. No, I’d say a suspended sentence is reasonable. However, the most important thing is the criminal record. People will know she is untrustworthy and she won’t be allowed in a position to take advantage of others again.

  3. Yet another “Asian” criminal from a shithole country living in England, preying on their generous border policies.

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    1. Sounds hot.
      Caller: “What are you wearing, Baby”?
      Irish Woman: “My long, heavy nightgown, a scowl, and a crucifix”.

      1. The Irish are not known for their humor, mate.

        1. They are known for their fiery redheads, however.

  5. You do realize that many people with an “Asian” ethnicity were born in England and/or one of the other three countries making up the UK, don’t you? If you’re worried about these people committing crimes I suggest you take a look at The Sun or The Daily Mail which will provide many, many examples of white people committing crimes worse than buying a bag of chips.

    1. And there you have it; our scolding sermonette du jour.

    2. True. Domestic ‘Murican rednecks ain’t got nothing on British Geordies and Yorkies. They got poor white culture down to a science. They make Scousers seem positively sophisticated in comparison.

    3. Given that “asian” includes about 4.5 billion people, I wouldn’t wonder some of them were born in England.

    4. In England, “Asian” is a euphemism for a Muslim of Pakistani/Bangladeshi (or something similar) origin, who rapes little white kids, joins gangs, or engages in other criminal activity.

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  7. She should sue the snack industry for causing her sugar dependency.

  8. Too bad she didn’t live in San Francisco. She could have pried open the vending machine, put all the goods into a trash bag, and taken them home with her without any adverse consequences.

  9. The only person to take personal advantage of the ‘Rona situation. I’m glad they caught her.

  10. I feel safer now, knowing that this hardened criminal who literally “took the nickels off a dead [womans] eyes” has been duly punished.

  11. Let’s try being woke and using CRT and intersectionality to judge this situation.

    Was the dead women white and/or wealthier and/or more privileged than Basharat?

    If so, then Basharat was fully justified in using the dead woman’s card.

    How did I do?

    1. C+

      Due points for wokeness and intersectionality. Points deducted for misrepresentation of CRT and failing to blame the hospital, the vending company, and the British welfare system for her crime.

  12. They have vending machines with items you can get for only one pound?

    1. Sure. One condom. One cheap plastic comb. Or if the currency is really inflated, one gumball.

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