Brickbat: Every Picture Tells a Story


Former Minnesota State Patrol trooper Albert Kuehne has pleaded guilty to non-consensual dissemination of private sexual images. Kuehne went through the phone of a woman he had stopped for DUI and sent himself three sexually explicit images he found on it. He then deleted the messages from her phone. But the woman's boyfriend found them on a linked device. Kuehne faces up to three years in prison. He has been fired from the State Patrol and has also lost his law enforcement certification.

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  1. This guy never heard of Porn Hub?

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  2. Isn’t this exactly what qualifies immunity exists for? They get away with stuff much worse than this without batting an eye. Could it be the department wanted him gone for other reasons, so this just gave them an excuse?

    Also, it sounds like this woman and her boyfriend reported this and thus embarrassed the whole department. How long before there’s a no-knock raid to “wrong” address, which will just happen to be theirs?

    1. “Isn’t this exactly what qualifies immunity exists for?”
      No. Qualified Immunity is for civil suits in federal court under a federal law that that creates a civil cause of action against government officials that violate your rights. It has nothing to do with internal police department discipline or criminal charges.

  3. Why not unlawful detention or kidnapping? He stopped her with no intention of doing his job, just to rifle through a woman’s phone.

    Not that she’s so innocent. Clearly she drives like shit or he wouldn’t have had a chance to stop her. And she keeps nudes on her phone. And she gave him the passcode.

    He never should have pled. He should have said she sent it to him.

    They’re both such amateurs.

    1. From the linked article she was involved in an accident and he was responding, so really she stopped herself.

      It also says that he “took away her phone” and “went through it without consent” so its possible he just took it from her hands when it was already unlocked

      1. You’re right. I missed that.

        Still, very amateurish.

  4. Why are we only hearing about this from the BBC? They put U’s in weird places.

  5. Oh, shit! He lost his law enforcement certification? That’s like the death penalty! They seriously hated this guy.

    1. Well, he is a white guy and is also in the Army Reserves. Apparently now that Democrats want to continue gaslighting the public into thinking police abuse is all a result of Trump and his allegedly racist supporters, rather than the Democrats who’ve written the police procedures, trained, hired and managed their police forces to kneel on necks and other abuse, they’ve decided to prosecute some corrupt police which is easy considering most all of them think they can do whatever they want provided they don’t piss off their boss.

      Democrats decided, especially in Minnesota – former home of George Floyd, they need to prosecute some corrupt cops, to keep the heat off how they run the police, starting with the white ones in the military, and for relatively benign crimes compared to the typical police abuse. It won’t last long.

      1. I’d like to add, yeah this guy should have been fired and it’s good he lost his law enforcement license. The people in government exist to “protect our lives, our liberty and our pursuit of happiness” not to prey upon us. Too many government jurisdictions exist for the benefit of the political class rather than existing for the people.

        1. Yeah, no. I’ve got to disagree there. That isn’t what government folk do. Protecting your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is totally and solely on you. Legally they should provide for the common defense and if that means sacrificing a few individual lives it’s understood and that means the liberty and pursuit of happiness goes right out the window as well.

          When you think about it, government is little more than a stick that punishes for sundry reasons like non-compliance or failing to tithe. Sure, occasionally it tempts with a carrot but in the end even that carrot was gotten from someone else through the use of a stick.

          1. sarc???

  6. Going through someone’s phone and forwarding titty pics can get a cop three years while robbery, destruction of property, assault and murder get nuthin.

    At least our society knows where it’s priorities are at.

    1. If he’d busted down her door on a bogus warrant, shot her dog, dropped a flashbang into her baby’s crib, and killed her after mistaking the remote control for a gun, nothing else would have happened.

      1. That’s ridiculous. He would have gotten a commendation after spending several weeks at home on the taxpayer’s dime.

  7. Nice…

  8. He should have shot her. Then he wouldn’t have suffered any consequences.

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