Brickbat: Eat It


In Ohio, the school board of Canton City School District has fired McKinley Senior High School head football coach Marcus Watley and six assistant coaches for forcing a football player to eat a pepperoni pizza against the boy's religious beliefs. The student is a Hebrew Israelite and does not eat pork or products containing pork, such as pepperoni. After the player missed an optional practice, Watley told him he would have to eat an entire pizza or his teammates would have to endure extra drills. He was also told his own status on the team could be in danger if he did not eat the pizza. Watley's attorney, Peter Pattakos, said the coach was only trying to teach the student a "lesson." He said the boy was not forced to eat anything and was allowed to remove the pepperoni before eating the pizza.

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  1. Well, it’s not like pepperoni was the player’s only choice. He could have had the ham and pineapple… no, wait. That doesn’t work either. How about BBQ bacon? Er, nope. Can’t have that either. Is this kid trying to be difficult or what?

    Give it up, Coach. Pizza isn’t really a punishment but, it is a minefield if you have to meet kosher, halal or allergy requirements. You think kosher is bad, try making a gluten-free pizza!

    1. How can the kid play football and pass the pig skin around?

        1. And you generally don’t eat footballs.

          1. The slippery definitions is getting bizarre. Like it’s not impossible that, in some minds, this story completely rationalizes the notion that the 1A prevents playing football becaue Muslims can’t touch pork/pork products.

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      1. Uh… with his hands?

    2. More importantly, was it that kind of pepperoni that cups up and holds the grease or the flat kind? Cause if it was the cupped grease bowl pepperoni Jesus, God, and Allah would give you a pass for eating it. Just sayin’

  2. Pepperoni grease is kosher, right? Asking for a friend.

  3. I guess optional has a different meaning in football.

  4. After the player missed an optional practice

    I think somebody here doesn’t understand what “optional” means.

    1. Do you really want to just do the minimum? Look at your coworker over there. He has 32 points of flair! That’s a go getter.

    2. optional in football is like optional in the military or like when the CO says you just volunteered for “x” duty

  5. First, the Black Hebrew Israelites are a racist terror group. So I have no doubt that this kid lied.

    Second, the investigation amounted to “let’s disbelieve the seven staff members we hired for their excellence, because one kid complained.” It’s just dumb.

    Third, you idiots above making kosher jokes…. The kid is not Jewish. The Hebrew Israelites are a black supremacy group, not a religion. They don’t eat pig meat, but they will eat everything else that is not kosher.

    1. Sorry, my bad. I forgot we were living in a post-sane world; you know, a world where the descendants of Africans sold into slavery by other Africans now feel they have to claim they invented everything and that everyone was always really black to make themselves feel better.

      The article doesn’t call the student a Black Hebrew Israelite so, you’ll have to excuse my thinking the player was Jewish. I guess I should have known better, eh… I mean, a Jewish football player is unthinkable. But, a black person believing a bunch of horsesh*t that makes them feel better about themselves, well, that happens all the time.

      Besides, the pizza jokes still work, regardless.

      1. Nothing can be funny anymore.

      2. The article doesn’t call the student a Black Hebrew Israelite so, you’ll have to excuse my thinking the player was Jewish. I guess I should have known better, eh… I mean, a Jewish football player is unthinkable. But, a black person believing a bunch of horsesh*t that makes them feel better about themselves, well, that happens all the time.

        I blame the Black Hebrew Israelites and the duplicitous reporting. The name is intentionally deceptive and reporting ‘Hebrew Israelite’ rather than ‘Black Hebrew Israelite’ or ‘non-Jewish Hebrew Isrealite’ rather deliberately enhances the obfuscation.

        I agree that gluten-free pizza is a sin regardless of religion.

        1. Why not just “Black Supremacists”?

    2. Somebody’s fun at parties.

    3. Second, the investigation amounted to “let’s disbelieve the seven staff members we hired for their excellence, because one kid complained.” It’s just dumb.

      Disbelieve and fail/refuse to release the footage of what actually happened.

    4. Unfortunately the First Amendment doesn’t allow the coach to decide whether the kid lied, pulled a rabbit out of his butt, or anything else. If he said it was his religion, the coach is wrong. I am surprised they didn’t just say “qualified immunity” and be done with it however, it isn’t just for cops after all.

      On a side note, my understanding is that 7th Day Adventists also follow the Kashrut so there’s no real way to divine whether any one religion allows them to eat pork based simply on the basic category of Christian, Jew, or Muslim. I think I’ll see if I can get accommodation as a Fourteenth-day Adventist so I can get every other Friday off or would that be a Twelfth-day Adventist? Dang, religion is hard.

      1. If you asked for every other Friday, I’d fire you for being a fraud.

        A real SDA would ask for every week.

  6. Lol, you left out a third of the name of the religion.

    1. The original story doesn’t have it either.

      1. Black labels don’t matter?

  7. Assuming this happened, I’m fine with firing the coaches simply for punishing students for missing an “optional” practice.

    1. Read (between the lines) at the primary article. Showing up at your job is optional as well. Miss a few days, optional or not, and you may or may not be in hot water, but you absolutely don’t show up wondering where your Black Hebrew Israelite Hanukah bonus is.

    2. I’m for firing the coaches for being shockingly childish.

  8. Is turkey pepperoni kosher? Is it pepperoni?


    1. Don’t know, and no.

    2. Traditionally, no. No combination of meat and dairy products are allowed in the same meal

      1. I’m sure there was no turkey milk in the pizza.

    3. Turkey can be kosher, but not all turkey is kosher. If you’re not orthodox it doesn’t matter. Kosher covers unclean animals, but also covers the way the animal was slaughtered. So turkey is not tref, but it isn’t necessarily kosher unless a rabbi says it is.

      1. Is it the same for Black Hebrew Israelites? Does the meat have to be approved by a Black Hebrew Rabbi or will just any rabbi do?

      2. Rabbi, why is this kosher?
        Because I say it is!

    4. “Is turkey pepperoni kosher?”

      Depends – Orthodox – no, conservative – no*, reform – yes.

      In my conservative ute, we were told that a food product intended to imitate pork was not kosher (including fake bacon bits). I still ate them.

      1. Mc Cormick fake bacon bits are O/U certified kosher and parave.

        Bacon from lamb or turkey certified kosher is widely available. So is fake crab meat derived from fish.

        An interesting question has come up about truly bio synthetic meat from cell culture. Is it meat or not? Would biosynthetic pork be kosher?

        Who can remember this line.

        “Miracle Max: Sonny, true love is the greatest thing, in the world-except for a nice MLT – mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe. They’re so perky, I love that.“

      2. If the turkey pepperoni is served with cheese, it’s definitely not kosher. If a meal might include both meat and dairy – even the tiniest bit of both – it’s not kosher no matter what the meat is. A cheese pizza (or anchovy?) could be kosher, if the crust was made with vegetable shortening and the sauce without any meat product, but only if cooked in a separate kitchen where no meat product was ever used. Or perhaps a kosher hamburger pizza could be made with tofu replacing the cheese and careful selection of the meat, but it would have to be made in a separate kitchen where no dairy or pork product was ever used. In any case, a pizza with cheese and any kind of meat would still be traif after picking off the meat – meat drippings would be left in it – as would a dish that could have pork drippings or lard.

        How much of this matters to any particular Black Hebrew Israelite is another question. Some branches keep kasrut (kosher), and some don’t.

  9. Former student athletes who carry their childhood hazing rituals into adulthood are willfully retarded. They should be fired for lack of professionalism. Law enforcement would be a better fit anyway.

    1. But then who would coach football?

    2. “Former student athletes who carry their childhood hazing rituals into adulthood”

      In my experience, that includes all high school coaches and phys ed teachers.

  10. I guess football was more important to him than religion. Then again, I’ve known folks for whom football *was* religion…

  11. What do the cheerleaders yell at the Jewish high school football game?
    “Get the quarter back!”

    1. And I have a guess as to what cocaine addicts yell.

        1. you cannot have ze duck.

  12. When pizza becomes the crime, all hope in society is lost.

    1. When deliberately forcing a student to break his religion isn’t a crime, society is truly lost.

      1. RTFA-at somewhere besides Reason/leftist media. They didn’t force him to eat the pizza. The kid skipped a practice and showed up for free food. When given free food, he complained that it had pepperoni. When offered alternatives, he removed the pepperoni and ate it. He was free to skip the meal entirely. He was free to skip the pizza. He was free to skip practice. What he wasn’t free to do was skip out on everything and then insist he get special treatment because he can claim to be a member of an racial supremacist religious sect.

        The 1A forbids the establishment or prohibition of religion, this was neither.

        1. “Hebrew Israelites” are no more a religion than the Klan is, and no more deserving of accommodation.

        2. Interesting. I can’t find this source. Where are you getting this? Your fact are not only contradicted by the articles, but if the facts of the case were as clear as you allege, then why would multiple reviewers come with the determination that the coaches were so far in the wrong?

          Please, if you have a source for this, enlighten us. It wouldn’t be the first time we were being completely lied to on a Brickbat. However, it would be the most egregious.

          1. The father, Kenny Walker, his legal team, and the entire football team are black.

            There are no Hebrew Israelites. Only BLACK Hebrew Israelites.

            Photos abound online.

            Start here:

        3. The truth totally ruins the story.

    2. A fair assessment of NYC and New York style pizza.

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    1. Sears isn’t even in business anymore. You need to update your phishing links brah.

  14. The only thing to do to ensure the safety of everyone is to cancel football.

    1. And pizza. What coach that cares about performance serves pizza?

      1. Only to offensive linemen.

    2. I believe that will happen in my lifetime.

  15. The coach sounds like a first class potz.

  16. Kid wouldn’t play football, but would eat pork on his pizza. I guess it’s cool to break kosher to prove a point.

  17. Goes a long way to explaining the piss poor sporting world which is more concerned with appeasing Chairman Xi than actually playing competently.

  18. The alleged incident was captured on the school’s surveillance cameras, according to Canton City School District superintendent Jeff Talbert. However, the video has not been released.

    “‘Okay, you’re special? Can I do something for you? Can I get you a pizza?’ ‘Well, I’m hungry.’ He goes and gets him a pizza,” Pattakos told WEWS on Thursday while recounting what he alleged happened. “Marcus brings back the pizza. ‘Oh, it has pepperoni on it. I don’t eat pork.’ ‘I’ll go get you some chicken fingers.’ ‘No, it’s okay. I’ll just eat this pizza.’ So he took the pepperoni off and he ate the pizza.”

    Pattakos said the student was never forced or coerced to eat the pizza.

    “This young man had every opportunity to get up and leave the room at any time,” he added.

    Oh, huh, this sounds more like the kid missed practice and then showed up at a pizza party or something.

    I’m reminded of a news story where a BLM protestor shows up at a restaurant and is being generally disruptive. When the cops show up, he starts shouting that they’re depriving him of his 1A rights.


      1. I’m also reminded of the girls volleyball player who showed up for practice and games and was consistently demoted and disciplined for refusing to wear a jersey with the name (other than her own) of a dead drug addict or a wife beater’s name on the back.

    2. Tonation can change this quote from submissive assistance to domineering aggression.
      “Okay, you’re special” [little snowflake]
      “I’ll go get you some chicken fingers” [you little baby brat].
      “No, it’s okay. I’ll just eat the pizza” [Just don’t kill me, demean me, and leave me alone].

      Without the original video, I’m going to defer to people who saw the original and came to a unanimous decision to fire the coach.

      1. Tonation…
        Without the original video,

        So what you’re saying is, “There’s zero evidence that anyone forced him to eat pizza, fuck due process and even objectivity/honesty, the coach is guilty because school administrators.”

        1. There’s plenty of due process. We just don’t have the full data, and so when there is a set of facts with two possible interpretations, we have no choice but to defer to people who DO have the full data.

  19. Black Hebrew Israelites are a heterogeneous mix of beliefs and practice. Most combine elements of Judaism and Christianity.

    1. “Most combine elements of Judaism and Christianity.”

      Along with racism and paranoid schizophrenia.

    2. No. They don’t.

  20. ,Third, you idiots above making kosher jokes…. The kid is not Jewish. The Hebrew Israelites are a black supremacy group, not a religion. They don’t eat pig meat, but they will eat everything else that is not kosher.

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