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Biden Wants To Spy on American Bank Accounts

Plus: Trump administration spied on CNN reporter, the right's wrong turn on economic liberty, and more...


Biden tax plan would cull financial data on masses of law-abiding, tax-compliant Americans. In the name of catching tax dodgers, the Biden administration is seeking serious snooping rights to oversee all American bank accounts and payment apps. "Instead of promising a chicken in every pot, Biden's plan promises an auditor at every kitchen table," commented Sen. Chuck Grassley (R–Iowa).

Under President Joe Biden's proposal, 87,000 new IRS employees would be hired and everyone could expect more scrutiny of the flow of money to and from their financial accounts.

As it stands now, the government gets alerted to most income when the payer reports it to the IRS. If someone comes into money and the payer doesn't report it to the IRS, the person paid is supposed to report this income—no matter how small—but it's difficult for the IRS to know if they do not do so. Estimates suggest that "opaque" income sources have a misreporting rate of 55 percent.

Biden would change this, putting thousands of new IRS agents in charge of monitoring how much money goes into and out of individual bank accounts and payment service providers (like Paypal and Venmo) each year and investigating people whose cash flow doesn't match what they report as income.

It's how the administration proposes paying for the massive new spending measures in Biden's American Families Plan. The schemes "would raise $700 billion in additional tax revenue over the next decade," according to the American Families Plan Tax Compliance Agenda.

The administration talks about this increased IRS scrutiny as if it would only affect extremely wealthy tax scofflaws. But the extremely wealthy know they get extra IRS scrutiny and already have all sorts of tricks for shielding income from taxes and from regulators' view.

Rather, it's the folks who sometimes get paid "under the table" for informal gig work—babysitting, house cleaning, a stray manual labor job here and there, sex work, fixing a few cars, peddling homemade baked goods, occasional music gigs, selling things on eBay or Etsy, and so on—who probably aren't likely to have elaborate schemes for hiding a little stray income from their checking accounts and payment apps.

Maybe the IRS wouldn't investigate those who only bring in a relatively small amount of untaxed money—but maybe they would. After all, those 87,000 new employees can't all be catching wily millionaires and billionaires.

The bottom line is that the IRS would have an unprecedented ability to at least target even the tiniest bits of unreported income.

"Account flows don't actually represent income and deductions, so the government wouldn't be able to match these reports with tax returns as it does with W-2s," notes The Wall Street Journal. "The report says the information would give the government enough of a window into transactions to target audits more effectively where there are large discrepancies and that tax evaders would change their behavior because they know what information the government has."

Biden's report pledges that "audit rates will not rise relative to recent years for those with less than $400,000 in actual income." Yet even if this pledge is kept, the IRS would still have a vast new mandate to spy on all sorts of U.S. financial accounts.

The plan would ultimately pull in data on masses of law-abiding, tax-compliant Americans, as Tax Policy Center Senior Fellow Steve Rosenthal pointed out in the Journal:

Although administration officials talk about going after wealthy tax dodgers with their expanded staffing, the bank reporting proposal wouldn't do much to them, he said. That is because the highest-earning Americans are employing more sophisticated tax-dodging techniques than just declining to declare all their income.

The bank-reporting rules are designed to get a different group of people altogether—business owners who inflate their deductions and don't report all their income.

"This is a political call by the Biden administration: Let's not tell those guys, small-business guys, what we're doing," Mr. Rosenthal said.

The Biden administration calls this equal-opportunity spying equity.

"Third party information reporting is already provided on…wage, pension, and unemployment income," states the American Families Plan Tax Compliance Agenda. "The President's proposal would help make tax administration more equitable by subjecting financial flows…to third-party reporting as well."

"The President's proposal leverages the information that financial institutions already know about the accounts that they house," the report states. "Financial institutions would add information about total account outflows and inflows to existing reporting on bank accounts," giving the IRS "an additional lens into previously unreported income streams."

All banks, brokerages, and other financial institutions would be required to report "gross inflows and outflows on all business and personal accounts from financial institutions, including bank, loan, and investment accounts." The regime "would also cover foreign financial institutions and crypto asset exchanges and custodians," and "reports would also be required from payment services providers so that businesses cannot shift out of traditional financial institutions to other kinds of platforms and avoid making their income visible to the IRS," it says.

The report states that there would be "exceptions for accounts below a low de minimis gross flow threshold," but not what that threshold would be. A footnote to this part simply states that "the proposal preserves significant flexibility for the Secretary and the IRS to design the new reporting requirements in the way that will be most effective for tax compliance efforts."


Trump administration spied on CNN reporter. "The Trump administration secretly sought and obtained the 2017 phone and email records of a CNN correspondent," the news agency reports.

The Justice Department informed CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr, in a May 13 letter, that prosecutors had obtained her phone and email records covering two months, between June 1, 2017 to July 31, 2017. The letter listed phone numbers for Starr's Pentagon extension, the CNN Pentagon booth phone number and her home and cell phones, as well as Starr's work and personal email accounts.

It is unclear when the investigation was opened, whether it happened under Attorney General Jeff Sessions or Attorney General William Barr, and what the Trump administration was looking for in Starr's records. The Justice Department confirmed the records were sought through the courts last year but provided no further explanation or context.


You can't have political liberty without economic liberty…


• "Washington is rushing to regulate crypto. It's a mess," explains Protocol.

• "Calling a classmate a racist slur on Snapchat is offensive," but "it's also protected speech," Reason's Scott Shackford points out, in the face of a teen being arrested for a racist social media post.

NEXT: In Army of the Dead, a Zombie Outbreak Becomes an Excuse for a Public Health Power Grab

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300 responses to “Biden Wants To Spy on American Bank Accounts


    Folks, if Pro-Palestinian protestors are going to the diamond district in NYC to throw fireworks & assault people, it’s not just about “Zionism”

      Thing is when white supremacists marched in Charlottesville screaming “Jews will not replace us,” they were universally condemned. Now you have marchers in NY attacking Jews, but the press and many with large platforms are silent. These attacks clearly don’t bother them.


        We’re recording the podcast on all this now, and John raises a good point: All these images are un-American in the strictest sense. Balaklava-clad thugs in trucks waiving foreign flags to intimidate. It’s more native to Europe. We Balkanized ourselves figuratively, now literally.

        1. Right in front of an officer no less. Imagine if a white/black man had waived a flag and assaulted a black/white man in front of an officer.

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      2. Thing is when white supremacists marched in Charlottesville screaming “Jews will not replace us,” they were universally condemned

        …even though they were actually saying ‘you will not replace us’, referring to the left’s then current crowing about demographic shifts ‘replacing’ the white majority with a majority minority population.

        But, enough repetition of the lie and even people who saw the whole thing aren’t sure they’re saying ‘you’ anymore.

        1. even though they were actually saying ‘you will not replace us’

          Journalisming is hard

          1. Gotta stick up for your fellow bigots!

            1. I know he’s merely posturing, but that sounds so weird coming from a race-baiting, Jew-hating troll like KAR.

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      3. But when pro. Palistine people attack jews, the jews are white in this case and are therefore oppressors

        1. Even though genetically it’s hard to pick a Mizrahi Jew from a Palestinian on a PCA Chart.

        2. Yeah, Palestinians are white too.

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      5. Because its not about the protecting a supposed victim, its about the identity of the supposed perpetrator. They just have to pick which way around it is to fit The Narrative.

      6. Ther democrats are with the Palestinians. And against the Jews. I’m sure Biden is just fine presiding over a new Jewish Holocaust, just like his idol, FDR.

    2. International socialists are picking up where the national socialists left off.

    3. Who could have guessed that those calling themselves anti fascists and using fascist like behaviors would turn put to be the actual fascists?

      1. We’ll see when President Hindenburg Biden dies of old age and #2, Hitler Harris, who couldn’t win a a nation wide election, takes over with armed, violent mobs at the ready and a military purged of anyone politically disloyal.

        1. Will the trains run on time?

          1. Only to the camps.

            1. Ouch. I felt that one.

              1. Mormon Bob muted me.

                I guess he doesn’t like me pointing out his Nazi church has been discredited.

                The only good Mormon is a dead mormon!

                1. Still boring.

                  1. It has been weird watching the random socks come in and troll when their non sock accounts get laughed at.

                    1. KAR has to be the white knight now that the actual White Knight and Mike Liarson sockmaster fucked himself by declaring he was muting everyone.

                    2. I thought I was Sarc?

                    3. You’ve certainly got sarcasmic’s reading comprehension powers, and understanding of what certain idioms mean.

                      Try reading this again, but slowly this time:
                      “KAR has to be the white knight now that the actual White Knight and Mike Liarson sockmaster fucked himself by declaring he was muting everyone”

                  2. What if I put on a silly hat or fake mustache while I comment? Will that make me less boring?

                    1. Probably not.

              2. You will

            2. “She really misunderstood me when I said, ‘I like to bang Jews.'”

          2. not if CA is responsible for building the railroad.

            1. What’s it like living in the asshole of America?

              Fuck SEC fans

              1. Didn’t realize the Securities and Exchange Commission was popular.

        2. When? That seems to be happening in real time. He’s a drugged- propped up puppet

      2. Antifa should be called ‘Fa’.

    4. Video:

      Breaking: Palestinian protestors throw explosive device at Jewish Americans working at New York’s diamond district in Manhattan.

    5. You need to replace “Pro-Palestinian protestors” with “Hamas supporters”.

      1. iNazis also works

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  2. Twitter’s Holocaust problem
    Accounts cheering the slaughter of Jews are in the clear so long as they occasionally delete their pro-genocide tweets.

    In other words, a verified user can fantasize as much as he wants about the genocide of the Jews and not run afoul of Twitter’s censors so long as he eventually deletes his antisemitic messages.

    That’s a hell of a thing, considering Twitter permanently banned former President Donald Trump in January for insisting the 2020 election was stolen.

    “The world today needs a Hitler,” freelance journalist Adeel Raja tweeted Sunday to his more than 80,000 followers.

    Earlier, in 2014, he tweeted in reference to the World Cup, “The only reason I’m supporting Germany in the finals is – Hitler was a German and he did good with those Jews!”

    Raja, whose byline appeared on CNN’s website as recently as Sept. 2020, also tweeted in 2014, “My support for Germany is due to what Hitler did with Jews!” and “Hail Hitler!”

    He deleted these years-old tweets this weekend, along with the one saying the “world today needs a Hitler.”

    1. But telling protesters to go home peacefully is crossing the line.

  3. Fresh off the heals of the cleanest election in history comes more deep cleaning and fortification of elections.

    Luzerne County voters were issued a ballot that only indicated it was for the Democratic primary, regardless of their indicated party affiliation. Many Tuesday voters left their polling places agitated, though Director of Elections Bob Morgan said the error was not the fault of the local government, but rather the blame lied with Dominion Voting Systems,

    But wait! There is more!

    Multiple precincts were having difficulty scanning bar codes on all ballots, and several voters said their Republican ballots were not accepted. Chris Varney, an elections judge, said the issue was initially believed to be affecting all ballots, but officials later determined the problem only affected Republican ballots.

    1. The Town of Windham used Dominion machines to count paper ballots and upon a believable hand recount, it was confirmed each Republican was machine-cheated out of roughly 300 votes.

      David told The Gateway Pundit that the Republican candidates in Windham had 6% of their total votes removed by the Dominion-owned voting machines.

      Thank God these errors are randomly sampled against both parties though, and not seemingly in one direction.

    2. and the Maricopa county election officials can’t decide if the voting systems are connected to the internet and unhackable or not. Apparently they are hackable only when Republicans are in the room.

      1. They just started on the adjudicated ballots which is where most believe the issues reside.

      2. Yep, many of the election irregularities are being exposed. I still laugh at the Ds who first say “There’s no election fraud”, then change to “Well, the fraud that occurs doesn’t change the outcome” back to “There’s no election fraud”. Being an IT guy, I read the Antrim Country Forensics Audit Report of Dominion Voting Systems.

        Frankly, I doubt most people know about what happened there. First, there was a very close local race, which statutorily required a recount of the electronic ballots. But the recount was way off the original results. So they had another recount, and it was yet again quite different. It turns out most of the ballots had to undergo “adjudication” which is a fancy word for someone on the system changing the ballot, which is supposed to be recorded regarding who did it in the system. This kind of thing might happen after a voter said they input the votes wrong somehow and the FEC says this shouldn’t occur above some threshold like 0.5% of the ballots, but the actual percentage was over 50%. Also, it turns out key audit files, such as who logged into the system and when, and who adjudicated those ballots were missing. Further, the systems were connected to the internet making them hackable.

        1. I forgot to mention, it was those inconsistent results, that resulted in a local judge calling for the audit. And, I should have mentioned, that initially Trump lost the country, but in actuality the recounts showed he won.

          1. If this really comes out, we should force Biden to step down and reinstall Trump.

            Or else.

    3. Someone missed the memo about reformatting the BIOS after clearing out the 2020 election?

  4. Bombshell Report Shows How CNN’s Chris Cuomo Plotted to Mitigate Sexual Harassment Allegations Against His Brother

    CNN has responded with a statement calling Chris Cuomo’s behavior “inappropriate” and promising it won’t happen again, but he isn’t being punished in any way. Not even a slap on the wrist. And you won’t hear anything about it on the most ironically titled show on cable news, Reliable Sources. They’ll all just ignore the walking conflict of interest who hosts their 9 PM hour, because they’re no longer journalists—if they ever were.

    And this comes on the heels of the news that the Feds are investigating Andrew for giving priority access to COVID testing to “specials,” i.e. his inner circle, including… Chris Cuomo.

    1. He also gave sick people priority access to nursing homes.

    2. Not a peep from the #metoo movement.

      1. Metoo ended when Tera Reid started talking

    3. Specials? Do you mean Chickenheads?

  5. Use of fear to control behaviour in Covid crisis was ‘totalitarian’, admit scientists
    Members of Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour express regret about ‘unethical’ methods

    Scientists on a committee that encouraged the use of fear to control people’s behaviour during the Covid pandemic have admitted its work was “unethical” and “totalitarian”.

    Members of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour (SPI-B) expressed regret about the tactics in a new book about the role of psychology in the Government’s Covid-19 response.

    SPI-B warned in March last year that ministers needed to increase “the perceived level of personal threat” from Covid-19 because “a substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened”.

    Gavin Morgan, a psychologist on the team, said: “Clearly, using fear as a means of control is not ethical. Using fear smacks of totalitarianism. It’s not an ethical stance for any modern government. By nature I am an optimistic person, but all this has given me a more pessimistic view of people.”

    1. And administrators all around the world are just adding these techniques to their notes.

    2. Using fear smacks of totalitarianism.

      ROFLMAO! What you say when you mean “are we the baddies? “Telling people to give me all their stuff at the point of a gun smacks of armed robbery.”

      No, using fear to change the peoples’ socio-political behavior *is* terrorism. Using terror to prevent social interaction and keep people locked in their homes and out of public/private locations like bars and churches *is* totalitarianism. Regardless of what the defninition of the word ‘is’ is.

  6. Washington is rushing to regulate crypto.

    Thank God the experts on Capitol Hill are coming to fix another pressing problem.

    1. “Senator, would you kindly answer a simple technical question about blockchains?”

      1. Second question Senator what business is it of yours of how I exchange goods.

        1. Most of the State’s power comes from their ability to deficit spend and inflate. Not using their currency is akin to taking their power which violates the 2 Iron Laws of the State;
          1. State actors seek to increase their power.
          2. State actors seek to protect their power.
          Ergo, it very much is their business how you exchange goods.

      2. “Oh, I’m not the expert on that!”

        1. “but that won’t stop me from supporting legislation to regulate it.”

          1. Crypto neutrality?

  7. Under President Joe Biden’s proposal, 87,000 new IRS employees would be hired and everyone could expect more scrutiny of the flow of money to and from their financial accounts.

    At some point, doesn’t it make, um, cost-effective sense for the IRS to “prepare” everyone’s return and just have us sign off or dispute?

    1. even more effective if the government just pays everyone and takes out what they want in the first place.

    2. This system will be more comprehensive – soon there will no longer be a need for you to file a return.

      Can’t wait for the negative interests rates!

      1. I don’t think you will see negative interests rates until they do away with cash. Then I think the government will play all kinds of games with taking your money.

    3. But then you don’t get to play an exciting game of ‘gotcha!’

      1. Bingo!

        *** glares at the ghost of Al Capone ***

    4. NYS seems to audit my tax return every year and send me a letter with an adjustment and the reason.

      1. Oh, bitch, bitch, bitch. I make less than $400,000 a year so I don’t have to pay a single penny in taxes and I can only assume if you’re paying taxes you must make over $400,000 a year and I have no sympathy for you rich sonsabitches.

      2. I just sent a check to the U.S. Treasury for 800 bucks because they claim I underestimated the taxable amount of my wife’s SS on my 2019 1040. Added penalties and interest. Took them 2 years to figure it out. They clearly need more staff working on this shit. And my income is an embarrassing fraction of 400k.

    5. You don’t seriously think any of this is about cost effectiveness, do you?

      1. Nope. Hence the “um”.

    6. That is actually being discussed on Keynesian blogs and Twitter threads. Yep- it’s on the planners agenda

    7. Our core problem is we tolerate Marxists more than we value our rights. That needs to change.

      My rights are infinitely more valuable than the collective lives of every prog.

  8. “Calling a classmate a racist slur on Snapchat is offensive,” but “it’s also protected speech…”

    The arrest would suggest otherwise.

    1. “We’re going arrest you so that lawful and mostly peaceful protestors don’t murder you with a bike lock on your way to your car.”

    2. Ahem. The *speech* was protected, since it was in fact uttered.

    3. We can’t have a socialist yelling antiwar slogans in a crowded theater!

      1. Since when are socialists anti war?


    These are the pictures of the 2 Israelies (Both served in the Golani brigade) who were attacked in NY yesterday and fought back. And as expected NYPD arrests them and NOT the attackers. Absolutely disgrace.

    1. That’s the root of the problem, isn’t it: not enough Jews are dying in Israel because they’re defending themselves, so says the left.

    2. It took quite a while for Rome to fall. The propped up copse of Biden is doing a free fall in what, not quite four months.

  10. Biden tax plan would cull financial data on masses of law-abiding, tax-compliant Americans.

    We need a FISA court to dole out secret warrants to protect our privacy from domestic tax intelligence services.


    When told that there’s concern around Biden killing the Keystone XL pipeline along with thousands of American jobs but allowing Russian pipeline Nord Stream 2, Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki smirks and asks “is there?”

    1. “We have to pay them back for being good sports about the whole “scapegoat” schtick we did for the four years, dude. It’s fair play.”

    2. The best was Psaki saying there were a number of officers who died at the Capitol riots. That number being 0.

    3. It’s not like there was a gas crisis last week or anything.

  12. So then what happens when people turn to using cash to avoid Biden’s snoops? Will cash be outlawed next? How about barter?

    Are they laying plans to install a chip in our hands to control our financial transactions in the manner of Demolition Man?

    1. Will cash be outlawed next?

      Don’t worry. Just those silly greenbacks.

    2. Why do you think so much cash is being handed out in ‘stimulous’ checks and expanded welfare benefits?

      Real inflation is starting to skyrocket.

      Without ever having to make it illegal, Biden’s gonna make you stop using cash.

      1. Yeah, it’s a lot easier to inflate the currency when you don’t have to worry about the optics of someone rolling a wheelbarrow of paper dollars into the grocery store to buy bread.

      2. Gee I wonder why

      3. Gas prices. Groceries. Lumber is through the effing roof.

    3. Friend of the working man, Joe Biden, will make sure any side work you do is properly taxed, to protect workers.

    4. I do everything cash in some cases where it is convenient. Like pay rent in cash (I rent a room from a friend and give him the cash twice a month) and buy lots of smaller stuff cash whenever shopping locally. It’s almost all traceable to me as I pull cash out of an ATM, but I have NO idea if the few people I have this relationship to report it.

      I doubt the cash tips for eating out are reported. My landlord probably does, but a couple others I’m betting don’t.

      But, even for someone like me who carries no debt, the massive bulk of my money comes through a bank and is spent with a debit card, and banking privacy was gutted 20 years ago so we can all be patriots. Somehow that hasn’t bothered people yet, so we’re not getting itback. Hell, the Kids These Days all venmo, and that’s like the anti-private money sending app where you can post your transactions on the social medias.

      If they “discourage” cash, it will only matter for over 40 cranks like me and older folks my boomer landlord. I see 30 year olds buying a $3 cup of coffee with a credit card, they never carry cash.

      heh, privacy. I care so I must be old. Get off my lawn!

    5. Working under-the table will mean that you actually will have to keep your money in your mattress. Paul Krugman won’t like that. No, he won’t like that at all. There will be calls for yet more regulation to fix this “hoarding”.

  13. As Biden is in thrall to the Russians and is likely a decades long Russian asset, I suspect he needs to be impeached. That is the story I want to sell.

    1. “It looks like you’re trying to write some propaganda. Would you like some help?”

      1. about the guy who pressured Colonial to pay the Russian ransom, and then turned around and removed sanctions on a Russian pipeline while standing by while Whitmer shuts one of ours down?

        1. “It looks like you are trying to persuade Left-Wing demagogues; would you like some help?”

    2. It seems pretty obvious.

  14. The Trump administration secretly sought and obtained the 2017 phone and email records of a CNN correspondent…

    If you’re going to be accused of being worse that press-freedom-Hitler (Obama), you might as well act the part. Let no high ground left unceded.

    1. Brenda Starr, star reporter.

      Oh, it’s Barbara. Damn.

      1. Hey buddy! Hope you have a great weekend!

        If you’re ever in the NW maybe we can like hang out?

        1. I’m always in the NW. I just don’t hang out with bigoted children who wanna kill people (but won’t cuz they’re a pussy) and hate people cuz of what sports teams they root for.

          Have a nice weekend yourself. Try not to kill anyone. Haha. Just kidding. You won’t.

            1. LoL indeed Gumby…

          1. That’s good because I’m not a bigoted child and I’ve never killed anyone(if you don’t count that couple in Idaho falls).

            I don’t hate anyone because of the sports teams they liklI. It’s more to do with where they live and how backwards they’re.

            I’m guessing you live east of the Cascades.

            Anyway if you’re ever not mad at me maybe we can like get a like beer or something…

        2. Salt Lake City isn’t the NW.

  15. The Orthodox Jews of Brooklyn Are Alone in the World

    On April 30, 2020, Mayor Bill de Blasio of NYC singled out the Orthodox Jewish community for condemnation because they attended a massive funeral for a rabbi who died of the coronavirus in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, N.Y. Most of the attendees wore face masks but exceeded the number allowed of 50 people in violation of Governor Cuomo’s order. The mayor instructed the police to enforce social distancing with arrests and summonses. The city was well aware ahead of time of this funeral. The police helped to set up barriers to control the crowd, but de Blasio decided to make the Jews an example.

    On June 1, the NYPD removed Orthodox children and families from Williamsburg Playground in Brooklyn because of the lack of social distancing.

    On Sunday, June 14, de Blasio supported mass protests of thousands of people at the Brooklyn Grand Army Plaza. There was little evidence of social distancing. The mayor and his wife, who were in attendance, did not wear masks and did not social distance.

    On Monday, June 15, de Blasio ordered the gate to Williamsburg Playground to be welded shut.

    What was the rationale given by the de Blasio administration? Parks were broken into, so the welding was a short-term fix to be replaced with locks and chains. He claimed that other public parks were broken into. These parks are located in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish areas: Midwood and Boro Park.

    1. Its funny how when companies band together to set minimum prices its cartelization and so illegal the government will step in to break it up.

      But when governments make decisions to deliberately cripple competition between governments – that’s ok.

      1. Top. Men.

      2. Keep in mind, the left has been fetishizing the idea of world government going back to the Wilson era. It really went into overdrive during and right after World War II, but the desire never went away. They sincerely believe a planet of billions of people of thousands of different races, creeds, and cultures can be successfully managed by a top-down “intergalactic Senate” based on the principles of secular humanism.

        1. “It’s time you lay your life down for the good of humanity, tovarisch.”
          “Fuck you Vassily; you don’t even go to work every day!”

        2. Well, it works so well in Star Trek.

          1. Because all of the people clamoring for “top men” are launched into space

          2. You ever notice how, when the spaceship is crashing down on (always) San Francisco, the good federation citizens have nothing better to do than run out of their buildings, and stand there staring stupidly at their impending doom?
            It might be a movie, sure, but there is a hidden truth in there.

          3. First step: Sign an eo mandating tech companies develop a replicator by 2030, that is environmentally friendly and 1/2 of the engineers hired to work on the project must be BIPOC.

  16. The antimarket right should remember that political liberty proceeds from economic freedom…

    The antimarket anything isn’t interested in any freedom other than perhaps their own.

    1. I have never understood the “anti-” prefix as far as it relates to “affiliations.”

      Does it mean Pro-Choice people are “Anti-Life?”
      Does it mean that Anti-Vax people are “Pro-Disease?”

      1. Does it actually mean that? No. Do lefties think it does? Yes.

      2. Does it mean Pro-Choice people are “Anti-Life?”

        Yes. They believe that they have a right to kill people if those people are inconvenient to them.

        Does it mean that Anti-Vax people are “Pro-Disease?”

        No. Often it means that people are opposed to forced vaccination. But the name was chosen for them by the same people who decided that their support for killing inconvenient people should be called ‘pro-choice’.

  17. “the proposal preserves significant flexibility for the Secretary and the IRS to design the new reporting requirements in the way that will be most effective for tax compliance efforts.”

    To be read in your favorite evil genius voice.

    1. Everyone knows the government is always operating in the most effective way.

  18. “the proposal preserves significant flexibility for the Secretary and the IRS to design the new reporting requirements in the way that will be most effective for tax compliance efforts.”

    We’re still defunding the police, right?

  19. Biden Wants To Spy on American Bank Accounts

    Meh… that’s nothing. Yesterday, I learned that libertarians learned from the Taliban that its ok to force women to have a kid they don’t want and the day before that I learned that billions of dollars in arms shipments to Israel to murder Palestinians kids was also ok. I’d probably say that your trivial objections to Biden rubbing his hands all over our bank accounts will be ok too. But I don’t know for sure. Actually, since I’ve been reading the comments here I don’t really know what libertarians believe. {Pops popcorn} who knows what I’ll find out today! Can’t wait!

    1. 1. If you don’t want a kid – swallow.

      2. Palestinians through 300 rockets at random locations in Israel with no warning – perfectly ok. Israelis give warning to targeted sites that Palestinians have deliberately placed within schools and businesses – they’re murderers.

      I’ve never understood the anti-semitism of leftists.

      1. AmSoc is evil. That’s why he’s a Marxist. He champions violent musklims over the peaceful Jews he wants to exterminate.

    2. “force women to have a kid they don’t want”

      See what I mean about your brand of “socialism” being no threat to billionaires? And, if anything, being pro-billionaire in practice?

      Democrats have complete control in Washington, and Medicare for All is no more likely to pass now than it was in 2017. Meanwhile billionaires are rapidly getting richer. Whereas a genuine socialist would find this unacceptable, in-name-only socialists like you play into establishment Democrat hands by spending all your energy worrying about reproductive rights.


      PS — My only complaint is you should drop the cisnormative language. You should have said “force birthing people to have a kid they don’t want.”

      1. /me snorts coffee through his nose.

    3. “…who knows what I’ll find out today! Can’t wait!”

      That you’re a fucking lefty ignoramus, with a heaping dose of dishonesty tossed in.

    4. Many women would like to not deal with their credit card debt either. Should they be able to just extricate creditors at whim too? Or do we believe people responsible for their actions?

    5. The mortgage-welsher doesn’t seem to have a lot of concern over the Palestinians who were killed by their own people due to shitty rocket construction.

    6. You could try reading the Libertarian party platform:

      It certainly does represent the ideals and goals of all libertarians, but it’s a good place to start,

      1. Correction — “does NOT”

  20. Biden tax plan would cull financial data on masses of law-abiding, tax-compliant Americans.

    “Wrong, but within normal parameters.”

    Where, I’m glad we got Trump – the real authoritarian who was going to take the country as a dictator – out of office and elected someone who represents the status quo (50 years of it) libertarians have been fighting against in his place!

  21. Without #NetNeutrality when you’re trying to stream the @Yankees game on your phone and you miss every other pitch, who will be to blame?

    Always Blame Schumer.

  22. Trump administration spied on CNN reporter.

    Just the one then?

    1. If trump was any good he would have spied on over 20 reporters like Obama did. Trump was all hot air even when he was being bad

    2. Oddest part of story is that bidens doj is defending the action since it was done finding whistle-blower. Which happened frequently under trump. Although most of what leaked wasn’t whistle blowing.

      1. Yeah, based on the frequency of leaks to undermine Trump, I’m going to need some actual details before I’m upset about this.

  23. It is unclear when the investigation was opened, whether it happened under Attorney General Jeff Sessions or Attorney General William Barr,

    In other words, we don’t even know if it was the Trump administration and that this wasn’t an investigation started by Obama – you know, the guy who openly targeted leaks.

    1. Also, I thought the DoJ was relatively independent and that’s why there was so much pushback when Trump interfered in some of the investigations of him?

      So, really, we don’t have anything linking this to Trump’s administration other than ‘it happened when he was in office’.

      Like Obama before him – maybe he only knew about it because he read it in a newspaper?

  24. “It is unclear when the investigation was opened, whether it happened under Attorney General Jeff Sessions or Attorney General William Barr, and what the Trump administration was looking for in Starr’s records. The Justice Department confirmed the records were sought through the courts last year but provided no further explanation or context.”

    Are reporters an elite class of people, who are exempt from the laws the rest of need to follow?

    There doesn’t even seem to be an accusation here–other than a reporter being the subject of a warrant. Why is that interesting? Were this reporter’s constitutional rights violated in some way? Were there no plumbers, waitresses, truck drivers, or manicurists the subject of warrants during the same period?

    My first guess it that they suspected someone was leaking classified information to a reporter who covers the Pentagon. Going through the courts with evidence and getting a warrant to investigate seems like the right thing to do.

    If they had evidence that someone at the Pentagon was releasing classified information to a reporter–and they didn’t bother investigating because it involved a reporter–that might be newsworthy. Other than a reporter being the subject of an investigation, I don’t see the point.

    There is no substantive difference between reporters and anyone else.

    1. There is no substantive difference between reporters and anyone else.
      Reporters disagree.

      1. For reals. Tell that to a “reporter”.

    2. Obama was illegally hacking into systems per reports. He also listed reporters as a threat to the country on the warrants and included reporters families.

      1. Getting a warrant to investigate a reporter based on legitimate evidence is entirely appropriate–no matter what Obama did or why.

        1. The supposed hacking was not. He also spied on congressional computers.

    3. The whole take is Newspeak garbage. Not only are we talking about reporters who shouldn’t have special privileges, but reporters *with a direct fucking line to the Pentagon*. It’s not like this ‘spying’ was being conducted on random reporters or unfriendly members of the press corp. It would be stupid to assume that several governments aren’t spying on these reportes specifically because of their connections to The Pentagon.

      As you point out, the most libertarian take home message is “Assholes on both sides.” The Press working with the Pentagon in now way represents anything resembling protected free speech.


    All the big Jewish groups—run by leftist scum—are so quick to scream about bullshit microaggressions and “tropes”—nothing comes between their faces and a microphone. They’re silent now, tho.

    “Meanwhile, in NYC…

    Jews attacked in LA, NYC & other cities across America. You can be 100% sure the media would’ve pinned this on Trump if he was president. Now they say nothing as AOC, Tlaib, Omar & co incite racial & religious hatred. [Video]”

    1. “All the big Jewish groups- run by leftist scum…”

      Anti Semite.

      ML will reply calling me an antisemite I’m sure.

      1. Yall are just like the Mormons you love so much. Deep down you hate Jews, but LOVE Israel.

        I believe it’s a combo of being kooky evangelicals who hate Arabs more than you hate non-christians. So you gotta pull for Bibi and the other terrorists to wipe out the Arabs.

        Also “how can we be antisemitic if we LOVE Israel so much.”

        Funny that most the Jews I know don’t support Bibi or Israel’s policies. Are they anti-semitic?

        1. Asshole flag 2

      2. Asshole flag

        1. Why don’t you just mute me rummy?

          How have your loser 12 step meetings been going? It must help to admit what big pussies you all are…

          1. asshole flag 3

          2. That would be too bad if, “And they call it puppy love” by Mormon Donny Osmond got stuck in your head for a few hours.

    2. Don’t worry they will be horrified by the next attack on an Asian that they can blame on Trump for his racist non compliant beliefs in Covid being a fraud

      1. Aren’t Jews technically Asian?

        1. In the end, race is going to be categorized into just two groups: BIPOC (oppressed), and everyone else (oppressor).

          Now where have I heard something like this before?

        2. That doesn’t count. It’s not about accuracy or efficiency or improving anyone’s life. It’s about power, and whatever racial hierarchy can leverage the most power on a given day will be the racial hierarchy that day.

    3. After G.R. Rockwell was gunned down in broad daylight, “in your face Nazism” declined, went underground, became a spinoff of the punk movement, and a refuge for trashionalists. Patch wearers are quite literally untermensch.

      Nazi principles, however, are alive and well; trendy, even.

    4. Yeah, I noticed this years ago. Those “Jewish” groups are just another cog in the establishment machine.


    Jews are being publicly beaten in broad daylight the street of America and Europe…

    A threadThread
    (yes, it’s that bad)

    We’ll start in London, where Palestinian activists use a bullhorn to tell people the rape the daughters of Jews:

    1. In Toronto an “anti-zionism” protest turns violent and a Jew is beaten with sticks…in broad daylight…in Canada

      1. Rob Ford is rolling in his grave


    Some follow-up to yesterday’s thread on Marxism:

    It’s sad how many people have been programmed to think Marxism and socialism just mean “generous welfare benefits,” so anyone who criticizes those ideologies is just a meanie who wants poor people to starve.

    …Marxism’s assault on profit as evil exploitation is actually an assault on individual free will. Why would anyone work hard, take risks, or make sacrifices to invest in the future?

    Two reasons:

    1. Voluntary pursuit of profit

    2. Because you’re FORCED to

  28. EXCLUSIVE: Former FBI director Louis Freeh gave $100,000 to a private trust for Joe Biden’s grandchildren and spoke with the then vice president in 2016 ‘to explore lucrative future work options’ with Hunter as the middle man can reveal former FBI director Louis Freeh gave $100,000 to a private trust for Joe Biden’s grandchildren
    Freeh spoke with the then-Vice President in 2016 ‘to explore with him some future work options’, emails from Hunter’s laptop reveal
    The bombshell communications from July 2016 raise the question: Was Joe Biden discussing future private business deals while still in office
    In an email marked ‘confidential and privileged’, Freeh wrote to Hunter that he ‘would be delighted to do future work with you’
    Emails show that at the time Freeh was working for three men who were later found to be corrupt foreign criminals.
    Freeh was not involved in their corruption offenses or implicated in the charges against them
    Freeh, who served as FBI director under Bill Clinton and George Bush, ran a consultancy firm with highly controversial clients
    His clients included the now-jailed Malaysian prime minister who stole billions of dollars from his country and a Romanian real estate tycoon convicted of bribery

    1. DoL has assured us that the daily mail is simply a tabloid. We should ignore them. And ignore hunters laptop which most media has decided to not ignore.

      I do applaud agencies like daily mail who still do the deep dive work instead of Twitter narrative reporting.

      1. Decided to ignore*

        1. After they ignored Obamagate, and actively suppressed Hunter’s laptop story, and are actually trying to stop election fraud investigations, I’m guessing this revelation will treated in the same manner.

          The USSA now has a media that is actually worse than Izvestia or Pravda in their prime. They’re not just the DNC’s propaganda arm, they’re its OGPU too.


  29. There are a number of notable aspects of the “Covid-19 Hate Crimes Act” that Biden signed yesterday.

    1) It mostly seems to allow the reporting of anti-Asian hate crimes online, fund hate crime hotlines at the state level, and allow judges to sentence people to reeducation after they’ve been convicted of a hate crime against Asians (link below).

    2) At the signing ceremony, Biden started yelling at everybody in the room and nobody in particular for no apparent reason. See for yourself. He seems to be especially upset about silence! Silence makes him really mad.

    1. he is clearly getting botox and probably gto the wrong feed on his ear piece telling him what to say

      1. I suspect they interrupted his nap, and so he spent the rest of the afternoon feeling cranky.

      2. Yeah, I don’t know if it’s the botox or the dementia meds or the result of a long career of sociopathic narcissism but, to me, that he’s got the worst ‘dead eyes’ in that clip that I think I’ve ever seen on screen.

    2. This is the interesting part of the bill:

      “Finally, in the case of an individual convicted of a hate crime offense and placed on supervised release, the bill allows a court to order that the individual participate in educational classes or community service as a condition of supervised release.”

      —-S.937 – COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act

      In the progressive mind, it’s the thought that’s a crime by itself, and being compelled to participate in reeducation classes to address thought-crimes is perfectly appropriate in the progressive mind.

      I maintain, that progressives are essentially totalitarian, rather than merely authoritarian, especially in their enthusiasm to use to coercive power of government to control our thoughts rather than merely control our actions like an authoritarian would.

      Yes, racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc. are all terrible evils–but the government has no business trying to control people’s thoughts or punishing people for thinking certain things. In a free society, people can think whatever they like. Violating someone’s rights with your actions is the only true crime.

      1. “I maintain, that progressives are essentially totalitarian, rather than merely authoritarian”

        Welcome to the party, pal!

        1. Brennan WAS a registered communist. At this point I’d trust Rahm Emmanuel more than this military coup. It pains me to say that. We are in free fall,

      2. Vote authoritarian, because totalitarian is worse!

        1. Lol. Still a biden cultist.

        2. Don’t condemn progressive totalitarianism. Nobody’s perfect!

          1. I condemn them both, dumbass.

            I want the old Ken back.. The one who wasn’t begging to be ruled by authoritarians.

            1. Poor sarc, so broken.

            2. Would love to see your active condemnation. Not just when you’re exposed. I can find probably a couple of dozen anti conservative rants of yours from the last month alone. Find us say….. 3 that were against democrats or biden.

            3. “I condemn them both, dumbass.”

              Whataboutism isn’t justified here.

              We’re talking about progressive enthusiasm for using the coercive power of government to police people’s thoughts, and how that’s not only typical of progressives but central to their whole movement.

              You aren’t even pointing to any specific examples for your whataboutism either. Do you have any examples of how Republicans are trying to use the criminal justice system to change what people think–or are you just pointing in their general direction for no reason?

              1. P.S. How do you blame the Republican Party when we’re under a one-party government and the Republican Party isn’t the party in power? The answer is that you probably need a certain amount of self-delusion to go there.

                1. You’re endorsing authoritarianism as if your actions being controlled by the government is liberty, and you call others self-delusional? Dude…

                  1. “You’re endorsing authoritarianism.

                    Do you have a link for that? I double checked the thread. I think you’re just making shit up.

                    1. You’re painting a binary choice between totalitarianism and authoritarianism, minimizing authoritarianism with words like “merely,” calling the Republican party “merely” authoritarian, and fully endorsing the Republican party.

                      Now you’re going to argue that because you didn’t use the exact words “I endorse authoritarianism” that you aren’t doing exactly that?


              2. Every thread you post some long thing about how totalitarians are terrible, and why we should celebrate being ruled by authoritarians instead.

                Then you accuse anyone who rejects authoritarianism of endorsing totalitarianism.

                It’s tiresome and stupid.

            4. “I want the old Ken back..”

              There’s this thing called Duverger’s Law.


              As the Democrats become increasingly authoritarian and increasingly socialist, it is only appropriate for libertarian capitalists to become increasingly Republican.

              1. There’s hardly a place for libertarians within a Republican party that opposes free trade, is openly hostile to immigrants, endorses protectionism, and flirts with censorship.

            5. Did you turn into a drunk because you’re a loser, or did you become a loser because you’re a drunk?

      3. I assume the administrators at Harvard go to the re-education camps.

    3. His line about people remaining silent was so fucking random considering the media that supports him ignores hate crimes in deep blue urban areas for the most part.

      1. Odds the bill is even applied to those types of cases?

    4. I wonder how much longer they’ll let him speak in public.

  30. This sounds like a criminal complaining about police doing their jobs.

    No shortage of crybabies over at reason.

    1. “No shortage of crybabies over at reason.”

      Seems we have a bunch of fucking lefty ignoramuses also.

  31. It only took a couple months in power for the left to drop their mask…

    Jews are being publicly beaten in broad daylight the street of America and Europe…

    A thread
    (yes, it’s that bad)

    We’ll start in London, where Palestinian activists use a bullhorn to tell people the rape the daughters of Jews:

  32. “the right’s wrong turn on economic liberty”

    As someone who was born in the 1990s, it’s unfathomable to me that back in the 1980s the Republicans were actually the pro-1% party. I bet Charles and David Koch did quite well during that GOP-dominated decade. Heck, maybe I would have voted for Reagan’s reelection if I had been around then.

    But today? It’s clearly the Democrats who promote economic liberty and billionaire-friendly policies like open borders. Which is why Biden was the clear choice for Koch-funded libertarians.


  33. Considering all of the anti-Semitism coming from the left these days, I wonder are American Jews moving to the right or are there just a lot of self-hating Jews?

    1. The left is anti Semitic, is pushing racial segregation on schools, calls minorities who are conservatives a number of racial epitaphs….

      Why aren’t they just a rebranded KKK?

      1. Becauase the KKK overwhelmingly supports the GOP.

        1. Democrats are too racist for the KKK.

          1. Why do the majority of blacks vote Dem then?

            It hasn’t been 20 years since the GOP leadership had Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms, and Trent Lott.

            1. Since I’m not racist, I wouldn’t presume to know why they all vote Democrat. Since you are, you assume they all vote the same way for the same reason.

            2. Which one of them were Klan leaders like Robert Carlyle Byrd was?

              1. Thurmond ran for president on a segregationist platform.

                Byrd renounced the Klan and his former views.

                Strom never did and Lott praised him for running for president.

                1. Thurmond ran for president on a segregationist platform

                  Vice-president actually, for Robert Byrd… AND HE RAN AS A DEMOCRAT on that segregationist platform.
                  I can’t believe you were stupid enough to go there.

                  And when he converted to Republicanism he changed his ways completely:
                  “Thurmond appointed Thomas Moss, an African American, to his Senate staff in 1971. It has been described as the first such appointment by a member of the South Carolina congressional delegation (it was incorrectly reported by many sources as the first senatorial appointment of an African American, but Mississippi Senator Pat Harrison had hired clerk-librarian Jesse Nichols in 1937). In 1983, Thurmond supported legislation to make the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. a federal holiday.[6]”

                  You’re to low info to play here KAR. Go back to Stormfront.

              2. The Denver media just made a big to-do about the Stapleton neighborhood renaming itself to Central Park,* because Benjamin Stapleton, the former mayor of Denver through the 20s and 30s, joined the KKK.

                Guess which political party Stapleton belonged to?

                *–It was called Stapleton because the former Stapleton International Airport was located on that spot before DIA was built.

                1. All the racists that were democrats are dead.

                  The GOP is the party of racists now.

                  Homophobes too. You fit in well with GOP and Trump crowd.

                  1. All the racists that were democrats are dead.

                    BLM is dead?

                    The GOP is the party of racists now.

                    Just what a honky faggot would say.

                    Homophobes too. You fit in well with GOP and Trump crowd.

                    Not until I put that soothing knee on your neck.

                  2. “The GOP is the party of racists now”
                    Because the DNC said so and KAR automatically agreed. Don’t ask them how though. And yes, Islam is a race.

                    “Homophobes too. You fit in well with GOP and Trump crowd”
                    Trump is the first former pride-parade marshal ever to be president, but somehow he was a homophobe because reasons.

        2. Becauase the KKK overwhelmingly supports the GOP

          Lol, the entire fucking history of the Klan would like to dispute that assertion. From day one they were the Democrat’s private militia.

          1. In the last election David Duke and Richard Spencer endorsed Biden and the Democrats.


            1. He endorsed Trump in 16 and Trump didn’t reject the endorsement.

              Keep trotting out the same BS.

              The majority of racist voters switched to the GOP in the 60s thru 80s.

              This isn’t complex. I doubt you’re as obtuse as you seem. You’re just a lying fascist.

              1. “He endorsed Trump in 16 and Trump didn’t reject the endorsement.”

                Look at you go. Lying and making shit up on the internet.
                I’m thinking that your alma mater must be Twitter High.


          2. It’s not like the Democrat in the kkk was still serving in the senate… Jyst ignore byrd

            1. Biden praised those fine southern senators.

            2. “but but but Robert Byrd!”

              Just ignore that the GOP has become the party of racist conservatives and fascism.

          3. Not much has changed except for the three letters in the name.

    2. Progressivism has been burned into Ashkenazi culture since the days of the Okhrana and the pogroms in the Pale.
      It’s an artifact that has survived for a 130 years in the US and I can’t imagine them ditching it now even though it’s detrimental to them in 21st century America.

      1. But I’m the antisemite?

        You’re stereotyping a huge group of Jews?

        I’ll admit I’m a moron for arguing with a lying bigot like you…

        1. 4th asshole flag

        2. “But I’m the antisemite?
          You’re stereotyping a huge group of Jews?”

          Not just an antisemite, an idiot too.
          Cultural artifacts aren’t race, trollio.

          1. Criticizing Netanyahu and Israel isn’t anti-semitic.

            Ashkenazis are an ethnic group.

            You bigots come up with all sorts of lame excuses. “Being Nativist doesn’t make someone racist.”

            1. But you haven’t been just criticizing Netanyahu. You’ve been bitching about Jews as a race. You’ve been calling this their comeuppance.

              1. Kosher chickens coming home to roost?

              2. Look the lying fascist is lying again.

                Please cite where I complained about them as a race or wishes for their comeuppance?

  34. “Trump administration spied on CNN reporter. “The Trump administration secretly sought and obtained the 2017 phone and email records of a CNN correspondent,”

    Thank goodness, now Reason can finally talk about the government spying on Journalists.

    Do you know how hard it’s been for ENB and her cohorts to evade the issue when it was revealed that Obama and Biden had tapped 20 Associated Press office phone lines and the homes and phones of reporters.

    Now they just have to hope that Trump employed the Director of the FBI, the Deputy Director of the FBI, the Chief of the Counterespionage Section of the FBI, the Director of the CIA, the Director of National Intelligence, and members of the Justice Department and the State Department to spy on the Democrats in an effort to ensure reelection, and they can stop ignoring Obamagate too.

  35. A plague of locusts has descended upon Washington. And the cicadas are pretty annoying, too.

  36. Defund the financial police.

  37. > Trump administration spied on CNN reporter.

    But it was okay because it was Trump and the CNN reporter was the swamp he was trying to drain.

    p.s. Still hoping the Arizona Audit will finally overturn the election and Q will be proven right!

    1. Lol. Made up strawman arguments from the usual crew. The only statements here have been the hypocrisy of the reaction. Nobody has defended trump.

      Sarcasmic lapped you, you have to catch up still.

    2. All the spy-(non-)fiction stoylines are always bogged down by the turning of confidential informants, leveraging their children and families, branch-, department-, or even nation-wide warrantless wiretaps, and information and dossiers passed around by the intelligence agencies of multiple foreign governments.

      Why can’t they focus on actual spying? You know, going through courts to get warrants for communications half of which the government rightfully owns anyway.

    3. “But it was okay because it was Trump and the CNN reporter was the swamp he was trying to drain.”

      Did you really read over the part that read, “The Justice Department confirmed the records were sought through the courts last year but provided no further explanation or context”?

      If you think there’s a problem with the Trump administration seeking a warrant through the courts–because we’re talking about a reporter–then there’s a problem with the way you think.

      1. “See the engine’s running, but there’s nobody behind the wheel.”

  38. >>Trump administration spied on CNN reporter.

    which ones? a bunch were inside O support

  39. Why Aren’t Media Calling Lori Lightfoot a Racist? Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot isn’t just a disastrous mayor. She’s also a virulent racist. So why isn’t she being universally and unequivocally called one?

    Personally, I don’t know how anyone can see that photo of her wearing that stupid mask and not feel at least some urge to smash her ugly face in.

    1. Fuck you. Mayor Lightfoot is simply pushing diversity and inclusion among the press the same way the press itself has pushed for diversity and inclusion for everybody else. Suddenly now the press has problems with this? Fuck you. You think the shit you advise for the laity doesn’t apply to the priesthood? You’re not special, you’re not sacred, you’re not above the law. I know that chaps your ass that the hoi polloi don’t give you the respect and admiration you think is your birthright by virtue of being a member of the press, but you’re a lying scumbag shitweasel and you can go get fucked.

    2. “n the name of equity, diversity, and inclusion, Lightfoot pulled a bigoted publicity stunt: she will only allow minority reporters to interview her. ”

      Candace Owens is on line 1, asking for an in-depth interview

      1. As long as she is allowed to only drink from certain foutains

    3. You can’t criticize her because
      1. She’s a nigger
      2. She’s a fag
      3. She’s a totalitarian progressive

      1. Yup. Somehow, despite lockdowns, Chicago saw a 55% increase in homcides, almost entirely obliterating the previous several years’ declines. And 2021 is on pace to beat 2020. Additionally, the murder clearance rate, which had crept up from below 30% moved into the 50% range is now falling again.

        My favorite stat is the 17.5% Test Fatality Rating for Hi-Speed Lead Disease.

        1. 735 homicides last year.
          A new record.

      2. Look none of the people are calling out your bigotry?


    On Malcolm X’s birthday a BLM group shut down a block of businesses in NY because it “insulted” them for the businesses to be open on his Bday. This is what mob rule looks like. Vile. [Video]

    1. How many of those businesses do you think are black-owned or have black employees?

    2. First of all nothing can beat Malcom II, and Malcom IV, clearly the best in the series. Malcom X was a ham fisted over acted attempt to reboot the series

      1. The best thing it had going for it was ***spoiler alert*** killing off the main character to terminate/fractionalize the main story arc.

  41. Trump administration spied on CNN reporter.

    The Trump Administration also spied on Donald Trump and all of his associates looking for evidence that he was secretly working for the Russians. Maybe CNN was suspected of secretly working for the Russians as well. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me to find out CNN was providing cover for communists.


    PSA: If your kids’ school is teaching about “white privilege,” “systemic racism,” “racial equity,” or “racial justice,” it is teaching Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theorists, now on defense, will try to lie and cover up the fact of what they’re doing. Stay alert.

    1. How often are you called an uncle Tom or a house n word?

      1. asshole gets another flag.

    2. “Yes, my kids’ teachers loathe the idea of being in the same room with them, force them to cover their breathing holes, and teach them to hate themselves….but it’s “free”!”

    3. If Jews who don’t support Netanyahu’s policies or aren’t far right kooks self hating Jews then does that make Fascist far right blacks like Nardz self hating blacks?

      If Nardz is a Jags fan he must really hate himself…

      Same for living in a shithole like Jacksonville…

      1. It’s going to be fun watching Urban Meyer fail and all the inbred SEC fans defend him…

        1. A two-fer for the asshole!

          1. The rummy can count!


    Jussie Smollett’s ridiculous hate crime hoax generated substantially more outrage from the left/the media than the roving bands of pro-Palestinian protestors currently beating up Jews in major American cities has.

    1. Because Smollett embarrassed them, whereas the thugs beating up Jews are doing their will.

      1. He’s talking about before the hoax was exposed, when it was used to run nonstop loops of “white supremacist terror” running amok in America

        1. White supremacists don’t have to be white. Or American. Don’t be so racist. And nationalist.


          1. So true. For example, the “white supremacists” who are committing hate crimes against Asians predominantly aren’t white.


    CNN’s @donlemon
    : “The only party now that is operating in reality is the Democratic Party. The Republican Party is obsolete … I’m not a political person. I’m a person who lives in reality. I’m a journalist.”

    I sometimes wonder if they say stuff like this just for a desperate attempt to boost ratings

    1. My favorite is when “libertarians” defend a “We love one-party rule!” news organization when the government goes through the appropriate legal channels to “spy” on them.

    2. I’m a person who lives in reality. I’m a journalist.

      That’s a money quote if I ever heard one.

    3. I’m a person who lives in reality. I’m a journalist

      This may very well be the most quoted thing Don Lemon will ever write.
      I’m laughing my as off.

    4. Projection levels at close to 100% these days

  45. ‘You shouldn’t be able to breathe, you stupid b*****d’: Bodycam shows Tennessee cops pinning a handcuffed father-of-five to a jail floor moments before he suffocated to death

    Grand jury can indict a ham sandwich, but pigs go free.

  46. Biden tax plan would cull financial data on masses of law-abiding, tax-compliant Americans.

    It’s never about what they say it is. A few years ago they dramatically raised the penalties for failure to file a 1099. They will use the data to match businesses to payments that don’t appear on 1099s and W-2s and audit them. Once that vein collapses, they will attach to individuals and suck them dry.

    1. Bleed the beast. Like your fundamentalist bretheran say.

  47. The US government is already getting most of this data through bipartisan post-9/11 legislation.

    The only thing that’s new is that they now want to be able to use it overtly as part of tax enforcement.

  48. “Spy on American Bank Accounts”
    At least it’s not Trump, no mean tweets WORTH IT

  49. spy on the American bank account is illegal
    and Apps for using is also a dangerous act

  50. I think this is terrible, and I don’t agree. The Biden administration seeks strict surveillance rights in the name of catching tax evaders to supervise all U.S. bank accounts and payment applications.

  51. Of course it’s only designed to catch wealthy tax dodgers – all those $500K a year baby sitters need to be reigned in!

    Once again, our government feeds us a hearty “Fuck you!”

  52. So now the zombie in the White House wants to rob Americans(at gun point) even further buy spying into their bank accounts.
    I suppose all that extra money will be used to provide free transgender operations to those who are mentally ill and can’t figure out who they are.
    It definitely won’t be used for building as wall at the southern border.
    My only hope is this zombie remains in the White House for the duration as the damage that he will cause will create the next ten generations of conservative and libertarian voters.

  53. Anyone here ever litigated a tax assessment based on a bank deposits and disbursements audit? I did. That was my very first trial as first chair (actually, my very first trial PERIOD) back in 1995. I am looking for an online version of the Magistrate Judge’s decision, but I don’t think it is online.

    Pringle ran an air charter business with flights between St. Croix USVI and Dominica. His bank deposits and expenditures were much higher than the revenues he reported for income tax purposes. Pringle argued that the money belonged to friends in Dominica who gave him money to hold for them. He never produced any records to show how much anyone gave him or how much he repaid. At trial he testified that he kept it in his head. At trial other witnesses testified that they trusted Pringle to hold their money for them. After one witness testified, Magistrate Judge Resnick expressed his disbelief in this testimony.

    In my post-trial brief, I mentioned that Pringle flew small aircraft across the Caribbean and accidents frequently happened. If he died there would be know way to sort out how much anyone was owed. About a year later, that happened. His ex-wife continued to run his air transportation business and this caused all kinds of confusion. Here is a link to the District Court opinion in that case:

    This case was heard in Federal District Court instead of the Tax Court because the Tax Court does not have jurisdiction in the USVI. If the Biden administration really goes forward with this, they are going to need to increase the size of the IRS litigation staff and the size of the Tax Court.

    1. At trial he testified that he kept it in his head. At trial other witnesses testified that they trusted Pringle to hold their money for them. After one witness testified, Magistrate Judge Resnick expressed his disbelief in this testimony.

      Yes, the idea that people could trust each other, make informal arrangements, and not rely on the legal system is utterly foreign to most of the apparatchiks in the government.

      If the Biden administration really goes forward with this, they are going to need to increase the size of the IRS litigation staff and the size of the Tax Court.

      It won’t make any difference in terms of revenue: there are plenty of legal arrangements that people can engage in to keep the IRS at bay. Worst case, people just give up their US citizenship. There is little value in being a citizen of a progressive, high tax sh_thole.

  54. The big missing component is that part of the underground economy that is never reported, that never gets into the banking system, and that is fiat currency or barter. It is usually just enough to raise a standard of living but not by enough to become obvious to auditors. The money or bartered goods never goes into a financial institution. Big government begets leadership by extremely well off people who govern for the benefit of extremely well off people and know next to nothing of how we who do real work live in this country that benefits extremely well off people. Very little of what governance does benefits this middle class that provides all of the services these well off people take for granted. Big government thinks giving away “free” stuff should pacify us, but what we need is to get big government off of our backs.

  55. The anti-market right, is not about about anti-market, but is about anti-anti-market forces, and therefore pro-market. i.e. Big tech being puppets of the Dems is anti-market ( and anti-free speech).

  56. Can someone explain to me how it isn’t a Fourth Amendment violation for government to demand personal bank account information without probable cause?

    1. Because the Constitution lives! And because banking secrecy is a racist and oppressive concept! Just ask the Wise Latina on our Supreme Court!

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