Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry Admits Pipelines Are Carbon-Delivery-Efficient

Building more and better energy infrastructure is the best guarantee against fuel and electricity disruptions.


At a congressional hearing yesterday, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) asked Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry, "Isn't it true the pipelines are more carbon-delivery-efficient than trains or trucks or other forms of delivery?" Kerry responded, "Yeah, that is true. I think that is true, but it doesn't mean you necessarily want to be adding another line when there are other alternatives. But is it better than train, and better than that? Yes, it is."

The envoy is correct.

A 2017 National Bureau of Economic Research study compared the greenhouse gas emissions and spills associated with transporting crude oil from North Dakota to the Gulf Coast via trains and via pipelines. It found that pipelines are much more carbon-delivery-efficient:

In the wake of the ransomware shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline and the resulting East Coast fuel delivery chaos, some in the Twitterverse and in right-wing media outlets have been accusing Kerry and the Biden administration of hypocrisy, given the president's executive order revoking the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline extension. (The stated aim of the order was to protect the climate from the greenhouse gases that would have been emitted from the burning Canadian tar sands oil.) They have a point, since tar sands crude is now being shipped via rail. There is, however, one relevant difference between the two pipelines: Since the Keystone XL would have transported unrefined tar sands petroleum from Canada to the Gulf Coast refineries, it would have had no direct effect on delivering gasoline, diesel, or jet fuel to consumers in the U.S.

Opponents of the Keystone, Mountain Valley, and Atlantic Coast pipelines used the absurdly convoluted energy infrastructure permitting process to stall and kill those projects. They will rue the day when the same process is deployed against energy supply infrastructure they favor, such as vast wind and solar generation facilities and the extensive new high-voltage power lines that will be needed to transport renewable electricity from remote locations to cities.

Ultimately, building better and more extensive energy supply networks is the best guarantee against future fuel and electricity disruptions.

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60 responses to “Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry Admits Pipelines Are Carbon-Delivery-Efficient

  1. best guarantee against fuel and electricity disruptions.

    That’s not the point. The point is to make the American people suffer.

    1. “That’s not the point.” — Right.. As-if it hasn’t been the lefty story line for the last century. DISRUPTING fuel and electricity is EXACTLY what every lefty has pushed for since Al Gore (chicken-little) ran around tell everyone the sky was falling down.

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  2. Wooo-Hooo!!! Someone on the left spoke the truth! Now… When will someone on the right speak the truth about so-called “massive vote fraud”, and, unlike Liz Cheney, not be kicked out of the tribe for it? Will Der TrumpfenFuhrer EVER allow this? Inquiring minds want to KNOW, dammit!

    (Astute minds will note that John Kerry isn’t being kicked out of the tribe for speaking the truth).

    1. Don’t tase me bro.

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    2. anyone know where I can get me a huntin’ license?

      1. A Jesus-killer license? Or a Mahatma Gandhi-killer license, Martin Luther King Jr.-killer license, or all of the above?

        Evil people have ALWAYS lusted after killing the truth-speakers! ESPECIALLY those who challenge “my tribe GOOD, your tribe BAD” attitudes! No good deed (or truth-speaking) will go unpunished!

        For details, see

        1. i don’t kill things. i *do* point out that John Kerry is not credible.

          1. Truth-speaking ALWAYS makes one more credible! WHEN is Der TrumpfenFuhrer and Its Minions going to speak the truth about so-called “massive voter fraud”, and apologize to the likes of Liz Cheney? Until that day happens, wise and benevolent people will NOT vote for GOP become GOD! GOD = Grand Old Dicktatorshit! One-Party “R” State, Seig Heil!

            1. The article is about John Kerry. Do try to keep up. Thanks.

              1. John Kerry had the courage and the honesty to speak the truth, even though it ran contrary to the so-called higher-level “truth” of his tribe. He did NOT get kicked out of his tribe for truth-speaking.

                Liz Cheney did the same truth-telling, and got punished for it. See and ponder the difference, and what it implies. Do try to keep up. Thanks.

                1. Something something Trump. Something something whataboutism. Something something. Got it.

                  1. I muted his ass at the earliest opportunity. Fuck that idiot. It’s just a shame he won’t kill himself and put us out of his misery once and for all.

                2. Chumby has no response for the clear and obvious truth here. Got it! My tribe good, your tribe bad! Got that as well!

                  You resent the hell out of the fact that many other people are flat-out, better, more honest people than you are, right? More “live and let live”, and WAAAY less authoritarian?
                  From the conclusion to the above…
                  These findings suggest that we don’t need to downplay personal triumphs to avoid negative social consequences, as long as we make it clear that we don’t look down on others as a result.

                  SQRLSY back here now… So, I do NOT want you to feel BAD about YOU being an authoritarian asshole, and me NOT being one! PLEASE feel GOOD about you being an authoritarian asshole! You do NOT need to push me (or other REAL lovers of personal liberty) down, so that you can feel better about being an asshole! EVERYONE ADORES you for being that authoritarian asshole that you are, because, well, because you are YOU! FEEL that self-esteem, now!

                  1. Kerry got cornered and recognized he couldn’t bullshit his way out of it. It was estimated that his private jet emitted over a 100 tons of carbon in 2020. Hardly an eco warrior.

                    1. Sarcasmic is just drunk again.

                    2. He just comes off as retarded.

            2. Special Envoy not required to know pipeline > train for carbon efficiency.

    3. He is, however, no longer invited to Al and Tipper’s movie night.

      1. Did tipper forgive al for the masseuse

    4. Saint Liz of Cheney, martyr and crusader against the Muslim hordes. Pray for us.

  3. Well he did buy a Martha’s Vineyard home right by the ocean. So I would guess he knows some things aren’t true or wildly exaggerated by the left.

    1. He’s got 5 homes, a private jet and a yacht. He needs his own personal pipeline.

      1. He has a financial pipeline. Her name is Teresa.

    2. That must be why Michelle Obama lives in fear of being profiled on the Vineyard.

  4. Right , Someone on the left spoke the truth

    1. Good, I am glad that you noticed it!

      Now I am waiting for the left to acknowledge that whale oil is a renewable bio-energy source! Whale oil for home heat and lighting, I say! (Will elephant seal oil be OK too, or, by dint of the being ELEPHANT seals, are they too tied to the “R” Party to be fair game for this?)

  5. You don’t understand. That is why they want to kill pipelines. To increase barriers to energy production and delivery.

    1. But… But… But needless suffering shows everyone our VIRTUES, dammit!

      1. When you lick Kerry’s ass do you taste all 57 varieties of his shit?

        1. Do you recall the awesome enchanter named “Tim”, in “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail”? The one who could “summon fire without flint or tinder”? Well, you remind me of Tim… You are an enchanter who can summon persuasion without facts or logic!

          So I discussed your awesome talents with some dear personal friends on the Reason staff… Accordingly…

          Reason staff has asked me to convey the following message to you:

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          Please send your resume, and another sample of your writings, along with your salary or fee demands, to .

          Thank You! -Reason Staff

  6. Yes but pipelines lead to Indian Native Americans Indigenous People tears…why do you want to make Indians Native Americans Indigenous Peoples cry?

  7. Not opening your operational programs to hacking via the Internet would probably help, too.

    How much you want to bet that this company was hacked because their work-from-home employees weren’t using proprietary equipment via a secure VPN?

    1. IT vs OT network. Company probably didn’t have a valid firewall between the two networks. Hacker got into the domain controllers and the network guys had an oh shit moment when they realized the OT devices were exposed and they shut down the systems intentionally until they could pull the interconnections.

  8. No….Shit!

    1. John Kerry is a moron, but he’s not above also playing one on C-SPAN, as long as he’s getting paid for it.

  9. They will rue the day when the same process is deployed against energy supply infrastructure they favor

    No they won’t. It will all be unintended and unforeseen consequences. Who could have guessed that this would happen? It’s not what we meant. We had good intentions, our hands are clean and our consciences are clear, it’s not our fault that evil obstructionists twisted our work to evil ends, it’s all their fault.

  10. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry Admits Pipelines Are Carbon-Delivery-Efficient

    Of course. The petroleum is delivered in the pipeline and petroleum is made out of Carbon based life-forms subjected to millions of years of heat and pressure. Therefore…How is this news?

    Building more and better energy infrastructure is the best guarantee against fuel and electricity disruptions.

    And I’m sure if the petro-executives are smart, they won’t rely on government to do the building. C’mon, Ron! Do better!

    1. They’re trying, but the new administration has thus far not been supportive. IHadn’t you heard? t was in the news and everything.

  11. vast wind and solar generation facilities and the extensive new high-voltage power lines that will be needed to transport renewable electricity from remote locations to cities.

    It’s like we are still completely missing the point. Wind and solar are everywhere. Places that are successfully harnessing it are finding every good solution is decentralized.

    Not us.

    1. I always thought that was obvious. Outside the Philly stadium complex there are solar farms located above several parking lots, which seems like a very scalable idea.

    2. But clean, renewable wind and solar are not available all the time. So we need to cut our energy usage between 4 and 9 PM, to Keep California Golden (actual public service TV ad in California right now).

      Even though the sun sets about 8:30 these days.

      1. Solar power drops off drastically long before sunset. Most solar panels are in fixed mounts, pointing south. By mid-afternoon, the sun is 45 degrees off center, which directly reduces the light reaching the panel to 70.7% of the peak. But the sun is also lower in the sky, so more light is absorbed by the atmosphere, as well as probably being below the center of the panels as well as to the side. So the power collected by the panel is under 70% of the maximum, and it drops fast as the sun moves further.

        If the local solar noon is about 1 PM daylight-savings time, by 4 PM the solar power will have dropped by about a third. By the time you are cooking supper, it’s dropped more. By the time you wash the dishes, the sun may still be up but very little power is coming from the solar panels. Also, in many areas the wind dies around this time of day, so wind power is also lacking. (On the sea shore, usually there will be a land breeze near sunset and a sea breeze near sunrise, driven by the faster cooling and heating of the land, but that’s exactly where wealthy liberals don’t want the wind turbines spoiling their view and making their beaches noisy.)

        …And the idiots running CA want to change all the kitchen ranges and hot water heaters from gas to electric, while also switching power generation from fossil fuels and nuclear to solar and wind. I’m sure the governor’s mansion will have a diesel generator for those times when the grid cannot deliver power, but you peons can eat cold sandwiches for supper in sweltering heat…

  12. I had no idea Kerry was still around. And now they call him “the Envoy?” If that’s anything in like Altered Carbon, that means he’s a veritable badass one-man fighting machine.

    1. I was worried about the Earth overheating and humanity having to leave the planet in 9 years before Elon Musk has Mars ready to colonize, but now that Kerry is in charge of the weather we can all rest easy.

      1. Right after VP Harris cleans up the border mess.
        Still not sure why Biden tied that anchor around her neck. Maybe he does plan to run in 2024.

    2. As an envoy, it means that Kerry is forever exempt from any emissions that come from flying to climate change conferences, heating and cooling his mansion, and driving him and his entourage around

  13. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  14. Environmental Justice/ Social Justice are a ” religion “. There are tenets of faith motivated by feelings and emotions. When pushed into a corner to answer a specific fact and science based question, Kerry answered truthfully but then in his religious zeal said the facts don’t matter. I give credit to the question and and an effort for a truthfull answer. However. I am not surprised that an environmental religion zealot would say, but that doesn’t matter.

  15. These hipster retards think we all should be able to get by with a one-speed bike, bus pass, and vegan diet like they do. But I bet a lot of them will be shocked when they can’t afford plane tickets to an eco-resort in Sri Lanka, or have to pay $100 for shipping that Patagonia doggie fleece.

  16. Liberals want to throttle the fossil fuel industry, and will oppose its creation, distribution and sale wherever possible.

  17. The left wants to make gasoline more expensive so that solar and wind are more attractive price-wise.

    That is all that matters.

  18. Trains are more polluting and have more spills but trains are warm, fuzzy, old-timey things AND they are “the future” so trains it will be.

  19. Jawn Kerry is living proof of the old adage that even a blind pig can find an occasional truffle. He even uncovered another one in that one shouldn’t put all their eggs in one basket. Building and repairing better “Infrastructure” for electricity and gas is only logical, as it divides the concentration of power sources instead of putting everything in the proverbial one basket. Something Calipornia is ignoring. The lovely town of Paradise, CA., is now just a giant burn scar on a hillside, because power lines were downed by high winds and sparked a fatal wild fire. Now, whenever the winds are predicted to rise, the power company cuts electric power to wide swaths of the northern half of the state from a few hours to days, depending. Being “Green”, that doesn’t stop local municipalities from mandating there be no new construction with natural gas appliances. So, how are residents and businesses going to cook or use hot water heated by “Faerie Dust” again?

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