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States Hope Labor Shortage Will Shrink as They Ditch Federal Unemployment Benefits

Plus: Remembering "sexual-subculture pioneer" Pat Bond, debunking gender gap hyperbole around jobs, and more...


Programs "accomplished their goals but are now counterproductive." As Congress debates whether to extend federal unemployment benefits past September and economists debate whether these benefits are now keeping Americans from seeking jobs, some states are going ahead and opting out. Nine states so far have said they will drop out of the federal unemployment benefit programs.

The Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program provides $300-per-week checks to unemployed Americans, which people can receive in addition to any state-provided unemployment benefits. The money was meant to help people put out of work by COVID-19 and shutdown mandates.

Now that vaccination is possible and America is largely open for business again, unemployment should be dwindling—and it has been. But not as much as economists and political leaders think it should. Meanwhile, some businesses across the country say they're having a hard time hiring because people earning under a certain wage threshold may make more—or at least a comparable amount—through unemployment than through going back to work.

"Even though Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh argues that the federal unemployment supplement does not contribute to a lower willingness to reenter the workforce, there is abounding anecdotal evidence that the $300 a week addition to state unemployment pay dampens worker enthusiasm," as Bruce Yandle wrote at Reason earlier this week.

Folks on the left suggest that this just means businesses need to pay more. Many have already been doing this—"the average hourly rate in the hospitality sector is up roughly $1 compared to the pre-pandemic going rate," notes The Washington Post, and "warehouses have hiked wages by more than a dollar and now pay $26 an hour on average." But a lot of employers—especially small businesses of the sort progressives claim to support—already operate on very thin margins and simply can't afford to compete with what people are currently making for not working.

In other words, it's not that companies aren't paying workers what their labor is worth but that the government has distorted the incentives, forcing employers to compete for workers with not just other employers but also with getting government benefits for nothing.

Unemployment benefits helped many during the height of the pandemic and associated lockdowns, and can still be an important stopgap measure for people who lose their jobs. But when the state provides indefinite payments that outpace many employee earnings, they go from help to hindrance. That's the argument being put forth by leaders in Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

"We will no longer participate in federal pandemic unemployment programs because Tennesseans have access to more than 250,000 jobs in our state," the state's Republican governor, Bill Lee, posted yesterday on Facebook. "Families, businesses & our economy thrive when we focus on meaningful employment & move on from short-term, federal fixes."

"Regular unemployment benefits will remain available, as they did before the pandemic, but it's time for everyone who can to get back to work," Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, also a Republican, tweeted yesterday. "Our unemployment rate is at 3.7 percent, vaccines are available to anyone who wants one, and we have more jobs available than unemployed people."

"After fighting through severe stress and financial hardship, many North Dakota businesses that survived the pandemic are now facing an unprecedented labor shortage as they attempt to recover," said North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R) in a statement. "These federal unemployment programs were meant to supplement state benefits and provide short-term relief for displaced and vulnerable workers, and these programs have accomplished their goals but are now counterproductive."

Governors of the other states ditching federal unemployment compensation have said similar things.

Supporters of the extra federal benefits argue that it's fear of catching COVID-19 that has kept people away from many jobs. But this argument has made less and less sense as vaccines have become widely available.


RIP Pat Bond. "To cultural historians, anthropologists, sex educators and members of the now sprawling alternative-sex community known by the umbrella acronym of B.D.S.M. — for bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism — or by the more prosaic (and historical) term 'kink,' Pat Bond, to use the pseudonym he preferred, was a foundational figure, applauded at conferences, noted in academic papers and hailed as an elder by those who shared his interest in role-playing sex," Penelope Green writes.


The gender gap in pandemic job losses has been wildly exaggerated. The scope of the gender gap in pandemic employment woes has been smaller than many have made it out to be:

In April 2021, the labor force participation rate for U.S. men 20 and older was 69.8 percent, down from 71.6 percent in February 2020. For women, it was 61.7 percent in April, down from the 63.3 percent in February 2020. So, while women's labor force participation was lower than men's at the start of the pandemic and still is, women are now slightly closer than men are to their pre-pandemic participation level, with the April 2021 labor force participation rate for men 1.8 percentage points lower and the rate for women down 1.6 percentage points.

I dig into more of the numbers—and the hyperbole surrounding them—here.


• How a prominent sex trafficking "rescue" group is harming children.

• Cops wrecked a home, terrorized a family, and assaulted a man. It was the wrong place.

• Robert Aaron Long, the suspect in fatal shootings at three Atlanta-area massage parlors, has been indicted on four counts of murder, four counts of felony murder, five counts of assault with a deadly weapon, four counts of possessing a firearm while committing a felony, and one count of domestic terrorism.

• The Department of Homeland Security has established a "new, dedicated domestic terrorism branch within the department's Office of Intelligence and Analysis."

• "The rate of new Covid cases in the U.S. fell to an average of 38,800 per day Monday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the first time daily case counts have been below 40,000 since September," reports CNBC.

• "Those worried about the implications of a nation not going back to work should make it a higher priority to loosen occupational licensing laws that literally and intentionally prevent many Americans from being legally able to perform certain jobs even if they are yearning to do so," writes Reason's Brian Doherty.

• Keep this in mind the next time mainstream media and politicians start declaring themselves the arbiters of disinformation:

• Vaccine passports "seem destined to be part of life long after the reason for their existence is gone," laments J.D. Tuccille at Reason.

• Today in great examples of politicians being out of touch:

NEXT: Vaccine Passports Will Outlast the Pandemic

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  1. States Hope Labor Shortage Will Shrink as They Ditch Federal Unemployment Benefits

    Heartless bastards can’t stop manipulating markets.

    1. 10 million unemployed
      8 million job postings.


      1. I’m wondering how much impact the government’s efforts to scare everyone shitless over COVID + confused messaging on needed safety precautions especially for the vaccinated are affecting how people evaluate unemployment benefits vs rejoining the labor force?

        1. I’d say it’s the goddamed free money the government is handing out.

          Call me crazy.

          1. 1. I didn’t say the “free” money doesn’t have an impact.

            2. Yes, you are crazy if you think the government telling people they would be risking their lives working in a restaurant or an office or warehouse or whatever doesn’t have any impact at all.

            1. Think “hero pay”.

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            2. Rather be crazy than a moron, moron.

    2. A far more accurate title of this article is
      “Red States Hope Labor Shortage Will Shrink as They Ditch Federal Unemployment Benefits”

      Notice how ENB failed to mention that all nine states that have or are ditching Biden’s unemployment benefits have GOP governors.

    3. In other news in Cali4kneeya, Gov. Newsom is trying to buy votes in the recall election at $600 a pop.

  2. The gender gap in pandemic job losses has been wildly exaggerated.

    Well, someone has to be hardest hit.

    1. Yeah, because she wouldn’t listen.

  3. 1. don’t
    2. don’t
    3. don’t

    — Evan Greer (@evan_greer) May 10, 2021

    Next thing we’ll get an autonomous law creation system.

    1. It’s already autonomous.

  4. Cops wrecked a home, terrorized a family, and assaulted a man. It was the wrong place.

    As long as everyone went home sa-

    Well, you know the rest.

    1. At least they didn’t have a puppy.

  5. Robert Aaron Long, the suspect in fatal shootings at three Atlanta-area massage parlors, has been indicted…

    Did he count as an incel?

    1. The number of progs calling a guy tormented by his sex addiction an “incel” was truly revealing.

      Critical thinking is just not part of the package.

    2. I’m pretty sure this was a simple case of suicide by cop that failed because the cops refused to play their part.

    3. I think he was a volnoncel trying to transition to a volcel or something.

    4. If he’s democrat it was failed suicide by cop.

  6. “Vaccine passports “seem destined to be part of life long after the reason for their existence is gone,” laments J.D. Tuccille at Reason”

    Just brand the cattle and be done with it, Davos.

  7. That entire blurb about unemployment benefits is really going to make Andrew Yang angry. If ever there was a demonstration of what the effect of universal basic income would be, this is it.

    1. My neighbor who quit his job mid-pandemic and kept appealing the denial of his unemployment claims was very unhappy with this news.

      1. It’s not like I can’t understand the desire to be paid NEETBux to sit around and play video games and Twatter all day, but it’s another great example of how slothful this generation of Americans is that they feel they’re entitled to this shit.

        1. The Georgia runoff campaign was literally vote dems for free money. That was their campaign commercials. When biden took too long Twitter raged at him. Newsome is doing the same in California.

    2. They are something like 0-12 for showing UBI works. It has failed every time. Like socialism, it wasn’t real UBI. You think they will actually learn a lesson?

      1. The only experiment I am aware of where it worked well was in an African-Aid scenario. A group of philanthropists went around all of the NGOs and group project type programs and simply gave money directly to people. No strings attached, they just gave them a few hundred or a couple of thousand dollars. This proved to be much more effective at pulling these people out of poverty. They were able to use the money to start their own businesses or buy supplies they needed to become more productive, like seed, farm implements, storage, communications equipment, etc.

        Their hypothesis was that individuals are best positioned to determine their own need, rather than some outside agency.

        From what I was led to understand on first reading about universal basic income, it was an outgrowth of this experiment. But that seems to entirely miss the perverse incentives of ongoing recurring payments versus a one-time or short-term infusion of cash.


          Chris Blattman of Columbia University talks to EconTalk host Russ Roberts about a radical approach to fighting poverty in desperately poor countries: giving cash to aid recipients and allowing them to spend it as they please. Blattman shares his research and cautious optimism about giving cash and discusses how infusions of cash affect growth, educational outcomes, and political behavior (including violence). The conversation concludes with a discussion of the limits of aid and the some of the moral issues facing aid activists and researchers.

          1. I like how you choose to point to theoretical discussions instead of actual attempts that have failed.

            Many things are nice ideas that fail in practice.

            1. It’s Dee.

        2. If we ever have truly _universal_ basic income, it would result in the price of everything going up (i.e. general inflation). A similar thing has already happened with government tuition aid and college tuition.

          It might work if there were means-tested aid where poor people were given money with no conditions attached, like the African aid program you describe, but it would be key to keep the size of the program small enough it doesn’t affect prices.

          1. Yes, but ironically UBI will be introduced as a response to people loosing their life savings due to the coming hyperinflation.


          It has now been tried in multiple countries as well as multiple areas of the country.

          The only net benefit was people were happier to have more money. It has never shown more entry into a workforce on any discernable level.

          1. Jesse, just because the editor of your carefully curated list of partisan sources says that an experiment failed, does not mean it has failed.

            For instance, your first article sites a Finnish experiment that did not even release its results at the time of the article’s writing. They are prematurely declaring it failed.

            The Ontario experiment allowed recipients to continue to receive other government benefits. That is not the UBI being proposed.

            Your second source calls Finland’s experiment failed because it did not decrease unemployment among the recipients. It did not increase unemployment either.

            If the recipients are getting the same or less $ benefits, or it costs less to administer UBI than the list of programs it would replace, that would still be a success. Yet that is never addressed, and you are just happy to have a headline that confirms your preconceived opinion.

            Other sources have notd that Finland’s program saw an increase in employment among recipients, and that they received fewer net benefits than the current unemployment system pays out. So they would save money on UI and increase employment. Gee, that sounds like a good thing. But I guess it must not be, because Friedman and Hayek are commies and Jesse is the smartest guy everrrrrrrr.

            Everyone one of your gish gallop of sources ignores Norway.

      2. I don’t think UBI was ever proposed at $50k/year with zero incentive for incremental work.

      3. Friedman and Hayek both disagree. But you’re the smartest, most libertarianest dude out there.

        1. No they don’t. Both talked about UBI as a replacement for all other government welfare programs. Current UBI and experimented UBI does neither.

          Stop throwing around things you have no understanding of.

          1. Exactly.

            Libertarian capitalist UBI was meant to be a total replacement for welfare programs, public schools, Medicaid, etc.

            Who tried this on the left?

            The reason progressives distort and lie is because reality neither will nor can support their positions.

            You must believe things that aren’t true in order to believe what progressives believe, which is why so much of it is predicated on how they feel more than anything else. Incidentally, the way progressives turn compassion into authoritarianism and socialism is another reason why progressives are America’s most horrible people. If only they used their feelings for good instead of evil!

            1. Libertarian capitalist UBI does not exist.

              *Tips fedora.*

          2. “Stop throwing around things you have no understanding of.”

            I can’t understand why he even tries.

          3. I have never seen UBI proposed as anything other than a replacement for current welfare programs. That is assumed to be part of it.

            Nice attempt at a weak ass pedantic point though. That’s another one of your rhetorical maneuvers I forgot about.

            1. All those examples above included getting rid of all other welfare?

  8. Congratulations to the Republican party for ousting Liz Cheney from her leadership role by voice vote a few minutes ago.

    Elitism is all about holding the opinions of average people in contempt, and there should be no room for elitism in at least one of the two major parties.

    1. Liz Cheney probably won’t survive the challenge to her seat in Wyoming. This should also cheer everyone and anyone in or out of any party who abhors the warmongering of Bush era neoconservatives.

      If there’s anything worse than an elitist member in the House of Representatives who holds the opinions of the people she represents in contempt, it’s an elitist, warmongering neocon.

      Bush era neoconservatism doesn’t appear to have any traction in the Republican party anymore. If you want to launch a forever war for the benefit of the downtrodden in other countries, you should probably run as a Democrat.

      Thank you, President Trump.

      1. I like how Liz Cheney is adamant that we elect leaders who, unlike Donald Trump, support the Constitution and don’t undermine our trust in the sacred institutions of our democracy. Which is why supported Joe Biden, because he holds to his Constitutional duty to faithfully execute the laws of the United States whether he agrees with them or not, and supports Democrats who uphold the norms of our democracy by resisting efforts to eliminate the Electoral College, to pack the Supreme Court, to federalize elections and allow indiscriminate voting, to do away with proportional representation by the states in the Senate, and so much more.

        1. You think you’re being sarcastic, but chemleft and Buttplug have actually argued that here, already.

          1. And dol. In the sullum article.

            1. Yes, and I know this is difficult to understand for dum dums, but having elections is better than not.

              We have a fully delusional party that has abandoned the principles of self governance and democratic elections. And we have another party full of bad ideas, but who will reliably respect the result of democratic elections.

              You can vote out the bad idea party. The fascists you cannot.

              1. Uhm which party respects the election results? Did you sleep through four years of stolen election rhetoric from the left or did you miss the Democrats attempting to out an elected representative this election and replace her with their own candidate that lost? Or did you miss the myriad of last minute election law changes (and outright ignoring election laws in some cases) by Democratic controlled swing states? Some may have been necessary, others were blatant political gamesmanship to benefit the party. No, you can’t say Democrats respect elections unless they win.

                1. Where did Hilary claim Trump stole the election?

                  She conceded the next day.

                  1. “Where did Hilary claim Trump stole the election?”

                    Lol, shillbots.

                  2. Multiple times.

                    1. Explaining reasons why Trump won the EC is not the same as shouting “it was rigged!”

                    2. Except when you’re busy explaining how Russia rigged it.

                      You really believe people have the memory span of a goldfish and can’t remember the constant Russia stole the election insanity you guys pushed for four long years.

                2. DOL doesn’t think anything you mentioned matters.

                3. If you are referring to Trump-Russia, that happened, and I again encourage you to read the fact-finding reports, which leave no doubt.

                  And tell me how they tried to stop the transfer of power from Obama to Trump, as I do not recall any such efforts.

                  Having an election during a pandemic led to rules changes. All of this has been litigated and re-litigated, and Trump lost, big time. 60 some cases lost. Cases that Trump campaign pulled when given the chance to present evidence. That does not give him an excuse for the traitorous events of Jan 6th nor his continued use of the Big Lie, which even Ken acknowledges is completely lacking evidence.

                  1. The Democrats also lost cases and they did try to overturn a congressional race this year. As for the final report there was no evidence that the Russian activities changed any ones mind or influenced the election at all, nor did Trump conspire with them.

                    1. The cases they lost were the ones I was referring too. But that doesn’t matter to anyone with TDS and willing to be so partisan they ignore any wrong doing in elections by the D’s.

                    2. Note I never said Trump’s fantasy, which is null and void now, had any real standing. And which party is trying to nationalize election laws in ways that blatantly help them? Again it is the D’s.

                    3. It doesn’t matter to DOL, Soldier. In his mind, you either accept that this was the most secure election in history, or you think there was a vast left wing conspiracy across multiple states and the entire election was stolen.

                      I tried to bring up the lawsuit in Michigan the other day were the judge ruled that the Democrat SOS violated election laws with mail-in voting. It didn’t matter to DOL.

                    4. He did conspire with them. Or at least Roger Stone and Paul Manafort both did while working for his campaign. Then Trump pardoned or commuted their sentences. That is also in the reports, but here’s an easier article.


                      Trump also pardoned Steve Bannon after ol’ Steve was caught conning Trump supporters out of millions. If that does not speak to you about the loyalty of Donald Trump, then I don’t know what else to tell you.

                  2. Yes, lets get into the detail of why easier voting helps democrats, and why easier voting is therefor unfair or should be made illegal.

                    In other words, explain why a party that clearly cannot win if all the eligible people had a say should get to hold onto power anyway.

              2. And philosophically the left is far more in agreement with actual fascist ideology then the right.

                1. Which party had supporters storm the capitol to try and overturn an election they lost?

                  You fascists can try to change the definition of fascism and lie all you want. Doesn’t change the fact you’re the fascist traitor.

                  I thought you didn’t like Trump? Or has the treason bug bitten you too?

                  1. I don’t like Trump nut the Democrats are worse. And far more in line with fascist ideology. Period.

                2. I assume soldiermedic will mute me. He doesn’t appreciate it when I call out his LDS propaganda.

                  Any argument or source I present is automatically wrong, but the word of the LDS church is the god’s truth that should be trusted.

                  1. Whatever. And yes your muted for being a genocidal maniac.

                    1. He’s the first one I’ve muted.
                      He’s become slightly more verbose since he appeared, but still has the same rotten core.

              3. “We have a fully delusional party that has abandoned the principles of self governance and democratic elections.”

                Begins with a D; remember the three years of fishing expedition and two impeachments?
                Stuff it up your ass.

                1. “We have a fully delusional party that has abandoned the principles of self governance and democratic elections.”

                  75% of polled Republicans believed that the election of 2020 was unfair or fraudulent, and we’re supposed to interpret that as meaning that they abandoned the principles of democratic elections and self-governance?

                  Does not compute.

                  Opposing election fraud only means abandoning the principles of democratic elections in a backwards mind: First they assume that average Republicans have abandoned democracy, and then they interpret their protests in that light. It simply isn’t so.

        2. It’s all about foreign policy with her–and a neocon one at that.

          She’s part of the last hurrah of the prominent Never Trumpers, and it was always about his opposition to forever wars with them.

          The Democratic party is the neocons natural home. Using the coercive power of government to force people to make sacrifices for the good of others is what progressivism is about–and it’s what neoconservatives are about, too. The other thing they have in common is that they both look at the disasters they create and pat themselves on the back for doing a great job. Modern day Detroit and Baghdad have a lot in common.

          1. Hey, those billions of dollars in defense contracts and foreign aid are not going to slop themselves into the appropriate pockets if we don’t have forever wars, now are they?

            1. There are actually serious policy differences.

              I believe that the legitimate purpose of the military to defend the Constitution and our rights from foreign threats.

              Neocons believe that the legitimate purpose of government is to spread American style democracy all of the world at the point of a gun.

              The military-industrial complex is happy to stuff their pockets with our cash, and never ending wars do a great job of that, but there are serious philosophical differences between them, too.

              Liz Cheney’s ideas about foreign policy and improving people’s lives in the Middle East are a lot like Daryl Gates’ ideas were about improving the lives of the people of south central Los Angeles, and they were both wrong about the ultimate consequences of their preferred policies for similar reasons.

              I think the legitimate purpose of the LAPD is to defend the Constitution and our rights from criminals. Gates wanted to solve economic, historical, and cultural problems at the point of a gun, too.

          2. Ken is correct about Cheney, but there are still many Never Trumpers (e.g. Peggy Noonan, Johan Goldberg, George Will) who continue writing weekly columns trashing Trump.

      2. Some balloonhead NeverTrumper was claiming that Cheney’s antics were some kind of 4-D chess move to run for President in 2024, banking on Trump’s name being so toxic the GOP’s base would gratefully go back to the True and Honest Conservatives that ran the party during the Bush era (1989-2016). Basically, “she’s trying to piss off GOP voters now to gain GOP votes later!”

        1. The vast, vast majority of people aren’t Xanatos.

          Despite Heisenberg and Einstein’s work, people still want to believe in determinism; that someone, somewhere is planning all of this. Instead of simply having a goal in mind, and merely constantly working towards it, whatever may happen.

          This isn’t to say that big plans aren’t happening—the WEF and China’s Great Reset seems to be chugging merrily along—but I am saying the planners don’t account for everything in advance. Things fall apart, it’s scientific.

          I hope her implosion sprays enough shit on Romney to make him irredeemably toxic to Utah GOP voters too.

      3. >This should also cheer everyone and anyone in or out of any party who abhors the warmongering of Bush era neoconservatives.

        This will NOT be the lesson of her ouster.

        1. It may be the the neocons.

          Her virulent anti-Trumpism has always been about neoconservatism and an aggressive foreign policy. It was the same thing with McCain and all the other never-Trumpers.

          If you want to be a leader in the Republican party, you probably need to ixnay on the eo-conservatismnay. And if the only people who get that message are the neoconservatives, that’s great.

          For the next crop of Republicans candidates, especially. Nikki Haley, for instance, may need to choose between being a neoconservative and being a legitimate candidate for the nomination come 2024. And there are plenty others like that.

          1. “It may be the [lesson of her ouster with] the neocons”, is what I meant to say.

    2. I saw the headline of sullum praising Liz cheny, so I automatically knew that she is a cunt and sullum is retarded. Glad to see her go, she can joint the dems in high regulation hi tax and forever war

      1. It’s quite funny to see the dems and press bending over backward to defend her now that she’s on the outs with Republicans.

      2. Saw the headline but didn’t read the article because watching Sullum’s descent into full on lefty statist is too disturbing. When a “libertarian” walks around with a raging hardon for a war mongering neocon the word loses all meaning.

    3. Buh bye, Liz.

    4. It was amazing watching dol a day jeff rush to defend Cheney on Sullums defend Cheney article.

      If ever there was proof of narrative building it was this instance.

      As long as a conservative pushes Democrat narratives they get media love. It isnt about truth.

      Cheney has a higher vote agreement with trump. But she attacked him, so she got media love and the usual useful idiots as mentioned joined in.

      1. Pointing out the cult’s strict “never ever criticize dear leader” requirement is not a defense or endorsement of cheney.

        Jesse, you only have one rhetorical tactic. You misstate or entirely fabricate some position for me, then argue against that plainly ridiculous position that you just made up. It’s getting incredibly dull, much like the rest of your personality.

        You suck. Get better.

        1. “the cult’s strict “never ever criticize dear leader” requirement”

          “You misstate or entirely fabricate some position for me,”

          DOL’s whole schtick in one post.

          1. Yeah, the opposition with that one doesn’t seem to have anything to do with actual polices and everything to do with contempt for the Republican base.

            The reason we’re supposed to treat the Republican base with contempt, with this one, is because the Republican base is contemptible. Why go after a Republican leader for holding the Republican base in contempt, when they should be held in contempt?

            When I’ve asked progressives why so many average Americans seem to think progressives hate them, the response I get is often about why so many average Americans should be hated. Their elitism seems to be the center of their political world rather than an aspect of some other larger idea.

            1. You should hold people who hold beliefs in spite of evidence, then expect everyone else to come to their position without evidence in contempt.

              Likewise you should hold in contempt people who do not want to honor the result of elections when their favored candidate loses, like you.

          2. R Mac’s whole schtick is pearl clutching, I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I (this post), and “yeah, what-he-said”.

            You are the embodiment of the bully’s little toady from A Christmas Story.

            1. Talk about the pot calling the kettle “black”.

            2. Pointing out how you can be a hypocrite in one short post isn’t being a toady.

          3. Which is why I nominate R Mac for a Reason magazine award for Sidekick of the Year.

            1. I won’t claim that you’re running for Fifty-center of the Year, Stolen Valor, because you’re kind of shit at it. The requisite critical thinking skills aren’t apparent.

            2. I’d lose to Dee in a landslide.

              1. *When your username is literally “White Knight”, but DOL ignores your efforts*

                I think that DOL owes Dee an apology.

        2. “the cult”


          DOL is a woke Cardinal Ximenes.

    5. I think they held a voice vote to confirm her a few weeks back. The response from their constituents must have scared them shitless. GOP, Gonadless Old Pussies.

  9. The Department of Homeland Security has established a “new, dedicated domestic terrorism branch within the department’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis.”

    Zombie J. Edgar Hoover will head.

    1. His deputies can be 2 of the 5 past fed chairs that endorsed Biden’s 3 zillion dollar spending plan.

    2. More likely to be H.A.L.

      1. It was years after I initially saw the film that I learned HAL was IBM shifted back an alphabetical spot.

    3. “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

      I hope we do better against the Bluecaps than the Soviet people did.

  10. The rate of new Covid cases in the U.S. fell to an average of 38,800 per day Monday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the first time daily case counts have been below 40,000 since September…

    Finally, the masks are working.

  11. Those worried about the implications of a nation not going back to work should make it a higher priority to loosen occupational licensing laws…

    Libertarians opportunistically seizing on a crisis to try to sell a fix to a larger problem.

    1. You misspelled “tilting at windmills.”

      1. No one dares to tilt at windmills any more, they are green energy and immune to criticism or tilting.

    2. Libertarians pounce!


    JUST IN – US inflation continues to soar. The highest rise in consumer prices CPI inflation since 2008 sends Dow and Nasdaq futures down.

    1. Weimar America in 2022?
      Perfect opportunity for UBI.

      1. Weimer America? Lets see:

        1. Dottering old Hindenberg being installed as a ‘moderate’,, ‘compromise’ choice and setting the stage for a dictatorship to then die (of natural causes) in office
        2. Second in line can’t win a nation wide election, but will assume power based on #1 above
        3. Violent mobs terrorizing people into submission to the party of #2 above
        3. A Jan 6 Reichstag fire, except that people are such drama queen pussies today you don’t have to burn the building now, you just have to wear face paint and a Viking helmet and put your feet up on Pelosi’s desk.
        4. An economic policy that is the form of Socialism that co-opts the private sector thru threats and bribes to control the means of production – Fascism. Pelosi threatens consequences over social media ‘disinformation’? Her enemies get banned. Congress is throwing around trillions in C19 ‘relief’, and no company wants to be on their bad side and be left out. CRT training from HR? Yep. Companies threatening boycotts of states make voting rules changes the Dems don’t like? Yep.
        5. Batshit crazy race based conspiracy theories – the Jews/White Supremacists are everywhere.

        1. Nicely observed.

        2. #4 is the one that I am stunned that the leftist media doesn’t see… For people who spend so much time worrying about fascists and tossing about the fascist label, they really have a hard time recognizing it when it rears its head in its true form.

          1. The left is doing 30s Germany cosplay and nobody is willing to notice it publicly.

            The left knows its happening, they just believe it will be good this time because Our Betters are in charge.

            1. This time conservatives fill in for the Jews. Israel has the bomb.

              1. Conservatives? They’re aiming at white people. They may have jumped the gun though, we’ll see, but the only pusback I’ve seen so far has been from Chinese women.

          2. They’re paid not to, Cyto. If you think of 30’s Krupp and IG Farben also owning the Frankfurter Zeitung and Berliner Tageblatt, you’re on the right track.

            Or, as Dennis Miller was ranting twenty years ago, discussing the consolidation of corporate media in America, and the consequent burying of inconvenient stories: ‘You’re expecting Scully and Mulder to investigate this? Who do you think sponsors The X-Files?’

          3. Fascism has been redefined. If you think chicks with dicks is funny, you’re a fascist. That whole “control the means of production” thing is sooooo last century.

            Like, what does that even mean?

            1. Fascism does not equal socialism.

              If words don’t mean what they actually mean you guys are making great points

      2. Giving people money they did not earn will do wonders for inflation.

        1. Just fire up the printing presses.

        2. Yes, you are correct. You cannot give people money they did not earn.

          You can give a person money he did not earn. One person in particular. If you give Cyto all of that money, it will not cause inflation. And I promise great benefits to society.

    2. And do tell how this would have been any different had the traitor crook won the election? From what I can tell the inflation is related to disrupted supply more so than oversized demand.

      1. Feds would actually go after the terrorists. Remember the shooter in Portland got the marshals attention when he crossed state lines, and the Portland procecuters refused to press charges.
        Keystone pipeline still open lowering the demand for oil
        Lower regulations
        He tried to veto the second round Wuhan welfare
        Troops out of Afghanistan, and continued withdrawal from other foreign bases
        Palistine not having the funds to set off bombs in jerusulum
        Shall I continue?

      2. Wait… I have to explain to you how decreasing pipelines and energy exploration raises energy costs? I have to explain to you what continued artificial injection of enhanced UI does ?

        1. You have to explain everything, and make sure you do it s-l-o-w-l-y.

        2. Pod’s not a very bright person.

          It’s your time to waste though, Jesse, trying to make that cretin see the light.

          1. Yes, Sir Strudel is to be mocked or ignored.

            1. Weird. I haven’t deliberately muted you, but this is the second time the software’s tried to mute your posts, R Mac. Good thing we can still see the poster handle.

              Typical for this place.

      3. The traitor crook “won” the election and your still unhappy.

  13. This is a wild time capsule of a brief moment of huge institutional failure in public health and media, that has mostly been memory holed in the year since…

    The memory holing is technically gaslighting.

    1. Gaslighting a memory hole sounds like a juvenile prank.

  14. NPR jumps aboard the “Reform Section 230” train, because we need to do something about online harassment. And hate speech and hurtful words and those white supremacist Republicans, no doubt.

  15. “The Department of Homeland Security has established a “new, dedicated domestic terrorism branch within the department’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis.”

    You will know them by their distinctive uniform. Jack boots, armbands and the “Biden Totenkopf” emblem on their headgear. “Step into the showers, Comrades, we need to delouse you”.

    1. “Are … are we the baddies?”

  16. .@RayForMayor & @ShaunDonovanNYC both think a home in Brooklyn costs $100K…

    How can you fix the city’s housing crisis if you’re this oblivious?

    Who actually wants to fix a crisis when counting on that crisis to get elected.

    1. Old white guy thinks town infested with minorities is pennies on the dollar real estate pricing… guess which party.

      1. Every. Single. Time.


    The Merriam-Webster dictionary has changed their definition of ‘anti-vaxxer’ to include

    ‘people who oppose laws that mandate vaccination’.

    Welcome to 1984. This is The Ministry of Truth. [Link]

      1. On second thought, I suppose in their defense they simply describe common use of words.

        In a similar manner, the meaning of “begging the question” has now been completely subsumed by popular misuse of the term. Unlike the French, we do not defend the English language from change. Our dictionaries are not rule books, they are documentarians.

        Still, there is a wide gulf between making up conspiracy theory reasons for people not to get vaccinated and opposing widespread government powers to force people to take medication. These are not the same thing at all.

        1. Hopefully, ridiculous changes to the English language will stop.

          1. No hope. Too many willingly engage in new speak. Tony stating enhanced UI was free market as an example.

        2. Literally ironic!

          1. /s

            I take my word choice way more seriously than most

            1. Ironically, per Alanis morissette the word ironic no longer means ironic, but now means something, usually bad, happening at an inconvenient time.

              1. I prefer the remmy version of the song ironic

                1. This is the correct answer for every song which he has touched.

                  1. TSA rap is on my work out playlist still. Banger track.

              2. Yep.
                Though I find it interesting.
                Nothing in the sing she mentions is ironic, as you point out, yet that very fact makes the song itself ironic.
                No, rain on your wedding day isn’t ironic, it just sucks.
                But a song about ironic things that aren’t ironic is…

                1. The afraid to fly and then dying in a plane crash is indeed ironic.

                  Furthermore, literarily, even sarcasm is considered to be a form of irony.

                  Is a bunch of hipster hating gen x-ers repeating a stale comedy routine from the 90s like its a profound observation ironic? Some broader definitions of irony would say so.

              3. Indeed. “No, Alanis; a fly in your chardonnay is not ironic. It’s unfortunate. Irony is a Scotsman cloning a sheep.”

                Sabrina Matthews used to be hilarious. I wonder if she’s still performing? Or has descended into the ranks of the terminally woke, like so many other artists I used to enjoy.

        3. “Unlike the French, we do not defend the English language from change.”

          The French Government tries to, and mostly fails at, defending the French language from change.

          The French general public largely ignores the dictates of the French Government Agency dedicated to this task.

    1. The same cranks who took over Cato must’ve staffed Merriam-Webster.

      1. No joke. What the hell happened to Cato they aren’t libritarian at all anymore

        1. Is anyone? At least anyone who is published or funded anywhere?

          1. Every institution becomes corrupted over time.

    2. More Christians and other pro-lifers will become “anti-vaxxers” as more vaccines are made using fetal cells.

      Eventually they can cut out the middle man and build the Planned Parenthood right next to the gain of function/medical research facility. And all pro-life people will not just be anti-women, but anti-modern medicine who want everyone to die, because fetuses will just be the stuff we use to cure cancer.

      1. and considering that there are Americans who think it’s fine to take organs from people who were killed by the CCP, I don’t think this is much of a cultural hurdle at all

    3. how is anti-vaxxer already in the fucking dictionary?

      1. Narratives to craft my friend.

  18. “and one count of domestic terrorism.”

    Did they establish some political component to his actions? I thought he was a mentally ill sex addict who found grave dissonance between his religion and his actions with sex workers. How is that terrorism? He wasn’t trying to affectuate political change through the use of indiscriminate violence to instill fear, was he?

    1. “How is that terrorism?”

      Because he’s white, and not Muslim? Versus the guy who shot up the Boulder supermarket, for example. Just amazing how fast that particular story dropped out of public consciousness. A shame that no one will ever know of that guy’s motivation…

  19. “The Department of Homeland Security has established a “new, dedicated domestic terrorism branch within the department’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis.””

    So they’re finally going after the terrorists who burned Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, and many other cities last year? It’s about time.

    1. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is simply a formalizing and codification of the Obama administration policy of spying on and targeting political opponents using the government. By slapping the label domestic terrorism on it, they can get a broader set of authorities and a larger budget all while escaping any scrutiny.

      So, win-win!

      1. That is exactly what it is. How far away are we from establishing ‘Social Responsibility Scores’ ala Communist China? Or morphing the FBI into the KGB of old.?

        1. Sacrcastic comment:.

          About negative 9 years….

        2. We won’t be doing it. Nor will .Gov. Alphabet will.

          Pretty damned quickly too, given the right excuse.


    Something to keep in mind about the situation in Gaza is that this is the first time Hamas has fired rockets at Jerusalem since the 2014 Gaza War.

    It also comes a few weeks after Joe Biden restored millions in funding to Palestinian orgs on the ground that the Trump admin froze

    1. Let’s see how long it takes Brian Stelter to ask Biden why he is pursuing policies that undermine peace in the Middle East….

      Maybe Jim Acosta will stand up at a press conference and ask why he has undermined peace in Afghanistan, with Israel and Arab nations, and with respect to Iran and their terrorist activities….

      I mean, he deserves proper respect for accomplishing so much in his first hundred days.

    2. I was starting to wonder if I had imagined a brief news story about Biden restoring funding to the mostly peaceful Palestinians because I have seen zero reporting on the odd coincidence of the Palestinians starting a new offensive against Israel just as soon as the US started sending them some money.

      1. It’s amazing how y’all will blame everything on your domestic political opponents. This conflict has bout zero to do with us and even less to do with Biden’s short time in office. Y’all are just dishonest or broken.

        1. A complete ceasefire had it been in place for quite some time. Merely moments after the money started flowing, hundreds of rockets came raining down on civilians in Israel.

          Coincidence, or mere occurrence?

          To answer that question, one must examine what changed across that time period. Clearly US policy changed 180 degrees. So did the financing. Other political forces moved away from hardline opposition towards concession at the same time. It might be difficult to parse all of those things out.

          But proclaiming that one has nothing to do with the other is highly implausible. Not impossible. But certainly not the most obvious conclusion.

          1. You’re just so brainwashed. This latest flare up has nothing to do with Americans. Fuck you for blaming Americans.

            1. I blame all leftists, democrats, and everyone anti Israel for creating this situation that exists today. That they intersect with American citizens is not a coincidence. That Hamas knows how to play them is not a coincidence. That you hate knowing the truth now is hilarious.

              1. You’re completely insane.

                1. Youre defending terrorism because it makes your guy look bad.

                2. Wow, wokebot 2000 is calling other people crazy. Try reading your own posts, Stroozle.

            2. This is stroodle becoming desperate woth the results of bidens policies.

              He reversed nearly every mideast policy set up in January.

              He is about to unfreeze 1 billion to Iran. Iran is openly asking Hamas to attack Israel (on Twitter no less) when Iranian backed terrorism increases are you going to deny that too?

            3. You know that phrase “asserted without evidence” The press was so fond of bandying about during the last administration?

              That was a prime example. You have twice asserted a conclusion with out any supporting evidence. Your conclusion is purported to contradict an assertion that has been offered up with a great deal of evidence. Not prove, but some strongly suggestive evidence nonetheless.

              Do you have any evidence at all to support your position? Or is it simply derived by examining the political parties involved?

            4. You keep saying it has nothing to do with American/Biden actions but you won’t explain how it isn’t or what else caused the recent flair up

            5. LOL

              Strazele: talking point deflection
              Cyto: considerate response citing multiple interacting factors at play and the difficulty this creates in determining certainty
              Strazele: yOu’Re BrAiNwAsHeD!

          2. How long does it take for Hamas to build a couple of hundred rockets? I doubt they could have done that in a few months so I don’t think the money has anything to do with it. Perhaps the cease fire was really a production phase.

            I could see that Hamas believed Trump would side strongly with Israel and they believe Biden would be more supportive of them. Therefore being more bold about escalation.

            1. yes it takes time to build up weapons and they often do that during peace but then why start now again and maybe because they have the money to pay iran for the weapons now

              1. The escalation at the disputed holy site? That’s what usually causes it.

                1. That coupled with the idea that Biden would be more supportive where Trump would have supported Israel strongly.

                2. And what excuses are you going to use on the other global escalations being see by China/Russia/etc?

                  The fact is the Biden administration is opening up funds and ignoring actions such as the Hamas rocket attacks, so they feel free to once again start. To deny there is any influence at all based on the election is infantile and naïve.

                  1. That depends on available evidence for a particular escalation.

                    “”To deny there is any influence at all based on the election is infantile and naïve.””

                    Not sure what you are talking about there. Quoting myself,
                    “I could see that Hamas believed Trump would side strongly with Israel and they believe Biden would be more supportive of them. Therefore being more bold about escalation.”

            2. Maybe they just needed to buy the fuel for the rockets.

              1. How long does it take to fuel a couple of hundred rockets? While under the watchful eye of the Mossad.

                1. Iran is openly telling Hamas to engage. They are a largely funded and directed by Iran. Joe is so desperate to get back into the Iranian deal that they feel free and open to engagement in these actions in the region.

        2. “It’s amazing how y’all will blame everything on your domestic political opponents. This conflict has bout zero to do with us and even less to do with Biden’s short time in office…”


        3. It’s amazing how y’all

          Unless you’re an actual hicklib, using rural patois doesn’t make you you sound homespun and authentic. It makes you sound like a pretentious moron.

    3. Maybe Hamas will do us all a favor and destroy the Dome of the Rock with one of their rockets.

      1. Hopefully they kill Bibi and all the other Israeli terrorists.

        You support war criminals you Bibi loving shitbag.

        1. You know KillAllRednecks, I would normally mute stupid fucks like you. But I will make an exception for you.

          Just remember, we Jews have been around for 5K years dealing with assholes like you. We’re still here. We live good and rewarding lives. You? You’ll die alone, unwanted, unloved and forgotten. Your life will have been a waste.

          Am Chai Yisrael!

          1. Don’t forget you’ve been murdering Arabs since 48 and occupying the West Bank since 67.

            1. Fighting and defeating and destroying enemy armies that attack you first does not murder make. And I’m sure Occupation of Gaza would end if there were a guarantee of no rockets or NBC weapons flying over Israel.

          2. I anticipate being called an antisemite by the Nazis on here, but I stand up to Mormon antisemitism.

            Why do you think Mormons hate Jews so much but LOVE Israel?

    4. Eid is today, too.

      Surreal, seeing the feeds of Iron Dome vs Iranian-supplied rockets. Video game-esque, in a way modern warfare usually isn’t.

      1. Some very cool videos out there.

        I often wonder how observing WWII would’ve felt.
        Terrifying, of course, but also awe inspiring probably.
        Something like Kursk must’ve been an absolutely amazing sight.

        1. Modern warfare is really spacious. And fast. And surprising. People often (or usually) don’t see who’s shooting at them. Especially if it’s indirect fire.

          It’s hard to understand if you’ve never done it, or done much less strenuous things like deer/pronghorn hunting, just how BIG the engagement envelopes on modern weapons are. 500 yards is far. Try seeing some guy in camo, who’s also trying not to be seen. It’s tough.

          1500 yards may as well be like trying to find salt grains on a light colored counter with a magnifying glass. But both are essentially chip shots for a modern tank gun. Or the Javelin team trying to kill that tank.

          1. A few years ago I was doing video moderation for some site or another and I came across somebody loading mortars and firing them. They shot off four of their five mortars they had laid out, then the entire screen just exploded.

            Maybe 15 seconds from the first actual shot, and the entire area was just obliterated.

            1. Huh. Round explode in the tube, or counterbattery fire? Shoot and scoot is a thing. Even if, like Hamas, you shoot from schools and hospitals.

              Anyway, as I forgot to write earlier to Nardz, do some math about subtended angles for typical human unmagnified fields of view at 500 to 1000 meters, and compare that to the number of pixels in a computer monitor. You’ll find that a man size target is maybe 1 pixel across. So games fudge it, to make it entertaining.

              Good luck seeing it for real.

    1. Tony applied for the footlong.

      1. He put in two applications so he could be airtight.

  21. Can we also ignore the law concerning her pension?

    ‘I Plan To Ignore It’: Tennessee Teachers Criticize Critical Race Theory Ban At Public Schools, Say It Will Harm Students
    Liz Jarvis, an English as a second language teacher at Cornerstone Prep in Memphis, said she plans to flout the law, which she said favors white children.

    “To be frank, the bill will not make it harder for my personal classroom because I plan to ignore it,” Jarvis said, according to Chalkbeat.

    1. Let’s see, she teaches English as a second language. And she needs to teach critical race theory in that classroom, why?

      Also, she says not teaching critical race theory favors white children? Aside from the mental gymnastics involved, presumably she means that she has a bunch of Albanian, Croatian, and Russian English is a second language students mixed in with her students from Guatemala, Haiti and Mexico. So she does not want to favor the refugees from European Wars by not telling them that they are privileged and opressors?

    2. Does the law set fines and penalties for forcing these views on the students? If so go for it Liz, first students parent who takes this to the authorities and you get to see the inside of a police car I am betting your attitude will change.

  22. Biden is just a meat muppet at this point
    The White House called a lid at 3:34 pm

    1. Apparently Ron Klain is the junta’s real president.

    2. “A lid”? I thought the White House opposed legalization.

  23. But when the state provides indefinite payments that outpace many employee earnings, they go from help to hindrance. That’s the argument being put forth by leaders in Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

    What do the leaders in those states have in common?

    1. They’re insurrectionists?

      1. Well, *potential* insurrectionists.

    2. Idaho should be on that list as well, as they also voted to opt out.

      1. Not sure if MT will follow suit but I would give better than even odds it does.

        1. What’s the job market like in the shithole part of Montana where you live?

      2. In the Boise area, there are restaurants considering closing, not because they aren’t making money, but because they cannot find waiters and other staff.

  24. “States Hope Labor Shortage Will Shrink”

    We Koch / Reason libertarians know there’s exactly one policy that will fix a labor shortage — unlimited, unrestricted immigration.


  25. ‘Experts’ didn’t save us from the couf, they caused it:

    US Grant To Wuhan Lab To Enhance Bat-Based Coronaviruses Was Never Scrutinized By HHS Review Board, NIH Says

    1. Funny, in his testimony to Senator Rand Paul Dr Anthony Fauci denied that any such thing had been funded. This, immediately before talking about why it had been funded. It was a very odd exchange. Very emphatic and decisive by Dr Fauci but odd nonetheless.

      1. That’s some good politicspeak. Sounds like Fauci is considering a run for office.

      2. Well, it was a technical thing, like the definition of is. The gave the money to a group, that gave it to another group who gave to WIV to do whatever they wanted with, because you know, GoF was illegal. He did not deny that american scientists associated with NIAH funded laboratories were working directly with WIV on bat coronavirus GoF.

        And furthermore, what difference at this point does it make?

    2. I’m old enough to remember last year, when saying this would get you canceled as a racist.

  26. It really is amazing to watch just how fast civilization is crumbling.

    Thank your masters, and their loyal mandarins like Reason.

    1. Don’t worry, eventually you really will learn to love big brother.

      1. At my age, I’ll most likely be dead first.
        My one remaining goal is to drain as much social security and medicare funding as possible before I go.

  27. “economists debate whether these benefits are now keeping Americans from seeking jobs”

    You know if youre

    1. If the job pays enough and doesn’t completely suck in some other way then you’ll get an employee. Pretty basic.

      1. Lord of Strazele is going to be pissed when he finds out you stole his user name to post stupid shit on this message board.

      2. “If the job pays enough and doesn’t completely suck in some other way then you’ll get an employee. Pretty basic.”

        Unless the government is stealing my money to pay parasitic lefty shits like you even more to sit on your ass and play games.
        Even a caveman can understand that. so give it a try.

        1. It doesn’t have to be “even more”. For many people, if they can get all of their needs met for zero work versus getting all of your needs met plus 10 or 20% more for 40 to 50 hours a week of work, they are going to choose taking 10 or 20% less and not having any responsibilities or encumbrances upon their time.

          1. Also, if you are only down 10-20% from what you would like to make, and you have lots of free time, there are ways to make a few extra bucks here or there with small jobs, off-the-book work, etc.

            1. Tax-free, besides…

            2. Like being paid fifty cents a post on Reason.

        2. Well I happen to be employed and have been this whole time so you can suck my dick.

          1. Yes, fries with that, please.

          2. Oh, and nobody here gives a shit about your erotic fantasies. Now get the Whopper bagged, asshole.

          3. Giving handjobs for quarters by the highway overpass doesn’t count as a job, hicklib.

            1. [insert joke about “keep the tip” here]

              1. “It’s $10 for a BJ, $12 for an HJ, $15 for a ZJ…”

                “What’s a ZJ?”

                “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”

                “I’ve got $4.”

      3. Go investigate youth unemployment in countries woth high wage floors dumbass. They couldn’t pass 15 min wage so they set the welfare floor at that number. It has nothing to do with paying people for what their labor is worth. It is an artificial floor that harms youth and entry level jobs. Not everyone is a failure like you.

  28. The Biden economy is, from a Koch / Reason libertarian POV, already the best in American history.

    In 2021 Democrats have raised the minimum wage by: $0.00 / hour

    In 2021 benefactor Charles Koch’s net worth has increased by: $7.42 billion


    1. “prices for Basquiat’s work have only truly taken off in recent years, driven by demand from a small group of billionaires”

      If they like outsider art wait until those billionaires discover Deviantart. They’ll go broke in seconds.

      1. Every billion spent on “art” like this is a billion not given to fascist political parties.

        1. A lot less damage to be done if Zuckerberg blew 500 million on The Little Mermaid futanari pics instead of fortifying elections.

    2. inflation hits art world billionairs hit hardest.

      1. Nah, it’s equal portions of inflation hedge and greater fool theory.

        My concern investing in Basquiat vs. say Hockney, is that I’d think Basquiat’s works are overvalued because he had the right amount of melanin, and woke is in. I’d rather buy Henry Tanner and Robert Duncanson, if it were on a strictly artistic merit basis.

        1. Money laundering too

  29. > RIP Pat Bond

    I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. If you get off by hurting women, or pretending to hurt women, or dominating women, or pretending to dominate women, then you have a problem. Ditto for hurting and dominating men. Ditto for if you like to get hurt or punished, or pretend to get hurt or punished. Something is wrong with your mental make-up. Something happened to you has a kid that damaged you. Your fetish is not a lifestyle to be celebrated but a condition that deserves professional counseling.

    A bit of roleplaying is fun. But when it’s your lifestyle something is wrong. I’m not saying we should shame kink. A bit of kink is fun. But kink as a lifelong obsession is not something to be celebrated.

    1. You really have to wonder why Cruella DeBrown is so fixated on sex workers and kink.

      1. Marcuse would be proud to see what he’d wrought.

    2. Prude.

    3. I guess a lot of people here in the Comments needs help. Goodness knows too many seem to get off on hurting and being hurt.

  30. In her case, we can hope TDS is fatal:

    “‘History Is Watching’: Liz Cheney Doubles Down On Trump Criticism Amid Fallout”

    Yes, it is. Watching some Trump-obsessed war-monger make a public ass of herself.

    1. Buh bye, Liz. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

      1. It’s funny seeing someone who got where she is strictly on her father’s name saying she supports democracy, the rule of law, and the sacred institutions of our democracy. Hope you enjoy your new job as a political analyst for CNN.

      2. I love watching y’all destroy each other to please a narcissistic crook.

        1. Liz Cheney is like her daddy a warmonger and should not be in leadership. She’s essentially what the democrat party has become illiberal authoritarian and no longer part of the freedom loving caucus of the GOP. Liberals, leftists, democrats, and RINOs hate freedom except for themselves. They are elitist snobs.

          1. To be fair, that describes pretty much everyone except libertarians.

            So we can enjoy our moral superiority in our 3% to 5% clique, while the authoritarians left right and center call the shots for us.

            1. Except people claim moral superiority under the guise of both sides are equally bad when they clearly aren’t at this point in time. Nothing is more damaging to liberty at the moment than CRT, the end of objectivity, censorship, etc. The fact that many you would think fall under the 3-5% banner refuse to acknowledge this shows what dire times we are in.

              1. Look at someone like sarcasmic, who’s become nothing but an enthusiastic establishment dick sucker.

                1. Really? Since when? Seriously. When did I start being an establishment guy?

                  Because I want to go back in time and tell that young man to change his ways!

        2. “I love watching y’all destroy each other to please a narcissistic crook.”

          One more TDS-addled lefty pile of shit heard from.
          Fuck off and die; make your family proud.

        3. I love watching Sooper-Smart lefty urbanites talk like rural hayseeds in a desperate attempt to seem genuine.

        1. I’m not a fan of the GOP, but I would rather not see them split in two, simply because we need them for Congressional gridlock to stop the Democrats from spending.

          1. I totally disagree. The GOP was supposed to be where thinking people go, while feeling people join the Dem hive.

            Trump’s populism has turned the GOP into just another emotive, populist party.

            And it’s not like Trump cut spending.

            1. “Trump’s populism has turned the GOP into just another emotive, populist party.”

              Sigh, you are right about that. Well, he has turned at least half the party into that.

              “And it’s not like Trump cut spending.”

              You are right about that, too.

              1. I know, why can’t a president just be a dictator and somehow veto veto proof Congressional bills.

                My god you two are just sad at this point. Can you even admit you don’t understand how government funding works with your cries?

                The things he could control on his own led to things such as reduced regulatory state. Things he couldn’t control on his own required compromise on the tax cuts and he had no control over increased spending. Sorry reality is stomping on your fake morality cries.

                It is sad how infected some of you are to just blaming a single person for all of government’s problems.

                There are 3 parts to the federal branch. You loudly ignore one of the primary issues in Congress so you can blame one man whose actions he had control of were largely libertarian: no new wars, regulatory decrease, and troop withdrawal. You blame him for Congressional actions like the budget. That is your own issues and ignorance.

              2. I’m curious. I’ve got JesseAz on mute. How many times did he use the word “you” in the personal attacks I’m never going to read?

                1. I’m muting him, too, so I don’t know.

                  I did unmute him long enough to see that he posted some links up-thread, in the discussion about UBI. His links might be interesting and educational, but he didn’t post them in the spirit of friendly debate.

                  It’s not like I am set in my thinking about UBI and not open to new information or ways of looking at it. I don’t have strong opinions about UBI. But because he immediately started acting insulting, I have to mute him and I will never see his comments. If he has the occasional good point to make, I’ll never see it, since doesn’t seem capable of civil discussion.

                  1. “His links might be interesting and educational, but he didn’t post them in the spirit of friendly debate.”

                    What does that mean?

                    As far as UBI goes, it’s not something I’ve given enough thought to to make a comment.

                    As far as JA goes, I’ve never seen a comment of his that was worth a thought.

                    1. “What does that mean?”

                      I’d have to go back and look at his comments, which I don’t want to do, but he accompanied his links to articles about UBI with his usual insults, like calling people “dumbshit”, or whatever. If he wants me to read them, he has to skip that kind of thing. There’s a Mute User button now, so I don’t have to pay attention to any commenter here who lacks manners.

                  2. Mute me too please, White Knight sockpuppet Mike Laursen.

                    It’s funny how these fifty-centers imagine that the mute button will stop Jesse from refuting their nonsense.

                    1. I’m necrofucking this thread, but Laursen’s been around longer than either of you. Not endorsing what he’s saying, but he’s likely not a sock.

                  3. You don’t have strong feelings about UBI?

                    Moochers gonna mooch. Whatevs, I guess, right? Haha.

            2. Yet you spend all your time demurring to the left and attacking the right. You think this gives you some moral superiority. It just makes you a useful idiot.

              How is this whole Biden thing working out for you buddy?

            3. “”And it’s not like Trump cut spending.””

              Presidents are not in charge of the purse. They can’t really cut spending. They can sign or veto. Perhaps try to negotiate with congress to lower their spending. They were not interested with negotiating with Trump.

              Trump did at least try to cut spending by reducing the number of staff under the executive branch. Not that it amounts to much when you have large deficit spending.

              1. Right right.

                When your party has the White House, but not Congress, then anything bad is on Congress.

                When your party has Congress, but not the White House, then anything bad is on the White House.

                When your party has both, anything bad is on the previous administration.

                When your party has neither, anything bad is on the current administration.

                Did I get that right?

                1. You did not.

                  I have been consistent about who is in charge of the purse and the limits of the presidency regarding the budget for decades regardless of which party holds the seats.

                  1. Nothing personal, but I stand by that last post. Not at you directly, but it seems to be the general argument from both sides.

                    Thwarted again!

                    Hoodwinked again!

        2. “…I hope so.”

          TDS-addled shits love company

        3. Wow… you posted a list of 100 no name GOP members (many who have never won an election) as an example of what? Your moral preening?

          That isn’t even 1% of the 10 million more votes Trump got in 2020 as compared to 2016. So you think you are making an argument when all you are truly doing is pushing the media narrative.

          There is a reason this was in the NYT. Hint: You’re on the left and pushing their narrative for them.

        4. The Bush Republicans and literal whos represented here need to read up on the Silver Republicans and the Populist era. They’re delusional if they think the party’s going back to what it was when the neocons ran the show, especially that spook piece of shit McMuffin.

          1. I’m not going to go read anything about that soon. Not high on my priority list.

            Can you provide a synopsis?

            1. Basically, the political corruption of the Gilded Age led to rise of the Populists and what would be considered progressive political reforms like anti-trust legislation–Colorado even elected a Populist governor, Davis Waite. Concurrently while all this was going on, a fight took place within the Republican party between the Gold Bugs and the Free Silver factions. The Free Silver Republicans split off for a time and tried to form a separate party, but couldn’t get the majority to follow them. Most of these guys went back to the GOP, while the rest, like Henry Teller, joined the Democrats.

              1. I’m glad you read that for us so we don’t have to. Thanks.


    Under “Theory” all identities are political identities. Thus, under Theory, black skin does not make you Black, and being of Asian descent does not make you Asian.
    The only way to be “Black” or “Asian” under Theory is to have “Black” or “Asian” *politics*
    Which means… [pics]
    in order for a person with black skin to be “Black”, they must adopt woke politics from the woke version of the Black perspective, and in order for a person od Asian Descent to be “Asian”, they must adopt woke politics from the woke version of the Asian perspective…
    Under Theory Black people and Asian people have a unique standpoint in society, and their lived experience as Black or Asian peoe lets them see things white people can’t. This gives them the ability to see the systems of power that oppress them and how those systems work…
    The ability to speak to the oppresive system in society and unmask the oppresive nature of society is part of the “Unique Voice of Color.”
    Now, what happens if a Black or Asian person claims they are not oppressed? How wpuld a woke person respond to that?
    It’s simple…
    Under Theory a Black or Asian (or any other race besides white) person who does not think they are oppressed, or does not think society is racist, is thought to have *internalized racism*: they are not thinking clearly because they “internalized” the racism of the system…
    This means a woke Black person is considered to have a “Unique Voice of Color” and must be listened to for their knowledge andnwisdom, but an anti-woke Black person is considered to have “Internalized Racism” and should be ignored because they are brainwashed by the system…
    The game Theory is playing is to set it up so they can claim Black and Asian people have special knowledge about society that we all have to listen too, but only if those Blacks and Asians are woke. If they are not woke they can ignored because they have Internalized racism…
    The point of all of this pseudo intellectuall nonsense is to try to justify the claim say that minorities have unquestionable knowledge about the world, but only if they are woke (or as Theory says, only if they are *Critically Conscious*)
    The point here is to give
    Complete and absolute moral authority to wokeness by building up the moral authority of Blacks and Asians and then launder wokeness through them, while simultaneously saying any anti-woke Black or Asian person has internalized racism and thus isn’t authentically black…
    And thus don’t get the same moral authority as woke Black and Asian people.
    This kind of thinking is why anti woke Black and Asian people get derisively referred to as “Oreos” and “Bananas.” Oreos are Black outside and white inside, bananas are yellow outside, white inside
    And the idea is that an anti-woke Black person has black skin (black on the outside) but has internalized racism and thinks like a white person (white on the inside).
    This entire way of thinking is horribly divisive and deeply manipulative.
    Now, I am aware that terms like “Oreo” and “Uncle Tom” were around long before wokeness showed up, but this is what is going on when woke people use these terms.
    What I want you to see here is how wokeness and it’s academic branch “Theory” view and understand the world…

    1. Combining Twitter rants into a single comment is racist. Check your privilege.

      1. I apologize and renounce my privilege!


    Remember when government told everyone to go home and hide because of a virus and the economy stopped moving and then the government printed trillions in unbacked currency to try and pay for it?
    Quote Tweet Police cars revolving light
    · 1h
    JUST IN – US inflation continues to soar. The highest rise in consumer prices CPI inflation since 2008 sends Dow and Nasdaq futures down.

    1. Cool, sounds like a stiff tax on wealth should cool that demand down a little.

      1. Ignorant piles of lefty shit see taxes as the cure for anything.

      2. Yep in your typical fascists mind the solution to government power causing a massive fuck up is to give the government more power.

      3. Pod….Do you have any original thought in your brain? Or do you just regurgitate progressive memes all day? One wonders.


    BREAKING: the Biden admin has announced an exploratory committee to pick members of a Blue Ribbon commission that will develop Jones Act proposals that congress may consider to direct the Department of Transportation to address the urgent gasoline supply shortage.

    1. So they’re considering the idea of thinking about maybe proposing a possibility of perhaps doing something?

      1. Perhaps they could consider using the FBI and the State Department to enforce the law and protect American citizens and businesses from foreign criminals?

        There was a time when these were the primary functions of a government. We used to have pirates on the open seas. The government actually used military force to combat piracy and even enlisted private contractors to protect American commerce using force. But apparently these days such matters are simply private decisions to be made by private companies, at least according to our White House.

        1. such matters are simply private decisions to be made by private companies”

          hence why there are still mercenaries out there that private companies can hire to take care of computer hackers. the left doesn’t want anarchy but there inaction creates anarchy

      2. Don’t quote regulation 163 to me! I Co-chaired the comitty to asses if we should Chang the color of the binder that rule is written in! We kept it beige

      3. Can’t get too far out ahead; you’ll leave droolin’ Joe behind.

      4. Good Government in action

    2. That is hilarious!

    3. The only thing that saves us from total government tyranny is the sheer incompetence of the people who run it.

      1. You may be onto something. The Nazis, without German efficiency and work ethic, would have been more like the Italian fascists.

        1. Godwin much?

          1. I only dabble occasionally. 😉

          2. You know who else shut down conversations just with the mention of his name?

    4. LOL–and just yesterday That Idiot Jennifer Granholm was talking about how it was just a “supply crunch,” and the NYT was claiming that there were no long lines for gas in the southeast and mid-Atlantic.

  34. China is targeting Muslim women in a push to suppress births in Xinjiang
    Tightening its grip on Muslim ethnic minorities, China is forcing women in Xinjiang to have fewer children. Women are pressured by the authorities to be fitted with contraceptive devices or sterilized.

    1. The Chinese should control the progressive population in the west by means of sterilization.


    This is where we are at with @facebook. It is becoming intolerable. Imagine that a Jewish person cannot criticize a Pakistani actress who has endorsed the actions of Adolf Hitler. It is beyond Orwellian. It is a refutation of sense making, reason, and common decency. [Pic]

    1. Four legs good, two legs better!

      1. 1 dradel bad

    2. Twatter is rotting your brain, son.

      1. And if anyone knows brain rot…

  36. Reason seems to be about 6 months behind the curve on these acknowledgements. The enhanced UI was never good. Lockdowns were never good. This was discussed during the last election by most libertarians outside of Reason.

    Next week… reason acknowlwdges the Abraham Accords were better than whatever clusterfuck policy biden is following.

  37. Yeah nobody could have predicted that heavy handed government intervention would cause such problems. But the good news is the effects are clear and convincing to enough Americans who vote that democrats will get their ass handed to them in 2022 and 2024.

    1. Do you have any idea how tiring your “Democrats are the root of all evil and it’s all Reason’s your fault because they didn’t all vote for Trump! But we’ll win the next election!” screed is?

      Oh wait, are you that lovestomasturbatetoconstitution1787 moron?

      1. loveconstitution1789 seems to have disappeared, again.

        When he disappeared for several weeks around the time of the Georgia recall election, I expressed concern that he might have fallen victim to COVID-19. But then he came back a few weeks later, and went right back to acting like a huge dick. Still, I wouldn’t wish ill health on him.

        1. For not being the “mean girls”, you and sarcasmic sure like to slag a lot of people behind their back.

      2. You know, for someone who promised last year to attack the levers of power, you sure do defend them against “evil mean right” quite a bit.

        You got what you want. Evil mean tweeting man is out. This is the consequences of your beliefs. You still want to attack the evil mean tweeting man and those who weren’t infected with TDS. When are you going to bother attacking Biden and Congress under Democrats?


    There once was a man who kept the gas cheap and flowing

    And knew how to deal with the CCP and the Middle East

    But a group of people hated the way he talked and the color of his skin and so they sent him away

    Some say, one day, this man may return

    1. They should do a remake of “The Warriors”, because we’re rapidly heading right back to the hellish, dystopian 1970s all over again.

      1. they’re making suits w/o belt loops again … told the suit kid it was a throwback to the ’70s

        1. I think it’s a plot by Big Suspenders, Inc.

          1. I’m in the dressing room trying to put my belt on like an idiot lol

    2. No, they didn’t like him because he encouraged treason.


      1. Flag for the asshole!

      2. You mean all the coup leaders and the junta controlling the White House?

        1. You mean the “voter fraud” that for some reason you eighties can’t point to?

          1. They’re doing nothing but point at it. You’re the one sticking your fingers in your ears and closing your eyes tight and shouting “La, la, la, I can’t hear you!”.

  39. How is everyone enjoying Jimmy Carter’s long-delayed second term so far?

    1. You mean that anyone who didn’t vote for Trump is totally to blame for current political affairs?


      I mean, wow.

      Nobody ever said that before. I mean, like nobody ever blamed Reason and the writers and the people in the comments who didn’t vote for Trump as being the cause of all the world’s problems.

      Such an astute observation.

      I wonder why nobody ever harped on it before.

      1. “”You mean that anyone who didn’t vote for Trump is totally to blame for current political affairs?””

        How did you get that from his comment?

      2. Butthurt Biden supporter alert!

        Enjoy waiting on your extra long gas line, bitch. I hope you don’t get mugged, that happened a lot more frequently in Carter’s days too.

        1. Show me a single sentence of mine in the years I’ve posted here that says I support Biden.

          Otherwise go suck JesseAz’s dick.

          1. Mute the Trumpistas. It’s so much more pleasant.

            1. I don’t mind Trumpistas. Debate is fine. I mind those who have no arguments other than “I claim you said this and this is what I’m going to argue against because it’s easier than arguing against what you actually said” trolls.

              1. Totally get that.

              2. You’ve never made an argument sweetie.

            2. LOL. You never did want to participate in honest debate. Tell us more about fire extinguishers. You called those who pointed out you were pushing incorrect narratives trumpistas as well.

              1. Fire extinguishers, zip ties, poo on the walls, their founding myth has turned out to be one big lie. But look at them cling to it.

          2. I just hope for your sake that the price of Vaseline doesn’t go too high, because we all know you and your gay lover go through like a jar a week.

            1. So you’ve got nothing. Figured as much, being that I’ve never said anything positive about the current president, then or now.

              1. You’ve never said anything negative either. You keep attacking the last one as well as conservatives. Even in this thread. You have blamed some of Biden’s current policy failures on Trump however. Weird.

          3. Show us one time you’ve criticized biden or the left. Or you’re doing exactly what I’ve said you’ve done for the last year. You’ve attacked only the right as if they were the problem and ignored the issues of the left while either rationalizing their failures or ignoring them.

      3. It’s a liberal thing to blame whomever didn’t vote for their candidate.

        For example, the people who didn’t vote for Hillary are to blame for Trump.

        1. How dare you apply the same standards to Hillary butthurts and Trump butthurts!

          It’s different because the election was stolen… oh wait, they both feel the election was stolen.

          But those Hillary supporters are so much worse because they rioted and… dang.

          They all suck.

        2. Sarcasmic literally defended the left and only attacked the right. He didn’t remain neutral no matter how much you and him gaslight about his behavior. See even his behavior in this thread. He still can’t attack the left which is in power, and focuses only on the right. He isn’t neutral. You need to stop enabling him.

          1. He thinks we forget all his previous posts with each new one. He like a toddler telling fibs.

      4. You’re still so broken.

        is this how you rationalize your obviously incorrect behavior the last year?

      5. GFY

    2. If we’re very, very lucky, it won’t be FDR’s Third.

      1. It already is, except it’s not FDR but Obama (and his Soviet).
        We’re in a much worse position than 1933 Germany

    1. dang if I knew she was in Texas I would have hit on her.

      1. With what? something with a high strength to weight ratio, like aluminum?

  40. >>The money was meant to help people put out of work by


  41. >>prosaic (and historical)

    fun with words – interesting you use prosaic but not historic

  42. For restaurant tipped workers, they did not qualify to begin with was unemployment agencies did not compute the average tips as part of their wage, so I’d they were getting unemployment based on $2.15 per hour or maybe minimum wage, they weren’t getting enough money to live. While vaccines are becoming available, a lot of people refuse to take them so restaurant workers will see lower number of customers (fewer tips) and higher risk and those that can have already found other job in other industries.

    Schools are closed in many places so some women can’t go back to work even if they want to.

    The US labor market has always had skill mismatches. The out of work donut shop employee can’t take a job writing code with getting training and even coding boot camps cost $15,000.

    1. The out of work donut shop employee can’t take a job writing code with getting training and even coding boot camps cost $15,000.

      And their job ends up getting outsourced to some coder farm in India anyway.

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