Biden Can't Explain Why He's Still Wearing a Mask

The administration is modeling behavior that is even more risk-averse than what the CDC recommends.


On Sunday, CNN's Jake Tapper quizzed White House adviser Jeffrey Zients about President Joe Biden's continued insistence on wearing a mask—even when entering a room where everyone is fully vaccinated.

"The president is going to continue to follow the CDC guidance," said Zients. "We're going to look to the CDC. The president from day one has said we're going to rely on science and facts and that's what we'll do."

This was only slightly more coherent than the answer given by Biden himself, who told a reporter on Friday that he was continuing to mask up "because when we're inside it's still good policy to wear the mask."

It is in fact not necessary for the fully vaccinated to wear masks around other fully vaccinated people. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) acknowledged that there are "many situations" where the fully vaccinated do not need to wear masks: outdoors, and even inside when everyone is vaccinated, for instance. This is important, since the CDC has generally taken a wildly cautious approach with its recommendations (see: summer camp guidance). But in many ways, Biden and Zients are sticking to an approach that is even more risk-averse than what the CDC has said.

Tapper was rightly critical of this.

"I think one of the reasons why journalists are annoyingly harping on this is…because there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and President Biden being able to take off his mask in a room full of journalists and White House staffers, all of whom are fully vaccinated, is a demonstration that the vaccines work," he said to Zients. "I think the concern is that by being overly cautious, the signal is going out to the public that there isn't necessarily a light at the end of the tunnel."

Zients conceded that many people are sick of following precautions, but said Americans could soon look forward to the day where the CDC restores "more and more privileges."

"I think everyone is tired and wearing a mask can be a pain, but we're getting there, and the light at the end of the tunnel is brighter and brighter," said Zients. "Let's keep up our guard, let's follow the CDC guidance, and the CDC guidance across time will allow vaccinated people more and more privileges to take off that mask."

It's telling—and alarming—that the administration has essentially conceded that the CDC is in complete control of these decisions: Various COVID-19 mitigation policies will never be relaxed until White House COVID-19 adviser Anthony Fauci and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky give the OK. This means that the same health bureaucrats who want summer camps to operate like prisons, took advice from teachers union boss Randi Weingarten on delaying school reopenings, and decided to pause the Johnson & Johnson vaccine—which likely contributed to vaccine hesitancy and certainly caused deaths—are running the show. Just this weekend, Fauci suggested a return-to-normal date of Mother's Day 2022.

Biden has given no indication that he will press them to hurry it up, even though evidence suggests that fully vaccinated people can resume essentially all normal activity with minimal risk of getting sick or spreading COVID-19 to others. On the contrary, he seems inclined to continue setting an example that good, progressive people keep wearing masks regardless of their vaccination status.

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  1. The mask mutes the sense of smell of the Hair-Smeller-Feller in Chief. We shouldn’t begrudge the man a small crutch for his self-control!

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    2. Maybe his masks are washed with women’s shampoo.

      1. Kink-EEEE!!!

        What kind of women’s shampoo works best?!?!?

        (Asking for a fiend-friend, NOT for little ol’ square ol’ MEEEE!~)

        1. Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoo?

        2. This calls for a squirrel poetry slam

          Gee your hair smells terrific
          And I hate to ask
          But can I rub that special scent
          Into my mask?

    3. It’s hard to identify people who are wearing a mask. They keep telling POTUS he doesn’t need a mask. When they do it, he keeps getting upset – that he’s on his 3rd term is supposed to be a secret…

  2. he was continuing to mask up “because when we’re inside it’s still good policy to wear the mask.”

    “It’s not that masking is a political thing. I basically just like the feel of it caressing my lips.”

  3. The real bastards are the people who don’t get vaccinated or wear a mask. Fucking pieces of shit. Mostly Republicans of course. The same mfers who hump flags on Memorial day can’t be bothered to sacrifice anything for their country. Selfish ignorant delusional pricks.

    1. What an interesting rant given that all the prominent pre-covid anti-vaxxers were decidedly in the D demographic camp. It’s almost like LoS doesn’t actually have any facts to back up that rant.

      1. Sure, but — during Covid — which is what I’m talking about that ignorant stance was picked up, adopted and amplified by people like Tucker Carlson. And anti makers are decidedly Republicans.

        1. Some are. Now you are cherry picking.

        2. Pod….just give it up.

        3. Except before the election, when every D was screaming that there would be no vaccine before late 2021 and any vaccine released before then shouldn’t be trusted.

          1. I often wonder who would be the anti-vaxxers if Trump had won.

            1. You understand modern partisan American politics.

      2. I personally know several Republican anti-vaxxers.

        1. No you don’t, you lying DNC shillbot.

      3. I am pretty sure Trump was the only anti-vax candidate. I remember poor Ben Carson trying to politely explain why vaccines work, and Trump going off on his usual un-scientific rant.

        15 years ago you were right: it was new-age, crystal libs not vaccinating their indigo children. But post-Trump all of the political lines have shifted.

    2. False and also you’re a known liar here. But you’re a hardcore leftist so that’s redundant.

    3. And yet, all I keep hearing is how it’s racist white people taking all the vaccines. Or that the racist cops in Miami were breaking up crowds of black youth in violation of the city’s curfew during spring break.

      Take the vaccine…racist. Don’t take the vaccine…racist.
      Don’t wear a mask…racist. Don’t allow people to not wear a mask…racist. You win! Everything is racist.

      1. “Everything is racist.”

        Of course it is! Haven’t you been paying attention? [And yes, my asking that question is racist.]

    4. I love how the same people demonizing “covidiots” and “Trumptards” as the cause of disease spread are the same ones moaning about “equity” and how minorities have been hardest hit by the ‘rona.

      Lots of MAGA types in NYC and working in meatpacking plants…

      1. Ironically, Trump is urging people to take the vaccines. And I thought his followers did everything he told them to do.

        1. I think most Trump supporters are over him
          They still like him but the ones I know don’t want him to run again
          They want someone like DeSantis or Noem to run.

          1. Yeah well, Trump is a narcissistic piece of grifting shit and he has other plans for your little darling Desantis.

            “I endorsed Ron and after I endorsed him he took off like a rocket ship,” Trump said.

            1. Not a republican.

              1. Nah bro, it’s actually you guys who aren’t Republicans anymore since you don’t adore the dear leader with all your heart.

                1. Didn’t vote for Trump and campaigned against him in 2016. I dislike him immensely. Keep making a fool about yourself with your wrong assumptions.

                  1. Misunderstanding is all. You wrote “not a Republican” and I thought you meant Trump wasn’t a Republican.

                2. But you got one thing right, I am not a republican because they nominated Trump. After McCain and Romney (and Bush) that was the last straw

                  1. For the record I like your personality.

                  2. after **McCain, Romney and Bush** … Trump was the last straw?

                    1. I am Norwegian, Danish, Scots-Irish and German so my stubbornness is hereditary. It takes me awhile sometimes.

                    2. after **McCain, Romney and Bush** … Trump was a breath of fresh air. mho.

                    3. Yeah, one of those things was not like the other ones.

          2. I don’t care for Trump, but after seeing this administration’s efforts at “moderation,” I’d support him or any other Republican who could defeat President Kerensky.

            1. Oh, yes, and I got vaccinated as soon as I was eligible.

    5. In California it is mostly Latinos and Blacks who don’t want to be vaccinated, because of either mistrust of the government or simply not feeling like part of a community.
      Not all of them are alt-right, racist, or even Trumpers.

      1. I believe that and those people are ignorant whatever their ethnicity. Those people apparently take the time to study history and apparently accept what they’re told about the abuses that occurred and yet they ignore the larger context and history vaccinations. It’s cherry picking bs.

        1. Actually, most of my relatives, most of which were Trump supporters, have gotten the vaccine. It’s anecdotal but runs contrary to your narrative.

          1. A Number of Republicans in Congress Aren’t Getting Vaccinated

            A recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll has demonstrated, 41 percent of GOP voters across the country say they will not get the vaccine — compared to 30 percent of the general population.


            “I won’t be taking it. The survival rate is too high for me to want it,” Rep. Madison Cawthorne (R-North Carolina) said in December.

            “I have the freedom to decide if I’m going to take a vaccine or not and in this case I am not going to take the vaccine,” Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colorado) also said in December.

            1. 41% isn’t a majority.

            2. Considering roughly 1/3 of the country already got over covid, why on earth would they want a jab?

              1. So that self righteous douchebags like LoS will stop whining?

                1. At this point I am HAPPY if people are scared that I’m not wearing a mask. They’ve had plenty of time to research the truth and understand it. If they want to give themselves a heart attack for no reason, fine.

        2. Why do you care about others ignorance if you gotten the vaccine, there’s been ample time for those who want/need it? Those who haven’t probably are ok with the risks out there. Why are nanny types stilling trying to virtue safety signal when choices have been made and logically we can start doing what each of us wants.

          1. Because apparently not getting vaccinated increases the risk of the virus mutating into someone more fucked. It gives the virus more opportunity to mutate. And imagine if people treated the polio vaccine like this.

            1. Only if you get it.

              1. “increases the risk of the virus mutating into someone more fucked”

                The risk of mutation doesn’t depend on whether “you” get it, but it does depend on whether a sizable population of “yous” do not get vaccinated. “You” can do your part to make sure that doesn’t happen by getting vaccinated.

            2. And generally the new variants are less deadly, which so generally how pathogens mutate.

              1. Less deadly or maybe its cousins already killed 900k of the low hanging fruit already?

                1. No science shows it is less deadly which is also what s fence shows is how pathogens mutate. The more deadly kind die off quicker and the less deadly variants survive to reproduce more thus they are the fittest and most likely to survive. It’s simple darwinism evolution

                  1. Yeah, but the more lethal one can still kill a shitload of people on its way to inferior survival. Why not give your fellow humans a break and get vaccinated, to reduce the risk of new deadly mutations as well as more mild mutations.

                    Why not make a small little gesture to humanity?

                    1. I’m making a small gesture to YOU right now; want to guess what it is?

              2. Generally… not a good argument for not getting vaccinated. “Generally” is not a defense against outliers.

            3. And imagine if people treated the polio vaccine like this.

              Oh, do bring up the polio vaccine! Do you know how long it took to get that on the market? It sure as fuck wasn’t seven months, nor required an FDA emergency waiver and protection from legal liability. They didn’t even start testing these gene therapies on young kids until a couple of months ago.

              And considering that common cold infections have been shown to help prevent or mitigate COVID, that would explain why so few kids caught it early in the pandemic–because kids tend to be cold vectors and probably had built-in immunity from the previous cold and flu season. There was a particularly nasty and persistent upper respiratory bug that was prevalent in late 2019.

              Another fun fact–the Salk vaccine isn’t the one that’s been used for decades. We use the Sabin version that was developed after one version of the Salk vaccine actually ended up giving some people polio instead of innoculating them from it. That incident led to a drop in vaccination rates (sort of like how reports of blood clots and severe side effects lead to vaccine skepticism).

              In short, don’t bring up history and show that you’re ignorant of it yourself.

              1. I’ve always been a strong vaccination supporter, but people still need to be aware of risk inherent in certain vaccinations and how to mitigate them.

                For instance, the smallpox vaccine helped eliminate one of the deadliest diseases in human history and was one of the greatest, most beneficial creations ever. However, if you had the common skin rash eczema, it could kill you.

                All vaccines, just like drugs, carry some risk. These are usually discovered during trials and plans are developed to mitigate them.
                The various Covid vaccines have not had these trials, so potential issues are only being discovered now.

                1. Of course Stroozle doesn’t know or understand this, because the fifty-cent factory only hires intellectual poseurs.

            4. not getting vaccinated increases the risk of the virus mutating into someone more fucked

              Only in the sense that the virus continues existing and thus could mutate, like any virus.

              There’s no particular reason to think that COVID-19 will mutate in a more deadly direction, as that’s not how this typically works.

              There’s also nothing preventing some other coronavirus from mutating in a more deadly direction.

              Choosing not to vaccinate against this coronavirus doesn’t do anything more to encourage a deadlier infection than choosing not to vaccinate against all of the other coronaviruses you aren’t getting vaccinated against.

              1. But you are turning down a free-of-charge, existing vaccination that causes you little inconvenience. Why not do it?

          2. That’s my take exactly. It’s been almost a month since the vaccines have been available to anyone who wanted to get one. By the end of May, we should have crossed the threshold where everyone who wanted the shot has been able to get their 2nd dose, plus the two week waiting period afterward. (I cross that 2 week line tomorrow)

            The mask mandates need to go. Everyone who has had the jabs is not a threat to spread the virus. Everyone who has decided not to get the jab has accepted the risk at this point. Fair enough.

            1. Things aren’t as far along as you think. Those of us in states with very large elderly and senior populations had to wait much longer than in other places. I am over 50 and was not eligible to even make an appointment until April 5, when it nationally was supposed to be open for everyone, and was not able to get an appointment for almost 2 weeks. I won’t be at 2nd shot plus two weeks until Memorial Day weekend. Again, I am over 50.

              1. And people in adjacent states were two weeks or more ahead of my state’s timeframe.

        3. The larger context and history surrounding vaccinations – like the Tuskegee Experiments?


          In the 1880s, in Hawaii, a Californian physician working at a hospital for lepers injected six girls under the age of 12 with syphilis.[12]

          U.S. Army doctors in the Philippines infected five prisoners with bubonic plague and induced beriberi in 29 prisoners;

          In 1909, Frank Crazier Knowles published a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association describing how he had deliberately infected two children in an orphanage

          In 1941, at the University of Michigan, virologists Thomas Francis, Jonas Salk and other researchers deliberately infected patients at several Michigan mental institutions

          In 1941 Dr. William C. Black inoculated a twelve-month-old baby with herpes

          In 1950, in order to conduct a simulation of a biological warfare attack, the U.S. Navy sprayed large quantities of the bacteria Serratia marcescens – considered harmless at the time – over the city of San Francisco

          From the 1950s to 1972, mentally disabled children at the Willowbrook State School in Staten Island, New York were intentionally infected with viral hepatitis,

          During the 1950s the United States conducted a series of field tests using entomological weapons (EW)

          In 1963, 22 elderly patients at the Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital in Brooklyn, New York City were injected with live cancer cells

          From 1963 to 1969 as part of Project Shipboard Hazard and Defense (SHAD), the U.S. Army performed tests which involved spraying several U.S. ships with various biological and chemical warfare agents, while thousands of U.S. military personnel were aboard the ships.

          In 1966, the U.S. Army released Bacillus globigii into the tunnels of the New York City Subway system,

          That’s just *a sampling* of the biological ones. Then there’s the surgical, chemical, psychological, and radiation ones.

          1. I seem to recall Bubba Clinton saying something about the Tuskeegee experiments to the effect of “we have to find the victims and compensate them”. Not a peep about finding the perps and punishing them.


    6. This type of comment is nothing but one sided ideological claptrap:

      Theater slang, c. 1730, from clap +‎ trap, referring to theatrical techniques or gags used to incite applause.

      I really like the mute button. I just used it.

      1. I did too. What a joy.

    7. Are you dumb, stupid, or dumb?

    8. The real bastards are the people who don’t get vaccinated or wear a mask. Fucking pieces of shit. Mostly Republicans of course. The same mfers who hump flags on Memorial day can’t be bothered to sacrifice anything for their country. Selfish ignorant delusional pricks.

      and what exactly have democrats “sacrificed” other than our freedoms, careers, businesses, mental health, etc.?!?!?

      1. other than our freedoms, careers, businesses, mental health, etc.?!?!?

        Dude, you missed a couple words: other than other people’s freedoms, careers, businesses…

        Be more thoughtful before hitting Submit and you will better make your point.

      2. Do you think you could make it any more obvious that your vitriol is due to their refusal to obey? You lefturds don’t give a shit about public health, or you wouldn’t have legalized deliberately infecting unknowing sex partners with HIV.


    9. Why should you get vaccinated if the president does not believe it works.

      The party of science:
      1) vaccines don’t work
      2) girls are boys
      3) boys are girls

      1. The Maskthulians have said that they’ll continue wearing them indefinitely because they apparently haven’t caught any colds or gotten allergy symptoms thanks to them. Leaving aside the fact that common cold infections are not a big deal, it’s hilarious that these People of Science! don’t understand how an immune system adapts–or at least it would be if they weren’t demanding that their hyperactive, hypochondriac risk aversion be permanently legislated.

    10. “ignorant”, I don’t think that word means what you think it does.
      Take your stupid “vaccine” and shut up.

    11. I give it a 7/10 for effort and 2/10 for content. Work on it.

    12. Nobody is more anti-vaccine than Fauci.

    13. Republicans are the ones who actually volunteer for the military, among other things. Not like progtards. Progs never sacrifice a damn thing.

      You’re traitor trash. To your very core.

    14. If you really believe Biden or Fauci actually got the Covid vaccine you are delusional! And if you think people should voluntarily subject themselves to being a test subject for brand new vaccine technology to make delusional people like yourself feel better, you are the piece of shit!

      FYI the only reason they stopped/attempted to stop the J&J vaccine is because it is a single dose which means they can’t prolong people’s irrational fears an additional two weeks to 4 months between holding out for a second dose of the mRNA vaccines. Make no mistake, the two dose vaccines are nothing more than an excuse to prolong this charade.

      Also, constantly wearing masks means constantly depriving yourself of senses (sensory deprivation) and there are hundreds of studies and experiments showing the negative psychological effects this does to a person! Sensory deprivation and isolation (all of which is and has been done) is used as a torture technique and is used to modify behavior so imagine for a second what this could mean for children!

      Further, the mutations are a direct result of prolonging the virus spread in the population. We’d be better off today had we just let the stupid virus run through quickly rather than giving it an unnatural advantage of slowly trickling through the worldwide population. And on top of that introducing multiple types a vaccines with multiple types of mechanisms of action, simultaneously without any real understanding of or any recognition of the potential catastrophic damage this could cause!

  4. Biden can’t explain what his name is.

    1. Biden can’t explain what year it is or who’s the president.

    2. “He’s that guy. In charge of the joint in DC. I see him when I look in mirrors. You know him. Come on man.”

    3. Biden can’t explain why he’s wearing adult diapers.

  5. The mask is starting to slip. I mean… wait, no it’s not. Er, it is. The metaphorical mask is starting to slip while the literal mask is remaining firmly in place.

  6. He’s a chameleon in a bag of skittles, of course he doesn’t know why he has a mask on.

  7. with a mask on no one can see who is pulling the strings controlling his words

  8. The mask keeps him from talking much, because he’s failing and they have to cover his missteps.

    1. The mask makes it easier to play his computer-generated speech, since they don’t have to try to get his lips to move in sync with the words he is “saying”.

  9. “It is in fact not necessary for the fully vaccinated to wear masks around other fully vaccinated people.”

    Ok, serious question. How am I supposed to know if the other people in the room are fully vaccinated?

    What if someone new enters the room?

    1. Funny how the messaging is that the vaccine will protect you from people who do not have the virus.

      1. “…the vaccine will protect you from people who do not have the virus.”

        There is sufficient vaccine, it is available, and anyone of 16 can get it [and I believe this is being expanded to 12 year olds].

        So get the vaccine, and if anyone chooses not to that will be on them and theirs.

        1. That’s where I’m at. I’m done wearing a mask for now with a couple of exceptions. Get vaccinated or don’t and take your chances.

          1. That was almost libertarian of you.

            1. “The real bastards are the people who don’t get vaccinated or wear a mask. Fucking pieces of shit.”

              1. I said almost.

              2. Dude, I got vaccinated and I’ve been wearing a mask until last week to give people time to get vaccinated. And wearing a mask isn’t exactly easy or healthy. It restricts air. I live in a fucking subtropical swamp by the way.

                1. Good for you. You want a prize?

                  1. Sure

                    1. Figures

                2. So you’re acting in an unhealthy manner for no useful reason other than optics?

                  You do this, and then proceed to ridicule republicans?

          2. And yet, just before this you were ranting about how those horrible people who don’t get vaccinated – here’s your own words

            The real bastards are the people who don’t get vaccinated or wear a mask. Fucking pieces of shit. Mostly Republicans of course. The same mfers who hump flags on Memorial day can’t be bothered to sacrifice anything for their country. Selfish ignorant delusional pricks.

            Doesn’t sound all that live and let live to me.

          3. “The real bastards are the people who don’t get vaccinated or wear a mask.”

            You posted that 58 minutes before this post. FU you lying POS. I’ll bet your “couple of exceptions” are whenever you are inside or around anybody else.

        2. Kids don’t need to be vaccinated for KungFlu.

    2. At a White House press conference, one would suspect that the Secret Service has vetted everyone for vaccination.

      1. No. Just for the questions they will ask.

        1. I believe they are *provided* the questions that are supposed to ask.

          1. “Mr. President, do you wear boxer diapers or briefs diapers?”

      2. What about flu seems like ol joe might be pretty susceptible to that too.

    3. “How am I supposed to know if the other people in the room are fully vaccinated?”

      You’re not. It’s none of your business.

      1. This, plus it doesn’t matter.

    4. Well, if they are woke douchebag, they will be sure to tell you about it. I know union people that put it on their resume.

      1. They out ‘woke douchebag’ on their resumes? Interesting. It will make it easier to cleanse them later.

    5. If you are fully vaccinated and the newcomer is not, the newcomer is the one at risk, not you.

    6. So, in the absence of individually tracking which employees are vaccinated and which are not, it is not unreasonable for an organization to have a blanket mask requirement.

      1. So, in the absence of individually tracking which employees are cannibals and which are not, it is not unreasonable for an organization to have a blanket muzzle requirement.

        Fucking idiot says what?

      2. If the vaccine works – then no.

        Those who are vaccinated are protected. Those that are not must take their protection into their own hands and not expect the rest of us to bend to their needs.

        If the vaccine doesn’t work – then what’s the point of getting it?

        1. And masks don’t work, so what’s the point I’m wearing them?

    7. “It is in fact not necessary for the fully vaccinated to wear masks around other fully vaccinated people.”
      Political science fact.

      “It is in fact not necessary for the fully vaccinated to wear masks.”
      Medical science fact.

      1. As a corporate overlord, I have an incentive to keep the peons working. Since I’m not allowed to line them up and inject them, I’ll settle for making them wear a mask.

        1. Or you could mandate vaccination.

          Or you could replace those who fall sick.

          There are tons of options here for a corporate overlord.

          1. But, IMO, you seem to think corporations have way more power over employees than has been my experience.

            Hiring someone new is a pain in the ass and managers will put up with a lot of shit to avoid having to do so.

    8. They’ll be wearing a yellow star on their lapel. Or a 6 digit tattoo on their forearm.

    9. If someone new enters the room?

      Just use the straezle method of fear and loathing.

    10. How am I supposed to know if the other people in the room are fully vaccinated”
      If your vaccinated it doesn’t matter if anybody else is or isn’t.

      1. Aren’t you used dial? Don’t you wish everyone did?

    11. You might not. POTUS can absolutely know that in most scenarios.

  10. Dementia Joe, at his best as always.

  11. Biden is old and frail, losing his faculties. The mask is a hold-over from the basement campaign, which was successful, so he is comfortable with continuing wearing it. He may never stop. It is like his favorite teddy bear.

  12. In all fairness to Biden, he doesn’t remember why he walked into the room.

  13. More and more people are simply ignoring the theater, what happens when that reaches critical mass? It’s telling the phrasing used by the administration in regards to the CDC giving us more privileges, almost like they see us as subjects rather than citizens.

    1. “Almost,” you say?

      “Just this weekend, Fauci suggested a return-to-normal date of Mother’s Day 2022.”

      Tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, You’re, only, a year, away.

      1. I was trying to be generous.

      2. I hope he gets a normal case of the flu this year

        1. I hope he gets a normal case of the pneumonic plague.

    2. More and more people are simply ignoring the theater, what happens when that reaches critical mass?

      This is what Tapper’s mad about: he’s clever enough to realize that much of politics is running to the front of a parade and telling everyone around you that you were leading it the whole time. He sees a parade forming and is telling Biden to get his ass in gear.

    3. Same as it does everywhere – the government doesn’t lead, it runs really fast to get out in front of the crowd.

      Government didn’t make gay marriage happen – people’s stance on the issue changed sufficiently that the USSC was no longer scared to issue a ruling that the majority of the country favored.

      Pick a social issue – any social issue. It was societal attitudes that changed first with the government rushing to get out in front to pretend it was leading all along.

  14. Donning a mask daily helps remind him to also put on diapers.

  15. Biden can’t explain what room he’s in.

  16. Now do just a TINY bit of real reporting and “discover” that numbers were crashing before the vaccination drives really got into overdrive. Then maybe you want to compare how the curves this year look to those last year.

    After all that, you might find the balls to say that the virus is seasonal and none of our stupid human rules make the slightest bit of difference at all.

  17. Did you happen to catch this slip of the tongue: “Zients conceded that many people are sick of following precautions, but said Americans could soon look forward to the day where the CDC restores ‘more and more privileges.’”

    Privileges? Normal life is a “privilege” that the government grants to us? Really. Talk about the mask slipping…

    1. Yes, my take as well. Subjects not citizens, that is how they see us.

    2. Seriously. Fuck those guys.

      1. I’d rather not; I don’t find them attractive AT ALL.

    3. CDC makes recommendations not rulings.

      1. ^And This

    4. Not a slip. This is how leftists think. They have a hard time getting a handle on the idea that it should be any other way.

      1. It may be how they really think, but you’d think they’d be more circumspect about proclaiming it.

      2. The sad (or scary) part is they feel comfortable saying it out loud now with little fear of any repercussions.

    5. ^This

    6. These people should be imprisoned or slaughtered for what they have done. It’s a long time coming.

  18. I haven’t got the vaccine yet. Have thought about getting it and am not opposed to getting it but the more they push this nonsense, the more they use phrasing that implies I need government permission to live my life the way I want to, the less inclined I am to get it. I will probably get it but this isn’t making my desire to get it any greater.

    1. “Gee, I might get a vaccine that would prevent me from unintentionally infecting a close friend of mine, potentially making them very ill. Or, I will refuse to get a vaccine because the government said mean words that triggered me, thereby putting all of my close family and associates at risk. What a tough call!”

      1. I won’t get the vaccine if it is a requirement to have freedom. It was just a small tea tax after all, no big deal.

        1. The difference is, if you refuse to drink tea, it doesn’t make everyone around you sick.

          1. Neither does it make others sick if you aren’t sick. And my lifestyle pretty much doesn’t expose me to others. So, my likelihood of getting sick is small.

            1. So, my likelihood of getting sick is small.

              It’s NOT JUST ABOUT YOU. Stop being a narcissistic dickhead. You are literally putting everyone around you at risk because you are triggered by mean words that the government said. And it is only mean words. There is no vaccine mandate. The money for the vaccines has already been spent. “OMG someone in the government treats citizens like subjects! As if that has never happened before! I am so triggered! I’m going to put my family at risk because I’m so triggered!!!!”

              1. I can’t make them sick if I ain’t sick. God you are stupid

                1. Notice that jeffy doesn’t respond when you don’t give him enough to move the goalposts? It is his signature.

              2. If I am not sick I am putting no one at risk.

                1. And you can guarantee that you will never get sick and never unintentionally introduce the virus to everyone around you? Hmm?

                  1. No, and the vaccine doesn’t guarantee that either. It isn’t 100% effective. No vaccine is. Keep digging.

                    1. The vaccine makes the odds a lot better in your favor than trying to follow behavioral rules to avoid spreading the virus 100% of the time and never slipping up.

                      Do whatever you want, but don’t ever complain about “triggered snowflakes”, because that is what you are on this issue. The gubmint said mean words and therefore you decided to volunteer to be an unwitting plague rat. Congratulations, I guess.

                    2. The government said dictatorial things and has acted upon them. Totally different. Have you been asleep the last year?

                  2. Don’t some people get COVID after the vaccine regardless?

                    You’re going to have difficulty getting people to take the vaccine when Fauci is saying we MIGHT be able to open up a year from now on.

                    1. Yes, you can use the word, some, when talking about 4-5%. More apt word would be “few”.

                    2. It is like the mute button here. You can say mute trolls but some will slip through. The efficacy of the vaccines ranges from as high as 95% down to around 66%, depending on which one administered.

              3. You are literally putting everyone around you at risk

                Dude, this is fundamentally not even true anymore. Get a new argument.

                At this point if you and those around you choose not to get the vaccine then the consequences are on you and you alone. And considering the demographics of the vaccinated, there is no longer any type of systemic risk to the hospital infrastructure.

                People are free to evaluate their own risks. You’re going to die someday, and it’s probably not going to be comfortable. Get over it.

                1. I work from home for my dayjob and work on a ranch. I don’t interact with the public anymore since my position was redefined. The biggest risk is from my wife who works at a hospital but she has already had it (and I didn’t get it I know because I got tested). Normally I am a bit of a hypochondriac.

                  1. “I work from home…” Oh man, PLEASE don’t start a post with those words—I almost muted you as a bot!

                2. chemjeff’s an admitted fatass, so you can understand why he’s so scared of the coof spreading. The fat fuck thinks walking 20 feet from the parking lot into the DMV to get an ID is too physically onerous.

                  1. Uber scooters

              4. Jeff, perhaps asking why instead of making assumptions would help you come off as less of an idiot. It could be worse, you could be rak or one of the core lefty trolls.

              5. Everyone around me is either at very little risk, has already had covid, has had the vaccine or has decided not to get the vaccine and accept the risk.

                1. Serious question Zeb. What about the strangers that you interact with? Does it matter to you that you might unintentionally transmit the virus to them? Even if you don’t give a shit about their health, every new case generates a statistical argument in favor of continued covid restrictions.

                  1. I can’t get too worried about that. The odds are extremely low. Asymptomatic transmission appears to be pretty unlikely, especially on casual contact. And if I get sick I’ll stay home.

                  2. Serious question Jeff. Before COVID, how many times in your life did you leave your house with an active cold? Right, too many to count. You have no idea — and never gave a tenth of a shit — how many times you directly or indirectly passed that cold along to someone whose immune system was compromised and who developed pneumonia from it and died. So you should feel free to drop the “concern for others” performance. You never cared about strangers’ health prior to this pandemic and the pretense at it now is transparent virtue signaling.

                    1. That too. Of course covid is more dangerous to more people than a typical cold. But not by so much that it justifies demanding everyone upend their lives for over a year. Sorry, but if you have a serious health condition that means you need extra-special caution about things like this, it’s up to you to take the appropriate precautions, not the rest of the world.

                    2. Not that I want to be a dick about it. I’m happy to accommodate people with actual health problems, either by staying away or taking reasonable precautions if warranted.

                    3. Zeb, Fauci wants over 2 years now.

              6. “It’s NOT JUST ABOUT YOU. Stop being a narcissistic dickhead.”

                So… it’s about you? Your fears? Does the vaccine not work?

              7. pathetic

              8. Stop being a narcissistic dickhead.

                Says the asshole who’s throwing a tantrum over people deciding for themselves what medical treatment they will or will not take.


            2. Go easy on Jeffy, he’s stupid.

          2. However, it did lead to everyone around them getting into a war – – – – – – –

            1. Out of curiosity, I checked:
              United States:
              6,800 dead in battle
              6,100 wounded
              17,000 disease dead[21]
              25–70,000 war dead[22]
              130,000 smallpox dead[23]
              2,112 dead – Eastern seaboard and adjoining waters[24][k]
              371 dead – W. Florida[26]
              4,000 dead – prisoners[27]
              American Indians: UNK (I think the source misspelled Uncas)

              1. The other guys:
                Great Britain:
                5,500 dead in battle[28][l]
                7,774 total dead
                1,800 dead in battle
                4,888 deserted[7]
                7,000 total dead
                1,700 dead in battle
                5,300 dead of disease[29]
                American Indians
                500 total dead[23]

            2. It also lead to a massive small pox outbreak that killed thousands.

          3. But if you do throw the tea in the harbor, they occupy the city and shoot people. So the premise is the same. Learn your history.

          4. Then you should get the vaccine and leave your basement.

          5. I didn’t make anyone sick during the whole pandemic.

            Its like saying I can’t own guns because someone, somewhere, killed someone with one – even though I’ve owned them for decades with no issues.

      2. And if there phrasing didn’t trigger you you aren’t a libertarian.

        1. I am not happy that agents of the state treat citizens as subjects. By the way this is not a new thing. It’s been happening since, oh, forever. I am also adult enough to not have a temper tantrum and put my own friends and family at risk because of the mean words that government agents say.

          1. Yeah, don’t throw that teas in the harbor Sam because we don’t want people to get killed.

            1. Better to live as a slave and to enslave generations into perpetuity than to die free. – chemjeff

          2. >>put my own friends and family at risk

            lol the S.S. Panic sailed a year ago

          3. Fuck off, collectivist

          4. You have been having a temper tantrum through this whole thread while throwing in an occasional, sullen “do whatever you want, narcissistic dickhead”.

          5. That’s why they keep saying those mean words. And follow them up with arrests and beatings.

            Because you didn’t react to the mean word – they moved to the next stage.

          6. There is no evidence to support this statement.

          7. Hyperbolic idiot.

      3. Your an idiot.
        People in a room, some vaccinated, some not. Which ones are at risk of infection? NO, it’s the unvaccinated. Make your choice, not my problem.

      4. You’re either mentally ill or you’re a piece of shit. Or probably both.

        There’s zero evidence that not getting a vaccine puts anyone else at risk, especially if they have already gotten the vaccine. If that were the case, then the vaccine is ineffective and there’s no point in getting it.

        I usually don’t wish violence on people, but you’re a fucking bully. You’re the type of piece of garbage that would get a toddler kicked out of McDonalds for not wearing a mask. I bet you snitch on your neighbors for having too many people over on Christmas. I sincerely hope you go on a mask nazi tirade some day and get your teeth punched down your throat. It would be exactly what you deserve.

    2. I don’t see how those two things are connected. Get the vaccine. Burn the card.

      1. It was just a small tea tax.

        1. It would be a more apt analogy where there was a huge humanitarian benefit to the tea tax, but Boston’s fine people had a higher purpose that overrode the benefit to their fellow man.

      2. Good point.

      3. If you’re willing to take my word for it then, done.

    3. I urge you to get it, but I totally understand the reticence to it.

      1. Not really reticence but lessens any motivation to get it. When the government is acting doctorial I don’t reward them by following their rules. If they didn’t use phrasing that makes us seem as subjects rather than citizens that make it sound like we have to earn our “privileges” back I would have more desire to get it. I will probably get it but I am not rushing out to make an appointment yet.

        1. That’s the thing with me – the more these people push the more I want to push back.

          I’d have a lot more faith in the last election if those idiots didn’t keep screaming SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP! and I’d have more faith in the vaccine if people weren’t mobilizing to force it onto others.

    4. Well Soldier you’d be pretty not inclined over here in Missoula with how they word stuff. I did hear the governor took away the health departments ability to force rules on us though Friday. I can’t seem to find the article again though.

      1. I feel for you.

      2. I’ll just re-post this quote from Eisenhower that I cited yesterday:

        Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.

        1. What a find! That was a good one, Red. Well done.

          1. It’s in the Farewell Address, which I highly recommend everyone read–as in, the whole thing, not just the M-I Complex section that the bourgeois intelligentsia likes to cite. Anyone who thinks it’s just about the pervasiveness of military dominance of public policy is missing the forest for the trees. It’s really a deeply conservative thesis about the dangers of scale, especially in a technologically advanced society.

    5. That’s pretty much where I’m at too. Perhaps just my contrarian nature. And I haven’t been worrying about the ‘Rona much over the past year. I’m not going to start now. I’ll probably get a vaccine when it’s convenient.

    6. “…I need government permission to live my life the way I want to, the less inclined I am to get it.”

      If you decide against getting vaccinated for that reason, you are giving the government too much control over your decision making.

    7. By the way, conversing with soldiermedic76 is a lot more pleasant with all the noise from JesseAz, etc. muted.

    8. I will probably get it but this isn’t making my desire to get it any greater.

      I’ll forge a vaccine passport before I get this vaccine. My kids and their grandkids are and should be free to choose and that’s the point.

  19. Those virtues don’t signal themselves.

  20. He is leading by example. That is what leaders do. They hold themselves to higher standards of behavior, because he knows that others will emulate what he does just because he’s their leader. That was one of the most obnoxious things about Trump. He didn’t act like a leader and didn’t care. Biden and Zients were incorrect to cite the CDC for why they are wearing masks. They should have just said that he is setting a good example for the rest of the country.

    1. Have you stopped pretending to be a libertarian?

      1. On what evidence do you conclude he ever was a libertarian?

        1. He claims to be. But doesn’t speak like it.

          1. Never has.

      2. What is unlibertarian about leaders leading by example?

        Oh wait. I actually gave Biden credit for something positive that he did. That means I’m not a libertarian, right? Because libertarianism = kneejerk opposition to anything any Democrat ever does?

        “AOC sent her mom a Mother’s Day card. Therefore I’m opposed to Mother’s Day!”

        1. Because the message he is pushing is that privileges come from the government.

        2. And I am sure if Trump was the one doing this you would be up in arms about it.

        3. And using the word leader isn’t libertarian, that is one step away from ruler.

          1. I’m not an anarchist. I fully support the idea of groups of people choosing leaders. Do you?

            1. “I’m not an anarchist…”
              Uh, OK.

              “…I fully support the idea of groups of people choosing leaders. Do you?”
              No. Why do you need to be “lead”?

            2. I don’t rlect leaders I elect representatives and an executive whose primary mission is enforcement of laws and CiC of the military. Nothing in those describe a leader.

        4. You supporting Biden definitely means you are not a libertarian. You’re a globalist socialist.

    2. lol Onward Biden Soldiers!

    3. No he is signaling that the vaccine does not work. What world do you live in?

    4. “He is leading by example…”

      Ken got jeff’s number; yes he’s dishonest, by that’s merely a symptom.
      The cause is a lack of mental abilities; he is simply incapable of recognizing that he’s lying.

      1. Pathological liar – “lose themselves in their lies and begin to tell lies that offer no obvious incentives.”
        It’s who he has always been.

    5. The point jeff is that he’s setting a bad example. Trump set a different bad example. They’re both failures in regards to COVID messaging.

      1. The example is “obedience uber alles”, which fits collectivists like chemjeff

      2. “…Trump set a different bad example…”

        What was that?

        1. Mean tweets. And his skin has an orange tone.

          1. Yep, like the lefty shit pod claiming he’s a ‘grifter’. Evidence? None. Just signalling to the other TDS-addled shits.

    6. I don’t want a national leader, good or bad.

      And I’m not convinced that wearing a mask when there is no good reason to do so is a good example to anyone.

    7. “….. emulate what he does just because he’s their leader.”

      Haha. Holy shit dude. So you’re a “radical individualist”? Wow.

  21. “Biden Can’t Explain Why He’s Still Wearing a Mask”
    Well yeah….he can’t explain anything because he is a brain dead, dementia-rattled, 50+ year gubment-carreer/drain on the US, democrat.

  22. >>The president from day one has said we’re going to rely on science and facts and that’s what we’ll do

    shhhh don’t tell him he’s doing the opposite

  23. Meh. The reason to get the vaccine has nothing to do with the government. I stopped paying attention to them.

    1. who gave you a reason to get the vaccine?

      1. Nobody. It was a decision I made prevent getting sick or spreading it to others.

        1. the decision was made based on information?

          1. Yes. A lot of information actually.

            1. did it fall from the sky?

              1. I have read an average of two scientific articles and other background information on the virus and vaccines a day since this started. I also track the numbers on a daily basis.

                1. Same here, Echospinner. I just looked at the data, talked with my Rhu, and got the Moderna vaccine. And that was that. It was a personal decision I made for me, and it made sense in my personal circumstance.

                  Hope you are still enjoying GA.

                  1. Same. Seems sensible. Low risk. Low to moderate reward.

                    But this Mask Then, Mask Now, Mask Forever stuff is insane.

                    1. I think we are all pretty sick of it. Things are opening up a bit around here. Went to an actual restaurant for Mother’s Day yesterday. Outdoor seating so no worries but I feel bad for the people who have to work in them all day.

                    2. I live in NH in a NH/MA border town. I’ve been going to restaurants since they re-opened last June. MA restaurants as recently as this weekend continue to be ghost towns unless they offer outdoor seating. NH restaurants are back to full capacity. There is no substantive difference in COVID…which one would expect within a 10 mile (fuck, a 500 mile) radius.

                      It’s all signaling/politics now.

                    3. NH welcomed Charlie Baker as its director of tourism.

                  2. Loving it. Thanks.

                2. >> two scientific articles and other background information on the virus and vaccines a day since this started

                  please post the link to something scientific-not-government I’m totally in

    2. Amen. What the government says or doesn’t say shouldn’t enter into your decision. It is a good idea, for several reasons, to be vaccinated.

  24. Underneath it is a ball gag.

    1. Just watch out for the Gimp!

  25. He wears it so he doesn’t have to constantly wipe the drool off his chin.

  26. “CDC guidance across time will allow vaccinated people more and more privileges to take off that mask”

    CDC says, “Fuck the people who *can’t* get vaccinated. They’re ours.”

    1. And isn’t it wonderful that our benevolent masters will grant us “privileges”?

      1. We should be so thankful, comrade.

        1. After all, our only freedoms are the chains of socialism that bind us together.

  27. At this point the government should be out of this. They did a great job getting us enough vaccines and they seem to be the best ones out there.

    They should just say that is all we can do. The rest is up to us.

  28. Oh cmon, you pathetic people would complain no matter what he did.

    1. Like you did the last four years? And they complained about almost everything Trump did also for four years. It’s kind of their thing.

    2. “Oh cmon, you pathetic people would complain no matter what he did.”

      Pretty sure there should be a special prosecutor involved by now for this corrupt POS.

    3. It will be good when America is cleansed of your kind. I hope your end is agonizing. You deserve to suffer.

  29. Joe Biden is still wearing a mask because nobody has told him to take it off. He’s incapable of thinking for himself and he knows the CDC is full of shit and doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Until Mama Jill tells him to take the damn mask off, he’ll be wearing it the rest of his life.

    1. That’s the even weirder thing about his continuing to wear the mask. A few days ago he made a big show of removing his mask.

      1. He probably forgot.

  30. allow vaccinated people more and more privileges to take off that mask

    It’s like the fucker is deliberately trolling for insurrectionists.

    1. The lack of urgency from you people has completely destroyed whatever credibility libertarians had

  31. I doubt Kamala Harris will be terribly upset if Biden gives himself a respiratory infection and dies from wearing a mask.

    1. His exiled dog could use the carcass as a chew toy for at least a few days.

  32. I want everyone masked all the time, in every situation, until the day that we finally put all orthodontists out of business.

    1. A lot of pre-teens would agree.

      1. And nobody is surprised that white knight has his fingers on the… pulse… of preteens.

        1. Yeah, he’s probably in the same camp as Buttplug.

  33. “I think the concern is that by being overly cautious, the signal is going out to the public that there isn’t necessarily a light at the end of the tunnel.”

    Maybe that’s the point. They don’t want people to see “a light at the end of the tunnel” unless that light is a freight train coming right at you.

    1. Or I should have said “…unless they can make you think that light is a freight train…”

      I noticed they added a “Mute User” button, now how about an edit button?

  34. Zients conceded that many people are sick of following precautions, but said Americans could soon look forward to the day where the CDC restores “more and more privileges.”

    Fuuuuuck you, you authoritarian cunt.

  35. He can explain, but that would be self defeating as optics stop working once you reveal them.

    Biden wears the mask because he’s a big guy for you and he would die if he took it off.

    On a more serious note, he wants people to comply with wearing masks. There are people who seriously believe that Americans are so stupid and gullible that by seeing the President mask up, they’ll follow suit. Elites today seriously believe that we had a worse response to covid because Trump didn’t beg people to wear masks.

    All you can do is remind these people that they’re the very same folks who lambast everything Trump does. They tell people he’s dangerous and incompetent and should be ignored and ridiculed at all costs. They’re partisans, plain and simple.

    1. Elites today seriously believe that we had a worse response to covid because Trump didn’t beg people to wear masks.

      Yeah, it’s funny how much they bitched about him not acting like a dictator every time they wanted him to act like one. That’s why the whole “personality cult” thing is just smoke–followers of a real personality cult would have climbed over each other to get the shot because Trump was bragging about Operation Warp Speed non-stop.

      Watch interviews where dipshits like Fauci and media bobbleheads complain that Trump isn’t being their Promoter-in-Chief for whatever issue they want him to pimp. They’re Democrats, so they believe that no one is capable of thinking through and making their own decisions, without some government bureaucrat or “expert” telling them what to do. They’re nothing more than helpless, beep-boop automatons.

    2. Elites today seriously believe that we had a worse response to covid because Trump didn’t beg people to wear masks.

      There is empirical evidence in support of this contention.

      Poll: 75% of Republicans trust Trump over media to tell the truth on important issues

      1. I trust virtually anybody over the media on pretty much every topic known.

        This did not start with Trump.

        Again, Murray Gell-Man Amnesia Hypothesis.

        1. Sounds like you’re a fucking retard if that’s what you believe.

          “The media.” What is that? Does it include both MSNBC and Newsmax?

          1. At least you aren’t being rude. See your post below.

            1. I said I’m never rude?

              1. Shut up, you gay bastard! You’re too fat.

          2. NYT. WaPo. NBC. CBS. ABC. FNC. You’re best off reading all of their crap to learn what is NOT true.

      2. So your requirement to be lead means I have to suffer the asshole you desire?
        Fuck off.

      3. Hopefully the masks starting working some day.

        1. Start

          Useless forum.

    3. But masks are so 2020. I’ve heard we have a vaccine now. More than one, in fact.

  36. CDC guidance across time will allow vaccinated people more and more privileges to take off that mask

    The word “privileges” pretty much sums up their worldview (except for abortion and gender affirmation surgery for children, obviously).

    1. Excellent post.

  37. The really important point is being missed here. Tapper’s concern about the message being sent is no different then Fauchi’s concern about the scarcity of protective equipment for front liners justifying his excuse to lie to us. These people think we’re stupid and they’re better than us. Like telling a 5 year old Santa’s real. Our elected officials and media are here to serve and inform us. Not tell us lies for or own good, as they see it.

  38. Biden can’t explain what day of the week it is.

    At the same time – dude’s like . . . 90. There’s something like a 20% chance he’ll drop dead in this term. I’ll give him a pass if he wants to keep wearing the mask. It might not help him, it might – but it won’t hurt him.

  39. As if on cue, I just received an email from the CDC with the following title: “How to Talk About COVID-19 Vaccines with Friends and Family.”

    I guess the CDC is now granting us the “privilege” of speaking, provided we stick to the approved script.

    1. And wear a mask.

  40. Since when do our rights and privileges come from the CDC? The CDC’s rules are based on political science, anyway. Remember last September, when Redfield claimed that his mask protects him better than a vaccine would? This was a few days after the CDC (accurately) warned people in wildfire areas that a mask other than an N95 wouldn’t protect them from smoke particles because the smoke particles are small enough to penetrate the mask. But those same masks that don’t work on smoke particles supposedly work on virus particles, which are 1/5 the size of smoke particles. This defies logic.

  41. Biden can explain it, he just won’t, though he has mentioned it twice now. He wears a mask do he won’t get in trouble! But in trouble with whom? Mama Jill? VP Harris? Speaker Pelosi? The leader of the Free World, cowering if he forgets his mask. WOW!

  42. Biden can explain it, he just won’t, though he has mentioned it twice now. He wears a mask so he won’t get in trouble! But in trouble with whom? Mama Jill? VP Harris? Speaker Pelosi? The leader of the Free World, cowering if he forgets his mask. WOW!

  43. “The president is going to continue to follow the CDC guidance,” said Zients. “We’re going to look to the CDC. The president from day one has said we’re going to rely on science and facts and that’s what we’ll do.”

    Sorry, but you can’t do both, follow the CDC AND rely on science.

  44. The interesting thing about the right-wing propaganda atmosphere is that it stokes maximum hysteria over minimal problems. Let the man wear a goddamn mask if he wants to virtue signal. It’s not going to kill anyone, unlike the yearlong whining that you should have a right to cough virus on ticket takers because you have a conception of freedom somewhat less sophisticated than a 5 year-old’s.

    1. The interesting thing about the right-wing propaganda atmosphere is that it stokes maximum hysteria over minimal problems.

      And today’s Self-Awareness Award goes to . . . .

      1. Me? I don’t give a shit about your problem unless it has a body count in the hundreds of thousands. That’s where I’m at.

        So Dr. Seuss can get in line.

        1. “Me? I don’t give a shit about your problem unless it has a body count in the hundreds of thousands. That’s where I’m at.”

          1. Oops:
            Me? Your health is your concern, that’s where I’m at.
            Crawl in a hole and stay there.

        2. I don’t give a shit about your problem unless it has a body count in the hundreds of thousands.

          Or unless it’s White Supremacy.

          1. That one is closer to hundreds of millions.

            1. I thought that was communism.

              1. If you like, but I find that categorization unhelpful and fraught.

                The proximate cause of the tens of millions of excess deaths in Stalin’s Russia was Stalin. Was his most relevant characteristic his economic philosophy?

                Or might it have been that he was a severely mentally ill autocrat?

                Neither of us is endorsing communism, so my question is why you so evidently favor the latter when it kills so many millions on such a regular basis?

                1. Stalin came to power in a communist nation he inherited from communists and that practiced communism, before, during, and after his rule.

                  You can read history in books, you know.

                  1. You could just get to the point you think you’re making. Why is this relevant to anything, again?

                    Hitler wasn’t a communist. He was a Catholic, however. If anyone’s killed more people than communists, it’s the Catholics. Their vile murdering tentacles extend all the way into the pants of millions of men to make them feel guilty for masturbating.

                    We only live once for a brief flicker of a flicker, and they spent time making you feel guilty for masturbating and murdering half the world for believing in the wrong sky fairy.

                    Stalin was also male. All hail the obviously necessary matriarchy. You think it could do a worse job if it tried?

                    I don’t like -isms, and I really don’t like dogmatic ones. Whatever communism is, and I don’t think it’s much, its implementation has been problematic to the extent that it has been implemented by autocrats. Autocrats can also be capitalists. So maybe the problem isn’t the books the leaders read in college, but the fact that they have autocratic power and mental illness.

                    Remind you of anyone you want to install as dictator of America for life?

                    1. Oh I’m sorry. Did I stray off topic?

                    2. “…Hitler wasn’t a communist…”

                      Yes, he was.
                      But the limits to your ‘knowledge’ is understood.

        3. But someone, somewhere, might be using the wrong pronouns.

          1. There’s no excuse for rudeness.

            1. None is ever needed.

              1. I’m just thinking about how you’d never go around to an actually mentally ill person and be deliberately rude to them. If you’re big issue is reserving the right to be a cunt to strangers and loved ones, maybe your problems aren’t that big of a deal and nobody needs to care.

                1. Maybe trannies could realize that no one goes through this life getting treated exactly like they want to.

                  If you changed your name from Tony to Amanda, and someone called you Tony, would you scream about your “humanity being stolen!” and start throwing poop?

                  That’s ride.

                  1. One shouldn’t return rudeness with rudeness.

                    You should explain why you feel the need to be a cunt to trans people. Why it’s such a necessary liberty that not only should I respect it, but the state should enforce it.

                    You’re the only one asking to change any rules. Trans people just want to present differently to society. That’s not a rule. Some of the biggest alpha males in history wore gowns, wigs, and heels. That’s all arbitrary.

                    You’re the one asking for special dispensation to be a cunt to people because they are a vulnerable minority you don’t understand and blame for your problems.

                    Doopty do, fascists are never smart. Doopty dee, this shit is how fascism actually happens.

                    See you in a camp somewhere.

                    1. First, you’re extremely rude all the time. Second, no group has been nastier to the trans community than gay men like you. So your finger wagging over trannys is bullshit.

                    2. I’m asking for no such thing, stream slayer.

                      It’s like you’re ready for making a counter-argument to a particular argument on mind, and the fact that I’m not making the argument is no reason for you to actually think of a new idea. Just barf out the pre-canned counter-argument anyway.

                      I’m suggesting that no one should force you to pretend someone else has a vagina when they don’t. It’s not complicated or controversial.

                      The real fascists are the democrats and the left who have free speech and think censorship is the best idea ever.

                    3. If you feel like you’re in an at-risk group, then by all means take whatever measures you feel are reasonable for yourself. You can politely ask me to help you protect yourself, but don’t expect me to make any effort to help you though and if you try to force me to do so, there is going to be backlash. If your kid is deathly allergic to peanuts, I expect you to teach your kid to not eat peanuts, to carry an epipen in case he accidentally does so, and to politely ask me if the cookies I’m serving might possibly have peanuts in them.

                      If you inform me before hand, I’ll probably even make an extra effort to avoid creating an issue for your kid.

                      But if you say “No one who sends a kid to this school can be permitted to have any peanut products in their home because they could be uncaring assholes and let their kids eat peanut butter toast and wipe their hands on their jacket before coming to school and killing my kid.” I’ll probably say “Fuck you” and slick my kid’s hair back with peanut oil and send them to school with a PB&J for lunch.

                    4. So you respond to basic safety measures with an emotional need to kill children.

                      I’m so interested in your political views, newsletter, etc.

        4. We would like to avoid a massive body count. That’s why progs have to go away. You people really are to blame for everything horrible that happens.

    2. It’s liberties. Freedom comes from them.

      1. The liberty to recklessly infect other people with a deadly virus because you have masculinity issues, correct?

        1. “The liberty to recklessly infect other people with a deadly virus…”
          Death rate of 0.16%. Yep, a death rate if just over 1/10th of 1%. And tapering off.
          Yep, “deadly!!!!!” Not as deadly as that boogy man under your bed.

          “…because you have masculinity issues, correct?”
          Nobody cares about your erotic fantasies, lefty shit.

        2. There’s no evidence to support this statement.

          1. The evidence is I live here too, I lived through the same pandemic, and the mask was never more than a very minor inconvenience to me.

            Ipso facto, I am a stronger person, emotionally.

            Not that there’s anything wrong with being a shriveling frightened little girl in a man’s body. We’re all about that kind of diversity now.

            1. The mask was never more than situationally effective, and minimally at that.

            2. Assuming facts not in evidence. Have you ever read a book on making cogent arguments, maybe seen a YouTube video? You should; you suck at it.

        3. Should gay men have been forced to have tattoos detailing their status to prevent AIDS from spreading?

          1. Or be made to wear a pink triangle.

          2. The government did its piece.

            Didn’t see you at any fucking protests at the time.

            1. Why would I be at protests when my behavior was at virtually no risk to cause further infection?

              The government, using your standards for COVID now, did virtually nothing.

  45. Biden can’t explain how a donut got into his hand during breakfast.

  46. I saw a CDC tv commercial this weekend urging people to get vaccinated. Every single person in the commercial, and there were a lot of them, was wearing a mask. Not only do they “not get it,” they are doing everything they can in order to avoid “getting it.”

    1. Vaccinated people can spread the disease.

      1. So what’s the point of getting vaccinated?

        1. Nothing says “anti-vaxxer” like “Take the small chance it might make you sick to get vaccinated for…absolutely no benefit at all”

        2. Perhaps we should start with the ABCs, because goddamn infants understand how viruses and immunity and vaccines work by now.

          Look I realize libertarians operate from a position of abject fear that someone will call into question their cherished bumper stickers, but you can read page 1 of a goddamn science book without risking learning that taxation isn’t actually theft.

          1. It is more like robbery than theft.

            1. Taxation is the process by which money becomes real. You’d be closer to the mark if you said magic.

              1. Taxation makes money real?

                Not an ACTUAL exchange of currency for goods? It requires GOVERNMENT robbing you at gunpoint for it to become real?

                1. Pretty sure that is an accurate reading of shitstain’s ‘theory’; if the government ain’t involved, it ain’t real.
                  No wonder he’s a laughing stock.

          2. Tony see a shrink you have real problems!

      2. And people who use condoms can still get AIDS, but if you teach abstinence in a public school, they call you a religious zealot.

        Perhaps Christians are just as risk averse as you are: always do the safest thing. With health and the after-life.

        1. Both condoms and the Covid vaccines are roughly 95% effective in these respective goals.

          Religious zealots hectoring people to be chaste–forever–is roughly 0% effective, but you can look it up if you want to correct me.

          1. So you claim it is the same effectiveness as your arguments. And nobody needs to look that one up.

            1. Yeah I want your numbers, Jesus freak. Run along and find me evidence that “suggested abstinence” is an effective prophylactic.

              You slipped up and posed a question that has a clear scientific answer. Libertarians aren’t supposed to do that. They’re supposed to invent fantasy worlds where they get to make all the rules, and then declare themselves right about it.

              Once you’re introduced to the concept of data, we can move toward freeing you of your silly millennia-old desert tribe cult rituals.

              1. Science shows that abstinence, practiced correctly, is 100% effective in preventing STDs.

              2. Is planned parenthood to conservative for you?


                So, now that you have the real data, when are you going to announce your resignation from your ridiculous cult?

                1. No, I don’t want data about how an individual practicing abstinence will prevent sexually transmitted phenomena. It’s going to take a long time to get to deities and culture if we are still in the birds and bees.

                  You’re talking about suggested abstinence as a policy. Find me a population of people with no access to condoms that achieved low rates of disease and children by virtue of being lectured at by priests.

                  And what the fuck is a libertarian doing banning condoms anyway?

                  1. I’m suggesting no such thing. You’re a flamethrower in a room full of straw men.

                    I’m saying that, if you think wearing masks when you’re vaccinated is a great idea because of the rare chance you’ll infect someone anyway, then I assume you’d consider a recommendation for abstinence to be a great idea.

                    In fact, you would identify abstinence as the scientifically recognized most effective way to prevent both unwanted pregnancy and STDs (two societal problems with some impact, mind you), and would fully endorse an education campaign and multiple social problems trying to address the “misinformation” and “propaganda” that causes people to make other choices.

                    But I’d never suggest a campaign to ban condoms or sex. I’m a libertarian, not a democrat.

                  2. In fact, for sheer consistency, your posts where you’ve made negative and disparaging remarks about abstinence would be flagged as bigotry, misinformation, and anti-science, and removed from polite society. You’re literally shaming people who are recommending the most scientifically safe choice, and a choice that is possible for everyone to make outside of rape victims.

                    Is this the first time you’ve realized you’re an anti-science bigot?

                    1. I wonder if you might start having actual thoughts about things instead of poor attempts at gotcha snarks. The science is not settled on how much vaccinated people can still transmit virus. The science is not settled on just how effective the vaccines are. The virus isn’t done evolving, either.

                      The CDC guidelines for vaccinated people are quite permissive. But the fact is you’re going to only accept guidelines that tell you what you want to hear, and you’re going to reject the others. This bizarrely persistent approach to science isn’t any more convincing on this than it is on climate change.

                      There’s also a nonzero value in taking basic indoor precautions, since grocery store clerks presumably don’t have the capacity to check for vaccine cards for every customer. Is that what you’d prefer? Papers please over a tiny inconvenience in service of public health?

                      The reason libertarianism is supposed to be the politics of teenagers and not adults is because it goes out of its way to ignore the way humans actually live. Sticking your fingers in your ears and screeching at people not to fuck is not an effective policy for any end. And wearing a mask during a pandemic is not an imposition on your rights.

                      You are being told how to feel about frivolous things because a) you consult trash sources of information and b) you apparently have no real problems.

                    2. Don’t change the subject with your hand-waving and straw men about the libertarians that live inside your head rent-free.

                      We’re talking about your anti-science bigotry.

                      Why are you an abstinence denier? It’s because, deep down, you hate people, because you hate… yourself, isn’t it?

                    3. You think, maybe, demanding everyone do the safest thing for everyone else is a little like telling everyone to stop fucking?

              3. If you cared about stopping AIDS you would stop having anal sex. Typical selfish, hypocritical prog.

                1. If you cared about stopping AIDS you’d stop supporting Republicans, who treated it as a marvelous opportunity to commit a little genocide.

                  When you’re a conservatard, every problem seems to be caused by the other, human agents outside of your tribe. But viruses are not agents, they are viruses.

                  The reason you want to kill everyone you disagree with is because you are an ape in fancy clothes. But everything you believe is just a story you tell yourself.

                  1. Tony quit living in the 80’s. Time has moved on, you should too.

      3. If that is true, it shouldn’t be called a “vaccine” – and it should have long-term safety testing (several years more) before inflicting it on large numbers of people who are at very little risk from COVID.

        1. You could just wear a mask and do your part as a human.

          1. Hopefully the masks start working soon.

          2. They don’t work. Are you just too stupid to understand that?

            1. Citation please.

          3. Seriously, give it a rest already!

  47. Biden wears his mask like everyone else, but he puts it on one leg at a time.

  48. LOL…. Biden can’t “REASONABLY” explain anything he’s done or pitched and/or is doing. Short of pushing to take-over the USA for National Socialism (i.e. Nazism).

  49. Biden Can’t Explain Why.

  50. Because it’s what senile morons do.

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