Raising the Refugee Cap Should Be Just the Start of Fixing America's Inhumane Immigration Policy

The president reneged on that promise last month. People weren't happy.


President Joe Biden on Monday announced he would move to increase the annual refugee cap set by former President Donald Trump, who had limited admissions to a historically low 15,000 refugees during his time in office.

Biden's announcement came after he received heavy criticism last month when he revealed he would keep Trump's cap in place after promising to expand it by more than 300 percent. Today he said he would reverse course again and attempt to meet that earlier promise, although he said it likely wouldn't happen by September 30, the end of the fiscal year.

"Today, I am revising the United States' annual refugee admissions cap to 62,500 for this fiscal year," he said in a statement. "The sad truth is that we will not achieve [that goal] this year. We are working quickly to undo the damage of the last four years. It will take some time, but that work is already underway. We have reopened the program to new refugees. And by changing the regional allocations last month, we have already increased the number of refugees ready for departure to the United States."

The president's April announcement confused many, not least of which because his purported explanation didn't square with reality. The New York Times reported that his administration cited the influx of unaccompanied migrant children at the border as putting too much of a strain on the refugee system.

"The refugee program and the unaccompanied child program are separate items in the HHS budget," David Bier, a research fellow at the Cato Institute's Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, told me last month. "This is purely about politics."

Biden has received quite a bit of heat for his policies at the border. As I wrote last month, he's already broken a campaign promise to halt the confiscation of private property for border wall construction. The Biden administration has also made certain parts of the asylum system even more restrictive than his predecessor and is defending Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in court after the agency erected a fake university, defrauded immigrants out of the tuition money, and deported them without refunds.

Today, however, it appears Biden is attempting to honor a campaign promise, even if it was the result of public pressure. "President Trump's decision to close America's doors to refugees fleeing persecution is cruel and shortsighted," Biden said in November 2019. "As president, I will restore America's historic commitment to welcoming those whose lives are threatened by conflict and crisis."

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  1. Step Two: Declare everyone and everything a “refugee”.

    1. No, no. We’re an inhumane, viciously racist country. The best thing we can do is finish the wall and never let anyone in. To protect the, from America’s meanness, and racism.

      1. The wall isn’t to protect you, it’s to protect others.

        Am I doing this right?

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  2. No thanks. We already got a “refugee” problem as it is. Libertarians be stupid.

    1. Not all libertarians support open boarders, at least not until after the welfare state has been completely dismantled.

      1. Or the messiah comes. Or the overlords arrive in their spacecrafts. Or the giant comet of doom arrives.

        That should not prevent immigration and asylum reform. The system we have now is designed to fail.

        1. It’s always fun being lectured by bootlicking Nazi pieces of shit like Echospinner about how you’re a selfish piece of shit cunt if you don’t run around with 3 diapers strapped to your face and that you shouldn’t be allowed to leave your home without injecting yourself with an experimental vaccine blessed with emergency use-only authorization from the FDA, and then the next day be lectured about how unfair it is to have basic health screenings for Honduran child molesters crossing the Mexican border a hundred thousand at a time.

  3. Don’t worry. Joe Biden — like pretty much every Democrat not named Bernie Sanders — realizes he’s in office to do the bidding of billionaires like’s benefactor Charles Koch. And since it is well known that Mr. Koch absolutely hates hiring American-born workers, Biden will give him the cost-effective foreign-born labor he craves.


    1. What’s the main output of Koch Industries? Taco trucks perhaps?

      1. Kids in cages. You wouldn’t believe the profit margins.

  4. I am not so sure it is a good idea to let in thousands and thousands of H1-B visa holders from India these days. Sounds pretty dumb, actually.

    1. That’s such a loser attitude. A pandemic is no reason to give up on the dream of unlimited, unrestricted immigration.

    2. 100 million Chinese refugees would make the next election interesting.

      1. Just think of all the pee pee in our coke omce they decide to play joke!

      2. Two things restrict immigration: immigration laws that are enforced and the practical limits of moving people from where they are to the US.
        Probably we could get around a million here in one year, maybe even two million. Of course, with the disruption, the demand would eventually drop off.

        1. Probably we could get around a million here in one year, maybe even two million

          We let in 1-1.2 million people per year, and have every year for the last 30 years or so. On top of that we also admit 250,000-500,000 illegal immigrants each year, and have every year for the last 30 years or so.

    3. The pandemic is a real issue.

      Nobody is in favor of unlimited travel from places with high level of infection.

      That is not the same as immigration reform. We have many undocumented immigrants here now. Can we begin there?

      1. Nobody is in favor of unlimited travel from places with high level of infection.

        Other than, you know, the fucking president and his entire administration who are allowing tens of thousands of illegal immigrants with confirmed COVID infection to be released into the interior with a court date 2-3 years in the future while they insist on 3 weeks imprisonment for the crime of crossing a state border while you clap like a lobotomized seal.

  5. The President raising (or lowering) the number of refugee is not in the solution. Nor is calling economic immigrants refugees. Refugee has a specific definition and just wanting a better life is not one of the definitions. The solution for both are for congress to set the number for each and the president enforce that number. In this day and time if that number needed to be changed up or down it would not take congress very long to reconvene to change it. The President is the chief enforcement officer through the AttGen’s office and the DOJ’s office. it is the time the president start doing his (or her) job and not congress’.

  6. The US brings in more immigrants per year than any other country. Its policy is inhumane compared to what, exactly?

    1. The response you always get is “but far fewer per capita” etc. This, of course, fails to address all the problems for the countries who did bring in refugees and economic migrants at far higher per capita rates.

      1. Even the countries that take in more per capita, don’t do so consistently every year like the USA, and they haven’t done so nearly as long as we have.

    2. The problem is you are no delving into the real issues when it comes to immigration and immigration laws. And we aren’t allowed anymore to deal with the real issues, rather we have to focus solely on those issues that allow for virtue signaling without actually accomplishing anything.

      1. The first sentence should not have a “no” in it.

  7. Something like 45 million people in the US were born in other countries. That’s a huge number, almost 15% of the country.

    And that’s not enough?

  8. Biden’s announcement came after he received heavy criticism last month when he revealed he would keep Trump’s cap in place after promising to expand it by more than 300 percent. Today he said he would reverse course again

    Who’s the Boss?

    1. President Biden, a person smart enough to listen to criticism and make adjustments where necessary.

      1. You find Biden to be intelligent? That explains a lot about you, and your inherent idiocy.

      2. When Biden lies it’s because he’s a stable genius making “adjustments”. Got it.

        Aren’t you afraid you might get sick downing that much cum from a 78 year old man every day of your life?

  9. Well over 350,000 people have shown up at the Mexican border requesting asylum just through the end of March. That’s four times the new annual quota in three months, and that doesn’t include the people from the rest of the world requesting refugee status. The math doesn’t work.

  10. Unless you’re willing to let in anyone who wants to come in, how is any particular limit inhumane? So Billy, or whoever wrote the headline, why don’t you just come out and say you want open borders? If you don’t, stop using arbitrary numbers as if there’s something logical behind them.

    1. They can’t actually state what they actually want (i.e. open borders) because they know the absurdity of such a position. So instead they try to nibble around the edges with intellectually dishonest arguments so as to avoid their inherent illogical position.

  11. Fixing the welfare state should be the start. Open immigration and a welfare state don’t mix. If you believe so you are an idiot.

    1. Don’t you understand Jesse? The only way to end the welfare state is to bring in pig ignorant, bi-illiterate wetbacks who have a 90% household rate of welfare usage!

  12. Uh-oh… time for 60 posts from OBL on how rich the Koch Brothers are. Since when did this become a concern for libertarians? You’ve changed, girlfriend.

    Isn’t it socialists like me that are supposed to lecture you on disparities in wealth distribution? Poor you, you’ve become a bunch of dickless crybabies, which— even in my world of woke, isn’t a compliment.

    1. “Isn’t it socialists like me that are supposed to lecture you on disparities in wealth distribution?”

      You’re what I call an in-name-only socialist. And I mean that as a compliment. Genuine socialists, who are ubiquitous in other countries but not so much in the US, really care about knocking the rich down a few pegs. Which makes them natural enemies of us Koch / Reason libertarians.

      American “socialists” like you and AOC, OTOH, are perfect examples of OpenBordersLiberal-tarian’s First Law. Sure, you talk a good game about sticking it to “the 1%.” In practice, though? You side with billionaires in every way that matters. You’re taking the pro-billionaire position on immigration right now. You support Democrats, like most billionaires.

      In short, as long as I’m convinced your loyalty to establishment Democrats like Biden supersedes your commitment to wealth redistribution, I’m willing to call you an ally.


      1. That’s a surprisingly accurate take on AmSoc.

  13. Totally… as long as people want to work let them in.

    1. What if they want to loaf and use welfare like 90% of immigrant-headed households?

  14. All these commenters here claim to be libertarians, but when it comes down to something they don’t like suddenly they start running to the government. That doesn’t make you much different from the school board busybody other than the obnoxious and hysterical hypocrisy. Geesch, even that busybody has some dignity. You don’t.

    1. I believe I’m redistribution too. For example, your life should be redistributed. You don’t need it, and it serves no useful purpose.

    2. As long as you’re bringing back all of your ancient socks, why not revive the OG shreek handle?

  15. Immigrants from those countries have lived here for decades in many cases. They should take the lessons of freedom and prosperity they learned here and share them with their home countries so that their people don’t need to flee. And if they learned nothing then we certainly shouldn’t be allowing them in only to corrupt them.

  16. You gonna pay for all these unwed mothers with 10 kids from El Salvador Billy?

    1. No. Billy thinks you are you deplorable nativist.

    2. Could you provide a reference for the unwed mother with 10 kids? Or did you just pull that out of the air?

      1. He doesn’t need one. The point is clear and valid. If you can’t understand that, then stay out of the discussion and let the adults talk.

  17. Raising the refugee cap isn’t “open borders”. It’s the UN-facilitated centrally planned importation of immigrants paid for by the taxpayers. If you want refugees let private individuals and organizations pay to sponsor them 100% with no government money. If the refugees become public charges because their sponsors don’t want to pay anymore deport them back to their shitholes and send the bill for the return trip to those who brought them in. Refugees should be able to sponsor them selves if they have the $$$.

  18. A pandemic is no reason to give up on the dream of unlimited, unrestricted immigration. That’s such a loser attitude.
    Sad Shayari

    Maa Status

  19. Refugee cap or sombrero?

    1. That sounds like a drinking game.


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  21. It would be good to settle the immigration issue with legislation but if all we can get is a reprieve during the Biden Administration I will settle for that alone. It not all I think we need but it is progress.

    1. You really are an idiot. Just soft headed drivel talk.

    2. It’s good to see that executive action on immigration without congress has metamorphosed from literal Nazism to sound policy in the short span of 3 months you pathetic fucking bootlicking bitch.

  22. Calling the USA immigration policy “inhumane” makes you look really silly, Billy. You and the mob can continue gaslighting and attempting to rewrite word definitions, but no one is buying what you are selling anymore.

  23. Inhumane immigraiton policy, lol.

    We have a totally unprecedented, world-historical mass immigration scheme pumping people into this country at levels never before seen. Free education, free health care to an extent of showing up at the ER, subsidized health care otherwise, welfare and many other government benefits. And new with COVID, cash payments from trillions of government money printing. We also hand out huge sums of “foreign aid.”

    Where’s the inhumane part?

    Actually, the inhumane part is that our quasi-open borders immigration scheme is without the consent of the governed, and suppresses wages and make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

    And moreover, our quasi-open borders scheme encourages the caravans and border jumpers and child trafficking. If we just enforce current immigration laws, and keep Trump’s Remain in Mexico and other policies, the border nonsense goes away.

  24. Refugees =/= Immigrants

    There is a distinct difference — in mindset, motivation, and desire to assimilate — between refugees and immigrants.

  25. I’m pretty open-borders myself, but I would say the first order of business is having a consistent way to enforce the laws. We sort of have this mixed method of writing laws, but ignoring them when we don’t want to enforce them. Everything else is just vague suggestion until we can do anything about that.

  26. See home without injecting yourself with an experimental vaccine blessed with emergency use-only authorization from the FDA, and then the next day be lectured about how unfair it is to have basic health screenings for Honduran , child molesters crossing the Mexican border a hundred thousand at a time.

  27. Interesting that this says Biden reversed course on refugees due to public backlash just after I read the Reason Roundup where it says a majority of Americans want to reduce number of asylum seekers. Sounds like Biden was listening to the polls too closely and giving the people what they said they wanted.

  28. America’s immigration system is so inhuman that we give out citizenship to people without language proficiency test and merit based standard and allow them to create their own meta society where stores can have signs in their own language and owners can effectively hire their own people. Oh, the inhumanity! Why does thousands of migrants want to come here?

    None of the people who crossed our borders are refugees. Biden is basically letting in thousands of unverified foreign nationals onto our soil because he feels like it. This is arguably an abuse of power that will have long term impact on the nation in a post pandemic world. Biden wears two masks and appears in person 3 minutes a day in fear of his life, but he’s kosher with 60 thousand economic migrants in his country. Meanwhile, Korea still mandates 4 screenings (twice at airport, twice on their soil) and a 2 week quarantine to any outside visitors.

    You’re living in a clown world, and while the libertarians are too irrelevant to hold any seats in their government, they cheerlead them on. If the republicans don’t argue in court that most of these migrants’ asylum application should be rejected, they’re finished as a party. The democrats will be able to remake the demographics in their image and eventually rid the nation of any remaining firewall against their socialist agenda.

  29. Where should wew send them? To LA or Nw york who cant handle their own people now? How is it we are supposed to respect these 50 something african nations yet continually have to hear the words gimme from them? Make Africa sustain its irresponsible overflows. Its time

  30. Well, as a skilled immigrant, let me tell you: I wouldn’t immigrate to the US these days. The US is headed for social and economic disaster.

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