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Biden Is Using the Pandemic as an Excuse for Permanent Expansions of Government Power

For Biden, the pandemic has become a catchall justification for a slew of big-government programs that he and the Democratic Party already wanted to pursue.


President Joe Biden isn't letting a crisis go to waste. 

His administration is using the pandemic as an excuse to push a list of preexisting Democratic policy priorities, few of which have much to do with COVID-19, and some of which were initially pitched as temporary measures. 

But in last night's address to a joint Congress, Biden made clear that he wants to extend some these policies, turning COVID-era emergency measures into permanent expansions of federal power, using the virus as an excuse. For Biden, the pandemic has become a catchall justification for a wide array of big-government programs that he and the Democratic Party already wanted to pursue. 

Take, for example, Biden's push to expand subsidies for health insurance purchased via the Affordable Care Act, the health law commonly known as Obamacare. 

Biden's American Rescue Plan—the $1.9 trillion aid bill passed in March—included $34 billion to temporarily boost subsidies for health coverage purchased through Obamacare's marketplaces. The subsidy boost was set to last for two years. 

One could perhaps argue that a pandemic that left millions out of work would justify a temporary program to make health insurance premiums less directly costly for struggling low-income individuals. 

But Biden's subsidy expansion was structured in a way that would expand subsidy availability to families with quite high incomes. The expanded subsidy is tied to local premiums, and so it varies geographically. In some parts of the country, however, it could make tens of thousands of dollars in annual subsidies available to households earning $350,000 a year

In a pandemic-induced recession whose negative economic effects have been concentrated almost entirely at the bottom of the income ladder, there's no non-ridiculous way to justify that sort of handout to the well-off as pandemic relief. It's just a straightforward bid to make an existing big-government program even bigger. 

And what was initially touted as a temporary subsidy expansion is now being upsold as a permanent upgrade. Last night, Biden announced that he wants to extend the subsidy boost indefinitely, which would cost an estimated $200 billion over the next decade. He then went on to praise Obamacare as a "lifeline for millions of Americans" and insist that "the pandemic has demonstrated how badly it is needed." 

The pandemic, in other words, was a convenient excuse—first for a temporary expansion of an already large federal program, then for an even more expensive permanent expansion of that same program. Big government for now swiftly becomes bigger government forever. 

Biden is using this playbook to extend and expand other programs as well. His $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan also included a one-year expansion of the child tax credit. Much of it is refundable, and the plan allows for it to be paid monthly, meaning that it is essentially a regular check cut to parents by the government. As a New York Times report put it recently: "Though framed in technocratic terms as an expansion of an existing tax credit, it is essentially a guaranteed income for families with children." 

The one-year cost of expanding the child tax credit was about $100 billion. In last night's speech, Biden pushed Congress to extend the boost to 2025, likely costing hundreds of billions more. And while some of the benefits would go to low-income households, this plan, too, is structured in a way that delivers benefits to families with six-figure earnings; the White House fact sheet offers an example of a family of four making $100,000 a year that would see thousands of dollars in benefits from this plan. 

If Biden's cash for kids program is extended through 2025, it would be unlikely to end there. It might be reauthorized and extended on a rolling basis, but it would effectively become an ongoing program, another untouchable entitlement in America's already sizable federal policy firmament. Indeed, some Democrats have already publicly pushed the president to simply make the program permanent. And from there, it's easy to imagine that the next push would be to make the benefit even larger. Big government has already become bigger government, and under Biden, it is on track to grow larger and larger still. 

And somehow it's all justified by the pandemic. His speech last night started with the words, "Tonight, I come to talk about crisis." As he took office in January, he said, he had "inherited a nation in crisis." The speech, and its laundry list of pricey new programs and policies, was thus framed as an extended response to that crisis. 

It's not. In part that's because so many of his proposals are either poorly targeted (large checks for households with stable six-figure incomes) or totally irrelevant to any actual problems stemming from the pandemic (bailouts for union pension funds). 

And in part because the crisis itself is fading from the scene, or at least becoming less severe. Thanks to vaccines, COVID-19 cases and deaths are falling rapidly. And thanks to the improving picture around coronavirus health and safety, the economy is rebounding too. The crisis is, if not entirely gone, much less of one than it was a few months ago, and thus much less of a plausible justification for extreme measures in response. Yet even as COVID fades away, Biden is pursuing massive expansions of federal power premised on crisis response. 

That's because despite the speech's framing, crisis response isn't really the goal—or, at the very least, it's only part of it. Biden is pursuing a historically unprecedented expansion of government spending and power for its own sake. And no one is really trying to hide it either. The post-speech headline at the top of The New York Times main page this morning read, "Biden Makes Case to Vastly Expand Government's Role." It described his speech as an "ambitious agenda to rewrite the American social compact."  

Biden's presidency is barely three months old, but it's already fallen into a predictable pattern: Point to the pandemic. Declare that it's an emergency, and that something must be done. Then insist on an expensive, expansive policy overhaul that Democrats have pushed for years—first, in some cases, as a temporary measure, and then, inevitably, for much longer. It's deceptive and dangerous. And if he keeps this up, he may leave a new crisis in his wake.

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  1. So like every politician ever eh?

    1. Just every democrat politician you fucking wank.

      1. Look at how mad you are. GOP water boy. Don’t you feel a bit icky?

        I guess I must misremember that part of the last 4 years when GOP controlled most of the government and had record deficits, all without any crisis to justify the spending spree.

        1. Remember when trump was called a facist, because he would not declare a federal mask mandate, or nationalize whole industries for a pandemic responece?

          1. I remember that bizarre goalpost shifting that had to occur. Calling Trump a tyrant for not being enough of a tyrant was really entertaining.

            1. It was surreal, and DOL was one of the major perpetrators.

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        2. De Oppresso Liber
          April.29.2021 at 12:45 pm
          “look at how mad you are. GOP water boy. Don’t you feel a bit icky?”

          Look at how stupid you are, TDS-addled lefty asshole. I’m sure you are not intelligent enough to be embarrassed.

        3. The GOP deficits were (until COVID) due to tax cuts not spending increases. Still really irresponsible but it’s a lot easier to increase taxes than to cut government programs once they’re implemented.

          1. He also ignores the regulatory reductions. He is a leftist.

          2. Oh. And he once cried for an entire thread about not getting a PPP loan. He isnt a libertarian. He doesn’t give a shit about spending.

            1. To be fair, every dollar we take from the federal government is a dollar they won’t spend bombing brown kids.

        4. Yes. Your hatred of the right justifies your defense of the left.

        5. Look at how mad you are, DNC water boy. Don’t you feel icky?

          RINO’s controlled congress for two years, then your masters for the next two. But please, regale us with more lies and revisionist history.

        6. Did you really miss the pandemic that started in 2020? That was the crisis Pelosi passed huge bills totaling over 2 trillion and 3 trillion. The 3 trillion was never passed in the Senate. Until 2020 there were no record deficits to compete with Obama’s spending in his first 4 years. If you think what was spent under President Trump was bad you must be outraged at the trillions Democrats are now proposing. You do know it takes 60 seats in the Senate to “control” it which the GOP never had and Democrats have had the house for the last 2 plus years? Deficit spending begins in the House. As Pelosi said, the House controls the purse strings.

      2. Yeah the Patriot Act wasn’t the Republicans using a crisis to gather power.

        1. Hey, look there! Found one (1) from 20 years ago!

          1. Which is still in effect. Thanks for making my point.

            1. Yeah, So is the Rural Electrification Act. Government programs and departments only expand. They never contract or fade away.

            2. Oh, no! Thank *you* for making such a lame point, lefty shit!

        2. The Patriot Act was passed with solid bipartisan majorities, and was extended and expanded by Obama, so it’s hardly an exclusively ‘Republican’ bill.

          To the extent that there’s any pushback on the Patriot Act and other expansions of the surveillance state, it’s mainly coming from libertarian Republicans like Rand Paul.

          1. ^^^

          2. Due to the unpopularity of the Patriot Act, both the Democrats and Republicans knew they couldnt pass it again. So what did those assholes do? They renamed it the Freedom Act and passed it over the Christmas break in a way in the middle of the night in a way only a fascist Germany dictator could love.

            In defense of the Democrats, a very small number of progressives voted against it along with RP of course.

        3. It wasn’t! It passed both houses by a large margin. Granted, in the house the margin among Republicans was higher than Democrats, but still the Democrat margin in favor was 2 to 1.

          It passed the Senate by the nearly unanimous vote of 98 to 1.

        4. Why did the Democrat Senate pass it? To give Republicans more power?

      3. I remember the Reason staff revealing who they were going to vote for in November. There was one Trump, several third party, and several Biden. Well I guess they got what they wanted, elect a leftist increase viewership complaining about. WAY TO GO!

    2. raspberrydinners
      April.29.2021 at 12:33 pm
      “So like every politician ever eh?”

      Except the last one, TDS-addled lefty asshole

  2. And Suderman is surprised by this?

    You know what was also deceptive and dangerous? Emote writers like Suderman and Cruella DeBrown braying for the last four years about mean tweets. POTUS Trump was an asshole personally, but his policies were the most libertarian-oriented I’ve seen in 50 years. Somehow they missed that one.

    1. Unfortunately, *we* got what Suderman and the other TDS-addled assholes deserved.

      1. Yup. They wanted stop MEAN TWEETS and didn’t care about libertarianism at all. But we have to deal with it.

        Though Suderman doesn’t get to complain.

        1. I remember clearly John Galt’s impassioned speech about the dangers of mean tweets. Clearly mean tweets are the biggest threat to liberty.

      2. is anyone surprised? this is par for the course. this is part of the consolidation of power by the federals. they are going around the states, and using the ‘pandemic’ to do it.

    2. I don’t even agree with the “asshole personally” part. What Trump was, rather was a brawler–take a swing at him, and he’ll punch back. With vigor. How very refreshingly different from the GOPe/RINO norm, as exemplified by GWB — they call you literally Hitler, you smile politely and say nothing.

  3. >>Biden’s presidency is barely three months old, but it’s already fallen into a predictable pattern

    guess this applies to the whole lot of you: the entire fucking world knew what was coming, long before anything was barely three months old … you’re boring for bitching about it now

  4. It’s called the “fundamental transformation of America”, and the original articulator of the phrase is the guy who’s really still calling the shots behind the scenes.

    Thankfully, in all likelihood none of it is going to pass, because the far left doesn’t even have simple majority support for most of it in the senate, much less a filibuster-proof level of support.

    “There is no circumstance in which I will vote to eliminate or weaken the filibuster… I simply do not believe budget reconciliation should replace regular order in the Senate.”
    -Senator Joe Manchin

    1. I wonder what form the ‘plata o plomo’ message to Manchin will take?

      This isn’t a situation where the people who made the governance and election changes that made November 2020 possible let something as minor as the intransigence of two Senators bargaining for a larger bribe, completely derail their plans.

      1. It would be easy for a guy like that to get “mugged” one day.

        1. Nice face you got there…not pair of working legs you got there…

        2. Manchin dying in an “unfortunate accident” or something is the last thing in the world the dems want. He’s practically the last remaining vestige of the party in the state! It’s one of the deepest red states in the country now, Trump pulled 68.6% of their vote. It’s almost a miracle at this point that Manchin continues to survive there, it’s a difficult balancing act for him.

          1. And?

            For the people running things, there is little difference between a D Senator who won’t vote the way you want, and an R Senator who won’t vote the way you want. So WV goes wholly red. BFD. It’ll be made up by other states. Yank his support when he runs again in 2024. I’m assuming he’ll want to run again, despite being 77. Or remove him after the ’22 Election.

            He can’t be removed now, because that flips the minority/majority situation, and who gets to run committees, but November 2022 isn’t very far away.

      2. Whenever things have come down to it, Manchin has always been a reliable vote for the Democrats. No matter what he says now, I don’t expect that to change.

  5. Were you expecting anything different?

    1. No, it just “felt” that way.

      But look at the bright side; we will surely learn if MMT really works, because we’re sure as fuck all in now.

      1. We already know MMT doesn’t work. Many places from the Wiemar republic to Venezuela to Zimbabwe to Argentina proved it. There’s nothing modern about it except the branding.

  6. This has always been about a solution in search of a problem – be it global warming, income equality, COVID, or social equity – the answer is socialism.

    1. Charlatans have been telling people ‘the world is going to end unless you put me in charge!’ for as long as there have been people.

  7. Didn’t the majority of Reason writers support Biden for president? Do any of them have the honesty to admit how stupid that was?

    1. No they took the moral high road and [or so they claimed, with a couple of exceptions for Biden] voted for Stein.

      1. Stein? That’s a lot of write-ins.

        1. Fuck me; Jorgensen

          1. But then a wasted vote is still a wasted vote; it helped to get us to where we are.

            1. No, lax election laws and mail-in voting helped us get to where we are.

              1. Despite their namesake, democrats do not believe in democracy. If they did, they wouldn’t be doing absolutely everything in their power to make election fraud as easy as possible.

          2. No, no, you had it right the first time.

      2. #teambrony

    2. Not sure bout that, but Suderman whined about Trump’s tweets, clothes, posture and anything else he could find for 4 years.
      He may not have voted for Biden, but he did his best to convince everyone NOT to vote for Trump.

      1. This. It’s not just that those that didn’t vote for Jo voted Biden 6-1. I forget the number, but someone went back and looked at anti-Trump vs anti-Biden articles here before the election and it wasn’t close.

        1. Mail in articles?

        2. They even pushed the media created narrative that biden was a moderate.

          1. I gotta admit that first debate Biden convinced me he was at least reasonable – maybe not a moderate but at least nowhere near Sanders and Warren. But now I really don’t see much difference between Biden’s presidency and what Sanders or Warren would have done.

            1. I don’t think Biden is an outright communist like Sanders or Warren. He’s just an unprincipled career politician who just wants to have his name on something big before he loses the last of his marbles. The powers that be in the democrat party are outright communists though and they are his puppet masters.
              Anybody who voted democrat is either an outright communist or a naive fool with buyer’s remorse who’s suddenly surprised to see how radically hard left the democrat party is when they are in complete control. My anecdotal experience with all the leftists in my life is that they are outright communists who are completely ignorant of economics, history and human nature.

              1. Biden is willing to be a communist, nazi, gypsy king, or whatever if it means more money and power. He would RE enslave blacks tomorrow if it meant he could consolidate his hold on power and money.

                1. Ah, so now I get the “gonna put y’all back in chains” statement. It was projection, like almost everything else from the left.

        3. “…I forget the number, but someone went back and looked at anti-Trump vs anti-Biden articles here before the election and it wasn’t close.”

          That, of course, was the last 3 months or so prior to the election. Not gonna get me to do the count, but it was a rare day during Trump’s entire time in office where there wasn’t at least one ‘Trump is a big poopyhead!’ article, often focusing on that bogus “investigation” and decrying stuff later shown to be total bullshit.
          Welsh is never going to get the donations he used to get, absent a front page, blanket, apology to the readership, including an admission that the obvious bias was nothing other than cultural assholery on his part and the other ‘editors’.
          Shame on Trump for calling assholes, assholes! Not done in polite company! Much better to bankrupt the country!
          Right, Welsh?

  8. You know what? Thank God he’s not sending out mean tweets. It makes this all worth it.

    1. Give me nice tweets or give me death.

    2. Those tweets were so very, very mean…
      And he made uncomplimentary tweets about Don Lemon just because Lemon told a few fibs. That’s basically an attack on the press.

      1. And, hey, don’t you remember all those guilty pleas and convictions of people who knew Trump at one time or another? Gee, there were several un-paid parking tickets and a couple of late library book returns, not to mention ‘lying to a bureaucrat’!
        Man, it’s great we got such a wonderful replacement!

        1. ‘Lying to a bureaucrat’ is a hate crime.

          1. You got me there; I HATE bureaucrats!

          2. No it’s not, it’s your patriotic duty.

  9. Ummmmmmm ……. Reason writers? Isn’t it time to stop this we-criticize-both-sides routine?

    “a slew of big-government programs that he and the Democratic Party already wanted to pursue

    Precisely. The Biden Administration is behaving just as one would expect based on the contemporary Democratic Party’s clearly defined agenda. And Reason staff overwhelmingly backed Biden. Because it was obvious a Biden victory would produce the outcome Koch / Reason libertarians are most interested in — rapidly increasing wealth for billionaires. Especially Charles Koch.


    1. “I would vote for Biden if I thought it would make a difference” totally doesn’t count as supporting Biden.

    2. Reason followed your advice OBL . You’ve got a lot of influence around here.

  10. Man, if only we could have seen this coming.

    1. Looking ahead…Tim Scott is going nowhere. Testifying to Jesus Christ in rebuttal to a Presidents speech is so wrong. The childhood story was childish. What an opportunity! blown.

  11. Promises made, promises kept.

    1. And favors repaid.

    2. Cronyism! It’s not just for breakfast anymore!

  12. So what if he leave a new crisis in his wake?
    That’s just a new democrat opportunity.

    1. ^

  13. Israel is reopening bars and restaurants. I read that they are having trouble because the workers are doing quite well just staying home on government handouts. That is going to happen here.

    1. We need those Mexicans for sure.

      1. At least the immigrants I have encountered actually want to work. Besides everybody likes Mexican food.

        1. True, and true.

    2. It’s already happening here.

    3. That’s what is already happening here. So many places around me can’t find anyone to work.

    4. Already happened based on what I hear from restaurant owners.

      1. I know several businesses that are having trouble hiring staff.

    5. It already is happening here.

    6. Going to?

  14. Hey, maybe having a president who is hated by his own party would make it harder for him to expand government power using an emergency as an excuse.

    ‘wrong, but within normal parameters’

  15. Democrats are invasive parasites.

  16. Orange man bad. Reason says, Vote for Biden!

    Fuck you, Reason. You made this bed, time to sleep in it.

    1. Orange man’s covid plan was for everyone to get infected. I’m not even exaggerating.

      1. Given that you’re a steaming pile of lefty shit, of course you’re not ‘exaggerating’.
        You’re simply lying.

      2. I’m not even exaggerating

        No, you’re fibbing, which is a very different thing.

      3. Gotta co-evolve to survive, fuckwit.

  17. My shocked face is so shocked! If only somebody could have predicted these events!

  18. Or “Hey, look what we an get away with. Let’s keep doing it and ask for more More MORE!”

  19. It is very unfair to be moving back to a big government consensus when we barely even tried Reaganomics. We didn’t so much as put the entire elderly population onto the streets. How can we possibly know if libertopia is a big fat con if we don’t even eliminate social security and medicare first?

    We never. even. tried to put tens of millions into abject poverty, give all the government savings to hedge fund CEOs, and wait while the prosperity exploded all around us.

    It’s so unfair!

    1. You get more messed up in the head each day.

    2. give all the government savings to hedge fund CEOs

      There are no “government savings.” What there is is massive, massive, historically epic levels of debt.

      1. Government debt is equivalent to a private-sector surplus.

            1. Anyone who understands that value taken at gunpoint is theft; IOWs, no one as stoooopid as you.

              1. I actually believe that your lifestyle is such that you subsist on only the bits of detritus and animal carcass you find around you, but most of us employ the tools of civilization to live, and that requires some measure of collective action, meaning people are required to do shit.

                1. That’s because you’re an ignorant, stinking, pile of lefty shit who would make your family proud by fucking off and dying.

            2. Says who?

              Apparently Tony isn’t big on reading.

              The position that taxation is theft, and therefore immoral, is found in a number of political philosophies considered radical.[1][2] It marks a significant departure from conservatism and classical liberalism. This position is often held by anarcho-capitalists, objectivists, most minarchists, libertarians, and voluntaryists.


              Stay ignorant, Tony.

              1. That definition above says they’re all radicals. Maybe you’re a correct radical.

                If you can’t even describe the type of society in which your arbitrary moral rules function, then you have to do some more work before you expect anyone else to accept its radical premise.

                Conventionally, taxes are what you pay in exchange for all the services government offers you. In every real sense, you not paying taxes in such a system is the theft, since you’d be using those services without paying.

                The anarchist has a consistent philosophy, at least inside his own head, but lately I’ve been wondering what value is in personal convictions. I honestly don’t give a crap what anyone, left, right, or insane, believes in his heart. It’s literally immaterial. What matters is what you do in the circumstances you find yourself.

                You can’t dismantle the state because the rest of us wouldn’t let you. But you are welcome to leave it. Just stop insisting on your right to steal from me.

                1. It’s a society where people choose who they cooperate with and what they cooperate on without threatening violence on other people.

                  It’s easy if you try.

                  1. That’s where I live.

                    Oh you mean some childish utopia where people just magically agree not to get their way via violence, somehow, and nothing has to be enforced by a shared authority.

                2. “In every real sense, you not paying taxes in such a system is the theft, since you’d be using those services without paying.”

                  Here’s a “real sense” in which this assertion fails: if you tax my income and give that money to another private citizen, what service am I receiving? You can’t honestly be arguing in good faith that *every* tax dollar I pay is somehow to my benefit. And since there is indeed a portion of my withheld income that falls into this wealth redistribution category, taxation can be said, therefore, to be a form a theft. Is it radical to acknowledge this?

                  1. All taxes are redistributive. You pay a tax that gets spent on a highway in another state, someone else is benefitting. Backward slack-jawed red states get constant infusions of federal money taken from advanced blue states. All taxes are redistributive, or there wouldn’t be any point.

                    You’re just focusing on a racist culture war aspect of redistribution that has poisoned the well of political discourse for 250 years.

                    At any rate, you pay a little to keep other people out of destitution because it saves you money in the long run. Someone would have to clear their corpses from the streets.

                    1. “…At any rate, you pay a little to keep other people out of destitution because it saves you money in the long run. Someone would have to clear their corpses from the streets.”

                      This steaming pile of lefty shit tries another lie to justify theft. And fails.

        1. That’s stupid enough I’m guessing shitstain is working on today’s second fifth of vodka.

        2. Government debt is equivalent to a private-sector surplus.

          One of the more meaningless things you’ve said.

          Can I take your sudden change of subject to handwaving abstractions as an admission that there is no “government savings” to give away?

          1. Take out a dollar bill and look at it. You tell me where it gets its value. It’s just a piece of cloth with ink on it.

            There’s a reason Democrats and Republicans alike only give lip service to the federal budget as if it actually were in debt to someone, yet spend trillions anyway.

            Who is the United States federal government in debt to? Mars?

            1. “Take out a dollar bill and look at it. You tell me where it gets its value. It’s just a piece of cloth with ink on it.”

              Take out a Venezuelan Bolivar and do the same; see how governments create value!

              1. So your contention is that a piece of cloth with George Washington’s face printed on it is somehow more intrinsically valuable than a piece of cloth with Simon Bolivar’s face printed on it?

                1. No, you steaming pile of lefty shit.
                  The US dollar is worth more for the same reason bitcoin has value; the market (not the government) agrees that it does.
                  As soon as the market decides otherwise, you get Bolivars.
                  How did you get so fucking stupid as to require this be explained to you? Did you fail arithmetic all the way through your 12 years in school?

                  1. But that’s tautology. It’s valuable because it’s valuable?

                    Why is it valuable? You’re so close, you’re just too ideologically committed to bullshit to admit it.

                    1. “But that’s tautology. It’s valuable because it’s valuable?”

                      Not at all surprising for a stinking pile of lefty shit.

                    2. BTW, it’s a tautology the same way real estate values vary by location is a tautology; see, oh, Detroit on how a government can really add value!
                      But that’s the last instruction you get from me until you post your credit card data. 16 digits, expiry and 3-digit security code.
                      $385/hour, 3 hours minimum, and you’ll need far more than that.

                    3. His EBT card doesn’t recharge for a few more days. So there might be a delay.

                    4. I think what Tony’s getting at is, it’s valuable because people are too scared to skip paying taxes, and the government currently insists on paying taxes with dollars.

                      I don’t know how that gives the private sector a surplus, but I assume he’ll pretend to explain in a long winded rant that mostly avoids making a real point any second now.

                    5. I could explain without pussyfooting around the issue that it is all premised on state enforcement. But I think first you should have to offer some vague description of the alternative you’re offering, where there is no state-issued currency (for the first time in history), yet we still have a decent modern civilization where some measure of basic moral standards are in place. It’s all so much fantasy that I don’t think I have much to explain about how the real world works until you begin to explain how your fantasy world does.

                    6. See? He can’t explain how government debt is private sector surplus until we explain how alternative currency would work, even though he’s the one who brought up currency.

                      Because he can’t explain it.

                    7. Anyway, if dollar value is proportional to taxation, then taxation increases cause deflation.

                      And here I thought deflation was bad.

                    8. “I could explain without pussyfooting around the issue that it is all premised on state enforcement. But I think first you should have to offer some vague description of the alternative you’re offering, where there is no state-issued currency (for the first time in history), yet we still have a decent modern civilization where some measure of basic moral standards are in place. It’s all so much fantasy that I don’t think I have much to explain about how the real world works until you begin to explain how your fantasy world does.”

                      IOWs, you don’t have a clue.
                      BTW, there have been plenty of non-state currencies, but again, 16digts, expiry date, security code, 3-hour minimum.

                    9. no state-issued currency (for the first time in history)

                      That’s either a special version of cluelessness, a special version of disingenuousness… Or maybe both.

                    10. “That’s either a special version of cluelessness, a special version of disingenuousness… Or maybe both.”

                      You can safely add “stupidity”.

                2. Tony, the dollar has value because it represents tangible value created such as cars built, food items farmed, minerals extracted, etc… AND because there is a finite amount of them. When they are just printed with reckless abandon off a printing press, they don’t represent anything anymore and become worthless. Learn supply and demand idiot. It applies to currency just as well as anything else. When you flood the market with a near infinite amount of dollars or bolivars or anything, it becomes next to worthless.
                  Are you that ignorant of lesson number 1 of economics 101? Or are you so invested in your communist fantasies that you refuse to accept the real world?

                  1. More tautology.

                    It has value because the United States government says it has value. It effects this reality by taking taxes only in dollars and not any other currency.

                    I agree that an incompetent government could print money recklessly and lead to runaway inflation, but we have institutions that are supposed to keep on top of that. Runaway inflation means the cost of everything in nominal dollars goes up, including wages. Is that happening?

                    If you prefer to be less relaxed about it, I could point out that runaway inflation might be a real risk, but there are other risks in this world, like a highway falling on your head, or mass poverty. Sometimes life is about tradeoffs.

                    You should be aware, however, that every politician shrieking chicken little-like about runaway inflation doesn’t know what he’s talking about and is lying to you in the course of a ruse to convince you it’s a good idea to cut government programs and give the savings to people who are already billionaires.

                    1. “…It has value because the United States government says it has value. It effects this reality by taking taxes only in dollars and not any other currency…”

                      Assertions from steaming piles of lefty shit =/= evidence or argument.

                    2. “It has value because the United States government says it has value. It effects this reality by taking taxes only in dollars and not any other currency.” That is somewhat true but only if people trust the US government. And between it’s now complete fiscal insanity, that we now have a senile president, policies more concerned with leftist activism than the economy and increasing concern about the integrity of our elections, trust in the US government isn’t that high and falling rapidly.
                      Well, housing is going up at breakneck speeds, salaries are going up, commodities are through the roof, eating out is absurdly expensive now, etc… So yes, many signs of inflation right now. We are still in an economic downturn mind you, which typically causes prices to fall, not increase which is very worrying. Hopefully some increases are temporary and having to do with some supply issues, but considering how much the money supply has gone up in the last 12 months, who knows.
                      Highway falling on your head? How likely is that to happen and would it topple a whole nation? Cause hyperinflation would do that and is becoming a real possibility. Mass poverty, you mean the kind like they have in hyperinflation happy Venezuela?
                      Yeah, worries about inflation are just political manipulation. It’s not like massively increasing the money has ever had disastrous consequences. Not in Weimar Republic Germany or Venezuela or Zimbabwae or Argentina for sure.

            2. “Who is the United States federal government in debt to? Mars?”

              You’re mistakenly trying to imply that the US government only owes the money to itself, aren’t you.

              You’re so monumentally fucking ignorant.
              If I was your boss at the fifty-cent factory, I’d bump your ass down to working the 9Gag comment section.

              Foreign entities hold 25.4% of the total debt liabilities issued by the U.S. government. Of the portion of the national debt owed to foreign-based institutions, China (with Hong Kong) holds the greatest share at 4.9% of the U.S. national debt. Japan comes in second with 4.7%, followed by the international banking centers of Belgium, Ireland, and Luxembourg with a combined 3.0%. The United Kingdom holds 1.6%, while Brazil is owed 1.0% of the U.S. national debt. All the remaining nations of the world combine to hold 11.0%.

              A diverse range of U.S. institutions, such as banks, insurance companies, independent corporations, investment firms and individuals combine to hold the largest share of money owed by the U.S. government, accounting for 40% of the total.

              The U.S. Civil Service Retirement Fund and the U.S. Military Retirement Fund have respectively lent 3.6% and 3.4% of the U.S. national debt to the federal government.

              The U.S. Federal Reserve holds the rest.


              1. Uh huh, and what happens if the United States defaults on that debt? How valuable is are bonds issued by a country that no longer exists?

                1. What happens when you actually ask a question which doesn’t embarrass a 5 year old?

                2. So much for the full faith and credit of the US government.

                  Is that attitude an attempt to go ahead and destroy the bond market now?

            3. Don’t worry – we can pay them back with space cash.

    3. Your conception of the rich belongs to a poor person.

      1. Joe Biden is going to tax fewer people than Donald Trump killed.

        1. So no one gets a tax raise? I guess droolin’ Joe’s gonna reach into his own pocket?

        2. And it won’t make any difference.

        3. How many people in your “tRump deATh toLL” overlap with Coumo’s?

          1. Exactly zero.
            Trump caused zero deaths; it seems Cuomo caused at least 15,000 quite possibly more, and he’s still skating on his sexual abuse of, what, 9 women now?
            Steaming piles of lefty shit like Tony fantasize that something Trump did or didn’t do caused deaths. Steaming piles of lefty shit like Tony have yet to offer one (1) example of how that came about.
            Steaming piles of lefty shit like Tony are also TDS-addled assholes with nothing other than lefty cocktail-party snobbery to even suggest any real result of Trump’s actions.
            Steaming piles of lefty shit like Tony could do the world a favor; fuck off and die.

          2. Perhaps he’s referring to Trump’s refusal to enforce a mask mandate? Lock down the entire country for an extended period of time? Unfortunately, as the data show, these things do not work to curtail COVID fatalities. For reference, see Ivor Cummins’ research. Readily available online.

        4. And the new taxes will affect about 6 million people.

          1. Does Donald Trump strike you as a man with a good handle on fiscal responsibility?

            We’re just undoing some tax cuts. If you’re going to treat any tax hike as an abomination, that makes you a fanatic not worth listening to.

            1. So democrat style high taxation is the benchmark now? Let’s assume it is for the sake of argument. Is spending 2 trillion dollars you don’t have every other month while systematically destroying incentives to work your idea of fiscal responsibility?
              And yes, Trump was pretty reckless in fiscal responsibility before COVID by refusing to cut spending along with the tax cuts. And was very reckless with COVID stimuli in 2020. But he’s got nothing on the democrats, who I sometimes wonder if they truly believe that money grows on trees.

            2. I would have thought the priority would have been undoing kids in cages first.

              But hey: rich people have more money than you do. Priorities and all.

            3. “Does Donald Trump strike you as a man with a good handle on fiscal responsibility?”

              “We’re just undoing some tax cuts.”

  20. Um, yeah–this was *precisely* what 99.9% of your readership (assuming true libertarian leanings) expected under this new-Left, bullshit-woke regime during the months-long run-up to the election. You know, while your bullshit publication ran with a “pox-on-both-houses” (substantially anti-Trump) protocol—presumably w/ an eye on boosting the non-existent chances of some bullshit 3rd-tier, third-party candidate.
    Nice job, shitheads!

    1. Something something cocktail party…

  21. We already know how to make the economy boom. Trump, Reagan and JFK proved that if you cut taxes and regulations the economy will skyrocket. You can see that Trump’s cuts in regulations and taxes are bringing the economy back. However, Biden’s plans to increase taxes and regulations will kill economic growth. It will create poverty and people dependent on government.

    1. Are you independent of government? Would you refrain from calling the police if a roving gang came to steal your shit? Do you get paid in Dogecoin? Do you get your water from outer space?

      1. Can you come up with any more asinine, irrelevant questions?

      2. “Would you refrain from calling the police if a roving gang came to steal your shit”

        Weren’t you just shilling to defund the police? You need to get your narratives straight.

      3. Would you refrain from calling the police if a roving gang came to steal your shit?
        I would be calling the coroner.

      4. Damn, Tony. It’s bizarre how more and more irrational your arguments get.

        1. Given that rationality is a mystery to him, Tony sees rationality as white privilege; he sees himself as a lefty fucking ignoramus due special acceptance since he’s so fucking stoooopid.

      5. Would you refrain from calling the police if a roving gang came to steal your shit?

        Actually, yeah, I’d dump their bodies out in the woods for the feral hogs to munch on after shooting them. What’s the point in getting the cops involved?

        Do you get your water from outer space?

        Yeah, how did people ever get water before the government came along?

        1. Not by generating it from nothing but willpower and bootstraps.

          Just how brutish and short do our lives have to be before we’ve appeased the libertarian gods?

          1. False dichotomy, fuckwit.

          2. You live in a world where wells, cisterns, and springs don’t exist? What a strange reality.

      6. The police is a tiny fraction of most local budgets these days that most libertarians think is justified (libertarians aren’t anarchists). How much of the budget do you think is spent running the US mint or even the federal reserve? Most people purchase their water from a utility company and pay by the gallon. It is not a socialized, all you can eat 100% tax funded commodity.
        Take a look at a pie chart of federal, state or local budgets some time. These basics that you are enumerating are a drop in the bucket. Especially today, most of the budget is blown on wealth transfers of various kinds and in the last year absurd levels of stimulus.

      7. Straw man. ConradCA didn’t say get rid of all government he / she said cut taxes and regulation.

  22. Biden: “Our Constitution opens to the words, as trite as it sounds, “We the people.” It’s time we remembered that “We the people” are the government.”

    No, you’re not, you fascist.

    1. He was contrasting democracy to the kind of government you breathlessly supported: autocracy, with a Trump on top.

      You do realize that this is the alternative Republicans are offering. They don’t give a single shit about whether the American government is representative of the American people. They work to make it less so every day.

      1. “He was contrasting democracy to the kind of government you breathlessly supported: autocracy, with a Trump on top.”

        TDS-addled asshole is drunk and (again? still?) spouting steaming piles of lefty bullshit.

      2. He was talking out of his ass.

      3. “autocracy, with a Trump on top”

        What did Trump do that was autocratic, Tony?

        Did he pretend a protest was a Reichstag fire, lie about deaths and damages, cover DC in razor wire, and fill it with troops?
        Did he work together with corporate partners to silence dissidents and political adversaries?
        Did he have the FBI and CIA illegally spy on his political opponents?
        Did he make a fortune using his office to sell influence to China and Ukrainian companies?

        1. Shhhh, Tony doesn’t believe in all the facts you listed.

        2. I think the answer to all those is yes, actually.

          1. Tony
            April.30.2021 at 2:02 am

            “I think…”

            If you were under oath, that’d be perjury, lefty asshole.

        3. No, he oversaw the rollback of several federal regulations for each new one imposed. More Hitlerian than Hitler himself!!!

      4. Autocracy? Biden is issuing EO’s at a clip only seen in the Progressive era, but rule by decree is just fortified democracy, baby.

        1. Congress is clearly broken, and we can fix it in one of two ways. I bet I know which way you want to fix it.

          1. Yes, and I bet I know how you’d prefer to make it worse, lefty asshole.

          2. Pull their heads out of their asses?

          3. You can only come up with two? I’m glad nobody has ever paid you to do any analytical work or strategic planning, because you’re terrible at it.

      5. Most of the communist regimes being the iron curtain were democracies. That’s where Biden is aiming.

    2. Funny, I didn’t realize he cared about the constitution considering pretty much everything on his agenda is a violation of either the 2nd amendment, 10th amendment or 14th amendment.

  23. I offer this with no snark at all.
    Wanna, at least, slow the efforts of lefty shits attempting to turn the US into some weak approximation of a Euro disaster?
    Do not let turd, Tony, WK, sarcasmic, Lord of assholery, and several others get away with it.
    LAND on them with both feet as soon as one of those steaming piles of lefty shit attempts to justify anything that Biden is doing or their (oh so cultural snobbery) rejection of Trump.
    It needs to be jammed in their faces every time they claim otherwise, and it needs to be jammed in their faces by every one who notices such bullshit.
    Neither Tony, nor any other of the lefty piles of shit, are due anything other than an honest statement if revulsion.

    1. And it does not need to be polite; dealing with thieves does not require politice regardless of Welsh’s fantasy that a lefty shit is preferable to someone who Welsh might not like to share a drink.
      Right, Welsh?

  24. Miss Donald Trump yet?

    1. You should choose how to feel about the world based on how you’re living in it, not let Tucker Carlson choose for you.

      1. You should look VERY hard for a brain cell, stinking pile of lefty shit.

      2. Tucker Carlson only has a high viewer rating because of all the lefties that sit and watch and scream at the screen. Any time I have listened to him he was completely accurate with his facts and there is nothing a lefty hates worse then facts. You can always tell the people the left are terrified will expose them by how hard they attack them.

  25. Yes, I’ll take one Emergency Pandemic POwer Grab with a side order of Perpetual Financial Ruin, please.
    What would you like on your EPPOG?
    The works!
    And how would you like it cooked?
    Well done.
    We’re running a special on Propaganda Punch…
    I’ll take an extra large one, hold the border — I mean the cup — and the ICE, please.
    Ok, the total is 20 Trillion Dollars. Please pull up to the second Communist country on the Asian continent where you can pay with your soul. Don’t forget to wear a mask.

  26. Stop whining about it, Reason, you are part of the media mob that is responsible for Biden’s election. Of course you’re not a very significant part but that doesn’t excuse you conduct.

    Reason doesn’t represent advocacy for liberty, it simply represents self righteous, adolescent, autistic whining about a few hot button issues.

  27. Orange Man Bad. Good thing Reason got their choice in Biden, think how much worse it would be!

  28. I could think back when trump was called a facist, because he would not declare a federal mask mandate, or nationalize whole
    https:// ,industries for a pandemic responece, want a trash

  29. At least Biden is keeping his promise of millions of new jobs. The only draw back is they will be government jobs. He knows he is killing the economy and already issued an EO to create a new CCC like FDR did. He said it will be a well paying union job with benefits. I still don’t understand why the left thinks 15.00 per hour is a good paying job. What Democrat city can you live and raise a family on less then 30.00 to 50.00 per hour? What will be the cost to tax payers if the government expands jobs to a few million that will get retirement, health and the rest of the benefits for life especially in the future when the first generation of workers are retired?

  30. Heart touching ,once cried for an entire thread about not getting a PPP loan. He isnt a libertarian. He doesn’t give a shit about spending.

  31. Biden Is Using the Pandemic as an Excuse for a Permanent UNCONSTITUTIONAL LEFT-WING DICTATORSHIP!
    Reason needs to quit mincing words, but they won’t as they supported Biden during the election.
    The emperor’s new clothes:
    “A small child, who didn’t understand the apparent necessity for pretense, piped up ‘But he has nothing on!’.

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