Caitlyn Jenner Is Pitching Herself as the Anti-Lockdown Savior California Needs

The former Olympian, reality TV star, and conservative Republican will challenge incumbent Gov. Gavin Newsom in an impending recall election.


Former Olympian, reality TV star, and conservative firebrand Caitlyn Jenner has announced she is running for governor against incumbent Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) in the impending recall election.

"For the past decade, we have seen the glimmer of the Golden State reduced by one-party rule that places politics over progress and special interests over people," said Jenner in an announcement email sent this morning. "I am a proven winner and the only outsider who can put an end to Gavin Newsom's disastrous time as governor."

The thrust of Jenner's initial pitch to voters was to paint Newsom and his response to the pandemic as out of touch, hypocritical, and punitive.

"Small businesses have been devastated because of the over-restrictive lockdown. An entire generation of children have lost a year of education and have been prevented from going back to school, participating in activities, or socializing with their friends," said Jenner.

"This isn't the California we know. This is Gavin Newsom's California, where he orders us to stay home but goes out to dinner with his lobbyist friends," she added, referencing a scandal from late 2020, when Newsom dined indoors at the upscale French Laundry restaurant shortly before issuing a ban on on-site dining in most of the state.

That perceived hypocrisy provoked a surge of support for the governor's recall. Supporters have now gathered over 2 million signatures. Those signatures still have to be verified by state election officials, but the effort's organizers almost certainly have more than the 1.5 million needed to ensure the recall election goes ahead.

A gubernatorial recall ballot asks voters two questions: whether Newsom should be replaced and, if so, who should replace him. If more than 50 percent of voters say they want to replace Newsom, then the candidate who gets the most votes on the second question becomes governor.

Jenner is entering a crowded field of other Republican and conservative candidates. Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer has declared he's running, as has former Republican gubernatorial candidate and businessman John Cox.

In 2018, Cox earned 38 percent of the vote in a two-way race against Newsom, then the state's lieutenant governor.

Both Cox and Faulconer have blasted Newsom for his response to the pandemic, with Faulconer making reopening the schools his signature issue.

The response from Newsom to the recall election has been to try to brand it as a partisan Republican exercise. The governor has also notably been lifting or announcing sunset dates for his many pandemic restrictions, perhaps as a means of appeasing voters tempted to support a recall effort.

Newsom's surprise decision to lift his regional stay-at-home order—which required Californians to stay in their homes unless engaged in a few essential activities—in late January was largely attributed to the order's unpopularity. Earlier this month, the governor said that pandemic restrictions on businesses would be lifted come June 15.

Jenner is entering the race with a lot of name recognition and celebrity star power. But removing a Democratic governor in such a blue state is an uphill battle for any Republican candidate.

An early April poll from the Public Policy Institute of California found only about 40 percent of voters support recalling Newsom, reports CalMatters.

State election officials are expected to announce whether the recall campaign has collected enough signatures to get on the ballot any day now. Once the recall election is certified, the California secretary of state will then set a date for the election within 60 to 80 days later.

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  1. Better than Newsom.

    1. Not by much.

      1. I squeezed out a log this morning that was better than Newsom.

        1. I’ve disagreed with you in the past. However,I can find no fault in that statement.



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        2. I have to disagree. Newsome would be equally effective as compost, and I’m fairly confidant he is substantially larger. So he wins based on mass alone.

          1. Let’s compost Newsom so we know for sure.

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    2. I love it. Democrats will have to choose between their love of identity politics and their hate of Republicans. Republicans will have to choose between their hate of transgenders and their love of flaunting public health measures.

      1. You seem to think that Democrats have a sense of internal consistancy or shame. They will have no problem tearing Jenner down.

        1. Although Jenner states a Republican mire than likely a RINO as lbgtq will be emphasized in schools if elected. Yet, why wouldn’t californians elect Jenner? They are ALL about lbgtq & allowing that community to force their lifestyle down our throats while not respecting our beliefs. I think californians are close to be fed up with the liberal socialist crap going on in california & would like someone who will allow them to breathe.

          1. Jenner’s effect on the (R) brand is of no real concern to me.

            I simply doubt he will have any real impact on the trajectory of the State.

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      2. We already learned that “intrisic” properties like LGBT are ignored when a conservative is described as such. See pete the first gay cabinet member despite Grendel.

          1. Toby’s grundle?

      3. I don’t think Republicans in general, and specifically California republicans, are transphobic. But I guess it would depend on how you define “transphobia”.

        1. ‘Transphobic’ sounds like a new type of torpedo armament from Star Trek.

          1. Somebody who was born and raised on Jupiter’s moon but now lives and works somewhere else.

            1. Do you mean Mars?

              I mean, I presume you’re referring to Phobos…

              1. Be honest, you only know that because you played way too much Doom.

          2. “Activate the Transphobic Drive, Lieutenan Detmer!”

            1. Detmer is a smarter Jen Psaki, and is also much hotter.

        2. To Shrieek it means you won’t suck tranny cock like he does.

        3. It’s well known that the best parties thrown during Republican conventions are by the Log Cabin Republicans. Who are the LGBT caucus of the GOP. Usually the pass out fake Hawaiian flower necklaces with the tag “I got Lei’d by the Log Cabin Republicans”.

          I’m sure they have a healthy contingent of Ts in their LGBT caucus. An acquaintance of mine is trans and Republican and chapter head of the local Pink Pistols. Who volunteers to provide firearm training to other LGBT individuals, some of whom switch away from Democrat as a result.

          She still gives me the major ick, but she proves that you can attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

        4. Californians are absolutely anti transgender. And not just Republicans. I had a discussion today with a group of Californians and they all are totally against Jenner, without knowing any of her policy stances, simply because she’s transgender.

      4. I don’t think many people ‘hate transgenders’. They’re just really weird. For example, I hate progressives, but find trans people to just be somewhat strange.

        1. Pretty sure nobody hated homosexuals either, and just didn’t think throwing them a parade every year made any sense. Didn’t stop that apple cart from being shoved all the way to the bottom of the hill.

          1. I don’t mean this in a negative way, but I think you’re both possibly circulating in somewhat sheltered waters. I’ve run into a number of people who still exhibit strong bigotries of all sorts. Ethnic, sexual, etc. And this is since I started working in a very blue collar field in the last six months. It’s been somewhat discouraging.

            1. Nope. Most people just think it’s weird and don’t want to be around it but don’t appear to give a shit beyond that.

              1. True, I was responding to the “nobody” in mad.casual’s reply and inadvertently brain faded your “not many”. I agree it’s not many, just not “none”.

                1. Yeah, my fault for being sloppy. Westboro Baptist was the exception, not the rule, and even then, they weren’t out beating up gay people, dragging them behind pickup trucks, and calling for them to be banned from every corner of society.

                  1. Up until very recently, the biggest enemies tranny’s had were swishbucklers like Tony. I’ve never heard and more vicious towards tranny’s than gay men. I never quite understood that.

      5. You made a mistake: you said, “public health measures,” when you meant to say, “authoritarian tactics to scare and control the mindless sheep.”

    3. I suppose insane could be better than evil.

      By the way, just saw a clip of him on some talent show. Based on that, I assume the photo above has been airbrushed to make him look less masculine, because he sure looked like a dude in the video. Sounded like one, too.

      1. The right forearm is clearly Photoshopped to make it more slender, and the thumb seems to have vanished entirely.

        1. Man-hands are a dead giveaway. The narrative must be maintained that human physique is not fundamentally different based on sex other than easily interchangeable plumbing. Altering photos or using camera tricks to tone down the features that the brain automatically uses to classify sex is critical. That way when you have a visceral reaction in person that something is wrong, it can be blamed on homophobia and bigotry. It’s how you know you are the problem.

          1. Broad shoulders, narrow hips, large Adam’s apples, and bony brows at the base of the forehead are also giveaways.

            1. Used to be a penis was a dead giveaway. How times have changed!

            2. Are you describing Michelle Obama? It sure sounds like it.

          2. That’s exactly what my sister once told me. If you think someone might be a tranny, just look at the hands.

    4. It would be downright transphobic of California to *not* recall Newsom at this point.

    5. Better than any Democrat.

  2. Funny how it takes months to compare signatures on a recall petition, but only minutes for an election.

  3. In all fairness, compared to Newsom, jennor only killed 1 person…

    1. Nice! But Jenner still has time to rack up a few more. He is still getting used to driving in heels.

  4. Anyone who votes against her is a transphobe!

  5. Rip the balls off of big government. Vote Caitlyn Jenner for Governor.

    1. Vote Catlin a candidate wo will run his balls off

    2. Elect the Galloping Gelding for the Golden State! Vote Caitlyn Jenner for Governor.

      1. Jenner over gender!!

  6. This is simple attention seeking, and we should respond by withholding it.

    1. Correct.

    2. Some car wrecks can’t be looked away from.

      1. Got a chubby?

        1. Depends on how bloody the car wreck is.

  7. walk this way.

    1. Dude looks like a lady.

      1. I started to do a whole Frankenstein (R) for Governor thing but decided it was way too mean … aerosmith was lighter

        1. Yeah, wouldn’t want to be too harsh to a unconvicted mansaughtering patchwork doll by calling him a murderer.

      2. Lola! La la la la Lola!

      3. Not really

  8. Can Jenner run for governor in NJ? She’d be less of a bitch than the current one.

    Fuck Phil Murphy.

    1. Just think of the ad campaign – Jenner looks like Christie Whitman, drives like Jon Corzine.

    2. Anyone who chooses to identify as New Jerseyan is certifiable.

      1. And where do YOU live? I’m sure we can find something to pick on, about YOUR state. That said, yeah, New Jersey IS a progressive shithole, and that’s from a lifetime New Jerseyan.

        1. My current State? Or do you want the whole list?

          Because there are things to be said about each and every one of them – NY, FL, MT, ID, AZ, TN.

          Also, you have only ‘chosen’ New Jerseyan in the sense that you decline to leave.

  9. I’m told only professional politicians should run for office.

  10. “Conservative Republican.” Uh-huh.

    I know of conservative Californian trans-folks. Erin Smith is an outstanding follow, and one of the most incisive political observers today. Smith’s podcast is a good listen:

    Caitlyn Jenner is not one.

    1. My guess knowing nothing about Caitlyn’s politics is that she is another Arnold. Not exactly a great conservative but he did at least veto a lot of the bills coming out of Sacramento if memory serves.

      1. Arnold sounded good, ran up against the Prison Employees’ Union damned near as soon as he got into Sacramento, and got his kneecaps broken. That was it. I don’t remember any major initiatives or other achievements he had. Besides banging possibly the ugliest side-piece in American political history, besides Ted Danson fucking Whoopi Goldberg.

        1. Arnold sounded good, ran up against the Prison Employees’ Union damned near as soon as he got into Sacramento, and got his kneecaps broken. That was it.

          Pretty much. He had a whole slew of ballot proposals he backed the first election after he took office, and IIRC every single one of them tanked. He stopped even trying at that point.

        2. Really didn’t need to contemplate that image.

  11. what do you expect its Krazyfornia. I won’t vote for it.

  12. Caitlyn Jenner might not be conservative enough for some people and not liberal enough for others. But the choice will be Caitlyn Jenner vs “Emperor” Gavin Newson and any or the current crop of candidates are better than the “Emperor” Gavin Newsom.

    Step 1: Kick the tyrant out of office
    Step 2: Fill the office a candidate that is better than the tyrant

    Stop quibbling about purity tests or your utopian perfect candidate. We live in the real world where you need to deal with uncomfortable realities.

    1. But the choice will be Caitlyn Jenner vs “Emperor” Gavin Newson

      If it’s anything like last time, we’ll have about a dozen candidates, maybe more, and it will come down to name recognition. Jenner could take it unless Kanye runs, in which case there could be a real race.

      1. I was all in for Jenner but the Kanye thing could change my mind.

        1. Oh, that would be perfect. Run, Kanye, run!

      2. But which high profile pornstar will run this time? Jenna Jameson, Peter North? Nina Hartley could be a contender.

        They’re all up and coming.

        1. Nah. Jenna Jameson is almost as gross as Caitlyn Jenner these days.

          1. Adds to the freak show aesthetic of the whole thing. Remember the Grey Davis recall?

    2. If Jenner wins, heshe can claim any opposition to hisher proposals is racism, or whatever.

      1. Is heshe part Cherokee?

        1. Maybe. Do we know if any new parts were grafted on? Those could be Cherokee.

  13. I … didn’t know he was republican. Huh. People are strange I suppose.

  14. cough…publicity whore…cough

  15. if she is now she and we’re supposed to forget about the Wheaties box does she still get to be a former Olympic champion?

    1. I dunno, what were the times for the equivalent women’s division competitions?

    2. Bigot. 20 social demerits for you.

      I’m mildly impressed Jenner’s continued with the female thing, after the cops gave her such a sweetheart deal on intox manslaughter.

  16. Now who’s the transphobe, bitches?

    1. You. It’s always you. You don’t get how this works. Being concerned about the rights of minorities doesn’t mean excusing everything every member of a minority class does. That is you projecting your own simplistic thinking on people who care about this more often than the occasional zinger.

      1. >>You don’t get how this works.

        it doesn’t work.

      2. No Tony, you progs are just simplistic thinkers.

      3. Tony, no one has been more vicious and bigoted towards trannys than swishbucklers like you. Not only are gay men notoriously vicious towards trannys, but I’ve even personally observed that behavior.

        So really, fuck off with your bullshit you bigot.

        1. Perhaps. We all have our flaws. I’ll be sure to explain to your superior at the camp how much you love trans people.

          1. Wow. “Camp”.

            That’s low even for you, fucknugget.

          2. Yeah, you’re showing your true colors. You’re ultimately just salivating at the idea of a full on Marxist authoritarian regime.

            This is why you will force Americans to deposit you and your friends in landfill, face down. Pure self defense.

            1. I love the mental dichotomy displayed by him talking about camps here, and calling us all Nazis in a different thread.

              1. Mark is a Nazi, and the camps I was referring to are the ones he wants to build. I was explaining how helpful I want to be in explaining to his commandant how much he loves trans people, who will surely be welcomed with open arms in the Trump Reich.

                1. I just want you progs out of my country. It would be easiest if you leave on your own, forever. You’re the one who wants re-education camps.

                  I want to protect our constitutional republic against Marxist totalitarians. You’re a Marxist totalitarian. So GTFO.

  17. I love it. Democrats will show themselves to be shallow identitarians by proving (again) it’s not really about identity, but a prefab set of political beliefs, and Republicans (whatever few there are in California) will drive the media bonkers by voting someone the media has Established they Would Never Vote For.

  18. It would be hilarious if the first transgender governor is a Republican conservative or otherwise. In California no less. Hoping he/she wins. But I don’t live there so it don’t matter.

    1. He’ll go a long way in satisfying California’s corporate board requirement law.

      1. I don’t see a downside at all.

  19. What team is the candidate running for or on or whatever? Any chance that the candidate will switch teams during the campaign? Why would a suedo-reality personality be a good gov?

    1. Excellent questions but a better one is who gives a shit?

      1. Yeah, because no regulations or poilcies birthed and fostered in CA have ever spilled over or been adopted elsewhere. Can’t wait for the “This conversation is known to the State of California to cause cancer.” warnings.

  20. Only in California could a transgender man be labeled as a conservative republican.

    1. How do you figure? There are a number of somewhat high profile transgender conservatives out there.

  21. My state is so bad that a dude with a serious identity crisis is better than Newsome. So IT (Whatever it calls itself) will get my vote.

    1. I wouldn’t even blink if I lived there and those were my options. Jenner all the way.

    2. I’d call killing someone while driving under the influence an alcohol problem as well.

      1. And yet, still better than Newsom.

  22. “Conservative Firebrand”? When has Jenner ever been anything other than a moderate Republican?

  23. I depart from purity leftists on Ms. Jenner. I believe few things are more valuable to improving minority rights than a mainstream, even conservative, spokesperson. All the radical screeching of leftist college students pales in comparison to a flawed former sports hero on the cover of mainstream magazines. Or Ellen and her vanilla daytime talk show (before she was canceled). People will be open to cultural change as long as they don’t actually perceive their culture as changing. People are lazy. Anyone who wants radical change needs to appreciate that.

    1. Nice word salad ya got there.

    2. Ms. Jenner

      71 yrs. old, 3 wives, 6 kids. Even if Jenner were born a woman it would be Mrs. Jenner.

      1. She may be old, but Caitlyn is the adam’s apple of some guy’s eye.

      2. Mrs. is reserved for wives who take their husbands’ names, and technically that means both names. The only circumstance in which Mrs. would work here is if Caitlyn Jenner married someone named Joe Jenner and then changed her last name to what it already was. Ms. captures all the rest.

        1. Mrs. is reserved for wives who take their husbands’ names

          That explains all the married women who kept their names and still go by ‘Mrs.’ as well as all the divorcees who do as well. Doesn’t surprise me in the least to learn that you don’t interact with women enough to know that, past a certain age, ‘Miss’ is insulting/infantalizing.

    3. You’re transphobic if you don’t recall Newsom and vote for her.

  24. (Holding a martini glass, chuckling and with REALLY bad makeup): “You’re such an ASSHOLE!”— Caitlyn Jenner. TRUE QUOTE, I SAW IT ON TV!!!! (COUGH* South Park *COUGH). Now THAT ought to tank her campaign! (I’m in California, trust me the electorate would buy it)

    1. Yes, but who was being called an asshole?

      The plot thickens. Haha.

    2. Jenner ought to adopt the catchphrase they used for him on South Park…. ‘buckle up buckaroos!’. Right before Jenner drove off and ramp someone down.

  25. She’s got man hands Jerry!

  26. I’m willing to watch.

  27. Himself. I will not collude in enabling the delusions of a mentally ill man.

    And, no. All the mentally ill people we unintentionally put in office are bad enough. It’s not a good idea to put one in deliberately.

    1. Still better than Newsom.

  28. Can’t believe she has the balls to throw her hat into the ring.

    1. Vote for what’s between the ears not between the legs.

  29. If you don’t vote for Caitlyn Jenner, you are a transphobic hater.

    1. No. Jenner is GOP i.e. not a real transgender.

  30. Herself? One fewer website where words mean things.

    1. His name is a social construct, his chromosomes are not.

      1. I’d even be willing to meet him halfway and ignore the chromosome thing if he went ahead and had the surgery to at least physically play the part. But lipstick, a dress, and a self-concept do not a woman make.

        1. It totally does, and I demand that everyone use female pronouns for me (and more importantly, the women’s locker room) despite my penis, obviously male physique, and ZZ Top like beard.

          If anyone complains, I just accuse them of policing my appearance.

  31. Buckle-up Buckaroos.

    1. That’s the spirit!

  32. It took the Roman empire close to 200 years to go from same-sex marriage (Nero’s)
    to a tranny emperor (Elagabalus). Of course things move much faster these days.
    The army installed Elagabalus, had enough after 4 years stuck a pike up his ass , cut off his head and threw his remains in the Tiber. For good measure they chopped off his mother’s head too.

    1. Well, plenty of officials beed the Tiber treatment as we’ve seen these past 13 months.

      1. ‘Need’. My needy cat has his paws on my arm making it difficult to type.

        1. Does your cat identify as a squirrel?

  33. Lol. This timeline.

  34. I searched the entire web, and find no reference of Caitlyn Jenner ever winning anything in any olympics.

  35. Jenner is a walking-talking psyop. That doesn’t mean I disagree with her. Actually, I have a guilty hope she might win – even though the best governor of California is probably Falcouner. I think she is a good person – I really do. Trump was a psyop as well – and getting drawn in means we get diverted from the truth and what is actually going on. It really bothers me to see society divided over these nothingburgers when the national security state is taking us in the wrong direction.

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