Brickbat: Easiest Arrest Ever


One Loveland, Colorado, police officer has been put on paid leave and another moved to desk duty after a 73-year-old woman sued the department for an arrest in which her attorney says she suffered a broken arm, dislocated shoulder and sprained wrist. The attorney says the woman has dementia. Staff at a local Walmart called cops after Karen Garner reportedly tried to shoplift $13.88 in merchandise. Garner left without the merchandise. Body cam footage shows Officer Austin Hopp calling to her outside the store. When Garner refused to speak to him, he grabbed her and threw her to the ground. As Garner repeatedly says "I am going home," Hopp and Officer Daria Jalili handcuff her.

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  1. “Community members are concerned about this. We are concerned about this too. That is why we are taking swift actions, we placed those officers on leave status,” said Loveland Police Chief Robert Ticer. “I have to look at that as something very serious.”

    Swift action 10 months later, only after the suit was public, despite witness complaint to a supervisor at the scene.

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    1. Gotta give them enough time to plan out where they’re going to go on their paid vacation to be punished.

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  2. 73 years old and she still hasn’t learned that walking away from a cop automatically leads to state violence?

    The cop deserves to be thrown in jail for abuse of authority.

    Still, the old woman is an idiot.

    1. You’d have to be crazy to disobey a cop like that.

    2. Did you miss the part where she has dementia? She probably didn’t understand what was going on. She likely was quite sure she had paid for the merchandise, or that the cop was her high school crush and they were still in high school, or maybe even imagined she was the owner of the store and had bought all the stock wholesale. If you’ve ever come in contact with someone with dementia, you’d know that their grasp of reality is basically no longer there.

      1. Shes probably Uncle Leo-ing it, and this was not her first time ‘forgetting’ to pay.
        That is the only sane reason the store would call the cops

      2. My reading of the article indicates she had returned the merchandise before police arrived on the scene. Even if she was in her right mind, I could understand being embarassed and not wanting to be scene in public, let alone arrested. Especially for shoplifting from a Walmart.

    3. she has dementia and most people can see that except for cops they seem to be blind to people with mental issues.

    4. Have you ever had someone shoot at you, coward? Huh? You cant have an opinion about police unless youre a cop you nig loving scumbag!

      1. Being a roofer is more dangerous. Why are American cops such pussies?

  3. She’s a white woman. Who cares?

  4. Karen arrested?

  5. The last time I had a case in municipal court, fully half of the other cases were misdemeanor theft from the local Walmart (under $100). The very first thing they did was motion to move all of the Walmart – involved cases to the front of the docket so they would only have to swear in the Walmart security guy once.

    1. The next logical step is to set up a “quickie” court at the checkouts.

      1. Make Walmart security private contractors/3rd party and just call them Good Samaritans. Then give them shoot-on-sight authority and enjoy the legal protections.

    2. Kind of disgusting that big box stores, but especially Walmart, have outsourced their store security to taxpayers.

      Some communities spend millions on police response, processing of criminals, etc. because they have a Walmart.

      In turn, Walmart saves millions by not hiring sufficient workers to prevent theft.

      1. Ever work retail security? The default setting is to get a discription or video and call the Police. Too many Liberal politicians have made apprehension by security too risky. Non security employees are trained to call security if they see somerhing. They can be fired if they try to apprehend a shoplifter.

        Walmart and other stores pay local taxes, unless local politicians bargained them away, and are entitled to Police protection. How about putting the blame on the people who think that shoplifting isn’t a crime? Then of course you have politicians and Union shills who lead them to believe that it isn’t.

        1. My takeaway from this experience is that Walmart has a policy of prosecuting *everyone* who they think might be stealing or running a scam on them. Some of these were kinda funny.

          Gal tried on more lipstick than allowed? Arrest her ass.

          One guy was accused of stealing a $5 T-Shirt and running off. He apparently crossed the street before the cops stationed at Walmart caught up with him and tackled him. They also charged him with resisting arrest and assaulting them since apparently one of his legs hit one of theirs when they tackled him, which counts as kicking. I guess. BTW, all the cops testified that this happened within city limits (the theft, the odd kick, wtf ever) but the city limits stopped as soon as this guy crossed the street. They tackled him in the neighboring municipality. First time I witnessed Testi-Lying. And it was obvious, but no one said anything.

          Bonus: One crazy gal who, as far as I could tell, wasn’t attempting to steal anything – She ran out of the front door, apparently trying to ditch her abusive boyfriend – but with a cart full of stuff. Abandoned the cart in the parking lot, got in the car (his car), and ended up leaving the car and climbing onto the roof of a Jack-in-the-Box a half mile away. SWAT teams and everything.

  6. Actually, she’s quite lucky to be alive. Cops today have no problem beating people to death or shooting them, or tazing them to death or choking them to death, or whatever they feel the need to do so.
    people who say, Well, if you don’t comply with their orders, this is what you’ll get” simply have no idea of the actual truth. Even complying will be no guarantee you won’t be tased, pepper sprayed, beaten or shot. Just the idea that you can be treated like a common criminal for even talking back to a cop has now become reality.
    ” If you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground , Just do what I tell you.
    Don’t argue with me, don’t call me names, don’t tell me I can’t stop you, don’t say I’m a racist pig, don’t threaten that you’ll sue me and take away my badge, don’t scream at me that you pay my salary, and don’t even think of walking aggressively towards me”- officer of the Los Angeles Police dept.

  7. They’ll be getting sensitivity training on how to recognize mental illness. Which pretty much covers nearly every american these days. So best bet is just let them get away with it until they pull out a gun.

    1. buckleup says, “not enough beat up grannies! More, daddy state, more!”

  8. if the covid doesn’t get you security will

  9. I find no problem with this arrest. A policy of ignoring small thefts would both be morally wrong and force businesses to close, as is now happening in San Francisco.

    I do believe police should not use force that is unnecessary or way out of proportion to the alleged crime, but breaking an arm of someone who wouldn’t stop does not necessarily meet that standard.

    Notice that this suspect did not get any preferential treatment because she was white. Which is why BLM will not mention her.

    1. I think they could have reasonably interviewed her and talked to security at the store, but if she is actually leaving and isn’t taking any stolen items with her, why bother with the force?

  10. Gotta give them enough time to plan out where they’re going to go on their paid vacation to be punished.

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