Campus Free Speech

University of Oklahoma Diversity Training Forces Students and Faculty To Affirm the School's Political Views

The mandatory online training requires users to select the “right” speech before they finish.


After a summer of racial reckoning, the University of Oklahoma instituted mandatory diversity training for students and faculty last fall. According to the OU website, the program addresses power, privilege, and identity as "one element of OU's efforts to promote systemic change." In the announcement, President Joseph Harroz Jr. said, "We simply cannot reach our full potential unless we become a true place of belonging where every member of the OU family feels seen, heard, and valued."

But, for graduate student and staff member Elizabeth Owen, the training had quite the opposite effect.

In order to participate in the 2020–2021 school year, Owen was required to complete three interactive video-based training programs depicting scenarios that a community member might encounter on campus. Participants were presented with several choices of how to respond, and their selections drove the video's storyline.

While many schools require diversity training, OU's rendition clearly violates First Amendment rights. The problem is that each module restarted until participants selected the "right" answer, forcing an expression of agreement with university-approved viewpoints in order to complete the mandatory training.

The videos depicted politically contentious situations. In one, a fictional co-worker Michael complains, "I'm so tired of all this transgender stuff." Participants then chose from three responses: "Wow, that's incredibly intolerant of you," "I agree. Political correctness can be so tiring," or "You seem upset. What's the matter?"

Owen selected the second option, which resonated most with her. The video continued and Michael said, "Right. Like who appointed the language police around here?" Then it restarted, forcing her to select the university-approved response of "You seem upset. What's the matter?" to continue.

Forced by OU to act against her conscience on this question and others, Owen contacted the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), which looked into the matter as a potential First Amendment violation. In an interview, FIRE attorney Adam Steinbaugh told me: "The First Amendment deals not just with the right to speak. It also prevents the government from compelling you to voice opinions that you don't agree with."

In November, FIRE sent OU a letter on Owen's behalf, demanding the university make affirmations optional: "By requiring students and faculty to affirm that their personal views align with those of the university, without providing avenues for expressing dissenting viewpoints, OU violates the freedom of conscience of its community members and, by compelling certain speech, violates the university's obligations under the First Amendment."

FIRE also requested that OU provide all training materials for review as required by the Oklahoma Open Records Act. The letter concludes, "FIRE calls on OU to commit to protecting the freedom of conscience of its students and faculty members."

In March, months later, an open records manager from OU responded, indicating that the videos are provided by a third party service, Everfi, that holds the copyright to all training materials: "OU will allow you to view the Module, for public purposes only, on the Norman Campus during regular business hours." Because FIRE is located in Philadelphia, this would require an attorney to fly across the country. Ultimately, though, Owen was able to retrieve the materials herself.

According to FIRE Program Analyst Sabrina Conza, the precedent for compelled speech stretches back to a 1943 decision in West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette, when the court deemed it unconstitutional to compel schoolchildren to salute the American flag, maintaining that true patriotism is born of free thought, not coercion.

In the decision, Justice Robert H. Jackson wrote, "If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion."

Similar instances of public universities compelling speech are popping up across the country. At Shawnee State University in Ohio, philosophy professor Nicholas Meriwether filed a First Amendment lawsuit against the university after he was disciplined for refusing to use a student's preferred pronouns, which Meriwether said would have been in conflict with his own Christian beliefs. Last month, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit court ruled the case can go forward.

While the impositions of left-leaning university administrators on free speech seem to get the most attention, threats to free speech come from both sides of the aisle. As Steinbaugh put it, "The threat to free speech on institutions comes from all ideological corners. There is consistent pressure on institutions to censor students and faculty whose speech others find offensive."

A recent controversy at East Tennessee State University demonstrates just that. At a February game, the men's basketball team kneeled during the national anthem in protest of racial inequality. In response, every Tennessee Republican state senator signed a letter calling on university presidents and chancellors "to adopt policies within [their] respective athletic departments to prohibit any such actions moving forward," with blatant disregard for the student-athletes' rights to free speech and the Barnette precedent.

Amid widespread threats to the First Amendment, Steinbaugh warns, "People will stand up for the free speech rights of their allies, but they won't do it for the rights of people they disagree with. It's easy to say I respect free speech, and I love free speech in the abstract, but it can become a lot harder for many people to defend those rights when it's someone else's ox that's being gored."

The mounting crackdown on free speech in academia demands general outrage, yet most stay silent until they see their own principles under attack. But true free speech advocacy is not reactionary. Rather, it requires that one put aside his own convictions in defense of universal intellectual autonomy.

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  1. The specific example guides the student to a viewpoint-neutral response that asks a clarifying question.


    1. Narrator: The video didn’t stop at the first question.

      1. So, based on one bad example, I’m supposed to assume there exists a good example somewhere else?

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      2. Zero tolerance for the Commies. Antifa the President at home. Mandamus the IRS Non-Profit Office cancel the tax exemption. Sue the school for creating a hostile educational environment for real Americans.

    2. No, it’s not viewpoint-neutral. The idea is that the transphobe is experiencing some kind of trauma which can get uncovered and dealt with by empathetic treatment, thus “curing” the person of their transphobia.

      Agreeing with his premise is not an option.

      1. >Agreeing with his premise is not an option.

        Disagreeing with his premise is also not an option.

        The example is a pretty standard technique to uncover his concerns without making assumptions.

        That’s a skill that more people could use.

        1. Why “uncover his concerns” unless you’re expected to disagree with him and re-educate him?

          Since the point of the module is to sponsor “systemic change,” not independent thinking, then my interpretation seems like the sounder one.

          Or perhaps the warm substance drizzling onto my leg is a summer shower. Who’s to say?

          1. “Disagreeing with his premise is also not an option.”

            Wrong, confronting him immediately with an accusation of intolerance is not an option. They want their PC drones to start with soft-soap techniques to get others to be PC as well, and the insults and accusations only come in if the soft-soap stuff doesn’t work.

          2. > Why “uncover his concerns” unless you’re expected to disagree with him and re-educate him?

            So. Many. Assumptions.

            Maybe start by just not jumping to conclusions and instead ask your buddy what’s up?

            Maybe a tranny gave him a horrible blowjob and he just needs a hug?

            1. OK, what kind of systemic change do *you* think they’re going for by rejecting the answer “I agree. Political correctness can be so tiring.”

              1. One dominated by political correctness and punishment deemed for those who disagree with it. Not a desirable outcome.

    3. Our universities are such trash now. Let’s not forget that after the tree of life shooting here in Pittsburgh the media, and the tards here like Tony, jeffy, and sweet dee, were running rampant with a report from some national Jewish organization that said crimes Against jews were up under trump.

      But if you actually read the report it Saud violent crimes against jews were actually way down. But what was way up was “harassment” crimes, and when you looked into what that meant…

      Over 85% were liberal and leftist shitheads, I mean students, harassing their Jewish classmates as part of demonstrations pushing the boycott and divest movement against Israel.

      1. Well, just as hate crimes by blacks are a sign of how prevalent white supremacy is in this country, harassment by anti-Israeli leftists is just more proof of how Trump (and Israel) lead to anti-semitism.

    4. The only acceptable response, “You seem upset. What’s the matter?”, exhibits oblivious stupidity and suggests that the initial comment was made by an emotionally upset person inferring irrational behaviour.

      The “matter” was clearly described by “I’m so tired of all this transgender stuff.”

      The last thing any of these cancel culture bigots wants is to actually address the issue, which free speech naturally accomplishes.

    1. The correct response is to start beating progs when they act up and start with this bullshit. We could have straightened them out decades ago. Now they act like they’re in charge.

  2. When do we start the two minutes hate?

    1. On college campuses? I remember it going back to Jan 20, 2000 but I am not that old. Possibly before?

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  5. Everyone saying the same thing = diversity.

    1. Diversity is our strength!*
      *Exceptions apply to Israel, Africa, and Muslim nations

      1. Don’t forget White people, certain Asians (you know, the honorary Whites), conservatives, gun owners, etc., who aren’t allowed to be in the diverse community.

        1. Just say everyone Kirkland hates; that should cover it.

        2. I am unique. Just like everyone else.

    2. Individualism is fine, but only if we all do it together.

      1. All together, now, “I am an individual.”

        1. Repeat after me: “I, say your name in full….”

      2. “How shall we fuck off, O Lord?”

    3. It’s a university, not a diversity.

      1. Or a monoversity.

  6. Bari Weiss substack has article from an math teacher in defiance of Stalinist CRT imppsition at his Episcopal run nightmare of a private school.

    1. Bari Weiss needs to shoot her hot, Kosher brap gases down my throat.

    2. The school bills itself in the “Episcopal Tradition”. Its website contains the following paragraph:

      “The third and fourth grades read Hebrew scriptures, and the fifth grade focuses on the New Testament. These sacred texts are taught neither as truth, nor as literature. Rather, they are presented as a body of powerful stories that have moved millions over thousands of years and serve as truth to those for whom they are true.”

      It’s interesting that whereas scripture is taught as symbolic and open to interpretation, Critical Race Theory is being taught as unquestionable and absolute. In other words, CRT is taught as a fundamentalist, intratextual enterprise

      1. The Episcopelians have been compromised since at least the late 60s when they were giving aid and comfort to left-wing terrorists.

        1. “These sacred texts are taught neither as truth, nor as literature. Rather, they are presented as a body of powerful stories that have moved millions over thousands of years and serve as truth to those for whom they are true.”

          That’s straight up ECUSA all right. With the departure of most of its conservative element in the late 80s and 90s, it has become about as left wing as any organization in the country. And is looks as though their essential shuttering of its churches throughout the US, for most of 2020 and proceeding in 2021, will be its death knell. But rest assured, they will persist to the grave lest they do anything that might possibly be construed as contrary to progressive public opinion. There is far more virtue than virus in their theater.

          1. I’d bet there’s some rich liberal Episcopalians who’ll subsidize it as a “Christian voice on the Left”. It will have some value for them as something like that.

            As a source of succor, salvation and service to those in need, both spiritual and physical?? Not so much.

    3. If she was going to make a public challenge to the administration, it should have been when they first announced they were holding a whites-only meeting. File a civil-rights complaint in which you detail the racial segregation and ask for protection from retaliation.

      1. Now, I seem to recall the Supreme Court, back when Bob Jones University banned interracial dating, declaring that the school should lose its tax exemption because of racism. Why not drop a dime to the IRS?

        If you’re going to fight these people, prepare for retaliation and act accordingly.

  7. The 1A may guarantee that a professor at a University with a differing viewpoint can still show up to work the day after the University institutes ideological purity tests, it is not a right to guarantee athletes’ messages gets broadcast at the University’s basketball game.

    One side is effectively saying that you must affirm, from the privacy of your home, their beliefs before you come back to a job that is central to the mission of the institution. The other side is saying that you can’t (e.g.) sacrifice a live animal to draw attention to your cause at the beginning of the sporting event they’re hosting but, sure Robby, both sides.

    1. Additionally, Robby, I note a lack of clarity or closure between the two examples cited as being analogous. Did East Tennessee State actually carry through with the Senator’s request or is this a case of the University imposing actual practices that curtail free speech being equated with proposed practices that kinda curtail some free speech, but were never enacted?

      1. Robby didn’t write this article.

        1. My bad, he wrote the article on ETSU being referenced. I’ll s/Robby/Rikki/g like it really really matters once we get an edit button.

    2. This was New Robby. Does a fine job of it, got the “To be sure, both sides…” in the right place and everything.

  8. “We simply cannot reach our full potential unless we become a true place of belonging where every member of the OU family feels seen, heard, and valued.”

    Well, except for those icky individualist non-socialist white people – – – – – – – – – –

    1. We can’t reach our full potential until we’ve guaranteed everyone’s potential is exactly equal. Otherwise, we should prevent everyone from trying to reach it.

    2. The answer is of course will be that they aren’t people.

    3. All of my diversity trading was learned by watching the original *good* bad news bears
      All we got on this team are jews niggers spicks and now a girl!

      1. What, no kikes or chinks? Where the fuck is the diversity without kikes and chinks? Did a bunch of pollocks put that roster together?

  9. But this is exactly what most professors do in my experience. They are forever steering people to the “correct” opinion.

    Case in point, I once had an “ethics” prof excoriate a paper I wrote taking a critical point of view on one of the assigned books in class which I had done to emphasize I understood the books message and could thus point out its shortcomings. After that experience it was all mindless regurgitation of the reading topics and I did well until the final book.

    That book was on individualism and like a good student who has learned the lesson once, I regurgitated it. Naturally, anyone who didn’t write a critique of that book got a rather low score. Essentially, liberal arts electives at university are more about playing to the monkey standing at the front of the room than anything else. Why should it change when the monkey troop is the administration?

    1. I had a similar required traditions class taught in college. Professor was extremely liberal and pushed politics non stop. I averaged 98% on tests and HW, yet got a C in the class. 2 weeks before final grade the professor changed the grading terms from the syllabus to make class participation 30% of the grade, and the grading wasn’t on participation but based on positive addition to discussions. Luckily the TAs were tired of the BS from the professor and 2 of them went to the dean of college to make this information available to her (syllabus/grade scales can not change after the first week). The Dean didn’t make everything revert however, and a handful of us with 90s from actual assignments ended up with Bs in the class based on the scale change (it helped a few students to change the grading so they thought it was more fair to allow some of the change). Professor was put on sabbatical for 2 years following which made it so that handful of us couldn’t fight the final grade as the professor has to have a chance to respond and only had a year to protest a grade at my University.

      1. should have sued, guarantee they had it least an arbitration clause and the professor not being here normally means you win unchallenged

  10. University of Oklahoma Diversity Training Forces Students and Faculty To Affirm the School’s Political Views

    You know this is coming. YOU KNOW…

  11. “I’m so tired of all this transgender stuff.” Participants then chose from three responses: “Wow, that’s incredibly intolerant of you,” “I agree. Political correctness can be so tiring,” or “You seem upset. What’s the matter?”

    So if I said it was incredibly intolerant, and I agreed, what would that mean?

    1. It would mean that a video version of a jack-in-the-box with Phailing Phil Murphy as a bobblehead will pop out and ask you if you have been deposed by Gerbil Grewal.

      1. Grewal’s another piece of work.

        Did you see that the Philly Dems haven’t endorsed Krasner in the primary for a 2nd term as DA?

    2. You’d be pushing them off into Goëdel’s Theorem territory. Their brains would physically reject the neurons holding that proposition.

  12. For the hard-core libertarians, this one is probably simple enough. But try a variation to make is less opaque: What if it were a private company making generic fungible widgets that are sold to the general public (i.e., no governmental contracts therefor no public money involved)? Could that company compel a “correct” answer, with the alternative being that HR calls the employee in and suggests that employee’s viewpoint is inconsistent with company policy and as such the employee is being terminated?

    1. In the vast majority of States the employment contract is at will; you can pretty much fire someone for any reason other than race, age, or pregnancy. Most of them have progressive disciplinary policies, not so much for legal reasons but that they want to be able to dispute unemployment claims.

    2. Yes. But how often do you think that will happen? Seldom. And is there a contract or agreement that permits or prohibits this? And we are free to leave on a dime, too, providing contracts are honored.

    3. As others have already said, private companies employ “at will” and fire you for any reason or none (except a few specifically-prohibited reasons). The reciprocal right is that you can quit at any time for any reason or none. Yes, a private company can compel a “correct” answer and terminate anyone who disagrees.

      1. So to each of the respondents, having thought more about this after my post, if a person is not particularly vocal about his politically incorrect beliefs, what do those beliefs have to do with ability to do the job? If I think Congregationalists are an abomination, but still make a my share of good widgets, is this a reasonable ground?

        I get that to the extent that there is a contract, it is “at will”, but doesn’t there have to be an element of “cause” that is germaine to the job?

    4. I once watched an HR video that said, with a straight face, that it was not ok to ask black coworkers on a date by offering them watermelon and fried chicken.

      After that I am pretty much immune to this stuff.

  13. Pretty much the training we used to get in corporations back in the day. And in college you never disagreed with your prof. It’s the American way to smile and say nice things in person and back stab later.

    Well except for the kook left who just say crazy shit anytime.

  14. Frankly, it kinds of surprises me to find this at the University of Oklahoma, that state being the only one (I think) in which every county voted for Trump. (At least in 2016)

    1. Ahhh but it’s a university, they have been working on eliminating all but the most extreme leftists in their employment

  15. Today in libertarian news and commentary.

    Why is Twitter suppressing criticism of Black Lives Matter?
    A black journalist has been barred from Twitter for exposing BLM’s hypocrisy.

    A journalist has been locked out of his Twitter account for criticising Black Lives Matter.

    Why is Twitter suppressing criticism of Black Lives Matter?
    A journalist has been locked out of his Twitter account for criticising Black Lives Matter.

    Jason Whitlock shared a link to the story that Patrisse Khan-Cullors, one of BLM’s co-founders, had purchased a $1.4million compound in Topanga, LA. This is reportedly only the latest in a string of high-end buys by Khan-Cullors. Whitlock, a black journalist, tweeted that black people make up just 1.4 per cent of the town’s population, adding mockingly that ‘She’s with her people!’.

    1. Private corporashun!!!1!1!1!!

      But seriously, I wouldn’t care so much who they banned if it wasn’t so obviously slanted and biased. And if they weren’t selling our data to every governmental agency on the planet.

    2. She does not want to get mugged. BLM is a Soros organization. Soros should be Antifa’ed at his house.

  16. OU mascot is literally a land thief.

    1. Boomers were land thieves that waited till the government said it was OK, Sooners were land thieves that didn’t wait for the green light.

  17. Left leaning college administrators? They lean so far left they’re horizontal.

  18. Tired=upset.

    He could be tired because he wants all opposition to transgender people removed or because he wants the debate to be resolved or because he wants transgender people to keep quiet. These are all reasonable desires on face value.

    The trainer responds to his feelings of being ‘upset’. This is not very empathetic at all. Who says he is upset? Wanting a certain outcome does not mean you are ‘upset’. Presuming certain feelings without any evidence is blatantly dishonest and manipulative. It immediately assumes you have a problem that needs to be fixed. Your upset feelings need to be dealt with and we are hear to help you with your problem.

    Why not listen to his opinions and then counter act them with other opinions if you disagree. This is how universities should behave – respond to arguments with reasonable counter arguments.

  19. Oklahoma, of all places, is embracing Berkeley values and mentality.

  20. This is too easy to fix.
    I’ve told my kids, check all boxes. If everyone does it, this all goes away.
    They are now Irish, African, Asian, Native American, and Hispanic.
    Their gender is fluid, straight, gay, bi, and transitioning constantly. They prefer any pronouns, as all apply.
    What are these woke dorks going to do, draw blood and do a DNA test? If they say anything, if they try to say that my kids are not every race and every gender, my children will then jump up on their desk, break into a rain dance while shouting, “First you enslaved my people, then you took our land, you made us build the railroads and fight in your wars, NOW THIS? WOO, WOO, WOO, WOO, WOO! Hiya Hiya Hiya Hiya, Boggidity Boo, Boogiddyboo!
    Then, they will hand them the business card for our family lawyer. He is Jewish, African, Asian, Native American, and Hispanic. His name is David Kobe Bruce Lee Running Bull Shwartz. “See you in court you racist scum”.

    1. Not Italian..come on you need a real latino and person of color..ha ha ha

  21. Well it has come to this..decades of cultural marxists getting control of the media, academia and govt…..started as “old world” grudges by the socialists who came over from central and eastern europe and has led to this…

    America needs to give a swift kick to the bolsheviks and return to an America based on western civilization and the Bill of Rights..sound money, free markets, limited govt, and peace

    1. Word-for-word Nazi propaganda. I bet you don’t even know it.

      1. “The fascists of the future will claim to be anti-fascists.” -Winston Churchill.

        1. “But the fascists of today sound pretty much exactly like the fascists of the past.”

          “Cultural bolshevism” is straight from Mein Kampf.

          1. Yes, and Eisenhower was clearly a crypto-Nazi, since he launched an Interstate Highway System modeled after the German Autobahnen.

            1. Not sure I see the parallel between infrastructure and an antisemitic conspiracy theory.

              1. You’re a stupid progtard drone. The only hope for you are savage, daily beatings that your parents incorrectly denied you growing up.

                Odds are the only way forward for you is your own suicide.

  22. What a joyous world of idle frolic it must be where climate change and right-wing extremism aren’t real, so the constitutional right to be a bigot is the biggest deal in the universe.

    1. That was really, really deep Tony. Tell me Tony. What constitutional right does the government have to ask what any citizen’s race and gender are? Why is race and forced diversity, “the biggest deal in the universe”? What constitutional right do they have to consider race before they choose who attends college for free, works at the government without being fully qualified, or gets promoted in the US military? They don’t, it is the only true systemic racism.
      I suppose that your next lame attempt at virtue signalling will be to claim that 97% of Scientists agree on Global Warming, you are sure of it because a black President told you so. Even he didn’t believe it. Look where he just bought a 14 million dollar mansion. By the supposed rising seas.
      4000 shot last year in Chicago, 800 homicides. 80% of the shooters were black, 15% were Hispanic, 5% were white or Asian. Not a single white supremacist was involved. So Tony the virtue signalling buffoon, you are just one more woke joke running your well worn, chancre infested suck.

      1. Not a single white supremacist was involved.

        To the point that when a black man alleges an attempted lynching in Chicago by white supremacists it requires a relatively strenuous suspension of disbelief to give his story credibility. Multiple videos all over the internet of (e.g.) black kids putting cigarettes out on retarded white kids while shouting “Fuck MAGA!” at him, but a relatively famous actor hanging a hank of rope around his neck is proof of the more pervasive and insidious/unspoken evil.

      2. Presumably the same constitutional right it had the entire two centuries it spent systematically excluding nonwhites from participation in the gains of society.

        If you only started caring about racism the moment you felt white people were under the slightest rhetorical pressure from it, you might need to broaden your perspective beyond navel-gazing selfish dickhead.

        1. Tony, you are the most ignorant, bigoted racist commenter here. And I include Misek in that calculation. You are absolute scum.

  23. If you want intellectual autonomy, why would you submit yourself to a hierarchical institution designed to tell you how to think?

  24. Group think:
    Definition of groupthink
    : a pattern of thought characterized by self-deception, forced manufacture of consent, and conformity to group values and ethics.

    Conform or be damned! The self-deception is now legendary.

  25. Speech should not be compelled by anyone – left or right. If a person doesn’t want to recite the pledge of allegiance, that is their right. Likewise, if a person doesn’t want to say a man is actually a woman, or vice versa, that is their right too. An organization – especially a public one like OU – should never make keeping one’s job contingent on kowtowing to some politically correct social standard that shifts in the breeze like a windsock.

  26. Just because you have to agree with the University in the video doesn’t mean that is how a person will behave for the rest of his life.

    I learned in middle school that saying that FDR prolonged the Depression, and that Hoover’s hands-off approach would have had the U.S. out of the Depression by 1935 or 1936, gets you a low grade, even from teachers who are Republicans. It’s just not accepted in grade school or high school to criticize FDR.

    Yet, I still think about FDR today, at age 58, the way my grandfather believed, worthy of a daily, profanity-laced rant.

    1. You got a bad grade because your facts are wrong.

      1. Haven’t you heard? Facts are no longer relevant.

        1. “We choose Truth over Facts . . .”

      2. .no, he’s correct and you’re an ignorant moron. Kill yourself.

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  29. The game’s politics are best described as cynical rather than ideological.

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