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Biden's Gun-Limitation Schemes Make a Mockery of His 'Unity' Message

The president is picking fights with much of the population and further dividing the country.


Just months into President Joe Biden's tenure, his early calls for "unity" look not only insincere—something we expect of any politician—but positively laughable. Last week, he threatened executive action to tighten restrictions on privately owned firearms in a move bound to infuriate gun owners, including millions of people who purchased tools for self-defense for the first time amid the chaos of the past year. Much of the country is certain to ignore his dictates, including state and local governments who have already vowed that they won't enforce such rules. Forget unity—the president has found an effective means of deepening the country's divisions.

"I asked the Attorney General and his team to identify for me immediate, concrete actions I could can take now without having to go through the Congress," the president huffed from the White House on April 8. "And today, I'm announcing several initial steps my administration is taking to curb this epidemic of gun violence."

The legality and wisdom of his proposed restrictions on arm braces and "ghost guns" aside—Jacob Sullum ably dissected those schemes elsewhere—Biden's plan to bypass Congress is a wild departure from his insistence at his inauguration that "my whole soul is in this: Bringing America together. Uniting our people. And uniting our nation." After all, he's bypassing Congress specifically because lawmakers are very definitely not unified around an anti-gun agenda. That includes Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), from Biden's own party.

Also not unified around attempts to restrict self-defense rights are states and localities the federal government relies on for most of the muscle to enforce its laws.

"On Thursday President Biden is expected to announce a series of executive actions addressing gun violence," Arizona's ABC 15 affiliate noted before the president's speech. "No matter what those actions are, there is a very good chance that in Arizona, they'll be ignored." The news story came after Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill prohibiting all political subdivisions of the state from using personnel or resources to enforce laws incompatible with Arizona's own gun regulations. 

Wait. States can go their own way on gun policy? You bet. 

"Although the federal government may use its power of the purse to encourage states to adopt certain criminal laws, it is limited by the Tenth Amendment—which prevents the federal government from directing states to enact specific legislation—in its ability to directly influence state policy or requiring state officials to enforce federal law," a 2014 Congressional Research Service report concluded with regard to marijuana. The results of the constitutional principle are seen in the in the states that have legalized marijuana, as well as sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement. Guns are just another area in which states can tell the feds to enforce their own laws without local assistance.

Many individual gun fanciers are equally unimpressed by the president's desire to limit access to firearms. In March, as gun control bills worked their way through Congress and Biden hinted at executive action, FBI background checks for commercial firearm sales hit a new record at almost 4.7 million, up from 3.7 million a year earlier. The AR-15 pistols and DIY gun kits targeted by the president's orders are in especially high demand among buyers picking them up while they're still available. Presumably, people rushing to pay rising prices for soon-to-be restricted items aren't doing so because of their eagerness to surrender them once the rules change.

So much for unity.

Biden doesn't require state, local, or individual cooperation for his pick to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, but the selection of David Chipman is a clear indicator that "unity" isn't a priority at the moment. As an advisor to Giffords, a group dedicated to severely restricting self-defense rights, Chipman mocked gun owners, saying in 2020, "They might think that they're die-hard, ready to go, but unfortunately they're more like Tiger King and they're putting themselves and their family in danger." He also advocates to the point of dishonesty for the federal government's bloody conduct during the 1993 Waco fiasco. His nomination is a red flag to gun owners.

"David Chipman, whom President Biden seeks to empower in order to continue his long train of abuses going back to the Waco, Texas murders committed by agents of the federal government, has led a career marked by outright lies, opportunism, and a brazen willingness, if not outright desire, to assault the natural rights of the American people," the pro-gun Firearms Policy Coalition objected.

There's no guarantee that Chipman will formally gain the ATF post (only one nominee has been confirmed to the position since Senate approval was first required in 2006) but no "unity" can be found in an appointee who is openly contemptuous of, and despised by, a large segment of the population.

That's a large and growing segment of the population, as FBI figures demonstrate. Nine of the ten top recorded weeks for firearm background checks occurred in the past year, and two of them were last month. Last year concluded with a total of 39.7 million background checks, the highest annual count recorded. While there's not a one-to-one correlation between background checks and sales, there's no doubt that ownership is through the roof, including millions of new owners: "40 percent of sales were conducted to purchasers who have never previously owned a firearm," the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a trade association, revealed last August.

Gun ownership is increasingly diverse, too. It's surging among African-Americans repelled by biased law enforcement. It's also soaring among people with left-of-center political views who would normally be expected to constitute the constituency for tighter restrictions and nominees like Chipman. These new owners joined the ranks of people who realize that a chaotic era and a politically divided population require them to look to themselves for self-defense rather than rely on government institutions. Biden is going to face some challenges convincing even many of those who voted for him to unite behind his attacks on their ability to defend themselves.

Of course, politicians often rely not on a united population, but on one that's fragmented in ways that help them attain and hold office. Despite his inaugural verbiage, that's certainly what Joe Biden is doing. Like many of his predecessors, he strokes just enough of the population to maintain power while antagonizing the rest. That's been an effective strategy for lots of political officials who don't care about the long-term consequences, but it's brought the country to brink of disaster and made thoughts of unity a national joke.

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  1. If only someone had warned you Toosilly.

    1. If only the opposing major American party had put up an acceptable Presidential candidate.

      1. Fuck off Dee, nobody believes you.

        1. A democrat who is a serial sexual harasser is considered an acceptable presidential candidate.

          1. Serial sexual harasser not good… Drug warrior worse!

            Senile Mackerel Snapper Bad?!? He BAD, all right! He SOOO BAD, He be GOOD! He be GREAT! He “Make America Woke”! MAW! All who are against Senile Mackerel Snapper Bad, are into MAWlessness, chaos, badness, and MAW-breaking! They are out-MAWs! MAKE AMERICA WOKE, I say!!!

            We KNOW He can Make America Woke again, because, as a bad-ass politician, He PUNISHED all of the MAW-breakers! He Hair Smeller-Feller in Chief!

            BACK from Beyond the Beyond, Beyond the Grave, it is the MAGA that Wouldn’t Die! MAGA Part II; Make America GREEN Again! The USA flag will now be… Red, White, and GREEN!


            All Hail to THE Hair Smeller in Chief!!! His Punishment Boner is BIGGER than ALL the rest of ours, put together!

            Most of all, HAIL the Chief, for having revoked karma! What comes around, will no longer go around!!! We CAN smell ALL of THEIR hair, and they will NEVER think of smelling OUR hair, right back!

            Senile Mackerel Snapper Bad-Ass Hair-Smeller all right!

            Yes, we can! We CAN smell all the hair, all the time, and NONE will be smart enough to EVER smell our hair right back!

            These voters simply cannot or will not recognize the central illusion of politics… You can hair-smell all of the people some of the time, and you can hair-smell some of the people all of the time, but you cannot hair-smell all of the people all of the time! Sooner or later, karma catches up, and the others will hair-smell you right back!

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          2. I voted for Jo Jorgensen. I did not vote for Trump or Biden, so take it up with someone else.

      2. Ahh yes.. mean tweets versus planned out open attacks on freedom. Totally should focus on the mean tweets.

        You have no principles.

        1. Anyone who uses the line of that Trump never did anything more egregious than post mean tweets is not interested in truth nor honest political debate or discussion.

          1. Oh yeah he also wanted to abondon the kurds by pulling the troops out of syria, as if they didn’t belong there in the first place.

            1. There was also the little incident where he rallied his MAGA supporters to invade the Capitol building to try to stop the peaceful, Constitutional transition of power.

              And turned them against his own Vice President, which is just downright sociopathic behavior.

              1. Your using an event after the election as a justification for how people voted dummy.

                1. Go back and re-read my comments. I didn’t limit myself to talking about only things that happened before the election.

                  Trump tore off the mask after his loss, and revealed beyond any doubt what a sociopath he is.

                  1. The whole conversation is about who won the presidential election, regardless of what you want to squawk about.

                2. Correction: He’s LYING about an event after the election as a justification for how people voted.

                  1. Dee lying is already part of the calculus.

              2. Turns out – he didn’t actually do that.

                What he did do was not try to talk down a rally that was already planned several days earlier.

                1. Right. He probably wasn’t even aware there was going to be a massive rally just down the street from the electoral vote counting. Like, he probably just heard about it that morning.

                  1. And some rowdy protestors had what was basically a sit in that had zero chance of affecting the certification of the election. Doesn’t seem like something to get all worked up about.

                    1. But but but…ZIP TIES!!!!!

                  2. So, best hope there’s no rioting after the Chauvin trial then.

                    Because Biden et al have been really quiet and not telling their base to stay calm and not ‘riot’

                    1. But it’s nice to admit that he did not do that – your complaimt is that he didn’t quiet them down enough.

              3. Biden has more directly called for violence than Trump did.

          2. Trump is history. President Grampa isn’t a leader, he’s a puppet tyrant, a cut-out for the Mobist destroyers from the Left.

    2. I’m just shocked that anyone was dumb enough to believe Biden’s Unity Lies outside of DoL and WK.

      1. DOL is not a Democrat. He is Libertarian. He votes Libertarian. Don’t rip on him when he isn’t here, Bud. He is a damn good American, he has served his country up front. He has more sack than the majority of the people on here. Trust me.

      2. Please cite any comment where I said I believe “Biden’s unity lies”.

    3. None of the changes Biden has made will make any significant reduction in crime. Even his assault weapon ban wouldn’t reduce crimes committed with gun.

      What he should do is make abuse of the 2nd amendment a federal felony punished by 30 years in federal prison. Where abuse of the 2nd amendment is possession of a firearm during the commission of a serious felony or a felon in possession of a firearm.

  2. We Koch / Reason libertarians are getting exactly what we hoped for when we overwhelmingly endorsed Biden — more gun safety, more immigration, and skyrocketing billionaire net worths.


    1. I feel safer already

    2. It’s a fair cop; These guys should have known what they were signing on for, it didn’t come out of the blue.

      1. “signing on for”

        We do not know whom Tuccille voted for. Sullum voted for Jorgensen; and lives in Texas, which means his state was going to go with Trump regardless of his vote.

        1. By “these guys” I mean the ones who announced in these pages their intention to vote for Biden. It was a substantial majority of Reason’s staff.

          Poole was the only one to say they’d vote for Trump, as a lesser evil vote.

          Most of them completely own what’s coming.

          1. Correction, it was a majority voting LP, which had the practical consequence of helping Biden get elected, but I can’t call that a vote FOR Biden. Only five of them actually came out of the closet as Democrats.

            1. Also, no true. They all (with the possible exception of Dalmia, who doesn’t work at Reason anymore) said they would vote reluctantly for Biden, in opposition to Trump. That is in now way equivalent to being a Democrat.

              1. Yes WK. Ignore all of those who talked about their last vote being for a democrat (prior to becoming a libertarian), and then all saying they would vote for Biden if they had to. Totally proves they don’t lean that way.

                You say really dumb things as an excuse for people sometimes.

              2. Yeah, if you’re going to vote for Biden instead of Trump, you’re a Democrat, not a libertarian. Biden was a civil liberties nightmare, everybody knew it. A drug warrior, gun controller, you name it.

                He’s acting about the way anyone familiar with him who didn’t have a partisan motive to downplay how awful he was would have predicted.

                1. Nuh uh!

                  -white knight

                2. Precisely.

            2. It only helped Biden if they otherwise would have voted for Trump. Which is a big assumption. Maybe leave it at “didn’t help to defeat Biden”.

          2. “It was a substantial majority of Reason’s staff.”

            Not true.

            1. I corrected myself in a reply to my comment, it’s not like I could go back and edit the original comment.

              1. White Knight is a squawking bird named Dee.

  3. Gun ownership isn’t just about self-defense. It’s also about enjoyment.

    A lot of people own guns because they enjoy shooting them. Kind of like how a lot of people drink alcohol because they enjoy it. (Presumably not for self-defense!)

    But the anti-gun people say “I don’t care about shooting guns, therefore their value to you doesn’t count.” It’s a callous and tyrannical attitude.

    1. I don’t particularly care about shooting guns and I don’t like guns personally, so I don’t keep them around my house.

      However, I realize that that is a personal choice for me only, and, I would like to maintain the option to change my mind in the future. My personal preferences shouldn’t impact your ability to exercise your rights, so I’m fine with you having guns and using them lawfully.

      1. I was more than happy that my neighbors used this right also. Now I have joined them. And, I too, am not necessarily into guns, but I will be doing some skeet shooting this summer as shotgun ammunition is all I can find and I have enjoyed skeet shooting in the past.

        1. I haven’t fired a gun since I was at summer camp in the early 1980s, and while I don’t feel an urgent need to own one right now, I may decide to take it up again one day as others have, and who knows if I may need it to protect myself or family. What pisses me off is that now a lot of Karen type moms around here are asking us if we own a gun before they let their kids play with our kids. I want to say “No, but we have meat cleavers, axes, power saws, gasoline and bleach!”

          1. Wait, people actually own meat cleavers outside butcher shops? (I mean, I certainly believe you own kitchen knives, but a meat cleaver is well beyond the needs of a typical household).

            1. I have 2. I also have a hatchet and two machetes (one short one long).

            2. If you break down hunted game or beef and pork primals (easy to get at club stores, e.g., Costco, BJs), meat cleavers are very useful and normal to have. And having a chest freezer makes that quite cost and space effective. Maybe not ‘typical’ but hardly out of the realm of ordinary.

              1. Even just taking poultry apart.

                The right knife for every task makes things go easier in the kitchen.

              2. I threw a pack of firecrackers into a Chinese takeout place when I was a kid. The guy chased me with a meat cleaver. It certainly was the right tool for the job.

          2. If you really want to kill kids get yourself a swimming pool; just sits there 24/7, beckoning to them: “come and play with me, and sink to your oblivion in my depths”

            1. Damn, shoulda refreshed first.

            2. Hmm, seems to me that you could just teach the kids to swim and avoid having to do CPR on your own child.

          3. And I was thinking about putting in a pool.

            1. Point is more children die of drowning than true* accidents from firearms. It is a horrible tragedy regardless, but if someone really cares “if it saves one child” then they should shut up or get a shovel and fill up their fucking pool.

              *not counting gang violence, whereby several thousand “children” under the age 18 are [annually] victims of intentional homicide.

      2. I don’t much care about shooting firearms, either. After shooting them you have to break them down and clean them. I got enough of both in the Army.
        I keep firearms for self defense. I fire them to verify zero and teach people who do not know how to handle firearms to do so safely.
        I encourage every adult to own firearms for self defense and hunting (should it be necessary to put food on the table); to learn how to handle them safely; fire them accurately; and respect the damage they can do.

        1. I am certain your local gun store has a gun cleaning service.
          All of the ones around here will charge you a small fee to put your gun in their ultrasonic cleaning tank.
          I actually enjoy cleaning my guns so I do it myself

    2. No, it’s all about self defense. That’s it. The rest of it is ‘nice to have’.

      Guns are pointless if all you are allowed is recreational use.

      1. Oh, I don’t know. Shooting prairie dogs is recreational, educational, and protects the livestock. Nailing one at several hundred meters is a real hoot. It will keep your skills tight and impress your friends.

    3. Now I can’t get out of my head the cartoon image of someone drinking liquor for self defense.

      1. Drunken boxing!

      2. I drank for self defense when I was a young man in a military town. If I was drinking and wasn’t sure whether the girl I was with was actually pretty or I was just hammered, I would pound a 6 pack, all 6 in a few minutes. I called it the “6 pack circuit” breaker. I would end up passing out, and my friends would bring me home. I never woke up to an ugly or fat girl. I would wake up the next day with my honor and reputation intact.

  4. It’s not just his* gun-limitation schemes, it’s pretty much everything he’s done so far that makes it clear that his idea of unity is “You sit there while we steam-roller over your ass.” His unity is the same as Mao’s or Stalin’s.

    *Or her’s or their’s, we’re not sure who’s pulling Biden’s strings but it’s pretty clear it ain’t Biden running the show.

    1. Any different than Republicans?

      I seem to remember some Dem votes for R bills. I don’t recall a single fucking one for any Dem stuff pushed so far.

      Fuck off with this unity bullshit that is just code for “do what we Republicans want even though we LOST.”

      Elections have consequences snowflakes.

      1. Tyranny also has consequences.

        1. Speaking of tyranny, read this if you dare!

          Trump’s Big Lie and Hitler’s: Is this how America’s slide into totalitarianism begins?

          1. Ahh yes, the unbisaed content of opinion pieces in Salon. LOL

            Please continue saying you’re not a raging leftist.

            1. I see you have refuted NOTHING from the article, which is mostly FACTUAL and not very much EDITORIAL. This is as usual for brain-dead, empty-headed tribalists.

              Refute ANYTHING that this article says? Besides “my tribe is right, yours is wrong”?

              Totalitarians want to turn GOP into GOD (Grand Old Dictatorshit).

              1. Mostly factual! Then why bother?

              2. The article is crap. The fact that the compromise of 1877 may have ended reconstruction and allowed official racism to continue for many decades has no bearing on whether investigating the election now is a good idea.
                The article just attempts to smear anyone who has even slight questions about election integrity in very unfair ways.

          2. Who the fuk reads salon?

            1. Like it’s a shock the Dumbfuck HihnSQRLSo has the same taste in reading material that he does in edibles.

      2. Such a good team player. Good boy. Sit.

      3. That should be all you need to know about how Rs bend over needlessly for “bipartisanship”, and how powermad Ds dont care. Imbecile

      4. Fuck off Jeff, nobody believes you.

        But we do recognize when you and all your socks appear at once.

        1. “you and”

          Umm, chemjeff hasn’t posted any comments here, Sherlock.

          1. Are you two dating?

            1. I heard they went to the HO2 park together.

              1. And you and JesseAz went to the NACL2 park. Nanny nanny boo boo!

                1. The Devolution of White Knight

                  1. The chemical formula for dihydrogen monoxide (water) is HO2.
                  2. Fights like hell despite being ridiculed by the commentariat.
                  3. Claims that H2O and HO2 are “technically the same”
                  4. Again, fights like hell.
                  5. “It was a typo”
                  6. “It wasn’t me, it was Tulpa.”
                  7. Claims NaCl2 exists, even though there’s no way to synthesize that molecule.
                  8. “I didn’t say it, you said it!”

                  1. And squirrelsy eats shit, amIright?

                    1. ID theft is theft, and EVIL lying!

                      It’s obvious to EVERYONE except totalitarian, authoritarian assholes like Mamma, who will lecture us on CORRECT Christian Theology, and then go right ahead and engage in blatant identity theft! CORRECT Christian Theology, to Mamma, is like a hairdo or brushing your teeth… Use the right brands and styles, and you are IN! But then treating others the way that you would NOT like to be treated? Like stealing your ID? Totes cool! ‘Cause Mamma is with the COOL KIDS, and any and all tactics to disparage people who are more honest and benevolent than she is? Her hunter-gatherer instincts-emotions instantly kick in! Honest people MUST be put down, so that SHE can RISE with respect to them! This could be called the Jesus-killer ( Mahatma Gandhi-killer, Martin Luther King Jr.-killer, etc.) instinct.

                      To understand more details of this, see

                    2. Too late I already took out a loan in your name bitch!

                  2. So what? What happened to “flag, refresh”. For those of us not interested in these petty disputes, this crap is as bad as the trolls.

                    1. Dee is so mockable though.

          2. Yes you have Jeff.

      5. “”I seem to remember some Dem votes for R bills.””

        Do you have an example?

      6. lol, all we want is for angry, mal-educated children to shut up and leave us alone. Why does the refusal of others to bear the burden of your fears enrage you? Elections in this country can not convey Constitutional prerogatives to ANY person, party, agency, office, legislative or judicial body. If that makes no sense to you then you are out of your depth in this discussion.

  5. Couldn’t have possibly imagined that this would happen.

    I’m surprised. Totally.

  6. I’m shocked, SHOCKED, to find that Joe Biden would be so brazenly political. How could a man who has been a senator since he was 30 years old be political?


  7. Fuck unity. Rs understanding of “unity” is “I know you’re in power but you still need to do what we want.”

    When did Rs EVER extend any kind of unity or bipartisanship to Dems? Was it when they were determined to make Obama a one term president above all else?

    Fuck Republicans and fuck this bullshit about unity. You want unity? Come to the table like adults and do things that are good for normal Americans. If not, fuck off with your bullshit. Steamroll their asses.

    1. The difference is the Rs didn’t campaign on a platform specifically calling for unity

    2. Yeah, taking guns away from the law abiding while allowing the violent ghetto shits in blue run cities to do anything they want is brilliant, Tard. “like adults that are good for normal Americans”. Look at any blue city asshole. Those “denizens of the ghetto” that are killing each other daily are all Democrats, you rubber.

    3. Like GWBs entire agenda? Education Bill written by Ted Kennedy, Medicare D, build up to War Resolutions overwhelmingly supported by D.s
      You idiotic lying propaganda bot

    4. “”Fuck unity.””

      So you’re a republican?

    5. “”Come to the table like adults””

      Funny you mention adults. Becoming an adult is learning to pay your own bills and get off your parents teat. Something the left thinks is unfair.

    6. Fuck unity.

      Hey, finally something we can agree on.

      Steamroll their asses.

      Helicopter theirs.

  8. 800 homicides, 4000 shootings in Chicago last year, 80% black on black. Instead of putting blame on the real shooters, the progressive leadership blames the cops, who only killed 7 and shot 13. Brilliant! “Maff ain’t they thang, Dog”.
    Biden could send Kamala Harris to handle it. Her and Mayor Lori Lightgroot can dress up as superheroes and fly through the ghetto at night on a gun grabbing unicorn, bringing peace to the “communerty” and disarming the savage, murderous, ill raised crotch droppings.
    There were “only” 4 killed, 29 wounded over the weekend. Not too bad, but it is warming up and “Spring Training” for the wannabe gang-bangers is beginning. Thank God for Chicago’s restrictive/progressive gun laws, huh?
    There was looting this weekend. I guess that “George Floyd” wound is still open and they looted the Nordstrom’s in honor of his memory. They broadcast the looting on Facebook Live so that everyone could see their pain.

  9. Biden’s campaign website promises to ban the sale of assault weapons and force those that are currently in circulation to be registered with the federal government. Furthermore, Biden’s campaign website promises to ban the sale of all guns and ammunition online, and Biden promises to institute a national relinquishment [confiscation] program in conjunction with local law enforcement.

    Anyone who is surprised by lesser moves by the Biden administration to come after our Second Amendment rights is either uninformed, delusional, or stupid, and anyone who imagines the governments’ respect for our gun rights will improve until the Republicans have regained power is suffering from the same problem(s).

    General principle: As the Democrats become increasingly authoritarian and socialist, libertarian capitalists should become increasingly Republican.

    1. “…either uninformed, delusional, or stupid…”

      Embrace the power of and.

      Toosilly is as Toosilly does.

    2. ^this 1000%!

    3. My County is already a 2A sanctuary, meaning that the sheriff and da will not prosecute people for unconstitutional infringements [Soros money only seems to apply to more urban areas where he can get more bangs for his bucks]; so I will continue to possess the guns I have for self protection and recreation; including weapons to be subject to ether mandatory registration [I will not comply] or confiscation [come and take them, if you will].

      1. The best reason to object to universal background checks may be because it provides the federal government with a list of everyone who purchased a firearm. It isn’t possible to create a federal registry of every gun owner until that data becomes available, and forcing everyone to report that data to the federal government is a necessary step in creating a list for confiscation purposes–even IF IF IF they aren’t keeping the data at this time. Also, there are things the federal government can do to make you miserable even if local law enforcement doesn’t comply with a confiscation program. The IRS does it to thousands of new people every day.

        Regardless, passing that confiscation legislation is likely to be the beginning rather than the end of the process.

        1. Absolutely; if I am on a list and not complying, the easiest course of action would be to sick the IRS on me; they can deplete your bank account and levy penalties against you any time they want.

          And agreed, any “universal background check” is going to necessitate registration; that of course will be well after the background check legislation is passed. Same goes for anything they deem to be an “assault” or “short barreled,” or on the basis of being scary looking. Once you provide information to any kind of list, you might as well prepare to respond to a demand to give them up.

      2. Good for your county DA. I was being questioned for jury duty a few weeks ago and told the judge, within the context of his questions, that I would not convict if I thought a law was unconstitutional. He asked whether that would be my position even if it contradicted his instructions. When I said yes you could almost see steam coming out of his ears.

        1. I would like to have seen that. Judges at any level may certainly try, but we know in spite of their hubris and love of preferably unquestioning authority, they do not trump the Constitution.

    4. Republicans should become increasingly LIBERTARIAN.

      Trying to out-Fascist the Dems isn’t going to work.

      1. I guess it could happen that one of the two major parties would become libertarian. I wouldn’t bet on it.

  10. We are only 4 months into it Reason…buckle up, you voted for this. Gettyup!!

    1. You are confused. Reason did not elect sleepy Joe.

      1. Many of them voted for him. Which is probably why he used the word “voted”.

  11. Most Americans support sensible gun safety laws to one degree or another, rejecting the gun absolutists’ position.

    Most Americans do not support the clingers in general.

    1. You’re a fucking retard.

    2. Can you quote the part of the Second Amendment that says our rights are subject to a popularity contest–you fucking retard?

      1. No right is absolute . . . except perhaps in the paltry minds of some misfits.

        1. Even IF IF IF no right were absolute, citing majority opinion as the justification for ignoring and violating our constitutional rights is simply ignorant–when the very definition of rights implies being free to do something unpopular. For goodness’ sake, learn something about critical thinking. Regurgitating this garbage as if it made sense just makes you look stupid.

        2. No one cares what you think hihn. You’re drooling.

    3. What’s a “gun safety law”? That guns have safeties?

      1. Basically. There’s wide support for “gun safety laws” in the abstract, but specific proposals are either widely unpopular or already on the books.

      2. All guns have a built in internal safety. They don’t go off until you pull the trigger.

        (OK old style external hammer pistols with a live round in the chamber, if dropped exactly wrong, from sufficient height)

      3. The democrat party’s assault on the 2A has nothing to do with “gun safety” or their fabricated “epidemic of gun violence”.

    4. And yet, no one can seem to propose any actual “sensible gun safety laws.”

      I mean, he just banned braces for AR-15 pistols, both of which the vast majority of Americans have never even heard of. And why haven’t we heard of them, because they haven’t been a thing of concern.

      1. Just keep in mind that the people blathering about “sensible gun safety laws” were outraged by the Heller decision, and you’ll understand what they mean by it.

    5. You mean like banning “the shoulder-thing that goes up” and bayonet lugs…that kind of “sensible gun legislation”? “Buy a shotgun…”, right?

  12. …state and local governments who have already vowed that they won’t enforce such rules.

    Yes but they have those in their respective back pockets should the need or desire arise. While the more local the government the more responsive it tends to be to the will of population (cities excepted) and the less suspicious I am, all levels are more than willing to use any excuse to fine/jail/prosecute their citizens.

    And, yes, unity for certain types means unity under one acceptable ideology.

  13. “Wait. States can go their own way on gun policy? You bet. ”

    It’s a start.

    1. If the Dems shop around for a left leaning activist judge, I am sure they will put a stop to that.

      1. All the more reason to refuse to comply; and how about managing our own schools, our health, welfare, and our environment, at least on State levels? When we get to taxation the feds are screwed; and what are they going to do? Declare war on us?

        Sure, I would have much preferred 4 more years of mean tweets and vitriol from the MSM and seen even more pro Constitution judges confirmed to the federal bench; but I have come to believe that Biden presents an opportunity in all of these areas, and a much stronger and lasting fix. The federal government, for all its vast resources, can only rule so long as a plurality of us recognize their right to do so. During this administration I think will in their enthusiasm go over a precipice, and will provide compelling reasons to take back what is rightly reserved to citizens and States.

  14. LOL @ Joke “I don’t know what I’m signing” Biden having any idea what his handlers are doing.

  15. They who give up essential liberty to avoid mean tweets deserve…

    1. deserve . . . .

      mean tweets saying “you’re account has been cancelled for wrongthink”.

  16. Biden’s Gun-Limitation Schemes Make a Reaffirm The Already Obvious Mockery of His ‘Unity’ Message


    1. Yeah, people have been either mocking, or making a mockery of, the ‘unity message’ since the moment it was made.

  17. Everything Biden has actually done since he took office makes a mockery of his “unity message”.

    1. “Everything Biden has actually done since he took office 120 yrs. ago makes a mockery of his “unity message”.”


    2. We tried to control Baghdad with gunships, tanks, unlimited night raids and general slaughter. They resisted, can you believe it?I would have prefered that his message was closer to the truth, “I’m going to punish anyone that isn’t transitioning, gay, or black”. “We will make the military a woke-joke, we will make air travel unsafe, and you will never drink Coke or watch baseball again”.

      1. “would have prefered that his message was closer to the truth, “I’m going to punish anyone that isn’t transitioning, gay, or black”. “We will make the military a woke-joke, we will make air travel unsafe, and you will never drink Coke or watch baseball again””

        No, but I would give him props for being honest.

  18. He’s a commie pinko.

    1. Well, he was when he was able to articulate a thought.

  19. This is exactly what I expected from the Biden presidency. Anyone who thought otherwise has no business conducting political analysis.

    1. Reason has to fill that article quota with something. Fake shock will do. What else can you write about four years of questions you already know the answer to?

  20. Unity goes both ways. The majority of people, even gun owners, want more regulation. So having a congress that will block the will of the people all of the time is not unifying. So Biden does an end-run around Congress to pass weak executive orders and he is accused of not uniting? Whatever.

    It gets tiring to hear people whine about gun rights when guns are and have been flying off the shelves for years. They yell about needing to prevent tyranny while we watch, in real-time, as cops tyrannize black motorists. Ask yourself, why the heck are the cops so dang afraid when they approach the driver-side door of routine traffic violators? Because the country is flooded with guns. More guns = more violence and more guns=more state violence.

    1. Interesting; I’ve watched over the past twenty or so years as more and more States have enacted concealed carry laws and millions of law abiding citizens have availed themselves of that right. I also recall specious claims as to how this would lead to a “wild west” environment and how a “pop” psychologist warned us that “the finger will pull the trigger,” meaning that the gun itself would incite violence. During this time millions of new gun owners have also availed themselves of this constitutional right.

      And yet, when we compare CDC and FBI Uniform Crime Report data, gun homicides have precipitously dropped during this time, by 50%; how can this possibly be? You state that “more guns = more violence” but the facts and data do not support your claim?

      I have an answer; because the overwhelming majority of gun owners are not criminals, and have no intention of becoming one [unless a misinformed and misguided administration declares them so by fiat]; we know where the crime exists, in places like Baltimore with a homicide rate 11 times the national average. Address crime where it is, not toward millions of law abiding people were it isn’t.

    2. This is nonsense.

      Our rights are not subject to popularity contests, which is why the First Amendment begins with, “Congress shall pass no law”. Our rights would exist and there would be negative consequences associated with violating them–even if they weren’t protected by the Constitution. However, if you want to repeal the Second Amendment, there’s a way to do that.

      Don’t give a bunch of uneducated horseshit about the unpopularity of our rights. Our rights exist regardless of whether they’re popular or they don’t exist. That’s what having rights means–being free to make choices for ourselves regardless of whether they’re popular.

      When you get to high school civics, they should teach you some of these basics, but even if they don’t, it’s incumbent on you to educate yourself about what rights are and what is meant by violating them–before you start advocating violating them as if they didn’t mean anything. If you think our rights only exist if they’re popular and the government says so, then make that case! You won’t be the first.

      The idea that our rights only exist if the government says so and exercising them is the in the interests of the people is the central tenet of all authoritarianism. Consider yourself warned.

      1. Well said.

        This is, by the way, one of the purposes of the filibuster– to better protect the rights of the minority from legislative attempts to nullify them.

    3. “”Ask yourself, why the heck are the cops so dang afraid when they approach the driver-side door of routine traffic violators? “”

      It’s not because they fear. It’s respect my authority. The purpose of spraying a little pepper spray was to give a small example of what to expect if you fail to honor the proper respect. That cop should lose his career. He has no business having a badge.

      1. If you are talking about that stupid Army LT in Virginia, I have a few questions for you.
        1. Why did the idiot LT continue to travel down the roadway for 2 miles with a cop behind him with with the blue lights on? Is that college educated, LT in the Army, clueless as to what flashing blue lights mean? The cops thought he was running, did you expect them to be “nice” after that?
        2. Why the hell didn’t that LT get out of the vehicle as he was instructed? The LT gives orders, why was he having so much trouble taking orders? Because he is a coddled, over-entitled, leftist shit. Trust me, his entire chain of command would tell you that he was wrong, dead wrong. He is an Army Officer, he should be law abiding and compliant with law enforcement. That asshole broke every rule in the book in regards to dealing with civilian law enforcement. He embarrassed his unit, the Army, and the entire country. The MPs on base would have been much more harsh. I’ll bet you a dollar that he is a shit officer and is on his way out. I would have that shitbag cleaning crappers until we had the time to boot him.
        That asshole will be a civilian soon, you can bet on that. If he would have pulled over on the road the cops could see that his vehicle was legal and they would have sent him on his way. He chose to act like George Floyd, so he was treated like George Floyd.

        1. 1. Because he was likely taught, as I was, to pull over to a well-lit area for the stop. Sometimes that’s a few minutes down the road. He wasn’t evading, he didn’t drive for another half hour. To the best of my knowledge, he didn’t pass up several good spots to pull over. Annoying to the cop—and the LT can kiss any chance of getting a warning goodbye, not like that’s likely in Podunk. VA—-but not in and of itself reason to think you’ve just collared Pretty Boy Floyd.

          2. Because Officer Friendly was so fucking amped that he’d have shot the LT, had the LT made any sudden movements. Like undoing his seat belt. Or opening the door. I’d have done much the same thing. The LT pulls one of those hands out of sight to do either of those, he’s likely getting shot. See, Daniel Shaver. It shouldn’t happen that way, but that’s the world we live in.

          Jeez, walking up, the cop should have seen the temp tag in the window, and figured out what likely happened. No need to freak out. Now, he’s out of a job, the other one’s likely on thin ice, and both may get a bit poorer in the near future. Good.

          1. And by, done much the same thing, I mean, kept my hands out the window and my demeanor still and calm.

            As far as him being a shit officer, he’s an O-1. I thought by definition, they were all shit officers at that stage? Not happy-making for his CoC though, and I’m sure the Lieutenant is going to feel it for awhile until the heat dies down. For his sake, I’m glad he’s not white.

            1. I was pulled over for the exact same thing in a rental car several years ago. I pulled to the side of the road right away, I’m not afraid of the dark or the police. To my knowledge, I had done nothing wrong. Despite what you were taught, it is what you are supposed to do. Continuing down the road will always piss off the cop, and he will call more pissed off cops, why would you do that? Just pull over and make the cop stand on the roadway, especially if it is snowing or raining.
              The cop approached and said that the temporary tag for my rental car was not properly displayed. It was bullshit, he pulled me over because I had just entered Kansas from Colorado in a rental and he wanted to “take a sniff” to see if there was weed in the car. It has been a common practice for several years. I told him that I was a soldier and headed to a TDY on the east coast. He checked my ID, thanked me for my service, and sent me on my way. I don’t like the fact that he pulled me over with no probable cause, but I play the game. It wasn’t the first time, it probably won’t be the last.
              There isn’t a lighted place to pull over in all of Kansas. Why the hell would you think that you should keep driving? Why be afraid if you have not done anything? I’ve been pulled over at least 20 times in 40 years. I act right, and drive away with a warning most of the time. It really is that simple.

              1. Even better is not getting pulled over at all.

                While you are probably right about making an effort not to piss off cops, they are still responsible for their own behavior and must not allow being “pissed off” to affect their behavior towards the people they have to deal with.

              2. “”Why be afraid if you have not done anything?””

                The cop told the LT that he should be scared. Why?

                “”Gutierrez’s body camera footage shows the officer screamed at Nazario to get out of his newly purchased SUV, warned the Black and Latino man he “should be” afraid after he said that he was scared to exit his vehicle, and told him he was “fixin’ to ride the lightning.” “”


        2. Gray Jay pretty much answered for me.

    4. Your reasoning is poor, and your proofs are missing. What people tend to want, when not asked leading questions, is enforcement of existing laws, policies, regulations, not creation of new layers of regulation. More guns equals the potential for more gun-related violence, not the certainty that it will occur as you state. The same is true for state violence. Less emotion-driven bias may serve you well, but my guess is that this is unlikely.

    5. No, the majority of gun owners do not want more regulation.

      FFS, you idiots think it’s the wild west out there – firearms are already massively regulated.


    6. “The majority of people, even gun owners, want more regulation.”

      Name one.

      “They yell about needing to prevent tyranny while we watch, in real-time, as cops tyrannize black motorists”.
      Cite? Do you have any proof or just the words of Maddow, Cuomo, and Lemon as evidence?
      You ignored the fact that many of those drivers were driving a car jacked, stolen or unregistered vehicle, carrying dope and an illegal firearm, and just left the scene of a drive by shooting in the ghetto. If Biden could clean up those ghettos, and stop supporting BLM, unity may just be possible. But, dorks like you claim that cops are pulling over black drivers for no reason. Why would they go through the trouble? Why don’t you visit a blue city ghetto? Go to Chicago, the Englewood or Austin neighborhood any night of the week. Tell us if you see anyone that isn’t breaking the law. 800 homicides, 4000 shootings in Chicago last year alone. 80% are black on black. The cops only killed 7 and shot 13, they had 10 cops shot last year. So, Clueless, why don’t you go visit the ghetto and stop talking out your well worn, bleeding ass?

      1. “800 homicides, 4000 shootings in Chicago last year alone. ”

        And, on a per capita [100K] basis, Chicago doesn’t even make the top 30! I understand however that these statistics were greater than 46 States combined?

        Like I said, address the problem where, and with whom, the problem lies; it is a huge mistake to seek to rectify by imposing burdens on the vast majority where it does not.

    7. Fuck off slaver.

      1. ^ What he said.

      2. I certainly own you, Bitch. Now get your ass down to the barn and get me some fresh eggs while I work your Mother like a weekend cash job. She asked me to put a baby in her belly that wasn’t retarded so the neighbors will respect her again. Clearly, your baby daddy had tainted sperm and a very low IQ. But, your poor Mom was attracted to him because a man with crack cocaine is seen to be “successful” in your neck of the woods.

        1. I’m not sure what’s worse, your anger issues, or your misunderstanding of how the reply button works. I would at least work on the last one though before insulting my IQ. I was responding to Heraclitus.

    8. If the highest priority during a police/citizen encounter is to not be “dang afraid” then we should take weapons away from the police.

      1. What about a criminal/citizen encounter? Say…..a known violent crackhead put a gun to your pregnant wife’s belly?

        1. Not sure how that is pertinent to the present discussion.

    9. The only gun owners who want more regulation are the ones who are in power and want to keep it.

  21. You don’t understand Dem-speak.

    “Unity” means “We do whatever we want and you shut the fuck up.”

  22. What he wants to unify is the left wing.

    1. + you got that right; I have two Democrat senators in my State, one of whom kept his seat with about 49.9% of the vote [and millions of ad money from the DNC, so now’s he truly bought and paid for]; no matter how civil or infrequent the letter/email, they look at my “red” district and do not even acknowledge with a formatted response; in other words, I have 0 representation in the Senate.

  23. Anyone who thought they’d wait until after Biden is sworn in as president to stock up on guns and ammo is probably too stupid to entrust with deadly weapons. I’m sorry if this hurts anyone’s feelings but that’s the way it is.

    1. Well seems I have received an inverse compliment from you. If people who failed to stock up beforehand were stupid, I must look like a fucking genius about now!

      1. Not believing in Qanon fantasies does not make one a genius.

        1. Didn’t realize “not believing in Qanon fantasies” was a consideration.
          But I am, as you say, “stocked up.”

          1. Qanon told us that Biden would never be president. If you’re stocked up already, doesn’t Biden’s restricting other people from stocking up give you the advantage?

            1. Qanon didn’t tell me anything, because I don’t pay any attention. And the rest of your post just shows that you see other citizens as your enemy. Good to know.

              1. Well, if they were looting and burning, I could see his point.

        2. Once I finally stopped assuming people were talking about some drug rehab cult, and looked into QAnon, I decided it was probably a left-wing psyop, and resumed ignoring it.

          1. ” I decided it was probably a left-wing psyop”

            I thought it was certainly a psyop, but a ‘populist’ one. I read somewhere that they promise the cancellation of debts, which was probably the main concern of the Occupy Wall Street movement several years back in the Obama years. But other than that, I don’t see much left-wing about it, though I haven’t really made the effort to look at their policies.

            1. No, I don’t mean intended to appeal to left-wingers, I mean run by left-wingers.

              You see a lot of this all the time, if you’re watching: At least half the nonsense circulating in right-wing circles on the internet originated with leftwingers out to make people on the right look stupid by conning them into believing some idiocy.

              It’s a mirror image of 4Chan pranking the left into thinking that the OK gesture was a white supremacist sign.

              1. “leftwingers out to make people on the right look stupid ”

                Seems an overly convoluted explanation. Since when have right wingers needed left wingers to make themselves appear stupid? And vice versa mutatis mutandis. Or perhaps you know the names of some of these left wingers behind Qanon and are willing to share with the rest of us.

                The debt thing is a side issue. The main thrust of Qanon as I understand is about pedophilia in high places. There’s nothing really leftist or rightist about pedophilia. It’s more about populism and the corruption of society’s elites.

                1. QAnon is an absurdist outfit at best…but let’s not pretend that our “elites” do not have serious issues, including pedophilia.

                  I mean, former Pres Clinton DID go to Epstein’s island A LOT. And his “suicide” is beyond dubious.

    2. Many 401ks were converted to guns and ammo.

    3. You need to re-stock sometimes.

      1. Not if you bought 10,000 rounds with each gun that you purchase at the time of purchase, and a few boxes for the range.

        1. I shoot about 3,000 rounds per year.
          So 10,000 would last me a little over 3 years.
          I do wish I had bought 10,000 rounds of 9 mm when it was 18 cents per round
          Now it’s 60 cents per round.

  24. In regards to the Second Amendment, one of the interesting things about progressives right now, is that the ultimate constitutional argument for our gun rights is as a defense to the kinds of actions progressives are taking with the government–as I type.

    The progressives have packed the nation’s capital with the National Guard to stop us from organizing a massive protest against them. The progressives have organized an official committee to study packing the Supreme Court, even while they advance arguments about how our rights shouldn’t be respected if they’re unpopular. The progressive have shut down entire social media networks that criticize them. The progressives are promoting legislation to force us to sacrifice our standard of living on the altar of climate change under the guise of the Green New Deal.

    And in the middle of that, they wonder why we need the Second Amendment?

    “If circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army of any magnitude that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people while there is a large body of citizens, little, if at all, inferior to them in discipline and the use of arms, who stand ready to defend their own rights and those of their fellow-citizens. This appears to me the only substitute that can be devised for a standing army, and the best possible security against it, if it should exist.”

    —-Alexander Hamilton

    “The Federalist No. 29”

    The primary purpose of the Second Amendment is to protect us from progressives.

    1. “The primary purpose of the Second Amendment is to protect us from progressives.”

      Because progressives would never use poison gasses, or any of the other weapons of crowd control that have been devised since the days of Hamilton.

      1. “Because progressives would never use poison gasses,…”

        Please, continue. I’d like to hear what else you’d liked to see deployed against your fellow citizens.

        1. ” I’d like to hear ”

          I’m not saying anything you shouldn’t already know. If it’s a matter of your wanting to indulge in Hamiltonian fantasies of overthrowing the government with your musket, then I will take that into consideration.

          1. I do not believe it will come to that [though I do indeed own a muzzle loading rifle, among more up to date varieties]; this government can only rule if a plurality of citizens believe it should; if enough of us tell it to fuck off, what are they going to do? Send in troops to suppress and occupy us? From the individual “troops” I have known over the course of my lifetime, I cannot think of one who would be on board with such an action. No, our government will overreach until enough of us are done with it, and it will not be able to do a damned thing about it but take a second seat to individual States, which is exactly as it should be.

            I have to admit I just do not understand the fascination with centralized authoritarian regimes [other than to wish for a government to inflict its authority upon those you do not like or agree with]

            1. “and it will not be able to do a damned thing about it but take a second seat to individual States, which is exactly as it should be.”

              I suspect that would only make things 50 times worse than they are now.

      2. Because progressives would never use poison gasses, or any of the other weapons of crowd control that have been devised since the days of Hamilton.

        WTF? What the hell are you even talking about? Because governments have non-conventional weapons, citizens shouldn’t be allowed to have conventional ones? A unarmed citizenry attacked with non-conventional weapons is just as adequately suppressed as an armed one? Because non-conventional weapons have been invented, Hamilton was wrong?

        1. “What the hell are you even talking about? Because governments have non-conventional weapons, citizens shouldn’t be allowed to have conventional ones? ”

          What the hell are you talking about, even? Of course citizens should be allowed to have weapons. What have I written that makes you think otherwise?

          “Because non-conventional weapons have been invented, Hamilton was wrong?”

          Hamilton was wrong because citizens armed with conventional weapons will be defeated by a more vicious better armed government force. Look at the Iranian revolution. They didn’t take power by force of arms but by uniting the bazari, (small business community) secular leftists, Islamists, police and military. We both probably have qualms about the results of the revolution, but the Iranians showed us something about how to seize power successfully.

      3. Yes, if we have a military that is willing to gas and carpet bomb large swaths of the population, then ordinary citizens don’t have that great a chance. But we are quite far from that state where all out war on half of the citizens of the country would be politically possible. Our military couldn’t put down a bunch of dudes with AK-74s in Afghanistan. What makes you think that the military would or could do it in the US?

        1. But even if we did have a military willing to do that, carpet bombing your own country is more of a Pyrrhic victory than even Pyrrhus ever achieved.

        2. Don’t forget, their families live right outside the military bases. The schools are filled with their children. They don’t have a 7000 mile buffer. If they were to follow the order, their families would be targeted with gusto.
          A man enters the classroom and says, “How many of you have a parent in the military?” Those proud kids would let him know. “OK, if your hand is not raised, please exit the classroom”.
          Let the fun begin……….
          It will never come to that. No American soldier wants to fight a war in their own backyard. Killing is much easier when you are overseas and your family is safe. How many would go AWOL when their families are in danger?

        3. “What makes you think that the military would or could do it in the US?”

          Because US is populated with Americans, not Afghans. Or not enough Afghans.

          1. The first sign that they seriously intended something like that, would be hiring Janissaries. Because that’s exactly what they’re for.

            1. “…would be hiring Janissaries.”

              I wonder if they will still wear those funny hats they had back in the 15th-16th centuries. I am picturing a very target rich environment.

      4. “ Because progressives would never use poison gasses, or any of the other weapons of crowd control that have been devised since the days of Hamilton.”


  25. The president is picking fights with much of the population and further dividing the country.

    So this really is the 3rd Obama Administration!

    1. Yes, but at least we can to skip a beat 2016-2020

  26. OT…in other news, Rahm Emanuel (the puppeteer?), announcing that the words bipartisan and unity definitions have changed for the better. The words are now cronyism &socialism. The crony and socialists have joined forces and require equal outcomes for the serfs and nepotism for the ruling class elites and their campaign financiers.

    The definition of tyranny is slipping away.

    1. Rahm Emmanuel was never the puppeteer. In Chicago, the Chicago teachers union had their hand up his ass and was working him like one of Jeff Dunhams dummies.

      1. Poor analogy. Jeff Dunham’s dummies are smarter and people LIKE them.

  27. They seek to prevent your access to weapons for the same reason every government or feudal lord has prevented peasants access to weapons.
    You will be made serfs at best, so long as you remain productive livestock to be fleeced. Otherwise, you’ll be culled.

    1. We allowed the Iraqis to keep an AK for every adult male.

      1. Because even that idiot Bremer realized total disarmament was impossible.

        1. Especially after the brilliant US Air Force bombed the bunkers open that contained weaponry for the non-existent Iraqi aircraft. The Generals decided that securing massive fields of sensitized explosives, bombs, and rockets was not a proper use for fighting men. The Iraqis took full advantage and stocked up. The Generals watched as those bombs, SA2 rockets, and explosives made their way under roads and into culverts beneath roads. They didn’t care that their soldiers were getting blown to bits. They were safely tucked away on the bases.
          Instead of stopping the IEDs, they promoted them because big, expensive, “mine proof” vehicles create jobs for Generals and their buddies when they get out.

          1. There’s no conflict the US hasn’t fought in a half-assed manner since World War II. People conveniently overlook that the “Greatest Generation” bombed cities in central and eastern Europe to rubble, put American citizens in containment camps, eminent domained private landowners to build military bases, and burned out Tokyo and dropped two nuclear bombs on two other cities.

            The US military has been actively subverted by the left since that war to be a tiger with half its teeth and no balls.

            1. “People conveniently overlook…”

              That’s simply not true. I don’t know anyone who is not aware of these US actions during the WWII. Two things I’ve learned that people seem to overlook:

              1) The US and allies inflicted more ‘collateral damage’ (dead French civilians) than the Nazis did in the aftermath of the Normandy invasion. Thanks to allied use of heavier artillery and a democratic squeamishness of casualties among allied troops.

              2) The US typically engaged in more accurate day time bombing of German cities. More accurate but riskier for the bomber crews. The British engaged in safer (for the British bombers) but less accurate night time bombing resulting in more collateral damage.

              1. It’s true to a certain extent–just like how the Civil War is treated like a Golden Crusade in academia, depending on the subject matter.

                1. Yeah, I’ve read, heard, and seen a gazillion things in the last two years debunking the Lost Cause interpretation. It’s a bit of a history nerd media blitz right now.

                  And yet, next to nothing debunking the equally dubious War to Free the Slaves interpretation In regards to the Union’s involvement.

                  Which I will henceforth be calling The Golden Crusade theory.

                  Just how nasty the WWII could be even when it was waged by Americans in the European theatre is a fairly recent injection into the mainstream consciousness. It’s there, but I’ve only personally noticed it in the last 15-20 years or so. Barring Kurt Vonnegut talking about German cities being melted.

                2. “It’s true to a certain extent”

                  It’s not true at all. The idea that Americans are unaware of the atomic bombs dropped in WWII is utter nonsense.

                  1. Most Americans probably couldn’t place the century Abraham Lincoln lived in. It’s definitely true to a certain extent.

  28. dude just stop. you have zero credibility with the feigned surprise. write angry or stop writing.

    1. Well, it’s not suitable for a “both sides” so he has to pretend to be deeply shocked to be getting exactly what Reason wanted to get.

  29. “…but it’s brought the country to brink of disaster…”

    OK so if Biden is that bad why were you guys hating on Trump and pimping this feeble old man? Sounds like you might like some of the old disunity yourselves.

    Whatever – Republicans take the House in ’22, the Senate and White House in ’24, and Dems will do that thing they do where it’s all about fascism or white supremacy or whatever is their word of the day. Let the tears roll.

  30. “Wait. States can go their own way on gun policy? You bet. ”

    States can, and should, go their own way in all things.

    The majority of what the federal government does is without Constitutional authorization. There is really almost nothing to be done about this, except for the States to nullify and ignore all of it. As Jefferson, who also called nullification the “rightful remedy” explained it:

    “Resolved, That the several states composing the United States of America are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their general government; but that, by compact, under the style and title of a Constitution for the United States, and of amendments thereto, they constituted a general government for special purposes, delegated to that government certain definite powers, reserving, each state to itself, the residuary mass of right to their own self–government; and that whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force; that to this compact each state acceded as a state, and is an integral party; that this government, created by this compact, was not made the exclusive or final judge of the extent of the powers delegated to itself, since that would have made its discretion, and not the Constitution, the measure of its powers; but that, as in all other cases of compact among powers having no common judge, each party has an equal right to judge for itself, as well of infractions as of the mode and measure of redress.

    1. Are you familiar with COS?

      1. Convention of the states? I can’t say I see much point in doing that at this time, and some potential dangers. What states need to do is nullify and ignore unauthorized federal acts.

  31. Great photo. Looks like Joe just picked his nose, and needs help knowing whether to flick or wipe!

  32. No Republican will ever vote for any gun control measure even if it is to deny guns to serial killers. That’s because Republican voters, totally fearful of Blacks and Hispanics and who are armed to the teeth would not vote for them.

    1. It’s already illegal for serial killers to buy guns. Funny thing about serial killers is that they don’t follow laws. And your projection of your racism is noted. Now go collect your 50 cents.

    2. You have obviously never been to a gun show or a gun shop.

    3. Considering the violent crime rate in your hometown, getting a gun seems like a coming-of-age ritual there.

  33. If you look real quick at this picture, it looks like Biden is picking his nose.

  34. That’s because Republican voters, totally fearful of Blacks and Hispanics and who are armed to the teeth would not vote for them.

    pet food

    1. lol

  35. Weak minded Leftists can not bear the burden of their self-imposed fears.

  36. If he wants to take away a pistol brace because they make the pistol more accurate; does he want to ban scopes also?

  37. I can’t believe that this article, and every other one about Biden’s plan to ban shoulder supports don’t even bother to cover Trump’s ban on bump stocks. This was overturned in the courts, and I believe the shoulder stock ban would suffer the same fate.

  38. If you want to destroy someone, take everything they have.
    Step 1; Make self-defense a criminal act.

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