Joe Biden's $2 Trillion 'Infrastructure' Plan Doubles Down on Everything That Makes American Infrastructure Insanely Expensive

The president's speech outlining his American Jobs Plan was rich in ambition, but light on details.


President Joe Biden officially unveiled his $2 trillion American Jobs Plan during a speech today in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He promised to devote big dollar amounts to the even bigger goal of rebuilding America's infrastructure, broadly defined.

"It's not a plan that tinkers around the edges. It's a once-in-a-generation investment in America, unlike anything we've seen or done since we've built the interstate highway system or the space race," Biden said today. "Our infrastructure is crumbling. It's 13th in the world."

Some $610 billion of Biden's $2 trillion spending spree would go toward transportation infrastructure, with $115 billion of that money going toward repairing highways and bridges, as well as local streets.

At least $20 billion would go toward safety improvements for all modes of transit, including cyclists and pedestrians, according to a White House outline of the American Jobs Plan. In practice, that likely means a lot of federal funding for sidewalks and bike lanes. Another $85 billion of the transportation funding in Biden's plan will go toward repairing existing public transit and funding expansions of those systems.

That money, the White House says, will double federal spending on public transit. It comes on the heels of multiple rounds of federal aid to transit included in various COVID relief bills.

The CARES Act, passed in March 2020, gave transit agencies $25 billion in emergency aid. The subsequent relief bill passed by Congress in December 2020 allocated another $15 billion toward the industry. The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Act topped this up with another $30 billion in funding.

And while Biden's plan says that this additional funding is also targeted at expanding systems to meet rider demand, actual rider demand has plummeted during the pandemic by as much 65 percent, according to a recent study from the Reason Foundation (which also publishes this website).

The president said in his speech today that his American Jobs Plan would replace the 10 most economically significant bridges in the country, but otherwise omitted details about what specific projects he'd like to fund.

Biden's transportation infrastructure plans are "vague because the focus is all on the second-order effects of transportation, not on actual transportation," says Adrian Moore, vice president of policy at the Reason Foundation. "It's all about what's going to happen for equity or climate change or suburban development."

Indeed, one can see that in the very name of the American Jobs Plan, the title of which does not mention infrastructure. That's more than a rhetorical point. The focus on jobs, and particularly unionized American jobs, means that Biden's $2 trillion spending plan will buy a lot less infrastructure than it otherwise could.

Prevailing wage laws that require federal infrastructure projects to pay union rates to workers are a known contributor to America's outrageously high infrastructure costs. So are Buy America provisions that generally mandate federally-funded infrastructure projects procure (often more expensive) domestic parts and materials.

Biden doubled down on both of those features of American infrastructure spending in his speech tonight.

"I'm a union guy. They built the middle class, it's about time they get a piece of the action" he said, adding later that "not a contract will go out that I control that will not go to a company that is an American company with American products all the way down the line and American workers."

Boosting union employment and American manufacturing is hardly the only broad goal Biden invoked in his speech. He also said spending on infrastructure would help us compete with China, combat climate change, kickstart economic growth, and, incredibly, reduce the federal deficit.

The nitty-gritty of which particular projects will bring us all these good things will have to be hashed out later. It certainly didn't get a lot of attention tonight.

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  1. But Tony likes it because…government.

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  2. $2T at FedGov prices should net 100, maybe even 150 new jobs

    1. But will it save one life?

      1. Sure, at the cost of 50 other lives.

  3. Trumpulus and Joeulus like Porkulus, but even more biggly piggly – the pigs keep getting bigger and smellier.


    1. > “not a contract will go out that I control that will not go to a company that is an American company with American products all the way down the line and American workers.”

      Wait… I thought Dems were supposed to be pro free trade now. When did they become protectionist again?

      1. Sorry, SBP2. That was not meant to be a reply to your comment.

        1. Lol, don’t apologize to Buttplug. He’s a sockpuppet troll account.

      2. “Wait… I thought Dems were supposed to be pro free trade now. When did they become protectionist again?”

        They were always protectionist. A lifelong NYC Sewer (Democ)Rat that lied about being a Republican, among so many other things, didn’t change much at all.

    2. Wow, this is how the Biden Cultist changes his argument. Weird.

      1. Hey, moron, all caps means a partisan dumbass is saying it – whether a wingnut or a moonbat.

        In this case it is a (lefty) moonbat who has seen Trump’s massive spending exploits and thinks it is okay for their side.

        As a classic liberal I want as little government largesse as possible. Both parties suck.

        However you defend GOP massive spending.

        1. No, you are trying to say Trump made that claim so you can excuse biden for being worse. You’re a trump cultist who loves his CP.

    3. Go fuck a child.

      1. Not “a child” but “another child”…

    4. Because Democrats were against COVID relief?


      That’s pretty funny since dems were trying to slam Trump for the spending they created.

  5. 1. (S)Elect senile old coot
    2. ?
    3. Prosperity

  6. It’s all crumbling! Tumbling down! The wreckers! The kulaks!! The saboteurs!!!

  7. “Our infrastructure is crumbling. It’s 13th in the world.”

    We’re ahead of Singapore, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, and the UK.

    The countries to beat are:

    OK, so after we spend an extra $2 trillion here: which place do we get to be in?

    These are the important policy-making decisions, damnit, and I want transparency!

    1. I meant *”behind”.

      1. You mean beat their behinds?

        1. Singapore is number #1 on the list.

          1. You really don’t want to live in Singapore.

            1. No, no I don’t. My big mouth tends to criticize authority way too much to live over there.

    2. Hong Kong ain’t a country ….. any more.

    3. We’re only 13th because of the 3 we got from the Russian judge. We’re really 12th.

  8. “Shovel ready” jobs for my union Democrat friends! The taxpayers will get 1/3 the infrastructure for twice the cost. Most of that money will be spent on improving military bases so the taxpayers can’t easily see how little was built. Don’t worry, contracts will only go to the companies that can show diverse leadership.

  9. $28 trillion in debt is about seven years of full-year total tax receipts.

    But the real problem we face according to Fox News is the MIGRANT CARAVAN! SHIT YER PANTS BOYS! THEY IS COMING IN!

    1. The debt is a non partisan sin, with Donkeys getting blame for $16 and Heffalumps $12. But the border crisis is ALL slow Joe’s.

    2. LOL. you guys aren’t even pretending not to be democrats anymore.

      1. Worrying about the debt is a democrat thing now?

        Kinda outing yourselves as fake fiscal conservatives there, bud.

        1. How come you never sent your name to the emails provided Stolen Valor?

          You can go back and look at my attacks against Paul Ryan under Obama if you cared to be truthful for once. I tend to blame Congress for the budgets unless they pass in a veto proof measure.

          But you tend to lie and be ignorant about most things. So keep up the good work I guess?

          1. Oof. You might want to go back and check there, big talker-small doer.

            I hope you can appreciate how expertly I baited you for years, only to have this blow up in your face. And you didn’t even have the balls to step up to get served in person. Doubly shameful.

            I’ll be expecting an apology, and your self-banishment from reason.

            Good bye!

            1. Lol. So you lie again. You posted an email and never a name stolen Valor. Don’t you find that odd? You were given 2 emails and never sent your name to either.

              Again. All you do is lie. Constantly.

              Fucking hilarious.

            2. Taken kindly from ML

              This is the first email I have received at this account. Congrats. No, I will not be taking a call with you, for the following reasons:

              1. You are an irrelevant Canadian
              2. You have no idea how to judge the evidence I would present, being that you are not American, not military, and not reasonable.
              3. You have never demonstrated an ability to engage in good faith and honesty, or demonstrated even basic knowledge of libertarianism.

              Get SoldierMedic, Red Rocks, or John on board, and I will let you conference into the call.


              LOL. always run from your lies sweetie.


                And look two comments up for proof for your own eyes.

                I want my apology in tomorrow’s Roundup.

                1. Lol. No name on it dumbfuck. Thats not verification. Holy fuck. You can find certificate online and print. Lol.

                  Thats why I offered to do a check on your name.

                  Fucking hilarious.

                  1. ‘You’ have never offered anything, Jesse.

                    You really are completely insane.

                    Please tell me the elaborate conspiracy that explains the photo proof of several pieces of evidence, and the vetting of another vet?

                    C’mon. It’s the least you can do. Tell us a story.

                    1. I have told you from day one a name is required and I will gladly check for you. You have refused at every single step. That’s your cowardice at play.

                    2. This really makes me feel good about my opinions, lol.

                      I have 100% complete and verifiable proof of the poor judgement and complete irrationality required to believe in the false reality you do.

                    3. Lol. Like how you linked to 4 separate threads of me not quoting Sydney Powell to prove i quoted Sydney Powell??

                      Lol. Okay.

                    4. You should do a little more googling, and realize what I’ve given you is as good as a name.

                      It’s pretty transparent that you are demanding that I doxx myself because I have stated that is the one thing I am not willing to do.

                      Jesse, no one is buying this. Please come back to earth.

                    5. Okay?

                      Just take a little time off. See how you start to feel after a week of no news or social media.

                      No hard feelings.

                    6. If you gave me the information you’ve already been doxxed sweetie.

                      So name, as the agreed to bet was. Or you’re running away. It is easy to verify.

                      Yet… you don’t. You claim I can dox you already, but won’t give a name to dox you.

                      Totally rational. LOL.

                2. By the way… there is a reason why they say this:

                  those who’ve won major decorations for valor can be identified online easily enough.


                  1. Guys, Jesse Googled “How to spot stolen valor” and he’s got something he’d like to share.

                    Please clap.

                    1. Nope. I’ve told you from day one I can verify with a name. Until then you are a fraud. Lol. This is literally what was agreed to on your bet. A name. Live up to it buddy.

                3. By the way. Please tell us again how Raytheon is the builder of the JSF, a program that started when you claimed to be in the forces whose competition was one of the biggest between Boeing and Lockheed. Lol.


                    I never claimed that the JSF was built by raytheon, and I’ve never even claimed to know “who” builds it, anyway. These things are giant projects with thousands of vendors in them. I used raytheon and the jsf as two examples in the comment (that you cling so desperately to) as examples of an omnipresent vendor and an ever-spending project. You are too dumb to get it, so you attack.

                    This is a pattern. I really hope some realizations are going on for you now.

                    Jesus man. Time and time again.

                    1. Yes. You did. You didn’t say Raytheon built a part to the JSF you said Raytheon built the JSF you lying fuck.

                    2. All you do is lie buddy. Serious issues.

                    3. then link it, like I constantly do. Or be quiet about it.

                    4. You literally linked to 4 threads showing I didn’t say what you claimed I said. LOL.

                      You can’t even admit you fucked up by not knowing that Raytheon is known for two things, radars and ballistics. And you said they built planes. God damn man. Have some pride.

                    5. Here you go buddy.

                      De Oppresso Liber
                      February.2.2021 at 5:48 pm
                      No one is interested in making those platforms last longer. The air force has been trying to kill the a10 for 20 years, despite the demonstrated effectiveness. Proposed replacing it with a fucking JSF.

                      It’s all about getting that sweet executive suite job after government service. If you aren’t getting stock options from raytheon after you retire, you fucked up.


                    6. So not at all what you said. Thanks.

                    7. And raytheon does have a jsf contract, making your whole point double null. I linked the article showing that already, and yet you still persist. Buddy, your argument was dead 3 exchanges back.

                      For real man. For the sake of your sanity, come back to reality. You don’t have to be right all the time. In fact you aren’t. Like right now. So let it go, learn to learn things before you form strong opinions on them.

                    8. JesseBahnFuhrer is incapable of EVER admitting a mistake, because JesseBahnFuhrer is PERFECT in Every Way!

    3. Yoink! Yoink! Yoink! Yoink! Yoink! Yoink! Yoink! Yoink!

  10. From a small government perspective, this plan is highly dangerous because the timing of it is so shrewd.

    Once COVID is over, the economy is going to take off. It was depressed artificially because of the pandemic and will be ready to rock when it’s over.

    Biden knows this, thus he is planning to implement huge taxing and spending increases to coincide with the rebound of the economy. He will then claim his taxing and spending were the cause of the economy rebounding and Dems and the willing media will push that claim to the hilt.

    In the end, Dems will artificially establish a precedent that taxing and spending helps the economy that leftists will be parroting long into the future to justify more taxing and spending.

    1. That’s actually a pretty good theory I hadn’t thought of.

      1. and we’ll never know how much more or faster the economy might have grown without the new taxes and debt holding it back.

    2. Even without the stimmie the economy will boom, so anything at all that happens can take credit.

      I maintain that storming the capital is causing the boom.

    3. I wonder though with construction material costs skyrocketing whether we will see much of a recovery? And god knows what will happen when inflation rears its head after the printing spree we went on (and continue to do). Coupled with higher taxes if they pass, oh boy look out. I really don’t think it will be as easy as declaring the pandemics over, everyone back to work.

      1. Oh, there will be a recovery. Such actions as these will probablly temper that recovery, but there still will be one.

        Once theaters, concerts, sporting events, and related group activities are allowed, there will be huge bumps in those sectors. Restaurants, service industry, the medical field will all see bumps. There may be some sectors that can’t because of limitations like lack of supplies, but, on a whole, there will be an economic bump.

        And no matter how big or small a bump, Team Biden will claim all the glory of it.

      2. Step 1: hike taxes on those making over 400K
        Step 2: pour jet fuel on the inflation fire
        Step 3: everyone’s making 400K

    4. Did we have a boom after the 2009 stimulus? Seems like we had 8+ years of stagnation. There was a DNC bootlicker claiming , during Obama’s second term, that the rising price of gas indicated a booming economy. I guess we have a booming economy.

      1. Obama himself claimed 2% was the new normal. A very large percentage of Obama’s “growth” was due to energy exploration on private and state lands. He was actively reducing energy exploration. But he sure took the credit.

      2. No, but the 2009 financial situation was different than now. We’re going to have a boom no matter what. Biden knows that and is going to try and get out in front of it to take credit. But it will have nothing to do with the “infrastructure” spending.

      3. the 2009 bailouts were a paltry 800 billion. Trumpbiden are up to what now, 7 trillion?

  11. Yep, it’s about infrastructure spending and has nothing to do with a rigged system that is just keeping the printing pressing going to make sure that their political donors get enough free cash to be able to afford 7 yachts at the coming inflation prices. I believe that because I’m Christian Britschgi and despite all the evidence pointing to the opposite, I still give all the proven liars that make up our political and media class the benefit of the doubt because I have the wisdom AND naivety of an 8 year old. That and I need that Koch money to be popular at beltway journalism parties.

    1. A+

  12. “American Jobs Plan”

    The only jobs plan that matters is the one Biden is already implementing — encouraging Mexicans and Central and South Americans to immigrate to the US so their highly-skilled labor can boost our GDP.


  13. At least $20 billion would go toward safety improvements for all modes of transit, including cyclists and pedestrians

    Now, even cyclists and pedestrians must wear seatbelts. For safety.

    1. With all the bike lanes built I think we should add bike toll booths to pay for them.

      1. You can’t expect virtue signalers to pay for what they want? That’s not progressive

  14. That money, the White House says, will double federal spending on public transit, which is a state matter that they shouldn’t be involved with.

  15. The best part is where the US government outlaws states’ right to work laws and require workers to join a union and pay dues, a lot of which go to support Democrats.

  16. But is there money allocated for chocolate fountains, marshmallow trees, and Wonka bars for everyone?

  17. 2.3 Trillion Infrastructure bill, of which only .3 Trillion goes toward actual infrastructure….

  18. Biden will accomplish all of this without a single mean tweet giving the entire Reason staff a tingle up their leg!

  19. They drive to the money printing machine and the world pays for them

  20. unions did not build the middle class. what kind of stupid nonsense is this?

    1. The kind of nonsense that every unionists will tell people

  21. He also said spending on infrastructure would …, incredibly, reduce the federal deficit.

    “Come on, Man. Spending creates jobs, the job people pay taxes, and the taxes reduce the deficit. Get with the program!”

  22. Jesus Fucking Christ, this is all so boringly predictable. The government’s going to throw big bags of money in random directions and in about 5 years when the stories start coming out about some city spending 82 million dollars on a mile and a half of bike lane that goes from nowhere to some other nowhere and all the money has been wasted on stupid bullshit and the bridges are still falling down, the government is going to propose spending trillions of dollars on a brilliant infrastructure rebuilding plan and the cycle will start over again. There’s no fucking incentive for anybody involved in this to spend the money wisely and so the money will not be spent wisely.

  23. More money for those “shovel ready” projects that have been on the wish list for years: Bullet trains for folks afraid to fly, another rail tunnel under the Hudson to carry half empty trains(post pandemic) of commuters into Manhattan where they can’t afford to live.
    Something for every congressman’s district. e.g. a multi-million dollar bridge built about 20 years ago, at the behest of a prominent GOP congressman, to carry one (!) freight train a day over a road in King of Prussia PA. The best way to stop this nonsense is for local Libertarian groups to use the Left’s environmental laws to throw roadblock after roadblock into the planning for these projects. The life you save of the endangered gopher-legged tortoise or naked pole-dancing mole rat may be your own!

  24. Oh goody! More choo-choos!

  25. Our infrastructure is always crumbling. Makes you wonder who’s been building and maintaining it and why we should trust them to build more….

    Apparently what America really needs to get the economy moving again is a few trillion more in debt and higher taxes. Who knew?

  26. President Shit For Brains knows even less about economics than the average lefturd.


  27. Joe Biden’s Plan to STEAL $2T from ‘The People’ labor resources illegally (US Constitution) and spend it on ‘pet’ projects of National Socialism (def; Nazism).

    What Joe; you think the resources created by even printed $2T USD falls from the sky? This is just the federal government’s manipulated way of turning everyone of us into a SLAVE!

  28. U.S. President Joe Biden wants $2 trillion US to re-engineer America’s infrastructure and expects the nation’s corporations to pay for it.
    The president travels to Pittsburgh on Wednesday to unveil what would be a hard-hatted transformation of the U.S. economy as grand in scale as the New Deal or Great Society programs that shaped the 20th century.

  29. Dictators can do what ever they want. Get used to it.

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  33. All this new debt from pandemic spending, this new proposed spending right on the eve of the real entitlement crisis. Approx 5 years for Medicare and 10 for Social Security.

    As a nation we should be ashamed of what we are leaving to the next generation.

  34. So when do we get a mea culpa from all the Reason writers who endorsed Biden over the actual Libertarian candidate? What’s the point of ‘libertarian’ writers who endorse the candidate who promises to do this insane stuff and then turns around and complains about it when he does what he promised to do? Can’t we at least get some “Oooops! Our bad! We promise to do better.” articles?

  35. What a shocker- Reason, owned by Koch and co, argues to pay jack shit to anyone so we can rebuild. Hell, why not just have slaves then? That gets you the best result for your buck reason!

  36. Two Trillion huh? What’s that? Like four NYC public bathrooms?

  37. Just checking to say, Biden is just as bad – if not worse – than what was thought.

    Rig-elections have consequences. And this one possibly the biggest them all.

  38. Robbing Hood was light on the details, too but his men were a merry band of robbers.

  39. This guy is as dumb as a stump. America is in deep trouble.

  40. I think the trouble with libertarian’s clear-eyed position that there’s little difference between Republicans and Democrats on spending and the deficit, Republicans are hypocrites, etc… is that it just undermines the only remotely organized opposition there is to these blank-check monstrosities, bills that for some reason always manage to pass by a tiny number of votes in one or both houses and then head to oval office. This sort of spending takes on a life of its own. If you don’t do what it takes to stop it now, the only thing that will stop it later is a general collapse.

  41. Enough already. Why not give them Spoons?

    At one of our dinners, Milton recalled traveling to an Asian country in the 1960s and visiting a worksite where a new canal was being built. He was shocked to see that, instead of modern tractors and earth movers, the workers had shovels. He asked why there were so few machines. The government bureaucrat explained: “You don’t understand. This is a jobs program.” To which Milton replied: “Oh, I thought you were trying to build a canal. If it’s jobs you want, then you should give these workers spoons, not shovels.”

    But in the energy industry today we are trading in shovels for spoons. The Obama administration wants to power our society by spending three or four times more money to generate electricity using solar and wind power than it would cost to use coal or natural gas. The president says that this initiative will create “green jobs.” (

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