Biden, CDC Warn of 'Impending Doom' if States Reopen Because Of Course They Do

"Right now, I'm scared."


The federal government is once again urging states and citizens to stand firm and abide by COVID-19 restrictions, even as successful efforts to vaccinate the most at-risk members of the population make the worst case scenario—another wave of mass death—not particularly likely.

"This is not a time to lessen our efforts," said President Biden on Monday. "If we let our guard down now, we could see the virus getting worse, not better."

Of course, this is a familiar refrain by now: It has never been the time for the public to let its guard down. And according to federal health bureaucrats, it probably never will be.

Sounding a similarly apocalyptic note, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky warned of "impending doom" if states reopen too quickly. "Right now, I'm scared," said a "visibly shaken" Walensky, according to POLITICO.

The CDC continues to recommend that people avoid unnecessary travel, and is urging states to pause their reopening efforts.

It's true that cases are currently plateauing around 60,000 each day, and hospitalizations have ticked up slightly. What federal health authorities do not seem to understand, however, is that human beings are not just numbers on spreadsheets. We have a desire to socialize, to reopen our schools and businesses, to go outside and start living life again. Mass vaccination was intended to make this dream a reality, and the news is very good. According to the data, vaccination reduces death and severe disease to basically zero, and vaccinated people are much less likely to transmit COVID-19 to others. This means that vaccinated people can reclaim normality with minimal danger—particularly if the activities in question (going to the park or the beach) do not themselves carry much risk in the first place.

If the authorities really believed we were facing impending doom, they should immediately distribute all available vaccines. And yet 30 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine are currently sitting unused in a warehouse in Ohio, just waiting for the government to get around to signing off on them. According to the government, the situation is so dire that people should cancel summer travel plans and keep wearing masks even after they're vaccinated, but not dire enough to tell federal bureaucrats to pick up the pace.

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  1. According to the government …

    Doom forever. Compliance or death. Obey or die. The rulers know best.

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    4. Attack of the bots – damn.

      1. Are you a bot?

        1. Are you?

          1. It’s bots all the way down…

            1. Sounds like something a bot would say.

              1. A bot would want people to believe that is what a bot would say.

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    5. Fear vs Danger. Government control va Liberty. The probability of dying while skydiving without a parachute (at an altitude of 1000’+) is high; ie “Dangerous”. The Covid infection mortality rate for people under 50 is less than 1 in 10,000, Not dangerous. If you have a baseball stadium full of infected 50 years olds, less then 5 would die die from covid. People die all the time.

    6. Fear is emotion, danger can be measured.

  2. It’s “a feeling” .

    1. And I’m hooked on it (not!)

      1. Ooga-Chaka! Ooga-Chaka! Ooga-Ooga-Ooka-Chaka!

    2. “”Right now, I’m scared,” said a “visibly shaken” Walensky, according to POLITICO.”

      and then she was roundly mocked into hiding I hope?

      1. More likely whisked away to Cheney’s secure bunker; while the FBI and CIA track down the evil trolls and their hateful memes.

      2. Scared of her own shadow, probably.

        1. 6 more weeks of Covid hysteria.

          1. Fuck, I *wish* it would only be 6 more weeks…

          2. Wear your mask and socially distance. Don’t be a goddamn self-centered libertarian.

            1. Didn’t stop the 500,000-plus deaths you were crying about below.

              1. There might have been millions if we didn’t mask….millions!!!!!

                1. We seem to have forgotten that MILLIONS die every day, all over the world, of SOMETHING.

                2. I’m told there is a brazilian dead.

                3. Reporter: Hi Tom. I’m here outside the South Park Civic Center, and we are now reporting that over 7 BILLION Americans have died of COVID.

                  Tom: You have actual data showing 7 BILLION deaths?

                  Reporter: No Tom, but we *are* reporting that…

  3. “What federal health authorities do not seem to understand, however, is that human beings are not just numbers on spreadsheets.”

    To the CDC we are all at risk of eventually and inevitably making ourselves sick or getting injured, and that is just not acceptable.

    1. The Democrats and bureaucrats don’t give a shit if people die from COVID, not are they scared of the virus themselves. If they did/were, they would stop the left’s riots, and would not do hypocritical things like go to dinner at the French Laundry with no masks.

      This is really about three things:

      1. The left/Democrats love control and the masks are perfect for that
      2. They will need cover for their shitty economy, because the left can never deliver prosperity. Carter blamed the public’s malaise. Obama blamed Bush and the 2008 crisis. Only Bill Clinton signed tax cuts and was lucky enough to have the boost. Leftist Democrats blame everyone but themselves – where the blame belongs.
      3. They want to make this last until next year so they can say they got us out of the pandemic just in time for the 2022 elections (they didn’t)

      1. *NOR are they scared

  4. Freaking Neanderthals. Just look at the statistics of Texas, Iowa, Mississippi and the Dakotas. They are all dying. In waves. Like soybeans beneath a combine. Just a few more weeks and none of this would have happened.

    1. It’s always just a few weeks in the future. We’re continually told that if we were more careful in the past couple months, we wouldn’t be seeing nearly the number of cases or deaths.
      I honestly don’t see a correlation between the severity of public lockdowns and eventual numbers. Have some evidence of what works, then we can talk about restricting my freedoms.

      1. And it’s ALWAYS “you guys are being bad” in the present until the numbers improve, then it’s “together we beat back the virus, now is no time to let our guard down.”

      2. Over half a million dead Americans. But not to worry. Masks are such a bother.

        1. Fear vs Danger. Government control va Liberty. The probability of dying while skydiving without a parachute (at an altitude of 1000’+) is high; ie “Dangerous”. The Covid infection mortality rate for people under 50 is less than 1 in 10,000, Not dangerous. If you have a baseball stadium full of infected 50 years olds, less then 5 would die die from covid. People die all the time.

        2. First of all, that’s not a statistically valid number. Too much noise in data gathering, and no standard measurement system analysis. Secondly, you assume that government lockdowns made things Better. I challenge anyone to show me peer reviewed studies proving causation. Go ahead and continue to be fearful; that’s how the elite control you.

        3. > Over half a million dead Americans

          That’s questionable to me. Notice there have been no reported flu-related deaths this year. Threats because they count everything from the flu to a gunshot wound as a COVID death. Hospitals get paid more if it’s COVID. What does everyone think will happen with a perverse incentive like that?

        4. Yeah, they worked about as well this time as they did 100 years ago, didn’t they?

        5. I’ll say it again, we seem to have forgotten that MILLIONS die everyday, all over the world, of SOMETHING. Egad!

        6. Over half a million dead Americans – over 90% of which had only months to live anyhow. If we’d kept COVID out of nursing homes and hospitals and did nothing else, it would have been over months ago, with total deaths similar to the annual flu.

    2. “Texas, Iowa, Mississippi and the Dakotas.”

      Don’t suppose your attitude has anything with they way those states voted, huh? No, of course not. I mean look how great NY has done.

      1. And how could I forget California? Outstanding governance, I tell you. And such leadership during the pandemic.

        1. I *think* it was sarcasm, since at least in Texas, cases are way down.

          1. Yes, but what about eXcEsS dEaThS!? Everyone who dies with coronavirus is a covid death. Everyone who dies without covid is also a covid death if the statistician says X people were supposed to die and then Y died instead. It will never end.

            By the way, just as full disclosure my aunt died yesterday with the ‘rona. She was in her late 80s and has been battling lung cancer and asthma for decades. She was fully vaccinated but still got it. Apparently she was a fighter and didn’t want a ventilator but rather just to see her kids, but that’s not allowed in 2021. So they drugged her into unconsciousness because of her uncooperativeness and she passed away about a day later without anyone by her side.

            Fuck this gay earth and the shitty fucks who have ruined it.

            1. My condolences. One of the worst things about COVID is how the hysteria has kept families from being with dying loved ones. That is some seriously evil shit.

        2. Hey, NJ’s no small potatoes! We killed PLENTY of people in nursing homes!

    3. Yesterday New York posted the highest number of cases; more than twice that of Texas.

      Let’s just nuke NY.

      1. highest number of NEW cases*

        1. I think Cuomo should win the Rube Goldberg award for putting patients in rest homes.

    4. dude. very funny.

    5. You forgot Florida! Love the satire….. and the sheep think you are on their side! LOL!

    6. Haha. I almost thought you were serious until I read “like soybeans beneath a combine”. Classic!

    7. dude, check the Texas case stats, falling like a rock

    8. You mean this chart? That shows a sharp decline in cases and deaths since the begining of the year?

      Yup I can sure see the doom and gloom needed.

    9. “They are all dying. In waves.”

      They can’t swim?

  5. Meanwhile in the real world, Texas numbers are down every day since they removed restrictions. Florida and Georgia and South Dakota never exploded as predicted.

    In fact, the virus is following Hope-Simpson just as we saw last summer when the bug moved into the sunbelt but disappeared up north. If there was STILL doubt after that, we watched it move into the southern hemisphere AND THEN BACK UP!

    “Experts are baffled.”

    1. yeah, NJ/NY were hit harder than CA last winter, because people were indoors with the heat running. Then the warm weather states got hit harder when they started to congregate indoors (thanks to the lockdowns) with the air conditioning running. then it got bad in the cold weather states again in the winter.

      It’s like it has a mind of its own.

    2. Everything associated with the virus is something that was well known prior to March 2020. Had that known science been followed we would be in a much better place than we currently find ourselves.

  6. This is the longest two weeks to bend the curve that I’ve ever lived through.

    How long is this two weeks going to last?

    1. Another two weeks, tops.

      1. You sound like DOP’s mom when her trick ass owe me my money.

    2. Like the six days of creation, it is hard to tell from a modern perspective.

    3. I’ll last as long as they can scare people into accepting that it’s not only necessary but that the data doesn’t show that it’s not even a good response to the virus.

      Fear is really the main tool that authoritarians have, although getting their supporters to buy into the idea that zero cases/deaths in the US was somehow a possible outcome of a global pandemic (if only the wicked ones had been appropriately submissive) was a particularly ingenious move.

      Maybe the biggest irony of the anti-trump “#resistance” is that all of the people who spent years insisting he was a would-be dictator and authoritarian extremist also see his biggest failure as the response to the pandemic, and specifically his “failure” to do what an authoritarian would do in that situation. I never thought the man was ever fit to be a nominee much less hold the office, but to call the mental state of the people who hated him “derangement” may well be an understatement.

      1. “Fear is really the main tool that authoritarians have, although getting their supporters to buy into the idea that zero cases/deaths in the US was somehow a possible outcome of a global pandemic (if only the wicked ones had been appropriately submissive) was a particularly ingenious move.”

        Another group of heretics for the religion of progressivism.

  7. I really hope the CDC director’s comments were taken out of context. There are a lot of very good reasons to believe the fourth wave will be smaller than the third one, particularly when looking at hospitalizations and deaths. It will no doubt be a tragedy. However, someone who is visibly shaken and talking of doom, when we had just been through worse a couple of months ago should probably not be put in front of the camera to talk to the American people about the pandemic.

    1. You should watch the video. She really sounds like a child.

      1. I don’t wanna!

    2. Another thing that really bothers me: everyone watches the day cases are reported, not the day of onset of symptoms or specimen taken. The problem is that it is pretty clear that when things get crazy, positives fall through the cracks, but then once things calm down, public health officials find and report them. Georgia has a great dashboard that shows day reported and day of symptom onset. The former shows cases plateauing. The latter shows a continuing decrease (even accounting for the time it takes to report cases). Unfortunately, few jurisdictions do as good of a job of reporting this.

      1. There was a study out that showed Covid remains in your system at a testable level for upwards of 3 months, more than 2 months after any symptoms or transferrable virus is left in your body. So positive test cases really do mean nothing.

        1. I got the antibody test over a month after I had any symptoms. I forget what they’re called, but there’s long term and short term antibodies. They said I had both, and that the short term ones meant I could still be contagious and should go get a test. I didn’t do that.

      2. Why are you still pretending there’s anything scientific involved?

        1. The optimist in me believes that we are witnessing mass scale confirmation bias and availability heuristic, enhanced by both sides overcorrecting in response to the other side’s overreach.

          If this was a naked power grab, the lockdown side would have done a better job of sabotaging the vaccine rollout.

          1. That’s just head-in-the-sand level denial.

          2. They did try to sabotage the vaccine rollout – both Cuomo and Newsom tried to insist that FDA approval wasn’t good enough in their states and they’d have to delay the vaccine distribution until it was deemed “safe” by their state’s medical authorities.

            1. True, but as best I can tell, the state authorities didn’t actually cause any delay. It seems like they looked at the public data and then signed off before the vaccine even showed up. Other than being an obnoxious political stunt, the whole state approval of vaccines appears to be totally irrelevant.

    3. What is all of this about “fourth wave”? A few places seem to have had 2 waves. Many have only had one.

      1. And in most cases it wasn’t even a “wave”–other than NEW YORK CITY there’s only been one, after the normal flu season kicked off, and started dropping off before a single person had gotten a needle put in their arm. The ones this spring and summer were more like kiddie pool laps than actual waves.

        1. I think a lot of it comes from looking at US numbers as a whole. If you look at it by state, it’s quite clear that most places have had one “wave”.

          1. Listen if we didn’t lockdown their would have been wave after wave in baseball stadiums across the country.

            1. That’s funny. I hope most people get it.

              1. No, Biden is post senile.

      2. First wave: March-April (mostly impacted northern states)
        Second Wave: June-August (mostly impacted southern states)
        Third Wave: November-January (pretty much everywhere)
        Fourth Wave: April-??? (looks like it mostly impacts northern states)

        1. those jerks up north need another wave anyway

          1. Hey screw you!

        2. Once again exactly as predicted by Hope-Simpson.

    4. Apparently she thinks the job of CDC director entails supporting left-wing tyranny. If she was my doctor I would find another doctor.

    5. It’s time to look for global leadership. The US hav rejoined the WHO. It’s not like they are a bunch of tyrannical despots in a Robert Mugabe goodwill ambassador type dystopia. In this context it makes the CDC seem competent.

  8. How has it come to be that we are ruled by cravens?

    1. Things have been good for so long that our “leaders” have lost all ability to actually govern. At this point it’s just grifters and conmen running things, and these people all too happy to pass the buck to “scientists” who have been wrong the entire pandemic.

      1. That’s pretty much how it is. Gen-Xers and Milennials, who have largely never had to struggle with anything their entire life, are taking over offices once run by Boomers who at least had Vietnam and a polio epidemic to deal with, and were taught by Silents who had gone through real, actual privation and sacrifice thanks to the Depression and World War II.

        The current people that are mostly running these places now have never had to deal with any real, actual adversity, other than maybe a few months of temporary unemployment or running out of booze during the weekend binge. So they have no fucking clue how to adapt to trials without melting into a puddle of piss.

        The people who whined “I don’t want to adult today” are having to act like adults, and they don’t have the intellectual or emotional maturity to handle it. That display by Walensky was just fucking pathetic.

        1. Well it was Milennials who fought the longest war in American history (still ongoing, coupled with other conflicts) while also taking the brunt of the 2nd greatest (maybe) depression in history. So your theory may need some work.

          And you boomers were just smoking your dope and burning bras at the Woodstock.

          1. Funny stuff here. ^

          2. That war had the lowest impact on the
            US civilian population of pretty much any war the US has fought in before. No draft (which is unusual for wartime). No rationing or propaganda to buy war bonds. Despite the massive spending, the war didn’t directly lead to spending cuts or tax increases. If you were not in the military or know someone who was in, it is easy to forget it is still going on, and it has been that way for years.

            1. Hell, the only reason they gave a shit about Iraq was the on-going body count ticker the media ran while Bush was in office. That notably went away after Obama took the reins and never came back even when deaths in Afghanistan jumped back up on his watch.

              1. So kinda like the Covid death counter.

              2. A+. I thought we had allies on the left when it came to being anti-war and pro civil liberties. Turns out that was just posturing to score political points.

          3. Well it was Milennials who fought the longest war in American history (still ongoing, coupled with other conflicts) while also taking the brunt of the 2nd greatest (maybe) depression in history. So your theory may need some work.

            Lol, I’m not a Boomer, you sensitive soul. I’m Gen-X. And that doesn’t mean I can’t point out what a bunch of soft-ass bitches my generation and the Millennials have become.

            The ongoing wars have had some of the lowest casualty totals in American history, despite going on for nearly 20 fucking years and we happily gave up our right to privacy in response to it. The Great Recession hammered Boomers’ retirement pensions and was a reason a lot of them ended up staying in the workforce for an additional 5-10 years that might have allowed the younger generations to move up. Divorce and violent crime stats were either dropping or at relative lows for most of the past 20 years, while the stock market has largely gone on a rocket ride since the early 90s.

            About the only real thing Gen-Xers and Millennials can really bitch about is the cost of housing and student loan debt, but 1) they’ve mostly cheered the things that cause the former to rise, and 2) maybe if they spent less money on eating out at the latest boutique restaurants, boozing on the weekends, and “having experiences,” they’d have paid that shit off sooner–like I did. It’s not my fault that their parents never taught them “the borrower is slave to the lender.”

            1. As a fellow gen-exer I mostly agree. We did have to suffer through most of our great rock stars dying from either drugs or suicide though.

              1. Eh, that wasn’t so much “suffering” as much as it was, “well, that sucks but it’s not a surprise.”

                1. I was being tongue in cheek. I have always found it noteworthy though.

              2. Thankfully, no rock stars died in the ‘60’s .

          4. No, Millennials and Gen-Xers don’t know jack shit about privation and adversity. Look how fucking fat Americans are. Look how much they whine and demand an authority to punish someone when their stupid baby feelings get hurt.

            That’s not a society burdened by want or suffering. As Bane said, “Peace has cost you your strength. Victory has defeated you.”

        2. But Biden is a pre-Boomer. It just strikes me that the Left wallows in fear.

          1. If anything, that’s more of an indictment. Obama was supposed to usher in some sort of new era of younger, relatively moderate Dem leadership that at least somewhat respected civil liberties and was warboner-skeptical. He ended up leaving the DNC gutted by the end of his tenure, and the party’s voters have cleaved to two septuaginarians–one who promised them that they’ll get a bunch of FREE SHIT that someone else will pay for, and other an addled dementia case that can’t even work past lunch time.

            Meanwhile, the GOP was so hollowed out by the general incompetence of the Bushes and their neocon grifter influencers that their voters turned in desperation to a 70-something, shit-talking real-estate barker known more for solid gold toilets, getting name-dropped in rap songs, bankruptcies, and marital affairs than having any political achievements to speak of.

            Trump, Sanders, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Biden–they’re all examples of risk-averse Gen-Xers–Gen Zers desperately trying to defer responsibility to older and increasingly decrepit politicians because they’re either terrified that they’ll fuck things up, or they’re overgrown children whose administrative and leadership abilities are in inverse proportion to their social media poasting skills.

          2. No, Biden is post senile.

      2. The problem with experts is that the criminals in charge select the people who say the things that support the grift they are planning. Science becomes nothing more than selection bias.

        1. Plus you have quite a few sclerotic fossils like Fauci who have managed to fuck up two major public health crises in a generation, but still keep their jobs.


        Hard times create strong men,
        Strong men create good times,
        Good times create weak men,
        Weak men create hard times.

        1. I’ve read “The Fourth Turning” but wasn’t very impressed with it because the whole outline seemed a little too convenient and question-begging. I’ve found Joseph Tainter’s “The Collapse of Complex Societies” and Col John Boyd’s “Destruction and Creation” to be more illuminative in this regard.

          1. I will look up both. Gratis

    2. Yeah, I thought leadership in a crisis was supposed to be about getting people to stay strong and carry on. Now it seems to be “you guys, I’m scared, we should all hide and wait for someone to rescue us”.

    3. I think you’re mistaking political fearmongering theater for actual fear on their part. Remember, these are the folks who abuse any power they have via lockdowns and mandates while enjoying the posh, essentially private, dining at the best restaurants. I can pretty much guarantee that the likes of Cuomo, Newsom, and the director of the Center of Distress and Chaos were among the first few to be fully inoculated.

      The whole chicken little thing is an act to maintain compliance through fear. These people are literally terrorists.

      1. word. this.

      2. Well they are also primarily nerds and number crunchers. Public health is what docs go into when they don’t want to see patients. So they are not so skilled in messaging and politics.

        That is fine in their normal roles of counting up how many cases of measles happened or the intricacies of T and B cell lymphocyte interactions, but put them in front of the cameras and this is what you get.

        I do not think it is malice as much as lack of savvy and communication skills.

        1. I highly recommend The Tyranny of Health by Michael Fitzpatrick for anyone who wants to understand the mindset of modern public health policies. He explains how it got its start in the 1960s and 70s with marxists who were in medical school but disillusioned that being a doctor was too bourgeois, so they created a whole new field to address inequalities they saw through social engineering.

          1. Thanks for the recommend, I’m going to check it out.

          2. As an aside, it’s rather telling how the foundations our most notable institutions ultimately became completely all rotted out by the infiltration by the Mao-curious New Left during that time and the decades-long influence they’ve had in those arenas.

            1. The progressive march through our institutions is the shortest, simplest, way to describe how we’ve gotten so fucked.

      3. Progs are masters of theatrics if nothing else. They flip out and cry about climate change
        They flip out and cry about Covid
        They flip out and cry about science being racist/sexist

        But the laws they pass never apply to them

    4. A well funded cabal of powerful people intervened to ensure this proper outcome.

    5. Because when you vote for fascists, you get fascism.

    6. Because we didn’t riot in the streets a year ago when Newsom et all declared themselves dictators.
      Shoulda’ strung ’em up by nightfall.

  9. Yo Dr. Wallensky….Facts don’t care about your fucking feelings.

    Open the country up!

  10. Biden sounds like George Wallace – lockdowns now, lockdowns tomorrow, lockdowns forever!

  11. Fuckin’ pussies.

  12. We now live in a world where Zeno’s paradox has come to life. We will always inch closer, but never reach the end, at least if these public health “experts” have their way.

    1. If I ever have the misfortune of running into Fauci, I will spit at his feet. The man is a simp.

      1. He’s on my “find his grave and shit on it” list. Now he just has to kick.

        1. Why wait? Just find him while he’s sleeping. That’s really close enough. 😉

          1. Open his mouth and spit in it!

  13. Nobody except blue state democrats is even listening, and many of them are ignoring it too. We’ve been back to normal for many months now and even the first two months last year I wouldn’t say many people were paying much attention. We all know the CDC and the Feds are craven fools.

    Until the citizens of those states start suing their governments en masse, this will continue forever.

    Maybe remember this at the polls next time. Unless you think staying at home forever and wearing a silly mask to do your grocery shopping 1 hour a week is OK. Then just do that and leave the rest of us alone.

  14. Scare tactics are not going to work. People are numb to that by now. They are also increasingly tired of masks and closings. It is spring now. Time when people want to go back out in the world.

    Besides they have already watched every rerun on Netflix three times by now.

    Jabs in arms are the best tool we have. They should focus on that.

    1. Absolutely. The CDC and government don’t seem to understand the more doom and gloom they portend, the more “regular” people tune out. Israel’s case count fell off a cliff the moment vaccinations approached the 50% threshold. Yet, the CDC doesn’t think that’s worth a mention, even though we vaccinate millions by the day?

      Personally got my first shot this weekend. According to every study and all available data, in a matter of weeks, the odds of me contracting COVID will be slim. After my second shot, it will be close to zilch–certainly negligible, and arguably not even as great as the risk I took driving into work today (where I nearly got sideswiped on the expressway at 80 mph!).

      The point: one person’s fear and “feeling”–regardless of her position–is not going to scare Americans (well, reasonable ones) into being a hermit and zombie after 12+ months of this shit.

      1. This is not good bedside manner for the doc.

        Old medical aphorism “in every emergency first check your own pulse”

      2. Yes Israel is starting to open up now. They are at the point where they are working to get some of the reluctant to get the vaccine. That includes some in the Arab community, ultra orthodox and the younger people.

        I saw they have been giving out free beer and pizza to get some of the younger crowd to show up.

      3. I have no plan for the shot. Give me date everything opens and we can make our own choices then maybe you can negotiate with me. Otherwise I don’t negotiate with terrorists and if it makes worse them by me not getting it even better. I hope they all rot.

        1. It is already open to anyone where I live and should be soon everywhere.

          Autonomy is a rock solid principle to me. All you can do is recommend and advise. My doc may advise me to cut out salty and fatty foods but I can walk out of there and get a pastrami sandwich and dill pickle if I want.

  15. Clearly the president is bungling the pandemic response so badly that we’re facing this impending doom. Millions will die because of incompetent leadership from the White House.

    1. SleepyJoe allowed over 100,000 people to die already!

  16. How are all you mean tweet haters liking your simpering caitiff?

    1. Nice word!!!

      a contemptible or cowardly person.
      “a caitiff knight”

      When in trouble, fear and doubt,
      Run in circles, scream and shout!


      We are getting oppressed but again NO MEAN TWEETS

  17. >>Mass vaccination was intended to make this dream a reality

    not certain the mass-vaccinators see your dream.

  18. I’m just going to put this headline here

    Texas COVID-19 Case Numbers Hit Record Low Three Weeks after Restrictions Lifted

    Thank you Mr. Biden for your concern, but the evidence shows you do not need to worry. Of course, science only counts when it supports Democratic talking points, so I guess this makes counting anti-science now.

    1. It’s almost as if lockdowns and mandated closures were a stupid ideas that didn’t help as intended and caused all kinds of other problems.

      1. Hey, I gots some free money, that’s all that matters!

        1. Gots muh stimmy!

      2. I also got a ton of extra hours (I work at UPS, so everyone was ordering everything online).

      3. the actual health and economic costs of the lockdowns don’t count.
        the hypothetical health savings are all that matters.
        and the costs will be offset by the bailouts. (ignore the new debt)

        1. “”(ignore the new debt)””

          Well they are willing to do that now that Trump isn’t in office.

  19. That whispering thing Biden always does drives me up the fucking wall. He seems to think it emphasizes what he’s saying but it’s usually the dumbest part of his pitch so it has the opposite effect.

    1. Perhaps is it wouldn’t be as bad if he wasn’t holding your shoulders and sniffing your hair at the same time.

  20. Start shooting

  21. Why are ONLY White children taught to “embrace” racial diversity as they become minorities in Europe and ALL the lands their ancestors fought & died for with blood, sweat & tears?

    For thousands of years they fought & died to defend their lands for their beloved White children.

    But now the anti-White tyranny is destroying the White race by flooding EVERY & ONLY White countries with MILLIONS of non-Whites and FORCE assimilating them.

    That’s White Genocide.

    Diversity means the final solution to the White problem.

    1. I can’t help but notice the parallels between the left’s racialized rhetoric and classic divide and conquer strategy. Divide a population up based on some sort of ethnic or cultural attribute, get the different groups to hate each other and then back the minority group because they’ll always need your backing to hold off the majority group.

      European colonial governments used this to great effect. Modern prisons also do this to help keep the inmates under control. And it looks like it’s exactly what the left is trying to do to the American people, and unfortunately it looks like they’re succeeding.

      1. The first thing they did was to control education.

      2. It’s not an accident that these people quickly took over the Occupy Wall Street protests and turned them in Woketaria. The last thing people like Soros, Jamie Dimon, etc. want is a color-blind proletariat going after their sinecures.

    2. This spambot is even more annoying than Kirkland.

    3. Dude, fuck off. Race isn’t the issue.

  22. I love this because maybe they’re right, maybe they’re not. Perhaps you’re wrong as shit.

    But even if you were found to be, you’d never make an article explaining how you were. It’s perfect because you get to be outraged but never taken to task for your opinions.

    1. So, he’s a journalist?

    2. what are you talking about and to who?

    3. This is even more incoherent than your usual drivel, which is a feat in itself.

      1. raspberrydrivel?

        1. Nice.

  23. I am not a conspiracy guy. That isn’t what this is.
    This is also NOT a left-right or Democrat-Republican thing. This stupidity has spanned both Administrations.

    What is it? Governmental elitism. The CDC and Faucci types have been wrong from the beginning and they don’t care. They think they are smarter than everyone else. That they know best. No mask, one mask, two mask. Shutdown to flatten the curve…no shutdown to eliminate the curve. Tests for everyone. No wait, unless you’re at the border wanting in. No indoor eating, but outdoor is OK for common folk but not for politicians. No churches services, but protests are fine. And so are political rallies. And calling it China anything is racist, but comparing the poor American response
    to the appropriate response with “Spanish” flu is fine.

    Don’t you people get it? This has nothing to do with safe or saving lives and certainly nothing to do with science. This is about control of the masses.

    1. Sadly, it’s working

  24. Statist swine get the wood chipper.

  25. Nothing says ‘science’ like “warning of impending doom”, and “I’m scared”.
    They can pay for 30 seconds worth of the “transportation bill” by eliminating the CDC and the Education department.

  26. Anytime the government or pro-uncostrained-government commie-leftists predict impending doom if you don’t sacrifice your property, liberty and prosperity right now you should stop listening right there. Same reason to not trust a used car salesman with a high pressure, limited time sales pitch. They’re doing it for their own reasons and trying to get people to act before thinking. That goes for global warming (sorry, climate change), covid-1984, gun control, “necessary” stimulus, etc… All of these are excuses to implement tyranny far more (if not entirely) than problems to be solved to these pathetic excuse for human beings.

  27. “Right now, I’m scared.”

    ~~Morbo, Futurama

  28. They need to destroy the economy even more to make the tax hike easier.
    Because it is unclear why to fight the crisis if it does not exist. But when there is a crisis, then you can happily fight it.

  29. Doomed if we do, doomed if we don’t. Might as well go for what we want. And doom these Democrats for the anti-science fools that they are.

  30. I find the article quite comical, as Reason has aligned with Statists for most of the past 12 years or more. It is like the scene in Casablanca where Chief Inspector Renault closes down Rick’s for gambling, as the Croupier give Renault his winnings.

  31. Don’t tell the states that have already opened up, you know the ones that have been and are prospering.

  32. “Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky warned of “impending doom” if states reopen too quickly. “Right now, I’m scared,” said a “visibly shaken” Walensky, according to POLITICO.”

    That is undoubtedly why the Democrats just passed a $1.9 trillion spending package devoted entirely to vaccine development and production, vaccine distribution, and vaccine administration to develop herd immunity and end this pandemic as soon as possible to avoid this impending horrendous doom!

    Hey wait a minute….

  33. Pandemic management tips from right-wing journalism’s junior varsity is always a treat.

    Carry on, clingers. So far and so long as your betters permit, that is.

    1. In your view, is incapable of writing anything on the subject as insightful as American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic by America’s best governor Andrew Cuomo?


  34. Let us make sure we understand.
    The LEADER of the Center for Disease Control….the Commanding General of our national efforts to fight the dreaded WuhanV (which has left 500K bodies in its terrible wake)….the single individual to whom we look for courage, determination, vision, and unstinting dedication…THAT person is the one sniveling on camera?

    She is the one telling us about her “feeling” of impending doom. That whimpering Lady-in-Charge, tears in her eyes, is saying to all 330M of the American public that right now, “I’m scared!”?????


    And this pusillanimous excuse of a National World Class Leader of the Scientific Free World has the gall to tell us between sniffles that she’s “leaving the script” to share her emotional state (as though anyone actually cares about her emotional state) even as she continues to read this so-called ‘off-script’ begging whine?

    My God what have we become?
    Why isn’t she fired? (or better still, why was she hired?)
    Are timorous tears now the order of the day?
    “It’s not, like, totally safe, yet. Maybe never. Be very afraid of Impending Doom!! Run away. Run away. Run away. (and wear a double-mask, please!)”

    Imagine Eisenhower before the American public on June 5th, 1944….imagine the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, charged with the destruction of the 3rd Reich now standing in front of his national microphone whimpering, “I feel a sense of impending doom.” Imagine. And then imagine that job being given to Patton and Eisenhower chased back to Kansas in shame.

    What we witnessed from gentle Rochelle was not leadership. It was not even a half-assed attempt at leadership. Rather it was cowardice, doubt, and fear: it was the 21st Century ‘Duck & Cover”. Why? Because she had a bad feeling, don’t you know.

    Maybe a warm blanket and cup of tea might help?
    Maybe she needs a hug?
    Poor baby!

    1. Swift kick in the ass would probably do betta.

    2. Defund the CDC!

    3. And this pusillanimous excuse of a National World Class Leader of the Scientific Free World has the gall to tell us between sniffles that she’s “leaving the script” to share her emotional state (as though anyone actually cares about her emotional state) even as she continues to read this so-called ‘off-script’ begging whine?

      LOL, yep, that’s what’s known in pro wrestling as a “worked shoot” promo.

  35. Texas was the first to reopen and cases are falling fast. Wisconsin was criticized heavily last year for reopening bars and restaurants when a judge threw out the illegal shutdown order, and is now down to approximately 0 daily deaths. Florida is open for business. The masks didn’t help much, and it may have been better to get more healthy young people exposed sooner, to build up population immunity faster.

    Everyone’s tired of this and is tuning out the authorities, even in the lefty formerly pro-lockdown states..

  36. Grown man writes simpleton article to stir the pot of goombahs. Can’t be bothered to research the red tape or inform readers of why signing off on vaccines may take time. Congrats that a writer for “Reason” finally figured out we’re social animals, yet he might want to calm his tits about what this fact means.

    1. Oh look, another idiot.

  37. Why is Reason running non-stop vaccine propaganda? Between this article and the two passport articles yesterday, Reason is pimping hard for the vaccine. “Please go get the vaccine so we’ll be allowed to live our lives again!”

    Seems like kind of weak tea for a libertarian publication. They should be furiously advocating for the unconditional end to any lockdown or restrictions, vaccine or no vaccine, because lockdowns are a violation of civil liberties. Instead, they’re writing this mealy mouthed vaccine propaganda.

    1. Reason is libertarian in name only.

      1. We’re at the point where the left is wearing the carcass as a suit and demanding respect for what it used to be.

  38. Take off you mask, hug your friends, and get on with your life. At its worst, this disease had a 99.5% survival rate if contracted. Now we have vaccinated millions of people and continue to vaccinate at the rate of almost 2 million a day. Texas dropped its restrictions three weeks ago and, despite dire government predictions, their cases continue to drop. Same goes for Florida. These health officials are drunk with power. The don’t want to lose the limelight or have to admit that it wasn’t as bad as they claimed. When the real numbers come out and we see how many other deaths have been wrongly attributed to COVID, they are going to look even more foolish and dishonest. I am done listening to them. Chicken Little has more credibility.

  39. More likely ONLY Republicans have to be locked down. Liberal socialist communist Ds can do whatever they want, vaccine or not. According to one of the conservative news channels there is a 99.98% survival rate of this china virus. If that is true, why the lockdown???!!!

  40. Feelings aren’t Science

    1. Stop living in the past.

  41. So Biden opens up the border; thousands of teens traveling in crowded, no social distancing type conditions; they are packed into facilities, then sent all over the Country. But then he tells the States that he is afraid of them opening up. If he were to go about it in an intelligent way, have a portable vaccination place set up in Northern Mexico. No vaccinations, no crossing, period. Vietnam strictly closed off its borders right away, that is one reason why they have almost no COVID deaths.

  42. It’s strange how letting thousands of unvaccinated teens cross the border, (many of whom may be COVID spreaders) and distributing them throughout the 50 States does not scare him, but letting the States open up does.

  43. The vaccine is not intended to prevent transmission, death, or severe illness. It is meant to prevent mild symptoms of covid-19. That is why we are supposed to keep wearing masks and socially distancing after being vaccinated.

  44. “cases are currently plateauing around 60,000 each day”

    That’s 22 million a year. If it continues at that rate, which it won’t, it will spread to everyone in 15 years. Influenza should be a much bigger concern than COVID for anyone under 70.

  45. While at the same time taking credit for the job growth created by the “Neanderthals” that didn’t follow his advice and reopened the economy.

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