Young Americans Are Right to Fear a Renewed Draft

It's a good time for those potentially on the receiving end of a draft notice to give some thought to how they might respond or resist.


Quite naturally, the assassination of Iran's Qassem Soleimani by a U.S. drone strike and that country's retaliatory missile attacks on Iraqi military bases that house American troops is fueling fears about the possibility of war and all that violent conflicts entail. For young people, that means concern about the prospect of a revived military draft for the first time since the Vietnam War.

As unlikely as a revived draft seems after decades of intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan by an all-volunteer military, there's no doubt that many policymakers are eager to revive conscription in some form, and a new conflict could give them an excuse to force people into government service. That means it's a good time for those potentially on the receiving end of a draft notice to give some thought to how they might respond or resist.

A potential draft is definitely on many people's minds. Immediately after Soleimani's death, the Selective Service website crashed under the press of traffic from people concerned that a draft was imminent. With typical government efficiency, it remained only intermittently available days later.

"Due to the spread of misinformation, our website is experiencing high traffic volumes at this time," Selective Service tweeted. "If you are attempting to register or verify registration, please check back later today as we are working to resolve this issue. We appreciate your patience."

To the extent that they care, the conscription bureaucrats can thank both legitimate fears and trolls issuing bogus draft notices via phone calls and text messages for the sudden surge of interest. Or maybe the proper word is "disinterest," since it's unlikely that most of the Selective Service's online visitors are eager to sign up in anticipation of a draft real or imagined.

"Only 30% of Likely U.S. Voters think the United States should have a military draft," according to a 2019 survey by Rasmussen Reports. "Fifty-six percent (56%) see no need for a draft."

Even more telling, 31 percent of male millennials told YouGov pollsters they would "try to avoid being conscripted into the armed forces" while only 23 percent said they wouldn't try to avoid a draft.

An even greater percentage of men in the post-millennial Gen Z said they would try to avoid conscription, but their representation in the survey was too small to be considered representative.

Specifics of the current face-off in the Middle East are unlikely to budge those percentages. Americans considering U.S. intervention in Iraq a mistake have consistently outnumbered those favoring it since 2006, according to Gallup. And 53 percent of Americans tell Reuters/Ipsos pollsters that they disapprove of President Trump's handling of Iran in the wake of Soleimani's assassination.

That's not the stuff of which eager conscript armies are made. Should a draft be reinstated, officials are likely to find that a whole lot of their intended cannon fodder would "try to avoid being conscripted into the armed forces."

This may come as a bit of a disappointment to politicians and pundits who have taken to floating the idea of mandatory national service for tasks both military and civilian. Last summer, The New York Times spotlighted a new round of "debates about whether mandatory national service is undemocratic or whether it's the path toward a stronger sense of solidarity among Americans."

Democratic presidential wannabe Pete Buttigieg dreams of his countrymen shoved into "standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other Americans for a greater purpose" as a means of building "social cohesion." John Delaney, another White House aspirant, wants conscripts serving in a variety of government-designated tasks "to give back to their country" (give what back he doesn't specify).

Some social scientists perversely imagine that extending government control over people's lives will empower the public to exert more control over that government. Among them is Rutgers University's Jennifer Mittelstadt, who suggests that a new generation of unwilling soldiers will somehow reduce military adventurism even though the Vietnam-era U.S. military suffered over 420,000 deserters as the war dragged out for years despite the opposition of so many conscripts.

In fact, access to more bodies to send into combat whether or not they're willing is exactly why retired Army Maj. Gen. Dennis Laich favors restoring the draft. "Numbers are not the problem," he says of the potential recruits under a system of coercion. "It's about who we access and how we use the law."

That said, the immediate prospects for a revival of conscription seem pretty small. In recent years, the U.S. has maintained a far-flung presence around the world while waging seemingly endless war in Iraq and Afghanistan with a volunteer military. And the potential conscripts are not only overwhelmingly opposed to the idea, they're also eligible to vote.

But young people are flooding the Selective Service website and falling for bogus draft text messages for a reason. They know that many among the powers-that-be view them as resources to be seized and deployed at the whim of government officials. They've seen and heard repeated calls for extracting forced labor from them, at the cost of time they'll never get back, or even of their lives.

And, after all, even in the absence of actual conscription, young men are still required to register with Selective Service. That's a requirement that exists only to provide the means for government officials to reinstate a draft of some sort should they ever choose to do so.

Now a new conflict looms with Iran. It threatens a war that may well give officials a new excuse to implement their dreams of forced service.

Taking policymakers at their word when they propose various conscription schemes and strenuously resisting any attempt to implement them may be the best means of minimizing the risk of a renewed draft.

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  1. There is almost no chance of a draft to support any military actions against Iran.

    1. But for some Reason this site has decided to push the fear narrative since Soleimanis death.

      The only active people I have ever heard calling for a new draft are socialists who think an all volunteer army is classist. There are also DNC candidates like Buttigieg pushing for 2 year non military or military service programs for all citizens to complete.

      But the fear of an iranian conscription is idiotic. Not sure why Reason is trying to push this.

      1. web traffic. unreason writers are whores for clicks now.

        1. They’d fit in well at buzzfeed.

        2. unreason writers are whores SEX WORKERS for clicks now.

          1. Whores make sammiches. Sex Workers dont.

      2. Not just classist. They also think a period of coerced indentured servitude to the national interest (as determined by progressive politicians) will develop a collectivist feeling of solidarity in the people compelled to serve.

        1. Deep hatred of officials and government is a kind collectivist solidarity.

        2. A term of service in the military will make you appreciate how fucked up the government is. Maybe less would be willing to expect the government to solve their problems. But don’t get me wrong there is no need for universal service.

      3. Well in 2016, Congress almost passed a law requiring women to register for the draft. It passed the Senate but I believe the bill got restructured and that provision was gutted. Perhaps that is just virtue signalling in the Senate to show they are for equal rights but it did have some broad bipartisan support and was passed in a Republican held Senate.

        Still draft has a less then 1% chance of being reinstated right now.

        1. “Well in 2016, Congress almost passed a law requiring women to register for the draft.”

          The Patriarchy oppressing women yet again.

      4. There is no need to be afraid. Be calm and take heart that Dear Leader Stable Genius is in charge.

        1. You still dont get why people laugh at you.

          1. chemjeff still uses velcro shoes in adulthood. He’s not the sharpest tool.

        2. Gosh, what a clever argument. How ami ever supposed to counter THAT?

          Pedo Jeffy, you are one stupid worthless shitweasel.

    2. How many people does it take to launch cruise missiles, or pilot drones. Even if we do go to war, we don’t need or want boots on the ground.

      1. We don’t need to draft anyone now. Just require everyone to download an app – call it FOMO. Maybe gamify it so there’s plenty of rewards and medals and daedric armor for crafting. Within hours we’ll have 300 million faces buried 24/7 in their smartphones sending off missiles and drones and necromancers in all directions. A more fearsome dedicated army has never even been imagined.

        1. We could call it “Ender’s Game”.

          1. Touche…nice one. I liked that movie.

            1. The entire book series is pretty good. I have it behind Assimovs Foundation series. Lots of hidden philosophy in the series.

              1. “Speaker for the Dead” is my favorite fiction book. Card added more to the ending of the original Ender’s Game in newer editions to set up the new series, then wrote “Ender in Exile” for further elaboration. The final two books are really strange, but also great if you can power through the weirdness. I know several people who couldn’t get through the second book of the “Speaker for the Dead” series. Their loss. “Foundation” series is also excellent.

              2. “Speaker for the Dead” is what convinced me that the prime directive in Star Trek is bullshit.

            2. You




              You’re a monster. That movie was horrible. Nonsensical. BORING.

        2. Easiest solution: draft all the illegals, give them amnesty if they come back. Done.

          We can go to war all we want now.

          1. And let citizen draftees pay an illegal to take their place.

      2. Many, actually. But while that is a correct answer, it gives a wrong impression because it was a bad question.

        The real question should be “how many conscript-level people does it take to launch cruise missiles, or pilot drones”, and that answer is “few”.

        That is to say, while the kill-chain for drone strikes and surface-to-surface strikes requires quite a few pairs of boots, few of those boots are fill-able by conscripts.

      3. Drones and missiles are for the initial assault. You are correct, we don’t need draftees to do that. No, draftees are to hold the country for the next 30 years to execute those lucrative reconstruction contracts. You can’t do a midnight door-to-door-Black-bags-over-the-heads-of-all-military-age-males-while-we-search-for-weapons operation in Tehran with drones and missiles.

      4. This is a bullshit understanding of war. It really depends on your goals. It is also the reason we have endless wars. Lack of adequate troops have allowed the Taliban and others to thrive. Lack of adequate troops allowed the Iraqi insurgency to fester. Now if we don’t want to occupy land (which makes winning even harder and long drawn out low level conflicts with high unintended consequences much more likely) using drones and missiles may surmise.

        1. Woah now, it’s not a “lack of adequate troops”.

          We could keep any Middle East country under martial law if we wanted to.

          But we don’t want to.

          Which is why over the last fifteen years, as drone technology has gotten better and better, we’ve done more with them. Because while any serious attempt to occupy the Middle East is going to be insanely unpopular, having a small force but lots of missiles and strikes is just vaguely unpopular.

          But it’s not that our military can’t. It’s that our political leaders won’t.

          1. No, it’s because we have tried to fight wars on the cheap and keep them low conflict, with restrictive ROEs since WWII ended. War is about destroying your enemy. Breaking them. We don’t do that. We also rarely define what winning actually means. So we try and control all of Eastern Afghanistan with a single Brigade while trying to stop combatives from crossing to and from Pakistan. While it is slanted Jake Trapper’s book “The Outpost” tracks the stupidity of this strategy pretty well. Many casualties in Iraq were the results of ambushes and IEDs hitting convoys because we lacked troops to guard the convoys and patrol the MSRs. Now, I’m not arguing for more wars that involve Nation Building (though let’s be honest, even WWII ended up being Nation Building and regime change), however, we need to find some middle ground between Libya and Iraq/Afghanistan.

            1. Every problem you list is a problem of political will, not military might.

              1. But the solution is more soldiers on the ground for security. We were pretty much maxed out on how many more troops we could send over. So the solution to winning wars is to have adequate ground troops.

                1. There are actually a lot of solutions.

                  The problem with all of them is the lack of political will. Once the will is there, the rest can be worked out. Without it, then we get what we got, which is puttering around wasting time, money and lives for decades.

                  But the problem is not the military. It’s the politicians directing the military.

                2. The solution to winning wars is to annihilate your enemy and leave behind a steaming plain of black glass. Since we’re unwilling to do that, we get bogged down in quagmires.

              2. “So we try and control all of Eastern Afghanistan with a single Brigade while trying to stop combatives from crossing to and from Pakistan. While it is slanted Jake Trapper’s book “The Outpost” tracks the stupidity of this strategy pretty well. Many casualties in Iraq were the results of ambushes and IEDs hitting convoys because we lacked troops to guard the convoys and patrol the MSRs”.
                Did you miss these three sentences?

                1. Nope. I read them. They’re 100% irrelevant to my point.

                  That situation is the one we chose because we lacked the will to make better decisions. It was not inevitable.

                  1. I think EscherEnigma might be on to something and I think soldiermedic76 is right as well. Here’s why: The top miltary brass usually get to the top because they’re more like politicians themselves. If you’re more concerned about getting that next star, or keeping your current, lofty post, you become less willing to make the politically incorrect move of telling your civilian overlords: “If you’re not going to do this thing right, don’t bother doing it all.” It’s not as if the military hasn’t learned lessons from Vietnam and Korean wars. It seems more likely they are unwilling to strictly apply those lessons when confronted with political realities.

                    1. Many did tell Bush and Rumsfeld we needed more troops. But like McNamara, Rumsfeld thought he was smarter then his generals and fired a good many (with Bush’s blessing). To my dying day I will think of Rumsfeld as the GOP answer to McNamara. I’d love to have a discussion with him some day in a blind alley.

                    2. A bind alley so he has nowhere to escape.

            2. Agreed. For me, if it’s not worth sending a million troop, then it’s not a vital war. Nothing kills troops faster than trying to fight with the smallest forces possible. Overwhelming force is a spectacular offensive strategy.

              1. Yes.

      5. You don’t have a good understanding of war. Since I have been to war multiple times I have a good grasp on what happens and boots on the ground will always be a must.

    3. There’s no chance of a draft ever again. People will use thermonuclear weapons but not submit to being drafted. Because they’re not idiots, so they know making someone else go ka-boom is not the same as letting them shoot you.

    4. Agree 100%. Two reasons. First, President Trump is fighting an economic war, one car of enemy military staff at a time.

      Second, a military draft would have to include females . . . .

      1. “Equality” is about more rights for women, but never more responsibility.

    5. More contemptible #FakeNews from Reason.

      What a toilet.

  2. No, this is not a reasonable fear.

    1. It’s complete bullshit. It’s all reason really has to offer anymore.

  3. While I totally agree that we should be concerned about a draft, I think you’re facing the wrong direction. It’s not a military draft, it’s the hoary old “public service” draft, and it’s the young people that are going to be leading it. It’s us older folks who are going to be the ones resisting the draft to go join the beet harvest or paint the murals of Comrade Bernie or sweep up at Glorious People’s Bicycle Manufacturing Plant #17. Or operate the crematoria at Glorious People’s Re-Educational Camp #17 until it’s our turn to fuel the furnace.

    1. Being concerned about an immediate draft in Jan 2020 is irrational.

      Discussing war, the history of the US Draft, and the current state of our volunteer military is one thing.

      unreason wants clickbait.

      1. This article further damages their already shaky credibility. So desperate.

    2. “I think you’re facing the wrong direction. It’s not a military draft, it’s the hoary old “public service” draft, and it’s the young people that are going to be leading it.”

      This part. There isn’t going to be a military draft: the US didn’t resort to it in the 2004-2007 period, when they were stop-lossing people left and right, and taking everything with a pulse through MEPS. Invading Iran won’t require titanic manpower levels. China would, but a war with China would rapidly turn into something where a draft would be 65th on the list of things to worry about.

      On the other hand, domestic governance never runs out of the desire to expand their fiefdoms, or perform every service under the sun. And government doesn’t like to pay. Forced servitude in some People’s Work Army is exactly what someone like Sanders would love to see. Excepting him and his friends, of course. Someone has to supervise.

    3. “It’s not a military draft, it’s the hoary old “public service” draft”

      100% this.
      Nobody wants a military draft. Millions of petulant, chubby man-children being babysat by career soldiers. Not the military, not the weapons manufacturers, not the politicians.

      But cheap labour for corporatists will definitely get the overclass hard.

      1. A “public service” draft is definitely a 13th Amendment violation.

  4. Tuccille….You made a false statement. General Soleimani was not assassinated. He was an enemy combatant in a war zone. Big difference there. But you have your agenda, the article lede is click-baity, so there is that.

    The draft is not coming back. Take a deep breath.

    1. The assassination meme is the meme the east coast media wojt give up. They have to do something negative because… well you know why.

      1. When Reason writers flat out lie, they must be called out. Tuccille is lying.

        1. +100000

        2. There isn’t enough time in the day to call out all of Reason’s lies.

    2. Pretty sure the term “enemy combatant” was created to define those terrorists who cannot fit the standard model of a uniformed fighter representing a particular government or flag.

      If this Suleimani was indeed a general in the Revolutionary Guard, he would be a foreign military person representing a recognizable government, however reprehensible. That is different from a militant representing some non-state entity that is basically a violent religious cult. Even though some of those groups receive support from sone governments—they cannot fly flags or wear uniforms of those governments.

      1. The Quds force, of who he was a general for, is a designated terrorist force under the revolutionary guard. They fund and collaborate with groups throughout the middle east.

      2. There’s no doubt that Soleimani was working for a recognizable government, because that government fired missiles in response to killing him. Nor is there any doubt that he was military.

    3. Thanks XY i came here to say the same thing and it needs to be repeated. Battle field deaths are not assassinations.

    4. You can church it up any way you want – the man was assassinated. Now, you can certainly justify *why* it was done – but it was done.

      1. Ag, Ag, Ag…..c’mon bro. Now you need to understand what happened here. This is all a terrible misunderstanding. You see, General Soleimani was in the Baghdad airport at 1am with four of his subordinate generals to visit with Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, his friend who just happened to be a leader of militias that attacked our embassy, to exchange Chelow Kabab recipes. I am sure the general had no idea what his pal was up to. Nah….

        General Soleimani was just a guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. A terrible tragedy. 🙂

        1. +100

          Election 2020 is really going to go bad for Lefties as they still think Americans overall believe their bullshit lies.

  5. Looking at the quality and quantity of the volunteers, and a cross section of the non-volunteers, who would want them?

    I did encourage my own son to join the reserves or ROTC while he’s in college, and while I’m sure he would come to enjoy killing, ahh who am I kidding he’s a vegetarian.

    1. I’m sorry for your loss.

    2. Legitimately tragic.

      1. He could have ended up majoring in sophistry like baby jeffrey. So still some hope.

    3. Vegetarians are fine with killing humans since many consider them a interloper on this planet

      1. You’re confusing them with vegans.

  6. Yeah, my progressive friends and I are literally shaking because Orange Hitler started World War 3 and we’ll be the ones fighting it — unless a Democrat wins in November.


    1. PS — Are non-binary (they / them) people like me eligible to get drafted? I assume so because I was assigned male at birth. This science-denying government probably thinks I’m a “man” just because of my XY chromosomes.

      1. So are they fascists if they draft you, or are they fascists if they don’t draft you?

        1. Both, Obviously.

    2. Yeah and your sainted former leader Obama Assassinated children (because one of them was the son of the American who had been previously droned) AND he knocked over Libya, which is now such a shithole that they have slavery there—-F—ing African slaves in the 21st-century! Think about that and tell me he was still right to take out Ghaddaffi.

      If you really want peace and avoidance of a draft, you need to start rejecting BOTH of the corrupt, stupid, statist parties.

      1. You’re arguing with a parody account.

    3. Great summary of the article.

  7. More Clickbait Propaganda from unreason.

    There is no draft, no war with Iran, and no Free Market or Free Markets at unreason.

    1. By “free market” Reason means being free to support and profit from offshore slave labor.


  8. Young people are flooding the Selective Service website for the reason that the media has been trying to foment a panic over Trump’s policy with Iran rather than sober analysis of what is happening. This has been yet another strain on the reputations of most of the news organizations in this country.

    1. We should take Trump at his word. He said he doesn’t want escalation with Iran. In the meantime, Congress would be wise to rescind or severely limit the scope of the AUMF. But they won’t.

      There is some reasonable fear that Trump has neo-cons surrounding him and he always seems to be one conversation away from changing course on Iran. That fear may or may not be warranted, but Trump’s screeds on Twitter or his campaign rallies are equally as much to blame for the perception that he leads erratically as any media panic.

      1. Be honest. How many if his speeches have you watched as compares to solely seeing clips taken to spread fear by the media? Half the time all one hears of his speeches is what the media paraphrases. often badly. cant even number the amount of times media said trump said x then o read his speech and realized he didnt.

        Trump’s actions are one who doesnt want escalation. He has pulled back on various retaliations. He just gave a clear red line on US deaths. Compare that to Hillarys campaign promises against Iran.

        1. I’ve watched 2 or 3 of his campaign-style rallies as President. The most memorable one was the one where he implied that John Dingle might be in hell because his wife voted for impeachment.

          I can’t imagine why anyone would have at least the perception that Trump might be erratic.

          1. Is that honestly your best example of being erratic?

            1. “We should take Trump at his word”

              Look closely at what matters to Leo. Words. Twitter. Perceptions.

              Forget what’s been done, let’s focus on sounds and teeth gnashing.

          2. Clearly because he once implied something.

          3. Also weird you chose the example the media focused on.

            1. What’s super weird is how Jeff showed up at exactly the same time.

              Coincidence I’m sure.

          4. John Dingell had tweeted to Trump to “go to Hell”.

            Trump merely speculated that Dingell might have.

        2. JesseAz
          January.9.2020 at 9:07 am
          Be honest.

          JesseAZ calls for honesty! Honestly, now!

          JesseAZ is ALWAYS honest… In his own mind!
          JesseAZ is TOTALLY on board with dictatorship (presumably so long as it is an “R” dictator that we are talking of).
          With reference to Trump, JesseAZ says…
          “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”
          Jesse, if at least you could couch things honestly! “JesseAZ WANTS a Trumptatorship, Jesse hates the stupid Constitution, Jesse thinks we’d be better off under Orange Man’s Unlimited Powers, Jesse AZ-also thinks his support of the Trumptatorship will allow JesseAZ to share in the resulting pussy-grabbing fest… “ Whatever it is that is REALLY in your head! Context and phrasing matter! If you said THIS IS WHAT I WANT, at least you’d be HONEST! But no, you say…
          “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”
          Then you expect people to believe the lies that you post! I, for one, am not fooled!

          1. Fuck off Old Mex.

          2. Fuck you sqrsly, your shitposts would get more views if you started then with how much google is making you every month.

            You’ve got HIV.

          3. I’m not sure who is worse you or SPB. And when you both start sniping at each other… Why not just fuck and get it over with?

      2. “That fear may or may not be warranted”

        He’s had several opportunities to let the neo-cons under your bed influence him, and we’ve seen their lack of results. At some point, that behavior stops being the exception and becomes the norm.

      3. but Trump’s screeds on Twitter or his campaign rallies are equally as much to blame for the perception that he leads erratically as any media panic

        Poor Leo. Always falling for Twatter outrage. Its like you’re a media person IRL.

        1. I mean, fuck dude, go ahead and treat Twitter like real life, while Trump makes actual meaningful decisions on limiting force.

      4. Trump’s approach to Iran has been remarkably consistent.
        The only inconsistency was the time he called of a strike at the last minute for the drone shoot down… but even that was home almost being inconsistent, but ultimately maintaining the same approach

        1. Trump is so consistent as President that the US economy is booming to historic highs. Wealth creation is so much easier to build without fear of new wars and letting other countries and government steal our wealth.

      5. “There is some reasonable fear that Trump has neo-cons surrounding him and he always seems to be one conversation away from changing course on Iran.”

        Nonsense. Evidence to the contrary is clear. Trump defenestrated Bolton; seeks talks with the Taliban; engaged the DPRK; and, notwithstanding making Soleimani into spaghetti, has repeatedly thrown olive branches to Iran.

        The Neocon influence is yesterday.

    2. the media has been trying to foment a panic

      I know, right? After all, Trump is known for his calm, rational, studious, prudential and level-headed decision making. Plus he is a Stable Genius. The bigliest Stable Genius on the planet. Why there would be no rational reason to be concerned at all about Dear Leader murderdroning a uniformed member of a foreign sovereign government. It’s that dastardly media whipping up fear that is really to blame!

      1. Hey look, you showed up to dosge my question again.

      2. “chemjeff radical individualist
        January.7.2020 at 6:07 pm
        When your response consists of an insult, I know I’ve hit the mark”

        So you’re saying I’m the most correct person on this board for over a decade?

        I don’t think anyone is surprised you’ve spent three days running from the question.

      3. “murderdroning”

        Look up the definition of murder

      4. Whatever you think of Trump or how justified it is does not make the media’s reporting honest or not hysterical.

  9. Tooshilly, this probably looked less shrill and hyperbolic before Trump took all the air out of it.

    1. Nah, don’t believe that Faux News / Breitbart spin. World War 3 is imminent. Drumpf still needs to distract from impeachment.

      1. I usually just flag your comments without reading them. The signal to noise ratio is just too high to bother with.

        I mean, sure, there’s some corn in the turds, but even then it’s turd corn. And I’m no SQRLSY.

        1. That’s pretty childish, especially coming from someone who changes names multiple times per week.


          1. It’s OK man, I understand why you’re salty, but worry not, there are plenty of people here with super low standards who do like your zero effort parody.

            1. *raises hand*

              1. See?

                Now he can sleep safely at night knowing his efforts, while a total waste, are at least appreciated.

                1. Shall we ask for a show of hands on your efforts here, whatever it is you call them?

                  1. Feel free. Much like OBL I couldn’t care less.

                    Now run along.

                    1. Libertarians for identity theft! How’s that workin’ ya, Mary-Tulpa-Satan-Buttplug?

            2. And I like it because liberalism takes zero thought. So having a zero effort parody is the most effective form of parody for zero thought liberalism.

              1. And some people enjoy Kopi Luwak.

                1. I also enjoy Gallagher.

                  1. De gustibus non est disputandum

  10. this article is just plain dumb

    1. unreason will double down today and for the rest of this two-week news cycle.

  11. This is a quite atypical message from Reason
    not both

    1. “Why should we give a platform to evildoers and NAZIS REEEEEEEEEEEEE”

  12. I’ve decided to offer citizenship for any able bodied foreigner willing to serve a 5-years in whichever United States military branch would have them. (Now that’s how you put together a working-class war.)

    1. Require an honorable discharge and tack on another five year requirement for gainful employment and substantial positive tax payments for citizenship.

  13. You keep saying ‘young people’ but only my sons had to register for the draft. Don’t you mean ‘young men?’

    1. Boom

    2. And women who identify as men.

      1. I’d be interested to see that play out actually.

        1. “I’m a man!!!”

          “Ok you’re drafted”


          … But I’m a womaaannnnn!!!”

        2. Per Trump’s executive order a few years back, being trans makes you ineligible for recruitment, and coming out as trans while in the service gets you kicked.

          So it plays out as “Dude Dudeface, your turn.”
          “I’m trans and go by Lady Ladyface now.”
          “Shame. You’re free to go. Next!”

      2. What are men who identify as Incel, chopped liver?

        1. No, of course not.

          Chopped liver can be fed to your dog, and so it isn’t entirely useless.

  14. Completely delusional piece.

  15. Maybe if they labeled it “A New Call to Service” like Pete Buttigieg’s national service plan. That sounds nice and Progressive.

  16. Bullshit. The draft is not coming back. The only people who seem to want it are the lefties who use the threat to generate fear.

    The military sure as hell neither wants the draft nor could they support the influx of people that would have to be trained, fed, housed, equipped, etc.

    1. Yup. The Democrats were the last political Party to scale up the draft to send young men to die in Vietnam.

      1. The last time a Republican president started drafting people for a war, telephones hadn’t been invented yet.

    2. the left have talked about reinstating the draft to force all rich white kids into battle thinking that will stop wars

      1. They’ve obviously haven’t studied the draft. The draft never seems to select the rich. They always seem to get some form of deferment. During the Civil War they even allowed the rich to pay poorer people to serve in their place.

        1. Or they get cushy National Guard positions.

          Even Ronald Reagan was in the Army Public Relations Unit during WWII. W Bush, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump all got to get out of combat.

          1. Reagan did try to enter the Army Air Corp but his eyesight was to bad. He was instead forwarded to making training films.

            1. I saw that when I looked up his bio.

              I’m not saying he faked his eye test but there is no way to prove that you can see when you answer eye questions as if you cannot see well.

              He was older so maybe his eyesight had diminished. He could see well enough to act, drive, ride horses, etc. Just saying.

              He served honorably, so it does not matter but there is a precedent for rich people getting out of stuff that they dont want to do. Lazy people also get out of stuff.

              1. From a biography I read of him he suffered terrible vision his whole life but wore contacts or went without glasses in public out of vanity, the whole movie star, leading hunk thing.

            2. “Reagan did try to enter the Army Air Corp but his eyesight was too bad.”

              So make him an infantryman. Truman wore glasses, and served in the artillery in WW1. Lots of choices in the US Army for those that don’t see very well.

              Definitely a different time. Can you imagine at the height of the Iraq occupation, a wealthy family having their eldest son volunteer for a dangerous assignment? And it eventually killed him. I’m speaking of course of Joseph Kennedy, Junior, who got blown up flying a literal flying bomb—a remote controlled B-24 packed to the ceiling with explosives.

              The British Royal Family did. Harry saw combat repeatedly as an Apache gunner. I don’t believe William saw combat, though AIUI it wasn’t because of his own reticence.

              I will al

              1. From my understanding, the choice of his duty assignment (Reagan) was made by the Army after his inability to qualify for the Air Corp. Truman was basically a nobody when he joined the Army. Reagan was a semi-successful movie star. The Army decided his talents would best serve making training films.
                Also, before being a movie star Reagan was not wealthy. I know you didn’t say that but just wanted to make sure people understood that.
                And no, I doubt you would see many Movie stars today (did any?) put their careers on hold to serve a la Reagan, Gable etc.

        2. During the Civil War they even allowed the rich to pay poorer people to serve in their place.

          Hell, POTUS Grover Cleveland paid for a substitute.

    3. What are you talking about? Just give every first draftee a gun, and every other one a bullet. Pair ‘em up and drop ‘em off just outside Tehran. I think you might be overthinking it…

      1. My bold new foreign policy:
        If nations fuck with the US, we round up a bunch of crackheads, homeless street-shitters, and violent convicts then drop them en masse in that nation’s capital.
        Put meaning to the term “population bomb”

        1. It kept Hitler at bay in Stalingrad, what could possibly go wrong?

          1. If Hitler ever invades Washingtongrad, that’s Plan B.

            1. It kept Sanity and public health at bay in San Franciscograd… what could possibly go wrong?

    4. The military sure as hell neither wants the draft nor could they support the influx of people that would have to be trained, fed, housed, equipped, etc.

      Even worse, 3/4 of 18-24 year olds are too fat, too criminal, too stupid, or too drug addicted to be of any use to the military.

      That’s a pretty sad statistic about current US youth isn’t it.

      1. I suspect that would change after 4-8 weeks in the military’s exclusive custody. Military discipline would have to be changed to accommodate a conscript army. The days of the warrior monks might have to end. But I think people would be amazed at what military induction could do to mold people.

        Not that it’s going to happen. Or that it should happen.

      2. In 1972, a friend of mine drew a very low draft number and was told to report for his physical. He was rejected for obesity, although he was apparently healthy and strong. I’m sure that in an earlier war, they’d have drafted him and tried to work the fat off in boot camp – ending up with either a healthy soldier of near-average size, or a big and very strong soldier to carry a machine gun. But, unlike WWII, the Vietnam Era army only needed or wanted 10% or less of the young men, so they could be quite picky. And yet they still paid a lot to send sub-standard troops overseas…

        And the current military _must_ be quite picky. They cannot use troops who lack the mental capacity to handle complex weaponry. They save a lot by only having to provide overseas transportation and supplies for a small elite force – with a modern squad of about 10 men being worth more in combat than a typical WWII platoon, even at full strength of 48 men.

  17. Solid clickbait.

  18. It’s strange to me that the same people who are completely sure that the government is out to confiscate our firearms and then crush us under their jackboot are absolutely sure that in no way it would seek to enslave our young men and force them to fight in a war.

    1. Is there anyone calling for a draft?

      Meanwhile, Democrats call for gun control every day.

      I mean, wtf bro.

      1. There are actual PACs, coalitions, and protestors, and politicians WHO RUN ON GUN CONTROL but it’s “strange” to you?

        Are you fucking retarded?

        1. It’s your selective paranoia that I find strange. But considering the psychology of groupthink it makes sense.

          1. You see equivalence where there is none.

          2. Yeah, we should certainly be concerned about Democrats calling for both a draft and forcible seizure of private firearms, since they’re the ones who have been leading the charge on both for the last 18 years.

            1. Fine. So it’s partisan groupthink. I’m hanks for confirming.

              1. I like how you couldn’t actually point out how I was wrong and had to resort to your usual prissy rejoinders.

                When the draft is actually reinstituted, let us know, princess.

                1. Fine. The Democrats are authoritarian scumbags. They are fucking economic illiterates and many of their left fringe would gladly enslave us all for the glory of the egalitarian state. Most would happily shred the constitution whenever it suits them, and their recent leftward lurch has made them even more unpalatable than the Republicans.
                  Your turn. Say something bad about Trump. I dare you.

                  1. Say something bad about Trump. I dare you.

                    He hasn’t lined up every Central American cartel murder convict currently sulking in our nation’s jails up against a wall and put a bullet in their skulls.

                    1. I said I dare you.

                  2. He should stay away from shit like the drug war and regulating or banning vape products.

      2. +1000

    2. It is strange to me that you would present that as an actual thoughtful argument.

    3. It’s strange to me that the same people who are completely sure that the government is out to confiscate our firearms and then crush us under their jackboot are absolutely sure that in no way it would seek to enslave our young men and force them to fight in a war.

      Government certainly intends to enslave our young men and force them to do all sorts of things. People like Sanders and Buttigieg are running on this, the same people who want to take our guns and our private property.

      What does that have to do with Trump drone killing an Iranian terrorist?

  19. ^Especially considering that the later actually happened about 50 years ago, and there is a current law designed to facilitate it.

    1. Find me one actual stump speech in the last 50 years about utilizing a draft. I’ll do the same for politicians and gun confiscation.

      1. Its eric the sock troll or Eric Boehm.

        Either way, lies all the way down.

        Democrats were the to ramp up the draft so young MEN can die in Vietnam.

      2. That not the point. It’s that there are mechanisms to actually initiate and prosecute a draft in place right now. And you all are certain that it would never be used because ‘Orange-Man good‘.
        But forgive some people for being concerned that it could happen again. Especially since it was used for such a terrible purpose last time.

        1. And you all are certain that it would never be used because ‘Orange-Man good‘.

          And you’ve admitted that you’re certain it will be used because “Orange-Man bad.” It’s not like you’re coming from a place of rationality about it.

          1. Wut. Please provide evidence of that.

            1. See every post you’ve made since November 2016.

              1. Don’t move the goalposts. I’m talking about the draft. I haven’t said anything more than acknowledged it’s existence and that it has been used and could be used again. Unlike you lot, I don’t give a shit if it’s a Republican or Democrat boot is on my neck.

                1. Well based on your history, it’s not an unfair inference.

                2. Exactly. Only people like you are talking about the draft. Trump isn’t talking about it. Republicans aren’t talking about it. Just you guys.

                  So as long as your pals aren’t in charge we’re ok.

            2. Bitch, you were crying about this two nights ago after Al Asad got attacked. Don’t get amnesia now.

              1. Post it then.

                1. Eric
                  January.3.2020 at 11:00 am
                  Not at all. I have a son who’s approaching draft age. I have no interest in him losing his future to an unnecessary war. I truly hope Trump knows what he’s doing here.

                  January.5.2020 at 2:13 pm
                  So what are all of these eighteen year olds registering for dimwit? And I have family who were drafted for an unnecessary “war” just one generation ago.
                  But I’ll take your word for it, cuz “OrangeMan goooood. Trust the government when Dear Leader is in charge.“

                  Yeah, no neurotic paranoia here.

                  1. “ Yeah, no neurotic paranoia here.”


        2. Your “concern” is fucking idiotic, eric.

          That is all.

          1. Of course it’s idiotic. He doesn’t have faith in Dear Leader Stable Genius like you do.

            1. Wow that was stupid, even for your usual low level of posts.

            2. That about nails it. And I don’t give a shot as to which team dear leader belongs.

        3. It’s that there are mechanisms to actually initiate and prosecute a draft in place right now.

          And there are mechanisms to actually initiate and seize firearms from people who haven’t been convicted of any crime right now, and they ARE currently being prosecuted.

  20. “31 percent of male millennials told YouGov pollsters they would “try to avoid being conscripted into the armed forces” while only 23 percent said they wouldn’t try to avoid a draft.”

    What do the remaining 47% of male millennials say?

    1. Nothing. They texted instead.

    2. Actually, 47% of male millenials said that in the event of a draft, they’d close the window and turn up the heat.

    3. Now you can’t use being gay as a way to avoid it.

      1. However, Klinger’s tactics would probably work.

        1. Not anymore.

        2. Klinger’s mistake was that he didn’t start cross dressing until he was already drafted, trained, and overseas among people that had come to know him. They knew he was faking, and the easiest way was to ignore it.

  21. If the state of America is the one that protects the Arab peoples from killing because of what Iran is doing then I am with the establishment of a military project for America in the Middle East to protect these peoples from killing like Syria in which Soleimani was fighting the Syrian people.
    The response that Iran has made indicates the weakness of its strength in front of America, as it now warns against hitting places in Dubai, which makes the Americans think well about setting up a military project to protect that country from Iranian destruction.

  22. If the draft returns, now that women are serving in combat roles, women will be drafted too, correct? It would be sexist to exclude women from the privilege of conscription, wouldn’t it? Diversity is good, right? And don’t we have centuries of sexual inequality in military service to make up for?

    1. My experience with women in the military is that they were whores (who actually charged money at sea), a few professional sailors who wanted to be there and worked hard, and those women that got pregnant as soon as they had to do real work (ship deployment).

      1. Lol. So sayeth the resident Incel.

        1. No, says someone with actual experience. And it is also documented that the Navy does have trouble with women getting pregnant while on sea duty. My experience in the Army was slightly different. Although, I will say female soldiers did tend to be more sexually free then civilians, but I wouldn’t label them sluts. Pregnancy during deployment were still a problem. And getting pregnant just before deployment to avoid being deployed was also a problem. I never witnessed any actual prostitution but did see several women in any unit I served in, who used sex to get easy duties or promotions, e.g. as soon as they got into the unit they’d start pursuing senior enlisted or officers who were male (I’m sure there were some who pursued female but I served during don’t ask don’t tell).

          1. I had similar experiences in the Army 20 years ago. The majority were good troops, but you always had the few. During my enlistment, we had the Aberdeen debacle, and I had a similar incident at the in-processing station in Germany. No sympathy for the sergeants, they are supposed to know better, although I suspect at least some incidents were initiated by the females.

            NO ONE in the military wanted a return to the draft back then, but maybe the new leadership forgot those lessons. My leadership was formed during and shortly after Viet Nam, and uniformly thought that the discipline and morale problems of a draftee Army were more than made up by the drive and intelligence of the volunteers.

            Weapon systems today cannot be run by “any dummy who can pull a trigger.” The average enlistee is more educated (college), older and more stable. The only real call for a return to the draft has been from fringe candidates, usually wanting a slave labor pool for other projects than the military.

            1. Yeah, we had the party bus incident when I was in AIT at Ft Sam Houston. Same thing. The sergeants should have known better, but a nimber of the females involved also had culpability. When you purposely buy your PT uniform two sizes to small and then thrust out your chest every time you speak to the Senior Drill sergeant there is something going on.

            2. Plus, going from a volunteer Army to a draft Army causes huge teething problems.

              WWII is a great example. All the professional and experienced military members are dispersed among new units making all units less experienced overall. Over time most of the units will move up in experience and effectiveness (its the hope anyway).

              The experienced regulars of USAFFE of MacArthur held off the Japanese invasion of Bataan and Corregidor for 5 months without resupply.

              The inexperienced draft US Army in Tunisia against the Germans was embarrassing.

              The US Army came into its own in a few short years but large numbers of draftees really lower effectiveness initially.

              1. All volunteers armies are professionals.

          2. I think the women sailors could charge for sex because while at sea they have no competition. Some guys just could not wait until the next port of call.

            Same reason that I got back “underway interest” loaning money to sailors who lived paycheck to paycheck. Some people have zero will power.

            1. Would she front you some sex for 50% interest?

              Loan sharking and prostitution is the big money.

          3. You steal a lot of bases decanting LCs comment of calling military women “whores” to something palatable. You gunning for Ken’s job of packaging Republican bullshit as breath mints?

            1. No, I’m telling you my experience. But why ask someone who actually served when you can just instead listen to your own preconceptions?

              1. So you stand by the comment LC made? Military women are whores with a few exceptions? Cuz you responded to me as if I was the one who needed the correction for observing that LC is an Incel.

                1. No read what I wrote. There is a lot of problems with women getting deliberately pregnant or accidentally pregnant. Women using sex to get a head and then screaming sexual harassment. High rates of STDs in the barracks. Etc. And I am sure, talking to some who were deployed to Iraq, those who engaged in actual prostitution. It wasn’t the majority but it did happen.b

                2. Go on any military board and you’ll see the same complaints. It’s particularly acute in the Navy, where a lot of the female sailors manage to get pregnant right before a tour.

          4. Yeah, I know an active-duty Pararescue guy who was telling me a few months ago about the no-shit prostitution rings that he’s seen on aircraft carriers that he’s ridden on, plus full-blown gang activity.

            When I went through tech school many years ago, the squadron was one of the strictest in the Training Group due to a drug ring being busted a couple years earlier, and a prostitution ring the prior year. During my time there, there was a group of three girls in the unit that had monthly orgies with a bunch of the guys at the local hotels (“hotel parties” were banned, but a lot of folks just took their chances); they were called “The Petting Zoo” because the guys referred to them by animal monikers like “Horse” and “Bulldog”.

            Initially I didn’t believe the stories until I saw a video that had been made of one of the orgies. People would also have sex in the dumpsters outside the squadron barracks.

            And then there’s the deployment sluts, both male and female, that have “desert spouses” with one already at home (I guess to be fair, a lot of guys end up getting divorce notices during their time in the desert, too).

            1. As part of the initial Eagle Task Force into Bosnia, the troops were fairly well behaved, although there were a few incidents.

              The divorce rate upon return was over 50%, though. It seems the wives left behind were just partying to no end, and I was getting this from soldiers returning to the unit from schools.

          5. Yep. My unit had several women that conveniently turned up progs ant shortly after deployment. I’m sure they were having as much unprotected sex as possible prior to shipping out. In my unit’s case, most of them were married.

        2. “resident Incel”

          “Incel” is the woke version of “cuck”.

      2. My experience with women in the military is that they were whores (who actually charged money at sea),

        That’s a valid and traditional military function.

        If they are socialists, you might also point out that “between you and me, we have one v…; that’s unfair and we should share in it equally”! That is, after all, the kind of argument people like Sanders and Warren are making.

        1. We call them hookers because General Hooker actually organized prostitutes (and other camp followers) to keep the Army of the Potomac happy.

    2. If the draft returns, now that women are serving in combat roles, women will be drafted too, correct?

      Per current legislation? No. Women are not required or able to sign up for selective service.

      That said, in the event of a draft, they could of course change that. But last time there was legislation to make selective service gender-neutral, it was killed.

      1. One exception is that women who are active in the National Guard are eligible for the draft.

        1. If they’re already in the National Guard, they can just be mustered, why would you bother drafting them?

        2. That was stupid. They are already serving why would you need to draft them?

        3. Wrong. They are already in the Army, says so right on the uniform. Their unit can be activated. Army Reservists can be individually called to active service. And if women want equality, they should be required to sign up for the draft as well. Equal rights, equal responsibilities. And I can’t think of a better way to kill Selective Service.

  23. To the extent that they care, the conscription bureaucrats can thank both legitimate fears and trolls

    The population is not legitimate fears vs trolls. It is fearmongers vs trolls.

    Congratulations Reason, you’ve become what you pretend to oppose.

  24. Too local, err, I mean too dumb

  25. For the cap, those person looking so great. Always best of luch for the good person.

  26. Sending troops into a combat zone where Russia is fighting always seemed like more of a chance for WW3 than bombing an Iranian general. Iran can’t do much. Russia can.

    Why didn’t people complain about the chances of WW3 when we sent troops to Syria?

    1. and why did the same people complain when Trump wanted to remove troops from Syria? the one place where collateral damage could actually start WWIII

  27. This is getting embarrassing. There is zero chance the military would even want to conscript anyone. The technology is dominant and expensive. The era of the untrained, conscripted footsoldier is long over.

    If the military doesn’t see any benefit, and it hasn’t and doesn’t, then there will never be a call for a draft unless it is some kind of left-wing draft to force people to drive Priuses or something.

    1. Hell, we even expect our infantry to be well trained and spend lots of money training them. Probably the lowest quality of training is transportation. I served at Ft. Eustis and if you can’t even pass infantry school, they make you transportation. So, possibly draft them all as truck drivers (we don’t have anymore vehicles that are standards so that solves that).

      1. As a side note, most of the stupid injuries I saw from combat arms were the result of being macho, most of the stupid injuries from transportation were Darwin Award nominees.

        1. Agreed.

          This former grunt appreciates good medics. Thanks.

          1. As a medic and a nurse who served in a CSH, we appreciated the grunts who kept the boogers off our backs.

            1. I should note we ended up getting deployed to theater of operations. Our sister unit did and the grunts helped protect them. And when my unit rotated to Afghanistan after I ETSd, they kept them safe there too. So the grunts helped keep a lot of my brothers and sisters safe downrange.

              1. Having each others’ backs. Ooh-fucking-rah.

      2. I worked with a guy who drove a truck in Iraq.
        Not long.
        He was a disaster

        1. There is a good possibility he failed out of infantry school or culinary school. That seems to be a good number of the ones I saw at Ft. Eustis (not the majority but not insignificant minority).

          1. Is it even possible to fail as a cook? Judging by the Air Force mess halls back in the 1980’s, assignment there must have been the last try to find something they could do before an unsuitability discharge.

  28. oy. it’ll be tiny robots not snowflakes.

  29. “For young people, that means concern about the prospect of a revived military draft for the first time since the Vietnam War.”

    Really? Tucille, what was it like living in a cave from 2001 to 2004?

  30. “there’s no doubt that many policymakers are eager to revive conscription in some form” I’d love to see evidence of that claim. Fake news.

  31. Millenials: White ppl be sooooo teh privileged!
    Also Millenials: No way you’re drafting me! I shall resist!
    Also Also Millenials: HAHA Trump haz da bonespurz whattabuffoon!

    No self awareness in that generation, is there?

    1. Don’t blame the generation. Millenial leftists are no stupider than Gen X or Boomer leftists and at least have the excuse they don’t have enough life experience to notice reality contradicts their beliefs.

      1. No, I agree, normally I don’t buy into the whole “Millenials are teh worst” memes… But this article is specifically about the Millenials response to draft hysteria, so I thought it would be fun to whip up a sarcastic “Millenials are teh worst” post.

      2. Gen X tends to be very cynical.

  32. Utter bullshit. The military was have no when amassed for WINNING would not require the addition of drafted people. As I said yesterday Iran/Iraq war 8 years and no winner. US Iraq war over in a few days. Does anyone think the Iran army that couldn’t defeat in 8 YEARS will defeat the Army that did so in mere days?

  33. Et tu, Ccille? Et tu.

    1. Also, is this part of the OMG! WWIII! thing running around the intertubes right now? Because a war with Iran isn’t going to rope Russia and China in.

      1. Because a war with Iran by itself wouldn’t require all the the existing US military (just as neither war with Iraq – while occupying Afghanistan at the same time – did), let alone calling up active reservists, and inactive reservists, and Fleet Reservists *and then* you start drafting people.

        1. Volunteer armies don’t tend to be good occupying armies. That’s where a draft would really shine. Now, don’t get me wrong… Draftees wouldn’t be any better or worse at occupying Iran than the US Army would… but at least they can’t quit, and the supply is basically infinite!

          1. Volunteers can’t quit either until enlistment is up.

            1. Or, in the case of a war, until the stop-loss orders are lifted. And they can be involuntarily recalled in the future as well, if the Army needs them.

              1. I know all about stop loss… Served for ten years and never re-enlisted.

                1. My enlistment was only for 8 years (6 and 2, 6 years active reserve and 2 IRR). And as a reservist I ended up serving nearly four years active duty.

          2. “”Volunteer armies don’t tend to be good occupying armies.””

            Compared to what?

      2. As long as they cans till buy their oil I doubt they would out up too much of a fuss. Certainly not go to war with us over those mullahs.

  34. I’ve served since 1988 – we don’t need conscripts, you’re more trouble than you are worth. You’re welcome.

    1. Damn straight. (1982-98)

    2. Yep 1995-2005.

      1. Ha! You guys are wimps!
        When I was in the service, my barracks were down-hill from the mess-hall both ways through 7-ft snow drifts! We had to pee behind the barracks to collect the salt-peter to make our own gun powder!

  35. “Young Americans Are Right to Fear a Renewed Draft”

    Won’t be a military draft; it’ll be “community service” if Warren, AOC or Sanders get their way.

    1. “”Won’t be a military draft; it’ll be “community service” if Warren, AOC or Sanders get their way.””


      When I was in jr high, the school system want more men to enroll in Home Economics. So they created a class called Bachelor Living.

      1. We had to do 1/2 the year in shop class, and the other half was Bachelor Living. I can weld and sew.

      2. Democrats: Once the party of slavery, and now again the party of slavery.

  36. Wonder how many people would be eager for a draft if college deferments etc were removed and the draft applied equally to men and women.

  37. There is no way in Hell Trump is going to put troops on the ground in Iran. There will be no draft.

    My prediction is that we see a slight uptick in forces deployed. These forces will be mostly troops who command ranged-weaponry such as drones and missiles. I think this is part of a plan to finally leave the Middle East. It’s a sh!thole and we were stupidly naive to think toppling Saddam would bring fairytales, democracy, and unicorns.

    We have energy independence. There’s no reason to be there. We’re going to back out with guns blazing.

    Of course, that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

  38. fueling fears about the possibility of war and all that violent conflicts entail

    There isn’t going to be a war with Iran. Trump doesn’t want it. Iran doesn’t want it.

    Should Iran be foolish enough to challenge the US again, the US will simply target more Iranian facilities with missiles: the Navy and shipyards, oil facilities, highways, airports, palaces, high profile officials.

    Troops on the ground only happen when the US wants to engage in regime change and “help” other nations. You need to worry about that with people like Clinton, Sanders, and Warren.

  39. You’re doing exactly what the Iranians want, just as the democrats did for the Russians. You’re giving into fear and sowing division within the nation. Reason suggests that I should to fear a draft (Vietnam war was a long time ago) in a nation where half the population are undocumented, citizens are allowed to own guns and many are allowed to inhale mind altering drugs. The draft freakout is something Slate magazine or Vox would do, isn’t it?

    Remember when Trump called Kim a “Rocket Man” and suggested that we have what it takes to take him out, and everyone freaked out? Or when we “pulled out” of Syria, triggering the next wave of genocide on those poor Kurds that never came? Doing various nice things for Israel (like recognizing their capital or something) was supposed to invite Muslim aggression?

    Should I be freaked out that a politically motivated investigative arm of the branch supplied bogus info to their party allies, who “exonerated” a likely pedophile president almost 20 years ago even though admitted to lying under oath? Hey look, there’s pic of Slick Wily with his arms around one of Epstein’s victims.

  40. my god, what a stupid article….calling Reason dullards at this point would be an insult to real dullards

  41. I’m afraid this is one of the dumbest pieces I have seen here on Reason.

    There is zero — 0 — chance that a draft is going to be re-instituted, because there is zero — 0 — appetite among (spineless) politicians to poke the bear (voters) by doing such, and if they did, they would also dilute their own power.

    In truth, we’d be much better off with a draft in place (and mandatory service for all, even better), for it would mean that all (or at least most) would have skin in the game when it came to the prospect of war.

    Do you think we ever end up going into Iraq on the completely flimsy “evidence” of a “threat” that was claimed, if the entire voting population faced the prospect of having a loved one sent to war there (or being sent there, themselves).

    The absence of that risk drives apathy about foreign policy, that gives politicians fairly free reign to do whatever they please. Furthermore, a re-authorization of a draft would be enormously unpopular, and many pols that voted for such would be voted out the next time they face election.

    No political price has been paid for relying on a fully volunteer army (and furthermore, if the end of the Vietnam war is any indication, and it surely is, military leadership won’t want unwilling conscripts, either — they’re too much work relative to volunteers), so there’s absolutely no impetus at all for politicians to poke the bear, and re-institute a draft.

    Those who think we should be engaging in less foreign adventurism would do well to consider that the presence of a draft (or mandatory service), would be the single most effective tool to limit such.

  42. I think the federal government should institute a limited draft, force the Reason staff into military service, and send them on a suicide attack against Tehran on foot through the Iranian desert. Preferably without supplies.

    They can virtue signal their opposition to it all the way there, as far as I’m concerned.

  43. I like Heinlein’s idea of a voluntary period of service to earn full citizenship — no penalty for NOT volunteering, and that service would be whatever TPTB decided it would be (suited to your abilities), whether military or some form of community service. You could quit at almost any time.

    I’m also a believer in universal military training — learn to shoot, stay healthy, help the injured, work radios and vehicles, etc — then you would be ready if you decide to respond to crisis. Much of this could be done in the schools.

    1. “We hold these rights to be unalienable…”
      Sorry, there is no negotiation. I own my life and any supposed claim you have on it is so much bullshit.

      1. I also like Heinlein’s idea of requiring Federal service (not just the military) in order to become a full citizen: i.e. to vote, hold elected office, etc.

        The skills listed by Apollonius are good skills to have, and do not necessarily specifically require military training. I also agree with Sevo that the state has no claim on my life. Any service I agree to is a trade-off for my own purposes. Howard Roark was correct.

  44. I wonder how the poster gets the idea that potential draftees are flooding the SSS Web site? I should think, rather, it might be their parents. Or even grandparents.
    People like me (American, and a veteran). I’m determined to keep any/all of my descendants out of the war machine, whatever it takes.
    The Cape Verde Islands are lovely this time of year …

  45. Trump wants to make you fight in his war with Iran! Just look at these quotes from *checks notes* Pete Buttigieg and John Delaney.

  46. Extremely disappointed in for this article. I look to this site for reasonable opinions. This article is garbage and no one has any reason to fear that draft until WW3 kicks off. If you are being hyperbolic and saying this is the start of WW3 then your opinion is unreasonable. I will have to seek out another place to get reasonable opinions of world events…

  47. The only thing good about a draft is that the doubtless vehement backlash it would provoke would drive firmly home the American People’s distaste for, and opposition to, more foreign wars. We as a society have become somewhat removed and numbed to the issue, having a volunteer military and many contractors doing jobs previously assigned to soldiers.

    1. The American people have no distaste for, nor opposition to, more foreign wars.

      If they did, there wouldn’t be the ability to sustain the industry that has built up over the last 30 years filled with people who make money off of proposing more war.

  48. We are also right to fear Sol’s heat death.

    But between that and return of the Draft only one is remotely guaranteed.

  49. I must admit I disagree with Tooch on this one.

    I don’t think it’s reasonable.

  50. This issue was raised and discarded 17 years ago, on the eve of the Iraq War. Charles Rangel, in opposing the AUMF, introduced legislation to restart the draft and it was laughed out of Congress. The idea is even more laughable today.

  51. I like the idea of just having a debate over bringing back the draft just so we can make the f**kin’ politicians squirm when their deferments are thrown in their face.

  52. Yes, young people should be concerned that a draft could be instituted. But the politicians likely to do so are the Progressive Left, which keeps coming back to the idea of requiring the young to waste part of their life in involuntary service to various Social Justice projects.

  53. Since the military isn’t seriously interested in having to train and integrate people who don’t want to be there, the chances of a reinstated draft are minimal, at best. The modern US military doesn’t need a mass of conscripts, most of whom will have minimal skills and will not be physically capable of completing basic training without remedial conditioning, if then. One of the complaints of recruiters is the number of potential recruits who are physically incapable of meeting the minimum PT standards.

  54. Young men who are in our country illegally are also required to register for the draft. Failure to do so is a lawful reason to deny citizenship and deport these people to their homes. If a draft were enacted, then it would make ICE’s job much easier.

    1. I am not interested in making ICE’s job easier.

  55. Oh FFS. Seriously?

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