Stop Saying We Can't Go Back to Normal After Vaccines

We can justifiably hope for normalcy by Independence Day.


The United States will have COVID-19 vaccine doses for every adult in America by late May, President Joe Biden announced Tuesday, moving the timeline up by a glorious two months. It may take some time after that landmark moment to get all those shots into arms, but availability by Memorial Day means we can justifiably hope for normalcy by Independence Day. The end of the pandemic is really, truly nigh.

But you might not know it from the baleful tone of many recent public health recommendations. Even after vaccination, so much of the present messaging says, you must keep wearing a mask. Keep social distancing. Keep not seeing your loved ones. Keep living your strange and difficult half-life.

"Currently, we do not have enough data to be able to say with confidence that the vaccines can prevent transmission," National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci said last month. "So even if vaccinated, you may still be able to spread the virus to vulnerable people," he continued, and therefore you should continue to wear a mask and socially distance. Don't go back to normal, he advised, even after you've gotten the shot that is supposed to put things back to normal. In fact, we may still be in masks in 2022, Fauci added a few weeks later. Guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), expected to be released this week, strikes similar notes.

This is not how we should be talking about vaccines and the return to normalcy. However good the intent—and the intent is almost certainly to discourage reckless behavior that could undermine the vaccines' impact on disease transmission—the effect is discouraging and detrimental. Insofar as it might dissuade some people from getting vaccinated, advice like Fauci's might even be dangerous.

The relevant thing to know about the three COVID-19 vaccines approved in the United States so far (Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson) is that they're all good. Spectacularly good. They're better than the best-case scenario we were hoping for a year ago, when Fauci was widely dubbed pollyannaish for suggesting we could have a vaccine within 12-18 months. These vaccines were developed quickly and tested rigorously. They cannot give you COVID-19, because none contain the virus that causes the disease. The two-shot Moderna and Pfizer regimens are more than 90 percent effective at preventing infection altogether, while the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine is 66 percent effective by the same measure. Most importantly, all three are 100 percent effective at preventing hospitalization or death from COVID-19.

That means if you get one of these vaccines, you will not die of COVID-19. And though it's true, as Fauci warned, that we can't say with equal certainty that vaccinated people can't transmit the disease, post-vaccine spread is quite unlikely. That's not how most vaccines work, and real-world data looks incredibly encouraging here. The vaccines are good.

Normalcy is the whole point of vaccination, and these vaccines can get us there. So when public health advice says "no" to normalcy even after vaccination, it misleads the public and wildly undersells the vaccines. A year into this, that's cruel and dispiriting. For some, it needlessly raises fears that we're stuck in lockdown limbo forever; for others, it suggests there's no reason to keep being careful.

What would better messaging look like? I'm not an expert in public health or public relations, but three things come to mind.

First, we should say loudly and repeatedly how great the vaccines are and how much good they can accomplish. (Dolly Parton and Bill Gates—an odd couple!—are doing this better than many public health professionals.) Recognizing these truths doesn't preclude ongoing risk mitigation while vaccine distribution is underway, and this positive slant will help overcome some people's vaccine hesitancy.

Next, we should increasingly distinguish between public and private social interactions (and, to the agency's credit, the forthcoming CDC guidance moves in this direction). In private gatherings among a known group of people, there's no reason for vaccinated people to be masked, distanced, or—as some scientists in the U.K. absurdly advised—refusing to hug their kids. After vaccination, we can hang out with friends, family, and maybe even coworkers, depending on workplace format, without the precautions we continue to take among strangers.

Meanwhile, in public, indoor spaces where we interact with people we don't know, it makes sense to keep the masks and distancing going, including for the vaccinated, until vaccine distribution is complete. That's not because vaccinated people still spread the disease in any significant way. It's because other people in the grocery store have no way of knowing who's vaccinated and who's merely irresponsible. Dropping masks early would for that reason create unnecessary fear and chaos.

It might be tempting to shorten this phase by announcing our vaccination status with some sort of "immunity certificate," an ID indicating the bearer can appear in public without a mask. This idea has come up repeatedly, but the legal and ethical risks—fraud, invasion of privacy, enforcement overreach, and more—amply outweigh its appeal.

Finally, instead of special papers for some, there must be a firm end date to those public measures for everyone. I can't say exactly when it should be, nor do I think a single national date would make sense. I'm envisioning something like six weeks after vaccines have become available (as in, you can easily get an appointment) to all who want them in a given city, county, or state. A scheme like that would give time for immunity to build and for risk to decline to an acceptable level, even for those who can't be vaccinated for medical reasons.

And when that condition is met, masks and distancing should be done. Not prohibited for the cautious, of course, but done for all who want it. We need that goal to work toward. We need to be able to look forward to this hope as it fast approaches.

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  1. (Dolly Parton and Bill Gates—an odd couple!—are doing this better than many public health professionals.)

    Health officials either have tunnel vision, focusing solely on the scant few who have bad reactions to COVID-19 infection, and can’t put things in perspective, or they perhaps without realizing it enjoy too much the power of the spotlight and do not want to step out of it.

    (Political leaders as always simply crave the control.)

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    2. ‘…or they perhaps without realizing it enjoy too much the power of the spotlight and do not want to step out of it.’

      and there we have the answer to what this has been all along; an exhilarating power trip for the medical community, demanding reverence from the public the way government school teachers do…

      1. The medical community at large are not the power trippers. It is the top end of that “profession” dominated by manipulators and profiteers, and powermongers of the worst order. Tjey have made the decisions based ubpon their particular bents, then foisted that on the minions that comprise the interface between them and the public.

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    3. An acceptable level of risk? COVID was NEVER an unacceptable level of risk for anyone who isn’t old & sick. The IFR for COVID for anyone other than the old & sick was always less than 1% – it’s not much higher for the elderly.

      If we truly cared about the elderly (rather than merely virtue signaling) we would have protected the elderly. Instead, we killed them while imposing massive costs (and deaths) on society at large.

      Foolishly exaggerating COVID wasn’t compassionate or cautious; it was murderous and cruel. Think how many COVID victims would be alive today if we had TREATED them and/or if we had PROTECTED them. Instead, we ran around virtue signaling while they died.

      It’s not an accident that Red states outperformed Blue state – it’s just a fact that Rs tend to care about people while Ds care about their own virtue & letting you know about it.

      The risk from COVID is and always was trivial, nothing that anyone should have done anything about (other than use some common sense). Society should have protected the elderly & sick; society should have treated them when they got COVID; society should not have burned itself down to prove how “good” it is.

      1. Yes, Covid can and is regularly bad for people that aren’t old and sick. A lot of people have suffered what looks like permanent lung or heart damage from the virus. Some have lost their senses of taste and smell – hell, I know someone whose taste and smell haven’t returned after six months.

        You people that arrogantly and wrongly minimize the disease are no better than the people who overreact.

        1. wah, wah. If my body my choice is sufficient to terminate a unique human life, its good enough for me to take the risk of catching a really bad cold.

          1. No, bevis wants to impose his body on your choice.

            1. You fuckin’ Trumpsters are every bit as bad as the fucking wokesters. I don’t want to impose anything on anybody.

              It would be nice if you assholes could be objective and spend a little time thinking of someone other than yourselves but you’re just not capable of doing so.

              1. The death rates as a function of age are what they are. 80% of the deaths in the US are above 65yrs of age. Given that the IFR for the total population is somewhere between .6% and .3%, you would expect the IFR for below 65 to be some where around 4X less so between ~.24% and .12%…which is definitely in the bad flu territory. Now imagine if we had used this demographic data to tailor a solution targeted at 65+? Would have been way cheaper, it would not have ruined the economy, and would not have been as devastating to society in general.

                1. and NO ONE has riddled to me WHY government, or those really in charge of the medical profession, ever came out with simple and cheap advice about a few dietary supplemts, readily available in normal times, that WILL absolutely strenghen the healthy immune system to enable that system to deal with the viral infections. These have been well known for half a century or more, known harmless, occur in natural foods, have no side effects, but without them present our immune systems do not function well, and leave us susceptible to viral diseases.
                  Nor have I ever seen any GOVERNMENT poohbahs mention the huge percentage of recently imported people from latinamerica and their high rates of latent tuberculosis infections.. NO health exams nor quarantine for “new arrivals” with these high rates….
                  The often crowded and unsanitary living conditions common in this group seems to bring the latent TB out into the active and infectious stages of the disease, and makes those folks VERY susceptible to this coroniavirus. The combination of the two very often is quickly lethal. But the “statistics” tend to not reveal the presence of the underlying causes of death, only that the poor guy tested positive for the WuFlu. And this tactic is part of the lie we’ve been fed.

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              2. >>You people that arrogantly and wrongly minimize the disease are no better than the people who overreact.

                is entirely reasonable to empathize with the ill and not cover face.

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              3. It would be nice if you assholes could be objective and spend a little time thinking of someone other than yourselves but you’re just not capable of doing so.

                Fuck you. Most of us have been arguing from the beginning that this massive overreaction was going to have severe consequences that would reverberate for years. The socio-economic damage wrought by our betters, including the lack of transparency and willingness to flout their own rules, and issuance of utter fucking nonsense like mass vaccinations shouldn’t be enough to lift mask mandates and gathering restrictions, are what’s driving this contempt.

                And let’s not forget, none of these public health policy recommendations did a scintilla of good in the end. Over 500,000 people and counting still died, assuming the numbers haven’t been cooked for maximum public manipulation.

                If opening up means a bunch of candy-ass, pussy Gen-Xers and Millennials have to figure out how to overcome their free-floating anxiety and live like human beings again, then that’s far more important than a one-time high body count from a pandemic that’s marginally cutting down America’s obesity rate.

                1. I first found a handful of articles about this disease i early December.. of 2019. Yes, more than ayear ago. As I read these, and what was ongoing in Wuhan CIty China, (I never did buy the carp about the “wet markets” and bat soup.. soup is COOKED, for goodness sakes, and NO virus can withstand the temperatures necessary to cook either warm-blooded protein (as in bat meat) or pasta, as in chinese noodles in the soup. How stupid do they think we are? As I read about the details of the epidemic then and there, the high everage age of the victims (80+), high starch low protein not fresh vegetable diet, the small high rise apartments they lived i (no sunshine on THEIR arms or face for vitamin D) high zinc deficiency rates, very sedentary life styles, (marginalised, warehoused until they die of whatever), very high rate of heavy smoking, and alcohol abuse, the city’s huge waste incinerators spewing out tonnes of acrid heavy smoke as they generate heat and power fro all manner of trash, and then the “cup of grease” poured out on top of the story, the fact that 150 million DEAD PIGS were being incinerated in those same huge burners…… because they were dying by the thousands daily from a swine flu epidemic through October and November………

                  But the way the US media portrayed this whole scenario told me they were expecting it to jump the puddle” and come here to the US, and that many here would be infected with it. U sensed a “cry wolf” event soon coming upon the US. Then the Britidiot gave his projections… 22 million deaths in the US from this thing. That seemed scary… until I remembered Swine Flu, H1N1, H1N5, Ebola, Zika, ALL of them were supposed to come into the US and decimate the population here. None have done, and I never thought the WuFlu would either. Nor has it done. The main difference is the panic measures unlawfully imposed on some states via out of control control freak governors, which measures did not affect viral transmission in the slightest. Very early on, a few very effecive tratment protocols were refined and eimplyed, with near perfect success. But those with their filthy hands in the cookie jars of wealth and power “determined” them to be not only “useless” against this virus (their tests were badly skewed, I believe wilfully so) but “risky” or “potentioally harmful” and thus essentially outlawed. and so tens of thousands of needless deaths ensued, for all the above reasons.
                  and the FACT they are yet attempting to persuade us that danger still exists, and imposing yet further “mandates” as they do so, impose MORE baseless fear and panic……

        2. Thanks, bevis. You are 100% right on this one. Covid-19 has been known to permanently damage people, even younger, healthier people, by doing permanent cardiac, neurological, and pulmonary damage. Young people have died from Covid-19m, as well. At one point, I even read about a 12 year old kid on a ventilator due to Covid-19, but she didn’t survive. All it takes is a minority of people who refuse to abide by the rules of wearing masks while out in public, social distancing, and not having large gatherings, either indoors or outdoors to put everybody else in danger, in the middle of a pandemic.

          1. What utter horseshit. Who do you know, in particular, who’ve had damaged lungs, or damage to cardiac, neurological and pulmonary systems? Or did you just read this in some news magazine somewhere?

            With the way the media have been portraying this, there would be stories about actual individuals on a daily basis describing these young people you allude to. But there aren’t. Why? Because it’s not happening in ANY WAY the numbers you think they are.

            And even if these people existed, the flu is capable of doing the same kind of damage, but we’ve managed not to destroy a roaring economy just to get an idiot savant elected during flu pandemics in the past.

            So take your slaver attitude and shove it up sideways. I’m tired of you nancies telling me I have to give up everything that’s important to me just so a limited few aren’t afraid to come out of their houses.

            1. @I Callahan
              I’ve never personally met someone who was crippled by a drunk driver. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

              Why can’t you keep doing the stuff that’s important to you, but wear a mask while doing it? If everyone had worn masks from the start the virus might have been beaten in a month or two. If they’d followed a few additional precautions it might have been even shorter. But people refused because they all thought they were special and could be recklessly negligent with no consequences.

              Not wearing masks and undertaking basic precautions during a pandemic is an act of dangerous negligence roughly on par with drunk driving. Sure, there’s a good chance that a drunk driver might make it home safely. But the odds of them killing someone is too high, so it’s a crime. Ditto for masks. You probably won’t spread COVID if do it just once, but the odds are too high.

            2. You’re totally missing the point, asshole! One doesn’t have to know anyone personally with damaged lungs. The fact is that Covid-19, unlike the regular flu the common cold, bronchitis or regular pneumonia, kills off the lung tissue permanently. Why don’t you take YOUR stupid-assed attitudes and go fuck yourself with them, jerkwad!

              Unlike you probably do, I wear a mask, social distance, walk, take classes, and do a lot of other stuff that you probably don’t do. Moreover, it’s people like YOU who helped get us into the mess that we’re in, and cause the unnecessary deaths from Covid-19 of roughly half a million Americans. I’m over 65 and healthy, so take THAT, asshole!

          2. This quasi0-religious faith in masks is weird. Masks cannot account for the differing outcomes in different places. There is really no correlation between mask use and death or morbidity rates. If masks do anything, they have a small marginal effect on the likelihood of transmission in a given scenario. So your claim about a minority ruining it for everyone by not wearing masks is bullshit. Look at data from various states and countries and it is plain as day that mask use is in no way a major factor in the way the epidemics have played out.
            Get over this idea that we could have solved it if everyone had just behaved themselves. It does not fit the facts in the least.

        3. “…A lot of people have suffered what looks like permanent lung or heart damage from the virus…”

          Is that 10 or 15 people?

      2. Are you kidding?!? The risks that Covid-19 presents for anybody of any age, both younger and older alike have never, ever been acceptable, regardless of what you and/or other people say or think. Nor are the risks of the Covid-19 virus the least bit trivial, either.

        Covid-19 was not foolishly exaggerated by Dr. Fauci, the CDC, or the scientists, or most everybody else. It was Donald Trump who foolishly, deliberately and viciously underestimated how dangerous and deadly the Covid-19 virus really is, deliberately lied to the American people about that, laughed Covid-19 off as a hoax, fired the government’s anti-pandemic coalition, and, in general, refused to do a damned thing about the Covid-19 back in December of 2019 and in January/February of 2020. As a result, we’ve had a Covid-19 pandemic on our hands, which has resulted in the deaths of over 500, 000 Americans, damages to lives, relationships and isolations, and many businesses and clubs, etc., being closed down for good.

        Moreover, the fact that there’s so goddamned much mis-information and so many conspiracy-theories going around about the Covid-19 vaccines, particularly from the anti-vaxxers, who ignorantly fear autism, that public trust in vaccinations, generally, including and especially the Covid-19 vaccination here in the United States has been seriously eroded. It is beyond disgusting–and disgraceful!

        1. If it’s Trump’s (or anyone’s) fault, how do you explain the rest of the world? This pandemic was going to happen, pretty much as it has, no matter what anyone did. We could have avoided much of the huge economic and social destruction, though. It seriously makes me sick that people are still defending this shit.

        2. “…It was Donald Trump who…”

          Al you need to know.
          Stuff your TDS up your ass so your head has some company.

      3. We used to say varicella “wasn’t that dangerous” to young children and intentionally infect them so that their later life would be fucked up by shingles.

        Saying a disease that doesn’t kill you TODAY but that has lingering effects that can pop up later in life is a perfectly-acceptable risk is a totally dick thing to do, mom.

        1. So is your tin-foil hat shiny-side-out?

    4. What Reason seems to have forgotten is that the “greater good” and judging government by its “intentions” rather than its results is and always has been the recipe for evil.

      Fighting COVID (as we fought it) was intrinsically evil. We don’t strip healthy people of their rights to do NOTHING for anyone else. None of these measures worked; they just expanded governments.

      Worse yet, we left the sick & elderly to die because any measures to protect them were “discriminatory” and any treatments were rejected out-of-hand because we trusted “lockdowns” etc instead.

      How many more lives must we ruin in order to “fight” COVID ineffectually? Enough is enough.

      1. What treatments were rejected for that reason?

        1. Hydroxychloroquine ring a bell?

    5. Your comment implies that “health officials” are not “political leaders”. That is invalid. Public health officials are political leaders. That’s what the “officials” part means. The fact that they were appointed rather than elected is irrelevant to their naked desire for control.

    6. this Fist lacked etiquette, but has hit the ugly mug of the control freak politicians. And no, fautchee and bricks are NOT health experts, they are political hacks, both of them standing to become rather thoroughly enriched through this whole travesty of justice and sanity.

      Nice punch, there, Mr. Fist.

      1. Come on now, Tionico! Fauci is a doctor and an epidemiologist! He’s been in our government and was first hired by Ronald Reagan. The rules for mask wearing while in public, social distancing, and against having large gatherings of people, either indoors or outdoors, were implemented for a damned good reason.

        It’s the people who refuse to abide by those rules who are screwing everybody else over, not Dr. Fauci or or the scientists. Donald Trump got us into this mess by deliberately lying to the American people, and laughing Covid-19 off as a hoax, when, in fact, it wasn’t. The fact that Trump fired the members of the anti-pandemic government coalition and refused to do anything about it in December 2019 and January/February of 2020 is the whole reason that we’re in this mess right now.

        1. So he’s never run a business. Never had a payroll he had to cover. In other words, he hasn’t seen one iota of the collateral damage he’s done to the rest of us. He’s a lifelong government bureaucrat who’s shining moment in front of the media is now, and he’s not going to do anything to let up for that reason only.

          Come out of your echo chamber and wake up.

        2. Trump is the reason we have a vaccine so soon. Never said it was a hoax just didn’t go snowflake and raise a panic. Biden is coasting on all Trumps work.

          1. Really?!? Donald Trump is the whole reason that we’re in this mess, that tons of lives have been unnecessarily ruined and lost, as a result of Covid-19. Donald Trump lied to the American people about it being under control, fired our government’s anti-pandemic coalition, which could’ve brought it under control, and as a result, we’re now in this mess. Donald Trump underestimated how dangerous, deadly and risky the Covid-19 virus really is, and we’re now in the middle of a pandemic as a result.

            1. “…Donald Trump is the whole reason that we’re in this mess,..”

              TDS-addled lefty shit checking in.

    7. NO, health officials have been on the front lines dealing with the COVID crisis since Day One, and are tired of people basing their decisions and actions on wishful thinking. The Biden Administration is taking a proactive and responsible approach to COVID, unlike the incompetent Trump Administration, but the idiocy is still out there. Publicly espousing “normalcy”, which will forever be different than pre-COVID-19, would be dangerous and foolhardy.

      1. Parody or genuinely retarded? You decide.

      2. Thanks, MidnightMike! It’s good to see that some posters on here have sensible attitudes. Way to go!

        1. There is nothing sensible about that. Telling others to give up their lives for the 99.5% chance someone else might not survive a disease that is TREATABLE is NOT sensible.

          1. Oh, come off of it, I Callahan! You’re dead wrong, because Covid-19 has killed or permanently damaged/sickened younger healthy people, as well. Nobody’s asking anybody to give up their lives permanently. This is temporary, and we’re in the middle of a pandemic because of people with YOUR attitudes!

            1. “…because Covid-19 has killed or permanently damaged/sickened younger healthy people, as well…”

              2 0r 3 of them, anyhow.

      3. Right on, MidnightMike! I’m with you all the way here! Keep on speaking your mind!

        1. Keep on, TDS-addled lefty shit! Keep on making an ass of yourself!

  2. Stop Saying We Can’t Go Back to Normal After Vaccines
    We can justifiably hope for normalcy by Independence Day.

    We can return to normalcy the day after we’re no longer required to remove our shoes in the security line at the airport.

    1. I would say the day there is no government security line at the airport.

      1. You must be high on the marijuanas – we’re never getting that sort of freedom back.

        1. possible to be high on the marijuanas *and* know we’re never getting that sort of freedom back

          1. And isn’t it amazing that the resistance to legal marijuana turned out to be less than the resistance to getting rid of airport security checks?

  3. The Left does not want us to return to normal. They see Covid as their golden opportunity to remake the country in their socialist image. Plus, they get their ya-yas by cruising around yelling at people who aren’t wearing masks.
    Also, they’re concerned about the midterms and very much want as much of the country in “lockdown” mode as possible in order to keep in place crap like “mail-in voting”.

    1. Like they’re going to let mail in voting go away either way.

      1. They might. I’ve got a feeling that by midterms, some sort of national emergency will arise that will “force” them to “temporarily” suspend the election.

        1. Nah, they’re winning now. They will have an even more advantageous position after HR 1 passes. No need to suspend elections when you can win them ‘fairly.’

          Flyover Land gets pissed enough to do something meaningful? Then, you’ll start to see the whole panoply of 3rd World shithole stay-in-power moves, like canceling elections. Not before.

          1. I have a feeling that they’re going to be so unpopular that they won’t even feel comfortable enough to pantomime an election.

        2. No, that would be Trump and the “Right.” They already attempted to do overturn a fair and legal election, in addition to staging a violent insurrection against the U.S. government. There is no level to which Trump and his followers will not sink. They’d let hundreds of thousands more Americans die from COVID if they could stay in power !

          1. Parody or genuinely retarded? You decide.

            1. Genuinely retarded.

          2. Good point, MidnightMike! Thanks.

            1. Both midgetmike and his sock-puppet are genuinely retarded.

              1. Not sure either is a sock; quite sure they are TDS-addles lefty shits.

    2. ‘they’re concerned about the midterms and very much want as much of the country in “lockdown” mode as possible in order to keep in place crap like “mail-in voting”.’

      ‘crap’ like mail in votingha been occurring in some states for the past couple of elections, and I hate to tell you, but it’s here to stay for the rest of the states…I get a kick out of the pubbies that say they were at an electoral diadvantage by mail in voting; what was stopping them from doing it the same as the dems…? hard to say the other side’s cheating when the rules are the same for both teams…

      1. The same thing that is keeping non progressives from going to election offials private homes and harassing them and threatening their families (like in Georgia). The same thing that is keeping non progressives from going over done rolls and publishing political opponents private information and leading campaigns to eject political rivals from society. It’s called humanity and morals. The progressives have shown that the are not human, and more of a cancer

      2. hard to say the other side’s cheating when the rules are the same for both teams…

        Yeah, it’s not cheating when everybody, Republican or Democrat, must vote for a Democrat. After all, the same rule is being applied to everyone.

        It’s (not really) astounding how people who are supposedly supportive of equity flagrantly ignore the policies and employ the methods that they claim were utilized and enacted specifically to generate inequity. It’s almost like they don’t care about equity at all.

    3. Oh, come off of it, will you! It has nothing to do with the Left or the Right! The people who advocate mask wearing in public, social distancing, and not having large gatherings of people, either indoors or outdoors, and isolating when sick are using good, common sense.

      1. “Oh, come off of it, will you! It has nothing to do with the Left or the Right!…”

        So only lefty shits like you have common sense?
        Fuck off and die.

  4. Fear is the progtard’s best friend: fear of climate change, fear of COVID, fear of guns, fear of icky words that make them cry…

    1. Fear that somebody somewhere might be doing something they haven’t been given explicit permission to do.

      1. And fear that somebody somewhere is thinking that such enlightened societal control is a bad idea–and might push back.

      2. Fear of someone succeeding when they are a failure.

        1. Success is racist!

    2. FUD, or Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt, was the aspersion they would cast at Neocons who didn’t trust muslims in the 90s. Of course, the obvious retort used by more moderate objectivists was that everybody has their own FUD that motivates them to do terrible things. At least now we know they weren’t listening.

      Too bad the play was used a smear tactic to defend people who toss homosexuals off buildings and prevent women from voting and is now being used against people who sneeze the wrong way rather than elevating peoples’ thinking and doing some actual good.

  5. I’m envisioning something like six weeks after vaccines have become available (as in, you can easily get an appointment)

    So, late 2022?

  6. “Stop Saying We Can’t Go Back to Normal After Vaccines”

    Never left normal. I live in free America, and there have always been a few businesses where the mask police did not go. My church meets every week, and observes the Eucharist at each service. I never tried to make anyone attend, but I never let anyone stop me from going.

    1. ‘Never left normal…’

      so you are now free to assemble in a group, such as a local bingo fundraiser, or go to a college or high school sporting event without being a relative, and wearing a damnable diaper on your face…? You’re free to book a cruise, should you wish to, and have every expectation of it actually happening…? You’re free to work in your place of business without adhering to ridiculous mandates to keep a diaper over your nose for hours each day, you’re free to march into a place of busines that demands a mask, and have every expectation that you will not be harrassed and, should you protest, that you will not be written up by that business for future reference and summarily escorted out before you have fulfilled your purpose in being there…? Never left normal; ha…

      1. With the exception of the cruise, yes, there are absolutely states and regions in the US where that never changed

        1. Surely all the people in those placed are dead.

          1. Well…one or two for sure. And in the immortal works of Governor Cuomo, “if it safes just one life…”

            1. “Now kiss me–I’m your governor!”

              1. Kiss the nipple ring.

        2. Yep, I have eaten (maskless) in restaurants at full capacity, since April. The business shutdowns and/or mask mandates were voluntary. We had lower % cases and deaths than most of the country. Plenty people wear masks, but there’s no shaming those who do not. I think it’s a rural phenomena.

          1. What part Idaho are you in? The Mormon part is a shithole full of shitty people.

          2. You guys are stupid to go maskless in indoor restaurants and refuse to social distance. Fuck that rural phenomena. It’s bullshit plain and simple.

            1. Did you miss the part where the areas where people don’t wear masks don’t do any worse than those where they do? Why do you think masks are such a wonderful thing? There is no evidence to support your claims except for some terrible studies that don’t even look at actual real world data.

      2. Don’t get bitchy just because Longtobefree doesn’t live an neurotic, hyper-risk averse, Precautionary Principle cultist behavioral sink like you do.

        1. Traitor

          1. Hicklib faggot.

        2. So, what the hell do you expect everybody to do? Not wear masks or social distance, and not avoid large gatherings of people? You’re calling those who have the good sense to comply with mask mandates, social distance, and avoid large gatherings of people, especially those who are unmasked hyper-risk averse, precautionary, and principled abnormal? Hey–fuck that! I don’t buy it.

          1. It’s simple. If you want to wear a mask, go ahead. No one in this thread is saying that you can’t. Otherwise:


            1. @I Callahan

              The primary function of masks is to protect other people from you, not protect you from other people. The idea is that if you are sick, but haven’t manifested symptoms yet, you can still give the disease to other people. The mask catches your germs so you don’t. It also provides some protection to you, but not as much as it does to other people.

              So people who try to force you to wear masks are minding their own business. They are engaged in a legitimate act of self-defense. They’re trying to stop plague carriers from spewing diseased air all over them. The non-mask wearers are the ones butting their noses into everything. Everyone else is trying to safely go around outside minding their own business without getting viruses breathed all over them. Stop making your behavior their business.

              1. “…So people who try to force you to wear masks are minding their own business. They are engaged in a legitimate act of self-defense…”

                No, asshole; they are requiring YOU to do something to benefit them; not ‘self-defense’

            2. No, I Callahan:

              Why don’t YOU mind YOUR own fucking goddamned business. When refuse to wear masks when you go into a public place, or out in public, and to social distance and keep the 6 feet apart from other people as it’s advised, you’re impinging on everybody else’s business, because when you don’t wear a mask, you do infect other people. Moreover, a person can be carrying the Covid-19 virus, still be asymptomatic, and infect other people despite being asymptomatic.

              1. The CDC has said that if you’re fully vaccinated, you can attend group events without masks or spacing, so feel free to tell midget mike to take his fist out of your asshole.

              2. When you go out in public, you must accept those risks. That’s how it has always been and always will be. And masks don’t change that.
                You are also basically assuming that masks have no negative health effects, which they absolutely do. Even if masks were particularly effective, which they aren’t, it would not be as simple a thing as you seem to think. There are serious downsides to wearing masks all the time. A year ago, it was illegal to tell your employees they had to wear masks for that very reason.

              3. “Why don’t YOU mind YOUR own fucking goddamned business…”

                Cowardly TDS-addled shit, YOU need to crawl in a hole and stay there until YOU feel safe.
                Fuck off and die.

    2. You left normal, and will never return to the same “normal.” The United States and the entire world have been forever changed by COVID. Just because you manage to live in your dangerous utopia does not mean the rest of can…or that you are not, in reality, living in a country that has been forever altered.

      1. Parody or genuinely retarded? You decide.

        1. i vote for genuinely retarded. His sock-puppet is retarded also.

      2. Yes, and that’s the fucking problem. We destroyed our culture over something that was indeed serious, but never would have done the same damage without the insane government and media responses.

  7. Why independence day specifically? Why not today? Why not last March? That’s the wonderful thing about emergencies fabricated from whole cloth, since they only begin by the king’s command there is no measure of when they end other than the king’s command.

  8. None of the NPI’s have done anything measurable. It is trivially easy to show that lock downs do not correlate with C19 death rates. Etc.

    We are at the point where we are either going to get back to normal or the results will be disastrous. Even with the high end estimates of IFR at around .6%, that is a death rate we would have to live with or else.

    Also, why do the authorities only treat those vaccinated as counting towards herd immunity? Patently ridiculous.

    1. Also, why do the authorities only treat those vaccinated as counting towards herd immunity?

      Because it’s measurable.

      1. They count cases when it suits them.

        Panic porn release => count the cases.

        Minimize the progress toward herd immunity => don’t count the cases.

        Either the case rates count or they don’t.

        1. From what I’ve read they’re saying people can catch the thing more than once, so having it doesn’t guarantee immunity. Or it does until the thing mutates again. While the vaccine protects against mutations as well. Don’t shoot the messenger, that’s just what I’ve read. I don’t know if it’s correct or not.

          1. You have no clue how vaccines work lol. They trigger your body’s immune response. A response from a vaccine or a virus is basically the same.

            1. The perfect setup…thank you.

              From a preprint:

              The emergence of SARS-CoV-2 variants highlighted the need to better understand adaptive immune responses to this virus. It is important to address whether also CD4+ and CD8+ T cell responses are affected, because of the role they play in disease resolution and modulation of COVID-19 disease severity. Here we performed a comprehensive analysis of SARS-CoV-2-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cell responses from COVID-19 convalescent subjects recognizing the ancestral strain, compared to variant lineages B.1.1.7, B.1.351, P.1, and CAL.20C as well as recipients of the Moderna (mRNA-1273) or Pfizer/BioNTech (BNT162b2) COVID-19 vaccines. Similarly, we demonstrate that the sequences of the vast majority of SARS-CoV-2 T cell epitopes are not affected by the mutations found in the variants analyzed. Overall, the results demonstrate that CD4+ and CD8+ T cell responses in convalescent COVID-19 subjects or COVID-19 mRNA vaccinees are not substantially affected by mutations found in the SARS-CoV-2 variants.


              1. I believe JesseAz was making the argument the other way. The idea that the virus confers some lesser immunity than the vaccine, absent some preposterous and wlidly unfounded HIV-like hypotheses, is incorrect.

                You had it correct before. Statists like the undocumented unvaccinated immune because it allows them to generate uncertainty and doubt. Fudge the numbers in their favor to say their policies are working and then turn around and point to the number of unvaccinated as a pool of impending doom.

                1. the results demonstrate that CD4+ and CD8+ T cell responses in convalescent COVID-19 subjects *or* COVID-19 mRNA vaccinees are not substantially affected by mutations found in the SARS-CoV-2 variants.

                  1. I said, “Less filling!”.

                    1. This is what you call “violent agreement”

          2. Reinfections are uber rare. Last count of confirmed reinfection rate was something like 47 out of 120 million cases or 3.91*10^-7.

            1. Six out of 30 million in the US.

          3. Under a dozen people in the US caught it twice. There are also cases of people having been hit by lightning. Sometimes twice.

            1. Then we must forbid anyone from going outside except essential workers, and everyone must wear rubber gloves and masks, even inside, until we can ascertain that we’ve reached a point at which the cases of people being struck by lightning are zero. Since we can never be sure we’ve reached zero, lockdowns and rubber protective gear forever!

              1. Damn! That’s a lot of rectal prostate examinations.

                What about the women folk? Will they be exempted?

            2. Ha ha ha! More people have caught Covid-19 twice, and more people have been hit, permanently damaged, and even killed by lightening than you care to believe.

              1. Parody, or simple-minded cretin? You decide.

          4. What part of

            “Don’t shoot the messenger, that’s just what I’ve read. I don’t know if it’s correct or not.”

            did you guys not understand?

            1. What part of the fact that they didn’t shoot the messenger but specifically refuted the information that you yourself asserted may not be correct did you not understand?

          5. Only 11 cases of covid reinfection are known to have occurred in the US, and only 63 cases worldwide.

            In sum, the risk of getting reinfected by covid (including its many different variants that are demonized daily to scare people) is less than one in a million.

            1. That is considerably less than the chance of a misdiagnosis, so we really don’t know if there were _any_ reinfections.

          6. They are also saying that people can catch it with the vaccine, but are unlikely to get very sick. A mostly effective vaccine and mostly effective natural immunity is a really good outcome and it’s ridiculous to expect anything more. You can’t eradicate a disease that has non-human hosts. With the vaccines and natural immunity, it is far less of a threat than most flus.

      2. Why would recoveries also not count towards that number?

        1. …and that?

        2. Traitor

          1. Hicklib faggot.

    2. Because they or someone chose – a long time ago – to not release data on the serologically positive – the antibody tests. At this point, there is no valid reason to keep that information opaque or nonexistent. Only evil reasons

      1. WHO recently changed their herd immunity to from “natural infection and vaccinations” to just “vaccinations”. But then WHO also reversed course on PCR cycle counts around close to the inauguration. In Oct ’19 WHO also advised against lock downs.

        I am wondering if a pattern is beginning to emerge?

        1. SleepyJoe got us our freedom back!

          1. Awwww…shut up!

            1. Aww, fuck off and die.

        2. WHO did not change recommended PCR cycles. Labs run the tests exactly as recommended by the manufacturers. That is a myth going around.

          1. Careful interpretation of weak positive NAAT results is needed, as some of the assays have shown to produce false signals at high
            Ct values.

            You can interpret this as guidance on Ct. The fact checker are wrong.

          2. It is also well known that PCR tests should only be given to people with symptoms. Random testing with PCR is not recommended.

        3. I have given evidence before. In short the false positive rate is much lower than the false negative rate. In the lab both are near zero.

          In practice false positives are due to contamination or lab error. False negatives are mostly due to under sampling or processing error.

          1. It’s not entirely a myth. It’s a byproduct of the blind/misinformed witchhunt for superspreaders. There’s footage of Fauci saying stupid shit like ‘There was no standard, 36 cycles is too high, it’s more likely that someone coughed on their hand, touched a door, and then handled a sample that’s leading to false positives’. Even though such an assertion flies in the face of contact transmission claims and requires a phenomenally concentrated contact sample to have the effect he’s suggesting.

          2. Even your own claim exemplifies this ‘credentialed speculative idiocy’: “Labs run the test exactly as recommended, if false positives are occurring, it’s because of contamination or processing errors.”

            You might as well be saying, “The market is expected to go up, unless something happens and it goes down.”

          3. Here’s an example @5:16 specifically:

            Host: [sic]”So is reporting out a cycle threshold a standard practice now rather than reporting out a diagnosis?”
            Fauci: [sic]”Yes. I mean, when you go in, when I get my test, you know it’s negative. When someone comes back positive, they don’t give them the threshold until you go back and asks for it.”

            So, does Dr. Fauci not understand the distinction between standard reporting and special requests or not? Considering, as you assert, Fauci doesn’t speak for all labs and all cycling methodologies, how is his doublespeak conjecture anything other than disinformation? Because he holds a government job?

            1. Fauci probably understands. But he is probably a lying little cunt.

              1. Still assuming the best of intentions, if that’s the message, what difference does it make if it’s delivered by Dr. Fauci or somebody like Bill Maher or Jim Cramer?

              2. not “Probably”
                he is “admittedly” a lying little cunt.

        4. I call bullshit on every assertion there. And irrelevant since WHO doesn’t matter in the US.

          1. But, we’re rejoining now.

        1. Sorry but antibody data from one sampling period in mostly August is bullshit by now. I saw that result then too. And it was useful info – then. Not now. Repeating it now is nothing but an attempt to sell some agenda.

        2. 1) This data is obsolete.
          2) the study supports the contention that actual infections are many multiples of the number of positive tests, around 5x.

    3. Fauci absolutely refuses to admit that the evidence is clear that prior infection confers future immunity, despite the overwhelming evidence that this is the case. We have had six “reinfections” out of 30 million positive tests. As SUUTC shows herein, that is such a small percentage that it is difficult to show without resorting to scientific notation. That number is so small that it is likely that some, if not all of these alleged “reinfections,” were not true reinfections. Rather, the reinfected individuals initial positive test was actually a false positive. After all, we know that the false positive rate of any of the tests is a nonzero number. Given the irrational and unscientific pessimism of Fauci, it appears that he is intent on prolonging this as long as possible lest the Sunday morning talk show gigs dry up.

      This also goes to another issue. Fauci’s pessimism is actually prolonging this pandemic. Given that the data is overwhelming that prior infection confers future immunity, we should be moving everyone who has already had COVID to the very back of the vaccination line, regardless of age or occupation. Every vaccination that these people receive is a wasted vaccination as far as ending the pandemic is concerned. Further, we should expand antibody testing so we can identify more people who should be moved to the back of the line. If we did these two things, we could be completely out of the woods my mid April at the latest. Does anyone here actually believe that Fauci would be happy about that?

      1. However, to be sure, Fauci does admit, freely and openly, that he is a liar.
        He is never to be trusted.

        1. He never should have been trusted in the first place. He was wildly off in his prediction of the AIDS infection and mortality totals because he refused to admit, despite all available evidence, that the AIDS virus was transmitted primarily through male gay sex. I’ll bet you still couldn’t get him to admit that today. That’s not the only “pandemic” prediction that he thoroughly botched. That he is in the position he is in today reinforces what we already know: The government rewards failure.

          1. Yep–he’s blown four pandemics in his long career. That he’s being treated like some kind of all-knowing sage shows how puerile, ignorant, and gullible the so-called “educated” class really is.

            1. Traitor

              1. Hicklib faggot.

          2. Yup, contact tracing would have absolutely worked with AIDS and saved many, many lives. Oh well, let them eat cake.

            1. I think you mean eat ass?

          3. Traitor

    4. The authorities treat those vaccinated against Covid-19 as herd-immunized because they are. People, both older and younger, healthy ones, have been permanently damaged and sickened by, and have died from the Covid-19 virus.

      1. The same is true of other cold and flu viruses that we somehow managed not to destroy our society over.

  9. (Political leaders as always simply crave the control.)

  10. “Meanwhile, in public, indoor spaces where we interact with people we don’t know, it makes sense to keep the masks and distancing going”

    What exactly does that mean? Does it mean it’s a good idea to keep wearing a mask? Or does it mean governors should sustain their executive-branch proclamations commanding all persons to wear masks, under threat of punishment?

    1. I means they overlook the fact that most people catch it from someone they know.

      1. Or, at least, they’ll say it’s the case when superspreader events like Christmas or Thanksgiving are taking place and then forget that they said that when case numbers are dropping and bars and restaurants talk about reopening.

    2. Just because people get vaccinated does not mean that they don’t have to wear masks when they go out in public, or to social distance, or to avoid large gatherings. No matter how many people get vaccinated, those rules for wearing masks, social distancing and avoiding large gatherings will still be in place for quite awhile, perhaps well into 2022! Donald Trump got us into this by his malicious and deliberate misleading the American people about it by his lies and declarations that Covid-19 was a hoax, and that’s why we’re in this mess.

      1. OK, I’m starting to think this guy must be a parody. No one could be this credulous.

  11. You all cite the obvious factions that will never give up official fear, from power-hungry activists to self-serving bureaucrats and nanny health “experts”.

    But you are missing the elephant in the room. We now have a society with millions of people who crave safety and protection, and are eager to be told what to do–and to see others similarly controlled. COVID has revealed just how many people, across all ranges of education, income, and even politics are essentially scared of life, and unable (or unwilling) to think and act for themselves. They want official assurance. They want official mandates. And they are not just willing but eager to give up freedom and autonomy.

    Something about trading liberty for safety…

    1. The reasons are about not wanting to spread the virus to others who may be vulnerable. It is more about altruism or just common consideration than fear. Older people or those with medical conditions shop at the grocery too.

      I saw that Merck is now partnering with J&J to produce their vaccine so that is good. They are big time vaccine manufacturers. I think we will see results sooner than we thought.

      1. “Older people or those with medical conditions shop at the grocery too.”

        You bet, buster.
        And we do it at a chain with a “mask” policy regarding cloth face coverings that exempts the old farts with breathing issues. So when you see me smiling, there is a reason for the smile, and for the fact that you can see the smile.

        1. So what’s wrong with that?

          1. You claim he wants to kill other old people, that’s what.

      2. The reasons are about not wanting to potentially spread the virus to others who may be vulnerable.

        I can’t spread a virus I’m not infected with. Even for a virus I am infected with, the potential to spread it is well less than 100%. Otherwise, we should be revoking the driver’s licenses of people over 70 much, much more frequently based on their increased potential to harm themselves or others. Do you advocate revoking driver’s licenses for everyone over a certain age, regardless of their mental/driving capabilities?

        1. Otherwise, we should be revoking the driver’s licenses of people over 70 much, much more frequently based on their increased potential to harm themselves or others.

          As well as holding off on legalizing driver’s licenses until people are 24 years old, based on accident statistics.

          1. Traitor

            1. Hicklib faggot.

        2. But I’m not making a legal argument for mask wearing or driving.

          I have stated repeatedly that I am not in favor of government mandates.

          1. Right. You’re just perpetuating the lie that potential altruism = altruism and/or that poorly reasoned altruism never leads to decidedly anti-altruistic outcomes.

        3. Oh, come on now, mad.casual! There are plenty of people over 70 who are competent drivers. The age of 16 is far too young for a driver’s license, imho. It used to be that in most states, the age for getting a driver’s license was 18. It would’ve been better if it had stayed that way.

        4. Ahhhh, but a person can be infected with the Covid-19 virus, be asymptomatic (meaning having no symptoms), and therefore, can still spread it to other people if they’re not wearing a mask, or refusing to social distance and keep the recommended six feet apart from them.

          1. Dude, they can spread it to other people if they are wearing a mask. We really don’t know how viruses spread in much detail. Masks are basically a hypothesis. Yet you act as if they are a barrier that blocks this virus. Which is one thing we know for sure masks are not.

      3. So what? To further my point, how extreme does your (or their) risk-intolerance go, and how demanding of restrictions on other people do you think you are entitled to? Does any degree of fear, or “concern” give you a mandate to restrict the freedom of others?

        And what if I claim altruism or common consideration of the basic freedoms of others? Does my moral grandstanding outweigh yours?

        1. Well there is the conundrum isn’t it?

          I am not in favor of government mandates or imposition in this. I would encourage people to act responsibly.

          1. Sometimes, however, government mandates ARE necessary, and this is one of these times. Government mandates are put in place for a damned good reason: People, unfortunately don’t always act responsibly, and THAT’S the problem, in a nutshell.

            1. No, the problem is that there is an airborne virus that is pretty infectious. If your solution depends on everyone behaving exactly as you would wish 100% of the time, then it is a garbage solution that has no chance of success.

      4. In most cases, it’s not altruism driving people. It’s fear. Some people (and many progressives) claim to care about the welfare of others, such as older people, people of color, or whatever, but then when it is demonstrated to them that many of the policies they favor have a markedly negative effect on those very groups (or no demonstrably positive effects to justify the disruptions they cause), they typically brush that aside without a second’s thought. If you press them long enough, they usually fall back to their true position: You have no right to endanger *me*. That’s what it’s about for them. They (often people in no high-risk category) are afraid for themselves.

        You could say that my ascribing fear as the primary motivation for support of lockdowns is anecdotal and biased. Okay, but so is your assumption of altruism. I can only go with what I see, and what I see for the most part from the pro-lockdown crowd is fear and loathing, fear for personal survival and loathing of other people’s freedom to act according to what they think is right.

        1. People are most often self serving that is true. So fear here can also be simply self preservation. If I know that there is danger I may choose to avoid it.

          I am proposing another motive and moral basis to take precautions even if I am not concerned with risk to myself..

          1. Sure, and your motives may be altruistic, I don’t know. But ascribing altruism to the larger population is a stretch, and although, yeah, the fear here is for self-preservation, what is defined as “self-preservation” is often unreasonable. “I’m afraid” becomes not simply “I’ll cower in a room somewhere” but “everyone else needs to prevented from doing anything.” Which is what Earth Skeptic is talking about.

        2. One must bear in mind that Donald Trump’s actions while he was in power made mask mandates and lockdowns necessary. Had he not fired/defunded the government’s anti-pandemic coalition, and deliberately lied to the American people by laughing off Covid-19 as a hoax, we would not be in this situation right now.

          Also, wearing masks protects the wearers, as well as other people. Social distancing and avoiding large crowds of people have worked, also. I admit–it would be nice to not have to wear masks, but until enough people are vaccinated, and the anti-vaxxers are put in their place and not permitted to endanger other people, these rules for mask wearing, social distancing, and not having large gatherings of people will have to stay in place.

          1. One must bear in mind that Donald Trump’s actions while he was in power made mask mandates and lockdowns necessary. Had he not fired/defunded the government’s anti-pandemic coalition, and deliberately lied to the American people by laughing off Covid-19 as a hoax, we would not be in this situation right now.

            Why do people continue to spew this high-toned bullshit? Donald Trump HAD NOTHING TO DO with what individual states did. The states that had the highest cases and most deaths were ALL RUN by Democrats. Every Single One.

            There is NOTHING Trump could have done that would have changed a single thing. Not one thing. And “firing” that board changed absolutely NOTHING in any individual state.

            Stop lying. Enough.

            1. YOU’RE the one who’s lying, I Callahan! Trump totally blew the chance to contain and control the Covid-19 virus while there was still a chance to do that, and he blew it, big time. He knew exactly what he was doing when he lied to the American people and laughed Covid-19 off as a hoax. That insurrection at the White House in Washington, DC was instigated by Donald Trump, and it was disgusting and endangered members of Congress who were certifying the 2020 POTUS Election, causing many to flee in fear of their lives, and resulting the death of a police officer, as well.

              1. There was never any chance it was going to be contained or controlled. That is complete nonsense.

          2. Then how do you explain all the other countries that are in the same situation, with widely varying policies and rates of compliance?

    2. We saw a smaller does of this in the hunt for the Boston Marathon bombers in 2013.

      I was appalled when I saw the citizenry being hauled out of their homes at gunpoint as the police went house to house searching for them. I was similarly perplexed at the acceptance of army like equipment and tactics that law enforcement used.

      But I learned quickly not to share my concerns about how easily people caved to perceived authority in this day and age with anyone I wanted to remain friendly with.

      Because if I did, I was then labeled and treated as a blasphemer. After all, didn’t I want to catch those terrorists? I would have lost a lot of friends.

      1. Sometimes, however, if friends unfriend you and want nothing more to do with you because you openly differ with them on something, then they’re not worth it, and they’re not your friends.

  12. The one thing that seems to be missing from all these articles is discussion of children. They won’t be vaccinated this summer so why do you think things will be normal? I realize they are at lower risk, but they get sick and die from COVID too. My wife and I plan to keep the same basic protections in place until our children can be vaccinated.

    1. BS. According to CDC stats in January for COVID deaths in 2020:

      ages 0-4: 52
      ages 5-14: 51
      ages 15-24: 483

      Your kids are more likely to die in bath tubs. Did you stop giving baths?

      1. Only get baths if they are wearing life preservers.

        1. In a shallow tub, while holding mommy’s hand.

          1. Until the age of 24.

      2. And as always, these numbers bring up two questions: (1) what was the comorbidity rate among that group, and (2) how many of those kids died with COVID rather than from COVID?

      3. I don’t let my 2 year old bath alone, so yes I still institute protections in the bathtub. How many kids die while bathing and supervised?

          1. That entire article is pure speculation. And it’s more fear porn. There is no actual evidence that this disease has any more damaging effects than a cold, the flu or bronchitis does on children.

      4. What kind of a stupid comment is that, Earth Skeptic?!? Even a few deaths as a result of Covid-19 are too damned many!

        1. So we’d better mask up for the common cold and the flu, because there are “even a few deaths” each year from those among children.

          Can’t you see where this is going? I’ve never read a more uninformed person when it comes to Covid. You’ve completely swallowed the media BS hook, line and sinker. How many times do they have to lie to you before you realize it?

    2. That’s very true, JTG. I still remember reading/hearing about a 12 year old girl who was on a ventilator due to having Covid-19, and dying from it, anyway.
      Also, even healthy young adults, too, have suffered permanent cardiac, neurological, and pulmonary damage from Covid-19, and even died from Covid-19, outright.

      Nobody, regardless of age, health, or anything else, is immune to being permanently damaged, or even dying from Covid-19. Regardless of what anybody else says or thinks, it’s not like the common cold or the seasonal flu(s) that hit every fall and winter, either.

    3. Your children have faced a far greater danger from the flu every year of their lives than they do from Covid. You need to get some perspective. I mourn for children’s future. Your kids are going to be fucked.

  13. The thing to watch for is reduction in significant disease. With the largest percent of vaccinations globally data from Israel is highly promising. Even if the virus is somewhat still around there would be no need for restrictions on activity if the number of severe cases were low.

    At this point they have vaccinated near all of the risk population and are giving it to anyone over 16. I saw an article that they are giving out free beer and pizza to encourage younger people to show up.

    Around here supply is not great and the process is too complicated but things are looking better as retail outlets like Walgreens are giving it now.

    1. Although most Israelis have received a covid vaccine, the rate of new covid cases in Israel is more than twice the rate in the US,
      and has increased during the past two weeks.

      Just 8 countries have a higher rate of new covid cases than Israel.

      But not one news story about that anomaly.

      1. Where’s a neo-nazi to blame the Jews and the media when you need one and it’s objectively appropriate?

        1. Oh yeah I forgot.

      2. They were hit pretty hard and the South African variant made it worse. It takes time for the vaccine to take effect and to get second doses in people. They are releasing data as they get it.

        Like us new cases are declining for whatever reason.

        The recent spike here has been at least partly attributed to Christmas holiday season. In Israel it was just Purim which is a huge party and gathering time and if you think it is hard getting Americans to follow rules Israelis are much more stubborn. The ultra orthodox never follow rules anyway as we saw here in NY. So that may have something to do with it.

        1. The recent spike here has been at least partly attributed to Christmas holiday season.

          Yeah, every supposed “spike” is always attributed to people not doing what the media bobbleheads tell them, rather than what the actual data shows.

          1. There is some evidence about the ultra orthodox however. They have been shown to have a 4 x higher death rate from Covid than the rest of the population.

            I have nothing against them following their beliefs and way of life but it does show that there is something there.


            1. There is some evidence about the ultra orthodox however. They have been shown to have a 4 x higher death rate from Covid than the rest of the population.

              Which doesn’t have jack shit to do with the rest of the population.

              Ultra Orthodox don’t even celebrate Christmas, so I don’t know what the fuck you think you’re proving by bringing them up.

              1. They tend not to use precautions and frequently have large gatherings where they are packed close together. They did not close the schools when there was a lockdown. They have done what many here advocate and just go on as before.

                The data just shows that this has consequences. That is the only point. I don’t criticize them for it. Just an observational point.

              2. This is compared to the rest of the population which generally follows the rules. I am not comparing it to Christmas.

            2. Following beliefs does not give people, regardless of who they are, their ages, their religion(s), or their walks of life, or where they live, the right to endanger other people and make an already-bad situation worse by refusing to abide by the rules of mask wearing out in public, social distancing, and avoiding large gatherings of people, either indoors, or outdoors.

          2. Actually they are quite libertarian in a way. They don’t care much what the government says. They follow a higher power and live by their own rules.

          3. Traitor

            1. Hicklib faggot.

        2. All it takes is a minority of people who refuse to follow the rules to endanger other people.

          1. Fuck the rules. They’re all bullshit.

            1. Fuck your stupid-assed attitude! IT’S total fucking bullshit!

  14. I was just thinking on the way to work this morning, how the government has utilized this “crisis” to directly intervene in our everyday lives.

    Whether you can work, or not; whether you can run your business, or not; where you can go; with whom you can associate, and where, including your home; if you can practice your religion. It literally spans the bill of rights. The justification? “If it saves one life, it is worth it.” Andrew Cuomo

    Fundamental, personal, and heretofore inalienable freedoms. And what have we learned from this? Given what is often very specious justification, our government can exert the power to screw with us however they see fit. On the level of individual politicians, whatever suits their messaging and image.

    So what do we do in response to this? Hopefully not, as a billboard in Grand Rapids proudly claimed, thank our overreaching politicians for “keeping us safe.”

    1. “If it saves one life, it is worth it.” Andrew Cuomo

      The question never asked: “If it costs one life, is it worth it?”
      Of course, we cannot ask grandma that question in NY.

      1. Oh, give me a break. I guarantee you that the vast majority of grandmas dying in nursing homes could care less if their misery is cut short a few months if they could die around their loved ones and know that their grandchildren were in school and not losing their minds, and their beloved country had not devolved into totalitarianism.

  15. Here is an idea.

    L:ift all restrictions.

    Those who feel it is too unsafe to go out in public can wait until they get the vaccine.

    1. Lift all government restrictions. Grocery stores should still be free to demand you wear a mask if they want you do. And despite lifting restrictions in Texas, many Texas chains are still keeping their restrictions in place. Because freedom is a two way street.

      If the restaurant says “no shoes, no shirt, no service” then wear your fucking shoes and shirt you damned hippy!

      1. Tell me more about how private businesses can make law? They can politely request but without a law, which comes from the government, they can’t ‘require’ anything.

      2. Thanks to various court rulings, I can identify as a barefoot, shirtless tribal member and go anywhere and demand service.

        (of course, since I identify as a reasonable human being, I would not do that, but the option remains)

    2. But wait. We still have murder hornets. Don’t we?

    3. You are an asshole, Michael Ejercito! People like YOU are the ones who got us into this situation in the first place. It takes only a minority of people to screw everybody else over!

      1. Oh quit whining.

      2. You have something against minorities?

  16. “That means if you get one of these vaccines, you will not die of COVID-19.“

    Even if we assume that is true, the sentence before made clear that a vaccinated person can still get infected by COVID. If that infected person then dies by any other means… it still gets counted as a COVID death.

    1. Nonsense. If someone infected by COVID-19 gets run over by a truck, then the death is ruled as getting run over by a truck.

      Only if COVID-19 was a major contributing factor does it count as a COVID-19 death. If the virus fills up your lungs so you choke to death, you rule that as death by the virus, not death by asphyxiation. Damn, did you flunk medical school or something?

      It’s like old age. Hardly anyone dies of old age. Instead they die of stuff brought on by old age. His heart just stopped in his sleep at age 99. To everyone except you that’s counts as dying of old age.

      1. Again, though, he’s not entirely wrong. In many places, influenza deaths have evaporated and there’s no definitive medical way to determine whether someone was killed by influenza rather than COVID. It’s not impossible to say that influenza “went away” but, again, there’s no definitive differential for ‘died of COVID’ and ‘died of influenza’ absent a positive/negative test. Similar for the 220,000 people who died with both COVID and pneumonia.

        Moreover, this fuzziness complicates the idiocy of daily/weekly COVID death numbers and mandates that are meant to prevent COVID deaths but may have no effect on lagging data from pneumonia or influenza deaths. If half the COVID deaths had pneumonia as a co-morbidity, why are people who don’t have COVID *or* pneumonia being forced to wear masks?

      2. If only that were true, because that is the way it should be. I personally know three people that have died of COVID, these are their stories:

        -One was a 83 your old man with severe health problems, COPD, diabetes, kidney disease etc. He had been fully quarantined for months, but had chest pains, went to the hospital. They told him he’d had a mild heart attack, they needed to put stents in. During the surgery, hours later, he was not strong enough for the surgery, his organs began shutting down, his wife was told to rush to the hospital. He lived another 12 hours. The death certificate said COVID as primary cause, COPD as secondary, no mention of the heart attack, probably a CYA by the doctors who shouldn’t have done the surgery in the first place.

        -Second was a 42 year old hairdresser friend, she had severe chemical abuse issues and ODed and had been in a coma on life support for 14 months. Family worked with doctors, decided to take her off, got the death certificate and the cause of death was COVID.

        -My last friend really did die of COVID and she was only 40 years old. However, she was over 700 pounds earlier in her life, was severely overweight her entire life, was down to about 450, but had been on dialysis for three years, and had other health issues.

        What this tells us is that in populations where an autopsy was not performed hospitals and physicians have routinely used COVID as a primary cause of death, when it should not have been. Why? Money from the CARES Act for the diagnosis.

        1. An elderly FOAF with COPD fell down the stairs and died. That was recorded as from CoVID-19.

        1. “Despite health officials knowing the man died in a motorcycle crash, it is unclear whether or not his death was removed from the overall count in the state.”

          So they don’t know. They have to report the positive test and if it was listed may have just been an error on the part of someone at the health department

          In any case it is not going to skew the data.

    2. Vaccines at least will reduce the severity of the illnesses that they’re protecting the public against.

  17. We could go back to normal today but then it would be obvious, even to the Democrats, that it was all political.

  18. Karenocracy. That’s what this is called.

    Masks during a pandemic is good. Masks after a pandemic is batshit crazy. Wear them if you want, but do not demand them after the pandemic is over.

    I have a friend who want a permanent lockdown. He has said so explicitly. BUt he’s alos OCD and a germaphobe, and at age 55 he found himself a 30 year old girlfriend right as the lockdown started. So to him paradise is being stuck inside away from all people except his new younger girlfriend for the rest of time.

    But that’s not normal. The onus on special social behaviors is on him, we normal people should be able to live normal social lives. We understand that these temporary pandemic norms are temporary.

    But it seems like people like my friend are running the country. Either people like him, or people using people like him to grab power. People forcing their personal obsessions and compulsions on everyone else.


    1. I’ve been calling it Faucism.

      Nobody elected the Karens and the neurotic apprehension of Karenism is far more pervasive and long-standing than Fauci but it wasn’t until COVID that Fauci whipped up the Karens and seized the power to impose mask mandates and moratoriums on eviction and capture corporations to produce vaccines,

    2. I don’t think he realizes that younger girlfriend will likely get bored out of her skull being locked up forever with his AARP-eligible ass.

      1. Traitor

        1. Hicklib faggot.

    3. Hey. I want what he’s having!

    4. We’re still in the middle of the pandemic, and getting vaccinated is an absolute necessity–for everybody. Almost nobody wants a permanent lockdown, but until this pandemic is under control, mask mandates and lockdowns, and rules for social distancing and against having large gatherings of people will have to stay in place.

  19. We’re never going back to normal. The political class ran the greatest experiment in the history of human civilization on us, and it worked. Not only did it work, but a large part of the population enthusiastically participated.

    We’re done. Get used to permanent masks and permanent lockdowns of one type or another.

    1. And as others pointed out above, even if we do somehow rid ourselves of masks in the next year, the precedent has been set for the next time 500, 5K, or 50K people die of an infectious disease, everyone, whether they have the disease or are even susceptible to it or not, will have to wear masks.

      See LGBTQ. Even if it abates, it won’t stop until it gets to enforcing principled stupidity on people.

      1. Yeah, I guarantee that even if the restrictions are lifted, blue states will go right back to do them during the annual flu season. And they’ll still be clueless as to why those restrictions didn’t stop tens of thousands of people dying.

        1. Benedict Arnold here needs to be branded a traitor so everyone knows he put his hard on for Trump above his own country.


          1. Hicklib Faggot here needs to get the Full Matthew Shepherd so he doesn’t pollute non-retard society with his penis obsession.

            Hicklib faggot.

            1. At least I’m not a fascist Nazi traitor like you.

              Why do you hate America?


        2. They won’t be clueless, they’ll just have the wrong clues or willfully misinterpret them. See IN and WI causing Chicago’s gun problem.

      2. @mad.casual

        How much time do you protest laws requiring people to wear pants in public? If you aren’t upset about those laws, why are masks upsetting you? At least masks save lives, pants are purely cosmetic.

        If it prevents 500, 5k, or 50k people from dying of an infectious disease, everyone absolutely should wear masks. It’s a trivial inconvenience. Basically you get to do everything you do normally, except you’re wearing a mask while you’re doing it. Again, it’s not really a bigger civil liberty violation than requiring people to wear shirts or pants in public, and few people protest those.

        The other stuff, the lockdowns, the no mass gatherings, it makes sense to protest that. That is preventing you from doing something you want to do. Mask wearing, by contrast, is just you get to act exactly the way you always do, except you wear a mask.

  20. We can justifiably hope for normalcy by Independence Day.

    Assuming congress doesn’t repeal that day.

    1. definite rename in the works

      1. I love getting hammered and blowing shit up on slave owning racist white male privilege day.

  21. Democratic Politicians, “I cannot believe the Trump Administration ?-allowed-? vaccines to be available. How are we going to monopolize the world under our Power-Mad Gov-God authority now! Guess we’ll have to just not ?-allow-? under the pretense of ‘what ifs’.”

  22. We’ve been operating normally since around May last year. I mean living in a state with a republican governor and not controlled by wet diaper democrats who freak out over a cold virus is certainly nice.

    Oh we have our bevy of Karens here, but they don’t matter.

    1. I saw a bevy of Karens fly by just yesterday. Rather early for this time of year.

  23. 50% of Americans are now immune from covid according to CDC covid case data (and CDC’s estimate 4.6 times more Americans were infected with covid than tested positive), and assuming all previously infected people remain immune, 90% of 1st covid vaccine dose recipients are now immune, and 10% of 2nd covid vaccine dose recipients are now immune.

    More specifically, of the estimated 50.1% of Americans who are now immune from covid, 40.9% are immune due to past infection, 8.4% are immune due to their first vaccine dose, and .8% are immune due to their second vaccine.

    To calculate, the following equation was utilized.
    (.089 x 4.6 = .409) + (.159 x .59 x .9 = .084%) + (.081 x .1 = .8%) = 40.9% + 8.4% + .8% = 50.1%

    Although the Biden, CDC, FDA, Big Pharma, Big Tech and left wing propagandists (aka the news media) have been trying to dupe Americans to believe that only vaccines can confer immunity from covid, so far, 4 times more Americans have become immune due to past infection (than have become immune due to vaccines).

    1. There is a big issue with your calculation. How many people who received the vaccine also had a prior COVID infection? To restate that, on how many people was a COVID vaccination a waste of a perfectly good vaccine dose?

    2. ” assuming all previously infected people remain immune,”

      You can get even better results if we assume slightly differently. Say, we assume that people with NO previous infection remain immune. there, now we have assumed herd immunity already! If we can start by assuming any damn thing we want, we can get any result we like better than the actual truth.

      1. The reinfection rate is under a dozen out of over 30 million known cases in the US. statistically zero.

  24. If the more weak-minded people I know keep hesitating to see me in public, I don’t care. If they want to breathe bad recirculated air in their hermetically sealed homes this spring and summer, that’s their prerogative.

    1. I wasn’t aware that “weak-minded” had become a term for “doesn’t want to put other people’s lives in danger.” Are people who use designated drivers also weak-minded? What about people people who don’t commit arson?

  25. But we DO have plenty of solid evidence to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the seasonal flu vaccines are, at very best, marginally effective, and many more are still dying of THAT disease than are of this WuFlu thing. Furter, the deaths per known infection rate is higher for the seasonal flu, on average, over the past decade or so. Yet we aren’t on lockdown, wearing masks, limiting crowds” in open spaces, closing businesses, nor any o fhe other politically convenient “measures” and “mandates” that have infestd us over the past year.
    I’ve never gotten any of those flu shots, nor have I ever gotten one of those flu bugs either.

    WHy should I believe these louts anyway? And on WHAT Constitutional authority do these clowns order us all about, anyway?

    1. Covid is significantly worse than the flu.

      From Johns Hopkins:

      COVID-19: There have been approximately 2,561,880 deaths reported worldwide. In the U.S, 518,459 people have died of COVID-19 between January 2020 and March 4, 2021.*

      Flu: The World Health Organization estimates that 290,000 to 650,000 people die of flu-related causes every year worldwide.

      Flu vaccines are about 40% effective in preventing illness most years. The Covid vaccines are looking considerably better.

  26. I’m not sure why we have to wait six weeks after everybody has access to vaccinations as the author recommends. If we hit herd immunity mid-May to early-June, why not fully reopen then? Open the stadiums and concerts. Not everybody is going to get the vaccine, and the most at-risk population (70+) will have access to it at that point. No point in waiting longer.

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  28. “We can justifiably hope for normalcy by Independence Day.”

    Or we could, if there was any such thing as “normalcy” to hope for.

  29. I would like to share with everyone that the Anti-Covid vaccine tweets face five-strikes ban coverage, please read more here.

  30. Meanwhile, yesterday’s headline on AOL News: “EXPERTS PREDICT FOURTH WAVE OF COVID CASES.”

  31. In bad news today a large multi center study of 4 antiviral drugs used to treat Covid infection demonstrated little or no benefit.

  32. It is irresponsible and foolhardy to say that we can achieve normalcy by Independence Day, for two reasons. First, we will never go back to the way the world was before COVID 19. Our lives have been forever altered, and we have to accept it. The second reason is that These idiots who are lifting restrictions and trying to pretend things are “normal” for political gain are going to drag us backwards, and we will instead see the situation deteriorate because of this. With the stupidity of the governors such as in Texas and Mississippi, we are likely to see another surge within the next few weeks, which will only make the economic and human toll worse.
    People need to grow up, quit whining, and wear their masks and practice the other basic protocols. We finally got the spoiled brat out of the White House, but Trump’s selfish, short-sighted idiocy has infected far too many people. Stop pining for “normalcy” and start thinking about safety and personal responsibility.

    1. Yeah, you whiney white supremacist clingers! Get used to wearing masks, double or triple, forever! And don’t eat runny egg yolks! And more than one alcoholic beverage per month is excessive intake! Don’t buy paint or drive to your second homes! And remember: chicken wings are not food!

    2. Please, Mike, we already have enough parody accounts.

  33. The mRNA vaccines are an amazing story. Moderna has been working on this approach for over a decade. Nothing worked. They have never produced anything useful.

    Then this came along. In almost no time it was like they found a key to a locked room. Pfizer also. This was based on what they had learned with persistence over time. I think some kudos are due here.

    There are still more questions than answers. I try to ignore the media and focus on the scientific articles, data, and medical news some of which I link to here. It is not just a hobby for me. I use this information.

    I think things are going to start soon. This has been a global human effort like no other. Ignore the political bickering and you get a whole different picture.

  34. While I appreciate the attempt at rational thought, we lost the plot in March of 2020 when we basically pulled a George Costanza yelling ‘Fire’ and bulldozing Bozo the Clown and granny.

    We in effect, ran over granny while trying to save her because we panicked like a bunch of pathetic and useless morons. Then we herded the sheep and played fear mongering carrousel – of which the masks played a key role. Never in my life have I seen a complete abdication of logic and science with these stupid amulets that do NOTHING except subjugate people to fear so the incompetent criminals at the top figure out what to do.

    Here in Quebec, I think it’s quite possibly the worst of all 60 jurisdictions on the continent. The shit our idiot officials say is astonishing and appalling. And the Premier is one arrogant prick about his ignorance and stupidity. Very stupid people who purposely mislead the population without giving them proper perspective and context lead the charge of sending people over the cliff.

    As the author notes, this was psychological abuse and terrorism at its finest. It’s too late. The damage was done. These bandits ruined a generation or two of people. You’re not gonna get back the person who drove in a car alone in a mask. Or the idiot who pokes a hole in their mask to drink while posting it on social media to show how smart they are.

    Masks are for terrified sheep and narcissists engaging in false virtue. There ain’t a stick of SOLID EMPIRICAL evidence these things made with known carcinogens work.

    It’s funny. A lot of people who know jack shit about masks seem to think they understand them. Doctors and infectious disease experts aren’t PPE experts. As such, they talk out of their asses when it comes to masks. They’re outside their lane.

    Go talk to physicists, microbiologists (the ones who don’t wear diapers because of pant shitting) and actual PPE experts. I’ve spent months researching this in depth. See what they say. Notice how NONE of them get TV time.

    It’s all bull shit. Greatest health panic in history.


    1. Oh, and this is the reason why Sweden is a model for us all. They will end up no better or worse but with one key difference: They will not have psychologically traumatized people (especially kids like us fuckheads did in North America) and preserved some respect for civil liberties. They KILLED us on that front.

      They followed ACTUAL established science and protocols.

      We ignored and pissed on it.

      Mask up, save lives you twits!

      1. FFS! Sweden is NOT a model here.

        They’re actually about to go into lockdown because of another surge of COVID cases. They had periods of shutdowns of indoor dining and bars, etc. Their COVID death rate is one of the highest in Europe. What too many people did is read a news story last summer when Sweden decided not to do COVID measures and everything was “fine”. But it wasn’t. There was never any follow up to that news story that was reported. Sweden is a COVID shit show.

        1. I’m not buying a single sentence of this bullshit.

          If this were true, the disease would have already spread throughout the population during the time they were not locked down. That didn’t happen. Then a few months ago, they DID lock down, and the numbers jumped.

          Provide a link to that “news story”.

    2. Oh, shut the fuck up, Rufus The Monocled! You’re the one who’s bullshitting about how the mask wearing, social distancing, lockdowns and avoiding large gatherings of people, either indoors or outdoors, and vaccines against Covid-19 are totally unnecessary.

      It’s people like YOU who are the reason that we’re in this mess right now.

  35. No, it’s people like YOU, mapol, that are the cause of this mess. We could have treated the elderly and let the disease run its course and this would already be over with. Instead, we’re going into a second year of life not being at 100%., all because people like you let the politicians take over our lives.

    There aren’t the words to describe the anger I have to those of you who ruined peoples’ lives over this.

    1. We could have treated the elderly and let the disease run its course and this would already be over with.

      No you could not have accepted that because the ONLY information you people accepted as the basis for making a decision was ‘this is just the flu’. You people are STILL yapping that shit.

      IF covid19 was truly ‘just the flu’, then the ONLY acceptable policy option was to do nothing at all outside ‘flu season’ (meaning nothing until Nov 2020 or so) and, within flu season, solely to talk about vaccines for the elderly (which I’m glad happened but there is nothing at all certain about that viewed from a year ago). That’s how we handle ‘this is just the flu’. We ignore it because we have a vaccine and 30k or so annual average deaths – 75%+ from over 65’s (85% in ‘bad flu years’ when the total death count is higher and so is the skew towards the elderly) – is considered ‘normal’ not ‘excess’

      Once you people stuck your head up your ass and your fingers in your armpits shouting ‘lalalalalala I can’t hear you’, then you rendered YOURSELF irrelevant. You chose to add not one whit of actual knowledge. Not even the knowledge I just provided above about how seasonal flu and demographics of death itself differ from year to year. Not one whit of where a particular philosophy of government restraint/limit has a role to play in a pandemic. Because – you people deny that a pandemic actually happens. It’s just the flu.

      You people are the village idiot and are permanently non-credible. That doesn’t make the CDC credible. It simply makes you permanently non-credible.

  36. Waktunya merdeka dari virus korona

  37. These are the kind of articles that we are up against in revealing the truth about this experimental vaccine. If more people would do their research before getting the shots, more people would resist getting it. But, they choose to believe the words in this article and social media. They are keeping the truth from being exposed because they want everyone to get this dangerous vaccine. Now that I know the truth about vaccines, I refuse to put this poison in my body ever again. This vaccine is different compared to others because it has the mRNA which can alter your DNA. Check the CDC website for the list of ingredients in these vaccines. Once you get this shot, just realize there is no turning back. There have been far more adverse reactions and deaths from this vaccine than the media is reporting right now. Please use common sense and check into this before you become a lab experiment or it may cost you your life.

      ***please note, I do believe it is a personal choice to get the covid vaccine.. but right here is why I have chosen not to**
      Something to think about.
      Am I missing something? Please point me in the direction of empirical evidence that will help me understand this nonsense.
      Ok, so remind me again what is the purpose of being vaccinated against COVID-19? “THINK” about these statements!!
      “If I get vaccinated”:
      1.- Can I stop wearing the mask? Government: No
      2.- Can they reopen restaurants, pubs, bars etc. and everyone work normally? Government: No
      3.- Will I be resistant to COVID-19? Government Response – Maybe, but we don’t know exactly, it probably won’t stop you getting it
      4.- At least I won’t be contagious to others anymore? Government Response – No, it doesn’t stop transmission.
      5.- If I am vaccinated, can I stop social distancing? Government: No
      6.- If I am vaccinated, can I stop disinfecting my hands? Government: No
      7.- If I vaccinate myself and my grandparents, can we hug each other? Government: No
      8.- Will cinemas, theatres and stadiums operate as per normal thanks to vaccines? Government: No
      9.- What is the benefit of the vaccine? Government Response – Hoping the virus won’t kill you.
      10.- Are you sure it won’t kill me? Government: No
      11.- If statistically the virus won’t kill me anyway (99.7% survival rate) … Why would I get vaccinated?” Government Response – To protect others.
      12.- So if I get vaccinated, I can protect 100% of people I come in contact with? Government: No
      13.- Can you guarantee that I won’t experience adverse effects from taking the vaccine or die from the vaccine itself? Government Response – No
      14. – Since you’re encouraging every American to get vaccinated then, when people experience severe adverse reactions, long term effects (still unknown) or die from the vaccine will they or their families be compensated? Government response: NO – the government and vaccine manufactures have 100% zero liability in experimental stages.
      15. -How long does the vaccine last? Government response- we aren’t sure.
      So, to summarize, the Covid 19 vaccine… Does not give immunity. Does not eliminate the virus. Does not prevent death. Does not guarantee you won’t get it. Does not stop you passing it on. Does not eliminate the need for travel bans. Does not eliminate the need for business closures. Does not eliminate the need for lock-downs. Does not eliminate the need for masking.
      Copied and pasted, feel free to do the same.

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