Election 2020

Woke Excess Causes Minority Voters To Flee the Democratic Party

The cultural views of elite white liberals are not popular with many minorities.


While the Democratic Party pulled off a complete (albeit narrow) victory over Donald Trump and the Republican Party in 2020, they lost ground with nonwhite voters—despite significantly raising the salience of racial justice issues during the campaign.

According to progressive pollster David Shor, it's time to face the facts: The cultural views of very highly-educated, very left-leaning white people are toxic for many nonwhite voters who would otherwise support the Democratic Party.

"I don't think a lot of people expected Donald Trump's GOP to have a much more diverse support base than Mitt Romney's did in 2012," Shor told New York magazine in a recent interview. "But that's what happened."

Shor pointed to two specific associations—socialism and the "defund the police" movement—that appear to have tarnished the Democratic Party in the eyes of minority voters. The former is an unsurprising finding, and something I've written on previously: Socialism is generally not popular with Hispanic voters, who associate it with the kind of political oppression experienced by people in Venezuela and Cuba.

But the latter is also noteworthy, given that "defund the police" is a mantra recited by progressive activists who purport to represent the wishes of racial minorities. These activists claim, for instance, that the role of police in society is to defend or legitimize America's white supremacist culture. In other words, activists want to defund the police because they think doing so is a necessary component of antiracist organizing.

The trouble is that many racial minorities don't actually share that view.

"We raised the salience of an ideologically charged issue that millions of nonwhite voters disagreed with us on," said Shor. "And then, as a result, these conservative Hispanic voters who'd been voting for us despite their ideological inclinations started voting more like conservative whites."

Importantly, this holds true for the highly specific way that elite white liberals talk about race in general. Shor again:

In liberal circles, racism has been defined in highly ideological terms. And this theoretical perspective on what racism means and the nature of racial inequality have become a big part of the group identity of college-educated Democrats, white and nonwhite. But it's not necessarily how most nonwhite, working-class people understand racism. …

If you look at the concrete questions, white liberals are to the left of Hispanic Democrats, but also of Black Democrats, on defunding the police and those ideological questions about the source of racial inequity.

It seems fairly clear, based on Shor's polling, that Ivy League–educated white liberals' messaging on an assortment of issues falling under a category I have termed "woke excess" ended up driving minority voters into the arms of Trump. This wasn't enough to give Trump a second term, but it probably helped the Republicans dramatically improve their position in the House of Representatives.

Woke excess goes by many names, including "political correctness run amok," which I previously claimed was a non-trivial explanation for Trump's surprise win in 2016. (It also drives "cancel culture," which is currently the thing that Republicans seem most interested in symbolically fighting.) Several smart thinkers, including McGill University's Jacob Levy, disagreed with my argument that the backlash against political correctness was significant; I was "mapping my list of excesses onto the voting behavior of 80,000 very-low-information voters in three states," according to Levy.

Four years later, the thesis that highly educated white liberals are sabotaging the Democratic Party and inadvertently helping Trump seems, if anything, better supported than it was previously: Woke excess doesn't just turn off non-college whites, but it also prompts some Hispanic and black voters to defect from the Democratic coalition.

In a post for Slow Boring on how Democrats can win more elections, Matthew Yglesias offers some concrete suggestions for the party's candidates:

  • Say you think it's dumb that they are putting warning labels on old TV shows like the muppets. Just let people watch stuff.
  • Say you don't think it's fair to call people racist when they worry about crime or illegal immigration — these are things lots of folks worry about, and the government owes them solutions.
  • Especially if you are Vice President Kamala Harris, a former elected official from San Francisco, say that canceling Abraham Lincoln while keeping the city's schools closed is the kind of dumb shit that makes people think Democrats can't govern, and you're mad about it.

I would add that Democratic candidates should fire any staffer who advised them to use the word "Latinx." That this term, which only about 2 percent of Hispanics actually like and use, has rapidly taken hold in mainstream media, is a powerful example of how campus culture has quickly come to dominate elite institutions, contrary to the wishes of actual minorities.

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  1. So, the Canuck Prof says 80,000 minority voters you studied are “low information”, because they didnt accept wokester gibberish unquestioningly? Talk about racism….

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    2. Has to be wokester gibberish. Ignore the high percentage of minorities that, for example, want reduced illegal immigration.

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    3. a category I have termed “woke excess” is itself excess; “woke” alone is excess by definition.

      And yes, Trump did get a lot of votes in 2016 from disgust at political correctness run amok. But he also got a lot of votes from Hillary pushing Trump in the primaries because she didn’t understand the PC backlash and thought Trump would be a pushover come the general in November. Little did she realize that by boosting Trump, she was poiting out to those who were fed up with political correctness that they had a viable alternative to the usual GOP nothing burger. She showed them where the beef was, and confirmed their opinion ttat she was a half-cooked veggie burger.

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    5. Exactly. White, well-to-do intellectuals are still trying to be the authority on how other people–particularly minorities–must live their lives. It’s unquestionably racist, and it’s just the next step in racism for the Democratic party, which has been racist for the vast majority of their existence.

      Minority voters come easier when you pretend to care about minorities.

  2. Believe all womxn?

    1. Not the Cuomo traitors, that’s for sure!

      1. Cuomx.

        1. Cuomx traitxrs?

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        2. +1, x factor

  3. Why don’t “those people” want to do what we think is best for them?

    /Elite white leftists.

    1. “Multiracial white supremacy.”

      1. Minorities and their problems are props for white people vs. white people for control.

        “Defund the police. Now, Muffy, tell Chef to make the fillet pave a poivre and we’ll lunch on the patio.”

        1. “We need much more aggressive policing to make people wear masks and socially distance. See you at the Black Lives Matter rally!”

  4. I’m not convinced this is true. Literally all my friends of color are more enthusiastic than ever about the Democratic Party.

    But for a moment let’s assume it is true. So what? Democrats won not only a historic Presidential landslide in 2020, but also the House and Senate. The party is in fantastic shape. So apparently it’s possible to lose some minority support and still build a winning coalition out of Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Hollywood, billionaires, Koch-funded libertarian writers, and early 2000s neocons.

    1. “Literally all my friends of color are more enthusiastic than ever about the Democratic Party.”

      Both of them?

      1. You might need to recalibrate your [sarc] meter.

        OTOH OBL-T might just be serious. In which case, bring popcorn.

    2. “Democrats won not only a historic Presidential landslide in 2020”

      The left/Democrats are always going on about elevating the “national popular vote over the Electoral College.

      The margin between Biden and Trump in the national popular vote was less than 5%.

      The more you call that a landslide, the less credible you are.

      1. Now that they implemented “voter expansion” measures (to combat “voter suppression” tactics of the GOP like confirmation of identity, and accurate registered voter rolls) across the country, and own the media (not just a reliable slant, but aggressive, on-demand, work-for-the-DNC type support), the Dems are confident they can enforce one-party rule, basically forever.

        As long as they can say anything they want and have it backed up by the legacy media, they’re pretty sure it’s going to be one-party rule going forward. They pretty obviously aren’t concerned with questions of credibility.

        I mean, when black guys attack Asian elders at a shocking rate, they can blame white supremacy with a straight face and the press just carries that ridiculous non-existent water. Nah, credibility didn’t matter to Big Brother in Orwell’s novel and it doesn’t seem to matter now.

      2. It was a landslide, because so many of their voters cast their ballots from 6 feet underground.

      3. “If Biden had done 0.3 percent worse, then Donald Trump would have won reelection with just 48 percent of the two-party vote. ”


        It wasn’t a landslide, as you said. It was a hair’s breadth.

    3. The Democrat party is in fantastic shape. But, are Democrat voters? Democrat cities like Chicago, Baltimore, New York, New Orleans, Detroit, Atlanta…etc are all burned, boarded and losing businesses. Besides Democrat politicians, ANTIFA, and BLM, and Teacher’s Unions, who is benefiting? Businesses? Taxpayers? The country?
      I think not.

      1. “cities are all burned”
        That brings up a question Republican candidates ought to be publicly asking, “If Democrats are the gurus of Social Justice, why does BLM have to demonstrate in cities the progressives have run for a half-century or more?”

        Here’s an idea. Maybe Democrats should fix Portland, Seattle, Chicago and D.C., THEN come tell Texas and Florida what we’re doing wrong.

        1. Oh, sure, just like a Republican to say we should change things without providing alternative solutions.

          1. A Republican solution? Why the hell would they even offer? They aren’t there to provide solutions to historically Democrat controlled cities. Would helping Chicago get the GOP votes? Never. They refused any and all help from Trump before he even offered. The result, 800 murders, 4000 shootings, and 1200+ carjackings, last year alone. Michigan Avenue has fallen. The only good thing that has developed is that the gang-bangers are targeting the north side liberals now, they get to feel the “progressive pain” now.
            The Chicago Dems allow Mayor Lightfool to blame the GOP for Chicago’s problems. Their voters are dumb enough to believe it. It is hilarious to hear them quote “hate porn” from MSM and CNN and completely ignore what is happening in their own city. They are worried about Trump’s issues and not their own. You cannot convince them that it isn’t Trump that has screwed up Chicago. They never blamed Obama when he was president and yet, Obama was a Senator in Chicago. They never blame the “progressive people of color” although every single leadership in Chicago is currently held by a person of color. They blamed racism, sexism, and misogyny for the latest public schools disaster, yet most of the leaders are women of color.
            Chicago is a gold mine for the GOP. A “highlight reel” for crime-ridden, failed, progressive ghettos. Why would the GOP change a thing?
            Did you notice that Obama moved as far away from Chicago as he could? Even “SparkleFarts” could not “community organize” Chicago.

            1. Sorry, forgot my ‘/sarc’ tag. “Do nothing!” is, by virtue of its ease and lack of intrinsic cost, almost always a viable option.

              1. Yes, “Do nothing’ sounds cheap, but it can be even more costly to the taxpayers in some cases. “Do nothing” is exactly how the Chicago police are operating under progressive leadership run amok. The cops call it “staying fetal”. This will be very popular in many police departments soon. A survival mechanism.

                1. No, it doesn’t sound cheap, it is the de facto standard by which cheapness is, and should be, measured. You might project costs from doing nothing but they are just that, projected, not actual.

                  Moreover, I didn’t say it was always the best option, I said it is always viable. Only in the case of incontrovertible impending annihilation is “Do nothing.” not really a viable option.

          2. “providing alternative solutions.” — Legislation that Mandates that rural county election officials are 1/2 every step of the election process in all urban areas and vice versa if requested. That every election official can only serve a single election and must pass strict background checks.

            City people cannot be this stupid! I’d wager a bet that election fraud in urban areas has been going on for decades.

            1. I saw voting fraud myself several times in San Francisco. They’ve been practicing for a long time. The no-chain-of-custody main-in-voting opportunity was payday for sure.

    4. What election are you referring to? Trump lost yet he got more votes than any other Republican candidate in history. The Dems kept the house yes, but overall they lost congressional seats, even if you include the 2 they gained in the Senate. They aren’t in “fantastic shape”. They don’t really control the Senate, and in 2022 it’s likely they will lose both chambers.

      1. OBL is a parody, and a pretty good one. Welcome to the Reason comments.

      2. “But when I look at the 2020 election, I see that we ran against the most unpopular Republican ever to run for president — and we ran literally the most popular figure in our party whose last name is not Obama — and we only narrowly won the Electoral College. If Biden had done 0.3 percent worse, then Donald Trump would have won reelection with just 48 percent of the two-party vote.”


        No, the Democrats know they’re in bad shape – they know they’re going to lose the ’22 elections (and most likely the ’24). What lost the election for Trump was Trump’s mouth – not his policies.

        1. No, what lost the election for Trump was illegal rule changes in swing states like Michigan and Georgia.

        2. Part of what lost Donald Trump the 2020 POTUS Election is the whole way in which he handled the Covid-19 pandemic, plus people were tired of his arrogant, bloviating attitudes, actions and behaviors. It served him right.

          1. Ignore the stupid stuff that he said. His administration actually handled the pandemic reasonably well. Borders were closed to buy the country time, regulations were loosened to work around the disaster that was CDC testing, when we started running out of ventilators partnerships were pressed together to get idled factories producing them so quickly were were exporting them to Europe, when we ran low on other supplies Project Airbridge helped bring them in, the N95 shortage was handled via a variety of creative mechanisms including longer term military contracts to encourage 3M to build new factories, loosening restrictions on the use of KN95 masks, and contracting for the rapid study and deployment of mask sanitizers, when New York City had its surge the administration deployed both a hospital ship and the national guard to setup a field hospital (which should have made one of the big blunders of the COVID response, forcing nursing homes to take patients before they were fully recovered in order to free up hospital space completely unnecessary), an enormous variety of studies for treatment were put into motion and the US came up with the world’s first feasible treatment (Remdesivir), medicare paid $100 per PCR test and private companies were bullied to pay the same rate which meant that by the time the winter surge hit private labs had ample capacity (less than a year after the virus hit our shores PCR testing has a demand problem, not a supply problem).

            On the vaccine front, we had 3 vaccines developed in a quarter of the time of the previous record holder through a combination of regulatory expedition, ensuring that the FDA laid out its criteria for approval ahead of time so that the first phase 3 trial would be enough, and assisting companies with recruiting volunteers through a central trial volunteer portal. Thanks to orders in advance of authorization, the vaccines were ramping mass production by the time they were authorized; 100 million doses have shipped out less than 3 months after authorization. Despite innumerable articles about how the cold chain, second dose, etc. would cause problems for administering the vaccine the only hiccup was that hospitals inexplicably decided to hoard the vaccine over the holiday season, once the county health departments started vaccinating 65+ themselves, the rate of administration quickly matched the rate of manufacturing.

            Which isn’t to say the response was perfect. Communication was overall extremely poor and nearly everything related to the CDC was a total disaster (why is it that after a year, the CDC still can’t tell us where people caught the disease and they are mostly relying on local health departments to let them know about variants?!). However, our final metrics are pretty much in-line with most European countries. Claims that the Trump administration’s response was terrible or that he considered it to be hoax simply don’t ring true.

    5. Time for some new friends

    6. Interesting how the Democrats are now, unquestionably, the party of the rich.

      (Meanwhile, fuck the middle-class workers.)

      1. Regarding the middle class – was reading an article by Greenwald (or might have been Taibibi….) on Substack, where he pointed out that the Democratic Party used to be the party of the middle class, the blue collar worker – now it views those people are uneducated, racist, bigoted, bible-thumpers that are too stupid to rule themselves and must be ruled over by an ‘educated’ elite.

    7. Obviously not the real OBL—no hashtags!!!!

    8. “Literally all my friends of color are more enthusiastic than ever about the Democratic Party.”

      How do you know that they are not just reflecting your own enthusiasm back to you, despite their own opinions, i.e., telling you what they know you want to hear? Pollsters, at least for the honest polls, go to some length not to give their polling subjects any clues about what the preferred answers should be? If they are serious about finding out what the subjects really think, they must also take into account what the general attitude of their news sources and friends have said. If by past comments you have let them know that you are a mainstream media junkie or have come on strong on political issues in the past, it is entirely possible that you have let them know what your preferred answer is and in that way biased the way your friends will respond to you.

    9. “…a historic Presidential landslide in 2020…” hahahahhahahahahahaha
      Such a landslide victory that they needed to cheat to win it.

    10. Dems won 2020 cause Trump’s was embarrassing.

  5. How about giving us some intellectual ammunition? Like, has anyone done a credible survey in minority neighborhoods where crime is high to ask “do the cops need more funding or less funding in your neighborhood?” If most folks there are law-abiding and want increased policing, then Libertarians and Republicans should make it known along with the rest of their needed justice reform platform.

    1. Have you ever seen anyone get paid by the government to dispute a favorite cause or “latest craze” like “Climate Change” or “Social Justice”? It doesn’t happen. It should be like title IX, equal funding for pros and cons.
      Why isn’t it? Because there is no profit in disproving this nonsense.

    2. intellectual ammunition?
      The U.S. Constitution. The People’s law OVER their government body.
      The very definition of the USA.

    3. Yes, someone did that study. I’m too lazy to figure out where I saw it though. Probably somewhere here on Reason.com. Unsurprisingly, most poor people of color wanted the same or more police in their neighborhoods…

  6. Critical Theory based policies and philosophy are generally awful anti-thought. That progressive college white’s brains have been marinating in that rancid stew and trying to impose it on the rest of society is a problem.

  7. Wait until women’s sports are taken over by men, and 18 year old ‘boys’ are sent into people’s teenage daughter’s locker rooms.

    The woke left, to be morally superior to everyone else, HAS TO overreach. They HAVE TO come up with something stupid and crazy to shove down peoples’ throats. They can’t help it.

    1. Which is a good sign that our culture is ultra-accepting. When the culture you have to promote is ultra-extreme, like maintaining the fantasyland fiction that M>F trans are biological women who should so very obviously be able to compete against actual biological women in sport, and that not doing so is tantamount to white supremacy, it means that anything up to that level of absurdity is already accepted by society.

      1. And even this underplays the tolerance. I’d suspect that the majority of Americans would be for voluntary co-ed/genderless sports groups. So long as the playing field was open, honest, and level, they might find it absurd but they wouldn’t deny that anyone could compete. But that’s not acceptable to the trans community. Trannies must be able to compete in gendered sports, the trans women must be allowed to compete against biological women and not biological men. Despite the fact that, just like with homosexuality, increased social acceptance doesn’t appear to alleviate the depression/suicide/self-loathing/whatever in any real way.

        American society is tolerant of everything except the forcing of principled idiocy and is still sympathetic to the plight of idiots.

        1. The solution will be unsexed class competition, the classes based on ability. In most sports, women will compete in a class below the lowest in which most men compete. And there will be men competing with them, just rather non-athletic men.

          1. The solution will be unsexed class competition, the classes based on ability.

            I don’t see ability, especially in HS and collegiate athletics, as a viable metric. Things like height and weight classes are objective, but ‘ability’ is more subjective than gender identity and it would be even easier for top-rank men to sandbag their way into “more equitable” competition classes.

    2. If the US women’s soccer team had gotten the pay increase they were seeking a couple of years ago, all of the actual women would be off the team by now. It is currently in their best interests to keep the pay as low as possible, at least if they want to remain with the team.

  8. Caring about what non-white Americans actually think is EXACTLY how White Supremacy works.

    1. “It’s just how Imperial Rome got started!”

      Oh, wait. Wrong Empire?

  9. You mean so-called ivy league educated white people have no idea what working class people of any color think or deal with on a daily basis? And probably don’t know any minorities in the first place that aren’t also ivy league educated?

    Shocker of the day.

    What should be obvious to everyone is these are the very same people who don’t actually think minorities or poor people have any agency and are essentially powerless. They need those white liberals to save them from themselves. This is progressivism on full display.

    I can’t imagine why minorities might find that a little disgusting.

    What’s weird is the same thing goes for women in general.

    Yet, somehow, this party that doesn’t believe women or minorities have any agency or power are the one’s that think they are the champions of those same people. Because those people need whitey to fix everything for them, the silly little things.

    They show the same level of contempt for just about everyone that doesn’t precisely agree with them, so conservatives should know exactly how these people feel.

    What’s really bizarre are the conservative Hispanics, and I’ve known quite a few in Texas, that feel like they have to vote Democrat. And it’s not immigration, either, because it seems that people who actually come here legally tend to think the legal path is the right one. Go figure.

    1. You mean so-called ivy league educated white people have no idea what working class people of any color think or deal with on a daily basis?

      As the Dead Kennedys sang:

      So, you’ve been to school for a year or two
      And you know you’ve seen it all
      In daddy’s car, thinking you’ll go far
      Back east your type don’t crawl

      Playing ethnicky jazz to parade your snazz
      On your five-grand stereo
      Braggin’ that you know, how the niggers feel cold
      And the slums got so much soul

      1. ya this too:

        Kiss ass while you bitch, so you can get rich
        But your boss gets richer off you

        1. Jello knows all.

          1. tried to explain that to my mom 40 years ago but she still burned my cassettes lol.

            1. Parents just don’t understand.

              1. Said every generation of kids in the entire history of the universe.

          2. They made good music, and they’re still one of my faves, but jello is a whiny doosh. Don’t go to see him on a speaking tour. Ugh.

            To give credit where it’s due, jello is a major source of inspiration for #EverythingIsSoTerribleAndUnfair! ™

    2. I think that might be a sign of how badly the Republicans have done on the most basic of political endeavors: gaining power.

      Good God, all they’ve had to do is appear more sane and honest than people like Pelosi, Schiff, Maddow, and Stelter…and they can’t manage it?? It’s amazing. I’m convinced if Trump hadn’t barged into the candidacy in ’16, the Republicans would have found someone who actually made Hillary look good. Which is incredible, and a little nauseating to contemplate.

      1. It’s hard to seem sane and honest when the reporting refuses to show sanity and honesty.

        Consider that Michael Moore painted Charlton Heston as a white supremacist . . .Heston marched with MLK and “Progressive” Hollywood shunned him for it. Today, it is Moore’s lie that people accept, not Heston’s actual history.

    3. Yeah, they’re pretty condescending, ain’t they?

      This will cause a rift at some point. Should be fun to watch.

  10. My add on: Don’t say men can play women’s sports because of how they self identify.

    But progressives don’t listen to me, I don’t like your tax policy which is more important to me and I’m white hetro cis whatever the fuck else goes into that category.

    1. We have officially become a Monty Python skit.

      Monty Python Predicted Equality Act

      1. If only it were as funny, this feels more like SNL.

  11. Yes, woke Progs are idiots and by 2424 the GOP will have the House, Senate and POTUS again.

    Then, after the GOP elects a Big Gov Bible Beating redneck type the Dems will take everything back by 2028.



    1. Then, after the GOP elects a Big Gov Bible Beating redneck type the Dems will take everything back by 2028.

      It’s like these comments passed through some mysterious portal from the 90s and landed here, completely unaware of the modern social climate.

      1. He must mean people like George W. Bush, who went to Yale.

        Obviously bible beating redneck types all went to Yale, right?

        The most amusing thing of all is George wasn’t a redneck, but he sure fooled a whole lot of people with his ‘aw shucks’ schtick.

        1. What, no way, I saw him clearing brush in a cowboy hat.

        2. Bush had a fake ranch and said and went on about Jesus all the time. He played the part well. And Trump played along too but was best when he was crapping on minorities and immigrants.

          Both ran the deficits up to huge record levels while pretending to be for small government. I know someone who voted GOP in 2020 because Bush and Trump sent him checks and Obama didn’t.

          In any case if you think the GOP is for small government you’re fucking retarded.

          1. Wait, so you think Trump was playing the part of a redneck?

            More proof that you’ve sustained a massive blow to the head. Seek medical help, you may have a concussion.

            1. Those Mar-a-Lago redneck types are the worst.

              1. Buying uptown highrises
                With Daddy’s cash
                If that ain’t country…

                1. Daddy Trump was a Klansman.

                  1. So was Mario Cuomo.

                    1. Mario Cuomo a Klansman? Where the hell do you get THAT stupid idea? There’s no way that Mario Cuomo could’ve/would’ve been a Klansman, because the Ku Klux Klan also hates Catholics as well as blacks, jews, and others.

                  2. Cite?

                    1. Fred Trump was arrested at a Klan rally when several Klansmen had an altercation with observers/protestors. Trump and another guy had their case thrown out while the others in the altercation were definitively identified as Klansmen.

                      But, as I’m sure is current fashion, I’m sure SPB2’s got a photocopy of his Klan membership card that his ilk generally cite the lack of as exonerating antifa and BLM protestors.

                2. “Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be
                  billionaire real-estate developers connected to both parties,
                  Don’t let ’em go Hollywood and buy pretty girls
                  Make ’em be politicians, and rule the world.”

                  “Play it mournful there, Jeb!”

            2. Don’t pretend that MAGA was anything but an appeal to white supremacists. “Fine people” as Trump said.

              1. “white supremacists”

                ahahaha he tried ““Big Gov Bible Beating redneck types” and was so eaauly proven wrong that he broke out that steaming pile lolol

                1. Let me see if I can make this work somehow.

                  Donald Trump is a Big Gov Bible Beating redneck type.

                  Nope still sounds stupid as fuck.

                  1. Big Gov = no explanation required
                    Bible Beating = he had them at Israel and Aborto_freak justices
                    redneck = hates and insults the same people rednecks do.

                    1. Still sounds stupid as fuck, especially since you’re already forced to walk it back.

                    2. “redneck = hates and insults the same people rednecks do.”

                      “Sarah Palin’s Buttplug 2
                      March.3.2021 at 12:56 pm
                      Yes, woke Progs are idiots”


                    3. Oh what a glorious self-own.

                    4. that’ll leave a mark

                    5. Wow I somehow missed that his reply was even stupider than I thought.

                    6. “Bible Beating = he had them at Israel and Aborto_freak justices”

                      That would be “Talmud-beating” you stupid fucking redneck.

                    7. Damn, all the lefties are getting owned HARD today.

                    8. Yes, we’ve all seen you explain that trump caused a global pandemic and by being not directing states to lock down he was responsible for the lock down.

                      Stick to child porn.

                    9. Here is JesseBahnFuhrer recommending child porn! What a surprise! Those who want to abuse democracy in the Sacred Name of Der TrumpfenFuhrer, when frustrated, take their frustrations out on helpless children, for their jollies? What a surprise!

                      I’m soooo sorry that your Great Whitish-Orangish Pumpkin-Father has been CHEATED out of His Office by evil Demoncrats! I suggest that you might be able to retreat to your safe space… I hear they have laid in a large supply of Teddy Bears. Maybe one of the Teddy Bears will agree to lay with you, and snuggle your wuggle for a while! There, there! (And please STOP with getting your jollies, instead, with child porn. Please?!?!)

                      In a mere few more years, as you are still jonesing for Great White Father, I bet you could persuade Alex Jones to be your Next Savior! Slogan: Jonesing for Jones!

                      JesseSPAZ can’t be abidin’ with Biden, and settling for merely getting her hair smelled. JesseSPAZ wants to get back to having her pussy grabbed good and hard, by Der TrumpfenFuhrer!

                    10. You told us you eat shit.

                      Now shitpost because you’re my fucking puppet.

                    11. A dead, maggot-infested, decaying skunk would be a suitable beating-off puppet for damiksec, the utterly SICK power-pig authoritarian who wants to use Government Almighty FORCE to make people buy magazines!!! (It is salivating right NOW at the thought of a dead, maggot-infested, decaying skunk!!!)

                    12. Lol.
                      He’s so butthurt he pulled out the Sqrlsy sock.

                    13. And yet somehow during his three decades as a prominent NYC developer, donating to all the same causes and attending all the same gala charity luncheons and golf events for the poor…nobody ever suspected??

                      (Press “X” to doubt)

              2. Wow, the fine people hoax. Amazing.

                Nothing further to be said. As usual, you prove yourself to be incapable of reason and unable to watch a full speech.

                1. He’s really just here to troll and post links to kiddie porn.

              3. I’m not shocked you’re stupid enough to push the fine people hoax than even politifact has called a lie multiple times.

              4. “Make America Great Again” appeals to white supremacists? Do you have any proof? How many White Supremacists do you actually know? Have you taken a survey?
                What about “black supremacists?” Were those black supremacists burning, looting, and murdering throughout this summer or am I mistaken? They certainly made their point. They hate white people. Wasn’t that made very clear?
                800 homicides in Chicago this year, 4000 people shot, 52 mass shootings (4 or more shot). 83% of the shootings and homicides were black on black. 3.8% involved whites.
                Are you absolutely certain that “white supremacists” and the GOP are the problem, Bud? Any proof?
                Denial isn’t a river in Africa. It is the condition in the black and Dem community.

                1. Fuck black supremacists and Antifa. Why would I support them?

                  And yes, Trumpists love to wave the Confederate Flag – they even brought one to the Jan 6 insurrection.

                  1. White supremacists also include anyone who looks into or quotes crime statistics. Das raycis.

                  2. “Trumpists,” plural “love to wave the Confederate Flag,” but they only brought “one” on January 6. Strange. How many U.S. flags did they bring?

                  3. “Sarah Palin’s Buttplug 2
                    March.3.2021 at 2:39 pm
                    Fuck black supremacists and Antifa. Why would I support them?”

                    ““redneck = hates and insults the same people rednecks do.””


                2. Ah!! Call on me! I know the answer to this one!!

                  I’ve heard the ironclad logic and tight argumentation around explaining black-on-black, black-on-brown, and black-on-white crime.
                  It goes like this, try to follow…
                  “That’s not what we’re talking about today.”

                  This same brilliant argument also explains the meaning of black men attacking elderly Asians across the country. Applied to that problem, the argument goes like: “We need to address the issue of the recent increase in race-related assaults on Asians, all committed by black people White Supremacy!”

                  This can be difficult for a white person to understand, especially if you’ve ever used logic to solve problems that weren’t about feelings…

            3. Please present your evidence that the Buttplug is equipped to get a concussion. None of the rest of us have noticed any.

            4. Those damn fire extinguishers will do it every time!

          2. I like how you admitted you were completely wrong about them being “Big Gov Bible Beating redneck types” because you got mocked.

            1. I’m not wrong.

              That is the base they played to.

              Trump had to pretend to be a fundie Christian to boot.

              1. You’re completely wrong.

                You said they “were” then got kicked so hard you had to retreat to “That is the base they played to”

                Because you got mocked.

                1. You said they “were”

                  Where did I use the word?

                  You quoted me. So where did I use it?

                  1. Ahahaha walk it back bitch!

                  2. That moment when fake Buttplug admits defeat.

                    1. *chef’s kiss*

                    2. Fuck you and the liar who misquoted me on purpose.

                      The GOP is a Big Government shit-hole of a party.

                      Democrats suck too but no one here shills for them.

                    3. You, sarcasmic, jeff, etc.

                    4. “redneck = hates and insults the same people rednecks do.”

                      “Sarah Palin’s Buttplug 2
                      March.3.2021 at 12:56 pm
                      Yes, woke Progs are idiots”


                  3. “Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet is a sucker’s game because they almost always turn out to be—or to be indistinguishable from—self-righteous sixteen-year-olds possessing infinite amounts of free time.”
                    ― Neal Stephenson, Cryptonomicon

                    Now I see you,
                    Flag, refresh, now I don’t

                    1. The only regular here I genuinely suspect is a child is Sevo.

                    2. He is a tad petulant, though his heart seems to be more or less in the right place [by calling trolls like Tony the Rev “shit eating lefties”]. The enemy of my enemy etc.

                    3. Nah if sevo was a child pains buttplug would hit on him

              2. “Trump had to pretend to be a fundie Christian”

                Ah ok you’ve lapsed into parody again

                1. Anyone who thinks Trump in any way is a “fundie Christian” is a complete idiot…and especially supposed fundie Christians who are stupid enough to buy into that canard.

              3. So you hate the base of the Republican party, who are ‘bible beating big government rednecks’, but then admit the guy that gets elected is usually a liar (who you hate, by the way, which is funny because conservatives hate him too) who went to the same schools as the Democrats and vote mostly the same way the Democrats do.

                Impeccable logic there, Spock. It’s certainly the ‘bible’ and ‘redneck’ portions that should be loathed there. Not the ivy league elitist bit. No, that part might cast some shade on your party of preference.

          3. “I know someone who voted GOP in 2020 because Bush and Trump sent him checks and Obama didn’t.”

            They say knowing oneself is the key to enlightenment.

        3. When W won, a religious nut that I worked with stripped down to his tightey whiteys at work and danced around the office. You are correct, W knew how to fool the rubes. This guy thought that the rapture had arrived.

          1. You will be attacked here if you say anything negative about Republicans.

            I know this is supposed to be a libertarian/independent site but the GOP has sent their little Goebbels in to run off independents.

            1. “redneck = hates and insults the same people rednecks do.”

              “Sarah Palin’s Buttplug 2
              March.3.2021 at 12:56 pm
              Yes, woke Progs are idiots”


            2. “You will be attacked here if you say anything negative about Republicans”

              Pretty sure that you were the one plumping here for McCain, Romney, Bush, Ryan and the rest of the GOPe, not us.

  12. who purport to represent the wishes of racial minorities

    Robby, they’re too ignorant to know what their wishes are. Tio Taco doesn’t like latinx because she doesn’t understand intersectionality.

    Native-Americans are so steeped in oppression almost all range from neutral to highly approving of degrading sports mascots.

    Reason staff have rightly and emphatically called out the racist toxicity of Confederate imagery but you’d be shocked to find what uneducated, rural and older African Americans from the South believe. Many are indistinguishable from Neo-confederates in their views!

    1. Sigh…so much woke work to be done!

    2. That’s just the effect of multiracial whiteness. Those people only think that way because they’ve internalised whote supremacy, and are desperate for white people to like and accept them.

      They honestly have NO IDEA that they can’t succeed in this white supremacist system, regardless of how hard they work or how much talent they have. Elite educated woke white people are doing them a favor by waking them up to the fact that everything they’ve achieved is only due to white people.

      1. They honestly have NO IDEA that they can’t succeed in this white supremacist system, regardless of how hard they work or how much talent they have.

        Exactly. POCs like Clarence Thomas don’t realize that white people are just *letting* them think they’re successful, pretending to make law for the entire nation, when they are really complete failures, as will be demonstrated any day now, when the White Ascendancy yanks Thomas off the Supreme Court, John McWhorter out of his tenured chair at Columbia, and Thomas Sowell out of that sinecure at the Hoover Institute, and send them all off to pick cotton in Alabama while they chortle and twirl their mustaches. (They already killed Walter Williams to who him what a failure he was.)

  13. “campus culture has quickly come to dominate elite institutions, contrary to the wishes of actual minorities”

    If minorities continue to flee the left for free-market populism, watch the powers that be rediscover scientific racism.

    1. You mean re-re-discover? Because the Democratic party is pretty much full-on eugenics now.

      1. Margaret Sanger would be so proud of what progressives have accomplished.

    2. What, you aren’t willing to Follow the Science?

      1. I think they’re allowed to “follow the science” only if it circles neatly around Charles Murray.

        Even if it then merges into the same road and destination.

  14. While the Democratic Party pulled off a complete (albeit narrow) victory over Donald Trump and the Republican Party in 2020, they lost ground with nonwhite voters—despite significantly raising the salience of racial justice issues during the campaign.

    And yet I remember a Reason morning link with the glib “science says!” tag, pointing to a study put together by a poly sci powerpoint jockey “proving” the Democrats’ constant haranguing on racial issues was helping them at the polls.

    1. Poly-sci… actually that works. I’m sticking with it.

    2. Well, it looks like it *did* help, by picking up more woke white people’s votes than it lost them POC votes.

  15. The problem with the Democrat approach is that they see the American electorate through a binary lens. For Democrats, there are “whites” and “everyone else.” What does that mean? It means Democrats exported the black model of grievance against whitey to everyone, while completely ignoring that browny, yellowy, and everyone else in between hates blacky more openly, more virulently, and with greater rancor than whitey.

    Hispanics don’t want to be lumped in with blacks. Hell, even black Dominicans and Panamanians would rather die than be called black. Asians are just on another level. As are South-East Asians. Blacks don’t even register as people to them.

    At the end of the day, Democrats are really operating in a blacks against everyone else playing field. That’s the reality. Whites/Hispanics/Asians/Southeast Asians vs. Blacks. Democrats are going to lose that battle. They’ll keep the blacks, probably to the tune of 85%+, but they will lose everyone else.

    1. Didn’t you get the memo? Asians are “white adjacent” now.

  16. Today in libertarian news and commentary.

    Have you ever wondered if your baby is racist? You should, according to the Arizona Department of Education.

    SCOOP: The Arizona Department of Education has created an “equity” toolkit claiming that babies show the first signs of racism at three months old and that white children “remain strongly biased in favor of whiteness” by age five.

    Let’s review the resources in the toolkit.

    This idea has even inspired children’s books. Last year, celebrated ‘anti-racist’ activist Ibram X Kendi released Antiracist Baby, aimed at turning pre-schoolers woke.

    This divisive racial obsession has no place in schools, nurseries or anywhere where kids can be found. We must not raise a generation of children to think that ‘race is an essential part of one’s identity’, as one recommended resource in the Arizona toolkit claims. If the zealots get their way, woke idiocy will be shoved down children’s throats the minute they come out the womb.

    1. Well, how else are they going to lay the groundwork for the state to suspend parental rights with the wave of a pen? Racist babies is the predicate for next large scale national emergency and, if we want to save the country, we will need to confiscate white babies and raise them properly — or, better yet, just impale them in front of the parents, medieval style.

      1. It’s just another vehicle for their stated goal of destroying any social institution that prevents total fealty to the state. This time, it’s the nuclear family. If white babies like to look at faces that look like their white parents’ faces, more than they like to look at other types of faces, then obviously that baby must be raised in a multiracial “village,” in order to eliminate the scourge of infant racism.

    2. If race is an essential part of one’s identity, doesn’t that mean the racists were right all along?

      And if babies are racist, I’m sorry but you’ve lost since racism is the human default and no amount of ‘training’ is going to fix that.

      And, weirdly, I do think racism is the human default by a certain metric. We just don’t generally trust things that look different from us, and the only thing that seems to surmount that is…experience with people who are different from us.

      Of course, some people’s experience with people of other races is exactly what turns them into a racist because the people they come into contact with are shitty people.

      Extrapolation is a bitch, and frequently wrong.

      1. “If race is an essential part of one’s identity, doesn’t that mean the racists were right all along?”


        You see, race IS an essential part of one’s identity, provided one is NOT white.

        Whites are the absence of race, in the woke hierarchy. They are the absence of culture, tradition, and goodness. That is why pride in being white is toxic, whereas black, brown, yellow, and red pride is desirable.

        Once you understand that the entire woke philosophy is an anti-white pyramid scheme, everything else is a lot easier to understand.

        1. We were forced to attend Equal Opportunity classes every single year in the military. Every year, the instructor tried to forgot/omit/ignore the most important statement in the entire EO class. One of us would remind him, and MAKE him put out the correct information. Turning these useless EO instructors inside out was a pleasure.
          The most important fact that must be understood is that being a racist is in no way illegal. Being a racist is in no way immoral. You cannot force people to like each other, you cannot force people to hate each other, even in the military. Being a racist does not mean that you are a law breaker. This is a free country. You are free to like or hate whomever you want. These WOKE assholes need to be constantly reminded of the fact. They think that the law is on their side.

          1. <blockquote<The most important fact that must be understood is that being a racist is in no way illegal.

            We’re working on that.

    3. So much for Rogers’ and Hammerstein’s “You’ve got to be taught to hate and fear” shtick.

  17. I think a certain amount of this is due to Selma Envy. The ivy-league white progs just can’t deal with the notion that nobody desperately needs their “heroics”. And nobody could be so cruel as to expect them to just get jobs and live ordinary lives!

    1. Much of this crap also stems from the fact that progs are built in universities to “work” in a career field for which there is absolutely no real demand. At the end of the day, how many HR reps do we really need? They are terraforming the market with their woke bullshit. And all the progs that cannot get jobs? Well, there’s always rioting.

      Win, win.

      1. Yes, at government, there was a massive influx of people with “Community Organizing” degrees when Obama was President. They gave many of them “do nothing” jobs as “Climate Scientists”.
        How else did those “Community Organizers” find employment? Well, their job is to organize protests, has any one seen an increase in protests, lately?

      2. ^EXACTLY!

  18. Neo-Nazi Sonnenkrieg Division to become first right-wing terrorist organisation listed in Australia

    A right-wing extremist group is set to be formally listed as a terrorist organisation for the first time in Australia.
    Sonnenkrieg Division, a UK-based neo-Nazi group, will be effectively banned in Australia once its listing as a terror group is confirmed.
    The group has been outlawed in the UK since early last year, and members have been convicted of encouraging terrorism, disseminating terror material, and preparations for a terrorist act.

    Two Sonnenkrieg Division members were convicted in 2019 for plotting to attack the British royal family.


    1. The National Socialists were a bunch of pro-abortion, pro-gun-control , anti-zionist socialists led by a vegan, who wanted to eliminate Christianity in Europe, but Buttplug pretends that they were somehow conservative.

      The only ideological difference between Portland Antifa and the actual Nazis, is that the Nazis wore Hugo Boss. The fascists were your team Buttplug.

      1. Nazi is your team, pal. (right wing all the way). If you want to revise the meaning of terms you should write every news source in the world (except Wingnut.com)

        1. I had no idea the right wing of the political spectrum in the United States was so pro-socialism.

          I mean, that is how the NAZI gained power is it not?

          The fact the regime immediately killed off the socialist leaders that helped their rise doesn’t have much bearing on how they actually gained power, does it? Or the meaningless rhetoric the regime spouted about the common man they gave no shits about?

          And as ML said above, how many of those points sound even remotely like the right here in the U.S.? Those are literally the opposite of their party planks, yet there is another party in the U.S. who holds those views and even talks the same meaningless rhetoric about the common man.

          Not that I’m saying Democrats are NAZI, but if one was to be forced to choose between the two…

          1. The NAZI Party hated labor and socialists and even outlawed abortion on Aryan women. What is “socialist” about genocide? Only an idiot conservative thinks genocide is egalitarian (lefty).

            Nope, you can’t rewrite history. Nazis are “far right” in every country all over the world.

            1. So the far right is socialist? That’s weird. Because the backers of the NAZI party were socialists. Until they were killed after the party took power, of course. Just like every other time socialists fomented a revolution.

              I mean, you could just look it up. Not to mention that every country doesn’t hold to the American view of ‘right’ and ‘left’.

              Go ahead, look up how the NAZI took over Germany. It certainly wasn’t on the backs of what American’s would consider ‘conservatives’ or ‘right leaning’ folk. As a general rule, ‘conservatives’ don’t instigate revolutions as they generally support a status quo.

              1. And furthermore, you might want to bone up on what NAZI actually stands for you tremendous tool.

              2. I never said that the far right is socialist, you liar. I said Nazis were not socialist even if they adopted the name to distinguish themselves from communists.

                Socialism/Marxism is “to each according to their needs” and is not about genocide and Aryan Supremacy (right wing).

                Once again for you idiots —

                Left wing is Equality, Egalitarianism,
                Right wing is favored ethnic, race, political or religious group

                1. NAZI = National Socialist German Workers’ Party

                  There, you learned something.

                  The NAZI Party hated labor and socialists

                  Hated them so much they named their party after them. One can argue they exploited the socialists as ‘useful idiots’ but one cannot deny that is how the NAZI gained power. And this plays out every time the socialists pull this old and tried trick. They put up some strongman to browbeat the common man into some reformed version of humanity, and end up killing a shit ton of people.

                  Sorry, but if ‘NAZI’ take over the United States it won’t be coming from Republicans, no matter how ‘big government’ they might become they can’t hold a candle to the total government takeover of society advocated by a minority of Democrat politicians. Those Democrats in particular would probably agree with some of Hitler’s speeches, right up until you tell them who is giving the speech.

                  Seriously, you should read some of those speeches. Just replace ‘Jews’ with ‘Whites’ and frankly one can’t tell the difference in some cases, and there are internet replacer app’s that will do just that. Always funny to read the Atlantic or Slate with one of those applications.

                2. Right wing is favored ethnic, race, political or religious group

                  So, it turns out Democrats are right wing too? So, in your universe, we have a choice between NAZI and NAZI.

                  Great worldview you have there. Real expansive. I think you’ve gone full Godwin friend.

                3. “Left wing is Equality, Egalitarianism,
                  Right wing is favored ethnic, race, political or religious group”

                  Shut the fuck up you blithering tool, if your political spectrum is comprised of such shallow dimensions as “right vs. left” you’re a smooth brain. Neither of your statements are accurate, and using your narrow definition of the political spectrum, right and left are both best described as authoritarian and fascist. Both want their team to force their preferences on others through the monopoly of the state. And they steal our money and dignity in the process, while neither tries to untangle the state from our lives, quite the opposite. Go lick some boot you slaver faggot, you’re no better than the Trump addled retards shitting up this site.

                4. You lie like a snake, Buttplug.

                  Here’s Nazi Reich minister Joseph Goebbels on socialism:

                  “Why Are We Socialists?

                  We are socialists because we see in socialism, that is the union of all citizens, the only chance to maintain our racial inheritance and to regain our political freedom and renew our German state.

                  Socialism is the doctrine of liberation for the working class. It promotes the rise of the fourth class and its incorporation in the political organism of our Fatherland, and is inextricably bound to breaking the present slavery and regaining German freedom. Socialism, therefore, is not merely a matter of the oppressed class, but a matter for everyone, for freeing the German people from slavery is the goal of contemporary policy. Socialism gains its true form only through a total fighting brotherhood with the forward-striving energies of a newly awakened nationalism… With it it is everything, the future, freedom, the fatherland!..

                  We are socialists because we see the social question as a matter of necessity and justice for the very existence of a state for our people, not a question of cheap pity or insulting sentimentality. The worker has a claim to a living standard that corresponds to what he produces. We have no intention of begging for that right. Incorporating him in the state organism is not only a critical matter for him, but for the whole nation. The question is larger than the eight-hour day. It is a matter of forming a new state consciousness that includes every productive citizen. Since the political powers of the day are neither willing nor able to create such a situation, socialism must be fought for. It is a fighting slogan both inwardly and outwardly. It is aimed domestically at the bourgeois parties and Marxism at the same time, because both are sworn enemies of the coming workers’ state. It is directed abroad at all powers that threaten our national existence and thereby the possibility of the coming socialist national state.

                  Socialism is possible only in a state that is united domestically and free internationally. The bourgeoisie and Marxism are responsible for failing to reach both goals, domestic unity and international freedom. No matter how national and social these two forces present themselves, they are the sworn enemies of a socialist national state.

                  We must therefore break both groups politically. The lines of German socialism are sharp, and our path is clear.
                  We are against the political bourgeoisie, and for genuine nationalism!
                  We are against Marxism, but for true socialism!
                  We are for the first German national state of a socialist nature!

                  We are for the National Socialist German Workers’ Party!


                  Now tell us again how the Nazis weren’t socialist.

                  1. Ooh, that’s going to leave a mark…

                5. Socialism/Marxism is “to each according to their needs”

                  That’s the sales pitch.

                  The reality is that marxism always turns out to be slavery of the population, who are ruled by a tiny feudal caste who command them through large contingent of conscripted soldiers.

                  Left wing is Equality, Egalitarianism,

                  Tell it to any ethnic minority who lived under the Soviets, you lying scumbag.


            2. The Nazi national HQ was located in Chicago on 67th Street in the 70s. They were universally hated by everyone. Watch the “Blues Brothers”, that scene with the Nazis was filmed in Marquette Park, across from the former Nazi national HQ. Protests like the one in the movie were a “regular thing”. White people from the neighborhood showed up and shouted the Nazis down. Things only got really bad when Jessie Jackson brought protestors into our neighborhood. They were showered in bricks. Jessie always had a car waiting to get himself out once the fighting started.
              Most of that neighborhood was made up of immigrants from Eastern Bloc countries, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, etc…. Do you think that those people had any ove for Smericans trying to be Nazis? Kids were encouraged to throw rocks at any Nazi they saw.
              In general, the Nazis were a total joke. They have not been active in any measurable way since the Nazi members at the National HQ assassinated their own leader.
              Whenever I hear someone claim that Nazis are a factor in America today, I know that I’m dealing with a retard. Honestly, how the hell can anyone be that stupid? If there are groups, they are a joke. Who would support them?

              1. “I hate Illinois NAZIs.”

              2. Fringe groups make the perfect boogeyman.

            3. What is “socialist” about genocide?
              The part where you have to kill people who don’t go along with it?

        2. The only common thread to all of the various factions that are labeled as “right wing” is nationalism as opposed to internationalism. Which does not mean that all nationalist movements are Nazi. “All P are Q” does not imply “All Q are P”.

          Try again. Better yet, learn something before trying again.

    2. I didn’t click the link, so help me out: what actual terrorism have they engaged in? Because your comment doesn’t include any.

      Or are you operating under the premise that if a government law enforcement agency says someone is a terrorist then they are, even if they haven’t engaged in any terrorism?

    3. I’m still more scared of being mugged than I am of your “ooooh soooo scaaaary” “right wing terrorists”.

  19. Socialism is generally not popular with Hispanic voters, who associate it with the kind of political oppression experienced by people in Venezuela and Cuba.

    Nuh uh! Conservatives say that every brown person is a socialist! Every! Single! One!

    1. Nobody said that shit for brains.

    2. Lol, conservatives don’t know who Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, Alveda King, Darrell Scott, Katrina Pierson, Bruce LeVell, Herman Cain, Omarosa Manigault, Tim Scott, Shannon Reeves, Thomas Sowell, Telly Lovelace, Elroy Taylor, Razib Khan, Dinesh D’Souza, Nikki Haley, Bobby Jindal, ad infinitum… are.
      …and apparently neither do I.

    3. Is this another one of your astoundingly brilliant posts where you diligently discuss a complex idea, because you’re so intelligent? Because it seems to me that this is just another example of your pathetic, unfunny, and unentertaining shitposting.

      Now go ahead and cry.

      1. This is all he has left.

        1. Indeed.

    4. No they don’t. A non biden cultist would know that.

  20. When you have children running newsrooms you get latinx. Shrill, ill educated and emotionally immature.

    1. White children. Not Latino children, or Black children, or Indigenous children. Just White children and a few BIPOC (gag) children who got Whitenized by attending affluent Whitey colleges.

      Dear gawd, affluent Whitey colleges are just the modern version of Indian Boarding Schools. Teach those savage non-whites how to be White.

      1. Super weird that these “BIPOC” were students at affluent whitey colleges, where affluent whiteys go, and had all these terrible experiences of racism while living among affluent whiteys. Do you think they would have the same horrible racist experiences at a state commuter college, where blue collar workers’ kids go to school?

  21. That’s OK, the Democrats no longer need black American voters.
    The door has been opened at the border and literally millions of illegal immigrants will replace the black population.

    1. But then those “Latinix” from socialist and corrupt government hellholes are tending to not follow the script that is expected of them.

      Remind me again; who are the racists?

    2. https://twitter.com/dow_lopez/status/1366950433118318598?s=19

      Who is funding this?

      Illegal immigrants wearing “Biden please let us in” shirts for a photo op.

      1. Must be an evil Tucker Carlson plot.

      2. Funny how all of the illegals in the Biden shirts are masked up, but none of the others behind them are. Also, gotta love the white guy with the man bun in the mix.

  22. I am happy to see democrats get shafted in the next two elections.

    1. Oh, regardless who wins, we will all be the ones getting shafted.

      Members of the political class never really gets shafted…that’s what think tanks and lobbying groups are for. Six and seven figure placeholders for the vanquished.

      America has literally perfected corruption.

  23. “The cultural views of very highly-educated, very left-leaning white people are toxic for many nonwhite voters who would otherwise support the Democratic Party.”

    “…McGill University’s Jacob Levy, disagreed with my argument that the backlash against political correctness was significant; I was “mapping my list of excesses onto the voting behavior of 80,000 very-low-information voters in three states,” according to Levy.”

    Any notion of usefulness aside, I think it is pretty clear who the real idiots are.

  24. I have a dozen good friends that are Union workers. They are all hardcore Democrats, always have been. They are law abiding and hard working. I have always teased them about the WOKE nonsense, if I didn’t, they would never hear about it. Chicago was again selected as the #1 corrupt city in the nation, yet people still vote Democrat and will never even consider any other party. It is painful to watch.
    This year, many of them refused to vote. It is a start.
    I cannot believe that there are that many WOKE people in our country. I only know one, total. They are a minority in this country but they sure seem to get a majority of free press. Why do the media support them? They pay taxes too. Can’t they at least “call out” the worst of these crazies?

    1. Yes, Strawman Democrat is a woke socialist racist according to Wingnut.com types.

      Never mind the top capitalists are all liberals who tend to support Democrats. Strawman Democrat is the one to attack.

      1. And to think you said you didn’t cheer for the Dems.

      2. Never mind the top capitalists are all liberals who tend to support Democrats.

        So what? I don’t get my political ideals from Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos anymore than I get my medical advice from them, so who they support is meaningless.

        & yes, Democrats are pushing woke racist BS constantly. It’s a minority of them, but apparently a very vocal and powerful minority as it’s infecting institutions across the US. For you to deny it only says things about you.

    2. You have to remember, many of your union friends were raised in union families; not voting Democrat is akin to spitting on the Virgin Mary, even if May wants to shut you up, take your guns, and make your daughter share the restroom with Tiny Tim.

  25. It must be really frustrating to be an authoritarian progressive–when people just flat out refuse to want what they’re told.

    1. Nah, just break a few egg’s and bam!


    2. ^Perfectly Stated

  26. How about “stop supporting authoritarian overreach into the lives of ordinary citizens?”
    Saying the government is the existential enemy of the poor & oppressed, but expanding government powers with each legislative proposal probably isn’t sitting well with the base that is poor & oppressed, and that includes the increasingly alienated white working class Democrats (who are on record saying their community isn’t prioritized because the party is dominated by elitist urban districts).
    Defunding the police is leading to privatization and expanded Federal/Military role in policing. We’re on an extremely dangerous path and it’s not just “minorities” abandoning the party; it’s people who live real lives and don’t deal in theoretical ideologies that sound good at an expensive cocktail party.

  27. > According to progressive pollster David Shor, it’s time to face the facts: The cultural views of very highly-educated, very left-leaning white people are toxic for many nonwhite voters who would otherwise support the Democratic Party.

    To most progressives and all Wokes, this is just White Man’s Burden. The need to go read Kipling’s poem and ponder its meaning, Minorities are leaving the Democrat Party at roughly the same rate as affluent White progressives are anointing themselves the personal savior of nonwhites. This isnst’ about Trump, because Trump is an idiot. But is he any bigger of an idiot than the Democrat Party’s shift towards Woke Appeasement?

    Also, “latinx” is an abomination abhorrent to the Spanish language. Which is why Latinos does not use the word. Only an affluent monolinguial White Woke would ever have coined that word. It’s just more White Man’s Burden. “Gotta teach those Latinos to say Latinx instead because we’re White and know better.”

    1. I guarantee ‘latinx’ was originated by a latino or latina academic, probably in a women’s studies department somewhere. Just like the current afropessimist rhetoric originated with black academics. Their primary audience ends up being secular white liberals looking for a religious experience and belief system, but the origination points are radicals within the group they claim to represent (they simply aren’t representative).

      1. This was predictable with grade inflation in high schools and admissions quotas (easily denied, easily gamed).

        So we end up with minority students being admitted to schools well above their actual educational level. Can’t flunk ’em…but when they’re passed, with degrees in the only subjects forgiving enough to provide a false sense of achievement (gender, race, critical theory, etc)…they then have to get jobs. And the very worst of them go on to be teachers! Over the last decade or two, the single invariant demand made by protesters has been “Funding for more Afro-centric professors”.

        And so it has come to pass. Unqualified, resentful, insecure and spewing out substandard “research” that no peer-reviewer would dare to criticize.

        You wonder how this shit could happen, but it really isn’t a mystery, it’s just that a lot of the links cannot be spoken out loud.

    2. In fact, many (most?) languages carry the notion of gender to almost all nouns. But what I never realized, is that English is apparently the only sufficiently woke language out there, and all other peoples’ must change their very basis of communication to the appropriate woke status.

      Talk about arrogance of the highest form. Fucking woke assholes.

      Never mind that these languages were developed in light of what was plainly obvious to anyone with half a brain.

  28. So when Matt Y. says that the solution for Dems is that they “should SAY they don’t believe…”

    it’s totes cool if the actually still DO believe it… they should just lie about that and snooker voters. Real integrity there.

    I mean… let’s not consider that maybe, if one has to hide their views that perhaps, just maybe, one ought to reconsider those views as they might be wrong? They may be right… sure… but odds are majorities are right more often than they are wrong… just the nature of the thing. But to even consider self-reflection for a Democrat about their ideals and why no one else likes them??? Nahhh… just lie about it and get them votes.

    1. It worked with their views on gun control for so long, I’m sure Matt Y sees that success and wants to replicate it. Why on earth would politicians let truth get in the way? They’re all worthless power seeking pieces of shit, if only the rest of society would catch on (but we’ve had a long time and still haven’t so I’m not optimistic).

      1. “They’re all worthless power seeking pieces of shit, if only the rest of society would catch on (but we’ve had a long time and still haven’t so I’m not optimistic).”


  29. It’s not just ‘elite white liberals’ – it’s the liberal academic establishment, regardless of race. Their theorists and enablers aren’t primarily white – people like Frank Wilderson, for example. It just mostly spills over into regular society as elite white liberals, because its mostly white kids from privileged backgrounds who are convinced by this nonsense (and have enough influence afterwards to amplify it).

    1. It is also firmly entrenched in the government service and even worse in the military. They force it on the troops non-stop. The Sergeant Major Academy is nothing but WOKE nonsense. It is the reason that so few competent Sergeant Majors exist today. Just WOKE pussies.

  30. Woke democrats hate a lot of people. Hate turns a lot of people off.

    I know a lot of democrats who voted for Trump as their first time with a Republican.

    1. But did they vote twice? Because otherwise they’re worthless, and crying about it now, instead of really fighting for Trump before the election is pointless, loser!

      1. Most of them voted for him given their second chance.

  31. It isn’t just about single issues, but the larger movement of intellectual diversity. Every honest person in America can acknowledge historical discrimination, but ordinary people are frankly too busy to worry about mostly academic concerns. They care about the real world. Is my neighborhood safe? Do I have opportunities for socioeconomic mobility? Can I save for my retirement and my children’s education? Under Democrat policies, for most people, the answer is no. Bad policy doesn’t discriminate and most Americans feel their tax dollars are wasted. Say what you will about approval rates for individual politicians, but you know who consistently polls with the lowest approval? Congress.

  32. Why would the “woke” think immigrants would be on their side?

    Lots of people emigrate because in the country they’re leaving, fascism is a lot like woke.

    They left to experience the human rights that the woke are now trying to cancel here.

    1. New readers beware! Debating ANYTHING with Misek is a WASTE of time! It is a Holocaust Denier! A reality denier!

      Sane people with a grip on reality don’t deny history, as history is defined by a vast, vast majority of historians, with (in cases like this) boat-loads of evidence. No, historians and history aren’t perfect… Nothing (or hardly anything) is. But your denial of overwhelming consensus history shows some pretty severe paranoia… Everyone is out to “get you” and to trick you, right?
      I am doing a service to readers who aren’t familiar with your paranoia… Let all new (or newer) readers beware, much of what Rob Misek has to say, needs to be examined carefully!

      The Earth is actually flat, and the center of the Universe.
      A secret cabal of Jewish bankers is diabolically manipulating the world towards world-wide communism.
      Space aliens secretly comprise 10% of Earthings, and are twisting us and them towards the day when they will enslave and eat us all!
      The Earth is hollow, with a vast array of large, powerful beings living underneath us.
      Being part of a TINY-TINY elite of humans who know the “secret truth” is the other element of your serious whack… Paranoia, and “special elite knowledge”… The later is evidence of mania, of egomania… Some serious self-examination on your part, would be in order!

      You can show Rob Misek an endless parade of well-documented history books about the holocaust, interviews with a few survivors, and video of walking tours of holocaust museums and preserved genocide sites (gas chambers etc), photos of starved corpses stacked cordwood-style…
      And Rob Misek will “summarize” for you, saying,
      “OK, sure, I’ve heard that before! Ha!…
      ‘Mustache Man Bad’ hyped propaganda!”

  33. If you question anything that VP Harris does or says then you’re a racist, a misogynist and by the looks or her, homophobic.

  34. OR…you’re just opposed to the idea of having a Vice President who’s had Willie Brown’s dick in her ass.

    Just sayin’…

  35. They need to get consistent. Socialism is what funds the police.

    1. Under that delusional void of word definition; One could call going on a date without going dutch “socialism”. You’re purposely deceiving and manipulating basic language to fit a narrative.

  36. I don’t think it was wokeness or socialism, it was Trump that actively courted their vote.

    Despite all the caterwauling by the media and the left, Trump was not racist. His message tried to appeal to the working class

    Of course, that also hurt him in the long run with the middle class and especially white women.

  37. It doesn’t matter what opinions voters have since Democrats will henceforth rig all elections.

    1. It doesn’t matter what opinions voters have, if said voters want to NOT vote for REPUBLICANS, because ALL votes for OTHER THAN Republican votes MUST have been fraudulent! This is a FACT! Der TrumpfenFuhrer, Alex Jones, and Pepe the Frog have all told me so!

    2. Culturally, I find it grotesque, that Der TrumpfenFuher acts vulturally, lusting after eating the dead corpse of democracy, turning it into a dictatorshit! Under Der TrumpfenFuher, the “R” party will NOT rest until it is the ONLY party! And sensible Americans (unlike the “R” party lately) have learned some history about how terribly poorly 1-party states work! HEY IDIOTS! “R” PARTY NEEDS “D” PARTY, AND WE NEED TO ACCEPT THE WILL OF THE VOTERS, EVEN “D” VOTERS, TO HAVE A 2 PARTY STATE NOT A 1-PARTY DICTATORSHIT! If you want to do some GOOD for the “R” Party, PLEASE explain this to Der TrumpfenFuher!

      I say again, “Under Der TrumpfenFuher, the “R” party will NOT rest until it is the ONLY party!”

      Why is it?

      If you need proof of what I say, read https://reason.com/2020/12/20/desperate-to-stop-biden-from-taking-office-trump-suggests-military-intervention-voting-machine-seizures-and-appointing-sidney-powell-to-investigate-her-own-fraud-claims/ Desperate To Stop Biden From Taking Office, Trump Suggests Military Intervention, Voting Machine Seizures, and Appointing Sidney Powell To Investigate Her Own Fraud Claims

      Trump flunkies want to use martial law to hold new elections in swing states that didn’t vote Trump. Use the military to force a do-over where the people didn’t vote for Trump like they were supposed to. Give them a second bite at the apple.

      And there will be endless do-overs till these wayward slobs do things the RIGHT way, and vote for Der TrumpfenFuhrer!

      Those states who voted for Der TrumpfenFuhrer? Texas, for instance? And now that time has gone by, and millions of Texans have seen yet MORE of the “true stripes” of the Trumptatorshit… And they voted for Trump, but are SOOOO disgusted by now, they want to vote differently by now… Do THEY get a do-over?

      Let’s selectively re-play this game till the Trumptatorshit lasts forever!

      The ONLY way that states that DID vote for the continuation of the Trumptatorshit, will get a re-vote, to make it all “fair” to people who’ve changed their minds, by now, or who were excluded from voting by “R” machinations or being too busy or sick that day, to vote… The ONLY way that voters in THESE states will get a “second bite at the apple”, is to make up utterly fantastical LIES about the “R” party’s cheating, collusion with Lizard Men, etc.!

      If the Lizard Men stole it last time, what will keep them from stealing it the next time around?

      What we are CLEARLY evolving towards here, is NOT election wins by the most votes or even electoral college votes, it is “WINNING” by “He who whines and cries and makes up lies, the most”!

      WHY, oh WHY might it be, that people who don’t like the history of 1-party states, are afraid to vote “R” any more?

  38. The Far Left is obsessed with race and are ultimately racist even though they don’t recognize it. People are people, plain period and simply put. We are all to some degree a mixture of various “Races”. I’ve always had an issue with government forms where I’m required or even asked to identify with a specific race. I like many other people don’t fit nicely into a category.

    What exactly constitutes belonging to one racial category versus another. Imagine if we apply the woke sexual labels methodology to race and came up with the equivalent “LGBTQQIP2SAA” (probably missed some) for race then everyone would and a string of letters to identify their “Race”.

    Effectively making it all worthless. My point is that the “Race” categories used today are as worthless as an equivalent “LGBTQQIP2SAA” for “Race” would be and “LGBTQQIP2SAA” is for sexual identity. The reality is that People are People, plain period and simply put. We are all individuals and should be judged by our individual actions not by inclusion to a worthless category.

    Governments artificially introduce these worthless categorized to divide masses of individuals into groups as a mechanism of control. Governments are at the root of social tensions by design although many in the government bureaucracies fervently believe that they have a noble cause. In reality they are only causing increased tensions and widening the divisions.

    The solution is to continually reduce the size of government and the amount of involvement in our everyday lives. This will not be dismantled in a day or many lifetimes. It must evolve over generations just as any lasting social change requires a true consensus of the people.

    The tyrannical wokeness of the loudest voices is not a true consensus, it is simply a temporary illusion of consensus. They silence the majority out of fear, but consensus is never developed. Eventually brave dissenters will surface and the pendulum of ideas will swing back as individuals react to repel the overreach.

    We must respect that People are individuals, and need to stop putting People into predefined boxes. We must constrain Government to limit their powers and involvement in our daily lives.

    Until this is set into motion we will continue to vacillate in a controlled fashion as government designed where the pendulum of ideas will swing back and forth. The constant is that Government will be in control of all our lives instead of each individual being in control of their own life.

    1. “Effectively making it all worthless. My point is that the “Race” categories used today are as worthless as an equivalent “LGBTQQIP2SAA” for “Race” would be and “LGBTQQIP2SAA” is for sexual identity. The reality is that People are People, plain period and simply put. We are all individuals and should be judged by our individual actions not by inclusion to a worthless category.”

      Well said.

      ^ This

  39. How can white progs who come up with retarded terms like “Latinx” and “BIPOc” then expect the people they label as such to vote for them?

    1. Such is life in an echo chamber; you spend all of your time agreeing with those who reciprocate, and cannot imagine how others don’t share your vision and why your message comes across as moral superiority.

    2. “How can white progs who come up with retarded terms like “Latinx” and “BIPOc” then expect the people they label as such to vote for them?”
      How can white TDS-addled assholes come up wit ‘clever’ names for Trump, TDS-addled asshole?

  40. Holy shit! Yggie actually said “illegal imigration”? Who’s taking bets on how long he’s got before the lefturds denounce him as a bigot?


  41. Bull. Minorities will stick to evil Democrats. The last election proved it. Blacks had never been in better economic shape in their history, yet they bought every bit of Trump hatred the Dems tried to shove down their throats.

  42. The real question is who has the best fast food chicken sandwich.

    Haven’t tried the new McDonalds yet. Thus far I’m voting for Wendy’s spicy chicken with Chck Fil A a close second.


    “Diversity” is a code for “Fewer White People.”

    “Diversity is our greatest strength” is a code for

    —“White People is our Greatest Weakness.”—

    White liberal supporters of “multiculturalism” amount to nothing more than opportunist parasites riding on the back of a social fungus attacking the body politic.

    They support White Genocide.

    White self-hatred is SICK!!

  44. Woke Excess Causes Rational Voters To Flee the Democratic Party

    There, I fixed the headline for you.

  45. Minorities can fall victim to retarded culture war distractions same as dumbfuck white people. They do it because it works.

    But if you think the gender of a potato-shaped toy is of similar national import to climate change or pandemics, you are a sad stupid victim and you should eat mushed food instead of having opinions.

    1. Haha. True true.

      1. Haha. Fuck off and die, asshole.

    2. If you think shitstain’s comment deals with anything intelligent people recognize as “reality”, you’re as fucked up as shitstain.
      Fuck off and die, shitstain.

  46. “Woke Excess” That’s a funny term, but I’ll play. First of all nobody can be work to anyone’s race unless they grew up and live in that persons shoes. You can’t be woke to a Native American because you claim to be woke. Nor can you be woke to a black man unless you have grown up and lived in his shoes. The same goes for Asians, Middle Easterners, Hispanics or anyone else. So woke the fuck up and realize that.

    With that said. I’m sure there are some who have become disenfranchised with the democratic party. But there are also many that have become disenfranchised with the republican party as well. I’m hoping that many will come to the Libertarian party. I preach about it a little bit. But most don’t understand what the Libertarian party is all about. Most think we are nothing more than right wing whackos or left wing stoners. OK, maybe they are a little bit correct, especially about being stoners. But I’m ok with that. Hell, maybe this summer I’ll post a few links to my summer grow on this site. It’s amazing what a little love and Mother Nature can do to a Marijuana plant. But I digress. But when I’m trying to convert someone, I usually direct them to lp.org. I think they do a little better that I do at telling the whole story. If we can get some of the reasonable ones from the dems and some reasonable ones from the reps, maybe we can get somewhere. And as the infamous Donald Trump would say, “There are good people on both sides.” We just need to go out there and get them.

    1. Oh, and if I made any typos in that last comment. Please forgive me, I just smoked a fatty!!!

  47. my neighborhood is a new Midwest upper middle class development

    consequently more than half the people on my street are well-off immigrants

    most often from 3W countries

    they generally vote Democrat

    but if you tell people who grew up without sewage and water that they are “privileged” compared to poor blacks in the US they will laugh in your face and vote GOP

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