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The University of British Columbia, a public university in Canada, has fired Amie Wolf, who taught in the education department, after she doxxed several students and sent what was interpreted as a threatening message to a professor at another university. In January, Wolf accused 12 students who transferred out of her class on indigenous education of "intolerance" and potential "reinforcement of white supremacy." She later tweeted their names, calling them the "dirty dozen." Wolf also sent an email to a professor at Saint Mary's University after he retweeted a comment that Wolf's claim of indigenous heritage may be false. She wrote,  "If it's the last f—ing thing I do, I will bring down your career," "Go to hell racist mother f—er," and "I'm after you. And I get my kill."

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  1. She’ll never get a man with a attitude like that.

    1. Well, I like do red hair, but her roots make it clear it’s a home dye job. And I also love women with glasses…but glasses or not, she’s a raving lunatic. (And I’m saying that as someone who is very sympathetic to indigenous people.)

      If there’s one good piece of advice I’ve learned in my years on your planet, it’s that you NEVER STICK IT IN CRAZY.

      1. She does have a pretty mouth though. Wink , wink, nod, nod.

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      2. 1) dying just the tips is the current fashion

        2) that’s not her

        3) she (allegedly) isn’t indigenous and there are claims she lied, hence the attempts to dox and obfuscate

        1. 1) Probably because it saves money
          2) I know it’s a stock photo. I was joking.
          3) Even if she’s truthful about her heritage, it’s not an excuse for behaving that way. Students drop classes for all sorts of reasons. Even if they dropped the class because they don’t like the professor or the material, that is their right. They are paying to take that class, after all. (Public universities in Canada still charge for tuition, books, student fees, etc.)

          1. 2) sure you were

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          2. 3) you seem to be extremely confused

      3. That picture is NOT her. That picture is a stock photo from Duh.

        Let me guess, you’re easily fooled and credulous?

      4. Yeah, that picture above is just B-roll, but if you link to the article, then the Twatter thread in question and look downthread a bit, they do have a picture of her. She has light brown hair and one of the whitest faces I’ve ever seen.

        1. So if she could learn to fake sanity, she’d be like Elizabeth Warren.

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    3. Actually she might, but with an adrenaline rage level like hers, only if she aims center of mass.

  2. She also seems now unemployable by all but the dumbest of social justice grifting entities.

    1. Are you kidding? That’s hot shit for the SJW hirers, isn’t it, proof of her purity? I figure it makes her a shoo-in for her next job, either in academia or as a commenter on MSNBC or CNN.

      Would be interesting if her indigenous claims are bunk, like that Rachel what’s-her-name who claimed to be black and I think hasn’t been able to get a job since.

      1. Her indigenous claims appear to be total bunk.

    2. Just like Neera Tanden.

    3. You mean like a tenured position at Oberlin?

      1. Getting a tenured position at Oberlin is like being offered a grade promotion to crew on the Titanic.

    4. I’ve met someone who works at that college (an ex of a coworker). With only two data points, I have to temporarily conclude this person isn’t an outlier, but the norm at UoBC.

    5. She might be able to get a job at shoprite, I know someone who just quit.

      1. Good one. And she can work there a while, then quit and get that online thingy.

  3. So, what is reason trying to say, are they for or against her punishment?

    1. They are trying to say “Please click on a link, any link. We’re hungry.”

  4. Somebody needs their meds adjusted.

    1. So call your doctor.

    2. This isn’t a Sullum article.

  5. More information on what led up to her being suspended here

    1. Interesting read. Some funny stuff:

      The problem here is that the normal academic mission of knowledge-building, as it’s typically understood, isn’t just to venerate established teachings: It’s also to challenge those teachings and build up new ones. Much of modern liberal arts, in fact, consists of theoretical constructs that explain why our ancestors were wrong-headed, and even malevolent.

      That “normal academic mission” is for real sciences, especially math, physics, chemistry, etc, but also for psychology, English lit, and other not-quite-sciences which really do have things to discover and debate. It absolutely does not apply in any normal sense to gender identify fluid studies, and that is because those are not even close to any kind of science. Heck, language studies can find old documents, debate the meaning of words to Chaucer, and so on; but screaming RACIST at white people is nothing of the sort.

      1. But I also hope that the rest of us take a good look at how we enable this kind of tragedy when we mark off whole races of people as immune to the normal checks and balances upon which our own paths to self-improvement are based.

        His whole thesis is that indigenous people are never called out for their failures as white people are, so they never learn how to improve, and this systemic racism and colonialism is why Wolf had her meltdown.

        Of course he blames white people, himself included, for this. Bud, got news for ya: this is not down to racism, it is down to nutjobs who think gender fluid identity studies is four words that make sense when strung together, that white is identical with racism, that non-whites can never be racist unless they show their whiteness by denying that white == racism. You are the clowns who invented this shit out of thin air, not the majority of the population. You are the one denying failure to yourself and your nutjob colleagues by simply refusing to accept that your whole philosophy has been bullshit from the get go.

  6. Reason #3,275,882 for being an engineering major.

  7. She is on the warpath.

  8. From The National Post:

    “This brings me to Amie Wolf, a teacher of mixed Mi’kmaq and Polish ancestry who lives in Vancouver. She has led a hard and difficult life. Her mother was a sex worker who committed suicide. She says she suffered abuse. Wolf recently has been suicidal and homeless, and appears to be going through an ongoing mental-health crisis. She is open about all of this biographical information, including with her students. I know this because one of those students at the University of British Columbia, where she taught Education 440–Aboriginal Education in Canada until last month, sent me a recording of the last Zoom lecture she delivered before being removed by UBC administrators. In fact, it’s not really a lecture at all, but (literally) a long cry for help.

    1. At this point, dying hair red is not just indicated, but should be mandatory.

  9. I’d become interested in Wolf’s case after it was first reported on by a UBC student newspaper. A dozen students in her class had asked to transition to another course section after alleged “unprofessional” and “hostile” behaviour in the class. According to the article, Wolf interpreted this as a possible racist attack on her, and put identical interim reports in each student’s file, saying their decision to leave the class pointed to “unconscious and unacceptable biases, the reinforcement of white supremacy and/or Indigenous specific racism”.

  10. “I’m after you. And I get my kill.”

    Her people are known for taking scalps.

    1. Her people? You mean French Canadians / Eastern Europeans?

      1. She is supposedly of mixed Mi’kmaq and Polish ancestry.

        I would presume the her people reference here is to the Mi’kmaq people.

        The Miꞌkmaq (also Mi’gmaq, Lnu, Miꞌkmaw or Miꞌgmaw; English: /ˈmɪɡmɑː/; Miꞌkmaq: [miːɡmaɣ])[3][4][5] are a First Nations people of the Northeastern Woodlands, indigenous to the areas now known as Canada’s Atlantic Provinces and the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec as well as the northeastern region of Maine. They call their national territory Miꞌkmaꞌki (or Miꞌgmaꞌgi). The nation has a population of about 170,000 (including 18,044 members in the recently formed Qalipu First Nation in Newfoundland[6][7]), of whom nearly 11,000 speak Miꞌkmaq, an Eastern Algonquian language.[8][9] Once written in Miꞌkmaw hieroglyphic writing, it is now written using most letters of the Latin alphabet.

        1. My point was that she is not at all of Mi’kmaq ancestry. Follow the link in the story herein and the story linked to. She is a fraud. Her ancestry is exactly what I stated.

        2. So, they’re basically Klingons.

  11. Convinced that the school and the whistle-blowers were engaged in a “corrupt” scheme, inspired by a legacy of “colonial genocide,” she dedicated her last lecture to a host of conspiracy theories — chemtrails, COVID-19 vaccines — sometimes launching into fits of laughter, denunciations of named unsupportive colleagues (Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike), and tangents about her tragically unsuccessful personal relationships.

    So in essence this article concludes, sympathetically, that this woman is a survivor of horrid abuse as a child and is now a racing lunatic; but no one would do anything to intervene until all went well beyond the pale because she identifies as “indigenous” and it was just too radioactive to attack such a person or program.

    1. She’s half northeastern European. I’ll bet her hair and eyebrows (an important detail for racial frauds) are dyed.

  12. I looked at the evidence presented in the Twatter thread. She is absolutely not at all Native American. Her name isn’t even “wolf.” She changed it @2001. I don’t know if she’s been married, but her father’s last name is Myers. She is of French Canadian, Polish, and Hungarian/Slavic descent. According to her sister, she tried to enroll in one of the tribes, but was rejected. The sister also stated that this whole “indigenous” thing with her started around the turn of the century. This all comes from Twatter, so take it as you will, but the evidence presented, if true, forces one to conclude that she is a lying liar who lies and then lies some more. She appears to be another Rachel Doleaz (sp?), complete with the nervous breakdown upon having her true heritage challenged.

    1. If she is part French-Canadian, she probably does have a small portion of ancestry from one or more of the Algonquian tribes, but it’s likely to be impractical to prove it. The French government controlled who could immigrate to Canada, and never allowed as many women as men, so many of the men in the first and second generation married Native Americans. (There was also an economic advantage to marrying into a tribe: the main chance for a Canadien in the 17th to 19th centuries to get rich was the fur trade, which originally required going into tribal territory.) Several centuries later, those Native American genes have mixed through most of the French-Canadian population, but to trace the descent of a particular individual would usually require finding marriage and birth records from dozens of village churches.

      But if you don’t have enough native genes to show, it doesn’t mean anything in the modern world, and this woman looks as white as Adolph Hitler.

  13. Blob

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