Vaccines Are 100% Effective at Preventing COVID-19 Hospitalizations and Deaths

Wondering what "95 percent efficacy" means? I've got some good news for you.


The COVID-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna are about 95 percent effective at preventing symptomatic illness. What does that really mean? It does not mean that 95 percent of people are protected from disease with the vaccine, as Oxford Centre for Global Health Research infectious disease specialist Piero Olliaro recently explained in the Lancet. Olliaro notes that an earlier ambiguous editorial in the Lancet may have lead readers to make just such a mistaken inference.

What the 95 percent figure really means here is that vaccinated people in the clinical trials had a 95 percent lower risk of getting COVID-19 compared with the unvaccinated control group participants. That means that vaccinated people were 20 times less likely than the control group to get COVID-19.

Olliaro looked at what a 95 percent vaccine efficacy rate would mean in a hypothetical case in which a population of 100,000 people have all been vaccinated. Applying the 1 percent rate at which unvaccinated folks became ill during the vaccine trials over three months suggests that 1,000 people in an unvaccinated population of 100,000 would fall ill. But because all 100,000 people are vaccinated, the actual rate in the vaccinated population would be just 50 cases (0.05 x 1,000 = 50 cases).

As Olliaro pointed out:

The mRNA-based Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were shown to have 94–95% efficacy in preventing symptomatic COVID-19, calculated as 100 × (1 minus the attack rate with vaccine divided by the attack rate with placebo). It means that in a population such as the one enrolled in the trials, with a cumulated COVID-19 attack rate over a period of 3 months of about 1% without a vaccine, we would expect roughly 0·05% of vaccinated people would get diseased.

There is even more good news about COVID-19 vaccine efficacy. As LiveScience reports, the Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson clinical trials all found that their vaccines were essentially 100 percent effective in preventing severe disease six to seven weeks after trial participants had received a first/single dose. As biotech journalist Anna Nowogrodzki notes, "Zero vaccinated people in any of the trials were hospitalized or died of COVID-19 after the vaccines had fully taken effect." Now that's the kind of vaccine efficacy that we can all cheer.

Further good news is that Pfizer/BioNTEch and Moderna, which have so far distributed 75 million doses of their vaccines in the United States, are now pledging to steeply ramp up their vaccine deliveries to 140 million additional doses by the end of next month. Johnson & Johnson, whose one-shot vaccine could be approved by the Food and Drug Administration by this weekend says that it can deliver 20 million doses in the United States by the end of March. Which vaccine to take? The first one you can get.

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  1. Great! Let’s stop acting like retards and putting on stupid face diapers.

    1. Those “stupid face diapers” allowed S Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Japan, etc. to all suffer far less both in personal freedom/travel restrictions and economically. I know, I know, it’s some other, unspecified difference common to all these mask wearing asian countries, because, well, because you are never wrong, and that’s that.

      It’s moot now, but you dummies really fucked the pooch.

      1. So, because of face diapers, Uighyrs in China suffered far less in terms of personal freedom than Americans who refused?

        1. Yeah, De Opp was really pushing a “to hell with the Uighyrs” line there, you decoded his hidden agenda and called him out on it. Good job!

          1. I assumed he was being facetious and that his inclusion of China was the tell. But you’re probably right, China probably somehow became more free than America by using masks. Well, China China, not the Uighyrs, the Taiwanese, or Beijing… the masks probably didn’t do shit for their personal freedom.

          2. HO2

          3. How can you be afraid of covid when every business has multiple mass weapons of war such as fire extinguishers?

            1. This is a good example of what I am talking about when I say right-wingers here are making light of the MAGA rioting that occurred at the Capitol. It’s all a big joke to you.

              1. How can it be anything else when the left is in perpetual hysterics about it after their support of a summer of rioting, looting and murdering which was a-ok with you.
                However, keep on trying to over play it , it looks good on you.

              2. They may be making light of it now. But just wait 5 years or so. Then they’ll be saying that it never happened.

              3. The only person killed during the riot was the woman shot in the face by a cop. The cop did not die from hits with a fire extinguisher, although Donkeys still believe that NYT lie.

                It was a terrible riot and is noteworthy for attacking an ongoing step in our electoral process. But it was much, much less violent, damaging, or destructive than even one of the antifa Brownshirt attacks in the summer. And there were hundreds of those riots with upwards of $2 bn damage and dozens of murders. Not nearly equivalent.

      2. Lots of studies have shown lots of results. There is no definitive proof that masks do anything other than keep Karens from screaming at you.

        1. And they’re still only about 80% effective at that.

          1. The problem is that the Karens’ masks are far too permeable.

            1. Two Karen’s are better than one! 🙂

        2. First, there is definitive proof. Masks are effective at preventing transmission, and this has been measured and documented so many times now, that it is inarguable.

          Second, why do you need “definitive proof”? Consider this scenario: People are dying today, we need to do something asap, and we have a solution which has been strongly shown to be effective, is costless, but for whatever reason does not meet your definition of “definitive proof”. Do you allow people to die while waiting for more “proof”, or you do take the completely costless action, since it has no downside and only potential upside? The answer is obvious, if you apply logic.

          1. A really good EconTalk episode where Russ Roberts interviews Nassim Taleb on his views on the pandemic. It touches on this very topic:


          2. Masks are effective at preventing transmission, and this has been measured and documented so many times now, that it is inarguable.

            Unless words mean things and when you said “preventing transmission” you meant “decreasing the probability of transmission”. Because not even the CCCP or the CDC have claimed or would be stupid enough to claim that they prevent transmission.

            1. Virtually all of the lab studies that state mask usage lowers transmission rates uses a mask sealed around a tube, allowing no air to escape from gaps in usage. Literally nobody wears a mask that is sealed. That is why one CDC guidance recommended sealing the mask by putting pantyhose around the mask to make the air gaps smaller.

              DoL is as usual ignorant.

              1. Condoms are 98% effective yet we have many unwanted pregnancies. And in this case you only need to get it right for a couple minutes.

            2. Masks are effective at preventing transmission, and this has been measured and documented so many times now, that it is inarguable.
              100,000 innocents were murdered by the China virus during the SleepyJoe regime with 97% mask compliance.

          3. I think you do not know the meaning of “inarguable”.

          4. And whether masks can be effective is not really the question. Is encouraging or mandating that everyone wear a mask in public, using the masks that people actually use in the ways they actually use them, a significant factor in death rate or infection rate. There is a lot of evidence now that suggests that it makes very little difference.
            I will say once more, in Japan, they are far from universal masks. And they have the same result as S Korea or Taiwan with much stricter mask use. The masks are not what makes the difference. Insisting that it does discourages people from finding out what actually makes the difference. Which could actually save a lot of lives.

          5. From your link:
            Cochrane (7) and the World Health Organization (8) both point out that, for population health measures, we should not generally expect to be able to find controlled trials, due to logistical and ethical reasons, and should therefore instead seek a wider evidence base. This issue has been identified for studying community use of masks for COVID-19 in particular (9). Therefore, we should not be surprised to find that there is no RCT for the impact of masks on community transmission of any respiratory infection in a pandemic.

            Only one observational study has directly analyzed the impact of mask use in the community on COVID-19 transmission.

            So there is no direct study, it is all guess work. They even use the favorite buzzwords of the PhD Karens “could or might.” I can literally point you to mask policies by country or by state and show no correlation to spread rates of the virus.

          6. Funny how you mentioned the Pacific Rim, but left out Europe and Africa, you cherry-picking dumbfuck.

            1. 100 years ago: “It’s a flu pandemic! Everyone wear masks and close up businesses!” Result–600,000 people dead.

              Today: “It’s a common cold pandemic! Everyone wear masks and close up businesses!”–Result–500,000 people dead, and counting.

          7. Sorry. No definitive proof. Your cite is sciency, but not science. It is essentially a meta study, with studies selected and curated to prove the point. Mostly, the studies argue by analogy, or, worse, this author argues by analogy. No randomized double blind tests involving COVID-19 – indeed, most of the studies were years earlier (the 19 in COVID-19 indicates the year that the virus was first detected – and even then, it was Nov or Dec of that year).

            And even if the studies were applicable, due to identical susceptibility to proper mask wearing – we aren’t talking proper mask wearing here. We are talking bandanas, neck gators, and cloth masks too thin to do any good, as well as regular three ply or so masks, all ten worn for hours, if not days at a time.

            “Second, why do you need “definitive proof”? Consider this scenario: People are dying today, we need to do something asap, and we have a solution which has been strongly shown to be effective, is costless, but for whatever reason does not meet your definition of “definitive proof””.

            In other words, you are demanding that we do something, regardless of efficacy, just to be seen as doing something.

            1. Well said, Bruce!

            2. No randomized double blind tests

              How would on do a double blind test on mask usage?

              Masks are marginally effective.

              Mandating masks is unconstitutional, even if it could be proven they are 100% effective.

              1. Masks are marginally effective.

                Prove it. Saying that properly testing mask effectiveness is difficult isn’t in any way proof that they are effective. That’s full-on magic talisman bullshit.


              2. “and the general welfare” would probably cover it. Certainly a much better use of the concept of “general welfare” than socialist insecurity, which the (unpacked but terrified) FDR-era SCOTUS said was okeydokey.

          8. By using the word “inarguable,” it shows STOLEN VALOR has no idea how science works. All findings should be questioned. Cherry-picked meta-studies are weak evidence. Debate is the very definition of science and DOL is a fucking mouth-breathing liar.

          9. …we have a solution which has been strongly shown to be effective, is costless

            Costless? How is that possible?

        3. Was grocery shopping last week when Karen accosted me and said,”You’re not wearing your mask!”
          I replied to her, “I’m not wearing any underwear either.”

      3. There is no way masks made the nearly 30x difference in death rates between those countries and the west, which used masks as much or more. Japan had no universal masking. And they have had a pretty high infection rate, but very low death rate. The idea is just absurd on it’s face. Masks and other NPIs are just not the major factor in how different countries have performed.

      4. I’m often wrong. But I don’t think I am in this case. Plenty of places in the US and Europe had at least as widespread mask use as Korea or Taiwan or China (Japan didn’t have nearly as much masking and never required it). Your insistence that that must be what made the difference is just ridiculous. The data from various countries and US states makes it abundantly clear that masks just aren’t a major factor.

        1. You are avoiding the obvious answer right in front of your face. The only reason this is even up for debate is because of how low logical examination and critical thought has fallen in this country.

          In “COVID-19 and Public Interest in Face Mask Use,” researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong shared findings from their analysis of how public interest in face masks may have affected the severity of COVID-19 epidemics and potentially contained the outbreak in 42 countries in 6 continents.

          The authors noted that “In many Asian countries like China and Japan, the use of face masks in this pandemic is ubiquitous and is considered as a hygiene etiquette, whereas in many western countries, its use in the public is less common.”

          There was a clear negative correlation between the awareness or general acceptance of wearing a face mask and its infection rates. “One classic example is seen in Hong Kong,” said Sunny Wong, MD, associate professor, Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

          “Despite [Hong Kong’s] proximity to mainland China, its infection rate of COVID-19 is generally modest with only 1,110 cases to-date. This correlates with an almost ubiquitous use of face masks in the city (up to 98.8 percent by respondents in a survey). Similar patterns are seen in other Asian areas, such as Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia. To date, there are more than two million cases in the U.S. and more than one million cases in Brazil.

          1. I don’t understand why you and everyone else whole sale use of masks as the clear answer ignores all other actions that were taken in accordance of the use of masks. It’s clearly couldn’t have been many other things from distancing, natural immunities, and other cultural norms practiced or forced upon them? What about india? What’s the explanation there? Let’s not pretend that the millions of masked or unmasked folks living in squalor and grime some how “masked” better then california or new york. You have an opinion just like myself, like zeb but let’s stop pretending you speak gospel on the issue. Your paper states they couldn’t do real trial because of ethics, their basis is Chinese household data – come on like that is reported truthful and also can’t untie the possibility of handwashing as a major impact. So flaws and assumptions be damned they just work. Why didn’t they work here? We started here in June and our numbers are slightly (They mask hard here, even double mask) then other cities that didn’t. I’d expect us to have a fraction of the cases per 100k if that was the case. Basically we don’t know. I won’t disregard your view point but I don’t agree with it.

          2. That doesn’t address what I’m saying at all. You present it as if people aren’t wearing masks in the US and Europe. But they are at pretty similar rates to the Asian countries. And they have about 30x worse death rates. Masks just aren’t the primary factor or anything close to it. And mask use is far from universal in Japan, and they are in the same boat as other countries in the region who do mandate masks. It’s not the fucking masks. It just isn’t. If masks made a significant difference, then you would see some signal in data from countries with different mask policies. But you don’t. It’s pretty much random on that measure.

            1. Why are you ceding the point?

              The evidence abounds that masks provide little, if any, protection from viral transmission whereas there is plenty of evidence to support the proposition that masks can cause a veritable plethora of problems for the wearer.

              1. I was narrowly responding to his claim that masks account for the difference between Asian and western countries.

          3. central Africa has good results, over the counter HCQ weekly but no mask.

      5. No, they didn’t, you science denying idiot.

      6. Why didn’t masks protect Asia from SARS?

        Why did doing absolutely nothing protect the US from SARS?

      7. Are you talking about the countries that use a far lower PCR threshold as well as only count “deaths caused by covid” as those caused by respiratory issues? Surely you wouldn’t say something so dumb without understanding the count differences.

      8. It’s clear you’re missing a few firing synapses in that brain, but don’t stop because I enjoy watching and reading the stupidity from afar.

      9. Actually, it’s because their cities aren’t run by democrats and thus they aren’t full of feces and trash. They cleaned their subways n busses multiple times per day, unlike the every 3rd day method initially employed by retard mayor’s in NYC, LA, and San Francisco at the beginning of the pandemic.

        Those countries also have been using hydroxychloroquine and recently ivermectin, with great success. Too bad we can’t because cunts like you had to politicize it over trump.

        You realize we’d have far fewer deaths if we just listened to trump about hcq right? Those deaths and blood are on your liberal hands you cretin.

        1. There would have been far fewer deaths if everyone had simply ignored the government and its minions.

      10. The total death rate of S. Korea went up .2 vs the US up .1 in 2019 and 2020. To be honest both countries have been on the same trend of the rates increasing the same amount for a couple of decades.

        There really is no statistical data that more people are dying from the pandemic than before it. Just different ways of counting why people died and every country is going to count differently. Our government has already admitted they are counting covid differently than influenza. Saying one country is better or worse does not really work if you look at all caused deaths.

      11. No it didn’t.

        My God this insanity with the masks.

    2. Zeb, it’s an article about the COVID vaccine. It has nothing to do with masks or preventing general stupidity.

      1. I thought that’s what we were waiting for.

        1. I don’t know who ‘we’ is, but I’m pretty sure you’re waiting in the wrong line.

        2. Seriously, between ‘The Great Reset’ and ‘the new normal’, people on both sides have been pretty clear that even if we all get vaccinated and nobody ever dies of COVID again, things aren’t going back to the way they were.

          If that’s what you’re waiting for, I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to be waiting in the other line with all the other racists.

          1. I’m deliberately playing dumb to make a sarcastic point. But you probably knew that.

            1. *Playing* dumb? You definitely belong in the line with the racists!

              1. Yes. Yes I do. I’m certainly not joining with the “anti-racists”.

    3. I work in an emergency dept; we have had a number of COVID + patients come through well before the vaccine [which we all got late Dec/ mid Jan]; prior to this none of us contracted the virus, and I believe [based on my observations] that it was due to 1. wearing the right kind of mask 2. the right way and 3. at the right times.

      A generic “mask” is not a talisman. I’ve seen people wearing them while serving food with it pulled down below their nose, and I’ve seen plenty of people wearing them while they drive their cars, alone. Or outside riding a bicycle, as if the virus is just floating around in the frosty air.

      It is NOT about virtue, or politics, FFS. And trust me I am as sick of the government overreach as anyone; almost enough to wish some fools would kidnap our governor and drop her in the lake.

    4. Your face, your choice.

  2. the games people play with numbers

    1. Nobody died of nausea in the thalidomide trials either.

    2. So being unvaccinated is 99% effective at preventing significant COVID-19 illness.

      While being vaccinated is 99.95% effective at the same.

      1. 198.95% effective!

      2. That’s not the correct way to look at it mathematically. The 95% number is a comparison between vaccinated and unvaccinated groups. It is not about the absolute chance of getting covid.

        1. It’s not what he meant.

      3. It’s more like 100% effective against death. If you don’t like those odds, you don’t have to get vaccinated.

        1. Except we don’t knowthe long term autoimmune effects of mRNA vaccines, if any.

  3. This looks like the one thing we’ve really done well here in the US. Overall. From that KFF link, still some problems in some states administering delivered vaccine and providing access to vaccines. But overall, the US is one of a handful of countries that did it right – by contracting hundreds of millions of doses early before those obvious bottlenecks emerged.

    1. Thank you, President Trump!

  4. Sure, it’s 100% effective at preventing deaths from COVID but what about tiger attacks?

  5. If only we had done the proper thing and only allowed those who were willing and able to afford the vaccine to get it, like the market gods demand.

    Having government foot the bill might save hundreds of thousands of lives, but what about the damage to our souls?

    1. Outlawing automobiles might save hundreds of thousands of lives over a decade. Why don’t we do that too? Wait, you probably want to do that…

      1. Forcing people to go on diets and workout 2 hours a day would save far more lives than vaccine mandates.

    2. Having government foot the bill might save hundreds of thousands of lives, but what about the damage to our souls?

      “The 150K people who died since the COVID vaccine was developed probably deserved it and the doctors administering the vaccine to people without permission *definitely* deserved what they got.” – Tony

    3. Funny, you claiming to have a soul.

    4. Scarce is scarce. More demand than supply means rationing one way or the other. You also seem to think that putting a price on vaccines means some people won’t get them. Then your very next sentence betrays that pure thought.

      Damn you switch goalposts faster than Wrong Way Corrigan.

    5. You do realize that government is funded by people right?

    6. LOL. There’s been mitigation treatments for this for months, but they were dismissed as quackery in favor of the oligarchs and news media getting to rub themselves out over the latest Science! achievements.

      What’s cheaper, a brand-new vaccine, or an off-patent medicine like Ivermectin and a Vitamin D shot once symptoms occur, or off-patent steroid inhalers like budesonide in Australia that was so successful, they cut the study short and put the placebo group on the treatment?

    7. I would like a beach house on Hawaii. Having government foot the bill might save me hundreds of thousands of dollars, but what about the damage to our souls?

    8. It would be a lot easier and cheaper to make vaccines if there weren’t so much government red tape in the first place.

  6. And this is actually underselling Fauci’s statement…

    So after you get vaccinated The Infallible Fauci doesn’t want you to go to “places where people congregate.”

    ???????????????? everywhere.

    1. They don’t want people using “I’m vaccinated” as an excuse to stop wearing masks, because of the obvious potential for abuse. This is the same tact as when they told people not to wear masks initially because they were saving the supply for medical workers. I wish they’d be more upfront, but it seems they are in a tough spot because some cult of personality decided to politicize mask wearing into some sort of culture war issue.

      1. It’s not about Trump or party politics, it’s about blindly obeying and believing those in positions of authority. And that will naturally break down largely along political lines. But the most vehemently anti-mask people I know are in no way right wing or Trump supporters.

        1. ” But the most vehemently anti-mask people I know are in no way right wing or Trump supporters.”

          Then your experience is very unique.

          1. You’d be surprised.

          2. Ask the people working in the grocery store how they feel about wearing masks 8 hours a day.

          3. No, it’s not.

        2. And by “blindly follow”, do you mean “take the obviously responsible and logical action after reading some 3 or 4 dozen studies that all come the same conclusion: masks are effective,”?

          The anti-mask crowd are the ones “blindly following”. There is no scientific data or risk analysis that makes not wearing a mask seem like a cost effective or just plain effective option. None. The only reason they are anti mask is for the cultural and value signalling that became associated with being anti mask. And that came from Trump, who’s entire covid strategy was to ignore or lie about it. It was a cover up, not an effective crisis strategy.

          1. Opresso again not true and I disagree – I get terrible headaches when I wear one for long periods of time, basically the same type of headache I used to get in my college days after a friday night out. I also have a mild cough from the moisture that develops on the inside of the mask if I don’t change it out. I run daily and do many other intense activities we have to wear at all times in the gym, it just plain makes me feel worse. I’m doing this for what? The 400lb person who can’t stop grubhub or doritos? Seriously isacrificing for the dgaf crowd, no thanks. That’s not related to trump just incase I need to make that clear

          2. Bullshit. Fuck off with your condescending shit. Some mask wearers are blindly following. Some anti-maskers are too, I’m sure.

            And there are reasons other than rational health risk assessment to oppose it. As soon as mandates happened, it became political. And will be treated so. Defending one’s rights is more important than doing everything possible to minimize infections from one particular virus. Masks have hugely negative social and psychological effects. There are many reasons to oppose it.

          3. Cowling, B. et al. (2010)
            bin-Reza et al. (2012)
            Long, Y. et al. (2020)
            Bundgaard, H. et al. (2020)

            Get back to me when you’ve read this.

            1. As many of us have been saying from day one, the ‘compelling evidence’ suggest voluntary usage and encouragement. Many of us have no problem with this since, you know, the non-aggression principle and libertarianism. There was also high compliance without coercive measures.

              ACTUAL evidence does NOT back up mandates.

          4. Dumbass oppressor, you may not have the cognitive capability to recognize this, but just in case: healthy people wearing masks will not in any way impact the transmission of any virus, including this super special one that to you is worth destroying millions of people’s lives.

          5. You’ve only ever posted one study. And proven you didn’t actually read it.

          6. 3 or 4 dozen? LOL. Most of the studies are pure bunk. I’ve read just about all these studies for a site on masks I maintain. NONE are RCT studies so they’re as good as wiping your ass with.

            The ONUS is on people like you to overturn the actual sound science and body of evidence that show they are NOT effective.

            What is wrong with people and these stupid mouth amulets?

      2. Exactly! It is up to the betters to keep telling us the good lie because they know what’s best for us and the ends always justify the means!

        1. “the means” = Threatening the people with Gov-Guns.

          The most obvious and mostly ignored curse of lefty-progressive ideology is “the means” (i.e. threats of GUNS) they use. If it’s not a cause people need to get shot over; then it’s not a cause the government (i.e. FORCE) should be involved in.

      3. I wish they’d be more upfront, but it seems they are in a tough spot because some cult of personality decided to politicize mask wearing into some sort of culture war issue.

        Blaming the CDC’ failures on Trump personally is bullshit. Both Trump and the CDC pretty much did nothing right and are the major reason so many Americans are dead.

        But their stupidity, corruption, arrogance, incompetence, etc were INDEPENDENTLY derived. In a regression analysis, they are both X’s.

      4. They don’t want people using “I’m vaccinated” as an excuse to stop wearing masks, because of the obvious potential for abuse.

        Oh look! a recycled anti-2A argument.

      5. And you wonder why people call you a statist. You literally want the government to tell you where you can go.

        1. I know, right? I’ll tell him where to go, and I won’t even tax him for it!

      6. Dear Lord do you ever project.

      7. Yes, clearly the way to prevent abuse is to jave the government abuse everyone…

  7. While vaccines may be 90%-95% effective for conferring immunity, getting a covid infection is >99.99% effective for conferring of immunity.

    To date, only 6 Americans (and only 52 people worlwide) are known to have been reinfected with covid.

    Since 28.8 million Americans have tested positive for covid, and since CDC estimates 4.6 infections for every case, the chance of getting reinfected by covid is about 6 out of 132 million (or 1 out of 22 million).

    1. A week ago, on Sunday’s NBC News, Anthony Fauci blatantly lied about viral immunology by falsely claiming (after Stephanoupolos asked if covid confers immunity to many/most who were/are infected) “Prior infection doesn’t protect you against reinfection.”

      It’s between 5 and 6 minutes on the video at

      That statement should have resulted in Fauci being condemned by everyone who understands basic communicable disease epidemiology and every doctor in America, and should have resulted in Fauci’s immediate firing.

      But left wing Dems, Big Media and Big Tech have scared nearly all experts from telling the truth about covid after they condemned and tried to cancel all other experts (e.g. Scott Atlas and signers of the Barrington Declaration) for simply mentioning natural herd immunity.

      1. To date, 64.2 million doses of covid vaccine have been given to Americans.

        But fewer than half of those doses created new immunity, as about 40% of doses were given to previously infected Americans (who were/are already immune), about 10% were second doses (even though the first covid dose created immunity in about 90% of recipients), and because about 10% of covid vaccine recipients didn’t become immune after receiving the vaccine.

        So while 64.2 million covid vaccine doses have been administered, they’ve created immunity for only about 31 million Americans (64.2M x .6 x .9 x .9 = 31.2M), or 9.4% of Americans.

        But since 8.7% of Americans have tested positive for covid, and since CDC estimates 4.6 times more Americans were infected (than have tested) positive, about 40% of Americans have been infected with Covid (.087 x 4.6 = .4).

        And since >99.99% of those previously infected with covid are still immune, 40% of Americans remain immune due to past infection.

        Unfortunately, Fauci and left wing media propagandists (including Reason writers and editors) have refused to acknowledge CDC’s covid infection estimates (or subsequent immunity rates).

        1. “Further good news is that Pfizer/BioNTEch and Moderna, which have so far distributed 75 million doses of their vaccines in the United States, are now pledging to steeply ramp up their vaccine deliveries to 140 million additional doses by the end of next month.”

          But if two doses of vaccine are given to all Americans, the efficacy of covid vaccines will be only about 30%-35% (because most of the vaccine doses will be given to people who are already immune).

          1. One of the biggest failures of CDC was the failure to provide collected data. This shit about modeling everything and then pretending that mdeled data is real data did nothing productive. All it allowed was for people like you to just make up data to fit your agenda. Bluntly that sort of dishonesty is why the CDC did what they do too so it’s not like you’re doing something different.

            Would have so easy to just provide serological test results. That way – you know what % of the population has antibodies because they’ve already been exposed.

            1. I agree.

              But since nobody would get a vaccine if they knew they were already immune, Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Fauci and other DHHS swamp rats, and left wing Democrats and media propagandists ensured that tests that determine prior covid infections (and existing immunity) wouldn’t be made available to the public.

      2. Natural herd immunity is why rates of new daily covid cases have plummeted in most states during the past 2 – 3 months, which can best understood by looking at graphs at:

        But Fauci, Biden and their left wing allies in the news media and Big Tech are trying to credit vaccines for the sharp decline in covid cases (which began before vaccines were even available).

        The 35 states with the sharpest declines (i.e. >75%) in new covid cases, including many states where herd immunity is now transpiring are:

        North Dakota -93.3%
        Wyoming -90.3%
        Michigan -89.5%
        South Dakota -89.4%
        Arkansas -89.3%
        Wisconsin -89.2%
        Idaho -88.0%
        Mississippi -87.7%
        Nebraska -87.5%
        Missouri -87.4%
        Tennessee -87.4%
        Rhode Island -87.3%
        Minnesota -87.0%
        New Mexico -86.4%
        California -86.4%
        Nevada -85.7%
        Connecticut -85.5%
        Indiana -85.2%
        Alaska -85.2%
        Iowa (uncertain due to huge data dump)
        Illinois -84.6%
        Montana –83.1%
        Ohio -82.7%
        Arizona –82.6%
        Kansas -81.5%
        West Virginia -80.2%
        Washington -79.7%
        Oklahoma -79.5%
        Louisiana -79.0%
        Alabama -78.5%
        Colorado -78.0%
        Texas -77.5%
        Pennsylvania -75.7%
        Utah -75.4%
        Maine -75.2%

        data as of 2/21/2021

        1. Worldometers (whose projected new covid infections I consider close to reality, but not their worst case estimates) revised its projections this past weekend.

          They now project the following 26 states will keep experiencing huge declines in new covid infections during the next several weeks and month.
          AL, AK, AZ, AR, CO, DC, ID, IN, IA, KS, LA, MN, MS, MT, NE, NV, NM, ND, OH, OK, SD, WI, TN, UT, WV, WY.

          They now project the following 10 states will keep experiencing significant declines in new covid infections during the next several months.
          DE, GA, KY, MO, NH, NC, PA, RI, SC, VA.

          They now project the following 8 states will experience little or no decline in covid infections in the next several months.
          CT, HI, IL, ME, MA, NJ, TX, WA.

          But most notably, they now project the following 7 states will experience increases in new covid infections during the next several months. CA, FL, MD, MI, NY, OR, VT.

          Interestingly, Blue states comprise 13 of the 15 states projected to have small declines or increases in new covid infections during the next several months, while Florida and Texas are the only Red states.

          Looks like the Blue state lockdowns and mask mandates achieved their goal, which was to delay new infections, but which has also delayed the arrival of herd immunity in their states, which has delayed ending their lockdowns, mask mandates and social distancing dictates.

          1. I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening.

            1. Of course you weren’t.

        2. States with highest covid case rates (i.e. % of population who have tested positive), CDC estimated infection rates (i.e. 4.6 times the case rate), and vaccination rates (i.e. % receiving first dose) are:

          States with high rates of Covid Cases Immunity Case Rate – Infection Rate – Vaccination Rate – Immunity Rate
          State – Cases (Infections) + (Vaccines x New Immunity) = Immunity
          North Dakota – 13.1% (60.1%) + (16.9% x 36%) = 66.2%
          South Dakota – 12.6% (58.1%) + (18.0% x 38%) = 64.9%
          Rhode Island – 11.8% (54.2%) + (13.9% x 41%) = 59.9%
          Iowa – 11.5% (52.7%) + (14.5% x 42%) = 58.8%
          Arizona – 11.2% (51.3%) + (15.4% x 44%) = 58.1%
          Utah – 11.5% (52.9%) + (11.1% x 42%) = 57.6%
          Tennessee – 11.3% (51.8%) + (11.2% x 43%) = 56.6%
          Oklahoma – 10.6% (48.9%) + (15.2% x 46%) = 55.9%
          Wisconsin – 10.5% (48.5%) + (14.9% x 46%) = 55.4%
          Arkansas – 10.5% (48.4%) + (12.4% x 46%) = 54.1%
          Nebraska – 10.3% (47.5%) + (13.8% x 47%) = 54.0%
          Kansas – 10.1% (46.6%) + (12.4% x 48%) = 52.5%
          Alabama – 10.0% (45.9%) + (11.8% x 49%) = 51.6%
          Indiana – 9.8% (44.8%) + (13.2% x 50%) = 51.4%
          Wyoming – 9.3% (42.9%) + (15.9% x 51%) = 51.0%
          Mississippi – 9.8% (45.1%) + (12.0% x 49%) = 51.0%
          Montana – 9.3% (42.7%) + (15.8% x 52%) = 50.9%
          New Mexico – 8.8% (40.3%) + (19.3% x 54%) = 50.7%
          Nevada – 9.5% (43.6%) + (13.3% x 51%) = 50.4%
          Idaho – 9.5% (43.8%) + (12.8% x 51%) = 50.3%
          Illinois – 9.3% (42.8%) + (14.1% x 51%) = 50.0%
          Georgia – 9.4% (43.1%) + (11.4% x 51%) = 48.9%
          Louisiana – 9.2% (42.2%) + (12.8% x 52%) = 48.9%
          California – 8.9% (41.2%) + (14.1% x 53%) = 48.7%
          Kentucky – 9.0% (41.2%) + (13.0% x 53%) = 48.1%
          Delaware – 8.8% (40.4%) + (13.9% x 54%) = 47.9%
          Texas – 9.1% (41.7%) + (11.4% x 52%) = 47.6%
          New Jersey – 8.7% (40.2%) + (13.6% x 54%) = 47.5%
          US Mean – 8.8% (40.3%) + (13.4% x 54%) = 47.5%
          Florida – 8.8% (40.4%) + (13.4% x 54%) = 47.4%
          Alaska – 7.6% (35.0%) + (21.1% x 58%) = 47.3%
          Massachusetts – 8.3% (38.3%) + (16.0% x 56%) = 47.2%
          Minnesota – 8.5% (39.2%) + (14.2% x 55%) = 47.0%
          New York – 8.5% (39.0%) + (12.5% x 55%) = 45.9%
          Missouri – 8.5% (39.0%) + (12.2% x 55%) = 45.7%
          Connecticut – 7.8% (35.9%) + (16.9% x 58%) = 45.6%
          Ohio – 8.2% (37.8%) + (13.0% x 56%) = 45.1%
          North Carolina – 8.1% (37.3%) + (13.3% x 56%) = 44.8%
          West Virginia – 7.3% (33.5%) + (16.4% x 60%) = 43.3%
          Colorado – 7.4% (33.8%) + (14.5% x 60%) = 42.4%
          Pennsylvania – 7.2% (33.3%) + (13.4% x 60%) = 41.3%
          Virginia – 6.7% (30.8%) + (14.0% x 62%) = 39.5%
          Michigan – 6.4% (29.5%) + (12.9% x 63%) = 38.4%
          Maryland – 6.3% (28.8%) + (12.6% x 64%) = 36.9%
          D.C. – 5.7% (26.0%) + (15.7% x 67%) = 36.5%
          New Hampshire – 5.5% (25.1%) + (14.0% x 67%) = 34.5%
          Washington – 4.5% (20.5%) + (13.6% x 72%) = 30.2%
          Oregon – 3.7% (16.8%) + (13.5% x 75%) = 26.9%
          Maine – 3.3% (15.1%) + (15.3% x 76%) = 26.8%
          Vermont – 2.4% (10.9%) + (15.4% x 80%) = 23.2%
          Hawaii – 1.9% (8.9%) + (15.9% x 82%) = 21.9%

          1. Based on CDC data and estimates, I calculated the estimated covid immunity rates for each state using the following equation:
            [(Immunity due to past infection) + (Immunity due to 1st vaccine) + (Immunity due to 2nd vaccine) = Overall Covid Immunity Rate]

            These calculations and estimates assume the following variables:
            – CDC’s estimate of 4.6 times more covid infections than cases,
            – 100% of people with previous covid infections remain immune,
            – 1st vaccine doses are 90% effective at conferring immunity, and
            – 2nd vaccine doses are 100% effective at conferring immunity.

            [(Covid Case Rate x 4.6) + (1st Dose Vaccination Rate x .9) + (2nd Dose Vaccination Rate x .1) = Overall Covid Immunity Rate].

            ND (.131×4.6=.601)+(.169x.36=.061)+(.086x.1=.009) = 67.1%
            SD (.126×4.6=.581)+(.18x.38=.068)+(.088x.1=.009) = 65.8%
            RI (.118×4.6=.542)+(.139x.41=.057)+(.061x.1=.006) = 60.5%
            IA (.115×4.6=.527)+(.145x.42=.061)+(.048x.1=.005) = 59.3%
            AZ (.112×4.6=.513)+(.154x.44=.068)+(.055x.1=.006) = 58.7%
            UT (.115×4.6=.529)+(.111x.42=.047)+(.046x.1=.005) = 58.1%
            TN (.113×4.6=.518)+(.112x.43=.048)+(.054x.1=.005) = 57.1%
            OK(.106×4.6=.489)+(.152x.46=.070)+(.076x.1=.008) = 56.7%
            WI (.105×4.6=.485)+(.149x.46=.069)+(.065x.1=.007) = 56.1%
            AR (.105×4.6=.484)+(.124x.46=.057)+(.054x.1=.005) = 54.6%
            NE (.103×4.6=.475)+(.138x.47=.065)+(.064x.1=.006) = 54.6%
            KS (.101×4.6=.466)+(.124x.48=.060)+(.052x.1=.005) = 53.1%
            AL (.100×4.6=.460)+(.118x.49=.058)=(.048x.1=.005) = 52.3%
            IN (.098×4.6=.448)+(.132x.50=.066)+(.061x.1=.006) = 52.0%
            WY (.093×4.6=.429)+(.159x.51=.081)+(.075x.1=.007) = 51.7%
            NM (.088×4.6=.403)+(.193x.54=.104)+(.096x.1=.010) = 51.7%
            MT (.093×4.6=.427)+(.158x.52=.082)+(.068x.1=.007) = 51.6%
            MS (.098×4.6=.451)+(.120x.49=.059)+(.050x.1=.005) = 51.5%
            NV (.095×4.6=.436)+(.133x.51=.068)+(.060x.1=.006) = 51.0%
            ID (.095×4.6=.438)+(.128x.51=.065)+(.056x.1=.006) = 50.9%
            IL (.093×4.6=.428)+(.141x.51=.072)+(.047x.1=.005) = 50.0%
            LA (.092×4,6=.422)+(.128x.52=.067)+(.067x.1=.007) = 49.6%
            GA (.094×4.6=.431)+(.114x.51=.058)+(.059x.1=.006) = 49.5%
            CA (.089×4.6=.412)+(.141x.53=.075)+(.053x.1=.005) = 49.2%
            KY (.090×4.6=.412)+(.130x.53=.069)+(.060x.1=.006) = 48.7%
            DE (.088×4.6=.404)+(.139x.54=.075)+(.052x.1=.005) = 48.4%
            AK (.076×4.6=.350)+(.211x.58=.122)+(.120x.1=.012) = 48.4%
            FL (.088×4.6=.404)+(.134x.54=.072)+(.070x.1=.007) = 48.3%
            TX (.091×4.6=.417)+(.114x.52=.059)+(.051x.1=.005) = 48.1%
            NJ (.087×4.6=.402)+(.136x.54=.073)+(.062x.1=.006) = 48.1%


            MA (.083×4.6=.383)+(.160x.56=.090)+(.057x.1=.006) = 47.9%
            MN (.085×4.6=.392)+(.142x.55=.078)+(.065x.1=.006) = 47.6%
            NY (.085×4.6=.390)+(.125x.55=.069)+(.064x.1=.006) = 46.5%
            CT (.078×4.6=.359)+(.169x.58=.098)+(.078x.1=.008) = 46.5%
            MO (.085×4.6=.390)+(.122x.55=.067)+(.057x.1=.006) = 46.3%
            OH (.082×4.6=.378)+(.130x.56=.073)+(.061x.1=.006) = 45.7%
            NC (.081×4.6=.373)+(.133x.56=.074)+(.069x.1=.007) = 45.4%
            WV (.073×4.6=.335)+(.164x.60=.098)+(.099x.1=.010) = 44.3%
            CO (.074×4.6=.338)+(.145x.60=.087)+(.068x.1=.007) = 43.2%
            PA (.072×4.6=.333)+(.134x.60=.080)+(.052x.1=.005) = 41.8%
            VA (.067×4.6=.308)+(.140x.62=.087)+(.063x.1=.006) = 40.1%
            MI (.064×4.6=.295)+(.129x.63=.081)+(.068x.1=.007) = 38.3%
            MD (.063×4.6=.288)+(.126x.64=.081)+(.061x.1=.006) = 37.5%
            D.C. (.057×4.6=.260)+(.157x.67=.105)+(.079x.1=.008) = 37.3%
            NH (.055×4.6=.251)+(.140x.67=.094)+(.062x.1=.006) = 35.1%
            WA (.045×4.6=.205)+(.136x.72=.098)+(.058x.1=.006) = 30.9%
            OR (.037×4.6=.168)+(.135x.75=.101)+(.069x.1=.007) = 27.6%
            ME (.033×4.6=.151)+(.153x.76=.116)+(.068x.1=.007) = 27.4%
            VT (.024×4.6=.109)+(.154x.80=.123)+(.076x.1=.008) = 24.0%
            HI (.019×4.6=.089)+(.159x.82=.130)+(.077x.1=.008) = 22.7%

      3. Last time I counted there was about 47 or so cases of reinfections worldwide, so at least over 200 million in the denominator and 47 in the numerator.

        1. And there is no way of knowing if those are actual cases of re-infections. Every means of diagnoses of _any disease_ has an error rate, and it is always much higher than this.

    2. Since 28.8 million Americans have tested positive for covid, and since CDC estimates 4.6 infections for every case, the chance of getting reinfected by covid is about 6 out of 132 million (or 1 out of 22 million) well below any reasonable sensitivity/specificity/detection limit.


    3. Wait, so the CDC is saying that nearly 132 million Americans have actually had covid?

      So it has a 0.4% IFR? Did I do the math right on this?

      1. No, according to CDC data and estimates, 132 million Americans have already been infected with covid.

        In sharp contrast, IFR stands for Infection Fatality Rate, which is the percentage of infected people who die from the virus.

        There’s a huge difference between morbidity and mortality.

        1. I misunderstood DesigNate’s question in my previous reply.

          To calculate the IFR, 132M would need to be divided by the 500,000 deaths, which yields an IFR of 0.38%.

          So yes, the IFR for covid is about 0.4%.

          1. So 99.99622% of people recovered? Imagine that.

            1. 6th grade math fail

            2. No, but close.

              A 0.38% IFR means that 99.62% of Americans who have been infected with covid recovered.

              1. Which on an individual level sounds okay, but it would be nice if half a million people hadn’t died.

                1. Half a million died. But they didn’t all die from covid.

                  Dying with and dying from are not the same. Alarmists lump them together.

                  That’s the distinction the media repeatedly fails to make.

          2. Died OF Covid or died WITH Covid?

            We all know that they aren’t the same thing

            1. It is the same thing to most leftists like DoL and JFree.

            2. Sure doc

              We all know.

        2. No, according to CDC data and estimates, 132 million Americans have already been infected with covid.

          wrong. The CDC says exactly how they determine the estimates – on the page you link to – COVID-19 infections, symptomatic illnesses, and hospitalizations are estimated using a statistical model applied to confirmed cases of COVID-19, adjusted for missing age and hospitalization status.

          That approach has nothing to do with actual collected data or test results. Serological/antibody stuff. It has everything to do with simply duplicating what they do for seasonal flu. Which is in fact the exact page they link to to explain how their statistical model works for covid.

          They can’t do serological stuff for seasonal flu because – there is nothing novel about seasonal flu. Some people have antibodies to a particular flu strain from last year – some the year before – some to what was actually strain X but antibody reaction is the same as strain Y. A real mess actually – that wouldn’t get funded because that actually is just the flu.

      2. That’s been the estimated IFR for a long, long time.

        1. It’s almost like the chicken little’s here are full of shit.

          1. chicken shit, at that.

  8. Turns out voting machines are 100% effective in removing an entitled rich silver spoon in mouth redneck backwoods supported racist from the Oval Office according to an audit out of JesseAz’s home state.

    1. But not in Paterson, NJ?

    2. Wow, not only does it make not sense, it is stupid beyond belief.

    3. Those backwoods rednecks provide more social value in a year than you will in your whole useless life, fuckstick.

      Save humanity the trouble and jump in front of a speeding truck so you don’t pollute it with your defective gene pool.

  9. Great news from a Big Pharma propagandist for a “vaccine” that doesn’t even prevent infection or transmission. I hope you’re getting paid by Pfizer or Moderna.


    I honestly believe that if the media and ‘experts’ said that blue masks don’t work, but yellow masks do, then a significant % of the population would switch colours tomorrow…

    And proceed to call anyone who questions it a ‘science denier’ or ‘conspiracy theorist’.

  11. Nothing other than death, is 100% effective.

  12. So…..I got the Moderna vaccine today; I am one of those high risk people. It has been 10 hours since injection, and the most going on is that my arm is a little sore. I know that in 14 days, I will have partial immunity. There is light at the end of the tunnel, I get the second shot in a month.

    Just before getting the shot, I recited three blessings and gave thanks to God who made all of this possible. It has been a long wait. I thought about the family member of mine who died from covid-19. God I wish she had not died from this. It is a terrible way to go.

    When the vaccine becomes available, get it. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I want my old life back. I enjoyed going out, socializing, and relaxing. And traveling here and there.

    I am tired of the lockdowns. I and tired of the hypocritical politicians who say one thing, and do another. I am tired of being lectured to by ‘Book of Karen’ followers. I am tired of hybrid working and schooling. I am tired of maintaining social distance. I am tired of the constant medical hysteria. Mostly, I am just tired of the profound isolation.

    Getting the vaccine….that is our ticket out of this mess. Afterward, we can see how badly we fucked things up and maybe start fixing them together.

    1. Best comment I’ve seen from you re all this

    2. You selfish, self-absorbed piece of shit! Most of us have taken care of our health that we don’t need a vaccine. Yet, because you are a physical wreck, everyone else should be forced to take the vaccine.

    3. I dont wear a mask and wont ever get any kungflu vaccine.

      America will be fine once we kick all the commies out of the USA.

      1. Can I have yours?

        Really hard to get here

        1. Take mine. I won’t use it until next year, after all you guinea pigs go first.

    4. This is sad.
      The government extorted you.

  13. Over 500,000 dead in one year. Not counting morbidity.

    1. Hey, statist shit, how many of those would have died regardless of covid? I am sure you have no clue.

      1. Total number of excess deaths in the US since Feb 2020 – 594,000 of which 479,000 are in excess of an estimated upper bound which would normally constitute ‘excess deaths’.

        But hey thanks for playing moron.

        1. Riiiiiight.

          No total deaths, just a statistical model for weekly deaths to provide an estimate.
          Totes reliable, since models are never off…

          1. No total deaths,

            Just because you are incapable of drilling down to see the raw data doesn’t mean others are incapable. The US government actually COLLECTS death certificate data. Has been doing so since 1890.

            That was the reason that the ‘with covid’ v ‘from covid’ data problem surfaced – and was solved – so early. That part of CDC that collects death certificate data from state and local govt roll ups was doing its thing. The part of CDC that was trying to do its thing re Covid was doing its thing (trying to track outcomes of those diagnosed w covid). The two processes had different reporting priorities going through different departments. Didn’t take long for the actual data problems to surface.

            Since they were dealing with ACTUAL data collection, it’s very easy to resolve. Meaning – you don’t count dead people twice. You OTOH are just fucking stupid and can’t comprehend anything and don’t want to even if you could. So you have no idea what happened and have no interest in actually knowing what happened. Easiest explanation to you is – it’s the deep state commies and Dems trying to undermine Truth Justice and the American Way by forcing Super Orange to stick a diaper on his face. Which of course makes total sense to you and your ilk.

            1. Sounds like you don’t understand data science very well. Also, be careful with the excess deaths statistic. The calculation is done by dividing the US into jurisdictions and time periods, then counting only the number of excess deaths (a range of the difference between deaths vs average expected count, and deaths vs the upper bound of the 95% prediction interval). The mechanism for determining excess deaths is pretty sound, but we do run into the methodological error that only excess deaths are counted and totals below the expected count are not. If we have roughly 6000 jurisdictions over 52 weeks that gives us 312,000 measurement points. If half of the week/jurisdiction points are 2 deaths over and half are 2 deaths under there has been no actual excess mortality (vs expected), but the methodology would give you 624,000 excess deaths.

              Worse still, the expected average mortality (upper bound of the excess mortality estimate) was calculated by averaging 2017, 2018, and 2019. Since deaths generally increase each year (~30,000 each year in the last 10 years), averaging 2017, 2018, and 2019 gives you an expected average closer to 2018 numbers – 2,832,835, or a DECREASE IN MORTALITY. A projection for 2020 would have had us at about 2,860,000 – 2,900,000.

              Basically, this measure of excess mortality can be useful for showing when and where excess deaths occur but is probably not going to be very accurate when the data actually does come in for 2020.

              1. To clarify, it is pretty sound to measure excess mortality by comparing actual death counts to an expected average and a 95% prediction interval upper bound. It is not sound to arrive at those ‘expected’ numbers by averaging previous years when there is an average rate of increase at play, and this metric is poorly suited to a running count because it ONLY counts excess deaths. It can only add points, but never subtract them.

                1. The reality is that the FIRST data used in the calculations is ACTUAL death counts. Based on death certificates and other collected data. And that information is available and transparent. And provided at the original link.

                  You can argue with the methods and calculations used to determine what is ‘average’ (therefore ‘normal’) and what is thus ‘excess’. The statistical adjustments to that original data. But there is no argument with the baseline actual data. And yet – that is precisely what the commenter was arguing does not even exist.

              2. I also see that I goofed the math a little up there. 2 deaths over half the weeks, and 2 under the other half, would give 0 actual excess mortality but 312,000 excess deaths in this metric. I was just typing away and not being cautious, you all know how it is.

                1. Jfree’s posts bring to mind:

            2. Don’t insult someone you actually intend to persuade. It doesn’t help.

              1. Nardz is not ‘persuadable’.

                If you personally are persuadable, then you only need to look at the drill down data from that link to see that it is in fact actual collected data about total ACTUAL deaths.

        2. Excess deaths also includes deaths from the lockdowns: the effects of delayed medical treatments, stress, and suicides. It would not be difficult to distinguish these from deaths from COVID, but the agencies collecting and reporting such statistics have repeatedly been caught shading their results to fit the latest political fad.

      2. You have no idea how much clue I have.

    2. 650,00 Americans die every year of heart disease.

      For some reason nobody has died of anything but kungflu since March 200.

        1. Lots more people will die than the average of 2015-2019 in any given year, assuming that deaths naturally continue to rise (as they have most years in US history). We could even account for these excess deaths in other ways – for example, the disparity between blacks and whites could be the result of increasing homicide rates. Due to slavery, reconstruction, segregation, the war on poverty, and a myriad of other bad policies, black people are dis-proportionally represented in poor population-dense areas. In times of unrest crime tends to rise, and a rise in crime might impact black people more than white people on average. We also might consider that these areas experienced the hardest lockdowns, while also being areas with reduced access to quality food. Imposed sedentary lifestyle + poor nutrition could create disparities in outcome.

          You just blast out numbers without ever trying to consider their construction, use case, or limitations.

          1. Lots more people will die than the average of 2015-2019 in any given year,

            And yet – life expectancy in the first half of 2020 (when there weren’t many covid deaths at all) dropped by more than anytime since WW2. That’s 75 years ago – when the counted deaths were both significant (its why we call them ‘war years’) and VERY significantly different from ‘normal age at death’ deaths (which is a statistical adjustment of what is ‘normal’ – but very basic adjustment for anyone who is not a troll)

            The deaths in 2020 were NOT within some highly probable (another statistical adjustment) annual variability. They were – EXCESS deaths.

          2. You’re apparently another one of the alt-right bigot trolls. You think 2020 was about increases in homicides among blacks? What about Asians? (the Yakuza gangland slayings?) Hispanics? (the great Taco Truck gangland war?) Native Americans (the August insurrection at Wounded Knee?)

            Apparently everyone and everything caused increased deaths. Except covid. And there were no increased deaths – because covid was all made up. Except homicides. The blacks are the cause of everything.

            Bigoted sewer dwelling trolls.

      1. Heart disease.

        And yet should a coronary artery block would you refuse a stent or bypass surgery? Should a valve in your heart malfunction would you not have your chest opened to have it replaced? Would you not take a pill every day to correct high blood pressure?

        Those things pose no risk to anyone else. Yet a simple injection or two to prevent a disease which could pose a substantial risk to yourself or others around you is too much to undergo LC.

  14. Ron Bailey and science hate each other. Science gets in the way of Commie propaganda that Bailey spouts. Science and its conclusion dont match to anything the liar Bailey says, so there that.

    I have never worn a mask, I interact with other people in Georgia, and I never spent one day with Kungflu symptoms. I have been around 3 people who have wuhanvirus. One on purpose to get it like my parents did with chickenpox as a kid.

    Unreason commies are liars and they were before the election steal of 2020.


    The important thing at the moment is to defeat this common-flu-like pestilence that has no significant effect on age-adjusted death rates, and the mortality profile of which is more or less identical to the normal mortality profile, but which has nonetheless left the global corporatocracy no choice but to “lock down” the entire planet, plunge millions into desperate poverty, order everyone to wear medical-looking masks, unleash armed goon squads to raid people’s homes, and otherwise transform society into a pathologized-totalitarian nightmare. And, of course, the only way to do that (i.e., save humanity from a flu-like bug) is to coercively vaccinate every single human being on the planet Earth!

    OK, you’re probably thinking that doesn’t make much sense, this crusade to vaccinate the entire species against a relatively standard respiratory virus, but that’s just because you are still thinking critically. You really need to stop thinking like that. As The New York Times just pointed out, “critical thinking isn’t helping.” In fact, it might be symptomatic of one of those “disorders” I just mentioned above. Critical thinking leads to “vaccine hesitancy,” which is why corporations are working with governments to immediately censor any and all content that deviates from the official Covid-19 narrative and deplatform the authors of such content, or discredit them as “anti-vax disinformationists.”


    Why does covid-19 appear to be a somewhat strange pandemic? It is because of the covid-19 mortality profile, which is almost identical to natural mortality.

  17. How nice. The vaccines has a Superman logo.

    For a virus with a 99.985% (or whatever the fuck it is) survival rate. Jab the people so everyone can shut the fuck up about it and drop the anti-human, anti-science bull shit Kabuki theatre we’ve had to endure for one year.

    I don’t think I can endure one more, ‘I’m saving lives with this piece of cloth on my mouth while jumping onto coming traffic to avoid catching the Chink virus and you’re a mean grinch for wanting my grand mother to die’ lip from brain dead cucked sheep. Or some dumbass politician or Skippy the Epidemiologist masked up and with a face shield on their dumb fuck avatars. While we’re at it, if I can not hear one more infectious disease asshole for the rest of my life all the better. These morons took the precautionary principle to idiotic and unacceptable levels.

    Kill all the lawyers? Yeh well, kill all the epidemiologists and infectious disease experts and other self-professed credentialed jerk off who pant shat so much Huggies ran out production.

    I don’t give a fuck what people say. What we’ve done this past year is PURE BULL SHIT not remotely rooted in any kind of science or can be construed as anything close to being reasoned. Now I gotta listen to all sorts of obscenities about how masks ‘worked’ as people mix up causation and correlation and cause and effect because, you know, they’re fucken lazy retards (Biden voters no doubt – a natural fit) who can’t math because the lack of oxygen getting to their shit for brains due to extensive mask wearing in the shower. Idiots. Even the sheep are embarrassed.

    And someone should take that Keebler Leprechaun (and this thing we have up here named Tam) Fauci and shove a mask up his unethical, weasel ass.

    Now open the fuck up and stop the fear spreading.


    Now I can only hope somehow natural selection comes back into play on some level to purge North America of the shit show on display starring a bunch of mediocre buffoons. It’s like one giant Dunning-Kruger effect in real time.


      /moons cancel culture degenerate twats.

      1. Oh no, the great Woodchipper Incident will happen again.

        I agree with you though.

  18. Thanks For Vaccines Information. I really like this article.
    from, sad shayari

  19. The 100% effective figure would be more interesting if it was accompanied by information on the sample size. If a hundred people got vaccinated and none of them died in the next month that tells us almost nothing, because the odds are that none of them would have died even if they had not been vaccinated. If a hundred million people got vaccinated and none of them died in the next month, that would be pretty strong evidence.

    1. yep and who knows what their exposure was

      needs comparison to control

  20. This is really good news. If the vaccine is really effective, then COVID-19 will be brought under control and our lives will get better and better. Then we can go to parties and wear beautiful Herve Leger Dresses.

  21. am considering waiting for the multi-epitope peptide vaccines which are in trials now

    currently they are mainly targeting 3W

    but in addition to being far cheaper to produce (UB-612 alone may see billions of doses delivered in 2021) and distribute (very little special handling), they have fewer side effects

    also a good chance they’ll offer better protection as they target more than just the spike protein

    in the long run peptide vaccines may start to emerge as the best answer

    going forward we might reasonably hope to have billions of doses ready within months of a global outbreak

  22. This nonsense is really amazing since these pharma companies admit that the trials were not set to discover results about preventing any disease. If you look at the data for the Moderna trials, they took out the participants that didn’t do well after the first shot. If you add them back in, then your 95% nonsense becomes less that 75%. Wow, even after getting injections by the 2’s or 3’s or whatever, we still have lockdowns, masking and distancing…what a wonderful solution.

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