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Mom Arrested for Leaving Kids Alone While Working Gets $165,000 on GoFundMe

"My mom used to have to do the same thing when we were young."


Shaina Bell, the 24-year-old Ohio mom arrested for leaving her kids in a Motel 6 room while she worked her evening shift at a Little Caesars, has something much better than a pizza to deliver now: A home for her kids, made possible by the $165,000 raised for her family in a GoFundMe campaign.

"A lot of people are saying hurtful things, but a lot of people are also being there for me and showing great support," Bell said in an interview with WKBN. As for the funds, "I'm just over appreciative to what's going on."

The story began on February 11, when cops knocked on the motel room door where Bell's daughter, 10, was home with her little sister, age 2. After the girl told the officers that her mom was working and she would be back by 10:00 p.m., they arrested mom on two misdemeanor charges of endangering her children. Then they threw her in jail. She was released on bail the next day, and her story quickly went viral.

Bell's mom, Danielle Hosey, launched the GoFundMe campaign after she started hearing that there were "people in the community that would like to send assistance to my daughter and her children." The funds are earmarked for them alone. The original goal was $5,000. Hosey wrote:

This campaign was created to help Shaina and her children raise the money they need in order to secure permanent and safe housing. Everything raised will go directly to establishing a safe and permanent home for Shaina, Faith, Jai'Sean and Jade.

"We understand that everyone has a story and we are grateful that you are listening to ours. From the bottom of our hearts we not only appreciate the financial contributions, but also the outpouring of support in the form of kind words and understanding.

There were two large donations. Cleveland Cavalier Javale Mcgee gave $5,000, and Pierre "Pee" Thomas, co-founder of Quality Control Music (who also seems to do some cool stuff on the side), gave $10,000.

But there were also many donations of $10 or sometimes even $5, seeming to represent a whole lot of people saying: I don't have a lot either—and I understand.

Many commenters reminisced about how young they had been when their moms left them to go to work, and how this was not neglect. As Thomas, the $10,000 donor, wrote on Instagram: "My mom used to have to do the same thing when we were young, not cause of abandonment issues, it's because people can't afford child care working at a pizza shop. She wasn't hanging out at a club. She was at work."

Right now Idaho, Oklahoma, Nevada, South Carolina, and Texas are considering "Reasonable Childhood Independence" bills endorsed by Let Grow, the nonprofit I run. These bills ensure that parents who don't supervise their kids 24/7—whether by choice or circumstance—will not be considered guilty of neglect unless there is obvious danger to their kids that they consciously or recklessly ignore. The law expressly protects the right of children to be unsupervised when they are mature enough to be trusted, as Bell's daughter plainly was.

"It's time to stop punishing parents in the name of protecting children," said Let Grow's Legal Consultant, Diane Redleaf, a children and families advocate who has worked for decades to make sure poverty is not mistaken for bad parenting. "Reasonable independence for children isn't neglect. It's time to make clear what true neglect actually looks like, so that families can look to the law and the authorities enforcing it to protect the sanctity of their homes—even when those homes happen to be a Motel 6."

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  1. What do you think she is going to spend the money on? A new weave, extra nail extensions, a new iPhone?

    1. You really are a dumbass.

      1. What is going to happen when little D’Aquarius hits puberty and realized he doesn’t need to go to school because Dad doesn’t exist and Mom is too busy at work. The breakdown of the family unit, especially in the black community, has major consequences on society at large and our cultural and political elites refuse to address the issue.

      2. A funny dumbass.

        1. Funny, if you are stupid. You find the most common and worn out racial stereotypes funny?

          Well, you are in luck. May I introduce you to the works of Carlos Mencia?

          1. LOLOL!!! If it's a stereotype, its a good one!

            My sister is black and she is just like that! She got some money from somewhere and instead of paying her fucking bills, she went to the nail salon then bought some "fashionable" clothes. She got a few hundred bucks once and asked me if her car would look good with spinning chrome rims. She was always wasting money on superficial status symbols of her culture. She would rather die than put money in a jar for later use.

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              1. not necessarily, the culture of blacks in the US isn’t very monogamous

    2. What did you spend your Gov-Gun *forced* UN-Constitutional welfare on?

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  3. “The law expressly protects the right of children to be unsupervised when they are mature enough to be trusted, as Bell’s daughter plainly was.”

    Whatever this age turns out to be, it must be the same age as when a child is allowed to choose their own “gender”. The Science says when you are old enough to choose permanent alterations to your body and health, you are mature enough for anything.

    1. That could be as young as 8 years old.

    2. How about the youngest age that someone was tried as an adult?

    3. Just wait for the perverts to use “they’re old enough” as an legal defense based on Lenore’s bill.

      A minor is a minor. This sick determination to undermine age of majority laws is a dangerous game.

  4. Jai’Sean is a you’Neek way of spelling “Jason”.

    1. Probably a natural development from pronouncing European city names in unorthodox ways.
      2 examples:
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        1. Bellefontaine, Ohio, pronounced “Bell Fountain”.

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  5. After a few years when the extra cash runs out, she rents a room to an elite university dropout. The woke snowflake stays without paying rent attaining squatter status. Mom arrested again for housing good for nothing deadbeat in same domicile as children.

    1. Thankfully, Saint George Floyd, patron saint of unwed & pregnant mothers, will protect her from criminals attempting a strong arm robbery for cash, jewelry, and electronics.

      1. I believe that you are wrong. George Floyd is the patron saint of false premise and heroin overdoses.

        1. I thought George Floyd was the saint of claustrophobic cars (except his own) and horse killing fentanyl doses.

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  7. What a nice story! An army of anonymous donors comes to the aid of a hard-working citizen caught by a bogus law. Lawmakers plan to change the bad law, so it won’t happen again.

    I know this is the Comments section, which is for sanctimonious grousing, but it’s just a good-news story. I’ll leave the kvetching to others.

  8. I smell something here. Looking a little deeper into the various links to the story, the most glaring inconsistency of the story is at least aprtly explained. That would be the fact that the story concerns a 10 year old and her 2 year old sister. OK. But later, Ms Bells mother (who started the Go Fund Me) states: “Everything raised will go directly to establishing a safe and permanent home for Shaina, Faith, Jai’Sean and Jade.”
    Lets see. One, two three…who’s the fourth one? So what’s the deal here? The mystery clears up a bit when one finally finds the Channel 27 website story : “When you talk to Bell about her three children – Faith, Jai’Sean, and Jade, ages 9, 7 and 3, her face just lights up.”
    So are the two kids 10 and 2 or are they 9 and 3? Could there have been a little exagerration regarding the oldest kid’s age since a lot of states suggest allowing kids to stay home (for short periods during the day) at the age of 10.
    And since this woman was living in a hotel it seems likely that she was under the supervision of social worker working for the welfare department. Does anyone think that, even if such laws were passed about not arresting parents, that the social worker would not at least be fired (and have to live with) any tragedy should it happen.

    1. Lots of people live in hotels and are not under any supervision by social workers. There is nothing illegal about living in a hotel. Even with kids. Motel 6 is probably housing thousands of homeless US families as I write (even though I think the chain is French-owned now.)

      Even if the Let Grow laws pass, motels will probably still have rules about unsupervised minors. But I support the laws and am glad the situation took a positive turn.

  9. This is terrific, and I’m so sorry she had to resort to that in order to work and take care of kids.

    I do still want to know why the father is not part of the childcare picture. Perhaps that’s something that needs to change.

  10. Everything raised will go directly to establishing a safe and permanent home for Shaina, Faith, Jai’Sean and Jade.

    Parents always finding new ways to screw over the middle child.

    1. Even for a lower-class black name, Jai-Sean is pretty bad, yeah.

    2. Might not even be her kid. One article says she has 3 kids. The fund me page lists four.

  11. We often had to be left alone as kids. It was no big deal.

  12. If these same people that sent money to the “Go-Fund-Me” account would also be willing to pay a few extra dollars in taxes, we could insure that this never happens. We could have adequate social services and job training to eliminate these situations. But paying taxes doesn’t give you that touchy-feely thing, even though it would be far more effective in keeping children from being left alone in hotels.

    1. Feel free to give your own money and power to the state, but I don’t trust that monster you’re feeding. I think it is far too overfunded and fails despicably at almost everything it purports to do.

  13. But paying taxes doesn’t give you that touchy-feely thing, even though it would be far more effective in keeping children from being left alone in hotels.
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