Police Abuse

Video: Two 'Homeless Liaison' Deputies in California Kill a Man for Jaywalking

It's a vivid example of why people are demanding alternatives to police responses.


Video released this week shows two deputies in Orange County, California, debating whether a man was jaywalking before they confronted him in the street with a scene that ultimately escalated in a struggle and one of the deputies fatally shooting him.

The incident took place on September 23. Two deputies, since identified as Eduardo Duran and Jonathan Israel, found Kurt Andras Reinhold, 42, crossing a street in San Clemente, California. They were in their cruiser, which they then parked. They confronted Reinhold, attempting to detain him for jaywalking. Reinhold was uncooperative and refused to follow orders from the deputy. This escalated into a fight as one of the deputies tried to stop Reinhold from walking away. A bystander and a nearby business's surveillance camera captured the fight on video. At one point, one deputy started screaming "he's got my gun" over and over again, and the other deputy drew his gun and shot Reinhold. He died on the scene.

Reinhold's family (he has a wife and two children) is suing the Orange County Sheriff's Department, noting that the deputies escalated the situation to the point of violence. The grainy images of the confrontation show Reinhold's hand, while he's struggling on the ground, on the deputy's holster, but it's not clear whether he's trying to grab the deputy's gun or escape a hold. The Los Angeles Times notes that the deputies had spoken to Reinhold previously about trespassing, but he hadn't been arrested or cited, and the encounters had been peaceful.

On Wednesday, the sheriff's department released more video, including the deputies' dashcam recording prior to the encounter turning violent. There's no body camera footage. The Orange County Sheriff's Department only recently began the process of equipping deputies with body cameras and doesn't expect to have them fully rolled out until next year. And unfortunately, the confrontation happened behind the deputy's patrol car, so the dash camera didn't capture it, recording only what the officers were saying.

These two deputies are part of the Orange County Sheriff's Department's "homeless liaison officers." Their job is to "assist the homeless population and provide them with access to available resources and services, while protecting the quality of life for the citizens of Orange County through proactive enforcement."

You won't find any of that in the video below. Instead, you'll find two deputies looking to make a bust:

The debate between the two deputies is not about whether they can do anything to help Reinhold or whether he represents a threat to himself or others—there's nothing that either of the deputies says that indicates that they care about him at all. The only debate is whether Reinhold had actually jaywalked, which they clearly want to use as a justification to detain him.

And that becomes apparent during the actual confrontation. The two never say anything about wanting to assist him or "provide [him] with access to available resources and services," as their job description calls for. The entire confrontation involves the two of them demanding Reinhold's compliance and arguing with him about whether he jaywalked, with one deputy repeatedly, stupidly declaring, "This is a controlled intersection," a sentence that is probably meaningless to most people. They don't want to help Reinhold. They want him to shut up and do what he's told. One says, "Are you going to stop, or are we going to have to make you stop?"

These are exactly the kind of incidents reformers have in mind when they talk about not sending police to deal with every kind of problem. Ultimately, investigators may decide that the shooting was "justified" by virtue of how Reinhold behaved during the fight. But it's entirely the deputies' fault that it got to that point. At least one of those deputies wanted a confrontation. He wanted not to help Reinhold but to punish him.

Regardless of whether either of the deputies is found culpable for Reinhold's death, it's clear they are not actually doing the work the sheriff's department describes. Some cities are seeing success in sending health care workers to respond to certain types of 911 calls rather than police officers, recognizing that law enforcement is not always well-suited to handling mental health or homelessness issues. This unnecessary confrontation is a textbook example.

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  1. Now do Ashli Babbitt’s murder.

    1. She did an insurrection. Arguably, so did this poor sap.

      1. He “stormed into” the other side of the street.

      2. So did George Washington.

    2. Shackford is too chicken shit to address that.

    3. Have you noticed that people aren’t burning buildings and demanding justice? That is because we value justice. We hate criminals. That stupid, over-entitled Air Force shit got justice. She actually thought that they wouldn’t shoot her. If you play stupid games with armed men, you may win a stupid prize. I hate shooting people, but………
      All those brave “PatrioTards” sure backed off quick, huh? Oh what dedication and bravery! They were “high on da Trump” until they were reminded that in REAL life, war is just people killing people. Most “patriots” are just there to watch the killers work. There were no real killers in that entire group. Most of those people were ex-military REMFs that never left the base in real combat, never spilled blood, never sacrificed anything. Just unearned medals and bumper stickers. They thought that they were ready for combat! Rhetorically, they were, hyuk, hyuk, but once that chick got shot and was bleeding out in front of them, they lost their nerve. Real patriots there.

      1. Another sock, but whose hose?

      2. Nothing wrong with this poster that Nurse Ratched couldn’t fix.

      3. Therefore you fully support the killing of this homeless man. By your logic there is little to no difference. Good to know.

        1. Stay out of the street asshole and you won’t have problems. If you had a Father, he would have told you that.

          1. Are you saying Heresolong was a miraculous birth?

      4. It was still an unjustified shooting. Lethal force is only justified if there is a reasonable cause to believe there was threat to life or limb. There was no reason to believe that unarmed woman presented a threat to life or limb. The police never claimed there was. If the woman shot at the Capitol was leftist, there would have been an investigation.

      5. Just like the kenosha rioters when rittenhouse lit em up. No problems after that.
        Seems like shooting a motherfucker is a pretty effective way to deal with a riot.

    4. She’s not a martyr. Fuck off.

      1. More so than George Floyd, actually.

      2. Correct, not a martyr.

        But she was a human being and a citizen, murdered by an agent of the government. And a perfect example of “Police Abuse” which is what category under which the above report was filed.

        And it’s all on camera.

        1. You should learn what the legal requirements for MURDER are. Did the Cop wake up that day and say, “Hotdog, I’m going to find Ashli “Patriotard” Babbit and shoot her during my shift”? No, he didn’t. Premeditation, look it up. If you live in this country, is it too much to ask for you to know the laws? It is the reason that Minneapolis will burn when they try to convict Chauvin of murder. He will walk and the violent “denizens of the ghetto ” will burn innocent taxpayer’s businesses and attack unrelated, inanimate objects, like statues.
          Is Asshole Babbit responsible for HER actions? Yes, that stupid, over-entitled Air Force asshole got EXACTLY what she was asking for. That Cop didn’t ask to be attacked by a mob of morons, but he did his job and they did not advance. One round sent those CLOWNS packing.
          I have 0 interaction with Cops. I just don’t break the law. Weird. huh? Perhaps one day ghetto Americans will learn to follow the law and not negatively interact with police. Probably not. They LOVE their ghettos. It suits them.

          1. The legal requirements for deadly self defense is a reasonable fear of death or great bodily harm. You think an unarmed woman climbing through a window meets those requirements?

            1. Yes, when there was a huge mob ready to climb in after her.

              1. That’s not a threat to life or limb. They would have had to squeeze through individually where they could easily be stopped without resort to lethal force. They have to actually present a threat before one can shoot.

              2. “Yes, when there was a huge mob ready to climb in after her.”

                Armed with MAGA hats, right?

              3. I dont buy it if he only shot once. And if he was the only one who shot.

          2. Go back to Police One, where you belong.

          3. What a good little Nazi you would’ve made.

            I just don’t break the law. Weird. huh?

          4. Cancer causing Talcum X says, “I have 0 interaction with Cops. I just don’t break the law.”

            Talk about a credibility ending quote (assuming you had any).

            Hey Fuckface, did you miss this story, “Brickbat: What Was He Doing Standing in His Own Yard?

            Charles Oliver | 2.22.2021 4:00 AM

            Pretty sure he wasn’t breaking the law either and whooops dead he is.
            He stayed out of the street too. (Your 2nd false admonition to avoid state violence)

            Bet you’re a 3 time loser before I finish these comments. Just kidding.
            You most assuredly surpassed 3 time loser long ago.

      3. “She’s not a martyr.”

        Yes, she is.
        Fuck off and die TDS-tard.

    5. ‘Homeless Liaison Officers’ whose mission is to assist the homeless . . . I doubt Kurt Reinhold’s family is feeling any love. ???? RIP.

  2. Jaywalking should not be a crime or a violation in any degree, in any jurisdiction. Fucking ridiculous.

    1. Ummm, yes it should.

      Come hang out in Downtown Nashville somentime, or just in the ERs

      1. Uhm, no. Getting hit and having to spend time in the ER is all the penalty that’s needed. Jaywalking laws do not materially change the tendency of people to be stupid and self-destructive.

        I could see jaywalking as something that gets you a ticket. Like speeding, you are creating a hazard for others even if you don’t get hit this time.

        1. “”I could see jaywalking as something that gets you a ticket.””

          Generally it is. If you stop and comply. Not defending the cops. But when it comes to dealing with them there is the easy way, and the hard way. If you choose the latter you greatly increase the risk of harm to yourself. That’s not wise when you deal with people who’s policy trumps your rights.

        2. You stupid fvck, did you think it was currently a felony?

          You have to stop for the cops to get a ticket. If you grab their gun when stopped for a speeding ticket, you probably get shot

          1. Exactly right, jaywalking is nothing more than a traffic ticket and in either case if you are hostile, as this person certainly was, you are going to rightfully get taken down. And if you put your hand on a sheriff’s gun in a fight that you started, you are likely to get shot. The alternative reality that some reason posters seem to dream of is where a community can’t determine it’s own standards and regulations with even minor consequences or if they do nobody is allowed to enforce them or if they do all someone has to do is be hostile in response and the enforcement team (cops, liaisons, community resource officers etc) are instructed to then back down and walk away. It’s Pollyanna…

            PS – the headline is total bullshit.

        3. 1) Duh, on the ticket part – that is what it is virtually everywhere in the US. This guy was being arrested for resisting a lawful citation.

          2) “Getting hit and having to spend time in the ER is all the penalty that’s needed” – OK, why penalize the driver and his/her kids who ha have to deal with all the cost, time, and trauma of dealing with the aftermath of some nitwit weaving through 4 or more lanes of traffic and busting out in front of them with no time to stop.

          Which, btw, is something Shackford fails to consider. Yes, these two officers were trying to help the man – he was wandering around in busy traffic.

    2. It’s the pedestrian version of a motor vehicle violation, you get a ticket and go on your way, you can just pay the ticket or you can contest it in court, which is where he should have taken care of it if they did him wrong so it’s on record, even if you lose in court it’s on the cops records that they were contested. I’m pretty fed up with people justifying opposing the police, I’m white and my father taught me that you fight the cops in court, not on the streets, because the courts can’t kill you over a traffic stop.

    3. Actually I think jaywalking is the wrong name for this problem. We cannot have people wandering out in the street, particularly a four lane heavily trafficked street. That just doesn’t work. The word jaywalking sounds like someone just walked a diagonal rather than in the crosswalk but it doesn’t seem like that is what happened here. He clearly needed to be stopped but there must have been a better way of doing it.

      1. What do you mean a better way? The cops didn’t do anything that looks concerning at the beginning of the interaction, while Reinhold was extremely hostile from the start; he escalated this. He’s very obviously disturbed in some way, alcohol / drugs / mental health etc, and the cops are stuck dealing with him. Its a thankless charge they’ve been given. So what is a community to do? It has the right to create safety regulations with minor penalties (tickets) and it has the right to enforce those and the people tasked with enforcement have a responsibility to pursue enforcement (even in the face of a hostile response).

        1. Assuming it’s actually done for safety and not for ticket money.

          1. ‘member that guy in NY choked to death for selling single cigarettes to get around cigarette taxes? George Will wrote a wonderful column how the ultimate responsibility was the voracious nature of government for tax money, and, like any law, it must be enforced.

            It didn’t go down so well with many of those angry about the death, because it implicated them, being lovers of said deluxe-sized omniprovident government.

  3. Selling [single] cigarettes, jaywalking…it’s really getting dangerous out there.

    Not that it’s been the greatest times for cops either. The video now playing on the margin of my screen [of a police officer being assassinated while sitting in his car] reminds me of that. And most recently two deputies being shot in LA.

    It’s breaking down, and I think it needs to if we can every hope to rebuild something better.

  4. Reinhold was uncooperative and refused to follow orders from the deputy.

    This is the moment where I’m reaching for previous statements made by commenters made about the justification for killing a woman in DC.

    1. But the jaywalker was on public property and the woman in DC was…oh.

    2. Did Babitt grab for the cop’s gun? Seems to be a big difference between the cases, if indeed, this guy actually was trying to grab for the cop’s gun.

      I’m just surprised that CA cops actually stopped what they were doing to give someone a jaywalking ticket. I wonder if they recognized the deceased, and thought they’d be able to build a bigger case against him, or that he had prior warrants or complaints about his behavior?

      1. The article indicated he had never been arrested before. But the officers had previously talked with him about trespassing.

        It also said they attempted to detain him for jaywalking. That is where the issue began.

        I do agree that going for someone’s firearm may result in being shot.

        1. Weird to fuck with him then. Unusual for John Law-abiding to get a complaint from someone about trespassing in the first place, but then really weird to keep hanging around the area to interact with the cops. Whereas not at all unusual for that set of facts if they were dealing with Harry Homeless guy instead. Mysteries of life.

          Jesus, Reinhold: just take the ticket already. You’d be somewhere else, doing whatever you wanted 10 minutes later. And the ticket would be forgiven or dropped, most likely.

          I think Paul had the right of it, elsewhere in the thread: if Reinhold is fighting with the cops, and Reinhold’s hand is next to the officer’s gun on video, that’s going to be enough to justify the shooting criminally. Thank goodness for weapon retention systems in holsters.

        2. “…the officers had previously talked with him about trespassing.”

          Which, I will bet cold hard cash, was him walking across a vacant lot.

          Otherwise there would be a record of a complaint from the properyy owner/manager.

          1. Because if you can’t afford 24 hour armed security for your property you don’t deserve private property rights. Who knew libertarianism and Marxism had so much in common? Anybody who was paying attention.

            1. The owner could post it, he could fence it, he could request that people he does not want on it to leave it.

              But walking across an unposted vacant lot, in and of itself, is not trespassing. When you stay after being asked to leave that is trespassing.

              1. Man, the copsuckers really came out of the woodwork today.

                1. It’s not about copsucking, it’s recognizing natural consequences. Reinhold escalated everything here; all he needed to do was NOT BE HOSTILE and walk back to the sidewalk.

          2. I’d take that bet to make you and the other anarchists here look silly.

      2. The cops were doing the usual; looking for trouble. Makes me sick.

        1. Guess they were just lucky that they found some mentally ill prick to start a fight with them and try to steal their guns instead of just taking the $40 ticket.

          1. Same cops that will come for you and your guns soon.

    3. And if they had wrestled her to the ground and she took their sidearm from one of them, you might have a point. As it stands, you make no sense.

  5. One less hobo. Part of the plan.

  6. The fact that these officers have not yet been arrested invalidates everything the sheriff is saying at the beginning of this video.

    If anyone else had done this they would be in jail.

    Until the rules are the same for everyone it should be open season on cops committing violent felonies like this one.

    1. Cops follow department policy, not the law. Their job is to commit violent felonies.

    2. A) he is white, nothingbto see here really
      B) he wasnt shot for jaywalking, but for allegedly grabbing a cops pistol

    3. If anyone else had done this they would be in jail.

      Shot someone during the course of a brawl wherein the other party was trying to grab their firearm? Maybe in whatever left wing fuck hole you come from, but not in 90% of the country.

      1. Oh good, the union rep is here!

        1. He(?)’s not wrong, Union. If I am wrestling with someone on the ground—God forbid, because it’s not my job to, and I try very hard to avoid confrontation—and they try to grab my gun, I will wish very strenuously for someone to shoot that asshole.

          Because an attempt to grab a deadly weapon is an imminent threat of death or serious bodily harm. I’d like to stop those when they start.

          Now, whether or not Reinhold was actually trying to grab the officer’s pistol is another question. He may very well have been, yet defeated by the weapon retention system on the holster. Not that those are perfect either.

          1. I had someone tell me, in a crowd, that they could have taken my gun from my holster and shot me with it. They claimed to be a former police officer. I politely told them that in this state at least, attempting to take someone’s firearm is considered a threat of deadly force and that had he tried I would have been legally justified to respond in kind.

      2. It happened to Kyle Rittenhouse.

    4. It is not true at all that had anybody else done this they would be “in jail”. If this were for example a civilian stand your ground type case it’s very UNLIKELY the shooter would be in jail until more evidence is gathered. And, the rules can’t be the same for everyone because not everyone is being tasked, per their job description, to enforce community regulations via a continued interaction with hostile citizens. Lastly, calling any shooting by a cop a ‘felony’ might make you feel superior to them, but it’s not a fact, it’s emotional nonsense.

  7. The grainy images of the confrontation show Reinhold’s hand, while he’s struggling on the ground, on the deputy’s holster, but it’s not clear whether he’s trying to grab the deputy’s gun or escape a hold.

    By the way, this is probably good enough.

    I have no problem with criticizing the justification for the stop, or the escalation that led to this situation. And yes, that means criminal charges, firings and/or lawsuits are probably in order. But once the fight has begun, if you grab the officer’s holster, you’re probably going to be on receiving end of deadly retaliation.

    1. While probably true as a factual matter, that is criminally wrong as a moral matter. If the fight had been between three civilians, the person who did the shooting would be waiting in jail while the investigation was conducted and a far less lenient legal standard for determining whether the shooter was justified.

      1. If the fight had been between three civilians, the person who did the shooting would be waiting in jail

        Unless the fight took place in one of the numerous shitholes where you fuckwads have gotten your catch-and-release, no-bail “criminal justice reforms” passed, in which case he’d be back out on the street within the hour and you’d be cheering uproariously.

      2. It is absolutely not true that if this had been three civilians that the shooter would be waiting in jail right now. Self-defense and stand your ground cases are more often than not unclear as to who is at fault and in fact go through lengthy investigations before someone is arrested, if at all.

    2. Why does retaliation need to be deadly? Isn’t there some middle ground??

      1. The “middle ground” would have been “don’t start a fight when you’re outnumbered 2 to 1 and then try to steal a cop’s gun”.

        1. Thank you.

        2. exactly for good ness sake, why is this so hard to understand. All Reinhold had to do is not be hostile and go back to the sidewalk. He started a fight with two armed men – cops or not, bad idea.

      2. Common misunderstanding. Middle ground to defending yourself against deadly force gets you killed. Sort of like “shoot him in the arm” which only works in Hollywood. In real life you are more likely to just miss completely. Real life is “deadly threat, center mass until he stops”.

    3. Even in Castle doctrine states, you can’t walk up to someone start a fight and then shoot them when the fight turns against you. Besides, we have no proof that he was grabbing for the gun. We have an officer yelling that the man had the gun but they also yell “stop resisting” over and over when no one is resisting to cover their butts. When you’re being taking down by two men (let’s not call this a fight, please, because it wasn’t) and you’re trying protect yourself, you aren’t thinking about where the gun is when you’re grabbing.

      1. They’re cops, Trainer. Actually, they can. If they have probable cause to effect an arrest on Reinhold, then from your point of view, that’s “walking up to him and starting a fight.” Perfectly legal. If they have reasonable suspicion that Reinhold committed a crime, they can briefly detain him to further investigate. Reinhold’s resisting that is in itself, another crime.

        If Reinhold resists arrest, and in doing so, places an officer in apprehension of having the officer’s pistol, taser, or other deadly weapon taken away from the officer and used against him, then that’s apprehension by the officer of an imminent threat of deadly force or serious bodily injury. And they get to use deadly force to stop that.

        Don’t fight with the cops, and really don’t try to grab their guns.

        Definitely a lot of questions remain about how this brief encounter degenerated to where the cops were rolling around on the ground with the guy, and eventually killing him.

    4. If you commit a felony in which someone dies, you’re guilty of murder.

      These cops assaulted a man for trying to walk away. That’s the felony they did. The fact that he earned the bullet for grabbing the holster is irrelevant. The cops shouldn’t have laid hands on the man.

      The committed a felony assault. A man’s dead. They’re murderers.

  8. These two deputies are part of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s “homeless liaison officers.” Their job is to “assist the homeless population and provide them with access to available resources and services, while protecting the quality of life for the citizens of Orange County through proactive enforcement.”

    Law enforcement should be reactive, not proactive. Proactive law enforcement means going around looking for people committing victimless crimes (crimes against the state, which police take personally since they are the state), and then doing things like this. Being that there are so many laws it’s impossible to obey them all, all the cops have to do is follow someone long enough and they’ll have an excuse to fuck with them. Since every encounter with the police can turn deadly, this does not make people more safe. Quite the opposite.

    1. If you listen carefully, you can hear the officers saying over and over “We’re from the government and we’re here to help”.

      1. And later lamenting, “Wish he had a dog with him.”

    2. Since every encounter with the police can turn deadly, this does not make people more safe. Quite the opposite.

      The chances of an encounter with the police turning deadly increase exponentially when you try to duke it out with the cops and steal their guns. This ain’t Philando Castille and the more you fucking halfwits choose hills like this on which to die, the less sympathetic your pro-criminal bullshit looks to the public. Of course, being a convicted felon who fucks his own underage daughter, it’s not like your judgment is really all that impressive.

      1. So by your take, the officers are blameless? Tell me which town you wear a badge for and I’ll make sure to never go there.

        1. Well that depends. Is the victim a Real Murican, or some ghetto-dwelling inner city loser?

          1. Feeling contempt for “deplorables” is a major source of self-esteem for insecure gentry-class wannabes like chemjeff.

      2. We have no proof that he tried to steal a gun. We have an officer shouting that the man struggling to get up after being taken down by two men already had the gun but, as far as I can tell, it was still in the holster.

  9. Their job is to “assist the homeless population and provide them with access to available resources and services, while protecting the quality of life for the citizens of Orange County through proactive enforcement.”

    Is assignment to that unit considered a punishment? Does it offer more money? Is its mandate actually to engage in unconstitutional searches through proactive engagements?

    One thing is universal: Screaming about having your gun is a level up from screaming about resisting.

  10. More death caused by left wing bullshit words.
    If he is wearing a cop’s uniform, and carrying a badge and a gun, he is a cop.
    Not a “homeless liaison officer”.
    Not a “school resource officer”.
    Not a “community outreach officer”.
    Not anything but a cop.

  11. The only difference between regular cops and homeless liaison officers is that the former are trained to yell “Stop resisting!” as they’re beating the snot out of some poor sod and the latter are trained to yell “Sop resisting our help!”

  12. I guess we can add “Judge Dredd” to the pile of of potential futures we get to live in.

    1. Maybe you shouldn’t have spent 4 decades arguing that no crime is worthy of punishment, that no one should be held on bail prior to trial, and that fighting with cops is a victimless crime. Most members of civilized society don’t share you erotic fascination with piece of shit criminal subhuman scumbags and kinda don’t like watching their kinfolk get raped and murdered without consequence. Silly fuckers.

      1. Most members of civilized society don’t share you erotic fascination with piece of shit criminal subhuman scumbags

        And jaywalkers. You forgot jaywalkers.

      2. Most people don’t have your fascination with gargling the jizz of an entire police precinct all at the same time. So it’s apparently a world of diverse interests.

        1. LOL! +1

  13. While I share others’ concerns about treating j-walking like it’s some sort significant crime, the “Kill a Man for Jaywalking” part of the title is thoroughly dishonest bullshit indicating that the author is a propagandist with no integrity.

    1. Hey, someone died for jaywalking. But the real crime here is from Reason writers who didn’t tell it like it is!

      1. Seriously, who do you think you’re fooling?
        This kind of crap wouldn’t even trick the kids on Huffpo.

  14. Was he black? If not, local news.

    (Besides, “Reinhold” sounds like a likely Nazi, so a justified shooting.)

    1. Believe it or not, he was Black. The article I’m about link doesn’t say, but it’s clear from the video clip therein. https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/protests-erupt-in-san-clemente-after-deputies-shoot-kill-man-outside-hotel/2433604/

      Other tidbits from the link:

      According to witnesses, the 42-year-old man had been jaywalking on El Camino Real, blocking traffic Wednesday afternoon.

      Video from across the street recorded the incident as the deputies made contact with Reinhold.

      Authorities describe him as homeless and say they had tried to help him during the 30 days he had been living in San Clemente.

      “He’s one of the regular homeless people here in town,” said San Clemente resident Steve Bauman. “We walk the beach trail here and you see him there regularly.”…

      …Bauman says he recently encountered Reinhold and that the 42-year-old likely struggled with mental health issues.

      “By me getting close to him he was very agitated,” Bauman stated. “He was just off. It’s just sad that this had to happen like this versus another way to deal with him.”

      In tears, a woman says Reinhold came to her flower stand moments before the shooting. She says he was hungry. She gave him money. She didn’t see the altercation.

      So, run of the mill homeless guy. Which is why the cops tried to hook him up for some crime—in order to have the excuse to briefly detain him, get his ID, run it for warrants, see if he had contraband/illegally carried weapons, etc—all of which is fairly standard proactive policing. This approach has the secondary, but intended, effect of getting the homeless guy to ply his trade somewhere else.

      They may not have had P.C. for the original citation—evidently, there’s audio of one of the cops telling the other one, “Let’s not make case law here,” Jaywalking, I had thought, was one of those infractions an officer had to personally witness in order to issue a citation.

      The alternative to proactive policing are cops that sit at the station until they take reports of complaints. It may be that’s what many of you want.

  15. I guess they “helped” this homeless guy to reach the other side.
    Cops should recognize a victimless crime and respond appropriately. Maybe these two shouldn’t be cops.
    Oh yeah, end the drug war. Too many laws.

  16. All a cop has to do is say he’s got a gun and BOOM its done its over. this is a clear case where the cops started this not the victim.

    1. The cops started punching the victim and then went for his gun? Weird choice on their part.

      Oh, the stupid mentally ill homeless fucker decided to take a swing at a cop because he didn’t want a jaywalking ticket, and got his schizo head blown off trying to steal a cop’s gun? Huh. Well that doesn’t really fit the narrative does it? Better stick to distorting facts and spouting our usual retarded pro-criminal bullshit then!

      1. It’s not pro-criminal; it’s ANTI-COP. Get your slurs straight.

  17. His “jaywalking” occurred at a time when there were no cars coming. I do that all the time. Murderers.

  18. “The great masses of men, though theoretically free, are seen to submit supinely to oppression and exploitation of a hundred abhorrent sorts. Have they no means of resistance? Obviously they have. The worst tyrant, even under democratic plutocracy, has but one throat to slit. The moment the majority decided to overthrow him he would be overthrown. But the majority lacks the resolution; it cannot imagine taking the risks.” ~ H. L. Mencken (1926). “Notes on Democracy,” p. 50, Alfred A. Knopf
    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

  19. My twin brother was a USAF Security Forces commander for 30 years. He retired as a colonel. During his career he had contact with civilian police forces in the US, Europe, and Asia. He would often say to me that fully one-third of all police officers had no business being in a place of authority of any kind. He included his own troops.

    1. MP’s are the absolute worst.
      Things rarely go sideways policing a base, unlike civvy street; so MP’s get bored and start looking for shit to do.

  20. give anyone a gun and a badge, and a law to enforce, and they become dangerous
    as do prosecutors and judges, who use the gun vicariously
    power always corrupts

  21. There’s no body camera footage.

  22. He wasn’t killed for jaywalking any more than Brown was killed for going to the store.

    1. When authors use clickbait hyperbolic titles like this I tend to avoid anything they write in future.

  23. Reason should make a video of someone trying to remove a handgun from the exact same type of retention holster worn by the police in this shooting as well as worn by the LAPD and Los Angeles Sheriff’s department. And if they aren’t wearing level 3 retention holders then ask, why not?

  24. Homeless outreach cops should have a baton, not a gun. They have no reason to carry a gun.

    Dealing with the mentally disabled, less weaponry is better.

    If these thugs didn’t have guns, there would be no gun for this man to “grab,” and this could have just ended with a few bruised fists.

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