Brickbat: Man's Best Friend


The Maricopa, Arizona, police department gave officer Craig Curry 20 hours of unpaid leave after Curry's K9 partner Ike died after being left in a hot patrol car. Curry left the dog in the vehicle parked outside police headquarters with the engine running. He came back an hour and 40 minutes later to find the engine had quit and the dog suffering heat stroke. Temperatures reached 108 degrees that day. The car had an alarm that would tell him if it was getting too hot for the dog, but Curry had left the pager in the vehicle when he went inside. Department policy calls on officers to check on their K9s every 30 minutes. An internal investigation found Curry "had the ability to park in a shaded spot, had the ability to bring his K9 inside the building, or had the ability to repeatedly check on K9 Ike throughout his meeting."

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  1. Officer Curry says that he did not have the pager on him at the time because he was trying out a new body camera that took up space on his vest.


  2. Are they going to have a full funeral for this particular K-9?

    1. Like they do in Illinois:

      “CHICAGO (CBS) — In northwest suburban Belvidere, colleagues said goodbye Saturday to a beloved four-legged friend.

      “It was a grand send-off, complete with bagpipe music and a processional, as Boone County Sheriff’s deputies and others honored Loki, a K-9 with the sheriff’s office.

      “He and a Boone County deputy had stopped to help a driver on Interstate 90 near Rockford on Dec. 27, when another driver crashed into their squad car. The driver who caused the crash was charged with driving under the influence and failing to yield for an emergency vehicle.

      “The deputy wasn’t seriously hurt, but Loki was killed.”

      Would it be too…awkward…for Maricopa to follow this example? Or does this example only apply to dogs killed by civilians?

      1. I believe in the military dogs have ranks and it is one higher than the handler.

        Police dogs are officers so I assume there would be an official funeral.

      2. Awkward, no.

        Idiotic, yes.

        Normal people don’t hold funerals for dead animals

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  4. This cop can’t make appropriate decisions about caring for a dog.

    How can we trust him to make appropriate decisions with his arresting authority and/or weapon?

    1. If the cop had cared for the dog properly, it would have died of multiple gunshot wounds. As would have the neighbor kids.

  5. Poor doggy.
    It sounds like the department had some decent procedures in place to prevent that sort of thing, that weren’t being followed.
    Still seems like a partial accident than complete negligence though. I wonder why his car stalled?

    1. Ran out of gas?

    2. The car was running for an hour and forty minutes. In 108°F temps. Overheated, ran out of gas, or simply stalled.

    3. Newer cars won’t run in park for extended periods. My car automatically shuts itself off after 15 mins

  6. Well, at least it wasn’t a handcuffed prisoner. That’d just result in a finding of qualified immunity.

  7. Guessing he won’t be prosecuted as would a suspect that had done something to cause the death of an on-duty K9.

    1. Not even for animal cruelty as a “civilian” who left a dog locked in an overheated car would have.

  8. I’m not a cop hater. Most of them [as was my father] are pretty decent people doing a difficult and necessary job [does any one really want to cancel the police?].

    But one word for this guy: asshole.

    1. That’s the problem and why there are so many valid reasons to hate cops.

      The proper word for this pig is: convict.

      Until that happens, cop haters are absolutely correct.

  9. Since this happens from time to time you would think there would be a backup battery powered cooling fan vent that would kick in if the car stops running.

    1. A battery sufficient for that purpose would be massive. Heavy. It would use a lot of gas to transport it and to keep it charged.

      A better solution is that the dog doesn’t get left behind, ever. If it’s not trained well enough to be in the building, it shouldn’t be in the force at all.

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