The Future of the Latino Vote, If There Is Such a Thing

An overreliance on identity politics may drive these voters away from the Democratic Party.


If Hispanics swung for former President Donald Trump in some states and against him in others in the 2020 election, is there such a thing as a generic Latino vote? Among the most unorthodox answerswhich is not for that reason mistakenis that of Miami writer Alex Perez. He argues that his hometown is unique insofar as traditional polling, policy wonkery, and ideological point-scoring fail to capture what appeals to its voters: not "'serious' politics," but rather aesthetics that reflect the city's tropical, party atmosphere, in itself a result of a blend between Latino culture and the "classic American idea of 'work hard, play hard.'"

Perez attributes the former president's success in South Florida to a "Trumpian aesthetic" that projected "a carnivalesque, raucous good time: where the energy of a tailgate, and not of politics, carried the day." Trump's showpiece was a salsa song by Cuban group Los 3 de la Habana, whose video highlighted Latino families living "the good life" due to a booming, presumably pre-COVID economy under Trump (pronounced in its Latinized version: Tron). Meanwhile, President Joe Biden's dreary campaign reflected the Democrats' conversion into the party of H.R. department scolds. The maximum expression of this worldview is the use of the term Latinx to refer to Hispanics, who are mostly confounded by the word's meaning. 

While Perez claims that Trump's choice of salsa beats added several percentage points to his Florida vote, Spanish journalist Emilio Doménech even tweeted that the song led to outright victory in the state. This theory fails to convince Daniel Garza, executive director of the LIBRE Initiative, who argues that the salsa theory insults the intelligence of Latinos, an increasingly sophisticated group of voters "when it comes to making election decisions based on policy."             

Latinos in South Florida and the Rio Grande Valley in southern Texas showed similar swings toward Trump, who gained 23 percentage points in Miami-Dade County and flipped Zapata County, Texas, for the first time since the 19th century. The difference, Garza points out, was that the Republican Party invested heavily in mobilizing Hispanics in South Florida, where it has a well-oiled political machine. That is not the case in the Texas border area, where Latinos mobilized spontaneously and educated each other around the key issues: the Second Amendment, energy policy, economic opportunity, school choice, and the importance of constitutionalist Supreme Court justices who would uphold the freedoms of worship and free speech. 

Like the rest of Americans, Garza says, Latinos tend to distrust the media and political parties, whereas their neighbors, fellow churchgoers, and other parents at their children's schools have much greater credibility. Garza, a Rio Grande Valley native, noticed that these communities, which are united by "the shared experience of scraping their knees on the economy," began to turn against efforts to impose a cancel culture, dismantle the nuclear family, or defund the police. As in Florida, this hurt candidates who had supported Black Lives Matter. A Miami Democrat told Politico: "We came out strong for BLM and then saw the Hispanic push back and went lukewarm and got killed."

Many Texas Latinos also resisted policies that threatened high-paying jobs in the energy sector, which many of them hold. They understood, Garza says, that "a country with energy is a country with a future." The importance of energy jobs for Latino voters in Texas also shows how the Hispanic vote is "just as varied as in the rest of the country." Latinos in North Carolina, for instance, are more interested in preserving private health insurance. In Florida, a strong stance against Latin American socialism was important. Overall and contrary to the media narrative, however, immigration was not among the top seven issues for Hispanics in the 2020 election according to the Pew Research Center.

In Georgia, a number of left-leaning PACs invested heavily to mobilize Hispanics prior to the Senate runoff elections. While they maintained turnout levels, Latinos "were not the reason [Democrats Raphael] Warnock and [Jon] Osoff [sic] defeated Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue," according to Suzanne Gamboa of NBC News.

Although the Hispanic vote in Georgia provided no surprises, Garza does see a general north-south divide. Latinos' shift in some Sun Belt states toward Republicansa turn that he associates with faith, patriotism, and greater economic opportunitiesfailed to materialize in northern states such as New York and Illinois, where Hispanic voting tendencies remained mostly intact. This proved disappointing for Democrats. 

As Bloomberg's Joshua Green notes, the party just about managed to maintain turnout among Latinos in the battleground states that granted Biden the presidency. In part, the problem was that New York City–based strategists were often mistaken about what appealed to Hispanic voters, thus realizing that their best bet was to decentralize ad production and outsource it to people in the communities. This reflects Garza's insight that, at some point, leftist leaders overtook Latinos in the trend toward the extreme progressive ideas, to the point that "they are now projecting their priorities onto the Latino community and we're rejecting them."

The culture wars certainly loom large. Perez argues that Democrats face a challenge since they are "so often embarrassed by America's more 'uncouth' elements," while there is a "jovial Latino Americanism" evident in campaign rallies that combine mostly spoken Spanish with "all-American, good-times Nascar vibes." Latinos, he adds, "see themselves not as Latinx, or even Latinos, but as Americans." If he's right, then betting the house on identity politics will prove costly.

Although the failure to bring about a blue wave at the congressional level shocked many Democrats, Garza still sees the party moving more toward "democratic socialists" like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.) than toward moderates like Rep. Henry Cuellar (D–Texas). This conservative Blue Dog Democrat defeated Jessica Cisneros, a candidate Ocasio-Cortez endorsed, in the latest primary in Texas' 28th Congressional District, but he's increasingly isolated in his own party. 

Does this mean that Republicans can make further gains with Latinos if they reject the woke agenda and embrace a philosophy of removing barriers to opportunity? Garza agrees that superficiality cannot be ignored since the messenger is important: "You still need a charismatic personality, a good retail politician who sells the policies well."

But there seems to be a fine line between relying on Reaganesque charisma and descending toward Latin American levels of caudillismo. In March 2016, David Luhnow of The Wall Street Journal compared Trump to a number of caudillos, leaders who use superior showmanship skills to "confront an ossified political establishment, develop a strong bond with their followers and attack their opponents and the media with no holds barred—sometimes even encouraging violence." ​

That warning seems ominous after the assault on the U.S. Capitol on January 6. Politics relying on props and visuals can lead to danger; after all, the absolute masters of political aesthetics were 20th century totalitarian socialists. Trump's failures, however, should not leave a message of state dependency and wokeness to carry the day unopposed, especially with the Hispanic community. According to Garza's experience, when Latinos hear a compelling case in favor of free market ideas, their reaction tends to be, "That's what I always believed, where have you been?" 

Perhaps there is ground to gain when you sell a freedom message with some joie de vivre. To borrow Perez's term, Trumpistas should not have a monopoly over being "the party of the party." 

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  1. Latinos see themselves more as Americans than blacks. Democrats will steadily lose the Latino vote in their increasingly radical and racially embarrassing pandering to blacks. Latinos will become the new "white" oppressor, and Democrats will treat them like trash.

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    2. No, it's still identity politics. But the dirty little secret that no one likes to bring up is that Latinos don't like blacks all that much. When both had relatively low numbers, that wasn't much of an issue. But their population is now outpacing the black population, and in some areas like Los Angeles, they're essentially ethnic cleansing the black population. A lot of blacks that used to live in south central LA for instance, have migrated up to the Antelope Valley. They mostly don't even bother going to Hispanic-dominated cities like Albuquerque or the Rio Grande Valley, and the ones that do keep their heads down because the gangs there are utterly ruthless about protecting their territory.

      1. I mean, relatively speaking, the black population of Albuquerque is higher than ever, post-Katrina and post some influx of what I presume to be refugees. Either that or a whole bunch of Africans just decided that Albuquerque was the place to be and moved there en masse. I think NM is up to a whole 2% black population, from 1.5%.

        1. Sure, relatively speaking, but Katrina was also close to 15 years ago now. Based on the stats I've found, they've averaged about 17,500 in Albuquerque, in a pretty narrow range, for the last decade. That's about double what it was in the 80s, but the rest of the city has grown quite a bit since then, too.

          I suspect most of the black population is primarily due to the Air Force base, and a few retirees that decided to move there.

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      2. One thing about Latino immigrants who've been here awhile, is they know there is less racism in the US than in the country they left. Though foreigners watching US TV likely have the idea half the country is racist.

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    4. More to the point, as hispanics become more prosperous, they see themselves as the people that the Democrats want to loot, not the people that the looters will buy votes from.


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  2. Coming from California, I speak Spanish with a definite Mexican - Michoacán, actually - accent. When in southern Chile my wife and I experienced some very chilly reception until we had been established as Anglo US citizens. Seems no one in Chile likes Mexicans. They don't like Argentinos or Peruvianos either.
    The US fought two wars against Britain, and nearly came to a war in 1862 even though we share a language and a lot of culture. Why should Spanish speakers be any more united?

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    2. That's not unusual.

      People who know nothing talk about 'latinos' rather than 'Mexicans' (and even then north vs south) and 'El Salvadorians', and 'Hondurans', etc..

      Its like saying 'asians' or 'africans' - they're so much difference among the subgroups, along with a lot of antipathy among the different subgroups.

      1. +

    3. Back, waaay back, when I was a kid, growing up in Oakland, CA, there were no "Latinos" or "Lantinas," no "Asians." There were, on other other hand, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Brazilians, Koreans, Vietnamese, Japanese, Filipinos, etc. That is how they identified. And their political and social ideas were equally all over the board. It seems, to me, to be pretty useless to try to predict how they would vote.

      1. Where I lived in Mexico, on the Yucatan peninsula, it seemed to me that the place was quite diverse.

        There were a lot of Mayans and the descendants of the Spanish and the Aztecs from elsewhere in Mexico, but the place was also full of Germans (they called them Alemanians), Lebanese, Argentinians, people from elsewhere in the Caribbean, Mennonites, the descendants of Asians from various places, Canadians, and, yes, Americans.

        Even if we throw out the Americans and Canadians, referring to all those ethnic groups as "Mexicans" is glossing over a tremendous amount of ethnic diversity. It's not just that Mexicans, Cubans, and Puerto Ricans don't necessarily think alike just because they all spoke Spanish. It's also that "Mexican", for instance, isn't an monolithic bloc either.

        When the first big caravan of asylum seekers showed up in Tijuana, they were met by the chief of police, who was wearing a MAGA hat. Tijuana is a really conservative part of Mexico--politically, it's like the Alabama of Mexico. They'll even demonstrate against immigration.

        1. +

    4. Nobody in South America likes Argentinians.

      Folks from Argentina typically don’t have as much Inca in them
      And consider themselves to be more “European”.

      In Bolivia, the most common thing you hear after the word “Argentine” is “sonsabitches”.

  3. This will confuse the lefty-racists who only see the color of one's skin, or their sex, or their party affiliation, or their wealth status, or nationality (i.e. 'identity' politics) for a long time.

    So here's a clue; The LAST thing Southern natives who have respect for Law & Order, Individual Liberty and the "classical???" (oh; the USA definition is classical now?) principles of the USA didn't come here so all the curs-id policies/consequences of [WE] identity mentality gangs of the south could follow them here.

    They came here or remain here to be LEFT ALONE and enjoy Individual Liberty and Justice a concept 'National' Gov-God Saviors can't seem to wrap their heads around!

  4. Outside South Florida there won't be any mass conversion of Latino's to the GOP as long as Republican leaders like Donald Trump refer to them as subhuman "rapists" and "wetbacks" and associate them with gangs.

    1. That's fine - since the Democrats do the same thing, I guess they'll find a home in the Libertarian Party.

    2. Surely; Because those who BREAK-the-law, trespass, lie and manipulate ARE surely exactly the same as those who RESPECT-the law and this nation ---

      BECAUSE.... of course. ALL YOU see is 'identity' association.
      You are EXACTLY the type of person actual USA patriots don't want here.

      1. Bullshit. I am not the one lumping all Latinos into one criminal category like Trump and his cultists do.

        The most identifiable characteristic of MAGA is the white supremacist element. That is as anti-individual as possible but very Trump-like.

        1. No, lumping them all into one category is exactly what YOU did.

        2. But you ARE. Do you really think that southern border wall was for LEGAL immigration? And there you go again labeling any Trump Association as 'white supremacy'.

          Why don't you put some substance into your ignorant case. WHICH policy did President Trump sign that put the government in charge of ensuring white uniformity in the nation? I mean good grief; It was the Republicans that elected the first Non-White to Congress. It was the Republicans who free'd the slaves. It was President Trump who just recently pardoned a Non-White.

          You lefties lie and project like nobodies business.

          1. Speaking of lying and projecting...

            Model TJJ2000 Dictatorbot believes that the USA already is (and should be) a 1-party dictatorshit! That the USA HAS BEEN a 1-party dictatorshit for some 200 years!!! There is NO point in trying to persuade the Model TJJ2000 Dictatorbot of ANYTHING! Almost ALL of the circuits of the Model TJJ2000 Dictatorbot have gone kaput, big-time!

            Model TJJ2000 Dictatorbot is lusting after an UPGRADE to its rusting old body! Wants to be upgraded to Model TJJ20666 Dictatorbot, and run for POTUS in 2024, with Alex Jones as the VEEP of Model TJJ20666 Dictatorbot!!! Be ye WARNED!!! Model TJJ20666 Dictatorbot will be well-nigh INDESTRUCTIBLE! (Unreachable by ANY logic or considerations for the freedoms of others, MOST certainly!)

            PLEASE do NOT enable the lusting of the rusting TJJ20000 Dictatorbot!!!

            1. Nothing after this comment because no one bothered to read it. Me neither. 😀

              1. Spaz gets flagged and a refresh; the only pile of shit to get such, but richly deserved.

              2. Admittedly, I often skim SQRLSY’s comments. But they are kind of amusing.

                1. Yes, sqrlsy, I am glad you at least skim the comments you write. 😀

                2. I thought we were supposed to imagine people masturbating to Sqrlsy's comments:

                  Now I'm all confused.

                3. Sometimes they're intelligible. This one was not.

    3. It's fascinating to see you react to an article that points out Trump's massive gains among Rio Grande Valley Hispanics in 2020 by making the ringing declaration that such gains in such locations won't ever happen as long as the GOP is led by people like Trump.

  5. Why do we no longer hear about the German vote or the Italian vote or the Polish vote?

    1. Um... So we can repeat history again without even knowing it??

  6. In 20 years "hispanic" will just be another kind of "white" just like what happened with the irish, italians, slavs, and jews before them. Middle easterners are halfway to being considered "white". Asians and indians are on the path too.

  7. All my Latinx friends love open borders almost as much as's benefactor Charles Koch does. If the Republican Party wants their votes, it'll be necessary to reverse the alt-right white nationalist takeover.


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  9. This reflects Garza's insight that, at some point, leftist leaders overtook Latinos in the trend toward the extreme progressive ideas, to the point that "they are now projecting their priorities onto the Latino community and we're rejecting them."

    There isn't much that's really new in this insight if you change the phrasing. This is the perpetual top-down bottom-up conflict that has been going on since the top-down side gained an edge 100+ years ago. Call it the Lippmann-Dewey debates.

    Ideologues, technocrats, consultants, vanguards, 'mass' society, etc are the realm of the top-downers. Those who want to - and can in a modern society - control things by creating and controlling the narrative about those things. And because they are the only ones trying to control the pendulum itself, they are the ones who 'go too far' until the other side of top-downers controls the pendulum in a different direction.

    1. ^The view-point of the Power-Obsessed?

      How about having Liberty and Justice?

      1. I'm certain that you can define those words however you want. You can twist them into the exact opposite of what they mean to me. And by twisting them around, you can control a narrative about them in order to acquire power for yourself.

        And hey presto - another top-downer.

        1. Model TJJ2000 Dictatorbot and Der JesseBahnFuhrer are natural allies, AND, of course, GREAT supporters of Our Dear Leader the Great Whitish-Orangish Pumpkin-Father Der TrumpfenFuhrer!

          See , where
          Der JesseBahnFuhrer says, of Trump, “He is not constitutionally bound on any actions he performed.”
          Hey JesseBahnFuhrer! Is this statement of yours, above, now applicable to Biden? Or is only Dear Leader Der TrumpfenFuhrer qualified to be our dictator? If so, why?

          1. Flag, refresh.

            1. Wow, look at computer genius here!

              Did you have a good bowel movement today, perlhaqr? Ya gonnna clutter up the comments with your bragging about that ass well, asshole?

              Are you offering a computer-skills training class, Stable Genius Junior?

              1. Holy smokes, an entire comment from the Squirrel without a single word in all caps. I wasn't sure that was actually possible.

                But I have no plans to tempt your appetite by talking about my bowel movements.

                1. Trust me, your bragging about your awesome computer skills is on the same level of appeal to the average humanoid, as is your bragging about your bowel movements. They are of the same essential value... ZERO, or less!

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                    I read "trust me", good job ROFL

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                    Some fish for sqrl

                  3. Flag, refresh; A THREE-FER

                  4. Ah, well, back to all caps again. I should have known it was too good to last.

              2. Lol sqrl is butthurt cuz nobody reads him. I only saw "look at computer genius" and decided to join in on taunting him a bit. 😀 😀

                1. Your life must be pretty boring. Have you ever tried reading books? They will often teach you some actual FACTS, or at least, keep your reading skills attuned! I would recommend for you, that you could start with "See Spot Run", or maybe even, "Rebecca of Sunny-Brook Farm".

                  1. <

                    😀 😀 😀

                    "FACTS" is what i read lmao

                  2. ׺))))><

                  3. Shoulda' caught this one.

        2. Not really; All I want is for 'Federal' dictators to LEAVE my STATE and lower-governing policies ALONE and only do the job the 'Federal' was created to do which is National Defense and the few other items listed in the U.S. Constitution like they took a sworn oath to do!

          1. I doubt that's really what you want. Neither the D's nor the R's really gives a good god damn about the fed level. They do give a good god damn about demonizing the other in the other jurisdictions. NOTHING riles you up like stories about urban population/governance. NOTHING riles states themselves up like letting muni/local governing entities do their own thing. The entire god damn point of your politics is to demonize the other so that you can motivate people to vote for your side to control everything at the federal level.

            1. And btw - there is an enormous gulf between what you believe is enumerated in the Constitution and what is ACTUALLY enumerated in the Constitution.

              1. Why don't you share those enumerations with us; as a good reminder for those who want to pretend they include National Healthcare, National Housing, National Welfare, National Banking, National "cronyism" / socialism.....

            2. Well if you mean, "control everything at the federal level" like President Trump did by De-Regulating the Federal Government, leaving COVID restrictions to the State, Cancelling U.N. treaties that dictated the entire nation UN-Constitutionally, Stopped the Gov-Monopolizing attempt at the energy sector, Supported School Choice, Cut Federal Taxes......................................

              Why do I have to keep repeating this --- You Know this; Everyone knows this! You pretend NOT to notice this because????

              You have gang affiliation?

              1. Your a cheap date. Trump didn’t do much cutting of taxes or deregulating, and he went nutso on tariffs, but you treat him like he was some Great Deregulator.

                1. Trump didn’t do much cutting of taxes or deregulating

                  The Tax Cut And Jobs Act of 2017 would like a word with you.

                  1. Stop refuting truth with your stupid facts!
                    How we feel that history played out is a lot more important than a bunch of things that happened.

  10. No, no, no.

    We have been told by Superior People that brown people are oppressed and helpless (but not as helpless as black people), and that their salvation can only come from ideological adherence to righteous progressive policies--and thus that all brown people must aspire to said policies.

    Of course, in the future these discussions will be moot (and illegal) when democracy transitions to direct race-based voting. People will be assigned official race-ethnic-gender-class categories, and then those category blocks will cast votes. No need (and danger) for individuals to vote.

    1. ^THIS; And speaking of 'categorizing' of the left nothing speaks louder than their recent H.R. 350 requiring that 'white supremacy' be a stamped label "for those **related** to White Supremacism"??

      NOW; who gets to determine 'related to'?

      Sec.3.b.2.C.IV, "domestic terrorism-related incidents, including the number of incidents from each classification and subcategory, with a specific classification or subcategory for those related to White supremacism"

      Although I did enjoy their mention of neo-Nazi since by definition all Democratic National Socialists should be, "analyzed and monitored for domestic terrorist activity and require the Federal Government to take steps to ?????-prevent-????? domestic terrorism".

      Ironically; If a Democrat is in charge of this; I'm not sure neo-Nazi will mean what it's actual definition is.

      1. ..but at least "all employees undergo annual anti-bias training".

        It rather rings of the FBI 'domestic terrorist' watch-list symptom definition of anyone who mentions the 'U.S. Constitution' during the Obama Administration. I need to check to see if that 'identifying' warning is still up on their website someday.

      2. .... Skip forward 200-Years. Democrats revise the Patriot Act again and talks about stamping labels of 'Black Supremacy' on anything 'related to'?

        They've been defining people by the color of their skin in legislation since pushing to ensure Slavery and are STILL pushing to enslave everyone.

        The correct term would be *forceful* uniformity of any specific race.

    2. Race is irrelevant and does not exist outside social definitions of it. But man those social definitions sure do have a life of their own don't they. They rile you up so that you are unable to function without an emotion/instinct creating fear in you.

      Why - it's almost as if people can tap into the lizard/cockroach/dog part of our brain. The part that only functions for the purpose of say - scattering when light is turned on - or salivates when a bell is rung. The part of our brain that is relevant and does exist in humans. And in fact has proven that we are animals. Possibly even more deeply than we are egoist non-animal individuals.

      So hey - keep pretending that those who have defined these social categories for the purpose of fear-mongering you are not really just fear-mongering you. Arf arf arf. That's my other dog impression.

      1. "They rile you up so that you are unable to function without an motion/instinct creating fear in you."

        "no, no, no" -- I think you missed the complete sarcasm Earth Skeptic was using to describe what you just said.

      2. Yea, it's the people who oppose critical race theory who are totes obsessed with race...

        Does your clown nose protect you from the covid?
        It's gotta be the only reason you haven't died from it yet!

  11. "Perez attributes the former president's success in South Florida to a "Trumpian aesthetic" that projected "a carnivalesque, raucous good time: where the energy of a tailgate, and not of politics, carried the day."

    Trump's success with Hispanics in South Florida almost certainly had something to do with the Democrats openly embracing socialism, both in the primaries, by way of Bernie Sanders, and by way of Biden's Green New Deal. There may not be a more unpopular American political figure among the immigrant communities of South Florida than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

    There isn't anything popular about socialism with the ex-pat Cuban community in Miami, and there isn't anything about the experience of other immigrant communities, who've suffered because of Chavez and Maduro embracing socialism, that makes Biden and the Democrats' embrace of socialism popular with them either.

    1. "Sanders polls ahead of Trump in Central Florida and the Tampa area, but falls behind in Southeast Florida – as shown by Trump’s 74% to 19% advantage over Sanders among Cuban voters.

      ----Orlando Sentinel, March 11, 2020

      Trump may not have enjoyed a 74% to 19% margin among Waylon Jennings fans in Wyoming!

      1. It looks like Puerto Rican’s are going hard left. Given most of Central FL Hispanic population is Puerto Rican, that guess is mildly supported.

        1. Puerto Ricans and Cubans are kinda notorious for that disagreeing with each other, aren't they?

    2. "In Florida, Biden couldn’t shake Trump’s lie that Democrats are radical socialists"

      ----Miami Herald, November 23, 2020

      Even Democrats in Miami-Dade County crying about Trump cleaning the Democrats' clock in south Florida after the fact blamed it on the voters there associating the Democrats with socialism.

  12. U.S. trade deficit jumps to 12-year high in 2020

    More Trump failure on economics (based on his own metrics*)

    *personally I think the trade deficit is not that important

    1. Are you criticizing Trump for being insufficiently anti-trade?

      Are you saying that American consumers saving money by buying Chinese manufactured goods is a bad thing?

      Is increased consumer confidence among Americans a good or bad thing, and if it increased, how would that show up in trade deficit numbers?

      Do you imagine Biden and the Democrats are somehow different from Trump on tariffs?

      Do you have any idea what you're talking about?

    2. Severe TDS retard post #1

  13. Trump inherited a booming economy — and handed Biden a nation 'in shambles'

    Despite his self-professed business acumen, Trump squandered some of the market momentum he was handed, analysts say. “He did quite a few things to really impede the progress of the stock market,” said Chris Zaccarelli, chief investment officer at the Independent Advisor Alliance. “The trade war with China was, by far, the most detrimental.”


    Trump = Failure

    1. Oh boy; here it is again.....
      The constant and persistent "Failure" during Democratic Administrations and Congress Majority is ALWAYS the previous Republicans fault.

      Never-mind Democrats pitched the Federal Reserve Act to save ONE-SINGLE bank in NYC and threw the whole nation under the same bus with it.

      Never-mind Democrats pitched 87% of the Cares Act.

      Never-mind FDR had 12-FULL YEARS to stop the Depression and Failed miserably.

      Never-mind Obama didn't stop bankrupting the nation until Republicans got control of Congress.

      Never-mind Trump's Administration had the lowest unemployment and best economy since the 60's.....

    2. During Trump's term, to what extent was the economy hamstrung by pandemic and the Democrat lockdowns?

      Shrike finds these "stories" compelling because he's stupid.

    3. Sarah Palin's Buttplug 2
      February.14.2021 at 10:49 am
      "Trump inherited a booming economy — and handed Biden a nation ‘in shambles’..."

      “…We often think Tony, Shrike, and ChemJeff are being dishonest–especially when they don’t seem to learn anything from having their arguments shredded and smeared in their faces everyday for years. But the fact that they don’t seem to learn anything–knowledge wise or in terms of critical thinking–may be consistent with the hypothesis that they’re just not that bright. And we shouldn’t necessarily assume that Binion, Boehm, or Britschgi are fundamentally different from them.
      Maybe the reason they try to make us feel is because they’re incapable of making us think. It is beyond their capabilities…”

      1. Maybe, Sevo, you might want to work on your anger issues and how your anger interferes with your thinking before criticizing others.

        1. I mean just because different things might have happened than what we said, doesn't mean it wasn't a metaphorical or spiritual truth.
          But Sevo is too stupid to understand that and calls it lying.

    4. Severe TDS retard post #2

  14. The Dow soared by 56% during Trump's presidency. It climbed 148% under Obama, it fell by 26.5% under Bush and climbed 229% under Clinton. Notably, the previous presidents had two terms. At the one term line, the Dow climbed 73.2% under Obama, dropped by 3.7% under Bush and soared 105.8% under Clinton.

    1. Obama took office at the worst of the banking crisis, and the stock market reacted positively to banks and Wall Street investors being bailed out of their bad investments by the Obama administration.

      Are you saying that using the taxpayers' future paychecks to bail out banks, car companies, and Wall Street is something you support because it helps banks and stock owners get rich?

      That's really stupid!

    2. Let me guess; It climbed 148% under Obama after the GOP had full control of congress which of course was a sign of relapse of the 500% decline experienced while Democrats had control of congress?

    3. But lets just hit the nail on head; Instead of bickering about the huge and out-of purposeful scope of fat bag on the hill.

      Education, Healthcare, Housing and whatever else the 'Federal' Government pretends to 'own' and "plans" are the most affordable easily obtained resources "The People" can obtain?
      TRUE or FALSE???

    4. Sarah Palin's Buttplug 2
      February.14.2021 at 10:55 am
      "The Dow soared by 56% during Trump’s presidency. It climbed 148% under Obama,.."

      “…We often think Tony, Shrike, and ChemJeff are being dishonest–especially when they don’t seem to learn anything from having their arguments shredded and smeared in their faces everyday for years. But the fact that they don’t seem to learn anything–knowledge wise or in terms of critical thinking–may be consistent with the hypothesis that they’re just not that bright. And we shouldn’t necessarily assume that Binion, Boehm, or Britschgi are fundamentally different from them.
      Maybe the reason they try to make us feel is because they’re incapable of making us think. It is beyond their capabilities…”

    5. Severe TDS retard post #3


    Overnight, #antifa in Seattle gathered to pile snow on one of the driveways of the Seattle Police east precinct (where CHAZ used to be). They stopped police from being able to drive out to respond to calls during the snow storm.

  16. This will be entertaining:

    Lin Wood is going to defend Sidney Powell in Dominion’s defamation lawsuit.

    1. "A judge ordered the parent company for right-wing cable network One America News Network to pay MSNBC and host Rachel Maddow nearly $250,000 in legal fees after a failed defamation lawsuit.

      Herring Networks, which owns OAN, sued MSNBC for $10 million in September 2019 following a segment on Maddow's show, in which she said OAN "really literally is paid Russian propaganda."

      ----USA Today, February 10, 2021

      This is how we should expect the defamation cases filed by voting machine companies against politicians, news organizations, and pundits to go--the suit filed by Dominion and the $2.7 billion defamation suit filed by Smartmatic USA against Fox News, Maria Bartiromo, and Lou Dobbs.

      One America News has no basis to sue Rachel Maddow for making whatever aspersions on their political coverage, and voting machine companies have no business suing journalists or politicians for saying whatever they want about how our votes are being counted or who is counting them.

      Just because a case can be made against those you despise doesn't mean it should be made, and if you can find it in yourself to take the side of those you despise when your principles require it, you may be able to make some kind of claim on being principled.

      Yeah, I'll even stand up for Rachel fucking Maddow IF IF IF and when a principled defense of freedom, justice, and the First Amendment demands it.

      1. Really poor analogy picking, Ken.

        Sidney Powell is a lawyer, not a journalist or politician. She harassed their business with numerous frivolous, meritless lawsuits. The filings for those suits include page after page of specific points that Dominion can sue over.

        1. The question isn't whether it's a journalist, politician, or some other special class of speaker. There isn't anything about being a journalist that makes their opinions more important or more protected by the First Amendment. The question is whether people are and should be free to criticize the government, government contractors, how our votes are being counted, and who is counting them--and the answer is "yes". "Congress shall make no law", means that our defamation laws must conform to the First Amendment.

          1. So laws against slander (a type of defamation) violate the First Amendment?

            If so, then what would you do about public statements that do real, tangible harm to a person's or an institution's reputation, in terms of lost income, lost wages, lost business, etc.?

            1. public statements

              That should be "public FALSE statements" of course.

            2. If you believe the First Amendment doesn't protect false speech, then you're ignorant. New York Times vs. Sullivan held that making false statements about government individuals or entities isn't enough to elevate defamation claims above First Amendment protections, and Curtis v. Butts established the same principle regarding public entities--even those who aren't in government.

              Why would defamation laws be exempt from the First Amendment prohibition against making laws that violate our right to freely criticize the government? Why wouldn't private contractors working for the government be subject to the same standards as the government when they're working for the government?

              Why imagine that we can't voice opinions against government contractors unless every statement we make is entirely accurate? Don't you fail by that measure, here, several times a day? And why would a reasonably intelligent person assume that the First Amendment only protects true opinions (or true religious beliefs)?

              That would be stupid.

              Are you stupid?

              1. Ken, you must be aware that we have long laws had laws against slander, libel, defamation, shouting fire in a theater, and abuse of public office — and have long ago reconciled those exceptions to the First Amendment.

                1. I've mentioned two cases that ruled against public figures winning
                  defamation claims because they conflicted with the First Amendment rights of critics--regardless of whether the statements in question were false. We're free to do as we please so long as we don't violate anyone's rights.

                  Because I can sue you for violating my rights with your speech doesn't mean public entities have a right not to be damaged by the false claims of their critics. Those who would rather not open themselves to public criticism with impunity should avoid willingly opening themselves to it--by, for instance, refusing to take on a government contract.

                  To whatever extent yelling "fire" in a crowded theater violated the rights of the trampled, we have a right to criticize public entities anyway. And those who wish to criticize public entities for making false claims should be free to do so--even if the people made those false claims are and should be uninhibited by defamation claims.

                  Just because Sidney Powell shouldn't be subject to a defamation claim doesn't mean that you shouldn't be free to call Sydney Powell a liar.

                  1. There are all sorts of good reasons not to make false claims that have nothing to do with defamation claims.

                    You can ruin your own reputation when you're exposed as a liar. You can lose your credibility. You can be humiliated.

                    In light of that, why is it necessary for our defamation laws to violate the First Amendment?

                  2. The “public figure” that is being defamed here would be Dominion, not Sidney Powell.

                    Sidney Powell is the one who allegedly did the defaming.

                    1. "The “public figure” that is being defamed here would be Dominion"

                      I understand that.

                      Are they a government contractor?

                    2. Did Sidney Powell limit herself to only saying things about them, or did she file lawsuits against them?

                  3. And Sidney Powell didn’t limit herself to speech. She filed actual lawsuits. Lawsuits are more than mere speech.

                2. "Shouting fire in a theater" comes from a case where the government prosecuted a socialist for handing out pamphlets against WWI. That ruling was later overturned.

                  1. Interesting. The fire in a theater is something I learned long ago in, like, elementary school, so not surprising there is more to it than what I remember.

                    Reading a bit more about it just now, the decision was only partially overturned.

                    Anyway, has little to do with the subject being debated.

                    1. A much better example of violating someone's rights with your speech is perjury in a trial or handing a bank teller a note and threatening her if she doesn't empty the cash register. That isn't protected by the First Amendment, but Congress making laws that violate the First Amendment is another story. Incidentally, the Second Amendment doesn't protect the right to violate people's rights with a gun either.

                    2. Do you actually have a point relevant to Dominion’s defamation suit against Sidney Powell?

                    3. What I've said here addresses it directly.

                      Is Dominion a government contractor? The correct answer is "yes", and be being one, they open themselves to the same standards that apply to defamation cases that involve public entities.

                      Why is that confusing to you? Is it because you don't want to understand?

                    4. Ken, did Sidney Powell limit herself to mere speech about Dominion, or did she go beyond that and file lawsuits harassing them and claiming they were engaging in corrupt practices?

                    5. Public entities don't have the right not to be criticized--and the accuracy of the statements made against them isn't even the driving consideration . . . not according to the First Amendment and two Supreme Court cases that I've named specifically.

                      There isn't anything about being a journalist, a politician, an attorney, or a truck driver that makes anyone's First Amendment rights any greater or lesser than they would be otherwise.

                      If you don't understand why all this relates to the Dominion case, it's probably because you don't want to understand.

                      P.S. When OAN sued Rachel Maddow, the same principle applied--regardless of whether Rachel Madow's statements were factually incorrect and regardless of whether OAN was a privately owned public entity. If you don't understand why that relates to the Dominion case, it's probably because you don't want to understand.

                      Incidentally, wanting to not understand is often what happens when someone picks a side on the issue first and then looks for principles to justify it later. Those of us who start with principles first and apply them to the issue at hand don't generally have that problem. You should try it sometime.

                    6. LOL, you are playing armchair lawyer. A judge will decide Dominion’s standing. You want me to accept your “in-depth” analysis just because you’ve read a couple of articles about suits you consider similar, even though you are not a lawyer.

                      Do we even have the details of the suit or know what jurisdiction it is being filed in? Yet, you want me to accept your legal analysis like you are an expert.

                    7. "LOL, you are playing armchair lawyer. A judge will decide Dominion’s standing."


                      Did you not see the post to which you originally responded?

                      A judge ordered the parent company for right-wing cable network One America News Network to pay MSNBC and host Rachel Maddow nearly $250,000 in legal fees after a failed defamation lawsuit.

                      Herring Networks, which owns OAN, sued MSNBC for $10 million in September 2019 following a segment on Maddow’s show, in which she said OAN “really literally is paid Russian propaganda.”

                      —-USA Today, February 10, 2021


                      This is how we should expect the defamation cases filed by voting machine companies against politicians, news organizations, and pundits to go–the suit filed by Dominion and the $2.7 billion defamation suit filed by Smartmatic USA against Fox News, Maria Bartiromo, and Lou Dobbs.

                      ----Ken Shultz

                      That ruling came down four days ago, and we should expect to see the voting machine companies' defamation suits fail for all the same reasons. That's the point. Do you find repetition persuasive? Why didn't you understand what I wrote the first time?

                    8. Anyway, has little to do with the subject being debated.

                      White Excrement explicitly mentions it, is shown how ignorant he actually is about it, and it's suddenly of little relevance.

                    9. "you are playing armchair lawyer. A judge will decide Dominion’s standing. You want me to accept your “in-depth” analysis just because you’ve read a couple of articles about suits you consider similar, even though you are not a lawyer."

                      Ken is so stupid. Just because we demand he explains his erroneous beliefs, doesn't mean that we won't call him names when he complies.
                      If he hasn't read opinion on the matter we'll call him uninformed, and if he has and quotes it extensively, we'll dismiss it as "playing armchair lawyer".

                      Now this isn't bad-faith because Ken believes the wrong thing, which makes him a witch racist, or worse.

              2. Ken, the issue isn't really about false statements per se. I and most everyone else here agree that the First Amendment protects false speech *as a general rule*. What is a much grayer area, however, is speech that is not only false, but also leads to documented, material harm to a person's reputation such that the victim of said speech is financially damaged as a result.

                Also, Ken, please note that the First Amendment doesn't just prohibit laws against criticizing the government. It prohibits laws against restricting the freedom of speech broadly, whether that speech criticizes the government or not. By your reading, would any defamation law at all, whether the defamation is against a public figure or not, be constitutional?

                1. You're an idiot.

        2. "She harassed their business with numerous frivolous, meritless lawsuits"

          And we know that they were frivolous and meritless because the Washington Post said that they were.
          When are you going to learn Ken, that the opinions of some of the nation's premier journalists can be far more important than discovery or investigation.

          1. And the big elephant in the room on this thread?



    JOB OPENING: Disney is looking for an actress to replace @ginacarano in the Mandalorian. They need a woman who is a STRONG, FIERCE woman who can also be obedient, submissive, and docile. Apply Today!

    1. Fuck the Mouse.

      1. Start streaming!

        Use Locast.

        Fuck 'em in the pocketbook.

  18. Hispanics probably don't want to pay slavery reparations to blacks, support affirmative action for them, or pay for their abortions, like Democrats want. If Republicans made an effort they could take back California. They won't though. That doesn't fit into the plans of the elitist establishment that want to keep us fighting among ourselves.

    1. Tyrannical and Authoritarian 'National' Governments have always created Power-Mad struggles within it's citizenry. The more political 'steak' in the game - the more violence their is to get a-hold of the 'steak'.

      Thankfully; some 'among ourselves' are fighting at the ROOT of the problem --- The POWER of the 'National' Government.


    "And that each of us has a duty and responsibility as Americans, and especially as leaders, to defend the truth and to defeat the lies," Biden said.

    "That is how we end this uncivil war and heal the very soul of our nation," he said, adding that we all must unify.

    1. I'll do my part ---- "defend the truth".

      The USA isn't a Democratic National Socialist (Nazi) nation. It's a Constitutional Union of Republican States of which the U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of "The People" the government and ALL politicians MUST abide by stringently and diligently.

      That is their "Oath of Office". And frankly I'm not lying when I say Biden doesn't give the U.S. Constitution ANY respect at all!

      1. That makes Biden unique how?

        1. 30% is better than 0%.

  20. As a middle-aged, middle class straight white male, I am unable to comment on this article as none of it pertains to me. All I know is that I'm planning on voting for the candidate who most supports white male supremacy as this supports my own group identity. I used to foolishly believe in individualism but my mind has now been clarified on this matter and I realize that I cannot fight my nature and must embrace my identity.

    1. Well, which is it, article? Is China trying to create the "perfect communist" or are they trying to increase intelligence?

  21. Well duh. There is no "Latino vote". There are only votes from individuals.

    1. Idk i think there is also the blue hivemind vote

      1. That was probably supposed to be a dig at chemjeff, even though he has shown no signs of being anything other than a non-partisan libertarian.

        1. Real laugh riot, there (banned).

        2. lol The white knight whiteknighting for jeffy. Hey if you need an alternative interpretation, maybe check out the recent senate votes that have been cast on... uhm... something about redundant partisan defamation of a president. I think the blue hivemind voted 50-0, or something around 1261-0, if you take into account the incidence of leftist multiple personality disorder.

        3. "Chemjeff is a non-partisan libertarian"

          I think CALLCALs (Thanks, I invented it myself and no it isn't a forced meme) tend to forget that libertarianism is a broad spectrum philosophy that can embrace important ideas like authoritarianism and autocracy as well.

          Libertarianism can't be just a bunch of losers barking about "muh freedoms", but must include dynamic individuals who recognize the important role government plays in society, and understand that unrestricted liberties may not be in the people's best interests.
          People like Chemjeff.

    2. There are also votes from the dead, and from computers.

  22. Today on ABC News ThisWeek with George Stephanopoulos, Anthony Fauci continued to deceive Americans about the evidence finding 99.999% chance of sustained immunity.

    Between 5 and 6 minutes in the interview, Fauci dances around George's question (about risk of reinfection for those previously infected with covid) and then deceitfully answers the question by stating "Prior infection does NOT protect you against reinfection."

    By denying the clear and consistent evidence that the risk of reinfection is just 1 in 2 million (which also means that 1,999,999 in 2 million remained immune from reinfection), Fauci is also perpetuating the BIG LIE that natural herd immunity is a long way off and cannot be discussed (even though is already taking place in thousands of communities, hundreds of counties, and more than a dozen states).

    1. According to data at
      just 49 people worldwide (and just 5 Americans) are known to have been reinfected with covid.

      Fauci referenced several of these cases (from South Africa) in today's interview with Stephanopoulos.

      But the risk of covid reinfection in America is just .00001%
      (5 / 331,000,000 = .0000001), which also means that 99.99999% of Americans who were previously infected with covid remain immune.

      1. Nearly a month ago, the CDC estimated (but Reason still hasn’t informed readers) that a mean of 4.6 times more Americans were infected with covid (than tested positive for covid) in 2020, and that CDC was 95% certain that between 4.0 and 5.4 times more Americans were infected (than tested positive).

        Since 28.2 million Americans have tested positive for covid, per CDC's estimate, 129.7 million (i.e. 39% of) Americans have been infected with covid since last March (28.2M x 4.6 = 129.7M).

        Virtually all of those 129.7 million Americans remain immune from covid, but CDC and Fauci are refusing to truthfully inform Americans of that critically important fact.

        Since 50 million (i.e. 15% of) Americans have received a covid vaccination, about an additional 30 million Americans have attained immunity from vaccines (as the other 20 million vaccine recipients were already immune due to past infection).

        Thus, 160 million (i.e. 48% of) Americans are now immune from covid (129.7M + 30M = 159.7M).

        But CDC, Big Pharma, left wing media, Big Tech and Democrats don’t want Americans to know that virtually all covid recoverers remain immune from reinfection (as they are advocating vaccinations for everyone (because doing so is more profitable and gives Democrats more control over the American sheeple).

        1. 181 counties in the US have surpassed a 13% covid case rate (i.e. % of population testing positive). Since the CDC estimates 4.6 times more Americans have been infected (than have tested positive), counties with a 13% case rate have a mean infection rate of 60% (.13 x 4.6 = .598), and are near herd immunity, which typically occurs after two thirds of people in a community, county or state have been infected.

          Since 15% of Americans have been vaccinated (which conferred immunity to 60% of recipients, who weren't previously infected), herd immunity is and will continue spreading rapidly, and is now occurring in counties with covid case rates between 11% – 13%.

          State prisons and meat packing plants were the source of covid outbreaks in sparsely populated rural counties that have the highest covid case rates, which is logical since inmates and staff are in close contact, and lots of testing occurs after an outbreak.

          Counties with the highest covid case rates (as of 2/13/2021)

          Crowley, CO – 32.2% (State Prison)
          Chattahoochee, GA – 27.1% (Fort Benning)
          Bent, CO – 23.6% (State Prison)
          Dewey, SD – 23.5% (Indian Reservation)
          Lincoln, AR – 23.2% (State Prison)
          Lake, TN – 22.3% (State Prison)
          Norton, KS – 22.0% (State Prison)
          Bon Homme, SD – 21.5% (State Prison)
          Trousdale, TN – 21.5% (State Prison)
          Buffalo, SD – 20.6% (Indian Reservation)
          Buena Vista, IA – 20.3% (Meat Packing)
          Alfalfa, OK – 19.7% (State Prison)
          Eddy, ND – 19.7%
          Ellsworth, KS – 19.4% (State Prison)
          Bethel, AK – 19.2%
          Forest, PA – 18.7% (State Prison)
          Jackson, AR – 18.6% (State Prison)
          Dakota, NE – 18.3% (Meat Packing)
          Childress, TX – 18.2% (State Prison)
          Lee, AR – 18.1% (State Prison)
          Lassen, CA – 17.8% (State Prisons)
          Hale, TX – 17.7% (State Prison)
          Lafayette, FL – 17.7% (State Prison)
          Big Horn, MT – 17.4%
          Lincoln, CO – 17.3% (State Prison)
          Nobles, MN – 17.3% (Meat Packing)
          Scurry, TX – 17.3%
          Seward, KS – 17.2% (Meat Packing)
          Pawnee, KS – 17.2% (State Prison)
          Wayne, TN – 17.1%
          Logan, CO – 17.1% (State Prison)
          Foster, ND – 17.1%
          Maverick, TX – 17.0%
          Menominee, WI – 17.0% (Indian Reservation)
          Yuma, AZ – 16.9%
          Sheridan, KS – 16.7%
          Texas, OK – 16.5% (State Prison)
          Lee, KY – 16.5%
          Walsh, ND – 16.3%
          Ford, KS – 16.3% (Meat Packing)
          McKinley, NM – 16.3%
          Finney, KS – 16.2% (Meat Packing)
          Potter, SD – 16.2%
          Santa Cruz, AZ – 16.2%
          Aurora, SD – 16.1%
          Crocket, TX – 15.9%
          Morton, ND – 15.7%
          Stutsman, ND – 15.6% (State Prison)
          East Carroll, LA – 15.6%
          Lyman, SD – 15.5%
          Lubbock, TX – 15.5%
          Madison, ID – 15.4%
          Nelson, ND – 15.3%
          Val Verde, TX – 15.3%
          Culberson, TX – 15.2%
          Faulk, SD – 15.1%
          Chicot, AR – 15.1%
          Yell, AR – 15.1%
          Burleigh, ND – 15.1% (State Prison)
          Webb, TX – 15.1%
          East Feliciana, LA – 15.1%
          Cass, IL – 15.1%
          Woodward, OK – 15.0%
          Whitfield, GA – 14.9%
          Haywood, TN – 14.9%
          Dickey, ND – 14.9%
          Lamb, TX – 14.9%
          Davison, SD – 14.8%
          Benson, ND – 14.7%
          Richmond, VA – 14.7% (State Prison)
          Sioux, ND – 14.7%
          Sevier, AR – 14.7%
          Pickett, TN – 14.6%
          Imperial, CA – 14.6%
          Clinton, IL – 14.6%
          Rolette, ND – 14.6%
          Morgan, KY – 14.6%
          Toole, MT – 14.5%
          Hansford, TX – 14.4%
          Plymouth, IA – 14.4%
          Moore, TN – 14.3%
          Oglala Lakota, SD – 14.3%
          Gove, KS – 14.3%
          Okfuskee, OK – 14.3%
          Lawrence, IL – 14.3%
          Douglas, SD – 14.2%
          Crawford, IA – 14.2%
          Minnehaha, SD – 14.2%
          Nemaha, KS – 14.2%
          Zavala, TX – 14.2%
          Hemphill, TX – 14.2%
          Wilbarger, TX – 14.2%
          Kings, CA – 14.2%
          Fayette, IL – 14.2%
          Bolivar, MS — 14.2%
          Kusilvak, AK – 14.1%
          Miami Dade, FL – 14.1%
          El Paso, TX – 14.1%
          Clarke, AL – 14.1%
          Republic, KS – 14.1%
          Colfax, NE – 14.1%
          Teton, WY – 14.1%
          Kearny, KS – 14.0%
          Beadle, SD – 14.0%
          Apache, AZ – 14.0% (Indian Reservation)
          Potter, TX – 14.0%
          Obion, TN – 14.0%
          Utah, UT – 14.0%
          Perry, IL – 14.0%
          Pershing, NV – 13.9%
          Trego, KS – 13.9%
          Hot Spring, AR – 13.8%
          Stark, ND – 13.8%
          Roosevelt, MT – 13.8%
          Ramsey, ND – 13.8%
          Love, OK — 13.8%
          Hall, TX — 13.7%
          Dimmit, TX — 13.7%
          Grand Forks, ND – 13.7%
          Coddington, SD – 13.7%
          Dyer, TN – 13.7%
          Madison, LA – 13.8%
          Dodge, WI – 13.7%
          Rush, KS – 13.7%
          Henry, IA – 13.7%
          Golden Valley, ND – 13.7%
          Starr, TX – 13.7%
          Cass, IN – 13.7%
          Jones, TX – 13.7%
          Deaf Smith, TX – 13.7%
          Hale, AL – 13.7%
          Tom Green, TX – 13.6%
          Griggs, ND – 13.6%
          Sans Saba, TX — 13.6%
          Towner, ND – 13.6%
          Navajo, AZ – 13.6% (Indian Reservation)
          Adair, OK – 13.6%
          Clay, TN — 13.6%
          Jones, IA – 13.6%
          Dubois, IN – 13.6%
          Graham, AZ – 13.6%
          Terry, TX – 13.5%
          Dawson, TX – 13.5%
          Custer, OK — 13.4%
          Union, MS – 13.4%
          Crockett, TN – 13.4%
          Sanborn, SD – 13.4%
          Pickaway, OH – 13.4%
          Thomas, KS – 13.4%
          Sioux, IA – 13.4%
          Wright, IA – 13.4%
          Murray, OK — 13.3%
          Clinch, GA — 13.3%
          Van Buren, TN — 13.3%
          Charles Mix, SD – 13.3%
          St. Francis, AR – 13.3%
          Mississippi, AR — 13.3%
          Webster, IA – 13.3%
          Ward, ND – 13.3%
          Kandiyohi, MN – 13.3%
          Miller, GA — 13.2%
          Macon, TN — 13.2%
          Bledsoe, TN — 13.2%
          Woods, OK — 13.2%
          Jerauld, SD – 13.1%
          McCook, SD — 13.1%
          Grant, SD — 13.1%
          Chaves, NM — 13.1%
          Reno, KS — 13.1%
          Saline, NE – 13.1%
          Woodbury, IA – 13.1%
          Brule, SD – 13.0%
          Putnam, TN – 13.0%
          Calhoun, IA – 13.0%
          Coke, TX – 13.0%
          Cottle, TX – 13.0%
          Decatur, TN — 13.0%
          Carroll, IA — 13.0%
          Muskogee, OK — 13.0%
          Craig, OK — 13.0%
          Effingham, IL — 13.0%

          1. To see the hundreds of counties that have or are now achieving herd immunity, just go to
            and look at all of the purple counties.

            As the covid vaccination rate continues to increase, even lighter shaded purple counties with covid case rates between 11%–13% are now close to achieving herd immunity).

            1. Holman Jenkins (along with Rand Paul, Tom Massie and Scott Atlas) is one of a few columnists who has exposed the truths that:
              - covid infections confer long lasting immunity for 99% of people,
              - natural herd immunity is taking place in many counties and states,
              - vaccines assist natural infections to achieve herd immunity, at:


              Sen. Rand Paul was assailed for tweeting that his own natural infection was more than 99% protective against future illness, compared with 94.5% for a vaccine. He was not recommending people go out and indiscriminately spread the disease. But once you accept that we’re not just one or two preachments away from solving the problem of Covid with mask-wearing, it’s time to be grateful for the one upside of infection. “Herd immunity” was a taboo term when paired with the word “strategy” but needs to be rehabilitated now as a description of the goal that both vaccine and natural spread are helping us achieve.

              The U.S. will soon reliably be vaccinating a million people a day but natural infections, by conservative estimate, were already putting a million a day in the U.S. on the path to natural immunity, though only a fifth of them showed up for testing.

              Either kind of immune response is considered almost sure to prevent serious illness from future infection. Less certain is whether either also prevents transmission. But as epidemiologists such as Yale’s Harvey Risch and Brown’s Ashish Jha independently predicted, new cases in the Dakotas are starting to fall precipitously with perhaps half their populations having experienced Covid 19.

              The practical implications are obvious. Don’t spend vaccine in the short term on people who have already been exposed if at all possible. A second implication: Unlike other countries, the U.S. has been strangely resolute in pretending that “confirmed cases” are the measure of the epidemic. Seldom has there been a clearer test of how the media sets the agenda for politicians. The press repeats this misleading statistic a thousand times a day to no real purpose, leaving us only less certain where we stand in the herd-immunity race. Underplaying the disease’s true prevalence, we have (without realizing it) conditioned people to be less careful even as we preach at them to be more careful. We cause them to underestimate their exposure risk and overestimate their death risk. Now we’ve put ourselves in the weird position of being unready to use vaccines optimally to stop the epidemic as soon as possible. We find it hard even to admit to ourselves that natural immunity is helping to bring our goal within reach.



                It’s absurd that only now the CDC, very quietly, has begun recognizing, as it does with the flu, most cases go unreported. As of Dec. 31, when the media was highlighting 19.7 million “confirmed” cases, the CDC now estimates 83 million were infected.

                The consequences will never be acknowledged. We prioritized a vast testing enterprise that could not possibly help us control the spread. We failed to invest in antibody studies that might now be helping us guide early vaccine doses away from 100 million or so who already have some natural immunity.

                A long-running University of Southern California survey shows that risk perceptions have been distorted in exactly the way you would predict: Americans overestimate their risk of dying from Covid and underestimate their risk of catching it, with the result that millions likely have been selecting a level of risk that ill serves them, their families and society.

                And where to begin with a Bloomberg News headline that blares about South Dakota’s “Failed Experiment in Herd Immunity.” The failure wasn’t herd immunity, the goal we all are seeking, but achieving it through infection rather than vaccination.

                If the press can’t understand herd immunity after 11 months, how can we expect the public to?

                In the first weeks of the pandemic, the CDC warned that most Americans would encounter the virus. This advice eventually disappeared from its website. It was never mentioned by any politician. Why? It sounded too much like government washing its hands of protecting the public.

                1. A factor that impacts the covid case rate (for different states and counties) is the covid PCR testing rate, as states (and counties) that have low test rates (i.e. below .6 tests per capita), including KS, CO, SD, AL, IA, NE, ND, WI, AZ, ID very likely have higher covid infection rates (than 4.6 times their covid case rate).

                  For that same reason, states (and counties) that have very high PCR test rates (i.e. above 1.6 tests per capita), including RI, AK, MA, NY, CT, DC very likely have lower covid infection rates (than 4.6 times their covid case rate).

            2. States with the highest covid case rates, and CDC estimated infection rates (i.e. 4.0 - 5.4 times the case rate) are:

              Case Rate – State - (CDC Estimated Infection Rate)
              12.9% – North Dakota - (51.6% -- 69.7%)
              12.5% – South Dakota - (50.0% -- 67.5%)
              11.4% – Rhode Island - (45.6% -- 61.6%)
              11.2% – Utah - (45.0% -- 60.7%)
              11.1% – Tennessee - (44.3% -- 59.8%)
              10.9% – Arizona - (43.7% -- 59.0%)
              10.4% – Iowa - (41.7% -- 56.3%)
              10.4% – Wisconsin - (41.7% – 56.3%)
              10.4% – Oklahoma - (41.7% – 56.3%)
              10.4% – Arkansas - (41.4% – 55.9%)
              10.2% – Nebraska - (40.7% – 55.0%)

              Since herd immunity occurs when/after two thirds of the population (of a community, county or state) have been infected, a dozen states are very close to achieving natural herd immunity.

              And since an additional 15% of Americans have received covid vaccines (including 9% of Americans who weren't previously immune), these and many more states will achieve herd immunity in the next several weeks or month.

              But Fauci is lying about the estimated 48% US immunity rate (i.e. 39% + 9% = 48%), the miniscule risk of reinfection, and the reality that natural herd immunity is occurring in thousands of communities, hundreds of counties and more than a dozen states.

              1. Thanks for the posts Bill.

              2. To date, 28.3 million Americans (8.56%) have tested positive for covid. Since CDC estimates 4.6 times more Americans have been infected with covid (than have tested positive), about 130.3 million Americans (39.36%) have been infected with covid.

                Since just 5 cases of covid reinfection have been identified in the US (and just 49 worldwide), virtually all of the estimated 130.3 million Americans previously infected with covid remain immune.

                But Anthony Fauci continues to lie about immunity conferred by past infection (as he is campaigning to vaccinate all Americans). On Sunday's NBC News he falsely claimed "Prior infection doesn't protect you against reinfection." George Stephanopoulos never inquired further, allowing Fauci's Big Lie to spread all over the US.

                More than 50 million Americans (15%) have received covid vaccines, but only about 30 million (9%) have become immune due to the vaccine (as the other 20 million were already immune due to past infection).

                Since 39% of Americans are immune due to past infection, and since an additional 9% are now immune due to vaccines, about 48% of all Americans are now immune from covid.

                Herd immunity occurs when/after about two-thirds of a population has been infected or vaccinated, and is now occurring in thousands of communities, hundreds of counties and more than a dozen states.

                States with the highest covid case rates, and CDC estimated infection rates (i.e. 4.6 times the case rate) are:

                Case Rate – State (CDC Estimated Infection Rate)
                12.9% – North Dakota (59.5%)
                12.5% – South Dakota (57.4%)
                11.5% – Rhode Island (52.9%)
                11.3% – Utah (51.9%)
                11.1% – Tennessee (51.1%)
                11.0% – Arizona (50.5%)
                10.5% – Oklahoma (48.2%)
                10.5% – Iowa (48.1%)
                10.4% – Wisconsin (48.0%)
                10.4% – Arkansas (47.7%)
                10.2% – Nebraska (46.9%)
                9.9% - Kansas (45.8%)
                9.8% - Alabama (45.2%)
                9.7% - Mississippi (44.5%)
                9.6% - Indiana (44.4%)

                Since states (and counties) with the highest covid testing rates almost certainly found higher covid case rates than states with the lowest covid testing rates, the actual infection rates in North Dakota, South Dakota, Arizona, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kansas & Alabama are very likely higher than the estimates above
                (as those states conducted <.56 tests per capita).

                Meanwhile, the actual infection rate in Rhode Island (which conducted 2.6 tests per capita) is very likely lower than the estimate above.

                Adding 9% to the estimated infection rate provides an estimated immunity rate (although once again, different states have vaccinated different rates).

              3. Natural herd immunity explains why the rate of new daily covid cases has plummeted in more than a dozen states during the past 2 – 3 months, which can be understood by seeing graphs at:

                New covid cases have declined by >75% in more than half of the states, with the most significant declines occurring in:
                Wyoming -95.6%
                North Dakota -95.0%
                Alaska -94.7%
                South Dakota -92.2%
                Idaho -91.9%
                Wisconsin -89.5%
                Montana –88.9%
                Michigan -88.2%
                Minnesota -88.1%
                Iowa -88.0%
                Missouri -87.4%
                Washington -87.1%
                New Mexico -86.6%
                California -84.6%
                Illinois -84.4%
                Indiana -83.2%
                Tennessee -83.0%
                Arkansas -81.3%
                Ohio -80.4%
                Nevada -78.7%
                Kansas -77.7%
                Utah -77.6%
                Oregon -77.6%
                Colorado -76.9%
                West Virginia -76.1%
                Nebraska -75.7%
                Maine -75.5%
                Pennsylvania -74.5%

    2. Your little theory glosses over an important fact: all the dead and disabled people.

      Yeah maybe you get immunity if you survive infection. Natural herd immunity means all the ones who were going to die have died. You are peddling maximum failure here as some kind of maximum success.

      "Once you account for the hundreds of thousands of dead, and the hundreds of thousands who will be dead, my plan offers what is certainly the least amount of responsibility on my part, and that sounds good to me."

      Do what the scientists say to do and stop making the misinformation problem worse.

      1. Yeah, if not for COVID and Trump nobody would ever die.

        But keep masturbating to panic porn if that's what makes your Howard Hughes lifestyle happy.

        1. You should try approaching reality without a burning need to justify your support of the Republican party. It's just never going to work out for you.

          You just implied that the pandemic wasn't a problem at all. Further implying that nothing's ever a problem, because hey people die!

          I guess that means you've never bitched about a tax cut or pronoun or anything, huh? Since nothing matters and death should never be anything but an afterthought, no matter how high the body count.

          Consider what your allegiance to a failed tribe is going to do to your ability to think in the future. Consider what it's already done.

  23. Sarah Palin's Buttplug 2
    February.14.2021 at 9:46 am
    ' long as Republican leaders like Donald Trump refer to them as subhuman “rapists” and “wetbacks” ..."

    Rely on it: turd never posts without lying. He's a reliable as the average pol; if there's fingers on his keyboard, it's a lie.

  24. What a bunch of bull. Latinos are all communists who steal American jobs while soaking off welfare because they'll do any dirty job while they don't work at all. Talk radio said so.

    1. And rely on this TDS-addled shit to argue against some strawman he's drug around.

    2. Don't forget, they're also rapists. Every single one is a member of MS-13. Every single one.

      1. They all pop out anchor babies! Even the men! It's like a science fiction movie!

        1. Strawmen all. It would be amusing if it weren't so imbecilic.

          1. It's not a strawman if sarcasmic feels that it's true.
            If you had half a brain you realize that it's scientifically true that emotion is more valid than logic.
            Remember Schrodinger's cat? Well sarcasmic is emotionally "observing" evil rednecks and CALLCALLLs calling Latinx people "communists", so that makes it real.

      2. No, he said some of them, presumably are good people. Which seems harsh, but people forget about the big golden door he was going to include in the wall.

        1. Cite on Trump’s expressing his plans for a “big golden door” please?

        2. Cite on "people forget", "presumably", "harsh" and "wall" please?

  25. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden's dreary campaign reflected the Democrats' conversion into the party of H.R. department scolds. The maximum expression of this worldview is the use of the term Latinx to refer to Hispanics, who are mostly confounded by the word's meaning.

    If by 'counfounded' you mean "profoundly insulted" then I agree.

    1. It's pathetic to try and guilt trip Latinos about the existence of grammatical gender in one of their major languages. God, the left is so pathetic...

      1. Or two even in at least two (!), counting Portuguese.

        1. Fucking Edit: Or even in at least (fucking) two... I'm gonna fuck off now.

  26. Democrats need for simple identity groups matches poorly to the complexity of Latino votes, not vote. Where from and how long ago they came here matters. Trumpocrats, unfortunately, appeal to the valid fears of some and their, regrettable, ease and familiarity with Caudillos who falsely promise to protect them.

  27. The Hispanic vote has done so well for Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Guatemala.... I can't wait for it here.

  28. I grew up in South Florida in the 1960s and have had a long exposure to what some peeps would call Latinos. All so have traveled to Mexico multiple times. On my most recent trip to Mexico I visited Cabo San Lucas; before that I had only been to the Yucatan area. There are some real differences between the East Coast of Mexico and the West Coast. I have sailed to both places on boats and going through customs is very different. Truth be told I could have simply ignored checking through customs in Cabo while in the Yucatan coastal cities it is a no no to ignore customs.

    But what both coasts, and from what I understand every where else in Mexico, have in common is a massive distrust of government. If you google it most Mexicans trust the cartels more than they trust the government. They are not willing to deal with Mexican LEOs and many have the same feeling about US LEOs; they assume LEOs are corrupt.

    Lots of Cubans still distrust the feds after JFK stabbed them in the back at the Bay of Pigs and they support putting the screws to Cuba.

    Bottom line is combine this with a strong Catholic culture and things like abortion and homosexuality being big no nos (don't even start to try and sell them on things like non binary) and the dems have a steep hill to climb getting Hispanic votes.

  29. "An overreliance on identity politics may drive these voters away from"

    1. You're not against identity politics leftie shit.

  30. Latinos are big on family and traditionally conservative. The tend to be Democrat only because the Republican Party was hostile to them for so many years. That has changed, but it takes a while for them to migrate over to the GOP. But it is happening, and the fruitcake Democrats are accelerating it. A lot of Blacks are migrating too.

    The Democrats are rapidly becoming a White Wokes Only party.

    1. The Democrats are a party of wealthy globalist elites that pretends to be a party of the people, and the only identity progressives really care about is "progressive." There are strong cultural factors, especially in the black community, influencing black people and Latinos to vote Democrat, but those factors are losing their potency as the globalists and the useful idiots who carry water for them reveal their actual priorities.

  31. Republicans need to be friendlier to immigrants. Latin American immigrants tend to be Catholic (pro life, pro family, pro large family), hardworking (they come here for jobs mostly) and not woke. If they are fleeing socialist hell holes all the better. Dems are taking them for granted, thinking they just want handouts.

    1. Dems only want the immigrants that are looking for handouts. Notice they focus on the children. Young children with mothers. Not so much the men. The men want work, the women have children to take care of. If the Dems have their way, they'll do the Hispanic family what they did to the black family.

      1. “they focus on the children”

        You really cannot think of any other motivation they might have to care about the fate of children? You know, such as plain old human compassion?

        1. Allen Ginsburg to Norman Podhoretz: "We'll get you through your children."

      2. I'm going to have to insinuate you lack compassion and hate kids, because I find it hard to formulate a counter-argument.

    2. I'm from California, which used to be Mexico, and thus as a large population of Latino CITIZENS. Families who have been here since before the US was the US. But California GOP treated them all as potential illegals. The backed the English Only initiatives the tried to keep grandma from the Old Country down. As well as the more subtle policies that kept all minorities marginalized.

      It's mainly the immigration thing. Unlike Whites who forget that grandpa or great grandpa came here from Europe, Latinos remember that grandma came from Central America. So the anti-immigration rhetoric that comes from the GOP's mouth is insulting to them. Because the GOP is very very bad at distinguishing between legal and illegal immigration.

      Fair or unfair, that's the perception. And while the GOP is trying to leave that behind them, their "let's be like it was in the 50s" makes progress very hard.

      That said, a lot of Latinos are even more anti-immigrant than the whitest of the Whites. They want to close the door behind them.

  32. "Why do so many Latinxes vote for Trump, who is clearly a racist? Well, I guess those Latin peoples love their caudillos. And their salsa parties."

    1. Seriously, I distrust these "too pure for this world" rationalizations which partisans come up when their guy doesn't get as much support as they'd wanted.

      "If only we were evil and manipulative and dictatorish like our enemies, we could have gotten those votes!"

  33. Also it's time for immigrants from Latinx countries who've lived here for decades if not centuries, to take the lessons they learned here back to their ancestral homelands and bestow upon them the blessings of peace and prosperity. Then their countrymen won't need to flee here. And before you call me racist, I say the same for all peoples from all countries.

    And yes that includes the USA. The conservatives are fleeing NY and CA, but the socialists will just follow them to FL and TX. Socialists cannot be appeased our outrun. They must be fought directly (online not in the streets).

    1. When will the Europeans go back to their Socialist Europe!

      If Latinos (note the lack of x) who have been here for centuries have to leave, even those in states that were part of Mexico, when why not the Europeans? The Spaniards were here before the Dutch and Germans and English.

      1. Absolutely right. Go back to where you came from. Fix your ancestral homeland and then come back and tell us how you did it. Or stay there, up to you.

        1. So, let’s take my family for example. On my father’s side I know which European country his parents came from, and the country still exists.

          On my mother’s side, the family has been here for at least one century. We are talking about dozens of ancestors from several countries, some of which don’t exist.

          Jeez, when does someone get their statue of limitations from you on being considered an immigrant?

          1. If you are a libertarian, you should jump at the chance to share our values with your forefathers.

            1. My “forefathers” are kinda, like, no longer among the living at this point.

    2. “who’ve lived here for decades if not centuries”

      Centuries, and you still won’t simply consider them to be Americans like you? If someone has been here “centuries”, their “countrymen” are good ol’ hot dog and apple pie Americans.

      1. Are you calling me racist?

        1. Yes. You just said that people who are here for centuries are still a separate class of people.

          1. Man you racist colonizer... Totally denying other peoples culture... maaaan, really someone very dark in that shiny armor, huh?

            1. Yes, very dark. Like acceptance of immigrants, lack of xenophobia. Really scary stuff, indeed.

            2. If I declare you're xenophobic hopefully I won't be challenged on my obvious elitism and oikophobia.

          2. "You are racist because you think I should share libertarian American values with the rest of the world. Prove I said that you liar."

            HAHA nah.

    3. People should be free to choose the direction of their own society. If you can't cobble together a majority to protect your valued way of life, your job is to figure out why so many people disagree with you, not use government force to expel the undesirables.

      It's frankly baffling how many people among the self-styled rugged individualist can't even get to the level of awareness required to understand you can't fascist your way to happiness all the time.

      Your economic theories are stupid and debunked and terrible anyway.

      1. "rugged individualist can’t even get to the level of awareness required to understand you can’t fascist your way to happiness all the time"

        100x this.
        Rugged individualists should leave fascisming our way to happiness to the corporate oligarchs and Top-Men who compose our gentry class.

  34. I have found those with families here for a long time become more conservative because they see how disingenuous the democrats are. Dems are good at recruiting new immigrants with free handouts, but that doesn't last past a few generations. Also there's an element of machismo here - and Joe Biden was a limp dick candidate to many.

    A party of woke scolds like your HR department. Classic. Perfect description of the Karen party.

    1. When deciding whether to give ones allegiance to either of the two major political parties, why would one examine the character of only one of them?

      Wouldn’t it make more sense to examine whether either has any merit worthy of your allegiance. And, if both are found lacking, remain unaffiliated with any party, or consider a third party such as the Libertarian Party?

      1. Republicans branded themselves as the "default" party of WASPs a long time ago. It's one of the most successful propaganda efforts of all time, and nobody talks about it. But I remember being a kid in the Reagan-Bush I era. I remember all the religious and cultural signaling they did to cement their core tribe.

        My God, do they get so much credit just for existing and being white people.

        1. That was around the time they allied with the newly forming Religious Right.

        2. This is important, because it's still thirty-five years ago and the Moral Majority still exists.

          Now let's go burn down the house of that anti-trans bigot, J. K. Rowling, and cancel Steven Pinker for questioning Intersectionality.

          1. How many SCOTUS victories does the Moral Majority have (bonus points if you remember that SCOTUS has been Republican-majority for 52 years)? Further proof that it is a Republican outfit that markets to churches, not the other way around.

        3. I was a kid during that era too. But back then, the Dems branded themselves as the party of unions. Now they have successfully branded themselves as the party of the woke. The problem is that anyone over 25 who is not of lower than average intelligence sees being woke as a synonym of stupid and boring.

          1. ...and fascist. The Woke are definitely fascist.

    2. It's probably because several different economic studies show that new immigration does not take jobs away from "natives." It does, however, cost some workers their jobs at the highest and lowest margins, and those are jobs that previous immigrants hold. Economically, it makes perfect sense for "established (or previous) immigrants" to oppose new immigration--and, also, not much sense for natives to do so.

  35. Maybe some people aren't as stupid as your group stereotype

  36. The Latin vote has already gone to conservatives...Italian Americans the original "Latins" vote GOP (the more conservative the more they support the candidate). "new world" Latins would be far behind from most countries..yes some like PR are flaming leftists but Mexico/South America...good conservatives..

  37. I always thought "Latinx" was what Asterix and Obelix thought Julius Caesar spoke.

  38. A lot of garbage to simply state Latinos like a strong economy with jobs available. Makes them as American as Apple Pie. Same reason my ancestors came here after WWI

  39. The whole issue of identity politics is BS. As Latinos, we don’t necessarily have much more in common than Spanish. And it’s not even the same Spanish. Ever hear a Cockney accent and compare it to someone from rural Georgia, or someone from Glasgow, Scotland or Sydney, Australia? Entire words as well as pronunciations vary. It’s insulting to label wide swaths of people as all the same. But it’s exactly the sort of bigotry that the left wing not only excuses, but celebrates and insists upon.

  40. All those Cuban immigrants in South Florida did not risk everything to escape to a country with an all powerful central government dictating to business and individuals.

  41. This is a tangent, but one that caused a strong enough reaction within me to warrant me writing a comment here.
    "Dismantle the nuclear family" is the exact opposite of what the LGBT+-friendly initiatives are all about. Some people are not heterosexual. Allowing--or should I say ENCOURAGING and supporting them--to HAVE A NUCLEAR FAMILY, despite their differences, is the policy goal. The cultural conservatives want to deny them that honor, yet claim they carry the mantle of "family values." They only value families that look & act like their own. Jesus wouldn't approve.

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