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The paid online newsletter service allows writers the opportunity to keep more of the fruits of their labors.


Andrew Sullivan made the jump from New York magazine. Matthew Yglesias bounced from Vox, a website he helped start. Glenn Greenwald noped out of The Intercept, which he also helped found. What has lured so many big names away from traditional media? Substack.

The company, which enables paid online newsletters, was founded in 2017; it is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator, and other investors known for glomming on to the next big online thing. Many veterans of the early blogosphere are attracted to Substack because they believe it promises a return to the freewheeling days of chatty, unedited internet commentary—and an opportunity to keep more of the fruits of their labors.

I look forward to the day when clusters of Substack writers with some kind of shared interest start publishing together on a regular schedule. Maybe they can call it a "magazine."

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  1. “Glenn Greenwald noped out of The Intercept, which he also helped found.”

    Ugh, he’s literally my least favorite journalist. Should have retired in shame after he got #TrumpRussia totally wrong. And he quit The Intercept because they wouldn’t let him amplify the Russian disinformation campaign against Hunter Biden.

    I still think the best journalism model is the one employed by — receive funding from a billionaire in exchange for promoting his financial interests, especially with respect to immigration.



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    2. Ugh, he’s literally my least favorite journalist.

      That is high praise coming from you, Mr Tarian.

      1. Mr Tarian

        I assumed it was a Dad’s last name is ‘Liberal’ and Mom’s last name is ‘Tarian’ situation.

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    3. You are a hopeless liar.

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    4. Glenn Greenwald is the reason I’m a paid subscriber to Substack. He is a breath of fresh air.

      Anyone who doesn’t like reading Greenwald has the entire rest of the American media (all six companies!) to enjoy instead.

      1. I coughed up 50 bucks for Greenwald. Zero for Reason.

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  2. “the day when clusters of Substack writers with some kind of shared interest start publishing together on a regular schedule. Maybe they can call it a “magazine.””

    Like the ones that all the writers you mentioned were fired or otherwise pushed out from, before they went to Substack to get their writing out to interested subscribers without politically-biased editors in between?

    Substack bundling will happen eventually, because most people can’t afford a dozen or more $5-10/mo subscriptions, but not without a solution to the problem of HR-department-as-editors that is destroying the traditional media organizational model.

    1. See my post below.

      Aren’t the concerns of the HR department mostly driven by the concerns of advertisers?

    2. And maybe they can pick a theme for the magazine, say “liberty”.
      Then follow that theme for a long time before abandoning it suddenly.


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  3. The big advantage of SubStack is that, far as I can see, it doesn’t rely on advertising for revenue. Advertising supported platforms are far more sensitive to cancel culture. He who pays the piper calls the tune, and if advertisers are paying the bills, their concerns will predominate. When a platform is subscriber driven, the concerns of subscribers predominate.

    Subscription driven platforms aren’t entirely immune to outside pressure, but the reason they never played much extreme metal on commercial radio wasn’t because there was no market for it. It’s because advertisers wouldn’t support content with vile lyrics. Meanwhile, the only people still buying full albums, these days, may be extreme metal fans, and extreme artists and labels are selling music with extreme lyrics directly to extreme consumers on BandCamp. Advertising driven platforms suck, and platforms that help content creators get around advertising driven gatekeepers suck less.

    Those of us who complain about cancel culture and still aren’t using Brave should really wake up, too. Brave gives you a chunk of the money you generate by seeing advertising as you browse around the internet–so you effectively take money away from advertising supported platforms and can give it to the content creators of your choice, even those who have been deplatformed or whose content has been demonetized.

    Brave sent me more than $100 (U.S. currency), which will go a long way on a subscription driven service like SubStack.

    1. Brave is the best. My wife constantly complains about Google becoming worse and worse about once a month over the last 2 years. My responece is I don’t know I haven’t used Google in years

    2. We have to put a stop to that. Why is a platform allowed to disseminate hate online without any backlash? You can’t write anti-Semitic, homophobic, or transphobic screeds without being enabled by a multitude of companies. We need to attack their DNS provider, their DDOS protection provider, their bank / payment platforms! Hate cannot be allowed to exist on the Internet!

    3. True, lack of pandering to advertisers is important. But I wonder how important is it that writers on Substack (and Substack as an enterprise) has no desire or pretension to be aligned with a political faction, perhaps with aspirations to become a quasi-official media representative for a political party.

    4. Explain Brave, please. On my Android, I see an app Brave, “supported by ads”, which has “Brave Rewards”. Is that it? How does this work? They have a link, but I’d rather hear from a user than their own blurb.

      1. The payouts work a little differently on the app, which I’ll explain at the end here, but the way to enable it is the same both on your phone and on your laptop or desktop.

        So, yeah, go to the “Brave Rewards” icon, and then click the button with “Brave Rewards”, and then click the switch on “Ads” from off to on. Then you can make some choices about how many ads you see ever hour, how the BAT (a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum) is distributed, whether it’s distributed automatically to certain content creators, etc.

        When you see ads, it’s just a small text box with a link on it that pops up however many times an hour. It can be dismissed with a click (without going to the link). You see these text ads instead of the ads you would normally see on a website–and none of your personal identifying information is shared with the advertiser.

        One third of the BAT you’re awarded goes to Brave, one third of the BAT you’re awarded goes to the website you’re visiting, and one third goes to you–or, at least, that’s how my faulty memory remembers the splits. I get about $120 worth of cryptocurrency a year, which is about what Google and Facebook make per year on every individual consumer from advertising.

        Now, when you collect BAT, it goes into your wallet, which is also accessible from the Brave Rewards button. If you’re on your phone, you can’t withdraw that BAT as cash. You have to donate it to somebody–Reason is Brave verified content creator, so you can give it to them if you want. If you’re on a desktop, however, you can withdraw the BAT as U.S. currency through Uphold, their cryptocurrency exchange partner–and keep it for yourself, transfer it to your bank account if you want.

        It doesn’t cost you anything to generate this cryptocurrency, except for a click to dismiss a text ad every once in a while, and the amount of cash I get from Brave every year is enough to buy eight digital subscriptions to Reason if I want. In this way, we can transform social media into more of a subscription service.

        Like I said, you can even give money to YouTube content creators, for instance, whose content has been demonetized by YouTube. all the content creator has to do is sign up with Brave, and you can personally cancel YouTube’s demonetization decision. It’s not the entire solution to our social media problems, but it’s a solution.

        1. Thanks. Does sound interesting. I’ll give it a try.

    5. So if we like your newsletter and want to subscribe, can we do it on Substack?

  4. What an odd… Article? Blog post? From the match issue? You really sent this blurb to print?

    The whole thing for a punchline of “a bunch of writers working to publish articles together is called a magazine”?

    I don’t think any of them left because it was called a magazine. I know Reason has covered this better elsewhere, but glossing over the reasons that these people fled to Substack is kind of odd.

    1. And thanks to google for spell checking my words to things that make no sense. That is very helpful.

    2. Odd in a “My husband isn’t abusing me. He makes good money and takes care of me.” kind of way.

    3. It’s so cute to see Mommy Advertisements get suckled by little baby autobot advertisements.

      The miracle of life

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  6. “backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator, and other investors”

    So these are the people who will be pressured into canceling anyone who strays too far from orthodoxy. Who will be the Milo or Alex Jones of Substack?

  7. Anybody want to start a pool for when our betters come down on Substack (deplatform, attack the host, carrier, or pay system, etc.)?

  8. It’s a matter of time before Substack is accused of being a home for the alt-right, and is the recipient of calls for it to be canceled, via its payment processor, service provider, certificate authority etc.

    1. So the only question now is: will Reason be shocked and appalled, or shrug it off with a muh private property?

      1. bUilD yOur owN suBstaCk

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