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Biden Is Still Separating Families at the Border. Where Is the Media Outrage?

While the administration symbolically ended Trump's "zero tolerance" approach, it has not put an end to family separations outright.


As President Joe Biden took the oath of office on January 20, the question of what immediate action he would pursue on immigration arguably drew the most bated breath. And as modern presidents tend to do, he settled into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. with a spate of executive orders—many of which served only to overturn former President Donald Trump's executive orders.

One such move: Biden instructed acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson to rescind Trump's "zero tolerance" policy that saw thousands of migrant parents separated from their children at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The new order is symbolic. Following a very public backlash and a court injunction in the summer of 2018, Trump reneged on the risible approach, which required that prosecutors charge every single adult immigrant who crossed the border illegally—a misdemeanor—in federal court. It goes without saying that those indicted on criminal charges cannot take their children with them to jail, thus splintering families for the crime of trying to claim asylum. Hundreds are yet to be reunited. Some likely never will be.

Buried in the news cycle around Biden's gesture, however, is that the updated guidance does not, in fact, stop family separations. It just tells the state to use discretion.

Prosecutors should not rule out formally charging misdemeanor border crossers but instead "take into account other individualized factors," wrote Wilkinson, "including personal circumstances and criminal history, the seriousness of the offense, and the probable sentence or other consequences that would result from a conviction."

It's certainly an upgrade from a zero tolerance approach, which, true to its name, was without any nuance or mercy. But it still gives the federal government wide latitude in deciding which mothers and fathers get to stay with their children, and expressly does not eliminate the possibility that they could be separated—perhaps forever—simply for crossing a literal line in the sand.

"It's still difficult to ask for asylum at ports of entry," says Alex Nowrasteh, director of immigration studies at the Cato Institute's Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity. "You have to basically try to sneak into the country illegally and ask a Border Patrol agent. But by doing that you commit a federal crime."

The approach has come to define the U.S. immigration system, in that the vast majority of legal avenues are inaccessible to the bulk of would-be immigrants, thus incentivizing illegal behavior. Nowrasteh notes that such a measure—separating families—makes sense for parents charged with "murder, theft, terrorism charges, [and] other types of serious crimes." But those who merely cross the border conceivably don't deserve to lose their children.

In light of the news, some in the media focused their attention on Biden overturning the zero tolerance policy—though it will have no tangible impact—and seemed to gloss over the remaining implication. "The policy was a disaster," the Associated Press reported. "There was no system created to reunite children with their families….Children suffered lasting emotional damage from the separations, and the policy was criticized as grossly inhumane by world leaders." All true. But what about future families?

The outlet acknowledged that "most families have not been prosecuted under zero tolerance since 2018, when the separations were halted, though separations have continued on a smaller scale." Also true. And it will still be true under Biden, as laid out under his new guidance. A.P. adds that "the ending of [Trump's] policy will affect mostly single men who have entered the country illegally"—a strange insertion, when considering that single men ostensibly do not have families to be separated from.

Vox writes that Biden's symbolic directive "is a critical step in undoing Trump's nativist legacy on immigration." After stepping back from zero tolerance, the Trump administration continued to "separate more than 1,100 additional families on a case-by-case basis," the outlet notes, "where it found that the parents were unfit to care for their children"—again, something that Biden is also keeping on the table. A CNN headline claims that "a new Biden plan could end a troubling chapter in US history," referring to the president's recently deployed task force assembled to help reunite fractured families. The piece makes no mention of the current situation.

To be clear, I have no interest in drawing a false equivalence between what Trump did and what Biden is doing, or between Trump and former President Barack Obama. "Obama did absolutely separate children. That's absolutely true and Biden's going to do it too. He's probably already doing it in some cases that are unjust," says Nowrasteh. "But the difference was that the Trump administration did it systematically to basically everyone, and the Obama administration did it in special circumstances," not unlike what Biden is presenting.

But Trump isn't president now. Biden is, and he specifically promised he'd be better on immigration—not just better than Trump, which is a low bar, but also better than his former boss. It's the media's job to hold him accountable to that promise, and they should do that.

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189 responses to “Biden Is Still Separating Families at the Border. Where Is the Media Outrage?

  1. Biden is continuing Trump’s policies!

    Trumpistas should have a collective “Hooray!”

    C’mon Trumpistas! Biden is awesome for continuing Trump policy!

    Give credit where credit is due!

    1. The issue is it’s a bullshit no win scenario. What are you supposed to do with kids who are unaccompanied or have no documentation that the people you are with are indeed their parents. And also shouldn’t kids be held in detention separate from adults if you can’t prove it? Let’s say you keep them all together and there is reported sexual abuse. In all seriousness what is the alternative Sarcasmic?

      1. Put MAGA hats on them then feed them into wood chippers. Putting Maga hats on them ensures that the media will not only turn their heads but actively cheer it on

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      2. I’m not a policy maker, and nobody cares what I think.

        My point is that when Biden continues Trump’s policies, that the Trumpistas must praise him, or renounce the policies in principle because a Democrat is implementing them.

        1. “nobody cares what I think”

          That’s the smartest thing you’ve said in months.

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          2. ^this

          3. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. It looks like Broken Clock beats Sarcasmic in this regard by a factor of at least 730, assuming that the idiot manages to stumble into making a correct utterance once a year. This is probably an overly charitable assumption, though.

        2. But still flagged bitch!

        3. “and nobody cares what I think”

          Still in the maudlin stage, huh? Better guzzle another bottle.

        4. Or the third alternative, point out the hypocrisy of Biden and his supporters, because if continuing the policies of Trump makes sense, then their derision of Trump’s policies was baseless.

        5. Except its a continuation of Obama’s policy, so…. I guess since the left only criticises under Trump, they are the intellectually dishonest ones, and the non-leftists, who really didn’t give a shit whoever it was under are the intellectually honest pragmatists in all this.

          Thanks for clarifying.

        6. > My point is that when Biden continues Trump’s policies, that the Trumpistas must praise him

          I would agree with that statement had the left not thrown a collective (and I do stress the word “collective”) fit about it under Trump. Your statement goes both ways. Either throw your fit when both parties do it, or shut the hell up.

          1. Sarc’s a leftist, that attacks conservatives and defends leftists any chance he gets.

        7. First, those were not Trump’s policies, they were Obama’s policies. Obama has built cages next to the border. Second, those policies make sense: whoever crosses the border illegally is a criminal because crossing the border illegally is a criminal offense. Obama’s ICE was also separating children and adults.
          Last, the problem here is the mainstream media hypocrisy. The CNN and MSNBC reporters are no longer going to the southern border and make emotional close ups of children’s large sad eyes, despite the fact that the same Obama era policy is still going on.

        8. Nobody cares what you think. So why bother regaling us with such uninteresting thoughts.

      3. The best solution is to not let either the parents or children in the country until they have submitted an application and are approved for entry. If they enter illegally, they should both be taken back across the border. People from neighboring countries should not be able to jump in front of others from around the world seeking to come here legally.

        1. That’s racist.

          1. My last paycheck was $2500 for working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 8k for months now and CDG she works about 30 hours a week. and I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out. The potential with this is endless.

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            1. fuck off jackie

        2. There is a procedure in place. The procedure was followed when the Mariel boat lift happened. That event showed that the law enforcement is capable of adequately dealing with a large wave of refugees. There is a procedure for crossing the USA border. We have system of visas in place, even a bit too liberal for my personal taste, and it is possible to cross the border. I am an immigrant, too. I haven’t crossed the border illegally, I landed on JFK with H1B visa in my passport in the late 90’s. I have gone through the full 9 yards, from getting a SSN and getting a valid driver license to the labor certification, green card and eventually, the full citizenship. Since my former country was a war torn country, with many documents being destroyed, I couldn’t get the certificate of vaccination, so they pumped me with 6 vaccines in a single afernoon and sent me home to drive around 20 miles. I have no objections to the legal process. I do have objections to letting criminals into the country.

          1. Are you seriously suggesting that the Mariel Boat Lift was an example of law enforcement adequately dealing with a large influx of refugees ??? Clearly you were not a member of the Law Enforcement community. President Carter in a typically (for him) naive and utterly idiotic attempt to rescue “political prisoners” from Fidel Castro’s prisons unknowingly accepted 3500 of the most dangerous and mentally ill inmates from Cuba’s prisons and institutions for the criminally insane, brought them to the US and turned them loose to rape, rob, murder, pillage and burn their way across the US from Florida to Alaska. It took nearly 20 years to get them all gathered up and locked away from the suffering citizens of the US. I was involved in that effort in Alaska in the early 80s and would gladly testify to the fact that the individuals who arrived here from Cuba were not ‘political prisoners’, but refugees from the institution in “Silence of the Lambs”. They were never ‘integrated’ into American society. They were eventually taken into custody after literally thousands of murders, maimings, rapes, armed robberies, arsons, child sexual assaults, kidnappings etc. etc.. If you have objections to allowing criminals into the country, you should be beyond livid at what President Carter in his massive ignorance and hubris inflicted on the USA.

      4. 1997 Flores Settlement Agreement was supposed to be temporary until the laws were fixed. Blame California and Congress.

      5. “or have no documentation that the people you are with are indeed their parents. ”

        DNA testing?

        1. Takes time. What’s the process while we wait for those results?

          1. And takes money. A lot of money. Would you really want to pay for that? Because tax payers would pay for the testing.

        2. Maury Povich from the border prison.

        3. And how long do you think that would take or how much it would cost?

    2. Biden is not continuing Trump’s policies, Trump was continuing standard policy since back in the early 2000’s.

      I don’t know why this is so hard. When people are arrested, they are separated from strange children they have in tow. That is absolutely bog-standard policy.

      1. But Reason was bad for pointing this out when Trump did it because immigrants bad. That and Obama did it first. Now that Biden is doing it, shouldn’t it be judged differently since he’s on the other team?

        1. Flagged bitch!

        2. You poor sot. You’re desperate to find hypocrisy but nobody’s obliging.

        3. “But Reason was bad for pointing this out when Trump did it because immigrants bad.”

          Do you ever argue against anything other than whiny strawmen, you pathetic piece of lefty shit?

        4. No, Dalmia was bad because of her unhinged screeching about something that was bog-standard policy. Reason is better with her absence. She was terrible, reactionary, bombastic, and very often, just full of shit.

          1. But you have to admit that “terrible, reactionary, bombastic, and very often, just full of shit” is way more honest than ‘free minds and free markets.’

          2. But she was able to blame trump for Indians policy, that kind of mental gymnastics takes skill, or unhinged delusion

        5. Nobody said Reason was bad for pointing it out, they were bad for ignoring it under Obama and declaring it initially a Trump policy.

        6. Isn’t that the point? The press and the left are not at all concerned any longer about what was one of their main complaints. Now that their guy is in charge and he’s carrying on, meh…nothing to see here.

      2. Actually Bush tried to reform immigration, including an easier path to legalization in 2006. The Republicans were split on the reform, and the dems had enough (D) vote to kill it, because they couldn’t have immigration reform happen under a republican.

        1. The last thing we need is an easier path to legalization. What we need is an immigration moratorium and mass deportations.

          1. We need both. If we establish a safe and orderly way for foreign workers to temporarily enter the country for work, we will also need greatly enhanced border security. Legal foreign workers will never be able to compete with illegals, who won’t complain about low wages and substandard working conditions. We’ll need to keep most illegal laborers out for legal workers to be employable.

            1. Yes, this. We should streamline the legal immigration process for both temporary and permanent incoming residents. As soon as that is in place, we can justifiably crack down on people who bypass the system (or attempt to).

            2. But first you have to establish we NEED foreign workers temporarily entering the country for work.

              Right now we pay twice for the work: Once to hire the foreign worker, and once to pay unemployment to the native worker not doing it. We’d be better off paying the native worker more, but once.

              1. This. If we have a social contract to feed and house unemployed citizens, then government has the contract to provide every avenue to employment. That precludes allowing foreign labour in.

          2. Not a very libertarian take… Why shouldn’t people be free to live and work where they choose? Why should the state have the power to arrest and deport people who are living peacefully with their neighbors?

            1. Because our survival as a nation depends on it. We have to live and thrive in the real world, which is divided into separate nation states. We do not live on Planet Libertopia, where there are no extremely negative consequences to letting people wander into and out of our country at will. Perhaps in some distant future day it will be different, but for now, any liberty we have must be confined to our people and our borders.

            2. Just as soon as the welfare state is dismantled, I’m happy to welcome most anyone into the country. I see no reason to import poverty then pay taxes to subsidize the poverty we just imported.

              The other way around, where we welcome everyone and think about getting rid of the welfare state doesn’t work.

              1. And the way it actually is–where everyone is let in, we pay taxes and pile more principal on the national debt mountain to subsidize the poverty we just imported, and then a grossly outnumbered and steadily diminishing contingent of critical thinkers is left to fight a losing battle against the Party of Government and its diverse clientele just to attempt to slow down expansion of the welfare state–is another part of our national suicide, which differs little from that of an alcoholic slowly drinking himself to an ugly and painful death.

                1. “which differs little from that of an alcoholic slowly drinking himself to an ugly and painful death.”

                  Now you’re talking sarc’s language.

                  1. It would be better for all concerned if the dumb son of a bitch would hurry things along a little bit.

        2. More to the point, if the illegal alien issue were solved, the Democrats would lose one of their major wedge issues.


        3. Obama was the deciding vote to add a poison pill amendment for unions despite his agreement with a bipartisan coalition to kill any poison pill amendments.

      3. Why do you guys still pretend that the Zero Tolerance memo, in which it specifically states that they are changing the policy to zero tolerance and that it is being done as a deterrent — not for safety as Trump claimed– doesn’t exist?

        1. Because it didn’t change anything?

          Oh sorry you were busy lying.

          1. I await your source.

            No result?

            “WASHINGTON (AP) — Justice Department leaders under President Donald Trump knew their 2018 “zero tolerance” border policy would result in family separations but pressed on with prosecutions even as other agencies became overwhelmed with migrants, a government watchdog report released Thursday has found.

            The report from the inspector general for the Justice Department found that leadership failed to prepare to implement the policy or manage the fallout, which resulted in more than 3,000 family separations during “zero tolerance” and caused lasting emotional damage to children who were taken from their parents at the border. The policy was widely condemned by world leaders, religious groups and lawmakers in the U.S. as cruel.

            Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, along with other top leaders in the Trump administration, were bent on curbing immigration. The “zero tolerance” policy was one of several increasingly restrictive policies aimed at discouraging migrants from coming to the Southern border. Trump’s administration also vastly reduced the number of refugees allowed into the U.S. and all but halted asylum at the border, through a combination of executive orders and regulation changes.

            President-elect Joe Biden has said Trump’s restrictive immigration policies are harmful, but it’s not clear yet what he will do when he gets in office to alter the system. About 5,500 children have been separated from their parents since Trump took office, and many of those parents were deported without their children.”


    3. Flagged bitch!

    4. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Biden has signed an E.O. making it a goal to give 125,000 illegals citizenship every year or put another way moving in the ENTIRE state of WY over his 1st Administration term.

      Who gives a CRAP about ‘family’ unity in the face of illegal actions being criminals. It baffles me how foreigners are like the ‘privileged’ class of people OVER the very citizen of this country.

    5. Shocking, Sarcasmic is the first to mention trump yet again.

      1. It’s a good thing, really. When he’s obsessively posting on here 16 hours a day, it’s less time for him to spend raping his underage daughter in a drunken stupor.

    6. Biden is continuing Trump’s Obama’s policies!

    7. This policy actually dates to the Obama administration and was continued by Trump.

      C’mon libertarians! Trump was awesome for continuing Obama policy!

      Give credit where credit is due!

    8. “Hundreds are yet to be reunited. Some never will be.”

      Haha. Ok, let’s unpack this. These “hundreds” are not being released to their “parents”? Or the “parents” they’re traveling with are not bothering to claim them? I’m sure the border Patrol just loves keeping kids that the parents are actively trying to reunite with, right? Is this the argument?

      Maybe if it means going back home the parents are willing to abandon them. Jesus fucking Christ.

    9. Actually by Biden and the left’s rhetoric tens of thousands are once again headed this way with many infected with Covid. Because of this Mexico and Guatemala have reversed the deal they had with President Trump which had them stopping illegal immigrants and Mexico keeping the ones that made it to the border on their side. It effectively now means thousands of families and unaccompanied children will arrive at our border along with children being trafficked for the purpose of getting those they are with across and released. President Trump brought the humanitarian crisis down to a manageable level in spite of the resistance of the left. The only real difference in the policies of the last 3 Presidents is how the left’s ally the fake news covered it and how successful President Trump was comparatively. This article and the left seem to disparage a President that upholds the laws of the country as he swore an oath to do. When did it become acceptable to pick and choose which laws Congress has passed? If the laws are not in the best interest of the country then it is up to Congress to take action not the President to just ignore them.

    10. Awe, you didn’t get your $1400 dollar check.

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. I dont know why there arent uprisings all over because of this

    1. There may have been. Do you think the media would report them?

    2. I am… You came here uninvited -> EXIT THROUGH THE SAME DOOR you ILLEGALLY and criminally bypassed with no respect at all!

    3. Mostly peaceful protestors in Portland are still calling for ICE to be shut down. But it’s a local story now.

  4. Keep in mind that it was just announced that the Biden Administration is opening a new soft-sided facility for handling overflow refugees, which is immeasurably better than the fucking tent cities that bastard Trump herded illegal immigrants into.

    1. Yes, I agree that Trump made a mistake with herding them into tent cities – they should have been herded back across the border.

      1. ^THIS EXACTLY.

      2. Unfortunately, the law allows them to make an asylum claim, and then we’re stuck with them until the claim is adjudicated.

    2. Soft-sided = Tent.

      1. Tarp cities are more progressive and inclusive than tent cities.

      2. That was the joke…

    3. It was good enough for the doctors and nurses of M*A*S*H! In much worse weather!

    4. How revealing. You most likely believed the picture of the child being taken from her mother and the kids in Trump’s cages that were built under Obama. When thousands of unaccompanied children, children with adults not their parents and parents that drag young children threw deserts present themselves to CBP agents or are caught out in the middle of no where with only a CBP station in the vicinity what should the CBP do with them? The emergency shelters put up to house them were no longer needed once President Trump resolved the issue but now Biden and the left’s rhetoric will cause an even worse humanitarian crisis at the border.

  5. Look, this isn’t hard. Republicans hate children and democrats love them. When republicans separate families at the border, it is because of racism and hate. When democrats do it, it is because of compassion and love.

    Shouldn’t we want migrant children to get the same kind of love that thousands of American families get each year from CPS?

    1. I’m pretty sure that the left’s been agitating to spread that kind of love to the children of conservatives lately.

      1. That’s called public schooling.

    2. Republicans hate children and democrats love them.

      And that’s why it’s Democrats who not only demand government funding for abortion both in the USA and overseas, but are also floating trial balloons to see if they can get the public to go along with infanticide.


      1. “democrats love them”

        In a sandwich or with a side of gravy.

        1. Adrenochrome is a helluva drug

  6. Duh, Biden is rescuing refugees and housing them in overflow facilities.

    That’s way better than Trump, who caught immigrants and threw them in cages.

    1. Who built the cages?

      1. At this point, what difference does it make?

      2. Not as-if people who BREAK THE LAW compulsively don’t usually get caged! Oh, let me guess; But they are ‘foreigners’…. Foreigners are part of the *SPECIAL* class.

    2. Refugees from what? Asylum from what?

      The vast majority of illegal immigrants are simply seeking economic opportunity, which, while understandable, is not a valid basis for refugee status or asylum.

      You may not like it, but the US has immigration laws but still manages to naturalize about 1 million new citizens every year. Is it too much to ask that we *not* reward line-jumpers?

      1. RACIST!!!

  7. Where’s the outrage, you ask?

    Billy, Billy, Billy. My dear, young, naive Billy. The outrage over immigration from the press and the Dems (but I repeat myself) in 2016 and since was and is purely manufactured political theater by them for purely partisan purposes. They never gave a damn about illegals immigrants other than hoping to turn illegals into Dem voters. When you’ve lost the working class, like the Dems have, you just import new voters.

    Remember Billy, everyone has an agenda. Unfortunately, being truthful is way down on the list for most.

    1. Or it could be that the author intentionally omitted a major, relevant fact that a Texas, Tump-appointed Judge blocked Biden’s 100-day moratorium and opened the window for ICE to keep on shipping people out of the country.

      Since the part of the country that lives in the real world is aware of this, Biden is getting some slack. But for the part of the world that lives in the Faux News stream and isn’t aware that Biden’s order was blocked by a conservative judge, it must feed into whatever conspiracy theory is popular at the moment.

      1. Of course, the judge’s decision has absolutely nothing to do with the policy under discussion in the article, but why let facts get in the way of a good cup-drooling.

        Good to see you’ve recently discovered a skepticism for the judiciary again. I remember those dark days 2 and a half weeks ago when our venerated federal judges were the only thing standing between us and literal fascism of the executive.

  8. The outrage is in the lower left hand desk drawer, along with the media’s scruples and morals. You know, just in case they might want to look at them from time to time.

    1. The outrage is hanging out in the same place that the Antiwar Movement went to hide after January 20, 2009.

  9. Where’s the outrage? Ask Boehm and Sullum.

  10. There is no outrage because the Trump outrage was dishonest and manufactured by the media.

    1. Actions are not judged by the action, rather by the politics of the person doing it.


      A comment above, you claimed that Trump did not change the policy at all. Now, another lie.

      When your beliefs and assumptions (trump cult) relies abject, plain, and easily debunked lies, indeed a full on fun-house mirror version of reality, then it might be time to examine your own beliefs and assumptions.

      1. Why the fuck are you responding down here?

        You dishonest fuck.

        1. You still have not been able to counter or argue against a single point.

          So, I accept your surrender.

          1. You still have not been able to counter or argue against a single point.

            You still haven’t made one. As usual, you’ve posted links you didn’t bother to read that say the precise opposite of what you claim.

          2. you should try auto-erotic asphyxiation, grasshopper.

          3. So, I accept your surrender.

            ~ Generalleutnant Heinrich Freiherr von Lüttwitz, Bastogne, December 22, 1944

      2. If you were more interested in truth you’d cover how that eventually ended up…changing nothing.

      3. When your beliefs and assumptions (trump cult) relies abject, plain, and easily debunked lies, indeed a full on fun-house mirror version of reality, then it might be time to examine your own beliefs and assumptions.

        Hey cytotoxic, tell us again how the Mueller report proved Trump collude with Russia even though it says the exact opposite of that. I always get a kick out of watching you flail on that hill.

      4. Enforcing the law is not a policy of a President. When Congress passes a law the Executive enforces it. Ethically he does not pick and choose which he wants to enforce but enforces them all as written. If the law is not in the best interest of the country Congress would not have passed it or would change or repeal it. If you desire a dictator that makes the laws they enforce you will have to moved to China, Cuba or elect a Democrat.

    3. By ‘media’ are you referring to Boehm?

      Or is he just a useful idiot?

  11. Biden is a credibly accused sexual abuser and racist. Even his own VP agrees.

    1. Yeah, but his own VP admitted that you couldn’t trust that she actually believed a single word she said. And she thought it was hilarious that anybody would believe otherwise.

    2. Trump has been credibly accused of sexual assault some 26 times. He has been caught on tape bragging about sexual assaulting people. 4 Miss Teen USA contestants all allege that he entered their dressing room(s) while they were undressed. His ex wife alleged marital rape and physical abuse. He has spoken at length about how he would fuck his daughter if she was not his daughter.

      Seems your protest is not made in good faith.

      1. “Trump has been credibly accused”

        OMFG this stupidity again.

        1. “All those teen beauty contestents are part of the Zombie Chavez conspriacy! The Kraken is everyhwere wit da (((DDEEEEEP State)))). ”

          You guys aren’t even close to logical.

          1. You have no argument, just accusations.

      2. OK. Anything to say about Biden?

        1. One chick accused him who has been caught making fake accusations in the past. Yawn.

          1. Now do Christine Blasey Ford. It’s fun watching you flail like a retard.

            1. DOL:

              She was credible, dammit! She was a mental health professional, for crying out loud. A mental health professional! And she’s obviously credible, as evidenced by her Rachel Maddow eyeglass frames.

              I win!


              How was that?

      3. The “special” in “special pleading” has the same meaning as the “special” in “special Olympics”.

      4. He has been caught on tape bragging about sexual assaulting people

        No, no he hasn’t. He was caught on tape bragging about how women will consent to him touching their genitals because he is rich and they are attracted to him.

        Biden, on the other hand, has a nice clip compilation molesting little girls.


      5. You ever gone clubbing where strange girls let you stick your fingers in her on the dance floor? One of my sorority sisters did that. She said it was fun.

        Trump didn’t brag about assault. He was complaining that most women want him and this one didn’t.

        I know the concept is foreign to a creeper like yourself.

      6. Weinstein was “credibly accused of sexual assault. Do you notice a difference? Does the name Tara Reade ring a bell?
        4 out of twenty Miss Teen Contestants remembered President Trump walking into the dressing room while the others laughed and said that could not have happened because of the women watching over them as those women agreed with.
        That is kind of like the 26 that credibly accused President Trump of sexual misconduct suddenly fading away when they were investigated and most of them were being paid.
        He was caught on tape saying it was amazing what women “let” celebrities do. Sexual assault is when they did not “let” it be done and resisted it.
        He never implied anything like that about his daughter and you would be terrified to accuse him to his face.
        If anyone does not believe propaganda does not influence and manipulate the uninformed and weak minded they need to read your comments. No wonder the left spends billions on propaganda.

  12. Sorry, I don’t believe this. I’m positive Biden liberated and dismantled Drumpf’s concentration camps.


  13. BTW, who did Billy vote for?

    1. No idea – he didn’t make the list for “How Will Reason Staffers Vote in 2020?”.

    2. Bunion is too young to vote.

      But he can’t wait for 2024 to give those evil Republicans what for!

  14. Shocking! Won’t be reported on CNN

    1. Well, not with the way that Biden administration people are going around threatening and harassing media people.

      Wagons have been circled.

  15. Media outrage is based on politics, not results.

  16. I think the picture on this article is really a Trump voter running to the Canadian border to freedom. 😀 😀 😀 😀

    1. And Canada is actually smart enough to pretend they have borders.

      1. And they have pretty tough requirements to get in.



  17. All you have to do to *not* have your family separated and your kids detained is not try to illegally sneak over the border or send your kid alone or with strangers to do so. Easy-peasy.

    1. ^THIS — How obvious becomes a political debate is amazing.

    2. If you’re apprehended, you can also simply withdraw your asylum claim and go home.

  18. Media outrage got thrown in the trash along with Reason writers’ credibility.

  19. “the ending of [Trump’s] policy will affect mostly single men who have entered the country illegally”—a strange insertion

    No, it’s not strange, because many of the “children” crossing illegally are actually young men in their teens and twenties, lying about their age and often tagging along with “families”.

    single men ostensibly do not have families to be separated from.

    You’re saying an unmarried man can’t be a partner and a father with a “family”? How terribly unwoke! Discriminating on the basis of “family status”! And what about men with uteruses? Transphobe!

  20. I am sorry, Billy, for your realizing the harsh truth that the Democrats were using immigrants as a wedge issue against Trump and do not actual value them the way you do. You were told this repeatedly, but it is still sad to hear the disillusionment in your words.

    1. hahahahahaha. Yeah, it’s democrats using immigrants as a wedge issue, not the party who nominated a man who’s nomination speech was basically a half hour of ripping on Mexicans as subhuman rapists.

      1. Cry more.


        1. Liar, eh?

          I know, I know. It is not fair to post actual evidence around you guys, seeing as you never have any of your own.

          1. Congrats, you posted a video that literally disproves everything you said. In case you get bored of wanking to the cut up blurbs that undermine your point, here’s the full transcript of the speech so you can enjoy the fullness of your mendacity.

            1. Everything he does, or purports to be is inevitably revealed to be lies.

      2. “Yeah, it’s democrats using immigrants as a wedge issue”

        Amnesty says what?

        You lose fake soldier.

        1. Hilarious how all these new people or new socks seem to agree that my service must be fake since I am not a Trump fan.

          Profoundly biased, motivated logic. Just a stunning level of self-unawareness.

          1. You’ve outed this sock multiple times, cytotoxic. Since we all remember the 8 years you spent posting here under your original handle as a proud native Torontonian, yeah, we kinda know you weren’t specops. The fact that you can’t identify basic military equipment is another tell.

            It’s so sad that you are so passionately devoted to lying, and yet are so miserably, horrifyingly bad at it.

            1. He cannot even make an argument without building a strawman.

              Practically self refuting.

  21. “…simply for crossing a literal line in the sand.”

    Billy, aren’t you at least a little embarrassed to have typed such a comically disingenuous statement?

    1. Were they wearing masks and available for contact tracing when they crossed the figurative line in the sand?

      1. Biden is imposing interstate travel restrictions within the US in contravention of the constitution, but the southern border is just a line in the sand.

        I wonder how Billy knows whether or not he’s under the legal jurisdiction of Canada or the United States of America. You know, since jurisdictions are just lines in the sand and all.

  22. Some how this doesn’t seem all that bad this time around.

  23. Media should, but they won’t. Why even bother counseling them?

  24. So when done by Barry or China Joe it is out of compassion. When done by Trump it is evil incarnate. Got it.

  25. Where Is the Media Outrage? At the impeachment hearing.

    1. Of course. There is only so much media outrage to go around, and our intrepid Gatekeepers of Truth and Accuracy owe it to The People to maintain their sharp focus on things that really matter. Because as of yet, BadOrangeMan, his family, and everyone that voted for him has not, for some reason (probably Russian Disinformation), been publicly and painfully executed.

      Only then will we have Unity.

  26. Almost none of these people are refugees. They’re economic migrants, and they bypassed every available protocol and dragged their kids (some of them fake kids to create fake families) through a dangerous journey to force our hands. Many refugees in Europe often go back home from vacation.

    You can’t reach America on foot without crossing either Mexico or Canada. Do you think Mexico will tolerate thousands of migrants travelling across their land every two years, when the pandemic is likely to stay for the foreseeable future? Will Americans tolerate the government spending millions of dollars to quarantine them in massive new housing and vaccinating them ahead of American citizens?

    These people aren’t going to save the economy(. Physical locations are starting to close down and the leisure industry is half dead. During normal times we can sort of ignore the fact that welfare pays out 3 times what immigrants put in and benefit from them filling out seasonal jobs. We can’t do that in a pandemic. We can’t house them, can’t send their kids to school, and they’ll be covid snack in big cities just like everyone else, and you know we’ll lost thousands of them.

    Many sane people probably just want to scream at how this country is ran. Cuomo is not exception. You don’t stage massive protests, send infected people to nursing homes, and open up your borders to unregulated flow of outsiders in a pandemic. Its FUCKING common sense. But we can’t even observe common sense. We’re sinking deeper and deeper and deeper into the quagmire because the ruling class is reading the 1999 edition of “America – the melting pot of hope” and refusing to see certain realities.

  27. This is one of those situations where everyone seems to be trying to simplify a complex issue in order to support their political views.

    As soon as we enact a policy where groups crossing the border with children are fast-tracked for approval or just released into the country, we have created an incentive for people to acquire a child for their crossing. The child is not necessarily one the adults are related to, or have legal custody of.
    The truth is that US authorities have to sort those issues out, and that process takes time. Even if the child is traveling with a parent, they need to confirm identification and legal guardianship with the home country.
    Some percentage of people presenting themselves as families are actually sex traffickers or people who have kidnapped, purchased, or coerced the family to allow use of the child. Lots of kids are unaccompanied by any relative. It would be insane to just release the child into the custody of a person who shows up claiming to be the child’s “uncle”.
    When relatively few children were apprehended at the border, the process was quicker, and temporary sponsor homes were readily available. That is no longer the case.
    Some of the people who are completely comfortable with giving an unaccompanied 10 year old a bus ticket to the home of a dubious claimed relative halfway across the country, would call CPS on me if I let my kids ride their bikes to school.

  28. We can end this separation outrage by sending their asses packing back across the border.

  29. Seems like a good question.Where is the media outrage? Have I missed it?

  30. Everyone just needs to shut the fuck up! No illegal is going to take your job. And if an illegal does manage to take your job then thank your fellow Americans who hired them because you were to stupid to have that job in the first place. Also, no illegal is going to give you the “rona”, you most likely already had it and didn’t even know it or acquired it from a fellow American while shopping for Made in China merchandise at your local redneck shopping center Wal-Mart.

    1. Care to show proof of your claims? At least your honest about endorsing someone else taking your job.

  31. Yes where is the outrage? Other than Reason’s outrage that they’re not being chauffeured to the nearest public school?

  32. >>To be clear, I have no interest in drawing a false equivalence between what Trump did and what Biden is doing, or between Trump and former President Barack Obama.

    …. and now just try to ignore that I’ve done almost exactly that in order to try to get some outrage going.

    Maybe there is no outrage because one policy was extreme and just about everyone thinks zero tolerance policies are stupid and harmful significantly more than they need to be. The reversion to the old policy means case by case consideration and reasonable outcomes hopefully more often than not. That’s already a step in the right direction in less than a month.

  33. Bunion, your credulousness never ceases to amaze. You would do better to just join Sullum and the rest in stabbing the political corpse of BadOrangeman for the next four years until the Republicans gift you with a New Hitler to #RESIST!

  34. According to top stories at reason, the outrage is still being used up in Trump’s direction by Jacob Sullum. I’m sure he’ll move past it sometime this year.

    1. (I mean, he doesn’t really have room for justifiable outrage between columns about how we need to punish Trump for “irresponsible” speech.)

  35. Crocodile tears. That language looks like perfectly normal prosecutorial discretion. And whining about what the media is supposedly not reporting on is not the same as having a good idea.

    Conservatards have all got it in their heads that as long as they can convince themselves that Dems are hypocrites, they don’t actually have to bother with their own thoughts and responsibilities.

    I guess it could be worse. You could be trying to have thoughts again.

    1. Obama caged kids first, media only makes noise when Trump does the same thing.

      Tony – “just because media isn’t doing due diligence on something doesn’t mean liberal ideas are bad”

      Winners of death count – Cuomo, BLM, leftwing Chinese government, and urban black criminals

      Losers of death count – Trumpers, who killed maybe two people, one of whom may died in a heart attack

      No one kills more people of color than the left. If uncle Biden doesn’t show any backbone and thousands of people who travel across Mexico spread the disease or become infected, then he’s all to blame. Liberal logic.

      1. I’m sorry you’ve chosen to consume rightwing propaganda instead of news. Perhaps you could work on that problem you have.

        1. You did nothing in trying to refute him. Try harder.

  36. The solution used to be “refugee camps.” I know those are not “good” but the point was, the UN runs it so the logistics are their problem, people in real trouble have a place to go – and we do not have to try to make everyone agree that we actually needed every single refugee already and we were just hoping someone would show up. Which isn’t true and never was true.
    I vaguely recall in the 1990s post- NAFTA when the story began to be built. Various liberal/progressive groups kept saying they were gonna get immigration reform and I think some immigrants believed it. I think some of the outrage was “why haven’t we won yet? We are on the right side of history!” There was some savior posturing going on.
    There’s trauma for the people who cross illegally. But what that does is make the Latino community more silent, no one more than a few degrees away from a friend or relative with traumatic secrets. Amnesty will not lift that silence, because it becomes self-perpetuating, and besides, amnesty would not stop the trafficking. That massive social wall won’t come down just with immigration reform. The silence has had a very high price throughout the country, normalizing “noble cause corruption.” Undocumented status – and covert drug use- has taught the populace they must dissemble. That’s bad; dissembling gets no traction and leads to many other ills. If both sides of the border thought there was serious effort to …deplatform… the cartels, maybe then there could be trust.

  37. So what didn’t Biden lie about?

  38. If it were not for double standards, leftists would have no standards it all

  39. we only have two hands, it is impossible to cover everyone’s mouths, we can only cover our ears, so we don’t hear what other people are saying

  40. Just another example of corporate media bias and their attempts to control the narrative. The Democrat party is the root o the problem with their overt lying, lying by omission, and virtue signaling. The Republicans are largely apathetic when they are not willing accomplices to the Democrat party.

  41. “It’s still difficult to ask for asylum at ports of entry,”

    That is the problem. Fix that and all of this goes away. Instead we have to spend all of this money on border security, courts and detention centers.

    1. Anyone can just lie about asylum then. You’re not thinking this through.

  42. Biden isn’t orange. Duh!

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