Cancel Culture

Disney Cancels The Mandalorian Star Gina Carano Over Provocative Social Media Posts

If over-the-top statements likening one's political opponents to Nazis are grounds for firing, Hollywood is in trouble.


Gina Carano is a former MMA fighter, outspoken Republican, and co-star of Disney's The Mandalorian. On Wednesday, Lucasfilm—the Disney-owned studio that produces The Mandalorian and other Star Wars properties—denounced her social media posts and said there were no plans to include her in any future projects.

"Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future," said Lucasfilm in a statement. "Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable."

This statement apparently referenced a recent Instagram post of Carano's that did indeed contain a tortured and offensively hyperbolic analogy. Carano did not "denigrate people based on their cultural and religious identity," however. And while Disney is within its rights to cease working with an actress who occasionally makes provocative right-wing comments, it's impossible to ignore the double standard at play here, since similarly provocative statements from liberal Star Wars cast members have not resulted in any sanction.

Here is what Carano wrote on Instagram:

Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors…even by children. Because history is edited, most people today don't realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views.

This was a very flawed comment: For one thing, Nazi soldiers absolutely beat Jews, in the streets and elsewhere. Carano is right that part of the Nazis' agenda was to persuade German citizens to hate and fear their Jewish neighbors—but what happened in 1930s Germany is not remotely similar to what is happening today in the U.S. The Nazi Party's demonization of the Jewish people led to genocide. The media's demonization of the Republican Party—which is not directly referenced in her post, but it's assumed that's what she meant—is obviously not comparable to the Holocaust.

That said, Disney is wrong to say that Carano denigrated Jewish people, or that she is "abhorrent" for making such a comparison. She's a celebrity with an obnoxious political opinion, which is not exactly a rare animal.

And that's the bigger issue with Disney's decision to drop Carano: hypocrisy. If the studio doesn't want to work with actors and actresses who make over-the-top Nazi comparisons, it has a major problem on its hands: Pedro Pascal, the star and eponymous character of The Mandalorian, once sent a tweet likening Trump's immigration policies to Nazi concentration camps.

This is not so surprising: Hollywood is chock full of people with quirky political views making dramatic analogies. As Bloomberg's Eli Lake pointed out, Sean Penn is an apologist for former Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. Benicio del Toro dedicated an award to the memory of murderous Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara. Nick Cannon praised Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a repugnant anti-Semite. (ViacomCBS fired Cannon for his remarks, but rehired him after he apologized.)

Carano has occasionally made other controversial comments: She has criticized universal masking and suggested that combating voter fraud should be a major part of the Republican agenda. Disney apparently abandoned plans to give Carano her own show following one such post back in November.

Some conservatives have called for a boycott of Disney following its decision. While I'm not the biggest fan of boycotts, it strikes me as reasonable for conservatives to be upset about this double standard. Why does Disney care more about Carano's dumb but relatively inconsequential Instagram post than it does about China's ethnic cleansing of the Uighur Muslims? If the company thinks "denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities" is abhorrent, then perhaps it shouldn't be working so closely with the Chinese Communist Party, which earned a "special thanks" in the credits of Mulan.

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  1. Disney managed to prove her point. Well at least they didn’t confuse Faulkner with Shakespeare.

    1. I hear Walt Disney was an asshole. He made Song of the South. When will they rename the parks?

      1. I can’t wait for that to become public domaine

        1. They’ll probably burn the originals before they let that racist shit become a matter of permanent public record.

          1. The Internet is very occasionally a wonderful place. Song of the South is easily found on Pirate Bay.

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          2. There were reel copies sold of it before disney permanently locked it in the vault. So it’s already out in the wild, just rare and in an inconvenient format.

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        2. Thanks to Disney, public domain has been gutted and you’ll be waiting something like 90 years for that to happen assuming Disney doesn’t get Congress to extend it for them yet again.

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      2. The Song of the South was not racist. It was certainly racially tone deaf in spots, but that’s different. The era the movie portrayed was racially problematic and it’s impossible to portray that era without including stuff that would cause our Woke Betters to swoon like Scarlett in a too tight girdle.

        The movie is among the best Disney ever made. But even when it was released it was condemned by all sides. The problem is that the movie tried to not offend either the racist or the progressive, and wound up irritating both. The movie has both been praised for mending race relations and condemned for glorifying an antebellum south (the movie was set post civil war).

        The movie needs to be re-released, disclaimer if necessary, but still released. The movie is in the same category as Gone With the Wind, and if that movie can be seen then why not Song of the South?

        1. “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah” was actually the first Disney song I ever learned.

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        2. “The Song of the South was not racist.”

          It’s an argument one can make.

          It WAS painfully dull. Boring as shit. I’ve seen drills that bore less than that movie did.

        3. The movie is in the same category as Gone With the Wind, and if that movie can be seen then why not Song of the South?

          Pretty sure they want to get rid of Gone With the Wind too.

        4. Apparently you haven’t gotten the memo about Gone with the Wind.

        5. When you look past the racial stereotyping in the dialogue and dialect, the story of B’rer Rabbit and the Tar Baby actually contains some Machiavellian/The Prince, Sun Tzu/The Art of War-level stra-te-gery that libertarians could learn and use to great advantage.

          Basically, B’rer Fox and B’rer Bear use B’rer Rabbit’s sensitive, sociable nature to capture him, and B’rer Rabbit uses B’rer Fox’ and B’rer Bear’s sadistic, stupid natures to get free!

          Watch the story, since it tells it even funnier. The life and freedom you save may be your own:

          B’rer Rabbitand the Tar Baby Scene 1/2

          B’rer Rabbit and the Tar Baby Scene 2/2

        6. When you look past the racial stereotyping in the dialogue and dialect, the story of B’rer Rabbit and the Tar Baby actually contains some Machiavelli/The Prince, Sun Tzu/The Art of War-level stra-te-gery that libertarians could learn and use to great advantage.

          Basically, in the story, B’rer Fox and B’rer Bear use B’rer Rabbit’s sensitive, sociable nature to capture him with the “Tar Baby”, and B’rer Rabbit uses B’rer Fox’ and B’rer Bear’s sadistic, stupid natures to get free!

          It’s a treat to watch the story on YouTube, since it tells it even funnier. The life and freedom you save may be your own.

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      3. Walt ran a pro liberty outfit..once the NYC/Hollywood types got control of the company its been a reliable outfit attacking America and ensuring the types of people that built Disney (middle american ethnics) are not hired or promoted…wrong “team” I guess.

      4. “Song of the South”? You mean, that movie in which the antagonist is white?

        The film which was the first time millions of white children saw someone with dark skin, and he was kind, wise and friendly? And, ultimately, proven RIGHT while the white woman was forced to admit that she was wrong?

        Looking at it from the perspective of today’s cynical adult, it is hard to understand. But to a child of the time that it was released, it was as anti-racist as a 5-year-old would be able to understand.

      5. As a Jewish person, reading her post, I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.
        I agree with her that the left wing in this country is demonizing the right wing and this has disturbing parallels to what the Nazis did to the Jews prior to World War II.
        I am amazed at all these woke corporations who feel they can alienate the conservative half of their customers.
        Disney tried to destroy the Star Wars franchise with woke nonsense.
        They have redeemed themselves with this TV show because the Mandalorian has been everything Star Wars should have been.
        Getting rid of an important character because of the actresses political views has turned millions of people against Disney and the franchise.
        Myself included

    2. Eh, it sounds more like Disney is just trying to protect their brand. She should have kept her mouth shut and enjoyed her paychecks.

      1. It really is true. We can’t expect businesses to pushback against culture. Business caters to culture, it doesn’t drive it.

        1. Very good point, Squirrel. All these “cancelations” by companies are just responses to market demand. I don’t like, you don’t like it, but it’s like complaining that people watch the Kardashians.

          1. Exactly.

          2. Yea, except “Get woke” includes “Go Broke”. Corporations are going to find there are a lot of people that support their brands don’t want this particular brand of horseshit and that catering to the Twitter Outtrage Mob doesn’t do shit for the bottom line except crater it. Guaran-goddamn-tee you the fucks complaining about Gina Carano were NOT watching The Mandalorian and won’t be watching it in the future.

            1. Doctor Who going woke made it unwatchable.

              1. I thought they canceled that, it’s still on? Haven’t watched woke doctor.

              2. The Doctor needs to find a way to reverse the polarity of the progtard flow.

            2. Guaran-goddamn-tee you the fucks complaining about Gina Carano were NOT watching The Mandalorian and won’t be watching it in the future.

              This. REEEtards on Twitter don’t actually like the shit they claim to and are not Disney’s paying customers. A fact that they may soon learn the hard way. Apparently “#CancelDisney+” was trending number one in the US yesterday afternoon after the news broke. Assuming all the people who tweeted that hashtag really do cancel their Disney+ subscriptions (a similar caveat can be made about them – I doubt that everyone who tweeted that even have Disney+ accounts, or will follow through on their threats to cancel their service if they do).

              But if even a large plurality of the “#CancelDisney+” crowd really do follow through that’s bound to be a pretty big hit to their bottom line.

              1. Its like they literally learned not a goddamn thing from The Last Jedi/Rise of Skywalker debacle. Pissing on your fanbase doesn’t get you growth. I can only hope Wizards of the Coast has the same problem so someone can wrest the Dungeons & Dragons IP from them (or at least the Blackmoor/Greyhawk portion)

                1. Yeah, when sjw’s insisted on invading my 13 year old imagination, that’s when I put a jihad on them.

                  For godsake, can’t we escape into a realm of kobalds and big boobied sorceresses without having to apologize for it being “rape culture” or for the othering of goblinoids?!

              2. Yeah, the “it’s just market forces” argument fails to take into account that the woke crowd only want to patronize themselves. This pandering ignores the actual market as often as not, and Disney should understand this better than anyone given the underperformance of the Star Wars franchise.

              3. Cancellations won’t be felt for many months, as most of their subscribers got a year for free through telephone and cable providers.

            3. I cancelled my subscription today. When you select other it allows you to comment. “You fired Gina Carano.”

              I thought about writing more but if someone actually reads those, that was enough I think.

          3. ” these “cancelations” by companies are just responses to market demand”

            Far-left Twitterati and DNC elite aren’t the “market” no matter how hard you try and pretend, Wormtongue.

            The actual market doesn’t give a flying fuck on her mask stance and kind of agrees with her view on the election (57%).
            We all know that this is purely a fascist political campaign directed by the Democratic party to silence opposition.

            Here’s your fifty cents.

            1. You have good points. But this isn’t about the full on market. Disney is making a decision not to have the boat rocked. There won’t be remotely enough people on the right who cancel their subscriptions to impact the bottom line. There will be enough pressure from the left that will definitely impact the bottom line and just cause a tremendous headache.

              For most businesses, they are going to take the easiest path possible. And that’s what we are seeing here.

              1. Pressure from the left wouldn’t affect their bottom line nearly enough to justify it. This is mainly about appeasing their fellow travelers in the clickbait media, who have been pushing to get her fired for a while now specifically because she wasn’t parroting left-wing shibboleths.

                1. Dealing with headaches and constant outrage from people is bottom line affecting. It’s just easier to get rid of her then deal with the constant outrage.

                  At this point, Disney is so big, all it cares about is making money and avoiding all issues. They are not a paragon of virtue, integrity, strength, or guile. They simply want to rake in bucket loads of cash with as little boat rocking as possible.

                  1. This is so obviously wrong that I don’t know where to start.

                    If all Disney cared about was making money, they wouldn’t have bombed the Star Wars franchise so badly by trying to serve up a bunch of SJW nonsense.

                    I work in a major Fortune 100 company and, while making money is important, the decision makers are heavily influenced by far left “Social Media Experts” and “Diversity Czars” that are using the temper tantrums of a vocal minority to paint incorrect pictures of “The Market”.

                    The left has been doing this since the 90s when they would create phone banks of leftists to call legislators and local companies to make the appearance of some giant ground-swell of support for some issue. You can read articles crowing about this on subjects like Climate Change and the Brady Bill- senators thought there was this giant movement clamoring for these changes, when it was just a vocal minority.

                    The difference with Disney is that the movement has moved inside their own walls. A decade or two ago, as millenials began making their way into companies, the line between activism and the company began to fade- Talent managers today tell employers today how important it is for these millenials to feel like their company is helping to change the world in the right way (Climate, Diversity, Anti-Racism, etc etc).

                    The problem for the Right is that if you don’t agree with some of these activist stances, you will be deemed as hostile to the work place, and you will be fired. And so conservatives (or shit, even libertarians) keep their mouths shut, leading the company to think that it is doing what “the market” wants.

                    1. I like how I was so obviously wrong that you didn’t know where to start and then proceeded to explain how I was right.

                      Thanks for that!

                    2. Fuck off Chipper

                    3. Got it in one. I work for a global corporation. While the majority of people at my location believe as I do, we have to watch our step. This allows the few to sound like the majority.

                    4. The issue isn’t so much millennials focusing wokeness in the work space but the human resource departments fostering this for decades..Gen X’ers thought it was bullshit and ignored it but these youngsters often were brought up on a full plate of cultural marxism and finally HR had a receptive audience.

                  2. This is the opposite of making money. Ceding your creative and business decisions to a few pink-haired idiots who could give a shit about anything you sell is not about making revenue, especially if those idiots want something your actual market despises.

              2. There won’t be remotely enough people on the right who cancel their subscriptions to impact the bottom line.

                I’m not so sure about that. As I pointed out above, “#CancelDisney+” was the number one trend on Twitter after the news broke yesterday. If even a decent number of them really follow through and cancel their subscriptions that may be a large number of people.

                I suppose the bigger question is how much impact that will have on Disney’s bottom line. They have so many revenue streams that hundreds of thousands of Disney+ cancellation may not mean that much to them. But the again Mickey Mouse is dirty, filthy whore with an insatiable appetite for more and more money, so who knows. Either way, it’s not likely to change their minds.

                1. “CancelDisney+” was the number one trend on Twitter after the news broke yesterday”

                  Yea, but they obviously only care about money and not rocking the boat…

                2. I cannot #CancelDisney+ because I never started using it. The woke plans for the MCU made it pretty clear that I had no interest in the next phase of that massive franchise. The woke Star Wars movies killed that franchise for me (and wokeness aside, they pretty much just sucked). I don’t have any kids, so there’s no market for that segment here.

                  Much like my “boycotts” on the NFL and NBA…never started, so stopping was easy and didn’t hurt them at all.

              3. You may not have noticed today.. but they rocked the boat.

              4. “pressure from the left”

                This so-called “pressure” is only effective if you allow it to be. Disney chooses to value the rantings of leftists instead of their paying customers out of all proportion for some bizarre reason. This says much more about how screwed up Disney is and what their priorities and preferences are.

              5. “Disney is making a decision not to have the boat rocked.”

                Reality seems to be something you’re unfamiliar with.

          4. There is a balance to be struck. Is this really the market demand? Or just the demand of tiny but noisy minority? Many businesses are starting to push back against the Karens in legal.

            Most consumers don’t give a shit about issues like this, so long as the actor in question isn’t an outright Nazi or Soviet. Mel Gibson’s drunken rant against Jews hurt him far far more than his ultra-conservative fringe Catholic views. And Clint Eastwood never saw a dent in his popularity from his pro-gun advocacy.

            Businesses like Disney are still operating on the assumption that where this is smoke there is fire, that where there is a twitter storm there is lost revenue. It’s not always true. The knee jerk reaction to dump stars like Carano who no one ever heard of before the controversy is a side effect of their not understanding the market.

            All those college idiots we read about during the naughts and teens? Yeah, they’re all working in HR and Legal departments, and mostly all named Karen. Business just needs to learn not to hire them. Someone in the company making a stupid stink like this needs to be booted.

            1. You’re right. Disney is making trying to take the easiest route out of the problem. In the short run, it will probably work. In the long run, it may not as you mention more businesses are beginning to stand up to this kind of crap. And the instant more people see that standing up to the crybullies results in freeing yourself from them, the more that path is going to be seen as the easiest route.

              1. Fuck off Chipper

          5. I disagree. It is not to market demand. Too many companies are willing to offend and turn away 50% of the revenue stream to kowtow to a few “woke” people. Most people watching likely never know anything any of the actors or actresses type or even care.

      2. Good advice for everyone in every job.

      3. LOL–are you really dumb enough to believe that the people watching Mandalorian give a shit about Carano’s social media tweets?

        The only people who actually do are those who don’t even watch or care about the show.

        1. Disney really needs to learn a lesson. They nearly killed the Golden Goose with how they let liberal politics dictate all the major thematic elements of the last 5 star wars movies. That takes a colossal amount of stupid to do.

          Meanwhile Favreau- a liberal himself- was able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat by throwing away the self important activism and instead focusing on good story telling.

          Pandering to the Woke: Catastrophe. Focusing on entertainment: Success. If Disney doesn’t wake up to this soon, they are in big trouble.

          1. They’re leftists, not liberals, but otherwise, yes.

          2. Honestly, even Mandalorian is just “above average” in terms of storytelling. This last season in particular was pretty uneven, and it was saved primarily by Giancarlo Esposito, who’s carved out a really impressive niche by playing intense, believable heavies, and the Luke Skywalker scene. What’s sad is that this above-average TV serial is the best the Star Wars crew at Disney has put out since the Mouse bought it.

            Favreau has a real gift for understanding what will appeal to the audience he’s targeting, and giving them exactly what they want instead of shitting all over them like the Kennedy faction at Disney has been doing for most of her tenure.

            Meanwhile Favreau- a liberal himself- was able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat by throwing away the self important activism and instead focusing on good story telling.

            And here’s what Hollywood doesn’t get anymore–conservatives will lionize even left-wing political shit AS LONG AS IT’S GOOD. “Robocop” and “They Live” are completely unsubtle indictments of Reagan-era corporate culture, but conservatives absolutely love them because the storytelling, dialogue, and characterization are among the best of the genre, and the satire is razor sharp. They love “Full Metal Jacket” and “Apocalypse Now” for the same reasons, even through they are anti-military and conservatives have formed the backbone of the US military for decades. Even for all the kvetching about “Starship Troopers,” it’s a favorite because it’s so completely, transparently gonzo.

            What Hollywood is largely pumping out isn’t even good anymore–it’s the entertainment equivalent of click-bait, with a sickly dose of Magic Minority fetishism thrown in as a main ingredient.

            1. Bang on, almost like non-leftists are able to enjoy entertainment for entertainments sake.

            2. Then there’s The Purge films, which after the first one drift from communist-lite to Critical Race Theory’s version of Birth of a Nation

              1. Minus the innovation aspect

            3. Do not forget casting Tim Oliphant as the “Fake Mondo”

        2. They are too busy analyzing the tweets of anyone they can “cancel” to have time to watch the shows.

      4. Would buy it more if it didn’t seem to only go one way.

        1. But that’s the way of the dominant culture. It can’t go back to the right until the culture pushes it that way.

          The right has done a horrible job at winning the culture war. And we are now seeing the result of that. Doesn’t mean things won’t change in the future. However, until the right actively engages in influencing the culture, it is wholly reliant on the left jumping the shark.

          1. Fuck off Chipper

            1. What?

            2. Care to expound upon that? I’m confused.

          2. No that’s the perception of people living in their own bubble. The exec’s at Disney perceive that their market share is heavily influenced by the woke mob because that’s the market audience they’ve surrounded themselves with and chosen to cater toward. They’ve created a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy for themselves by their own decisions. Dollars to dough-nuts if they did some objective data driven metrics, they’d find they make way more money by keeping Carano on and telling the woke twitter mob to take a long hike off a short peer. Ultimately the Left has volume but not nearly the kind of market power that Disney is attributing to them…. but from inside the bubble of Disney’s own Exec’s, they’d never see that reality.

            1. They have no mass, no substance – and no attention span.
              Disney had 3 options:
              1. Cave
              2. Ignore
              3. Tell them to fuck off

              2 would’ve been safest, but 3 would’ve probably provided the quickest resolution.
              1 was absolutely, and obviously (despite the idiot squirrel’s assessment), the worst – as in most painful and longest drawn out – path.

          3. “Dominant culture” here should be glossed as “oligarchic caste and their courtiers who have become dangerously estranged from the people they presume to be their subjects.”

      5. Perhaps she was unable to enjoy her paycheck while keeping her mouth shut.

        1. Perhaps she thought should could speak and make Nazi references in a similar vein to her co-star Pedro Pascal who didn’t get fired.

        2. Like Colin Kaepernick?

      6. Indeed. Better to self-censor and never make any noise other than ‘I wish we could all live in a Disney theme park’.

      7. She should have kept her mouth shut and enjoyed her paychecks.

        Damn straight. And the same goes for anyone else in any other company that has political views even the slightest bit to the right of Joseph Stalin. Just shut up and work, wage monkeys! And you damn well better pay your taxes on time too! /sarc

      8. Chipper for remaining in silence instead of standing for what one believes in. LULZ.

    3. Didn’t Disney remove John Boyega from the posters and ads in China? I guess that’s better than not blowing a trans.

      1. Yes. They are supporters of Racism.

    4. The author was wrong on one point. Her comment was not making a comparison to the holocaust. Her comment compared what liberals are doing to conservatives now to what Nazis were doing to the Jews in “PRE-War” or “PRE-Holocaust” Germany. During the 1930’s before any Jews were being rounded up for the slaughter, the Nazis, through law, edict, and policy, removed Jews from all aspects of public and private life. In 1933 Nazis removed Jews from civil service, much the way liberals are calling for the removal of duly elected conservatives from Congress and in numerous cases across the country from other public offices. The Nazis removed Jews from military service, much the way liberals are now trying to purge the military of “extremists”, which are now considered to be anyone with pronounced conservative views. The Nazis removed Jews from teaching and student positions, do I have to even draw that analogy given the horrific treatment of conservative teachers and students in schools at every level. Jews were prohibited from posting editorials, again I don’t think I have to even analogize that to the current actions and composition of the main stream media, where there’s not a conservative voice in sight. And it wasn’t just the Nazis, the Nazis co-opted local governments and industry to join in the melee by cancelling Jews in the workplace, as lawyers, notaries, managers, tradespeople, etc. This is happening on a daily basis in this country. The Nazis co-opted the literary industry preventing Jews from publishing books, articles, etc. and of course now that same industry along with Big Tech are doing all the censoring for the Democrats. The Nazis attempted to deprogram and re-educate Jews. How many liberal pundits on CNN and the NYT as well as elected Democrats have been suggesting the same thing about conservatives and so-called Trumpers. The Nazis re-educated their children into hating the Jews in the same way our children are having their curriculums turned upside down against white supremacy and privilege, translated as conservatism. No, no, no, Gina Carano was dead-on when she compared what the Nazis did to Jews during the run up to the Holocaust as eerily similar to what liberals and Democrats are trying to do to conservatives today. The only question is, how accurate is this as a predictor of future events?

      1. Well said.

      2. I just crushed the “Like” button.

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  2. Our media and entertainment culture is becoming a parody of itself.

    Here’s The Critical Drinker with… as always, his excellent take.

    I strongly recommend anyone who hasn’t heard of TCD, you learn who he is now, and subscribe immediately.

    I mean, that is if you give two shits about the direction of our increasingly crappy culture.

    1. Dittos on TCD
      but, you forgot to end your post with “go away now”.

    2. I’ve seen a couple of his posts, good stuff.

      Here’s one from Ryan Kinel – RK Outpost on YouTube. It’s about William Shatner taking on the woke warriors over Star Trek and Star Wars. Good stuff by Bill.

    3. +1000% on TCD. Discovered him with his absolutely brutal reviews of the new “star wars” trilogy and have been following him ever since.
      -Also, kind of surprised. after the (relative) flop of the new “star wars” trilogy, I thought Lucasfilm had seemingly learned that if you take a cherished IP and make it go woke, you ultimately go broke (e.g., see their decision to remove Kennedy from a lot of decision-making going forward)

      1. If you want to see deeper, more ‘journalistic’ coverage of that, you should check out a channel called “Midnight’s Edge”.

        They seem to have some highly placed inside sources at Disney, allowing them to report on highly speculative things going on inside Disney which almost always turn out to be true.

      2. WAs his review as harsh as Mr Plinkett’s?

        1. Yeah, but different approach. You want the savaging of the sequel trilogy (esp. The Last Jedi), check out Mauler. Rageholic-level invective, delivered in a nice, plummy Welsh accent. Much more enjoyable than the movies.

          1. On the other hand, if you want a comedic review about how much trash it is, check out Vito. His “gotcha list” in the complete cinematic failure of rise of skywalker still makes me laugh.

            1. On the other hand, if you want a comedic review about how much trash it is, check out Vito.


              Vito’s take down of both The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker were epic.

      3. I thought Lucasfilm had seemingly learned that if you take a cherished IP and make it go woke, you ultimately go broke (e.g., see their decision to remove Kennedy from a lot of decision-making going forward)

        No, they’ve learned the Cultural Marxist MO. You infest cultural iconography to gain visibility and market share for your cause and, when the public recognizes it for the shambling infested carcass that it is, move to a new host. The first two seasons of The Mandalorian are going to fuel the next several SJW-addled seasons the way Episodes 4, 5, and 6 put butts in seats for 7, 8, and 9. The way the first 12 Doctors are bankrolling the 13th. The way Ironman and Captain America are culturally backing Captain Marvel, etc., etc. etc.

        Don’t go see The Wizard Of Oz remake (or, if you must see it, pirate it). The original was good largely because of the zeitgeist of color TV and with the Wicked musical and several other shitty co-optings, it bears little resemblance to the psychadelic source material and all kinds of resemblance to modern day frenemy navel-gazing.

    4. Love the Drinker. Different type show but you ever check out Razorfist?

      1. God…fucking…speed

    5. Thanks DRP

    6. I strongly recommend anyone who hasn’t heard of TCD, you learn who he is now, and subscribe immediately.

      Seconded. I’m not sure what I like better, his reviews of shitty movies or his “The Drinker Fixes” series where he demonstrates how easy it would actually be to fix flawed, poorly written characters if the screenwriters and directors actually cared enough to do so.

      But whatever, “it’ll be fine.”

    7. Shit, that’s hilarious! He has gained another follower, indeed.

  3. …obnoxious political opinion…

    Implying there are political opinions that are not obnoxious.

    1. Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors…even by children. Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views.

      That’s the part she got in trouble for. Celebrities that tell the ugly truth about what the Democrats are up to don’t remain celebrities for long.

      1. That right there. Precisely.

  4. “Why does Disney care more about Carano’s dumb but relatively inconsequential Instagram post than it does about China’s ethnic cleansing of the Uighur Muslims?”

    Well if I were a paranoid conspiracy nut I might say it’s because Disney is trying to make people hate their neighbors for their political views. Referencing the first part of the question, of course… to the latter, duh, they’re a bunch of sellouts.

    1. Money. At the end of the day everything is about money. Just ask David Hogg.

      1. Fuck off Chipper

    2. What kind of annoys me is that Soave has to go out of his way to call this a “dumb” and “obnoxious” post. It is neither.

      Is it a bit strained? Perhaps. Does it poorly explain its premise? Absolutely. But it is not dumb. It is not obnoxious.

      This isn’t a question about whether or not someone should be fired for an obnoxious statement. It is about whether someone should be punished for a mildly disagreeable statement. And Soave’s equivocating to try and disavow himself from her message does no one any service here- and in fact makes his message weaker.

      1. This. It was a strained analogy, but not dumb or obnoxious. I mean, conservatives and anyone else to the right of Joseph Stalin aren’t being beaten in the streets and herded into train cars and taken off to camps (yet) but her point was that it’s a slippery slope from this kind of deplatforming/ cancel culture type bullshit to something far worse and more insidious. Because once you start truly hating – not merely disliking but literally hating – your fellow countrymen for some reason, any reason really, then where does that kind of hatred end? How far is too far? For some it’s getting people fired from their jobs, for others it’s not enough until society is purged of the people they hate. I think the fear for a lot of people is that for too many on the “tolerant” left it’s the latter. Probably because they’ve studied history and know how cultural revolutions typically end.

        1. People make comparisons all the time that are basically valid, but differ in degree and may be exaggerated for effect.

          1. But it’s not really exaggerated.
            The left today is behaving exactly as the nazis behaved leading up to the holocaust.

          2. Like the Atlantic writer who compared her neighbors to Nazis and Hezbollah for plowing her driveway of snow?

      2. BOTH SIDES, to be sure

  5. BTW, Reason, I like to give credit where it’s due… thank you for picking this incident up, and reporting on it quickly. But there’s another, bigger one that I haven’t heard anything on yet, where pretty much the rest of the solar system has already done deep dives and thoughtful takes. And this little thingy happened over a week ago now.

    1. Scroll down and select Contact, and then click Submissions and pitches.

      So instead of complaining on the comments that they don’t read, you could try suggesting the story directly.

      1. I used to do that, way back in the day… not sure if you were around back then. Back in the ‘hat tip’ days.

        But then I stopped even getting responses in my email. In the old days, I’d get a ‘thanks!” even if they didn’t cover the story. Then they stopped hat tips.

        Also, given the size and impact of the story I’m referring to, I guaran-damn-tee they know about it. So at this point, they either don’t think it’s newsworthy, or simply have no commentary to add to something that is begging for commentary.

        1. I remember those days. That’s when I’d post my Daily Fails on the mourning lynx.

          At this point I don’t see what incentive they have to listen to us, being that the general theme of the comments are “Fuck you Reason you were mean to Trump and got Biden elected so fuck you fuck you fuck you running fuck you.”

          1. If I were a Reason writer, I would probably scan the comments, scroll by the invective and try to pick out comments– including critical ones that aren’t just full of ‘fuck offs’. Reason, to their credit keeps their comment section open where other newspapers have pretty much shut theirs down. So Reason as an organization doesn’t seem to mind the two-way-street aspect of their operation. I will always credit them for that.

            But Reason has lost something from the old days. And I suspect if you cornered some of the now long gone, old timey guys, they’d agree.

            1. But Reason has lost something from the old days. And I suspect if you cornered some of the now long gone, old timey guys, they’d agree.

              What it’s missing is the now long gone, old timey guys. The nice fellows cantankerous assholes who introduced me to CafeHayek, Mises, Bastiat, Friedman, and such. That’s all gone.

              1. I miss the old cantankerous asshole who used to come into the comment section and correct commenter grammar while arguing with them about their comment.

                  1. Cavanaugh…

                    He once came into the comment section and referred to John as a “staunch spelling refusenik”.

                    He also made a veiled comment about me in regards to market pricing, saying the he and “one other commenter here” knew the lesson from the lone biker of the apocalypse: Price, it’s not what you say it is, it’s what the market will bear.

                    Oh and he corrected my grammar once, telling me the proper word in the case I used it was ‘fewer’ not ‘less’.

                    1. Yeah, Cavanaugh was great. What happened to him?

            2. Seriously, how often is there an intelligent insightful comment these days? Also, has Reason changed or has society changed? Maybe the world is moving on from certain views that were prevalent in your formative years and so is Reason. Adapt or perish.

              1. Also, has Reason changed or has society changed?


                Adapt or perish.

                Indeed. Indeed.

              2. Some beliefs are worth fighting for, even if “society” has “moved on”.

                1. The media is almost uniformly anti-first amendment. Society has changed, get used to it.

              3. Sooo…what you’re saying is, that where ever society “moves on to” is correct, and we are obliged to accept it without demur?
                /Cathy Newman

              4. So libritarian should embrace totalitarianism because that’s where the culture is going?

                1. The other Rev would be happy to point out that one need not embrace totalitarianism, it will be shoved down your throat. What you need to do is lie back and think of England.

                  1. Where would that other Rev be without rape analogies?

            3. But Reason has lost something from the old days.

              Yeah, no more of SugarFree’s slash-fic in the comments.

          2. “Fuck you Reason you were mean to Trump and got Biden elected so fuck you fuck you fuck you running fuck you.”

            I don’t really care that they were mean to Trump. It’s their job and the guy can take it. I care that they were, and continue to be, overtly and unabashedly intellectually and politically dishonest. Not free minded or open-minded but wilfully self-retarded. For that they can take a large rusty metal pole up the ass.

        2. They should bring hat tip back

        3. But then I stopped even getting responses in my email. In the old days, I’d get a ‘thanks!” even if they didn’t cover the story. Then they stopped hat tips.

          Based on the evidence at hand, I suspect they probably stopped bothering with reading emails. If the vitriol directed at them in every comment thread is any indication of what they get in the emails, I can’t entirely blame them although it would be nice if they still did that. Oh well, I guess we just can’t have nice things.

      2. Oh, BTW, they DO read the comments.

        1. So they’re into masochism?

          1. Either that or they’re grownups with thick skin.

            1. You’re talking to the person who yesterday was bragging about not reading comments because they hurt his pathetic feelings. And also flagging said comments.

          2. No they just want to make a bunch of money working from home and keep hoping one of those links will finally make that happen.

            1. Assuming that’s true, I kind of feel bad for their anti-virus software (to the extent that one can feel sorry for a computer program, that is).

        2. Really? My impression was that Bailey and, maybe, Robby Goodhair were the only ones who bothered.

          I know they definitely used to, because they sometimes created articles on issues that were brought up in the Morning Lynx that very same day.

          1. Rico commented on a comment within the past week.

    2. Give Reason time. I’m sure someone on staff is currently writing the definitive account of Biden’s liberation of Drumpf’s concentration camps.

      1. Which was accomplished by this one lexicological trick!

        Trump: “Ripped children from their parents and threw them in cages ! REEEE!”
        Biden: “Rescued children from their long journey and put them up in overflow facilities.”

        Same children, save chain-link enclosures.

        Fuck the fucking media.

        1. Yup. Who gives a shit about Trump being portrayed negatively or Biden positively? Both sides are the problem and what matters is that people feel good about throwing immigrant kids in chain-link pens.

          1. In this Both Sides, there’s a disconnect between policies people think they want and the consequences of those policies.

            Obama didn’t always put them in facilities. I think he put them in foster care or with relatives in the states and it was reported later that they couldn’t find a great number of them.

            There’s policies concerning immigration that are not good and have very bad consequences. Kids in Cages may be the most compassionate way of dealing with a policy the American people seem to claim they want. Maybe the better solution is to not let any of them in in the first place and we wouldn’t have kids in cages.

    3. Any chance you saw any of the Kennedy show episodes with Matt Welch regarding the election? He was condescending and openly mocking of the very idea there was anything wrong with the election. The coverage here was also dismissive of any claims made, immediately and completely, without any critical thought put into it.

      Maybe the reason they’re not covering the Time’s article is because it’s about them and their benefactor, and they wish Time had stfu.

      Although more likely is they made up their mind immediately because it’s what they wanted to happen, and now cognitive dissonance won’t allow them to reconsider their assumptions.

      1. I’m not even asking for a specific, libertarian opinion on it. I just want them to:

        1. Acknowledge that it happened.
        2. Provide some kind of a take on it:

        1. Options:

          Yay! Democracy was saved by billionaires and committed activists to remove Trump from office!

          Well, nothing illegal is even alleged here, so what’s the big deal, it’s all just private corporations moderating their platforms!

          Or maybe:

          While there may be nothing illegal about this, it’s a disturbing view into elite power politics that shouldn’t be ignored, and maybe it’s time we become more critical of how private corporations shape the narrative.

          1. And this little thingy happened over a week ago now.

            What little thingy are you referring to? Was out West skiing last week and so I’m trying to catch up or the latest outrages.

          2. While there may be nothing illegal about this, it’s a disturbing view into elite power politics that shouldn’t be ignored, and maybe it’s time we become more critical of how private corporations shape the narrative.

            Not even “Mumble mumble… power corrupts… mumble mumble absolute power… mumble mumble…”, but “Republicans Have Lost Their Sense Of Personal Responsibility!!!1!!eleventy!1”

      2. I don’t know how man times you guys have to hear this. There was no evidence whatsoever of voter fraud significant enough to affect the outcome of the election. Claims to the contrary should be given the same weight as a Bigfoot sighting without photographic evidence. Was there some minor voter fraud? Probably. Should we address it? Absolutely. But these are not the claims being made. Maybe if you couched your complaints in those terms, we could have a discussion. But no, you will keep going on about a “stolen election.”

        1. The Time article isn’t about voter fraud.

        2. I don’t believe I’ve posted “stolen election” one single time on this website. I certainly didn’t above.

        3. I don’t know how many times you guys have to hear this. There was never a full audit done to gather evidence to reach the criteria you are asking for. In fact Maricopa County is violating a state subpoena to avoid it.

          Pesky facts and all.

        4. You can’t prove a negative.

          1. It is not proving a negative. Lack of evidence to prove a positive is lack of evidence. There is no verifiable evidence that lizard shape shifting aliens secretly run the government. I do not need to prove that such a thing is impossible.

            There is a great deal of evidence concerning Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster. I cannot disprove either one.

            Trump won the election which was stolen. Well show it. It was in his words a “landslide”. Landslides are not hidden.

        5. The mere idea of Biden getting 80+million votes, far more than any president in history is laughable.
          He’s a drooling tard who couldn’t even fill a parking lot while Trump filled stadiums.
          The massive number of affadavits of observations (have they been prosecuted yet for lying under oath), number tallies jumping in the middle of the night, illicit counting behind windows being boarded up, machines and ballots whisked away in the night before they can be audited.
          Oh yeah, and the idea that Joe Biden got 80 million votes. At this point anyone who thinks there isn’t anything wrong with that is just high on cool aid or lacks the reasoning to.
          Nothing minor about it. Without the interstate compact they have been pushing for they still have to cheat in every state to win it. I’d say trump was so far ahead in most states that they had to crank the vote printing machines to 11 to get enough votes to win each state, thats how he ended up over 80 million. They got sloppy and have been working hard to deplatform any and all criticism because they know it won’t stand scrutiny. You don’t act so panicked and wrecklessly when you have the truth on your side.

          1. The official results are internally inconsistent – incumbent gain, bellwether counties, primary performance, GA+OH+IA, demographic share, margins in just a few select locations – with a Biden victory.
            Every circumstantial and parallel factor is indicative of not just a Trump victory, but a massive Trump victory.

          2. Nothing but baseless allegations.

            This is the time to show it. You will not get another opportunity.

      3. I’m glad I didn’t reflexively flag this comment because of the name.

        1. I couldn’t care less. Although I’d still like an answer why you defended DOL’s post calling us all “confederate traitors” the other day, then completely disagreed with that assertion in your own post right after it.

          1. Guess I made a mistake. I’m not answering your loaded question because I didn’t agree with him. I told him he was wasting his time. As I am with you. This is why I flag your posts without reading them. You ask dishonest questions that aren’t worth a response let alone a thought.

            1. You also cried about flagging everyone immediately because they hurt your feelings when most people are simply pointing out your own hypocrisy.

    4. This isn’t a news site. It’s a commentary site. It’s mission isn’t to present every event that occurs, but to comment on a few events from a libertarian perspective.

      1. That’s fair, but I think it’s also fair to expect some responsiveness to the readership. We provide at least some of the funding for, either through direct donations or indirectly through ad revenue.

        I like Reason, and I generally refrain from complaining about them. However, if I were to pick one knit, it’s that most of the writers seem to be out of touch with those who aren’t upper-middle-class coastal dwellers. I think their mission could be enhanced by more interaction.

        (I’ll concede that it’s hard to blame them for not wanting to wade into the vitriol that’s so pervasive in the comments)

        1. Having had in-person conversations with Reason editors on the topic of the commentariat, I fully understand their practice of completely ignoring the comment section. We’re worse than 2010 era Youtube comment sections. It’s what happens when there is literally no moderation except for occasionally taking down links to porn.

          Back when I talked to the editors (see, at one time they DID interact with us) I defended the no-holds barred comment section. But times have changed. 90% of the comments today are monkeys flinging poo. Reason needs moderation.

          Of course, the poo flinging monkeys will whine that their right to frei speich is being infringed. But there’s a lot Reason can do to clean up the commentariat while still letting us talk about stuffing judges into woodchippers.

          1. I’ll always maintain that Reason is correct to stay mostly hands-off in moderating the comments section. If nothing else, it’s a fascinating experiment in virtual human interaction.

            It seems discourse has really taken a nosedive here in the last couple of years, as other platforms have heavily moderated or completely shutdown their public virtual spaces. All these companies are well within their first amendment rights to do so (as is Reason, if they so choose). However, the culture and spirit of freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and freedom of spirit is something that needs to be defended. It’s a testament to the integrity of Reason that they carry on those ideals even as it becomes a potential liability.

            1. I am convinced that there is room for a “Reasonable” like plugin to solve for these problems.

              1) public key signatures in the post (or username) to pseudonymously identify you.

              2) up/down vote mechanism

              3) collaborative filter process that lets you select other posters you trust, and then uses their ratings and yours assign values to posts and posters.

              4) a user-configurable setting that allows you to hide posts from people beneath a certain threshold.

              To an extent, it would continue to re-enforce bubbles as certain people would just 1-up the people they agree with. But since some people are interested in argumentation here, the collaborative filtering component would allow for intersection. I care more about generally arguing in good faith, and would be willing to “trust” even some of the people I often disagree with.

              This would also encourage people to discuss with a little more care. I know I lose my temper periodically, and if I knew that a more profanity-laden rant might result in my post being hidden- even among people who normally disagree but see my posts- it might encourage a little more courtesy.

              1. I actually like the bare-bones format of the comments section. Hell I wouldn’t even mind if they did away with threading, go full retro.

                No matter what features they add, there will always be those who find a way to shitpost. Might as well keep it simple; it will always be an easy option to just ignore a commenter who’s being shitty.

                1. it will always be an easy option to just ignore a commenter who’s being shitty.

                  That’s what I usually do. I don’t even usually bother with “flagging” comments, just scroll down past conversations that have devolved into monkeys flinging shit at each other.

                  Sometimes I wonder how many other people do the same to me (scroll down past my comments without bothering to read them) but then I remember I really don’t what you bunch of degenerates think of me. 🙂

                  1. I think it comes down not just to ideals of free expression, but also ideals of tolerance. While it is sometimes necessary and just (at least in the real world) to stand up for yourself or others, too often people work themselves into a frenzy over perceived slights when it’s best to just let it go and move on.

                    I think that most of the commenters here genuinely want a more libertarian society. But for that to exist, the tolerance required of individuals will need to be much more prevalent. People miss that aspect, I think. Vitriolic hatred tends to multiply itself, which, on a grander scale, leads to collectivist authoritarianism.

              2. 2) up/down vote mechanism

                3) collaborative filter process that lets you select other posters you trust, and then uses their ratings and yours assign values to posts and posters.

                4) a user-configurable setting that allows you to hide posts from people beneath a certain threshold.

                God, no. That’s reddit/Disqus-tier crap, and it would quickly fall victim to the political bias of whomever was doing the moderation. God forbid this board becomes that, or even worse, Something Awful.

                1. “That’s reddit/Disqus-tier crap, and it would quickly fall victim to the political bias of whomever was doing the moderation. God forbid this board becomes that, or even worse, Something Awful.”

                  No, Reddit, Slashdot and the like use a central voting system. This absolutely is vulnerable to “Brigading”.

                  This is all client based collaborative filtering. If the reddit rankings are like the star-reviews at Amazon, then this system would be similar to the “Others shopping for this item also looked at…” functionality on Amazon. Except more like, “Others you like tend to like this post”.

                  The point is, since it is client based and collaborative, it is just a tool for you. If you want to see everything, don’t use it. If you only want to see people with verified pseudonyms (i.e. pseudonyms with a reasonable posting history), do that. If you only want to interact with people who agree with you, you can do that.

                  1. Maybe… just let people read what they choose and decide for themselves?
                    If you don’t want to deal with any particular commenter(s), guess what: you don’t have to.
                    Just scroll past or flag and refresh.
                    Wtf would you need to protect people from coming to their own conclusions?

                    As for this site’s contributors, they deserve all the vitriol and criticism they get. First of all, they chose to take a job writing publicly.
                    Second, they operate in extremely bad faith and constantly libel anyone who has different opinions/values than them through mischaracterization of positions and attribution of evil motives.
                    Third, they’ve devolved to full progressive agitprop. Just look at Bailey – everything he’s written on covid has been in support of the totalitarian’s fear mongering, and much of it has been wrong. Or was it responsible and ethical for him to write that HCQ was completely worthless in treating covid?

              3. Up Down votes quickly get flooded to the tyranny of collective majority.

              4. Just a simple “Hide posts from this user” feature would save a ton of time wading through shitposters. Except the list grows due to socks.

            2. For all the crap on Reason comments, they are still better than what was going on at The Federalist. I at least keep coming back for the comments here. The Federalist I couldn’t get past the first thread.

          2. We’re worse than 2010 era Youtube comment sections.

            Hey, come on, it’s not THAT bad…

          3. You want moderation that would allow one side to fling and ban the other side. It can be seen in the posts you respond to. You’ve never called out those who you agree with politically for their own vitriol. So your desire is not actually just, it is just pathetic.

          4. The problem is the malleable definition of “poo”.

      2. Exactly. So there’s an event that has the opportunity for a very libertarian take.

        And I also disagree that it’s “not a news site”. Reason has done excellent original reporting on many issues with a high degree of journalistic integrity.

  6. Bill Burr and Amy Sedaris were both in the last season of The Mandalorian, and both of them are probably on the record for saying far more offensive shit.

    In fact, there are so many big names in the Mandalorian, where no names might do, it’s kind of amazing that they haven’t cut payroll down already.

    Disney+ was wildly successful beyond Disney’s own expectations, and The Mandalorian is a big part of the reason why. There’s no reason why that must continue.

    If they become more concerned with politics than they are about content, one of the other streamers will come along and eat their lunch.

    1. The 2nd to last episode, featuring Bill Burr, was the absolute best of the lot. His first episode was good too.

    2. It’s not successful. Most of the subscriptions were given out free as part of telephone company and cable service promotions.

      Watch for the large drop in six months, as those one year promotions end.

  7. Yet Disney still won’t “cancel” the movie Mulan over China’s treatment of the Uighurs. I guess Carano’s crime is that she isn’t a ruthless authoritarian regime.

    1. No. Her crime is that Disney pays her instead of her paying Disney. Why not cut costs?

      1. Oh, Harvey! Surely you wouldn’t Godwin Gina Carano out of bed for eating matzohs, would you?

    2. “…outspoken Republican”

      Different standards apply.

      1. Double standards apply.

  8. Speaking of streaming, last week I posted a story about Sinclair Broadcasting rebranding the Regional Sports Networks as Bally’s–and integrating the app with sports betting.

    Fox Sports San Diego will become Bally San Diego; Fox Sports Kansas City will become Bally Kansas City, etc. They’re doing this because the streaming companies almost universally dropped their RSNs rather than pay the exorbitant carrier fees that the cable companies pay. Bally’s casinos paying through the nose to rebrand the Regional Sports Networks is like a substitute for all the money Sinclair is losing when cable customers cut the cord.

    Anyway, last week, I was speculating that this might mean that Sinclair will open up the Regional Sports Networks to selling access direct to consumers as a subscription–letting, for instance, a Padres fan watch the Padres play home games without needing to subscribe to cable. I didn’t realize at the time that this “announcement” had already been made.

    “The company announced they reached a deal with Bally’s Corporation which would see Bally Sports become the new name of Fox Sports RSNs. They followed that news up by announcing that they would also be bringing the newly-branded RSNs direct-to-consumer.”

    Sinclair owns the home game broadcast rights to 42 MLB, NBA, and NHL teams across the country, and when the fans of those teams are no longer required to subscribe to cable to watch those teams’ home games, cord cutting should accelerate dramatically.

    When I think of the wave of layoffs, divorces, and sold homes that are sure to hit CNN, NBC, and the network news desks at places like Disney’s ABC, as a result of all that streaming, it makes me so happy, I start tearing up a little bit.

    1. I too find the ongoing disintegration of those legacy media outlets a truly poignant prospect. Worthy of, if not a tear, at least a sniffle…of joy.

    2. > Fox Sports San Diego will become Bally San Diego

      It’s all been downhill ever since San Diego renamed the Murph. Sigh.

    3. Bally is knee deep in baseball? Can we let Pete Rose into the HOF now?

      1. That’s the original sin of cancel culture right there!

        After that, the deluge.

  9. She didn’t compare what’s happening now with the holocaust. She compared it to before that when the Nazis denigrated Jews to make their neighbors hate them. She stated that happened before the soldiers started beating them and didn’t imply that the soldiers didn’t beat them.

    1. So she’s extra guilty? The Shoah (Holocaust) was the worst event to befall humanity because it destroyed so many Jewish lives. as such, any comparisons between the Shoah and other historical or contemporary events is nothing short of an act of overt and egregious anti-Semitism.

      1. No…. She was making parallels to the current climate that allows a past precedent (Nazism) to take root.

        It’s an opinion and should not demand cancellation. However, it did, and her opinion was reinforced.

      2. If there’s similarities, there’s similarities.

        But yeah, I’d agree there’s something very unseemly in using the Shoah to prop up bad arguments and shut down rational debate.

        Now who would do that?

      3. Get a grip. It wasn’t a statement of equality. It was an analogy.

      4. What about the millions of Ukrainians murdered by Stalin during his murderous genocide?

      5. She should have used Mao’s Cultural Revolution for her analogy.

        1. A quick search, and of course the NYT was praising the purge of the Four Olds…

          The Guardian has another take, though…

          The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was a decade-long period of political and social chaos caused by Mao Zedong’s bid to use the Chinese masses to reassert his control over the Communist party.

          Its bewildering complexity and almost unfathomable brutality was such that to this day historians struggle to make sense of everything that occurred during the period.

          However, Mao’s decision to launch the “revolution” in May 1966 is now widely interpreted as an attempt to destroy his enemies by unleashing the people on the party and urging them to purify its ranks.

          Seventeen years after his troops seized power, Mao saw his latest political campaign as a way of reinvigorating the communist revolution by strengthening ideology and weeding out opponents.

          “Our objective is to struggle against and crush those persons in authority who are taking the capitalist road… so as to facilitate the consolidation and development of the socialist system,” one early directive stated.

          Most historians agree the Cultural Revolution began in mid-May 1966 when party chiefs in Beijing issued a document known as the “May 16 Notification”. It warned that the party had been infiltrated by counter-revolutionary “revisionists” who were plotting to create a “dictatorship of the bourgeoisie”.

          Chinese students sprung into action, setting up Red Guard divisions in classrooms and campuses across the country. By August 1966 – so-called Red August – the mayhem was in full swing as Mao’s allies urged Red Guards to destroy the “four olds” – old ideas, old customs, old habits and old culture.

          Gangs of teenagers in red armbands and military fatigues roamed the streets of cities such as Beijing and Shanghai setting upon those with “bourgeois” clothes or reactionary haircuts. “Imperialist” street signs were torn down.

          Blood flowed as Mao ordered security forces not to interfere in the Red Guards’ work. Nearly 1,800 people lost their lives in Beijing in August and September 1966 alone.

          By late 1968 Mao realised his revolution had spiralled out of control. In a bid to rein in the violence he issued instructions to send millions of urban youth down to the countryside for “re-education”.

          He also ordered the army to restore order, effectively transforming China into a military dictatorship, which lasted until about 1971. As the army fought to bring the situation under control, the death toll soared.

          Red Guards laid siege to the Soviet, French and Indonesian embassies, torched the Mongolian ambassador’s car and hung a sign outside the British mission that read: “Crush British Imperialism!” One night, in late August, diplomats were forced to flee from the British embassy as it was ransacked and burned. Outside protesters chanted: “Kill! Kill!”.

          Historians believe somewhere between 500,000 and two million people lost their lives as a result of the Cultural Revolution.

          Even China’s feline population suffered as Red Guards tried to eliminate what they claimed was a symbol of “bourgeois decadence”. “Walking through the streets of the capital at the end of August [1966], people saw dead cats lying by the roadside with their front paws tied together,”

    2. If you’re trying to explain her tweets, you’ve already lost. The Western world is suffering from massive context collapse, and there’s no fourth estate to keep it from happening, because they’re the ones shoveling coal into the engines.

    3. Exactly.

      And really, Mr. Soave, you know where else wasn’t “teaching hatred leading to an eventual organized genocide”??

      30s Germany! Until it was…

  10. And yet, many are black balling people who worked or voted for Trump. Talking about a new federal police agency to go after those who which they disagree. As a classical liberal I’ll bet I’m on the list too.

    1. We can call them Congressionals.

  11. “Carano is right that part of the Nazis’ agenda was to persuade German citizens to hate and fear their Jewish neighbors”

    I don’t see anyone in govt or media or on twitter trying to persuade citizens to hate and fear their MAGAT, “insurrectionist”, and probably libertarian neighbors.

    Oh wait…

    1. over-the-top Nazi comparisons, indeed.

      1. How many of the last half dozen Republican presidential candidates have been declared crypto-Nazis by liberal Hollywood actors? Are they still shooting 6 for 6?

      2. Are conservatives not being routed from public service, the military and the police? Are conservatives not being denied a voice? How far does it have to go before it becomes below the top? From people who have spent the last 20 years screeching about anyone to the right of Mao being a naaaazi!!??

    2. Bushitler could not be reached for comment.

  12. The media’s demonization of the Republican Party—which is not directly referenced in her post, but it’s assumed that’s what she meant—is obviously not comparable to the Holocaust.

    The first step to getting people killed is to dehumanize them. Why is that obnoxious? You can absolutely oppress political opponents, even Republican ones.

    Fuck off, Reason.

    1. The first step to getting people killed is to dehumanize them.

      Oh you mean like every single day here when someone demands that progressives be murdered?

      You don’t mind people getting killed over politics, you just want to be the one who decides who it is.

      1. So your point is that the left is behaving that same way as a bunch of internet trolls? You certainly do like to overreact huh?

        Internet trolls don’t control police services. They can’t disappear people. They can’t prosecute them.

        I know you hate getting shit on every day but get some perspectvie. No, it is NOT like “every single day here ” at all because this only an obscure internet site, not the government of the USA.

        1. Lying Jeffy will always defend lefties, then claim he’s not a leftist.

      2. Consider it an in-kind contribution, fat boy.

      3. Well said. These ignorant rubes and their slack jawed spawn need to be sent to reeducation camps where they can be sterilized and taught the scientific method instead of Christian superstition.

        1. You demand assimilation not so different from what the Nazis wanted. At least you’re honest about your anti-Christian feelings. They won’t go down without a fight, however. Remember the limits of the scientific method.

          Repent of your evil ways.

      4. Libertarians aren’t typically the ones advocating for big government to restrict our rights and freedoms and get all up in everyone’s business. You jerkoffs are, and at some point self defense becomes an option. Where that line is, however, is very open to debate.

        1. And they would say the same thing about you. “They are constructing a society in which the rich get richer and the poor die in poverty. They are evil scumbags who thrive on poverty. At some point violence is justified in order to correct the injustice.”

          Maybe we aren’t evil, maybe they aren’t evil.

          1. Well, if “they” ( you) say that they (you) would be lying while we are telling factual truths. Demonstrably. So yeah they (you) are evil.

            Is false eqivalence your best move?

            Here let me CRT it for you. Libertarians have no power so they can’t be at fault for anything. Progressives control all three branches of government.

            1. Hell, I’ll even go with the simplistic nostrum “Follow the money”

              WHO is getting paid by the corporations?
              WHO dictates access to the major social media platforms?
              WHO stands to gain from every unwoke channel and dissenting voice silenced, from every “chilling effect” move to suppress dissent?

              Why that would be the so-called “progressives”, whoring themselves out to the effort to further entrench and secure the kleptocracy, the .01%ers, the oligarchs and plutocrats. And all to own the righties.

              Fucking pathetic, Jeffy.
              Why, that would be

          2. Some of them aren’t evil – they live in an echo chamber, growing up reading and watching thousands of messages about the evils of capitalism, religious people, and anything else the leftwing trendsetters hate that day. But plenty of them – especially those with power – certainly are. If you don’t think their expressed desire to control every aspect of people’s lives – down to who gets to teach a parent’s own child – is evil, then I can’t help you.

          3. Dude just be honest and say you are a leftist. You get shit because you are not honest. Everyone can see it.

            No one likes a weasel

            1. Why don’t you define what “leftist” means, then, if you want me to admit to being one.

              1. Can’t even be honest with yourself. Like I’ve said many times; in the past the likes of you would be confined to mental wards.

                1. No seriously. Why don’t you define what the term “leftist” means to you.

                  What it commonly means around here, is as just a slur. It has a meaning no different than “poopy head”.

                  That couldn’t POSSIBLY be what you mean by the term, could it?

                  1. Someone who’s constantly complaining about right-wingers, self-labeled himself an “anti-rightist,” and actually believes the vast majority of the country is right-wing.

                    1. Anti-right doesn’t mean pro-left. It means anti-right.

                      Have you forgotten that you are on a libertarian forum, which fundamentally rejects both the left-wing and right-wing point of view?

                      I dislike both the left and the right. But I fundamentally *despise* what the right-wing has turned into, under Trumpism.

                    2. Right but its all the completely unnecessary defenses of leftist politics while also constantly complaining about people on the right for the tiniest of infractions that makes it clear you’re not anti right you’re totally pro left because you are clearly a leftist

                    3. Blackballing is wrong. Full stop. Save the “muh private biznissssss” garbage, it’s wrong.

                    4. Anti-right doesn’t mean pro-left. It means anti-right.

                      “We’re the Anti-Bad Guy Squad! Anything we do is justified because it’s against Bad Guys! How can anyone not understand this?”

      5. “Someone”? That’s the best you can do? I have never come across anyone here demanding progressives be murdered. I won’t say you are lying since I don’t comb over the comment section of every post like you apparently do.

        1. You must be new here.

  13. I have to agree with the commenters who say that Carano’s point was not insane or offensive, if it was clumsily handled. It’s true that the left today is preoccupied with demonizing, dehumanizing, and delegitimating everyone on the right. And that sort of activity has historically led to bad places, Nazi Germany being one example. Communist China seems like another.

    It certainly isn’t worse than what we routinely hear from politicians on the left, CNN correspondents, and other Disney celebrities.

    On a separate point, I’m baffled that companies have let themselves become sucked into these kinds of debates. It seems that all you can do is risk alienating 50% of your customers, which has to be bad for business at some point. Disney could have said, “her opinions are not ours.” and just left it at that. They might have taken some flak for a bit, but it would go away.

    I’m hopeful, as a Mandalorian fan, that Disney ultimately gives her the James Gunn treatment, and she gets to make a groveling apology and get back to work.

    1. If she were the sort of person who groveled, she wouldn’t have been standing up to the raving lunatics in the first place.

    2. “On a separate point, I’m baffled that companies have let themselves become sucked into these kinds of debates.”

      As I noted above, this is a very new phenomenon driven by the rise of millennials in the work force. 20 years ago, my managers would do everything in their power to stop political discussions in the office because it was a giant waste of time. But today, my HR rep will tell me that it is important for them to host Anti-Racist workshops twice a week because “millennials want to work for a company that cares.”

      It all started out with some token hires into the company. Social Media advisor. Chief Diversity Officer. But what these people did was essentially bring all the woke nonsense into your marketing plan. These people also setup action committees, social media teams, and diversity groups, which are basically ways of identifying and empowering every Social Justice Activist in the company.

      20 Years ago, after the 2000th email from our corporate “Green Team” about the free screening of Fast Food Nation (or Inconvenient Truth, or whatever), I requested to be removed from their mailing list. The back and forth that happened when I explained I didn’t want their spam cluttering my email resulted in them being forced to get folks to opt in to their email lists. But just last month, one of my employees was taken to HR because they complained about being forced to take Equity and Inclusion training, where they were told that they are Privileged if they take Yom Kippur off as a paid holiday.

      1. Is this some kind of a cultural artifact of millennials that “work” has to be self-affirming rather than self-sustaining?

        Is it a byproduct of being raised by workaholics who didn’t value family or volunteer service except to gain social status?

        I liked some aspects of my job when I worked. My main gripe was that it demanded my entire life instead of letting me have time after hours to have one… and maybe that corporate culture was also a byproduct of the previous generation.

        Either way, it seems millennials are seeking life affirmation in places where they should just be making money to pay off loans, buy a house, and have a life. Either it’s because they weren’t raised to know what life out of work is or the jobs demand their life.

        1. No, it’s because they’ve led a life without challenges, adversity, or a cracked nose. The SJWs are so bold because they’ve never been pushed back.

          I fear that shocking physical violence will eventually be the result of this SJW bullying.

          The victims of SJW actions will crack.

    3. I’m hopeful, as a Mandalorian fan, that Disney ultimately gives her the James Gunn treatment, and she gets to make a groveling apology and get back to work.

      Yeah… she doesn’t strike me as the groveling type. OTOH, everyone needs a paycheck, so who knows, maybe she’ll decide this is just the kind of horseshit she’ll have to put up with in order to have a career as an actress.

  14. If over-the-top statements likening one’s political opponents to Nazis are grounds for firing, Hollywood is in trouble.

    Don’t worry. It’s only one-way.

    1. Ya, we’ve noticed. It’s just annoying how many people pretend that’s not the case.

  15. Oh my fucking God. You have got to be kidding me.

    I swear, the modern American right has turned into the most privileged self-entitled bunch of assholes that ever lived.

    They lose a close election, and they insist – INSIST – that it must be because of fraud. It can’t be because of their offensive candidate or their repugnant views. Oh no, it must be FRAUD. Because the “will of the people”, the “silent majority”, is on THEIR side. They just know it is so. Because they are the Real Murica. So any election result that doesn’t go their way must be fraud.

    And then when no one takes seriously their ridiculous MASSIVE FRAUD claims, they feel entitled to storm the Capitol and try to change the result by force. But they don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s the “people’s house”, they are trying to correct an injustice, it’s just a protest that got out of hand, the rationalizations go on and on. They STILL don’t think that it was that big of a deal that they tried to disrupt the peaceful transition of power by sheer force. Because they are ENTITLED to have their views recognized as the correct views.

    And then when the rest of the world is horrified by what they did, and does not condone their idiocy and their shameful behavior, they turn into the biggest whiniest VICTIMS on the planet. “Oh, sure, we lost an election, we propagated lie after lie about MASSIVE FRAUD, we deliberately tried to undermine the democratic process in the pursuit of power for ourselves, BY FORCE IF NECESSARY, we got people killed as a result, and we are totally not sorry at all about what we did, but don’t think badly on us, WE are the real victims here!!!!!” It just makes me want to puke. It is disgusting. Go sit in a corner. You are not the 1930’s Jews. Not even close. Not even in the same universe.

    You all need to sit down, shut up, and learn to live in a PLURALISTIC society that has people with whom you disagree, perhaps very strongly; that they have just as much right to call themselves Americans as you do; that when they win an election, it is not the end of the world, it is not “gulags and death camps”, it is not the destruction of the Republic, all it means is that you get to have your turn 2 or 4 years later to make a better case and perhaps win then; and that you are not entitled forever and ever to have your right-wing views prevail over the land forevermore.

    1. the woman was just fired for having a political opinion, her firing proved her point. get off teh chems chem

      1. Her opinion is a bunch of self-entitled twaddle.

        1. I think all your rage is based on the fact that she was proven correct.

        2. Hot on the tail of the government saying Trump supporters should be treated as domestic terrorists and drone striked…umm, I can see how you would find that reasonable

        3. The irony, it burns.

        4. Not that I agree with you, but you can just say “entitled” without the “self-” part.

    2. Funny how you only direct your screed at the right, when the left has no tolerance whatsoever for anyone whose views differ, engages in actual blacklisting, and has otherwise tried to run anyone they deem “unwoke” out of public life.

      1. Funny how you can only respond with whataboutist twaddle.

        1. Yes, Jeff, we know you don’t believe the left ever has to play by the rules it imposes on the rest of us.

        2. Whataboutism you say?

          “chemjeff radical individualist
          February.11.2021 at 1:15 pm
          The first step to getting people killed is to dehumanize them.

          Oh you mean like every single day here when someone demands that progressives be murdered?

          You don’t mind people getting killed over politics, you just want to be the one who decides who it is.”

          1. That’s different because Jeff says so.

            1. Yes I’m sure his “whataboutist twaddle” is woke so it’s ok.

            2. Hahaha, a response to being accused of whataboutism with “a what about that time you used whataboutism” accusation? Is this metawhataboutism?

              1. yeah you do look pretty dumb for doing that Jeff busting out the sockpuppet is a nice touch

                1. You know he sat there for 20 minutes writing and deleting posts because it bothered him so much, then decided to use one of his socks to pettifog.

          2. Which is the entire point of a whataboutist screed – it is to deflect attention away from the issue at hand and towards the person making the argument. Which is what you are trying to do.

            1. so why did you do it then conplain

            2. Lol Jeff complains about whataboutism after engaging in whataboutism, then gaslights everyone.

            3. Ah, but what is the issue? ‘Cause the way I see it, leftists hold most of the political and cultural power, made obvious by the fact they make and break the rules with impunity.

              1. That is not the way I see it.

                The way I see it, nothing major happens in this country unless the broad middle of the country supports it, which is overwhelmingly right-wing.

                Look at drug abuse. For DECADES people in disadvantaged communities suffered horribly from the problems of drug abuse. There were these kooks who thought that maybe the problem was the drug war itself, that maybe throwing addicts in jail was a terrible substitute for treatment, that maybe what addicts needed was compassion not prison. But that is not what the broad middle of the country thought, because the problems of drug abuse (well, other than smoking and alcohol) largely didn’t affect them. They viewed drug abuse as a moral failing and the best thing that could happen was for the state to throw those miscreants in prison. Drug abuse was something that happened to those *other people* living in the big cities, not moral upstanding people like themselves. What was needed was more enforcement and longer prison sentences. And yes both Republicans and Democrats at the time supported it, including Joe Biden. But it was only when the problems of drug abuse started affecting the broad middle of the country, in the form of oxycontin, THEN the tone shifted away from “throw them into prison” to “let’s treat it like a disease”. ONLY WHEN the problems of drug abuse affected THEM are things now changing with the drug war.

                Look at issues like wage stagnation and offshoring. This is not a new thing. Real wages have been stagnant for a long time and offshoring and outsourcing of jobs have been happening for a long time. But it mostly happened to *other people*, not the good decent people like themselves who had good decent jobs. If their jobs were being outsourced, it was because they didn’t have big enough bootstraps to pull themselves up! It is only when outsourcing was happening to THEIR jobs, and THEY weren’t getting raises, then it became time to “do something” about it, like tariffs or whatnot. Right-wingers turned into economic nationalists when the problems of a global economy were starting to affect THEM.

                Nothing big happens unless the big middle of the country personally experiences the problem and also personally endorses the proposed solution to the problem. If the problem is gang violence in the inner cities, then that is not a “real problem” and the solution is to throw them in prison. But if there were real problems of gang violence in cornfields in Iowa, you can damn well guarantee that the proposed solutions would change to conflict resolution and trying to understand the “root causes” of the whole thing.

                That is where the real power in this country lies.

                1. “The way I see it, nothing major happens in this country unless the broad middle of the country supports it, which is overwhelmingly right-wing.”

                  While I agree that this democracy tends to, gasp, prioritize shit that the majority of the country wants, to call it “right wing” is a bit much.

                  The War on Drugs was pretty much bipartisan, not right wing. And in fact, it pretty much split both parties. Feel free to read up on National Review’s perspective on the Drug War some time. Indeed, it wasn’t the Right suddenly giving a shit about drugs that led to decriminalization, but rather rich liberal parents not liking their kids getting locked up for smoking a joint.

                  Likewise, to call the trade war some big thing the Right just picked up is a bit odd. The coal miners, steelworkers unions, and other blue collar laborers who voted Trump only became “right wing” to you when they pulled the lever for Trump. Until then, they were pretty reliably democrats except when a Republican appealed to them.

                  Indeed, the majority of the country is a mushy middle. They aren’t right wing or left wing. They are a mob that sometimes the left appeals to and sometimes the right appeals to.

                  Which of course has nothing to do with this discussion other than the fact that the left is on a crusade right now to silence anyone on the right who might actually appeal to that mushy middle.

                  1. The left literally controls the entire K-College academic complex, the entertainment industry, mass media, both houses of Congress, the Presidency, and entire urban areas, but chemtard actually has the audacity to argue that the country is “overwhelmingly right wing.”

                    Dude needs to put down the fried Twinkies and get out of the house into the real world.

                    1. Every single left-wing idea that comes from those institutions “controlled by the left” is met with hostility and resistance from the broad middle of the country who don’t want to be talked down to by those ivory tower elites on the coasts. The broad middle of the country makes sure to exercise their veto rights over these controversial ideas like single-payer health care (which has been the norm in most of the civilized world for a long time now).

                      Can you name for me a right-wing idea that is broadly controversial and met with incredible resistance, like the idea of single-payer health care, or the idea of transgendered rights? The only one that I can think of is widespread gun ownership. Outside of the South and places were “gun culture” is a real thing, widespread gun ownership is controversial. But pretty much every other right-wing idea is accepted as normal and common place.

                      Taxes should be low, or at least reasonable? Check.
                      We should have a strong military? Check.
                      We should have a robust police force? Check.
                      Welfare should only go to those who “deserve” it? Check.
                      Immigrants don’t have a right to even live here without our permission? Check.
                      Capitalism, broadly, is the economic model of choice? Check.
                      The government should bail out struggling farmers? Check.

                      The power of broadly conservative ideas have is entrenched into the nation already. Those are here to stay because the broad middle accepts them. That is the real power in this country.

                    2. Squealer complains that radical left ideas get any kind of resistance at all.

                2. Why yes, the broad middle of the country is obsessed with Tranny Rights and letting boys compete in girls sports, as well as anti-racism plackards on every surface at sporting events . The broas middle is also obsessed with shutting down pipelines and ppsong enviro regs to benefit China

                  1. Why yes, the broad middle of the country is obsessed with Tranny Rights and letting boys compete in girls sports,

                    No, they’re not. The broad middle of the country does NOT support transgender rights and so that is why we are still talking about it today as a controversial topic. You are proving my point. The broad middle has decided that transgendered individuals don’t deserve the same rights that they do, so therefore, it doesn’t happen. Everyone’s rights are subject to their approval. Those are the wages of populism that Trump exploited.

                    So what is going to happen is, in the same way that gays finally got accepted in society, is that when people in the broad middle of the country can relate to transgendered people as not these caricatured freak shows, as not these mentally ill horrible people, but as typical human beings just like them. Once that happens, the objections to transgendered rights will melt away.

                    If it were up to “the left”, transgendered rights would have been decreed into existence 5-10 years ago. But they don’t have the real power to do that. The real power comes from the broad middle of the country which exercises veto power over everything. If they don’t like it, then it doesn’t happen. Or, at the very least, it remains this controversial topic that is taboo for polite society and everyone just steers around it and avoids the issue. But unless Bob the Farmer in Iowa personally endorses transgendered rights, regardless of how many elites in New York City are in favor of it, it doesn’t happen. That is what I mean by who holds the real power in the country. It is not the cultural left. It is the broadly conservative middle of the country.

                    1. The trans lobby actually demands far greater rights than the rest of us enjoy. They don’t want equality. They want to dictate how people can think and talk about gender and a host of other issues, which would be a problem even if their stated positions weren’t manifestly ridiculous and constantly changing shape. It’s not “right wing” to notice that in recent years the idea that it’s bigoted to say “pregnant woman” or for women to have their own forums to discuss issues of importance to them has been pushed really hard by some very powerful groups. Telling women that they shouldn’t refer to themselves as such is not about equality. And how exactly are “transgendered rights” not happening? The people fired, deplatformed, and vilified for their opinions on gender aren’t trans activists. The people we hear from every day on these issues are a handful of trans activists (no trans person I know wants this much or kind of attention, it’s just a loud and ridiculous minority) and their “allies.” Trans activists routinely fantasize about raping and murdering any women who don’t “center” them in every discussion, and nothing happens. A woman says “biological sex is a fact” and gets mobbed with hate by these same activists, with the full approval of the power brokers of our society. What you are calling right-wing hate is simply that most people are not down with a style of “punching up” that is actually a powerful ruling caste punching down every chance they get. Progressive activism is top down and pretends to be grassroots when it’s mostly just elite posturing like this. You’re angry that the elites don’t have the full, vocal support of the people they routinely characterize as benighted, bigoted rubes and whose preferences they routinely ignore, just as you are doing.

            4. So when was the last time a large contingent of the right suggested wiping out and re-programming the other half the country?

              I’ll wait….

              1. There is no “large contingent” of anyone suggesting anything like that now.

                Is this where you do this thing where you take the ravings of a few randos on Twitter and declare them to be a “large contingent” of whomever you want to denigrate?

                1. Can’t be honest.

        3. Also funny how you have created a narrative by which a couple of hundred people filing into the Capitol building taking selfies was somehow going to overthrow the election by “brute force”.

          I guess that narrative doesn’t look ridiculous if you’ve abandoned all critical thought.

          You are misrepresenting reality as you have been told to do. You will claim it’s independent thought, but it exactly reflects, say, Tony’s fanciful interpretation, or AOC’s-not because it’s what really happened, but because it’s the made-up version you have to believe.

          And that’s leaving out the whataboutism of billions of dollars worth of damage from violent riots, innocent people KILLED, areas declaring secession from the union, etc., all minimized, underreported, and excused. All arguably worse than the “coup”, the “dangerous insurrection” you want to wet your pants over.

          Entitled?? You wanna talk about entitled to your own version of reality?? lol. Holee shit.

          1. a couple of hundred people filing into the Capitol building taking selfies

            There you go. You still don’t think it’s a big deal that a mob of rioters tried to stop the peaceful transition of power. You rationalize it away. Because right-wingers are ENTITLED to riot and break things and see their will enacted when the election doesn’t go their way.

            Next you’re going to tell me they were basically just tourists, right?

            1. “You still don’t think it’s a big deal”

              There YOU go attributing things to him he never said because he’s right and you can’t stand it.

              Same Jeff games.

            2. No, we treated it as every other case where protesters have entered govt buildings. The fact that you want to engage in pearl clutching now doesn’t mean we need to . We can be intellectually honest about it.
              Nothing wrong with protesting a stolen election. Your statement is bogus on the face of it, when the left has spent all summer excuses the left as ENTITLED to riot and break things.

              You look a chump

              1. we treated it as every other case where protesters have entered govt buildings

                “We”? You speak for the entire right?

                And even still you minimize what actually happened. It was not mere trespassing. It was disrupting the peaceful transition of power by interrupting Congress’ work to certify the vote. That is different than trespassing at the Washington Monument. By refusing to acknowledge what actually happened and minimizing the crimes that the mobsters committed, you are carrying water for the entitled right-wing who think they are justified in burning down the Capitol, all in the name of the Constitution, because THEY are the Real Murica.

    3. Shorter chen jeff – Rah rah totalitarianism!

      1. Shorter me: Right-wingers need to grow up and understand that the country does not solely belong to them. Which is the opposite of totalitarianism.

        1. Good advice for the left, too, right Jeff?

          1. It is good advice for anyone.

            1. here’s some advice: GFY

        2. What you actually want is for the people you call “right wingers” to accept that they must shut up and sit down because this country has no place for them. What you want is completely totalitarian.

    4. “the modern American right…feel entitled to storm the Capitol”


      1. Look, you can’t rationalize deploying 25k loyalist troops to defend the capitol unless there’s a problem and therefore the right must be a problem. Simple fascist logic, my dear.

  16. You all need to sit down, shut up, and learn to live in a PLURALISTIC society that has people with whom you disagree, perhaps very strongly;

    You did this retarded copypasta already. Now shove that cupcake in your piehole and shut up yourself.

    1. People like you especially need to hear it, Mr. “I want to murder progressives” RRWP

      1. And people like you need to stop acting as apologists for the pigs, Squealer.

    2. actually that was good advice, to accept a plurality of viewpoints.
      advice the leftists are not only ignoring, but actively campaigning to do the opposite of, deplatforming anyone who disagrees with them.

      1. Right, and Jeff and the other liberaltarians refuse to acknowledge that.

        1. Right, and you’re being an asshole.

          If I wasn’t a supporter of pluralism, why would I advocate for a more pluralistic society? This is stupid.

          1. Uh oh Jeff has started in on the insults because he knows he lost the debate.

          2. Probably because Gina Carano’s tweet – which was warning against the intolerance of the left – caused you to label her a “right-winger” and implied she was of the same ilk as the Jan. 6 morons? You know, you get really upset when someone on the “right” says something that isn’t even remotely as nasty as what some leftist with the same or even more cultural power says about Trump supporters or anyone else on the putative right…and you think the former deserves a lesson in pluralism over the latter? What the hell is wrong with you?

            1. It’s the right-wingers currently acting like the entitled assholes demanding to have their will enacted, by force if necessary, because they are the Real Murica surrounded by Un-American Traitors living on the coasts. These are the people who need a lesson in pluralism.

              1. You don’t give a shit about pluralism. You’re offended that it exists in spite of you.

  17. She was canceled by a leftist populist mob on Twitter.

    1. The real question is why Disney attaches so much importance to that mob and grants them so much influence over Disney’s business decisions.

  18. but what happened in 1930s Germany is not remotely similar ”

    Are you that stupid, oppression of fellow citizens doesn’t start at the gun it starts just as this lady stated. Spend time convincing your fellow man that there is reason to hate and soon they will demand government do something.

  19. “ Carano is right that part of the Nazis’ agenda was to persuade German citizens to hate and fear their Jewish neighbors—but what happened in 1930s Germany is not remotely similar to what is happening today in the U.S. The Nazi Party’s demonization of the Jewish people led to genocide. The media’s demonization of the Republican Party—which is not directly referenced in her post, but it’s assumed that’s what she meant—is obviously not comparable to the Holocaust.”

    Read the comments from Progressives in the Washington Post sometime. Many would be perfectly happy to round up those not sufficiently doctrinaire and send them to the ovens.

    1. Truth and reconciliation and deprograming and yes they have even sudjested even arresting people just for voting for Trump

    2. Forget about the comments, read the columns themselves. The Washington Post has called on people to report their neighbors to the FBI if they are still displaying Trump campaign flags, and even proposed holding ‘2 minute hates’ to build support for impeachment last year.

    3. Yeah, that’s the lamest take Robbie’s come up with in a while.

      “The media’s demonization of the Republican Party—which is not directly referenced in her post, but it’s assumed that’s what she meant—is obviously not comparable to the Holocaust. Yet.”

      See, Robbie? One word. One stinkin’ word, and it becomes 100% more accurate. Because what they’re doing is fucking EXACTLY comparable to what was being done BEFORE the Holocaust. And what was done in Rwanda in the early 90s, that also wasn’t comparable to the Holocaust…until it was.

      1. How bad will it get? Thus far I see a lot of meat bags posting their outrage and dubious virtue on social media; the cancel culture does often work for them, by putting negative pressure on big business and getting them to fold and give in on a given person to gratify and get them to back off; but this only emboldens the mob to try for more. That is certainly noxious enough, but at what point do I have to employ an actual weapon in defense of myself?

        I think the progress of “noble intolerance” will continue to reach into our society to the point that it overreaches; it will have to directly effect the average Joe and Jane before anything is substantially done about it.

      2. Maybe Rwanda is a better example. Wasn’t a lot of it stirred up by people on the radio? I could be way off here, it’s been a long time since I read much on what happened there.

        1. Germany is still not a bad comparison. The German academy was explicitly teaching that Jews were less than human and students being taught that were the original foot soldiers. Consider CRT and how millennials have brought it out of the academy and into the mainstream.

          CRT has been taught for a few decades now. The assumption on the right was that what students were taught in a sheltered environment would go away once they were in the real world. That didn’t happen.

  20. The ‘Nazi’s’ are rounding up the Jews.

  21. Go count the number of blue checks on Twitter saying Rand Paul’s neighbor (who assaulted him to the point of damaging his lungs) is a hero.

  22. This was a very flawed comment

    I don’t see the problem with it. It’s missing the word “just” perhaps, but as far as off the cuff internet remarks go it’s beyond fine. The overall point should be clear to anyone. It’s anti-extremism, pro-tolerance, pro-empathy. I really struggle with how someone could read it and decide that it is pro-Nazi. But I guess that’s the world we live in. I suppose Ms. Carano has learned an expensive lesson my generation learned as children: Don’t post anything on the internet under your real name.

    1. I really struggle with how someone could read it and decide that it is pro-Nazi.

      The left do not engage in good faith.

      1. Exactly. Reality isn’t a barrier to belief.

    2. Twitter is not the place to expect great works of eloquence.

  23. Right on cue:

    Los Angeles Times Review of Andy Ngo’s Antifa Book Compares Him to Nazi Josef Goebbels

    It appears that the Yahoo News White House correspondent, Alexander Nazaryan, has not changed his ground game in at least five years. In 2016 he compared Ted Cruz and his staff to Nazis. He was forced to delete that tweet after being publicly shamed for his over the top comparison but apparently he has not learned his lesson.

    Nazaryan’s latest shameful comparison runs along the same lines when he compared journalist Andy Ngo to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels in his his latest review of Ngo’s book Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Racial Plan to Destroy Democracy.

    Not only does Nazaryan compare Ngo to the notorious Nazi, but he also absurdly downplays the dangers posed by Antifa to the extent of not capitalizing the name of that organization in both the text and title of his Los Angeles Times book review on Monday, “Andy Ngo’s new book still pretends antifa’s the real enemy.”

    First let us cut to the chase with Nazaryan’s Goebbels comparison:

    …Every act of violence by antifa, meanwhile, is described so meticulously and ominously that Herr Goebbels would have been proud.

    1. “First let us cut to the chase with Nazaryan’s Goebbels comparison:”

      Why should anyone even listen to this guy? His name is an amalgamation of ‘Nazi’ and ‘aryan’, obviously he is a white supremacist.

      1. He saw the book was written by a gay Vietnamese man and it set him off.

    2. …Every act of violence by antifa, meanwhile, is described so meticulously and ominously that Herr Goebbels would have been proud.

      So Andy does REAL journalism and his reward is to be compared to Nazi propaganda by another “journalist”. Leftists are the worst people on the planet. Bar none.

    3. I’ve only gotten a little way into Ngo’s book, but the funny thing is that I remember the things he describes as 1) actually happened and 2) loudly applauded by the Left.

    4. And bear in mind that his book literally proves her point, that the media is normalizing violence against conservatives committed by Antifa

  24. Interesting observation by someone on social media: “very surreal to watch in real time as the twitter hive mind updates its firmware from ‘present-day america is basically nazi germany’ to ‘comparing present-day america to nazi germany is an abhorrent, unprecedented, fireable offense'”

    1. Didn’t even think of it that way, but so true.

  25. Curious whey Pedro Pascal was not also fired for similar comparison of modern political actions to Nazi treatment of concentration camp jewish prisoners – actually worse than what Gina did:

    1. Weren’t there people in our own Congress leading the way in “inappropriate comparisons to Nazi Germany” when they called Trump’s continuation of Obama’s policies “Throwing children in concentration camps!”??

      Why, I think there were.

      I’d be more sanguine about chemjeff’s lovely “pluralistic society” if a big chunk of it WEREN’T filthy, reality-denying liars.

    2. It’s the patriarchy, duh.

  26. So her mistake was not including _only_?
    Jews were beaten in the streets, not _only_ by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors… even by children.

    Her point was that the citizens were pushed by the government/media to demonize a group of people.

    How is this not recognized by Reason?

    1. It’s not recognized by Reason because it would put a dent in the narrative they want to push, or at least this writer.

  27. What’s the Holodomor? Chopped liver?

    1. The Great Chinese famine was just a minor stumble of centralized government. Could’ve happened to any government except ours.

  28. “For one thing, Nazi soldiers absolutely beat Jews, in the streets and elsewhere.”

    And nowhere in Carano’s statement did she say they did not. She said that BEFORE the Nazi soldiers started beating Jews in the streets, the party engaged in a massive propaganda campaign to turn said Jews’ own neighbors against them. In fact, the sheer fact that she says this campaign was carried out “to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews,” she specifically implies that she understands the Nazi soldiers beat Jews in the streets. How do you think they rounded them up, offering free ice cream, or something?

    I agree that it was a somewhat tortured analogy, but out of all the complaints you could have about it, this shouldn’t be one of them.

    1. “contrived” is the word for Robbie’s gymnastics there.

    2. bOtH sIdEs!1

    3. to be fair to Nazi soldiers, even the worst ones were peaceful over 90% of the time, particularly while sleeping

      the actual amount of time they spent being violent was so small they could be fairly be called “overwhelmingly peaceful Nazi death squads”

      but not even Goebbels dreamed as big as modern progressives

    4. I read a book that in France the early deportation of Jews was couched in “for your own safety”.

      If you are getting beaten up by your neighbors, doesn’t seem like much of a stretch…

  29. It’s sad that all the Reason writers have become so blisteringly stupid. The point of making the comparison that Carano made wasn’t that the current status of Republicans is exactly like the Holocaust, but to say that we are heading down a bad road.

    When you demonize warnings against persecution, you are encouraging persecution.

    1. Oooh! Oooh! Can I say it? Do I get to say it?

      “It’s literally violence against conservatives!! REEeee.”

      Guess I don’t have it down quite yet 🙁

      1. Right, because if you had the reading comprehension of a 6 yr. old, you’d know that it’s still too early. The Jews were demonized, scapegoated, and then beaten. Saying “I’m being scapegoated and that has led to worse things in the past.” is not the same as “Speech is literally violence.” Dumbass.

    2. It’s almost like Reason writers are sad because they haven’t been invited to be part of the mob yet.

  30. Carano has occasionally made other controversial comments: She has criticized universal masking and suggested that combating voter fraud should be a major part of the Republican agenda.

    Damn, I knew she’d made anti-Semitic comments by suggesting the Nazis killed Jews (when we all know the Holocaust never actually happened and was only invented as a way to claim Jews were weak and powerless) but this sort of shit is over the top! Criticizing masking and suggesting voter fraud might be real? The lady’s obviously insane.


    hey, look at that! Some other Disney actors, in fact fellow actors from the exact shame show have made the exact same analogous points… arguably worse in some cases.

    Oh wait! They were liberals so it was ok. This shit is getting truly amazing.

  32. Carano has occasionally made other controversial comments: She has criticized universal masking and suggested that combating voter fraud should be a major part of the Republican agenda.

    What bizarro world is this where statements like “combating voter fraud” are considered *controversial*? WTF

    1. This one. People are idiots and can make a controversy out of anything.

    2. “…outspoken Republican”

      Any person or opinion not of the proper fold is game to be cancelled. I think they are the ones who are splitting the country, and will not stop until they succeed.

    3. A world in which Democrats are worried voter fraud will be found.

      It’s still Wilson’s party.

      1. Martin Van Buren’s.

    4. Apparently, we really need to be encouraging voter fraud. The more the better. I’m sure it will eventually become clear as to why this is a good idea.

  33. The thing is, she makes a very good and important point. Things like Nazi Germany or Communism can’t happen unless a lot of the population either actively goes along with it, or ignores it and tries to stay out of trouble. Nazism isn’t something that Hitler and his buddies did all on their own. They had to sell it to the German people. And a lot of them did get behind it. That’s not to say all Germans were complicit in the Holocaust or anything like that. But you can’t have a good ideological or ethnic purge without a good deal of popular support.

    1. In support of what you wrote, in 1939 Hitler’s approval rating in Germany was was over 80% and after WW II — after his death and after a lot of US-financed reconstruction in the late 40s — Hitler’s approval rating was still over 25% . Germans and Austrians were not “victims” of Nazism. They overwhelmingly embraced it wholeheartedly, actively building social cred by dobbing their Jewish and non-conforming neighbors, and confiscating their property afterwards (Postwar by Judt).

      1. I don’t know if schools just stopped teaching it or what, but there are descendants of Holocaust survivors who are still struggling to reclaim stolen property, 75 years later. It’s funny how we have this insanely well documented event where we can try to do restorative justice as much as is possible and it’s still difficult. I find it funny because people want to do more slavery reparations or colonial reparations and it’s laughable that they think it’s even achievable or worth pursuing. Sometimes, you have to let go, forgive and turn a new leaf.

        1. >> but there are descendants of Holocaust survivors who are still struggling to reclaim stolen property >> Not just in Germany and Austria, but even in France and Belgium. Lots of holocaust survivors returned home to property West of Germany, only to find squatters who were never forced to give back the homes. Shameful

  34. Using my Jewish privilege here, no problem with what she said. Completely accurate about the Holocaust and actually a very nuanced point that many have forgotten. It’s not like Germany was a Jewish utopia and then evil meanie Hitler came along and brainwashed all of Germany. The reason we honor those who helped us at Yad Vashem is precisely because it was uncommon to help Jews. Even as the Holocaust unfolded, the thought that we somehow deserved it or were not worth helping ran through the minds of hundreds of millions of Europeans and even Americans. To the world, Jewish lives didn’t matter. They still don’t matter and they probably never will. I can’t speak on behalf of Jews but I gave up a long time ago and I focus on self preservation and continuing the traditions as much as possible.

    Fuck Disney.

  35. it’s impossible to ignore the double standard at play here, since similarly provocative statements from liberal Star Wars cast members have not resulted in any sanction.

    Like, for instance, Pedro Pascal literally calling anyone who voted for Trump “Nazis.”

    Anyone’s who’s too stupid to tell the difference between calling ~74 million people literal Nazis and making a tortured analogy between the current government and media complex encouraging people to “cancel” their neighbors over political disagreements and a certain government and media complex in the 1930s encouraging people to beat their neighbors in the streets because of their ethnic background, has an IQ less than room temperature and needs to go fuck themselves up the ass with a rusty chainsaw.

  36. Apparently anyone who wants a career in this country needs to delete their social media accounts ASAP. Expressing an opinion is obviously “UnAmerican” now.

    1. Unless you’re on the left. Then you can just say, “I got hacked.” or “I’ve been a closeted homosexual stuck in an opposite-sex relationships and I’m going through some things.” or something.

  37. The Nazi Party’s demonization of the Jewish people led to genocide. The media’s demonization of the Republican Party—which is not directly referenced in her post, but it’s assumed that’s what she meant—is obviously not comparable to the Holocaust.

    Well, not yet. Let’s not pretend there’s not plenty of godless heathens on the left that want to literally kill conservatives.

    1. By any objective measure the Congressional softball shooting by a leftwing extremist was far, far worse than Jan 6, in which apparently not a single person actually died as a result of protester violence.

      Contrast the responses.

      It’s all Calvinball.

  38. We’ve all set back and let the leftists create the culture. They arbitrarily pick who they want to do business with — based on 100% conformity with a totalitarian package of misguided values that are all based on a mythology: that the US is primarily a uniquely and irredeemably racist and misogynist white supremacist force of evil, and anyone who disagrees with that is some combination of stupid, ignorant, or evil. Gina could have been more articulate, but the idea that atrocity starts with the kind of neighbor-on-neighbor dehumanization and marginalization that the left is currently embracing — is spot on.

  39. Once again, as a public service, I remind everyone to close all social accounts after deleting all content, and rejoin the human race.

    Move to Free America, and actually meet with friends.

  40. Carson is partly wrong. Disney is partly wrong. And Reason rarely agrees with itself either. Such judgements BS.

  41. Good luck publishing Reason or any other nonconforming speech once you’re denied web hosting and bank access. And then Antifa will be by later to break the windows and burn the place down with everyone in it, after you can’t even call the disbanded police for help because your phones are all cancelled.

    If you’re not starting to feel a bit like you’re living The Man In The High Castle then you aren’t paying close enough attention.

  42. I can’t help but notice that Carano’s allegedly “dumb” and “obnoxious” views are just things that anyone who’s not a raving lunatic would agree with.

    1. Well said. See my remarks below in reference to Milton Mayer’s great book on the Nazis, They Thought They Were Free.

  43. Have you forgotten this summer? Literal mobs of people were going through major cities attacking people if they didn’t affirm their belief in “BLM”

    An actual senator was beset by one such mob, Rand Paul. Maybe you’ve heard of him?

    And this was all egged on by Democratic politicians, telling their followers to do this, get in their face, make sure they aren’t welcome anywhere.

  44. MILTON MAYER AGREES WITH GINA CORANO. Robby Suave’s hairdo seems to be cancelling perceptive thinking; he’s missing Ms. Corano’s point. In his book, They Thought They Were Free, Milton Mayer, who researched his book AFTER the Nazi catastrophe played itself out, he spends much of the text analyzing the progression of events that brought Germany to the point where they indeed killed Jews in the street and elsewhere. This was precisely the point made by Gina Corano. We are now seeing a vicious cancel culture play itself out. Government officials talk of hunting down dissidents. Channels of communication are being shut down under the an ambiguous “private property” excuse. People are losing their jobs, being slandered, and losing the means of communicating news by providers that are no longer strictly “private.” The U.S. government and its surveillance regime have effectively outsourced the act of censorship to “crap”italist crony insiders with nefarious links to the creepiest of government agencies. At what point will tiny little Robby realize that Ms. Corano was right? When silence reigns?

    Here are some relevant passages from Milton Mayer, which I encourage Robby and folks at excuse-making Reason to read:

    “Most of us did not want to think about fundamental things and never had. There was no need to. Nazism gave us some dreadful, fundamental things to think about—we were decent people—and kept us so busy with continuous changes and ‘crises’ and so fascinated, yes, fascinated, by the machinations of the ‘national enemies,’ without and within, that we had no time to think about these dreadful things that were growing, little by little, all around us. Unconsciously, I suppose, we were grateful. Who wants to think?

    “To live in this process is absolutely not to be able to notice it—please try to believe me—unless one has a much greater degree of political awareness, acuity, than most of us had ever had occasion to develop. Each step was so small, so inconsequential, so well explained or, on occasion, ‘regretted,’ that, unless one were detached from the whole process from the beginning, unless one understood what the whole thing was in principle, what all these ‘little measures’ that no ‘patriotic German’ could resent must some day lead to, one no more saw it developing from day to day than a farmer in his field sees the corn growing. One day it is over his head.”

    And there’s this:
    “But the one great shocking occasion, when tens or hundreds or thousands will join with you, never comes. That’s the difficulty. If the last and worst act of the whole regime had come immediately after the first and smallest, thousands, yes, millions would have been sufficiently shocked—if, let us say, the gassing of the Jews in ’43 had come immediately after the ‘German Firm’ stickers on the windows of non-Jewish shops in ’33. But of course this isn’t the way it happens. In between come all the hundreds of little steps, some of them imperceptible, each of them preparing you not to be shocked by the next. Step C is not so much worse than Step B, and, if you did not make a stand at Step B, why should you at Step C? And so on to Step D.

    And one day, too late, your principles, if you were ever sensible of them, all rush in upon you. The burden of self-deception has grown too heavy, and some minor incident, in my case my little boy, hardly more than a baby, saying ‘Jewish swine,’ collapses it all at once, and you see that everything, everything, has changed and changed completely under your nose.”

  45. People complaining about Facebook/Twitter leaving up provocative/incorrect information and wanting the government to get involved. “Fuck the government! They shouldn’t control what Private businesses do! Private businesses should be allowed to do what they want!”

    Private businesses firing people who say terrible things: “That’s violating 1st amendment! Free Speech! Down with Cancel culture!”

    The hypocrisy at play is staggering.

    1. What she said wasn’t “terrible” and they basically did exactly what she was calling them out for. I’m not a fan of the Government either, however we have a constitution for a reason, and it’s governments job to make sure that’s not violated.

      1. 1st Amendment only means you cant be arrested for the things you say.

        It doesn’t mean you never face consequences for what you say.


  47. As much as I am pleased that Cara Dune will no longer be a character in the Mandalorian (In my opinion, she is a terrible actor and her character did nothing to further the plot or enhance the show), her Instagram post should not have gotten her fired.

    Sure comparing anything to the holocaust (or the events that led up to the holocaust) is bound to be offensive to someone, and insensitive to the plight of the victims of the holocaust. That being said, the core of her message was “Hey, lets stop being hateful to each other over political ideologies before this gets out of hand and people start getting hurt”

    And for that she got fired for her “abhorrent message”

    Disney is wrong on this one.

    1. Perhaps and I agree that her character had run out of space to be there.

      Her post is not anti Semitic. It is not true in the comparison she tries to make. Political division is entirely normal and expected. Auschwitz was not.

      She is entitled to her views. What, and I am sure is in her contract, is becoming embroiled in public controversy which may damage the reputation of the company she works for in this gig.

      Someone brought up Mel Gibson and Clint Eastwood. They have their own production companies.

  48. The fact that “media elite” is essentially code for “the Jews,” this makes for some delicious fascist language fuckery.

    The entire Republican party cultural ecosystem is a white supremacist project. Period. All the population increase in this country is coming from brown people. That’s what has Trumpers in such a tizzy.

    It’s certainly not about fucking fiscal policy.

    1. The fact that “media elite” is essentially code for “the Jews,”

      Where do you get this shit? Most normal people would see the “media elite” as those in the media who run things, strongly influence what gets done, or have a big soapbox. You know, the “elite”.

      1. So like Sean Hannity?

        1. Yes, him and the other hundred or so democrat talking heads that make up the other 99%.

    2. Isn’t Corano a woman of color?

    3. You can always count on Tony to come and validate the point when discussing how the Left denigrates and dehumanizes half the country.

      You’re a joke mate.

      1. That half the country tried to destroy the country.

        I’ll denigrate if I want.

        1. That half the country tried to destroy the country.

          If your side’s in charge, it probably deserves to be destroyed.

      2. If there’s one thing communists hate, it’s republicans.

  49. “Carano has occasionally made other controversial comments: She has criticized universal masking and suggested that combating voter fraud should be a major part of the Republican agenda.”

    Criticizing universal masking and combating voter fraud is controversial?

  50. Oh, here’s Christiane Amanpour comparing America to Nazi Germany. Old article, but entirely relevant.

    Oh, Reason contributor, Brendan O’Neill.

    CNN’s shameless assault on the memory of the Holocaust
    Christiane Amanpour’s latest anti-Trump tirade confirmed how unhinged the media elites have become.

    Christiane Amanpour, CNN’s star reporter, caused a storm last week when she compared Trump’s rule of America with Kristallnacht.

    Yes, taking Holocaust Relativism to dizzying and disturbing new heights, Amanpour spoke of the Trump administration in the same breath as the vicious anti-Semitic pogroms of November 1938 in which the Sturmabteilung, the first paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party, used sledgehammers to destroy synagogues and Jewish businesses.

    More than 90 Jews were killed and 30,000 were arrested and put in concentration camps. It is considered to be the starting point of the Holocaust. What kind of reporter, whose job is to seek out the truth and be accurate, seriously thinks such an outburst of mass, deranged, officially decreed violence against Jews is in any way comparable to life in 21st-century America?

    1. And CNN has the nerve to balk when Trump supporters refer to it as ‘fake news’. What we witnessed in Amanpour’s base marshalling of the suffering of the Holocaust to the end of bashing Trump was something far worse than ‘fake news’. This was a clear case of Holocaust Relativism, of minimising through comparison the greatest crime in human history.

      In comparing Kristallnacht to the rule of an American president who some people don’t like, Amanpour drained the seriousness, the uniqueness, from the Holocaust and rendered it normal, just another inconvenient political event in history, not unlike the bluster and occasional fib-telling of the Trump administration that CNN’s viewers will be so familiar with.

      In case any aspiring opinion writers out there wanna know, that’s how it’s fucking done.

    1. I give up.

      It’s only a matter of time before the cancel culture the writers here shrug at reaches Reason’s doorsteps.

    2. Yeah, but how many will watch Mandolorian and quit? I know I am when my free month is up.

  51. Another attack on “ethnics” who are conservative or libertarian by the left/media. She has the wrong last name..and ethnicity…it wasn’t just her views but that too.

  52. She has amazing tits

  53. The article states that the left is not trying to get leftists to hate those who don’t hold their ideology, then proceeds to illustrate how they are lol. It’s only a matter of time until the Intersectional Fascists start throwing everyone who isn’t in gulags and beating them in the streets. They did this today digitally with Gina. This will lead exactly to Genocide of everyone who isn’t a minority, protected class, or party supporter if it’s not stopped.

    1. The “beating them in the streets” part started a while ago.

  54. Gina Carano was kind of ham-handed in expressing the fact that the Anti-Semitism in Germany and Europe preceded the rise of the Nazis. Perhaps she should have said: “Jews were beaten by their neighbors and their neighbor’s children then beaten by the Nazis.”

    It is also true that, at the risk of getting flack from Crayola: “Nothing Else is Nazi Party!”

    But that said: Is this really something that couldn’t be better handled with a “teachable moment?” If people use their freedom in a way that is ignorant, shouldn’t the first response be to enlighten them?

  55. omg! She said the republicans should combat voter fraud! What an unbelievably outrageous an offensive idea! I have literally never heard of such an idea so far outside of societal norms..its hard to even understand how a person could think up such crazy things, its no wonder they let her go, she is a true danger to us all.

  56. The media’s demonization of the Republican Party…is obviously not comparable to the Holocaust.

    You seem to admit that there is demonization going on. But you conclude that it is “not comparable to the Holocaust.” How so? You don’t bother explaining. Is it that Republicans are not (yet) dragged off to concentration camps? But her whole point is that the demonization went on for a while before they could effectuate “the final solution.” I think her comment was spot-on.

  57. provocative lol. Disney immediately made her case.

  58. The Mandalorian is mediocre. It only looks good compared to the SJW dreck that Disney allowed everything else in the Star Was franchise to degenerate into. I watched it, and until they fired Carano, I had no idea what a lefturd twat the male lead actor is.

    The upshot is that I’ve lost interest in Star Was altogether. It was fun for the first three movies, but now it’s nothing but a business school case study in how to piss away a valuable property to appease people who aren’t even your customers.


  59. Absolutely…..True…..hmmmm

  60. Mocking the gender pronouns was probably the worst offense.

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