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San Francisco School Board President Says Critics of School Renaming Are Undermining Anti-Racist Work

"What I keep hearing is you're trying to undermine the work that has been done through this process."


In Following the Equator, an 1897 book of social commentary, Mark Twain wrote: "In the first place, God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made school boards."

He certainly could have been talking about San Francisco's current school board, which is now lashing out at critics of its idiosyncratic push to purge the schools of historical names deemed problematic: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Dianne Feinstein, and 40 others. (Indeed, if there were any public schools in San Francisco named for Twain, the renaming committee might very well have jettisoned the acclaimed American author—an ardent champion of anti-slavery and anti-imperialist causes—because characters in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are historically accurate and use the N-word in a pejorative way.)

In an eye-opening interview with The New Yorker's Isaac Chotiner, SFUSD Board President Gabriela Lopez shrugged off perceptive questions about the decisions to rename Paul Revere Preparatory School, James Lick Middle School, and Lowell High School, each of which was based on faulty reasoning. For instance, the renaming committee charged Paul Revere with leading an expedition to colonize the Penobscot Native Americans in 1779; he was actually carrying out an attack on British naval forces during the War of Independence.

Here's how Lopez responded to Chotiner's question about this:

So, for me, I guess it's just the criteria was created to show if there were ties to these specific themes, right? White supremacy, racism, colonization, ties to slavery, the killing of indigenous people, or any symbols that embodied that. And the committee shared that these are the names that have these ties. And so, for me, at this moment, I have the understanding we have to do the teaching, but also I do agree that we shouldn't have these ties, and this is a way of showing it.

Chotiner then again pointed out that the renaming committee was simply misinformed about the existence of these ties. Lopez did not appreciate his efforts to "discredit" the school board's noble work:

So then you go into discrediting the work that they're doing, and the process that they put together in order to create this list. So when we begin to have these conversations, and we're pointing to that, and we're given the reasoning and they're sharing why they made this choice and why they're putting it out there, I don't want to get into a process where we then discredit the work that this group has done.

Chotiner then pushed Lopez to concede that some of the work is obviously flawed. Lopez responded that she was open to seeing it that way, but nevertheless stood by it. She also suggested that people object to renaming schools because they object to any conversation about racism, both historical and ongoing.

"The real issue is how we are challenged when we talk about racism," she said.

The conversation continued:

So none of the errors that I read to you about previous entries made you worried that maybe this was done in a slightly haphazard way?

No, because I've already shared with you that the people who have contributed to this process are also part of a community that is taking it as seriously as we would want them to. And they're contributing through diverse perspectives and experiences that are often not included, and that we need to acknowledge.

I'm not quite sure what that means when we are talking about things that did or didn't happen.

I think what you're pointing to and what I keep hearing is you're trying to undermine the work that has been done through this process. And I'm moving away from the idea that it was haphazard.

Ideally, the head of a school board would express more than a passing interest in correcting the significant, uncontested errors that undergird the renaming effort. But Lopez is essentially arguing that anti-racism takes precedence over accuracy, and that anyone asking too many questions about all this is a saboteur. It apparently has not occurred to her that if the school board's efforts are based on faulty assumptions, then the campaign to undermine them is in fact a public service.

There are plenty of other issues with the renaming drive. The Atlantic's Gary Kamiya touched on several of them:

The committee also failed to consistently apply its one-strike-and-you're-out rule. When one member questioned whether Malcolm X Academy should be renamed in light of the fact that Malcolm was once a pimp, and therefore subjugated women, the committee decided that his later career redeemed his earlier missteps. Yet no such exceptions were made for Lincoln, Jefferson, and others on the list.

Since the San Francisco school board's bizarre priorities have become a national controversy, it's easy to forget that the underlying issue is the education of public school children. Are the public employees tasked with administering this education competent and trustworthy? That's what is at stake, and I think it's hard to conclude that someone who manifests this level of disinterest in historical accuracy is the best person to be in charge of the schools.

The problem hardly begins and ends with Lopez. SFUSD's vice president is a woman named Alison Collins. Here are some comments that Collins made in October:

"When we're talking about…meritocracy, especially meritocracy based on standardized testing, I'm just going to say it, in this day and age we can't mince words, those are racist systems," said Collins. "If you're going to say that merit is fair, it's the antithesis of fair, and it's the antithesis of just."

Collins is reciting the progressive creed on standardized tests—albeit one that is completely divorced from reality. Standardized testing results do reflect existing racial inequalities, but they are less easily gamed than other criteria often considered in college admissions. Poor students of color may not perform as well on tests as their wealthy, white counterparts, but their opportunities to pad resumes and applications with extracurricular activities are even more disparately limited.

Moreover, it's odd for an educator to assert that not only is one specific method of measuring merit flawed, but that the idea of merit itself is unjust, unfair, and racist. We should not wish to discourage poor students of color by essentially telling them that they cannot succeed—that there is no system under which their success could be measured—because of their race. Consider that the most hardcore racist would probably assert something similar: White people are better and smarter than black people because they are white and black people are black. (At some point, this begins to resemble that Ryan Long video, "When Wokes And Racists Actually Agree on Everything.")

To sum things up, the president of San Francisco's school board thinks schools should be renamed even if the renaming committee erred in its thinking, and the vice president of the school board thinks merit is a racist concept and any attempt to measure merit represents the antithesis of justice. Are these schools in good hands? Would any parent willingly trust the members of this board to tutor their children, let alone plan the entire educational experience of thousands of kids?

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  1. There aren’t many parents that would support this as a method of education. That’s why it needs to be funded with stolen money and people forced into with mandatory attendance

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  2. Import not-Americans, get not-America.

    Surprise! Surprise!

    1. Where is your family from historically?

      1. America.

    2. There are a lot of people with Spanish names whose families have been in California for many generations.
      I’m not convinced that immigrants in general get America any less
      than Americans do at this point.

      1. On the contrary, immigrants tend to know where they came from and why they came here. My most fervently pro-American professor in college was originally Ukrainian, who fled from the Soviets as a young man.

        Americans, especially young “woke” Americans, tend to think that they are in a horrible, racist, evil place due to a complete lack of perspective from the outside world and the past.

  3. “Are these schools in good hands?”

    They’re in the hands of retards that were raised by retards just like them. It’s retards all the way down. When the solution of choice to the problem of students struggling with academic achievement is to eliminate the coursework that makes the students struggle, and to work down the list of “discriminatory” subjects such as math, science, and reading comprehension while striking them from existence, you end up with a society of retards ruled over by retards.

    1. How close are we to that being done to a significant amount in government schools in parts of the USA or any other countries?

  4. I don’t understand why the far left winger who control San Francisco haven’t renamed all of their schools and government buildings after their all time favorite politicians (i.e. Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez, Maduro, etc.).

    1. Somebody pointed out that they were all dead white males, so now they’re having a crisis of faith.

      1. NVA Sniper Dragon Lady Elementary?

      2. Yeah gonna have to be Dolores Huerta, Angela Davis, Madame Mao, Audre Lorde, Betty Shabazz. Oh wait a minute! None of them were trans! my cis-privilege is showing…

    2. they were trying….. but pelosi made the list of people to hate…..

      1. Broken Clock Theory.

  5. Juan Williams defends the teacher unions refusal to return to work ‘because many parents fear for the health of their children.’ What he and the SF school board don’t see is that those parents who fear exposure to COVID and others who are disgusted by the school board and the union will continue in future as they are coping now – either by homeschooling or by enrolling their kids in private schools.
    Once the school board and the teachers unions see the drop in enrollment we can expect to see a push for laws making either route illegal, probably in the name of equity or antiracism.

    1. No, there’ve already been constitutional rulings preserving the right to such learning alternatives. I think more likely is that government school teaching will become a sinecure, a no-show job with no customers but lavish benefits.

      1. If these constitutional rulings did not further liberalize abortion rights, then they are not “superprecedent” and therefore fair game for attacks by leftists.

        I agree with your second point. We hear it said that as students flee the public school system, their funding will be reduced. I have yet to see that happen in practice.

      2. California Teachers Union: “Achievement Unlocked!!

  6. The subhead on the Atlantic article is telling:

    The city’s move to rename schools will provide invaluable ammunition to Fox News.

    Not complaining about it being wrong, or a waste of time and money which should be spent on teaching students. Just that it airs the dirt laundry in public for opponents to laugh at.

    1. Everything is a means to some end. In fact, it’s a relic of white supremacy culture to assume some kind of absolute morality to any action.

      /Atlantic Editorial Board

    2. The Atlantic Article was about as critical of the SF School Board as Reason. You should read past the subhead.

      1. Why is the first concern that the mouthpiece of the deplorable proletariat might be given rhetorical ammo then?

    3. “Republicans pounce”

  7. “…trying to undermine the work that has been done…”

    Yep, so you do understand what we’re trying to do then.

    1. You misunderstand. She’s not complaining that people are trying to undermine her work. She’s signalling that they’re the victims. They’re doing something constructive by tearing down namesakes and rewriting history books and evil white supremacist/perfectionists like you are marginalizing them for it.

      1. Right; we’ve already been told [by the SFUSD] that perfectionism is white supremacy.

        1. Facts are white supremacy.
          As are hard work, self-reliance, delayed gratification, being on time, individualism and politeness

          /Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture

      2. She’s saying that they are now letting marginalized voices have their say, and if those voices introduce an admixture of error, so be it.

        Accuracy doesn’t matter, as long as everyone has input.

        1. “Being historically ignorant is something we all do together!”

        2. Let me know when and where they apply said “principle’ to bridge building or airplane construction.

      3. No, not even that, it’s, “We’re doing something constructive by making you mad. The fact that you’re complaining about it shows we’re doing our jobs.”

  8. What I keep hearing is you’re trying to undermine the work that has been done through this process.

    You say this like the work done through this process has merit and, as such, should be valued. That’s racist and the antithesis of fair.

    1. Maybe that’s the subtle way of bragging how meritless their woke work is.

  9. These people are crazy as shit-house rats and they’re insisting you move into the shit-house with them. And you’re attempting to reason with them. You’re just as crazy as they are.

    1. There is no reasoning with an “argument” that has no basis in logic or reason, and with assumptions that have no basis in reality.

    2. I don’t think they really want us to move into their respective shit-houses. Rather, I think they want to turn all domiciles into shit-houses… equity.

      1. Precisely. The only way to prevent this shit is ensure left-wingers are never allowed to participate in the first place.

  10. I’m growing increasingly comfortable with the notion to two separate nations.

    It will have to be metropolitan [urban areas and coastal fringes, primarily the NE and the West], and pretty much everyone else. These characters have gone so Orwellian that I just cannot see them ever being redeemed.

    Seriously, have any of you ever seen a more outrageous example of circular reasoning that what is given by this girl who is the president of the STUSD?

    1. SFUSD

    2. These people will never allow anything like that because as much as they hate people outside their tribe, they also can’t bear the thought of leaving the people they hate alone. Their tribe’s whole thing is dominance over the hated other. If we had two nations, they’d have no way to lord their superiority over you and force you to eat the shit sandwich they’ve made. Their only desire with government is control. People like that don’t give you the option of an exit.

      1. Glen Greenwald nails this in his most recent piece about the nyt hackunt taylor lorenz lieing about a guy using “retarded” in a clubhouse chat room that never happened.

        You think reason could afford him?

    3. I think the problem any resistance will face is making an argument against handing every aspect of this country to lefts who will make the most diverse, anti-racist decisions for you.
      You do want to be diverse and anti-racist don’t you?
      Leave it alone isn’t a valid option to these people.

      1. If we live under separate governments, they can blame all they want. In fact I suspect that would be their principal industry.

    4. Really painful to see her struggle to find a period. Or maybe that stream of consciousness style is making a comeback.

    5. I’m growing increasingly comfortable with the notion to two separate nations.

      I’m not. What are we going to do? Shoot Californians at the AZ/NM/TX border? I know Gary has been effective at keeping Chicagoans out of IN, but I don’t think that’s practical everywhere.

      1. So how does this end? I do not see an end to the madness, these “extreme” views just make the outlandish appear mundane.

        Of course we are all being “played” the MSM and those who see a profit clicks by putting out whatever we will react to; but at what point does the crazy really take over to the extent we can no longer tolerate it? Will “shooting people at the border” become a matter of survival?

        My point is there are many aspects of our country and it’s founding principles, as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, that make living here better than just about anywhere else. And I think those things are worth protecting, which at times goes beyond posting on a web site or posting an op-ed.

        So my question to you is at what point are you willing to actually defend what you believe, and your way of life? Because if this sort of nonsense continues to infest our institutions and goes mainstream, that may very well be what you have to do.

        1. This is the genius of the progressive movement; they pushed their ideas incrementally over the past 80 years–into our children, into law, into what’s socially acceptable. They’ve now gotten to the point where people who would’ve thought these ideas insane even 10 years ago are now compelled to accept it–because part of the movement is this religious zeal that demands obedience.

          Crazy will continue to take over, short of something drastic like secession–mostly because of that “what’s now socially acceptable” part of things. You and I are willing to argue our point in an anonymous forum; how many of us would stake our business or job on publicly protesting any of the forthcoming or current set of horrible abuses (some of which have been around for decades)?

          BTW: My prediction is that certain players in big tech will continue to turn on people. Something akin to trolltrace could easily come out of, say, the fucks at G**gle.

          At some point it will be them or you.

          1. Portland and Seattle were partly taken over forcibly by people who effectively sought to establish their own country. Yet we didn’t hear the word “insurrectionists” once from the MSM or leftist politicians, we barely saw this on the news at all, and we certainly didn’t see the violent aspects of it. Current antifa protests, violent also, aren’t finding their way onto the national news scene either.

            But take a bunch of yahoos from the wrong political crowd with their “flash mob” in the capitol building, and you get an unarmed woman shot to death in the chest, plus a large and indefinite military presence in DC. (Let’s not forget all the whining about Trump’s threats to send forces into Seattle.)

            No one is going to win against the massive leftist hold on power and the MSM by arguing their points. Meanwhile, the left continues to increase its potential voter rolls with every new illegal immigrant (yes it’s all about votes => power).

            I see secession as the only outcome that might not end up ugly or desperate. Too bad I no longer live in a state where it could happen (well, Weld County, maybe).

            1. The event at the Capitol is what used to be called a sit-in (except sit-ins tended to occupy buildings for longer), but they called this one a riot. It’s a riot, all right, a real riot. You’re going to the Moon, Alice.

          2. I was a classic liberal until 15 to 20 years ago. I still believe in old school liberalism, but at this point the CRT people probably see me as a right wing reactionary.

      2. We do not need to separate nations, what we need to just follow the Constitution. Unfortunately, court rulings over the years has allowed the executive branch to grow in power way beyond what the framers in the Constitution intended. That change would result in most political decisions decided by state and local governments and would allow the people to chooose as to how they would be governed. If you want high taxes and political correctness, and critical race theory you can move to a state that promotes such causes such as New York or California, otherwise you can move to more conservative states such as Tennessee or Texas.

    6. I have to agree with you.
      Give them Seattle, Portland, SF, LA, New Orleans, NY city and Chicago to be Commie America.
      Then the rest of us will be deplorable in Free America.
      If they don’t secede peacefully, I predict American Civil War version 2.0

  11. If you’re going to say that merit is fair, it’s the antithesis of fair, and it’s the antithesis of just.

    Progressive policy and laws are intentionally meaningless and arbitrarily enforced based on their whims. The judiciary is the last bulwark against the corruption of language that enables this, but they have allowed it to fester from the bottom to the top. Politicians who abuse language this way should be hit with injunction after injunction, but courts refuse to hear it (pun intended).

    1. According to Chuckles the Smug-Pig (using Smug-Pig’s “logic” vis-a-vis Section 230), punishing those who speak out about the waste of taxpayer money involved here with flat-out Government Almighty fiat might be bad, maybe… But it is ALL made TOTES cool… WONDERFUL maybe even… If we just get ONE person to file a “civil” lawsuit against “racist” critics of willy-nilly school re-namings, first!
      Hey “racist”, your racist speech has BADLY hurt my baby feelings, so I am taking you to CIVIL court! NOW after THIS particular magic wand is waved, Government Almighty taking his property is just WUNDERBAR!!! (Maybe I’ll get the leftovers after Government Almighty taxes the shit out of my lawsuit-lottery winnings).

      Hey Chuckles the Smug-Pig… You do know this, right? Your magic underwear will NOT protect you from the results of your smug-pig ways!!!

      1. Flag. Refresh.

        1. Whoa! PhD Computer Scientist here has figured out how to move the mouse-cursor, and click on the flag icon! Congratulations, Stable Genius Junior! Maybe You could write Your NEXT Computer Science PhD thesis on HOW You do that? And thread-clutter-post it EVERY FUCKIN’ TIME that you see a post that you disagree with? And expect all the OTHER marching morons to THANK you profusely?

          Well now… Have You and any of the other marching morons ever heard of “The Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf’?” Has it ever occurred to You, that the moderators will immediately ignore You and Yours? When you over-flag? Now, when the time comes that gets hacked, and some hacker posts a child-porn link to video of YOUR kid or relative’s kids… Or YOU possibly-maybe abusing YOUR kid (think “getting swatted” for trivial bullshit), or “doxes” You and Your SSN, real name, home address, and photo… OR, they post the IP address and WIP security key, access codes, etc., to the self-destruct mechanism in your battery-driven “IP of All Things” penis cage, see … And You (“The Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf’”) will FLAG the post that unveils all such things… You will be IGNORED, asshole!

          You ever think of THAT, asshole who cried wolf? I, for one, will NOT flag it when they “dox” you!!! Learn your lessons by SUFFERING, ye who will NOT learn otherwise!

          1. Did you drop the skin flute thing? Or, does it just need a rest to prevent chafing?

            1. I am STILL, from time to time, performing a pubic service! You’re welcome!

              To find precise details on what NOT to do, to avoid the flute police, please see … This has been a pubic service, courtesy of the Church of SQRLS!

              1. Advertising your website in the comments means you’re an actual spammer.
                Spammers get spamflagged.

    2. I get it you crazy fucktards. If you shit your pants and smear it all over my post, nobody else will respond lest they get the same treatment.

      Go fuck yourself. I don’t post for you. I post so that there is a record somewhere that I said something. I didn’t shut my eyes, cover my ears, and sit in silence while our freedoms were redefined out of existence.

      The best part is, that everyone can ignore you the same way. Flag, refresh. Easy peasy. You can scream into the void all you want, I don’t have to listen.

      1. In other words, I kicked the shit out of your stupid, arrogant, self-righteous “logic”, ye who will NOT understand the simple (non-hypocritical) stance of “what is good for the goose, is good for the gander”. And you can not STAND that I am actually more right, and more righteous, than YOU are, here, Smug-Pig! Tell me ALL about how I am wrong?

        Also this: When the still, small voice of Conscience comes to you, in the middle of the night, and quietly nags you about your arrogance, condescension, and self-righteousness, you “flag and refresh” it, don’t you, self-satisfied smug Wonder Child? Ye who have silenced the Voice of your Conscience already, to the point that it might as well scream to you as loudly as an amoeba can?

        1. Flag. Refresh.

            About humility!

            SOME humanoids (even I) have enough HUMILITY (a virtue!) to admit that we said something stupid, flat-out wrong, and-or arrogant, totally misapplied, condescending, and-or more! Are YOU capable of that? Have you ever tried it? It works for the better!

            1. Flag. Refresh.

              1. Smug-pig has ZERO humility! What a surprise! More news at 11:00!

                1. flag, and you have been shut the fuck up

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        2. Don’t you get it Sqrlsy? Everyone thinks you’re a retard and a headcase. Nobody reads your copypasta or is insulted by what you write, because you’re nothing more than an annoyance.

      2. Immediately flagging makes it easy enough to have a human conversation.

        And your points are correct. It’s why the totalitarian nazisoviet shills spam the board.

        1. Hey Nadless Nardless the Nasty NAZI… When the still, small voice of Conscience comes to you, in the middle of the night, and quietly nags you about your arrogance, condescension, FASCISM, and self-righteousness, you “flag and refresh” it, don’t you, self-satisfied smug Wonder Child? Ye who have silenced the Voice of your Conscience already, to the point that it might as well scream to you as loudly as an amoeba can?

          1. ‘…because you’re nothing more than an annoyance.’
            Flar, refresh

        2. Sqrlsy, the retard propaganda bot.

    3. So is “injunction” what we’re calling “a baseball bat studded with nails and broken glass” now? Asking for a friend.

  12. OT: Another Reason writer decided to smear Ron Paul this weekend. Apparently, he’s partly to blame for the sexual harassment allegations surrounding YAL.

    1. *Reason

    2. Not OT at all; same thing. One slight non-PC action or word and nothing else matters. Unless you were a pimp, then you get a second chance. I wonder if Zuri Davis has led a blemish-free life; how boring that must be!

      1. I bet she’s also totes outraged about the child rape among the Lincoln Project crowd too…

      2. “I wonder if Zuri Davis has led a blemish-free life; how boring that must be!”

        I don’t know about her specifically, but in my (brief) time working in the cubicles of a big tech company, that was my observation of nearly all of my coworkers: bright, smart, well-educated, possessing all the right opinions, made every right and safe decision their whole lives, but the most boring, boring people you have ever met.

        1. Weren’t you also a soldier, and a well-placed civil servant in an important government department too?

          1. No that’s just the lie he tells.

            1. Advisor to Obo, I believe, along with negotiating world peace! What a guy!

  13. confederate flags and statues need to be removed because they lost. okay then we won we get to name the schools after the winners leave the names alone

    1. “…okay then we won we get to name the schools after the winners leave the names alone”

      In your dreams

  14. I can agree that naming schools after Lincoln and Feinstein is a bit problematic but what’s wrong with Vasco Núñez de Balboa ? Sure he MIGHT have fed 40 Colombian trannies to his dogs but I think discovering the Pacific Ocean more than redeems that minor misstep.

    1. “discovering the Pacific Ocean ”

      That’s a very problematic euro-centric view.

      1. So no woke history points for Balboa being the first Hispanic to lay eyes on the PACIFIC OCEAN?

        1. No, he was from Spain, therefore the wrong type of Hispanic.

    2. That’s the problem right there. What right did Balboa have to pretend to speak for the Pacific Ocean? It was always there; it had already discovered itself. His pretending to have the authority and wisdom to discover someone else’s identify is racist.

      1. you’re always so stupid and obvious SWRLSY.

  15. “Are the public employees tasked with administering this education competent and trustworthy? ”

    The President of the School Board had 2 years of teaching experience when elected in 2018. It seems a bit late to criticize her naivete.

    López is a core organizer at Teachers 4 Social Justice.

    At 28, López is the youngest woman ever elected to office in San Francisco and the youngest school board member elected to the San Francisco Board of Education.

    López attended California State University, Dominguez Hills, and majored in Liberal Studies and Women’s Studies while working 3 part-time jobs. From there, she went on to receive her Masters of Education at University of California, Los Angeles on a full ride, through the Stone Scholar fellowship.

    Upon graduating in 2016, she moved to San Francisco and became a teacher at Leonard Flynn Elementary School in the Mission District, where she taught fourth- and fifth-grade Spanish Immersion.

    1. I thought she looked a bit young, naive, and inexperienced.

      Put a child in charge and you will get childish results.

      1. See AOC.

        1. The only thing AOC is in charge of is what the headlines at breitbart are going to be tomorrow.

          1. ching! $.50

      2. But she has a Master’s degree in Education.
        Wait, “Master’s” degree? Isn’t that problematic too?

  16. It seems kinda pointless to rename schools you’re not going to reopen anyway.

    1. It’s the virtue, sandwich.

    2. Being pointless is kinda the point.

      They’ve aimed to prove that as long as what you’re doing is woke, you can be paid for it regardless of whether you actually produced anything of value or not. The idea is that the wokeness provides merit all by itself, you don’t actually have to do anything useful.

      1. There you go with “merit” again; it’s like they have to prove their [inherent] worth or something!

  17. “What I keep hearing is you’re trying to undermine the work that has been done through this process.”

    That’s the voices in your head, you worthless piece of shit.

  18. A racist may get one thing wrong. An idiot gets everything wrong.

  19. The excel file was an interesting link to browse.

    Under the entry for Roosevelt Middle School, in the column under support for re-naming it, the spreadsheet states that it was named for Theodore Roosevelt, and then lists a number of alleged infractions by FDR.

    1. “…the spreadsheet states that it was named for Theodore Roosevelt, and then lists a number of alleged infractions by FDR.”

      If I had done such a thing just on in this comment section, I would be genuinely embarrassed; but these fools do it in a public forum where their identities are clearly known, and even then they do not have the presence of mind to be embarrassed.

      So they just double down and claim any criticism of them is critical of their “work” against racism. This has gone full Orwellian.

      1. At one point they admitted that they didn’t know which it was named for. (This happens when you erase history) so they discredited both, just to be sure.

        1. One old dead white guy is as good as another, when it comes to finding a scapegoat.

    2. If that spreadsheet was the sum total of their “research”, I’d say they’re not qualified to teach even my worst enemy’s kids.

  20. And I’m moving away from the idea that it was haphazard.

    That these unserious people are in any way associated with educating children should bother people more than it seems to.

    1. They aren’t associated with educating *my* children.

      1. It’s San Francisco; they fortunately are not associated with educating all but a miniscule number of children.

  21. Honestly, why not let them do this to themselves, stand by, and watch SFO systematically fuck up their paradise? I mean, between the shit and needles on the streets to graduating ‘woke but ignorant’ students…that is Ok by me. SFO should just keep doing that, and fuck themselves royally.

    That way, I can sit back and laugh at them.

    1. Agreed. But I doubt it will serve as any type of cautionary tale, and the doubling down and sophistry will continue.

      1. Of course, because it’s new nazism

    2. Unfortunately there is no way to prevent the products of this system from moving out into society at large.

      1. Then it will fracture; the sooner the better.

    3. A “small” portion of the SFUSD budget comes from the Federal govt. All taxpayers are invested, and should care in what comes out of these schools. I wish I could say “just let them kill themselves”, but it is my money paying for this B.S.

  22. For even more fun with teachers, go to any article in the Washington Post about teachers not going back to work and see the comments section for illogic, insult, poor grammar kills, inability to develop a supportable argument, and claims of superiority from teachers.

  23. SFUSD Board President Gabriela Lopez shrugged off perceptive questions about the decisions to rename Paul Revere Preparatory School.

    Beastie Boys hardest hit. With a whiffle ball bat.

  24. Typical of the hard Left to dismiss criticism as merely being reactionary.

    1. I think Mao labeled it all as “paper tigers.”

  25. It’s just so sad the way false narratives taint our institutions. I mean, look at these stupid teachers and their fake history.

  26. Are these schools in good hands? Would any parent willingly trust the members of this board to tutor their children, let alone plan the entire educational experience of thousands of kids?

    Are these trick questions?

  27. Good job, I enjoyed this article.

    “Since the San Francisco school board’s bizarre priorities have become a national controversy,”

    I would say it is the other way around. National think tanks decided to create a bizarre national controversy, and the San Francisco school board decided to join it.

    This is a feature, not a bug. The school board probably just doesn’t understand what they are being tasked with.

    The entire point of the movement to take down statues, rename parks and streets, and destroy monuments is to find someone to oppose it and call them a racist. That is the beginning and end of the entire thing.

    That was 100% of what was happening the first time around on this stuff. They tried it in several towns and were not able to generate enough controversy to take over the national news, so they did it in Richmond and brought in violent activists from antifa to ensure that there would be footage for the nightly news. Then they had the police force all of the protesters against removing monument avenue out of their designated area and directly into the street where antifa was staged and waiting for them.

    Magically we have a bunch of Nazis attacking innocent anti-racism protesters.

    That was the entire point. That is why they kept trying to get protests to have the Stone mountain monument removed. They wanted to find things that would make locals angry so that they could paint them as klansman.

    The strategy was simple. In order to paint Trump as the leader of a white nationalist movement, they had to come up with more than eight people who identified as white nationalists. So they decided to create them out of whole cloth. It took a couple of years to actually manage this, but it was a top-down strategy orchestrated amongst many different groups, including many of your buddies in the press.

    And along comes this school board, late to the party, and they are so dumb that they don’t realize that this strategy was two and a half, three years ago. Oops. Oh well, true believers are going to true believe.

    1. The entire point of the movement to take down statues, rename parks and streets, and destroy monuments is to find someone to oppose it and call them a racist.

      Reason compromised on the anti-racist movement even though it obviously violates free speech principles. Black people were oppressed, so pointing out that they have protections in law for decades and telling them to get over it and move on seemed harsh. Sure, ‘ending systemic racism’ is a poorly defined goal that is logistically impossible, but what harm could come from giving them a pass, it’s just rhetoric. We owe them that much, because ‘Black Lives Matter’ doesn’t mean that white lives don’t and just saying ‘I’m not racist’ isn’t proof you aren’t a racist.

      5 years later, anti-racism has been used to slander a president, undermine his cabinet, brand protesting citizens as domestic terrorists, and incite a continual threat of riot in cities throughout the nation. But acknowledging the underlying motive which has become crystal clear would expose Reason’s complicity. So they won’t. No one wants to admit their child is a monster.

      1. Yep

  28. Pointing out mistakes in homework might hurt someone’s feelings. If their intent was noble (oh, scratch that, “noble” has problematic etymology), if their heart was in the right place, they get an A.

    1. We can’t devalue “the work they did”

      1. You can’t devalue something that had no value to begin with.

        1. Value is another white supremacy word. They are therefore immune from judgements about merit, objectivity, productivity…

  29. White supremacy, racism, colonization, ties to slavery, the killing of indigenous people, or any symbols that embodied that.


  30. Would any parent willingly trust the members of this board to tutor their children, let alone plan the entire educational experience of thousands of kids?

    Oh, while we sit back here and make fun of the San Francisco School board, I will bet you all the way up to fifty cents that the board has the absolute backing of the parents– or at least like any political machine– the parents who are involved and matter to the board.

    1. There are two types of parents using public schools. The first type don’t give a shit about their kids education, view school as a babysitting service, and don’t care what the school board does. The second is politically aware busybody housewives (and occasionally their henpecked significant others) who are on a eternal crusade for their cause.

      Everyone else homeschools or uses private schools.

      1. Oh, I think there are a lot of people who care but either don’t have the resources and time or don’t care quite enough to get very involved. Maybe you would put them in the first group, but among the people I know with kids in school, I think it describes where they are at pretty well.

        1. Most people are busy with their lives; generating an income, raising their children, and using their free time to relax and enjoy themselves; this is because the nonsense has not affected adversely enough to seriously get their attention. Once it does, and it bites enough for them to do something about it, that will be another story. But in the meantime this ingenue and her minions can ramble on about their nonsense till the cows come home and no one will do much of anything about it.

          I only wonder if the false narrative will get so far into various institutions [schools, government, corporations] that it will take something of a revolutionary magnitude to eradicate it.

  31. I think what you’re pointing to and what I keep hearing is you’re trying to undermine the work that has been done through this process.

    Yes, you stupid whore, that’s exactly what’s being done, precisely because you self-righteous lunatics shouldn’t be put in charge of a lemonade stand, much less any complex organization.

  32. it’s odd for an educator to assert that not only is one specific method of measuring merit flawed, but that the idea of merit itself is unjust, unfair, and racist.

    Is it though? Because last I checked, a lot of this ‘anti-racist’ stuff is literally repeating the stuff progressive racists have been saying for going on a hundred years now. I.E. that ‘minorities’ of various kinds are genetically inferior, and thus cannot be expected to compete with whitey. They might hide the language and views a bit better from your average person, but at heart it’s the same garbage.

  33. Given that “anti-“racism is in fact very explicitly and offensively racist, I consider undermining that work to be a social good.

  34. I don’t agree with how she defended it, but I see my rich white friends who are zoned to fancy magnet schools and how the allocation systems really work.

    There is a strong argument that it’s really set up as an appeasement to the rich people who can afford test-prep classes and extra-curricular study programs. Keeps their kids in the system and keeps them happy paying tax money.

    A merely “smart” kid who doesn’t have the support structure has no hope of jumping on to that escalator.

    1. For example, if we compare the top magnet in SF to the nearest HS, we see that the magnet has significantly fewer kids on the school lunch program (35% vs 49%) and more white and asian kids.

      It’s easy to see how that might be seen as “rich” kids getting perks that the poor kids don’t get.

      Of course there are counter examples, but that’s not how people think.

    2. Yeah, but then there’s “fuck that escalator”.

      An actually smart kid might look at that kind of yuppy striving and come to that conclusion. AND a smart kid can still learn, avoiding the “get into the right junior high, get into the right high school, get into the right college, make the right connections, etc” escalator.

      A smart kid might realize that’s how the vile assholes that populate the elite strata of our kleptocracy are produced.

      Well avoided, if you ask me. Or maybe I’m just rationalizing my own meteoric rise from humble blue-collar strata to slightly-less-humble middle class, without the benefit of elite schooling.

  35. As far as I can tell, “anti-racism” is another word for racism, so good.

  36. Most of these left wing maggots self identify so they are easy to ignore and never hire.

    1. Except you are hiring them and paying for their salaries and benefits and pensions, since they work for the government.

  37. “The central thought I will advance is that liberal agents behave irrationally in an instrumental-rationality sense, although not in a value-rationality sense. They are compelled, by the peculiarly dynamic character of their faith and its accompanying sacramental liturgy, to violate a central precept of the natural art of politics. This is the precept to not unnecessarily disrupt the traditions, the mores and life-ways, of the broad mass of the population, or, where those traditions must be disrupted in substance, at least to preserve the outward forms of tradition. Liberalism is incapable of respecting this constraint because to do so would betray its inner nature, which is to publicly and conspicuously celebrate its great liturgy, the Festival of Reason, the dynamic overcoming of the darkness, superstition, and slavish authoritarianism of the irrational past. That is a benchmark which necessarily changes with each celebration of the liturgy, requiring new enemies to play the part of the villain.”

  38. Ms. Lopez is a sterling example of a brainwashed Progressive who considers any questions about her actions or rationale, no matter how reasonable or innocuous, as a personal attack on her and her beliefs, and must brand the questioner as a racist.

    Get ready, folks. They’re coming.

    1. “Get ready, folks. They’re coming.”

      Already here, and running our institutions.

  39. As reparation for Chotiner’s deplorably racist interview, and the words of cancelled writers like Weiss and McNeil,The New Yorker and The New York Timesshould be forced to fund The 1519 Project.

    The aim of The 1519 Project is to identify and name SFUSD schools in honor of , the heroic Yucatec Mayans who enslaved shipwrecked Spaniards years before Cortez invaded Mexican shores.

    1. The aim of The 1519 Project is to identify and name SFUSD schools in honor of , the heroic Yucatec Mayans who enslaved shipwrecked Spaniards years before Cortez invaded Mexican shores.

      Cuahtemoc was a racist xenophobe on the Wrong Side of History.

  40. Look at the sign behind her. It says

    “Let us be the ancestors our descendants will thank.”

    What could anyone today thank Abraham Lincoln for? I can’t think of anything.

    1. Good catch.

  41. It is really tiring that they continually judge the men of our history by today’s standards. They were products of their own cultures of the time and that is all. These great men should not be cancelled.

  42. As a university professor for many years I’ve observed that this level of idiocracy has reached the MS and PhD level of student applicants. For a time, students were passed through high schools (such as the ones in SF) without proper skills, and had to take remedial courses in college. Now I’m getting some applicants for post-graduate programs who have apparently been pushed through college by professors who have taught them nothing of any practical use (or perhaps just wrong-headed philosophies). This is by far not all students. I have a lot of brilliant, hard working students who do extremely well. But some of them have learned bad habits. They have learned not to take responsibility for their own actions. When they run into difficulties in graduate programs, it is the program’s fault. “It’s not the right program for me.” That is an inherently bad approach to any program. Interestingly, some of my best students have been military officers as the military is definitely a meritocracy. They are ranked on everything, they are disciplined, and have learned how to work efficiently and hard. Meritocracy works, and it doesn’t matter what color you are to make it work.

    1. And since the military is a government program, it shows that privatization is not the only route to improvement of government programs. Even within a single country’s government, there are good and bad organizations.

    2. The military isn’t a meritocracy, but racial-based quotas are imposed. This injustice has happened for nearly three decades decades, formally on advancement exams, within selection boards, beside the individual & command bigotry & discrimination. Beside that, there is retaliation & reprisal upon exposing, condemning, & confronting the injustice. It happened to me. As worse, since transitioning into poverty upon honorable retirement, already pithy pension has eroded while benefits & entitlements reneged & stolen by kleptocracts & parasitic exploitation among city, county, & state agencies but especially the prevalence of fraud-ridden dishonest NGOs & profiteers, corporateered fronts, shells, & scams. Along with injury due to others malevolence & negligence but they were indulged while I was exploited then neglected; I’ve endured discrimination, human & civil rights violations, theft, fraud, & other crime, illness, further retaliation & reprisal, threats, harassment, negligence, neglect, chronic homelessness, socio-economic disparity, … in San Diego, CA, forced onto the street while I was critically injured, for five months those awful people, Housing Commission, Unite US, United Way, Veterans Community Services, Vet Admin (still worse than ever exposed), et al, did not care but likely hoped that I would die, so they would exploit me upon my death as another sad statistic then appeal for further funding to solve the problem, as if, but self-indulgence. Even the Legal Aid Society was conniving, instead of protecting me, they literally stole my identity & nearly all of my personal property. Some actions have been taken, but not preventative only after the issues have happened, while many individuals, organizations, et al including complicit media, have been & are still on the dole tantamount to bribery (especially during CoronaCon), including legal firms, imposing conflicts of interest, indulging & perpetuating systemic corruption, systematic injustice, & socio-econ disparity. Only recent, I’ve been provided some attention by particular OIGs & JAG personnel, along with DoJ, because I was threatened with further retaliation & reprisal, but still seeking incorruptible virtuous legal support. Although seems that bigotry, discrimination, prejudice, violations & crimes only imposed upon perceived “whiteness”, so conditions are very aberrant, irrational, rife with indulged abuse, harm, injustice, evading accountability, beside distortion without exposure of all incidents. I also experienced other incidents of unsanitary, unsafe, unhygienic facilities (feces & blood smeared on walls & beds, roach & bed bug infestations beside not screening people but enabling them, awful conditions causing illness & harm including Hepatitis, blood clots & pulmonary embolisms, theft, malicious threats of physical violence including racially-motivated incident, … yet, imposing retaliation upon indicating the issues & wanting accountability) in Lancaster, & Circleville, OH, under the auspices of dubious NGOs, agencies, kleptocracies, & parasitic profiteers I’ve inferred, such as Lutheran Social Services, Unite US (again), United Way (ditto), Fairfield Metropolitan Housing Authority, Vet Admin (consistently irresponsible, complicit, & indulgent); I was dutifully compelled to provide the blatant evidence to HUD, DoJ, along with local elected representatives, along with local media, but they will suppress exposure to avoid attention while still publicizing misinforming propaganda & appeal for funds while evading accountability. No protections or support ever provided to prevent & impose accountability, while exposure is deliberately suppressed to perpetuate misinforming propaganda & distortion, along with stigma. Even suppressing & not pursuing the racially-motivated hate crimes, such as an incident in San Diego, CA, when I was injured by a gang committing assault & battery during the “polar bear challenge”. I’ve endured further abuse, harm, injury, injustice, disparity, & violations without deserved protections, support, exposure, compensation, or requisite medical treatment. Yet, while my undeserved ordeal is indulged, persistent, & perpetuated, but suppressed from exposure, you have to be aware of the distortions, indulgences, & appeals happening among the USA, evading accountability for crimes & violations, including fraud & hoaxes, beside sympathy & financial support for idiocy & stupidity.

  43. And exactly what “work” might it be that has been done under this process what would be stopped or set aside?

    1. Here’s an example of their “work”:

      “S.F. high school students get a lesson in subtle white privilege”
      “Three weeks ago I processed the Capitol insurrection with my high school students. Rallying our inquiry skills, we analyzed the images of that historic day, images of white men storming through the Capitol, fearless and with no forces to stop them. “This,” I said, “is white supremacy, this is white privilege. It can be hard to pinpoint, but when we see, it, we know it.”
      Across our Zoom screen, they affirmed, with nods, thumbs-ups, and emojis of anger and frustration. Fast-forward two weeks as we analyzed images from the inauguration, asking again, “What do we see?” We saw diversity, creativity and humanity, and a nation embracing all of this and more. On the day of the inauguration, Bernie Sanders was barely on our radar. The next day, he was everywhere…”

  44. You would think that to be on the Board of Education you would have had to have been educated.

  45. A few years ago I would have said that my children will be out of public schools for the next 100 years. Now I’m saying 1000 years. And I am a Liberal Atheist. I am not having my children indoctrinated with Critical Theory about race or anything else. Only free thought and open debate. If they somehow decide to believe in it anyway I’ll at least have taught them that everything is up for debate and if you cannot defend it with facts and reason then it cannot stand.

    1. According to the SFUSD, facts and reason along with objectivity, perfectionism, and a sense of urgency are all white supremacy

  46. She is a racist plain and simple

  47. People who attribute evil intent to people like SFUSD Board President Gabriela Lopez fail to take into account their limited intellectual ability.

    People like her function at the level of unthinking political correctness, a lack of ability to perceive the bigger picture and consequences of their policies, and an arrogant dismissal and disregard of anyone who does not agree with them. No debate or discussion needed. There’s a good chance that many or most of these people either failed or barely passed high school algebra.

    The dumbing down of the US and implementation of increasingly absurd policies are bad enough, but they are happening in a world where major countries are increasingly emphasizing education and applying themselves to get ahead.

    The ‘US experiment’ has gone off into the weeds. The US can’t possibly stay a world leader.

  48. Even Abe Lincoln. Apparently there were no abolitionists, not a single white person opposed slavery. Guilty by reason of skin color.

  49. WTF?

    Personally, I would disapprove of the SFUSD board plans, but is Reason a libertarian mag or not? Is Reason governing by nation-wide consensus or local-level decision making.

    If the SFUSD thinks it is best for community to drop those names, its for the related local community to decide what to do.

    Instead of tsk-tskking the SFUSD board member, how about a little sanctimonious tsk-tskking of critics who do NOT live in SF?

  50. WTF?

    Personally, I would disapprove of the SFUSD board plans, but is Reason a libertarian mag or not? Is Reason championing governing-by-nation-wide-consensus or local-level decision making.

    If the SFUSD thinks it is best for community to drop those names, its for the related local community to decide what to do.

    Instead of tsk-tskking the SFUSD board member, how about a little sanctimonious tsk-tskking of critics who do NOT live in SF?

    1. I’m sorry, but federalism is dog whistle racism. All issues are national now.

  51. If you expect actual logic and intelligence from liberal education bureaucrats, you are really barking up the wrong tree.

    1. 1970s definition of conservative: a white liberal who was just mugged

      2020s definition of conservative: a white liberal whose kids’ school was just renamed and made to attend anti racist re-education classes.

  52. Stop running Babylon Bee articles as “news”, you’re being mean to gullible people.

    1. I thought this one was funny, but a bit too “Oniony”

  53. Just a few months ago, the word Picnic became a banned word in universities based off a completely false internet rumor that it referred to lynchings, when anyone who bothered to look it up would know that it was from a French term for potluck.

    Reality does not seem to be of a concern for people these days.

  54. She speaks like the boss from Office Space, except more irritating. And I am 100% mind-blown that these two idiots were voted into office by the SF populace. Jesus, how in the F%$# is that possible?

    1. Answer: it’s San Francisco. You had better not bother running for any office if you are a semi-functional adult, and don’t run for SF school board if you are potty trained on top of that.

  55. Irrationality & ignorance (since complicit media selectively exposes & willingly suppresses incidents while complicit oversight authorities are indulgent without accountability or resolving of hate-crime, bigotry, discrimination, & socio-econ disparity against perceived “whiteness”) so situation is distorted among symptoms of aberrant conditions while these dishonest socio-paths, somehow still in these appointed positions, deliberately divert & obscure their own heritage. La Raza, Rancheros, among those with Spanish, Mexican, & Latinx descent, abusive oppressive colonizers imposing genocide upon indigenous people, beside the Indigenous people themselves, Aztecs et al, inherent slavery, human sacrifice, … Yet indulge bigotry, discrimination, injustice, retaliation, & injustice upon perceived “whiteness”? These conditions can’t persist or the other issues without a righteous response, condemnation, confrontation, & imposing accountability. Absurd, that these people somehow undeservedly portrayed as innocent & victims.

  56. The fairness and equality that these Marxists are looking for, historically speaking, exists in a gulag or at the bottom of a mass grave. We all starve, suffer and die the same no matter our differences. How’s that for equity?

  57. The re-naming is stupid and racist-based.

    Her response, though, is horrifying. What a mindless creature.

    And then they get mad when we call them NPCs?? That’s exactly how she responds.

  58. Bizarro world. This school board is a pack of the biggest racists around and are completely ignorant of history and what is best for kids. They suck.

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