Biden Administration

Biden's Press Secretary Says Social Distancing and Masks Will Be 'Essential' Even After Vaccination

"We'll need to continue communicating about that," said Jen Psaki.


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters at a briefing on Thursday that the president expects the public to continue to practice the full gamut of mitigation measures—masks, social distancing, etc.—even after they receive the vaccine.

"Obviously, [the vaccine] is an incredible medical breakthrough and we want every American to have one. But even after you're vaccinated, social distancing and wearing masks are going to be essential, and we'll need to continue communicating about that."

This is a demoralizing and excessively cautious point to keep emphasizing. It's critical to vaccinate as many people as possible, and the government should be doing everything it can to encourage vaccination while making the process easier. Preparing people for disappointment seems like a bad approach. After all, young folks don't have nearly as much to fear from COVID-19 as older Americans; for this former group, one of the major selling points of vaccination is the prospect of returning to normal life. Some might decide that their extremely low odds of negative health consequences from COVID-19 coupled with the unpleasant potential side effects of the vaccine means they should hold off on getting it if they will still have to practice aggressive social distancing anyway.

While certain precautions will still be necessary in large public settings until widespread vaccination has brought the pandemic under control, health officials are at risk of criminally underselling the miracle of the vaccines, which appear to reduce life-threatening COVID-19 cases to nearly zero. It's true we can't say for certain that vaccinated people are incapable of spreading COVID-19 to non-vaccinated people even if they are no longer susceptible to the disease themselves, but scientists have good reason to expect that the vaccines will also reduce transmission. An early study of the forthcoming AstraZeneca vaccine found promising evidence of a substantial reduction in transmission by as much as two-thirds.

There will still be some risks, though these risks should dramatically shrink over time as a majority of the population becomes vaccinated and herd immunity kicks in. In any case, we don't need to wait until that day to wean ourselves off the harshest social distancing measures. People who have been vaccinated for the requisite time period can mingle once again. They can have parties and go to restaurants. They can hug and kiss their vaccinated grandparents.

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  1. I will admit I didn’t expect this level of gaslighting once the White House switched hands. Apparently there is more value in this level of control somehow than there is to full economic recovery.

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      1. …And by people; you mean ballot printers.

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        2. I think it’s a pretty good argument that the platforms could be treated like the law treats shopping malls,” Volokh says.This part of Section 230 is why it’s absolutely inaccurate when politicians and critics insist that the provision’s protections require a platform to have any sort of neutrality. They do not. They never did. And this is precisely why some people want to get rid of Section 230………..MORE READ

      2. I hate that. I hate that so many people are ok with it. It makes me crazy.

    4. We’ll need to continue communicating about that, said Biden’s Press Secretary Says Social Distancing and Masks Will Be ‘Essential’ Even After Vaccination…………..CLICK HERE MORE DETAIL.

      1. Biden says Trump should no longer receive classified intelligence briefings.President Joe Biden doesn’t believe former President Donald Trump should receive classified intelligence briefings, as is tradition for past presidents, citing Trump’s “erratic behavior unrelated to the insurrection………READ MORE

    5. For the last year, we have had to hear over and over from the alt-right conspiracy pushers here that all the mask mandates, lock downs, etc. were only put in place to undermine Trump’s presidency, and would be lifted immediately upon Biden’s coronation.

      Huh, looks like it is not so.

      1. Yeah, it looks like it was just plain old idiocy, rather than informed conspiracy. Typical for politicians.

        1. Yup. Just plain old liberal over-adherence to the precautionary principle.

          1. Do you know what the word “liberal” even means? The precautionary principle is inherently conservative.

            1. Fine, I can use “Democrat” instead of “liberal”.

              You know darn well the popular use of the word, liberal, as a rough synonym for “Democrat” in American politics.

              1. The Constitutionality of Trump’s Impeachment Trial Is’ Clear. The Constitution says “the President , Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors >>>>>>> USA ONLINE JOBS <<<<<<<<<

              2. Stick to “leftist”, it communicates the same idea, but shows a significant distaste for the concept.

                I love referring to myself as an “old fashioned liberal” just to watch people try to get their heads around my point (unfortunately, they seldom do). “But but but, you’re a conservative!!!! You’re not a liberal”… no, I’m a liberal – I don’t give a damn about what you do or who you do it with, so long as it doesn’t effect me.

                  1. affect /effect….. whichever one I use always seems to be the wrong one. like recieve /receive ….


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            2. From the greatest (classical) liberal treatise ever written:

              “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

              The precautionary principle is prudence by another name. It is not necessarily or certainly conservative.


                “Jeff Howard, a panel member who once worked on Greenpeace’s International Toxics Campaign and now has a gig at the Center for Science and Technology Policy and Ethics at Texas A&M University, defined the Principle: It calls for precaution in the face of any actions that may affect people or the environment, no matter what science is able–or unable–to say about that action.”

                I know that Mother’s Lament and others are arguing just for the sake of arguing, because you are reacting to the comment being made by me, rather than the actual content of the comment.

                LOL, it’s hilarious because I’ve had right-wingers here tell me that the words “anti-racism” can never be used to mean simply “being against racism”; it HAS to refer to the progressive anti-racism agenda. Yet, here are right-wingers arguing that the Precautionary Principle is conservative even though there is a progressive Precautionary Principle agenda.

                It all just proves that you are arguing just because it was me that made the comment, not because you really disagree with what I said.

                1. This is just more evidence that you are an idiot.

                  Preserving / defending the status quo against change IS conservative.

                  Allowing people to do what they want IS liberal

                  They are not necessarily opposites.

                  The fact that most people are idiots and use the terms poorly doesn’t excuse you from joining them.

                  1. There is no “like” option here so I’ll just drop this.


              2. Well some folks gotta divide the world into liberal or conservative.

                Disney for example is liberal. Last Man Standing is conservative. Target is liberal. Wal mart is conservative. Chick-fil-A is conservative. Sushi is liberal. Hamburgers are conservative. Tiki Marsala is liberal. Tacos are, they just want to stay here so never mind those. Wine is liberal Beer is conservative. Vodka is outright communist.

                Bass fishing is conservative. Fly fishing is liberal. Subarus are liberal. F-150s are conservative. Portuguese Water Dogs are liberal. Pit bulls are conservative. Labrador retrievers are, well everybody likes labradors.

            3. In his usage, the precautionary principle is openly fascistic.

          2. No, it’s about your kind thinking they can control Americans. This is why your kind must be dealt with. You’re an existential threat to our freedom.

        2. Idiocy to give a shit about others? Don’t look now but your character is showing.

          1. “Idiocy to give a shit about others?”

            Bullshit claim? Don’t look now, but your stupid is showing.

          2. Democrats don’t care about anything other than democrat power and democrat control. So stop with your faggoty lies and bullshit.

      2. I don’t think any of us said that.

        I said many times here that there was no way in hell that the Democrats would give up such a great excuse to indulge their authoritarian tendencies.

        You’re making shit up again, huh?

        1. Right-wingers here have taken both positions. Sometimes the same person, conveniently changing their narrative to fit the particular conversation.

            1. He will get right on that.

              1. Nah, in this case I don’t care enough to bother.

                1. IOWs, you have no cites.

          1. No, that’s you, left-winger.

      3. You’d better get your hearing checked.

      4. CNN did take down the “Covid Death Counter”! perhaps ratings are down.

      5. Well, partially. Lockdowns and adjusted PCR sensitivity and therefore lower cases.

        But yeah, the rest is just some bullshit to keep signaling virtuously to the virtuous that they still have a role to play in all this theatre.

        1. What adjusted PCR sensitivity? I would be interested in that.

      6. Yeah. I can at least say I never claimed that. My position was it gives them too much power and is too convenient a source of control.

        Isolated people are easier to control. Isolated people who can’t work are easily made dependent on government largesse.

        It was some incredibly optimistic people who clung to the theory that restrictions would let up so that Democrats would come out smelling like roses. But what need for reputation and political maneuvering when voting is null?

      7. CA, NY and Chicago are already reopening outdoor or outdoor restaurants. Schools aren’t open only because the teacher’s union don’t want to be anywhere near students of color flooding in from Covid hotzones.

    6. They don’t want an economic recovery. What they want is a full on depression so they can have a free hand to implement whatever policies they want. Think about it, the two largest moves toward a centrally controlled government happened when democrats controlled the government and there was a national “crisis”. WWI for Wilson and the great depression under FDR. And of the two the depression gave them more of a hand to make “progressive” changes to the country. When people are out of work and don’t know if they will be able to pay their bills or feed their family they will let them get away with anything to make it all better. It will make things worse of course but they don’t care, and 50 years from now they will talk as if all the policies they enacted saved the country. They do it now with FDR, when any serious economist will tell you none of it made things better and it dragged the depression out for over a decade.
      The quickest turn around we ever had was under Harding and it was due to cutting taxes and spending.

      1. “They don’t want an economic recovery. What they want is a full on depression…”

        This is the crazy talk. Look, it is perfectly valid to criticize Democrats for having a lousy understanding of economics, but nobody WANTS another depression. To go around saying so is just spouting b.s.

        1. It is not crazy. Too much of what they are doing is inherently recessionary to exclude the possibility of depression.

          But, since no one can see into the mind of another, it is speculative to speak about their motive.

          Meanwhile you will excuse them with your own speculation
          Claiming knowledge of what they understand and do not understand about economics.

          Making your statement, by your own standard, ‘crazy talk.’

          1. “Meanwhile you will excuse them with your own speculation”

            Of course, I cannot see into their minds. But it is very unlikely ANYONE would desire another depression.

            But keep up the paranoia if it makes you feel better in some warped way.

            1. Easier to make everybody beggars as they tend to be far easier to please.

              Democrats don’t want citizens.

              They do want subjects.

            2. “But it is very unlikely ANYONE would desire another depression.”

              There were public figures who went on record hoping for a recession on Trump (this was back when the economy was on the upswing) so he would lose in the election. The left openly cheers the forced decline of any industry that doesn’t serve their agenda. If you’re a wealthy liberal, a depression on the masses is a useful tool.

              The democrats aren’t going totally batshit insane yet because Pelosi still has the ears of Wall Street and giant corporation. No state has ever opted for single payer, including Bernieland Vermont. There are still enough sane people to reject total ruination, but how long can that last?

              A economic recession provides a perfect opportunity for the left to launch a narrative that propels their agenda while sidestepping blame – much as how they love to blame WS for the housing crisis and push regulation, while ignoring the fact that the sharks only smelled blood because the government pushed home ownership, laxed lending standard and inflated home prices.

        2. Foreseeable consequences are not unintended. They ought to make that into some kind of a law or something…

          1. That’s just it. If you have as poor an understanding of economics as, say, AOC, you don’t foresee the damage your policies can do.

            1. She has a degree in economics. So which is it? Malice? Or are all the “expert” arguments people like to trot out just BS? Pick one

              1. So does Krugman.

                1. You’re making their points for them.

              2. She has a degree on economic theory (not business). She likes to taut that she received some Cum Laude or similar honors on her field, which is an equivalent of being employee of the month at a local Walmart.

        3. To paraphrase Thoreau “their actions speak so loudly that I can not hear their words”.

          1. Damn that’s good

        4. It worked for FDR. He kept the country in the Great Depression for three terms, and was able to constantly expand his power.


        5. The fuck they don’t……

          If it helps your kind accumulate more power and enslave the masses many of you are just fine with a recession, or a depression.

    7. It’s not like the POLITICIANS need economic recovery; they’ve been getting paid, and graft and corruption are still on the table, even during a pandemic.

      1. even moreso as “special privileges” can be doled out unilaterally under “emergency powers”

    8. I’ve been desperately trying to warn people for years that the left despises the America most of us have known in our lifetimes, is permanently at war against it, and wants to erase and destroy it forever. Most people of course refused to believe what I was saying.

      So, are you starting to believe it yet?

      1. There are some that hate America (in many cases because they think they haven’t been rewarded with the status they think they deserve), but others just think they can “do better” without understanding or appreciating how difficult that will be. In both cases there is a significant amount of hubris.

    9. The Progressives are all hoping to emulate Stalin and the pandemic is the means to that end. God help us all.

    10. I didn’t expect this level of gaslighting once the White House switched hands.

      You didn’t expect gaslighting from the Ruling Party faction that still claims that Obama was “scandal free” with a straight face?


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    13. How could you have been that stupid?

  2. “Biden’s Press Secretary Says Social Distancing and Masks Will Be ‘Essential’ Even After Vaccination”

    And so will the lockdowns, and business closures, and draconian enforcement of absurd and arbitrary “public health” mandates.

    Anybody that thought the government was ever going to stop this bullshit was being delusional. We are almost a year into “two weeks to slow the spread.” That should have been a huge fucking clue that this orgy of authoritarianism is here to stay.

    It’s here to stay.

    Don’t like it? Why don’t you have a chat with these nice soldiers over here ….

    1. Exactly! With the exception of the rioters and looters, the government is enjoying how easy it is to rule through fear and centralized control over every facet of peoples lives. The masks especially are a sign of compliance with the system and deference to authority. Not wearing one will make it a lot easier for them to identify those who need to be “reprogrammed.”

      I’m predicting they need the masks and mandates until at least the end of the year so Biden/Harris and the radical left can force through their plans for the liberal utopia of the future, where things like freedom and choice are considered antiquated and a threat to the greater good.

      I grew up in a liberal utopia back when they were at least honest enough to admit most of the Bronx was a hellhole. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but it still sucks and most who have the chance leave and never look back.

  3. Look, they didn’t go through all the trouble of getting the boot on the neck just to take it off again. This is the new normal now, you’re never going to be allowed to go back.

  4. Are y’all not red pilled yet?

    The election was rigged.

    This shit is the flu

    You got played. And this rag of an outlet screamed about the one guy who stood between these tyrants and the people.

  5. What is the point of getting vaccinated when nothing changes?

    1. I seriously thought of having my vaccine card [I work in a hospital so got on that bus at first opportunity] printed on a shirt, front and back; but all kidding aside, that wouldn’t matter either. It is become a social requirement to wear a mask lest you be labeled totally inconsiderate and a danger to others; being vaccinated has nothing to do with expected social compliance, and politicians [like the cunt in Michigan] are never going to willingly relinquish the control over others and institutions they so desire.

      1. Yeh, well…anybody who DOESN’T wear a mask and abide by the rules for social distancing, and against having large gatherings of people, whether indoors or outdoors during the Covid-19 pandemic IS a danger to both themselves AND to others!

        1. People who aren’t neurotic shitlibs like you.

          1. Here here!

    2. If you don’t take the mark of the beast you won’t be allowed participation in the limited form of society still left.

      There was a time when this would have caused an overnight violent revolt. A no-shit, actual, real-life insurrection. Now it causes pathetic bootlicking faggots like sarcasmic and cytotoxic to hide under their couch only daring to peek out their window to periodically snitch on their neighbors like the pathetic little tattle tale bitches they always were.

    3. Nothing changes? Well your odds of getting really really sick just went down 90% and your chances of infecting someone else probably significantly decreased as well. We just don’t know by how much yet.

      The goal in a vaccination program is to kill the bugs by denying them hosts. Get a vaccine and you are a soldier in the war.

      1. So if my chances of getting sick were already around 1%, how big a difference did it make?

  6. Parler’s CEO was apparently fired for trying to crack down on QAnon among others.

    “Matze claimed that there was a dispute with Mercer over just how far Parler would take its openness to free speech. He said that if the company wanted to succeed, Parler would have crack down on domestic terrorists and any groups that incite violence, including the Trump-supporting conspiracy theory QAnon.”


    Whatever anyone has to say in defense of the the threats Democrats have made against Big Tech social media companies–threatening to break them up if they don’t crack down on certain speech, etc.–they should also include a defense of the chilling effect these threats and actions are having on social media companies outside of Big Tech.

    1. “Voting technology company Smartmatic files $2.7 billion lawsuit against Fox News, Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell over ‘disinformation campaign'”

      1. Wasn’t supposed to be a reply.

      2. CNN again baselessly uses the word baseless.
        Leftists don’t believe in thesauri.

        1. CNN’s entire existence is baseless.

  7. 10 minutes ago
    Fox’s Primetime.

    A conspiracy theory racist
    A white supremacist racist
    A Nazi racist

    Looks like they have the entire RW covered in 3 hours. Click Here

    1. Lol, a wokebot. It sounds just like Tony.

      1. Needs more anger.

        1. and flawed logic

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  9. “But even after you’re vaccinated, social distancing and wearing masks are going to be essential, and we’ll need to continue communicating about that.”

    Um, no. The purpose of wearing a mask is to protect others from you. If you’re not sick, and have greatly reduced the chance of getting sick by taking the vaccine, then continued masks and social distancing is nothing more than social engineering.

    1. the purpose of masks is not to protect others it’s to give people a sense of control over something there’s no control over and the politicians something they can say they did to prevent the virus.

      1. +^

      2. The fact that we’re having a very mild cold and flu season suggests, at least to me, that masks and social distancing slow the spread of respiratory illnesses.

        I know that suggesting such things triggers conservatives, but c’mon.

        1. lol “very mild”

          1. Look it up.

            1. I’m joking that the near disappearance of the flu is something more than “very mild”.

              1. 30,000 cases last year, less than 900 this year. It certainly can’t be that every respiratory illness is being incorrectly reported as COVID-19. It’s because sarcasmic’s magic rock mask worked!

                1. It’s because sarcasmic’s magic mask worked!

                  Except for, you know, with Covid.

        2. Your naivety is not triggering. It just means you’re naive.

        3. We have a mild flu season because it’s being diagnosed as covid.

          1. Also you do realize we had this argument in 1918 and it was basically proven masks do not work. You can literally read news articles of the exact same arguments being made.

          2. So the flu causes a positive covid test? First I heard of that.

            1. it’s not that pcr testing doesn’t distinguish so much as the rampant false positives and the fact that any influenza like death will be coded as covid per cdc guidance.

              1. respiratory.

              2. My understanding was that if someone tested positive and died, that it counted. Symptoms aren’t enough. Oh, and I didn’t realize that a FPR of less than 1% was “rampant.”

                1. false positive rate is somewhere between .5 and 5% by the studies I’ve seen that doesn’t even get into what they are doing with the cycle rate as high as it is which will detect the virus sometimes months after you have it.

                2. In many places a suspected case is still enough.

                  1. Which places exactly?

                3. Like usual, your understanding was wrong.


                  “COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death. [Boldfacing in original]

                  1. In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID cannot be made but is suspected or likely (e.g. the circumstances are compelling with a reasonable degree of certainty) it is acceptable to report COVID-19 on a death certificate as ‘probable’ or ‘presumed.'”


                    1. He’s lying anyway. He knew this 6 months ago when we rubbed his nose in it like a dog in its shit when he was histrionically screeching that anyone not wearing a mask was personally killing his grandmother.

                      The thing about sarcasmic is that he’s a lying, amoral, subhuman piece of shit who rapes his underage daughter.

                    2. Of course they can list it as uncertainty. This is how all medicine works. This infection is not treated differently than any other in the medical field.

                      If you understood what you are quoting or how to interpret a medical record you would understand that.

                    3. Do you understand the purpose of reportable conditions? There is nothing different about this. The primary job of the CDC is to collect data on both infectious and non infectious disease. This data is free and available to the public.

                      For many years now near every doctor had a copy of MMWR Morbidity and mortality weekly report on the desk.

                      You can read it online now.

                      In collecting data on this or any other reportable condition they want to know as much as possible about any other conditions were present so they can correlate that. If the cause of death is uncertain, as is often the case, that should be indicated as the quote from the guidelines states. Medicine could be characterized as action in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.

                      The reason I keep posting about this is because one of the obstacles, a major one, in this battle is fear and disinformation. This is not trivial.

                      So I try and link to reputable sources and articles. I doubt anybody reads them but they are there.

                      Try and learn something every day. Try and teach someone when you can.

                  2. Which does not make it the cause of death. They also have to list all other morbidities. The cause of death is determined on the death certificate by the attending physicians.

                4. Your understanding was incorrect. Refer to my link above.

              3. Both false.

                The false positive rate for PCR is 0.5%. The false negative rate is between 3-8%.

                What does change is that if your pretest probability is low the chances of a given positive result being a false positive increases.


                1. Let me explain it because there is so much bad information out there.

                  Say the false positive rate is 1/1000. If I test 1000 people and get 2 positives. the odds that one of them is a false positive is 50%.

                  If I get 200 positive results the odds of any one result being a false positive is much lower.

                  It doesn’t change the number of actual cases (true positives) that stays the same.

              4. CDC guidelines for reporting deaths here.


            2. LOL. You were anticipating these arguments popping up, but you expected them on a different thread:


              1. Poe’s Law strikes again.

                1. Oh wow. Sarcasmic doesn’t even understand the application of Poe’s law. This is just like when he didn’t understand strawmanning.

                  For fuck’s sake sarcasmic. Google shit before you use it.

              2. The thread where you denied you two implied masks stopped the flu?

                1. Cite?

              3. The White Knight II: The White Knight Rises!
                February.5.2021 at 11:15 am
                I didn’t mention the word “mask” once. Talk about arguing against a strawman.

                And yet… here you are claiming you didn’t do what you actually do.

                1. And you are asserting I do something with no proof.

        4. ching! $.50

        5. So masks work on flu and not covid? Make sense. Or there could a real explination. Like the season flu starts in China and makes its way around the globe. Since there is much less travel to and from China, the flu is reduced.

          1. I just thought it was in interesting correlation that conservatives would reflexively attack because of politics.

            I was correct on the latter, that’s for sure.

            1. So no explination then, just deflection.

              1. I don’t care enough to come up with a scientific causation for the mild cold and flu season, but if you do go ahead and let me know what you find out.

                1. Lol, yet you’re posting on the subject as if you did. So broken.

            2. Random correlations with no real causative theory are not interesting.

              1. None of the Democratic Underground talking points sarcasmic posts between alcoholic blackouts and forcible sex with his underage daughter are remotely interesting, so at least he’s keeping true to form.

        6. Or, you know, Coumo already got the vulnerable elderly killed.

        7. LOL. To think WK was denying you guys ever said the flu reduction was due to masks. Hilarious that you go and prove him wrong again.

        8. “The fact that we’re having a very mild cold and flu season suggests, at least to me, that masks and social distancing slow the spread of respiratory illnesses.”
          and every other disease
          c’mon, man, think it through

      3. Yep. Without the masks, nobody would even know there was a “crisis”. The masks are a symbol to BE AFRAID, nothing more.

        1. ‘Without the masks, nobody would even know there was a “crisis”.’

          yes of course; the empty 75,000 seat football stadiums didn’t clue anybody in that something is weird…

      4. Can you PROVE that all the lockdowns, curfews and mandates didn’t make things better than they otherwise would have been? I didn’t think so. Obviously the burden of proof lies on you because you disagree with the people in power. And, no, evidence does not constitute proof. Only consensus does.

        1. I don’t think many people care about the truth anymore. They just want to prove their political tribe is correct.

          1. To wit.

        2. Surely you’ve seen comparisons between Cali and NY, the states with the strictest lock downs and mask use, and the states like the Dakota, Florida, and Texas with the least restrictive lock downs that show the lesser lock down places had far greater outcomes?

          You can be this ignorant a year in, I mean Jesus how fucking big is the rock you live under?

      5. I’m of half a mind to go around wearing a garlic necklace.

    2. Hey bitch, remember when you said that anyone who failed to wear a mask in public at all times even if they were asymptomatic or had already tested positive for antibodies was a subhuman piece of shit who was personally responsible for killing your grandmother?

      1. I thought that was A(hole) Cuomo. No not that one, the other A(hole).

  10. this is not ending for years. Tell me how the people who ride alone in the car with a mask on are ever going back in the near future.

    1. I sure hope you’re wrong.

      1. They are being good and compliant citizens, and they want everyone to know it.

        And of course they are also just fucking stupid. One goes with the other.

        1. sarcasmic has stated that he always wears a mask and that anyone who doesn’t is a literal sociopath who is literally responsible for the theoretical death of his grandmother. Trust me, he knows all about being a bootlicking pathetic piece of subhuman dog shit.

      2. You sure didn’t a month ago when you told us that anyone not wearing a mask in public was a sociopathwho was personally responsible for killing old people, including your grandmother.

    2. ‘Tell me how the people who ride alone in the car with a mask on are ever going back in the near future.’

      those fooking idiots can wear a mask in the shower, for all I care…but how about this; don’t give me a goddam stinkeye if I choose not to do so…I love how I’m supposed to be ‘courteous’ to people and wear a filthy rag on my face, but if I take it off those same people don’t have to be courteous to me…

      1. Sorry to burst your bubble, Irishman12, but if you refuse to wear a mask and/or social distance, you cannot expect people to react in a favorable way towards your total lack of consideration for others. Bear in mind that a person infected with the Covid-19 virus can still be asymptomatic and spread it to others. Remember, that when you go out in public without a mask on, you run the risk of infecting your family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances. Stop kidding yourself.

        1. Puke this unscientific dribble elsewhere, faggot.

        2. So what? They can stay home

        3. No one is entitled to my compassion or consideration. If they want it so bad, they can stop acting like it’s owed to them.

        4. what part of my life are you entitled to in order to save yours?

  11. ” In any case, we don’t need to wait until that day to wean ourselves off the harshest social distancing measures. People who have been vaccinated for the requisite time period can mingle once again. They can have parties and go to restaurants. They can hug and kiss their vaccinated grandparents.”

    In all honesty this might be the saddest paragraph I’ve ever read as an american. We can do all those things without getting vaccinated to not is to be suffering from a paranoid delusion.

    1. REALLY?!? That’s what YOU think, Idle Hands! Well, I’ll say this: If you think it’s possible not to social distance without vaccines, you. are. dead wrong here!

      1. If ONLY this was the equivalent of the Black Plague–it would be worth it if it ended up killing you, too.

      2. With a 99.5% recovery rate, the likelihood that he’s dead wrong is rather slim.

      3. I think you need mental help there mapol

  12. “In the typical SLAPP [Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation], the plaintiff does not normally expect to win the lawsuit. The plaintiff’s goals are accomplished if the defendant succumbs to fear, intimidation, mounting legal costs, or simple exhaustion and abandons the criticism. In some cases, repeated frivolous litigation against a defendant may raise the cost of directors and officers liability insurance for that party, interfering with an organization’s ability to operate.[2] A SLAPP may also intimidate others from participating in the debate. A SLAPP is often preceded by a legal threat. SLAPPs bring about freedom of speech concerns due to their chilling effect and are often difficult to filter out and penalize because the plaintiffs attempt to obfuscate their intent to censor, intimidate, or silence their critics.”

    Seems to me that this is what’s happening with the pending lawsuits against Giuliani, the new case against Fox for what someone said on air, and other high profile targets sure to come–going after all of them for the things they said about how the election results were counted. It isn’t clear to me that any of these lawsuits are likely to prevail in court, but the primary intent of those lawsuits may be just to silence everyday critics.

    They’re afraid voters like you will criticize them and hurt the sale of their products, but voters expressing themselves about who they want to count their votes and how they want their votes counted is and should be entirely protected by the First Amendment.

    “Congress shall make no law” in the First Amendment means our defamation laws cannot abridge our right to freedom of speech and petition the government for grievances. Companies that don’t wish to open themselves up to that sort of criticism by taking on a government contract, should avoid taking on government contracts.

    Oh, and anyone who thinks it’s absurd to sue Fox News for something Giuliani said on-air really needs to reevaluate their position on Section 230. The only thing worse are people who supported Section 230 right up until the moment Fox News becamae the defendant.

    1. Wrong thread, even!

      Aw, shit. It had to happen eventually.

      1. Doesn’t matter to this group – carry on.

    2. Reason has decided that SLAPPs are perfectly OK now that they benefit Marxists. It’s almost as though Reason will take either side of any given issue as long as the end result is advancing Marxism.

  13. Fuck off, slavers.

  14. First a little science, just because your vaccinated doesn’t mean you will not be infected. Being vaccinated lessen the effect of the virus on you, but you can still spread it to others. So expect to wear masks till be have reached herd immunity. The mask is not to protect you, it is to protect others.

    Also I have traveled in Asian counties wear mask wearing is common. Hopefully we will retain some the experience and use it in the future. So when you have a cold or the flu you will be thoughtful and wear a mask when in public.

    1. Because they are clearly working so well.

    2. how bout fuck you I’ll do what I want commie.

    3. ching! $.50

    4. Then go fuck off to China, you mendacious commie bitch. Nobody will miss you.

    5. First a little science, then a little grammar, then a little proofreading.

      I have said since day one of mask mania that it was here to stay. The ratchet only goes one way.

      1. Yep! I’ve also been saying this since the beginning. Great minds.

    6. Setting aside any arguments about masks and COVID-19, yes, it would be nice if we got over our stigma about wearing masks and adopted the Asian practice of wearing masks to slow down spread of colds.

      Of course, being America, every damn little thing in life is tainted by Democrat vs. Republican culture war. Common sense and thinking for yourself be damned — you have to choose a side!!!

      1. Make sure you are never exposed to any pathogens so your immune system collapses.

        1. Don’t look at me! is not only not some pansy-ass Asian, wearing a mask when he has a cold; if he were on the Tokyo subway he’d go around sneezing on people to build up their wimpy Asian immune systems!

          1. If you are sick, stay home.
            I’ve been to Asia, they mostly wear masks and stare at their phones to avoid one another on the subway.

            1. Smog. Keeping kerchiefs was more bothersome than wearing masks.

      2. How is it that Sars and covid-19 both recently came from Asia if they’re so good at suppressing respiratory illness with masks?

        1. Your comment barely has anything to do with my comment that you are replying to.

          1. Yes it does and he made a great point. If they’re so good at stopping the spread of viruses with masks, why does the new crap always come from that sector? He made a valid point and you dodged any kind of honest response. Typical.

            1. I make no claim stronger than “slowing down the spread of colds” and you guys try to cow me into defending the position that masks are perfect at stopping the spread of viruses, which is not a claim I would ever make.

              1. You claimed we should adopt their practices even though all this shit tends to originate from there.

              2. I just PWned you.

          2. If Asian mask wearing stops colds how did these viruses circulate and originate there?

            1. Please cite where I said Asian mask wearing *stops* colds.

              1. “… it would be nice if we got over our stigma about wearing masks and adopted the Asian practice of wearing masks to slow down spread of colds.”

                So you want to argue semantics which makes you look even dumber

              2. Oh, and you keep avoiding my question like kamala Harris avoided willy browns willy…er wait she put that in her mouth a bunch of times.

      3. Teaching people to regularly (and properly) wash their hands, especially before eating, would be 1000x more effective in curtailing infectious disease than masks.

        1. Fine, do that, too.

          1. How about everyone makes their own individual assessment of what’s best for themselves. Meanwhile, you go take a long walk of a short pier.

            1. Where did I say that everyone cannot make their own individual assessment of what’s best for themselves?

              1. When you said:
                “it would be nice if we…adopted the Asian practice of wearing masks”

                There is no WE in this individual assessment that is being discussed. there’s you, your people, and everybody else.

                1. “it would be nice if”

                  Boy! Those are the words of a true authoritarian!

                  1. If you weren’t arguing semantics of your own dumb posts you wouldn’t have anything to argue 95% of the time.

                    Maybe you should say less dumb shit and then you’d have to defend less dumb shit

        2. Sure everything your mother and her mother ever told you.

          Also if you do get sick chicken soup is good for you.

          These are all proven facts.

      4. If you’re sick, then yes, wearing a mask is a nice thing to do for others. If you’ve been vaccinated for covid and you have no symptoms then wearing a mask is pointless.

        1. Has nothing to do with my comment, but OK.

      5. You literally in the round up thread said you never implied masks stopped the flu or colds. My god man, you can’t even maintain the same argument for a few hours?

        1. Cite?

      6. When called out earlier:

        The White Knight II: The White Knight Rises!
        February.5.2021 at 11:15 am
        I didn’t mention the word “mask” once. Talk about arguing against a strawman.

        1. Your point? I didn’t mention the word “mask” at all in that thread.

      7. Up until April of 2020 there was no public health authority anywhere on planet earth that recommended wearing masks to slow the spread of respiratory viruses, for the rather obvious reason that we have a century of research demonstrating conclusively that mask-wearing in the general population is ineffective at preventing respiratory viruses. But it’s good to see that you subscribe to Eastern superstitions. Good karma for your next incarnation.

      8. “…it would be nice if we got over our stigma about wearing masks and adopted the Asian practice of wearing masks to slow down spread of colds…”

        No, it wouldn’t.

      9. Wearing masks is uncomfortable and constant usage is bound to have an unintended consequences. Do you think people won’t start to push back if they had to wear masks for another 3 years?

        The black kids aren’t hitting underground parties and playing in parks without masks because they emulate Donald’s Trump’s anti mask behavior (a popular and undying theory from the left). They don’t want to wear one for 3 hours inside a building dancing.

        Masks come off once you’re at home, so the fight potentially ends in your loss 80% of the day. The Mask war is another Vietnam. You can reduce the Vietcong by shooting at them constantly, but they’ll keep coming back unless you go all out. We’re never going to close down immigration or track people on their phone in America, so we’re just fighting a losing war in which we win most of the battles. We vaccinate the hell out of everyone and handful of travellers from China can upend everything.

        People tire of quagmires without a way out. It’s inevitable.

    7. First a little science. You are an idiot.

      We will not wear masks until we reached “herd immunity”, because that’s not measurable or knowable in any more real a sense than is global warming. Go ahead and fight about it all day but it’s just not known.

      What will be known, and will get the masks off, is when cases, hospitalizations and deaths go to near zero. Same as every other pandemic.

      That will happen county by county and state by state over the next few months, and the fuckstick politicians will have NO alternative but to rescind emergency orders, as there will be no more emergency. Or they can go the Gavin Newsom route and chuck their political careers in the shitter.

      1. “We will not wear masks until we reached “herd immunity”, because that’s not measurable or knowable in any more real a sense than is global warming. Go ahead and fight about it all day but it’s just not known.”

        Agreed. This is the uncomfortable truth.

        But I don’t foresee the politicians giving up on their emergency powers as deaths and hospitalization dramatically decline. I don’t see Newsom going out of his way to end eviction moratorium and order tenants to start paying back rent once hospitalization rate becomes miniscule. He’ll delay it or play around with the terms to keep on screwing landlords.

        If new spikes occur after a decline but are minor compared to 2020 baseline, some politicians may shut everything down again, fearing a new wave. States like CA has so many people that superspreader incidents inevitable. CA is basically one big wildfire zone in many sense of the term.

        If people don’t hold their politicians to certain parameters now, then they’ll just do whatever they want, using covid response as a pretext.

    8. ‘The mask is not to protect you, it is to protect others.’

      never has such a bullshit line ever gotten as much authoritarian mileage as that one has…and quite frankly, I (and many others) don’t give rat’s ass about far eastern cultures and their sartorial customs…

    9. “…So when you have a cold or the flu you will be thoughtful and wear a mask when in public.”

      Fuck off and die, slaver.

    10. You’ve made some good points, Moderation4ever, but masks can and do also offer some protection for the wearer(s), as well as that of others.

      1. No, they don’t, as evidenced by the recent spike in respiratory illnesses that happens the same time every year.

      2. Do you idiots realizevthat before covid, urban Asians mostly wear the masks outside to protect from their horrendous air pollution and not disease?

    11. I I am interested to hear how a vaccinated person can still be infected.
      Once you are vaccinated against, for instance, mumps with mmr vaccine, you could never get mumps again. You cannot spread mumps. Or measles or rubella
      Now immunity can wane after many years.
      This is not proven yet with coronavirus, but it is possible.
      So maybe you will need to get another vaccination after 10 years like you do with a tetanus vaccine.
      But I fail to see why vaccinated persons, or those who have had coronavirus and survive, should have to wear a mask in the future

    12. Fuck off. You aren’t entitled to any piece of my life, liberty, or body to assuage your fears.

  15. The intention is that this never ends. The politicians love the power, particularly the way that “public health” can trump (heh) all individual rights and all limits on government power.

    And the Karens really love it.

    1. … The tyrants really love it… Hit the nail on the head.. +10000

  16. We all have to be seen as marching together arm in arm into the red dawn.
    Appearances matter.

    1. The left has a PLAN for you whether you like it or not — and they’ll use their Gov-Guns to make you like it because you’re an idiot and they’re gods.

  17. Funny thing – there is currently a happy face ‘public service announcement’ from the CDC stating that herd immunity will be achieved at 70% vaccination. (it is pleading for everyone to get a vaccine)
    The video that statement is in shows group after group of happy smiling individuals taking off their masks.

    Can we get a headline screaming “BIDEN ADMINISTRATION IN TOTAL CONFUSION!”?

  18. Soave failed to mention that hypocritical Psaki has refused to wear a mask at her daily press conferences since Biden’s inauguration, which clearly violates Biden’s mask mandate on federal property.

    Even worse, none of the Biden praising left wing propagandists (who deceitfully call themselves journalists and news reporters) who attend daily White House press conferences have even asked Psaki why she has violated Biden’s mask mandate daily.

    Such hypocrisy, including from Reason.

  19. *rustles papers for five minutes*

    Jen’l have to ‘circle back’s to you on that. Circle back. She’ll circle back.

    She has to be one of the worst press secretaries ever.

    1. If you’ve read the book The Circle you’ll know what she means by that.

    2. She and Marie Hart Were the press secretaries for the state department during the Obama years. Their press conferences were on YouTube. It was hilarious watching the state department press corps run rings around them.

      1. Her hair must smell amazing to get promoted up to the big seat.

      2. Marie harf is who I think you mean, and she’s literally one of the dumbest people on earth. Her stupidity is cringe worthy

        1. Yes, Harf. Typo.

  20. Any fool can take a big hit off a vape rig, no nicotine required, and breath out through one of these masks and immediately notice it doesn’t do a damn thing to water vapor droplets.

    Guess I shouldn’t believe my lying eyes.

    1. Or just go outside on a cold day. Can still see your breath.

      1. It’s the literal microbiology equivalent of putting up a chain link fence to keep out bees.

        1. but two chain link fences? That’ll do it!

          1. Particularly if you top it with razor wire. Which also protects against sedition.

        2. TruDat.
          If this thread is about an authority source, the guy who won the Nobel for inventing the PCR test said on camera that Fauci was a hack. ( paraphrasing)
          Oh yeah, and that the PCR test would be useless for the exact thing it’s being relied on to do today.

  21. The press secretary is a bumbling fool but in that she mirrors her boss.

    But laughing as the Biden admin is fucking up vaccine rollouts and still forcing lockdowns and mask wearing on the public.

    2022 should be great for republicans.

    1. They will all be in jail, reeducation camps, or labor colonies by then.

    2. As people might have noticed I tend to support the republicans more than the democrats. But I do this because they offer better, or at least less worse things for the American people.

      That the Biden disaster will be ‘good for republicans’ means almost nothing to me, because I really do not give a shit about most all politicians.

      The coming years are going to suck for the people, and are going to suck for the media who will plumb ever deeper depths of embarrassment and discredit, ever further attempting to obfuscate or hide the ongoing harm.

      None of this is a cause for celebration, or even optimism.

      1. Like I’ve said, I’ll be legitimately stunned if the US makes it out of the ’20s still intact.

        1. You and the Chinese, both.
          They are polishing their missiles as we speak. (2x entendre. can you dig it?)

    3. Hey listen, Buckleup! We can thank Donald Trump for getting us into this mess, due to his dismissing Covid-19 as a hoax, lying to the American people about it’s being a hoax (when it was not) and refusing to do anything about it, and firing the Government anti-pandemic coalition, while there was still a chance at containing and controlling the Covid-19 virus.

      1. Woof, the lying going on this shitpost would make Satan himself cringe.

      2. Holy fuck. You didn’t simply get lost on your way to Buzzington Post, you genuinely need psychological help.

      3. If Biden was president he never bans flights from China and the entire west coast ends up like New York. Nancy pelosi wouldve been throwing parties in Chinatown until April. And deblasio would have been… Well doing the same dumb shit killing his citizens cuz he’s a fucking murderous retard like his governor.

        More would be sick.

        More would be dead.

        On top of the unnecessary nursing home deaths induced by the dem governors in NY, PA, and Mi.

      4. Your grammar is confusing. Everything you say seems almost like a double negative so I don’t get your point.
        I’ll assume you’re demented and be thankful you won’t be allowed to own a gun or a grenade launcher.

      5. You should shoot yourself in the head immediately to protect against Covid. It’s the only way to be sure.

        You can thank me later, after you’re safe.

  22. Just like anal probing at the airport, what was supposed to be a temporary emergency security measure has turned into the new normal. Who could have possibly seen this coming?

  23. I’m old enough to remember when we were going to flatten a curve. It was only going to take a few weeks.

    Roughly one year later and the government admits what should have been obvious to all of us from the beginning: these measures are here to stay. Why would we stop masking? Our government is dressing up intense increases in power as justified because “if it saves just one life it will be worth it.”

    Any protests were quickly painted as racist and irresponsible (unless they were protesting racism). Someday I might tell my children about the Mask Wars of the early 21st century.

    Soon we will have isolation centers (early on, I thought we’d end up with something like concentration camps for the sick and exposed) – NY recently pushed a law that would allow the governor to send anyone deemed a threat to public health to a kind of medical detention center. How long do you think it will take to expand the meaning of “threat to public health?” We now have literal mask police.

    We are so completely fucked. This is what happens when you have a media and government determined to take one (orange) man down no matter the cost. Now that we have eagerly surrendered so many elements of our personal lives to government diktats, we can expect to live like this for the foreseeable future.

    I hear the band is still playing on the upper deck near the lifeboats. Let’s grab a drink and head that way, and move the chairs so they are six feet apart.

    1. Trump was ever just a smokescreen.

      1. OrangeManBad was the four year political equivalent of them plugging their ears and saying “lalalalalala” to the voices of a large portion of the electorate.

        They have now moved on to straight out suppression of those voices.

    2. I hear the band is still playing on the upper deck near the lifeboats. Let’s grab a drink and head that way, and move the chairs so they are six feet apart.

      Sadly, large gatherings as you suggest are no longer allowed.

  24. I’m not wearing a mask once this wave passes and vaccinations are widespread, and neither will most Americans. Its fantasy.

    1. But you can bet your *ss; the first time you’re caught out and about preaching the U.S. Constitution (“wrongthink”) you’ll be locked-up and fined to the maximum extent of the law for not wearing a mask just like Dinesh D’Souza was and a million other examples during the Obama Administration.

      And if they can’t lock you up for a mask violation there’s always delusions of inciting a government take-over that lefty-media will paint up ALL by themselves.

    2. Its fantasy.
      But it always was. What’s changed?

    3. Enjoy being barred from entry to any public building, having your business license revoked, having your driver license revoked, having your passport revoked, having your taxes audited, losing your job, being beaten, being sent to jail, or even being shot.

    4. We’ve been way too focused on the gd masks. The real threat to resuming life as normal is the mandated social distancing. So you want to go to a basketball game without a mask? Impossible if the government prohibits spectators from attending. I will say it again, the masks are not the big issue, the social distancing requirements are the true threat to our way of life.

  25. Ms. Psaki, how do viruses work?

    1. Ms. Psaki: “The Government will provide Universal Basic Income for those viruses that don’t want to work.”

  26. I mean, it makes sense. Even with the vaccine you’re only 95% safe at best no?

    Wear it til we get herd immunity then toss it off. Not hard but I’m sure the “freedom fighters” here are gonna be all butthurt about it, like usual.

    1. I wonder how we’ll know when we’ve reached the exact magical number of vaccinations that constitute herd immunity. Especially considering that at least 1/3 of the US population has already had COVID-19 and recovered without even displaying symptoms. I guess we’ll just have to wait until cytotoxic’s magic mask reveals its divine wisdom to us.

      Go fuck a tree stump you intellectually handicapped bootlicker.

      1. We’ll know we reached the magic number because Fauci will announce that it now needs to be 10% higher to ensure everyone is safe.

      2. This might help:

        95% is such a fucking dodge – it’s a cumulative process: 95% less chance of contracting & 95% less chance of complications means that the vaccine turns COVID into its eventual evolutionary end game.

        The powers that be are pushing masks for the vaccinated because they don’t want a cascade effect where the vulnerable doff them in imitation of the protected. It would be nice if we could instead be honest about risks and trade-offs without descending into shit-flinging conspiracism, but this is America c. 2020 so of course not.

        Masks are not popular. Lockdowns are not popular. Distancing is not popular. But people are willing to abide by and support these measures because we still seem to be under emergency conditions. We’re going to cast all this shit off when critical mass is reached – so don’t be an idiot and avoid vaccination out of some ridiculous notion that the near-term risk of the shot outweighs that of the virus, or that the virus is a hoax. Instead go get it at the first opportunity and force the hand of the douchebags that want us to stay masked up, at home, and spread out forever and ever.

        1. And if they say Mexican Butt Sex protects you from the virus and a bunch of Libertarians knock on your door? (I assume you’re Latino)

    2. “I mean, it makes sense…”

      To fucking lefty ignoramuses.

      1. Had to look it up – “The hyper-correct plural form ignorami is seen by most as humorous and non-standard, as the word derives from a Latin verb, not from a noun.”

  27. I’ve pointed out many times on Reason all of the things that will cease to exist if we insist on maintaining social distancing for much longer, such as concerts, spectator sports, bars, restaurants, large family gatherings, etc. There is one thing that I did not mention that is in tremendous jeopardy right now, non-commuter colleges. In the next two months, high school seniors will need to commit to the college they intend to attend next fall. What incoming college freshman in their right mind is going to choose to go away to college if there is a good chance they will have to spend all their time sitting in a dorm room for a semester or more. Upperclassmen also have the option to transfer to a commuter school. For colleges in more populated areas with large commuter populations, the effect will not be fatal, but for schools in more rural areas, this could very well be the end. At the college where I work, around 95% of underclassmen live on campus. We have no endowment and rely heavily on current tuition payments to finance our operations. Given our high fixed costs, if we see a drop in enrollment of 1/3 or more, it’s game over. And no, this is not some fly-by-night institution. We have been around for 150 years and are a respected business school. If the administration doesn’t reverse course on this within the next month or two, there is no way we can continue to exist.

    1. The government is already subsidizing and mandating online classes for your beloved institutions of state indoctrination, don’t worry.

    2. I meant undergraduates, not underclassmen.

    3. You know what else will cease to exist? Joy.

      Already just the idea that we have to go through all the machinations to go outside, to be near others, to shop, to eat out, to attend any kind of function is trying. After awhile people will decide it is not worth it. There is no pleasure in an existence that is so frightened and limiting all of the time.

    4. <i? There is one thing that I did not mention that is in tremendous jeopardy right now, non-commuter colleges.

      Good. Turn off the engines of decline.

      1. Well if you are not motivated enough by that age to learn online probably shouldn’t be there. All those dorms and frat houses are good for is casual sex, drugs, and drinking anyway…oh wait. This could be a problem.

    5. Spectator sports? What about participant sports? Some will be OK, like bicycling, fishing golf, and tennis, but no team sports, combat sports, or others that put participants into prolonged close contact. Swimming you’d think would be OK because of the moist environment, but people may not trust that.

      1. Last I saw it was not known about chlorine in swimming pools and covid but probably ok since it works for other things. Outside of the pool obviously not. The community pool was open here this year with distancing. You had to sign up for a time because of limited numbers.

  28. For anyone who has an interest in investigating exactly what they want to install into your body, it is a new third rail of RNA/DNA and a new conduit that will be open to alternative RNA messaging.

    The protocols for the vaccine trials explicitly state that they are not designed to save lives or stop the transfer of covid. Or even to save at risk people with pre-existing health problems.

    The pathogen used to design these gene therapy technologies was simulated by computer using algorithms in which they estimate what the bacteria might be. It is only guesswork since the exact Sars cov2 has never been isolated in purity.

    This being the case, the pretend vaccines will do nothing to protect you from Covid, but will do wonders for altering your RNA/DNA profile as a human. This is why the ingrates still want masking, distancing and shutdowns after injecting their poisons.

    There will be more fake pandemics and many more injections of gene therapy solutions that will alter your DNA to conform with Dr. Gates mandates that he has control of your now feeble existence…provided he allows you to survive in his new commie utopia.

    1. “There will still be some risks, though these risks should dramatically shrink over time as a majority of the population becomes vaccinated and herd immunity kicks in. In any case, we don’t need to wait until that day to wean ourselves off the harshest social distancing measures. People who have been vaccinated for the requisite time period can mingle once again. They can have parties and go to restaurants. They can hug and kiss their vaccinated grandparents.”

      Is Mr. Soave basing this on research and the experience of history somewhere? Or just the wishful thinking of someone that hates all the social distancing like everyone else does? How does he factor all the new variants into his thinking? Why won’t he acknowledge that the poor adherence to all of the efforts required to bring this under control was the reason why the U.S. is in the state it is?

      1. Dammit. Didn’t mean this reply to be under tin-foil hat guy.

    2. What nonsense !

    3. You should really brush up on molecular biology before spreading misinformation on the internet which may affect people’s health.

      All of that is a lie.

  29. They DON’T WANT THIS TO END. Full stop. Look at her reaction to the head of the CDC saying that schools should reopen regardless of whether teachers are vaccinated. It’s a gem of obtuseness posing as knowledge.

    1. NO, it is the result of science and study determining that it is safe to open schools, with proper safety measures in place.

  30. Here’s an unrelated comment. Where is all the diversity Biden promised? Looks like he brought back the all of the pasty white crew from the BO admin.

    1. Thomas Sowell disagrees with Joe Biden about who the worst President was.
      Personally I would have chosen Wilson but Sowell makes a good argument for Obama.

  31. I don’t personally care about the demographic composition of the US government one way or another, but you’re a joke if you’re shit talking the diversity of the Biden administration — announced cabinet picks are 55% non-white versus 45% for Obama and 14% for Trump: president-biden-takes-office/2021/02/05/963837953/ biden-pledged-historic-cabinet-diversity-heres-how-his-nominees-stack-up (remove spaces to go to the link). There are 5 billion actual criticisms to make of Biden, so go fuck off with the fake concern trolling.

  32. I bet $10 million that you people will be 100% unhelpful in this matter going forward.

    1. And I’ll bet 2000 quatloos that you and your kind will have to be destroyed.

  33. “There will still be some risks, though these risks should dramatically shrink over time as a majority of the population becomes vaccinated and herd immunity kicks in. In any case, we don’t need to wait until that day to wean ourselves off the harshest social distancing measures. People who have been vaccinated for the requisite time period can mingle once again. They can have parties and go to restaurants. They can hug and kiss their vaccinated grandparents.”

    Is Mr. Soave basing this on research and the experience of history somewhere? Or just the wishful thinking of someone that hates all the social distancing like everyone else does? How does he factor all the new variants into his thinking? Why won’t he acknowledge that the poor adherence to all of the efforts required to bring this under control was the reason why the U.S. is in the state it is?

    1. Soave doesn’t understand herd immunity anyway. It doesn’t “kick in” until it reaches whatever threshold is needed for a particular virus. When a community is under that threshold, the virus can spread throughout the unvaccinated part of the population. We see this with measles outbreaks. Too many anti-vaxxers in an area leave everyone not able to vaccinated in that area vulnerable. Whatever the threshold for herd immunity is for COVID (including the variants or strains that evolve that might avoid the vaccine), we won’t know for sure that we’ve reached it until the virus stops spreading.

      Libertarians and other ‘rugged individualists’ that hate “collectivism” are showing themselves to be an impediment to solving this problem. They value their “freedom” to the point where they can’t see how their behavior harms actual people beyond the bubble of their own lives. Their ideology and principles of freedom are more important to them than what is actually happening in the real world.

      1. What the fuck is Luciferase and why is it in the vaccine?
        – hypothetical question. It’s not hard to understand. Nazis, Jews …

        1. You are not allowed to ask such questions. Now pull up your sleeve.

        2. “Reporter” gene. Literally lights up to reveal its presence. No use in the final product, but in the research assures it gets into cells.

          1. Cool
            I always wanted to be a firefly.

      2. Yes that term is totally misunderstood. It is not immunity at all. It is a theory based on veterinary medicine.

        You need to think of the virus. What it really means is you have virtually eliminated the virus from the environment. This is going to be extremely difficult as we are talking about the entire world as the environment as we are increasingly interconnected.

        A better way to think about it at this point is that as more individuals are vaccinated those individuals are better protected which is a very good thing.

    2. Fuck you.

      That is all.

      1. Oh. And the horse you rode in on!

        Sorry–forgot that part.

  34. Keep people faceless. Keep people divided, keep people alone. The plan is working perfectly. Divide and conquer.

  35. The malfeasance of the Trump Administration in regard to the pandemic will have far reaching effects for years. Had they met the issue head on and implemented aggressive measures, the vaccination process would be more effective, and we would be able to contemplate a future without masks or distancing. Instead, the only attention paid to the pandemic was manipulation for political advantage by Trump and his ilk. So, we are way behind in vaccine distribution planning, and common sense measures to mitigate COVID have been politicized, ridiculed and ignored. As a result many thousands more Americans are dead than there should be.
    IF Trump and company were as concerned about their responsibilities as they were about rights, a lot of dead people would be alive today, but Trump has yet to take responsibility for anything.

    1. Trump was not concerned about rights. He was concerned about Donald Trump and how this made him look. He was successful. Look at the attitudes and behavior of his supporters then and now.

  36. Hospital worker here. Every fall, usually in September, the annual flu vaccine becomes available. Those who either cannot or choose not to have that year’s flu vaccine must wear a mask for the duration of flu season. Those who have the vaccine are not required to wear a mask. The flu vaccines are no where near as effective as the coronavirus vaccines, yet hospital policies nationwide (based on science!) conclude that vaccinated people are not a disease transmission threat and do not have to wear masks.

    Vaccine -> no mask

    It should be an easy conclusion.

    1. Good idea Max. Maybe, so we can be sure they took it, we can mark those people who don’t take the vaccine.

      I bet a gold star or tattoo would be perfect!

    2. As you know the flu vaccinated are still a risk just less of one since the flu vaccine is just based on a guess about which strains are likely to be around next year.

      I am hopeful that the mRNA vaccines for this will be better at reducing transmission since they target specific viral proteins and can easily be tweaked as the bugs evolve.

      I remember back in the day in the hospital we had this tough 5’2” Jamaican nurse who came around on vaccine day with a cart full of doses. You had no choice in the matter. Jab – band aid and she checked you off her list.

    3. At the hospital where I work, the annual flu shot coercion campaign is framed as the mild threat of having to wear a mask all year if you opt out.

      This year, some upper management half-wit sent out the same mass email to the grim hilarity of all.

    4. Non hospital worker here. Take that mask and shove it up your ass.

      What the fuck is wrong with people?

  37. There is no science behind this. Get the shot and lose the mask. Tell them to pound sand.

    1. Pound all the maskless sand you want just do it…over there in your own yard.

  38. “People who have been vaccinated for the requisite time period can mingle once again. They can have parties and go to restaurants. They can hug and kiss their vaccinated grandparents.”

    As long as one has the proper papers to present at the checkpoints, of course.

  39. I am eligible but still on a waiting list. Supply here is low.

    It is going to take a while. The new mutations are more infectious. We just don’t have enough vaccines at this point to see any difference.

    The biggest experiment in the world going on now is Israel to see how this works in the real world. They are over 50% and opening up to anyone over 16. Once they have a large majority say 90% double dosed we can get good data on the results. They are sharing the data which they can easily get because of the way their health care system is structured.

    Keep in mind that all of this is really an experiment at this point. These vaccines are new. There are a lot of questions yet unanswered.

    1. Nah. The sainted Dr. Fauci has all the answers. And if you don’t like them, that’s okay. He has others.


      1. I have no idea what he said.

        I know he is a big deal in immunology. So far as I am concerned he is just another data point among many.

        This is not political. It is biological.

        The virus is the enemy. Fight it.

        1. “This,” if you are broadly referring to the virus itself and the Government response to it, is both.

          And to characterize a virus, which does not think, as an “enemy,” is blatantly political. It’s the same old “War On _______” bullshit that politicians use to promote fear and coerce compliance in order to acquire more power and control.

          Furthermore, “I know he is a big deal in immunology,” is nothing more than a classic “appeal to authority” fallacy. Anthony Fauci is an admitted liar who, like all bureaucrat lifers, is far more concerned with maintaining his position than anything else. And for you to make this statement and call his bureaucratic waffling a “data point” is also political.

          In short, you are full of shit, and you can fuck right off along with all the other “Wear Your Mask” Karens.

          1. Yep. Anyone who believes they are entitled to any part of me in order to assuage their fears not a “good citizen” but a mentally imbalanced hysteric.

          2. I do not play the Fuck Off eat shit and die, whatever game. Some here get something out of that. It is not interesting to me.

            If you wish to have a conversation or debate we could do that. Covid is something I know about.

            I would say that appeal to authority is not what most think it is. Fauci is an expert in a particular field of medicine. He could give you a course in lymphocyte response which would require years of preparation to understand. I am good in some things in which he would require my consultation. I do not know very much about quantum mechanics or the transmission in my car. So I consult people who know about that when those things need answers. That is not a logical fallacy.

            That is not to say that he is correct. I disagree with him about herd immunity for example. It is my informed opinion and I have gone on with that enough here.

            1. My informed opinion is that the masks are an instrument of social control and that no one has yet presented any actual data that they are even marginally effective. You want me to wear a mask to “fight the enemy?”

              Then my response stands. Fuck off.

  40. People have germs. Get used to it. If everyone avoids everyone else, the population will be less healthy because we won’t be exposed to each other’s germs. It’s like kids who grow up in houses that are too clean and end up getting asthma.

    1. So if someone sends you a dose of anthrax you are cool with that?

      1. Covid isn’t anthrax. Stop acting as if it is. We’re destroying the world over a virus that over 99 percent of people survive. You should be ashamed of the part you’re playing to fan the flames of hysteria. Biden administration is now considering banning domestic travel between states because of a “variant.” EVERY bug is a variant. Is this supposed to go on forever?

  41. Masks dehumanize people. That is the goal.

  42. Orange woman bad.

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