Joe Biden

How Biden Is Repeating Trump's Mistakes

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


One of the recurring themes after the election of Joe Biden to the presidency has been that it would bring a radical change from Donald Trump's presidency. To be sure, these men have very different backgrounds and personalities. However, when it comes to public policy, in many areas, Biden is decisively following in Trump's footsteps.

I'm not the only one to notice. The Babylon Bee, a satirical newspaper, joked, "In a stunning repudiation of Trump's COVID plan, Biden has announced he will throw out masking, vaccinations, and travel bans and replace them with masking, vaccinations, and travel bans." To be fair, the federal government thankfully has only limited room to act in a centralized and national way to respond to the pandemic, which means that adjustments will only be made at the margin.

Yet take the Biden administration's self-proclaimed "ambitious goal" to administer 100 million vaccine doses by the end of its first 100 days. That target, my friends, is no more and no less than the trajectory the Trump administration was already headed toward on its way out. Also, while the Biden administration wants to spend large amounts of cash to speed up the distribution, there is evidence that this will do nothing to help—and may even slow down the process—if the money comes with mandates or other strings attached.

The second area where Biden is pursuing moves similar to Trump is with his abuse of executive powers. Here the irony is quite noticeable since Biden's imitation of his predecessor is done in the name of erasing as many of Trump's policies as possible. But in this case, the student is surpassing the master, so much so that even The New York Times felt the need to editorialize on the issue by reminding Biden that "this is no way to make law….These directives, however, are a flawed substitute for legislation…and they are not meant to serve as an end run around the will of Congress."

Another area where Biden is emulating Trump is in his protectionism. For all the complaints and laments coming from Democrats and from Biden himself, when Trump was playing Tariff Man by pursuing policies catering to politically connected special interests such as steel producers, the new administration has not yet changed the course set by its predecessor. For instance, Trump's "national security" steel tariffs on our European trading partners are still in place, which is disappointing to say the least.

Worse, the new president is doubling down on the counterproductive "Buy American" mandate, which even The Washington Post observes is "awful economics." That's correct. Among other things, "Buy American" provisions force the government to pay more for the services and goods it buys, thus increasing taxes or borrowing, which results in less money available in the private sector to be invested.

When it comes to China, the Biden White House also seems to be committed to emulating many Trump policies, such as the industrial policy. This would be a terrible mistake, as Cato Institute's Scott Lincicome has documented in a fantastic new paper called "Manufactured Crisis: 'Deindustrialization,' Free Markets, and National Security."

Biden's China policy is set to look very much like Trump's. Take the misguided notion that the crony Export-Import Bank can be used as an effective weapon against China. This is unlikely. Based on my long experience studying this export credit agency, it's devoted to a set of companies such as Boeing and Pemex, which makes it resistant to reform and, hence, to being part of a coherent China strategy. In fact, despite much bluster from its leadership, ever since this strategy was mandated by Congress in 2019, there's been no fundamental change in the way Ex-Im Bank operates or in the identities of the companies to which Ex-Im Bank extends financing backed by American taxpayers.

However, Biden's potentially most look-alike Trump behavior has to do with his misleading the American people. Remember all the calls for unity and bipartisanship on the campaign trail and in the inauguration speech? They will all prove untrue if Biden fails to prevent Democrats from pushing a gigantic COVID-19 relief bill through budget reconciliation, and hence, around Republicans.

I could go on and on about the similarities between Trump's and Biden's policies. In other words, the more things change, the more they seem to stay the same.


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  1. There’s one major difference that counts: Biden has the vast majority of the media on his side whereas Trump didn’t.

    1. Terribly sorry if pointing out facts seems like “liberal media bias” to you.


      1. Poe’s Law again, OBL.
        I mean just look at raspberrydinners post immediately below yours.

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      2. You forgot Vox.

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      3. You’re not a libertarian you’re a leftist, right down to censoring the speech of those with differing opinions.

        1. Biden says Trump should no longer receive classified intelligence briefings.President Joe Biden doesn’t believe former President Donald Trump should receive classified intelligence briefings, as is tradition VGhn for past presidents, citing Trump’s “erratic behavior unrelated to the insurrection…READ MORE

          1. The Democrats disqualification goes far beyond the psychiatric restrictions that federal law currently imposes on gun ownership, which are already overly broad but VEdt apply only to people who have undergone court-ordered treatment…READ MORE

      4. Terribly sorry but when exactly did the media base its reporting any time after 9/11?

        1. I think it’s a pretty good argument that the platforms could be treated like the law treats shopping malls,” Volokh says.This part of Section 230 is why it’s absolutely inaccurate when politicians and critics insist that the provision’s protections require a platform to have ERvc any sort of neutrality. They do not. They never did. And this is precisely why some people want to get rid of Section 230………..MORE READ

    2. So sad how people rightfully held Trump to task (media wise anyway- not in his actual cult of a party) and his cult followers object to that.

      1. Sorry, not a Trump cult follower. What I support is unbiased news reporting, not labeling every claim made by one’s opponents as “baseless”, “unsubstantiated” or “unproven.” Would love to see just one main stream media reporter say that so and so’s claim that raising minimum wage would not lead to more youth and minority unemployment is “unproven.”

      2. Lol. Youre simply a fool. Youre defending DNC state media. Think about that.

        1. He knows what he’s doing, and it’s deliberate.

          1. Do you ever actually have an argument?

            1. Yes. I disagreed with Jesse that raspberries was merely being foolish, and inferred that he was lying with intent.

              Maybe you spam because your reading comprehension is shit.

              1. How exactly would one go about eating reading comprehension?

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    3. The poor Commies at unreason have to equate President Trump to el presidente Biden.

      Donald Trump was the best and last President the United States of America had before Civil War 2.0

      el presidente Biden needs legitimacy as rules over no Americans. Democrats will lose this civil war just like they lost Civil War 1.0

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    6. I could go on and on about the similarities between Trump’s and Biden’s policies. In other words, the more things change, the more they seem to stay the same…………MORE DETAILS.

    7. This is exactly why I wanted Trump to win. I VASTLY prefer a rabidly anti-government media rather than one that covers for the “leaders.”

      Now when Harris assumes the throne, we’ll finally understand what people meant by “what’s worse than a populist blowhard” — a real authoritarian who knows all the right people and has the cover of the media.

    8. I’m not the only one to notice. The Babylon Bee, a satirical newspaper, joked, “In a stunning repudiation of Trump’s COVID plan, Biden has announced he will throw out masking, vaccinations, and travel bans and replace them with masking, vaccinations, and travel bans………….MORE DETAILS.

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  2. Repeating Drumpf’s mistakes? The difference between Drumpf and Biden couldn’t be more obvious.

    Orange Hitler built and ran literal concentration camps. Which Biden immediately liberated.


    1. And started up again 2 weeks later.

  3. Continuity between Administration is not unusual. President Biden changed what wanted quickly and will make decisions on policies either more slowly or not at all. What is noticeable is that President Biden has a different style that has already put him at over 50% in popularity. Something never achieved by his predecessor.

    1. Keep sucking that dick.

      1. Goldilicks Girlshit will SHOW us how that (orange) dick-sucking is done!

        1. Do you ever actually have an argument?

          1. When I do make one that is more than 3 words long, you announce that you are too stupid and short-attention-span to read it… AND that you are PROUD to be too stupid!

            (I bet you were too stupid to even read THAT (above), now, right? You “win” arguments by announcing that you can’t read what others write! Wow! Just Wow!)

            1. Flag. Refresh. Greatest advice ever.

            2. Posting retarded copypasta a million times isn’t an argument, it’s spamming. Posting retarded doggerel and calling it a poem isn’t an argument, it’s spamming.
              If you want people to read your posts, make a coherent argument and stop spamming.

              1. I have made MANY coherent posts about how “Section 230” is a DAMNED fine law in RESTRAINT of Government Almighty, which you NEVER refute, saying, instead, simply, that I am stupid, or some other ad hominem grade-school insults… AND that my remarks are TOO LONG for poor little baby stupid-head to read! And you repeat your never-justified, never-backed-up “because I say so” authoritarian bullshit, over and over and over again!

                Fuck off, slaver!

                1. And yet you’ve never once answered me as to how the Good Samaritan clause paired with the special protection isn’t anti-libertarian, every time I’ve asked.

                  1. Refute the below:

                    Look, I’ll make it pretty simple for simpletons. A prime argument of enemies of Section 230 is, since the government does such a HUGE favor for owners of web sites, by PROTECTING web site owners from being sued (in the courts of Government Almighty) as a “publisher”, then this is an unfair treatment of web site owners! Who SHOULD (lacking “unfair” section 230 provisions) be able to get SUED for the writings of OTHER PEOPLE! And punished by Government Almighty, for disobeying any and all decrees from Government Almighty’s courts, after getting sued!

                    In a nutshell: Government Almighty should be able to boss around your uses of your web site, because, after all, Government Almighty is “protecting” you… From Government Almighty!!!

                    Wow, just THINK of what we could do with this logic! Government Almighty is “protecting” you from getting sued in matters concerning who you chose to date or marry… In matters concerning what line of work you chose… What you eat and drink… What you read… What you think… Therefore, Government Almighty should be able to boss you around on ALL of these matters, and more! The only limits are the imaginations and power-lusts of politicians!

                    ****** AND ****

                    Some have argued that, since there has been at least one (several?) case(s) of hardcopy rags (newspapers) sued FOR THE WRITINGS OF OTHERS, namely letter-to-the-editor writers (it was all well and good to “John” that SOME people got punished for the writings of OTHER people), then the proper fix was to perpetrate / perpetuate this obvious injustice right on over to the internet domain!
                    This is like arguing that the “fix” for a cop strangling to death, a black man (Eric Garner) on suspicion of wanting to sell “loosies” is, not to STOP the injustice, but rather, to go and find some White and Hispanic and Asian men as well, and strangle them, as well, on suspicion of wanting to sell “loosies”! THAT will make it all “fair”!

                    1. I waded through all that and you still never bothered to answer my question.
                      You just stated the original intent of 230, which everyone already knows, and then started ranting about authoritarianism and other posters.

                      That’s not an argument as to why the Good Samaritan clause isn’t anti-libertarian, Sqrlsy.

                      That’s spam.

                    2. Once again, Mamma can NOT refute what I wrote! She just labels it “spam” and walks away! Intellectual wussy-pansy-lightweight can NOT refute one TINY bit of it! What a surprise!

                      (Mamma the authoritarian summary: “Because I say so, and because you are a stupid spammer”.)

                    3. tl;dr

                    4. Union of Concerned Socks is, yes indeed, of TLDR status… Too Lightweight, so Didn’t Refute!

                    5. “can NOT refute what I wrote!”

                      Refute what, you retard. You didn’t even make an argument.
                      Point out where you addressed the Good Samaritan clause.

                    6. Government Almighty is “protecting” you… From Government Almighty!!!

                      That is not even remotely true. 230 protects from being sued by private parties. The government has no standing to sue for libel or slander and neither do agents of the government in their official capacity. So it is a protection provided by the government to specified private parties from the general population. It allows platforms who act as publishers (editing and deleting content) while simultaneously protecting them from the repercussions that publishers have when libel and slander is amplified by their media. It is ‘four legs good, two legs bad’ embodied in legislation.

                      I’ll give you slack for being crazy, but not for being stupid.

                    7. Chuck P. (The Artist formerly known as CTSP)… You are obtuse as all git-out! So it is a “private party” that sues… So what?!? WHOSE courts are used? And more importantly… When a judge writes 10,000 “writs”, or judgments, I do NOT give a shit! Judge can make declarations all day! Jury, the same! Words don’t hurt me!

                      But guess what, ignorant or deliberately obtuse idjit?!?! The courts do NOT just make findings! After they find me in violation, if I do not OBEY-OBEY-OBEY, then Government Almighty comes PUNISH-PUNISH-PUNISH! Did you NOT know that?!?!

            3. SQRLSY’s arguments are pure poetry. Bad poetry. But poetry nonetheless.

              1. I do ‘fess!!! I ENJOY writing deliberately BAD poetry!

                Below is one of my all-time faves…

                Mash Letter from The Donald to Leona Helmsley

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                  1. Bravo! But, was old Mother Hubbard, her cupboard, Rover, or Rover’s bone of his own, involved, in any way?

                    1. Unfortunately, Old Mother Hubbard and her dog were un-mercilessly destroyed when they were caught in the Jewish space laser fires of Northern California.

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                      GOP Congresswoman Blamed Wildfires on Secret Jewish Space Laser

                    3. Bow Wow Wow…

                      The tin foil reception is excellent where I am

          2. No. Just ranting and rambling.

            1. Do you recall the awesome enchanter named “Tim”, in “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail”? The one who could “summon fire without flint or tinder”? Well, you remind me of Tim… You are an enchanter who can summon persuasion without facts or logic!

              So I discussed your awesome talents with some dear personal friends on the Reason staff… Accordingly…

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              Please send your resume, and another sample of your writings, along with your salary or fee demands, to .

              Thank You! -Reason Staff

              1. Flag, refresh

              2. Spamming gets spamflagged

              3. That’s a lot of gibberish when “I eat shit” would suffice.

        2. So now you want to eat Goldilocks girlshit? Super gross.

      2. Polls are accurate now LOL

    2. He is at 49% latest polling post inauguration….

      1. 538 has him at 53% this morning.

        1. ching! $.50

    3. Trump had over 50% popularity several times.

      In spring 2018 he was actually polling higher than Obama at the same point in his term.

      Plus, the poll you’re quoting is on Biden’s job as president-elect, not president which is pretty much meaningless. When Trump was president-elect he also hovered around 50%.

      So why are you lying to us, Masturbation4ever? Did you think we wouldn’t know any better?

    4. In other words, Biden isn’t sending “traumatizing” tweets. Wow. What an important difference!

    5. “Continuity between Administration is not unusual…”

      Nor is the display of your dishonesty and stupidity.

    6. ching! $.50

    7. Big difference between Biden and Trump is that the COVID control policies were dictated by states, not a centralized government. So you lefty shits that quake in your beds that COVID will seep through your doors and into your beds could have all the authoritarian dreck you wanted, but freedom loving people like me could continue life mostly unmolested by federal dictates.

      Biden changes that. Now I get the pleasure of being forced to live the way lefty shits want to. So thanks for that.

      Hey reason, can you figure out why the Bee made fun of Biden? Oh that’s right, because in the debate, Biden accused Trump of killing people because of his bad policies and Biden promised to eradicate the virus. As if Biden is god.

      I’m sorry Trump wasn’t godlike enough for you. Biden will surely commit wondrous works as God of the Universe.

      1. ^THIS…. The left has a real problem worshiping Gov-Gods of the Universe instead of their own Individual Liberty and Justice. The only excuse they had to hate on Trump was that he never acted like a tyrannical authoritarian God.

  4. This a long winded fucking way of saying “Biden is worse than Trump,” which, incidentally enough, every single commenter here with a brain was screaming all throughout the election cycle …. into an abyss, apparently.

    Fuck you, “Reason”

    1. You’re full of shit.

      There is no way Biden will increase the annual deficit 5x what he inherited like Trump did.

      Inherited a $500 billion deficit in 2017 and it is over $2.5 trillion today.

      1. 2017 – $667 B
        2020 – $1.08T / $3.07T Post Covid

        Why, it’s like some unexpected event occurred resulting in emergency spending! It’s quite curious, actually. Deficit spending increased 9x between 1941 and 1945. I suppose nothing happened there, either.

      2. Shh- don’t let the facts ruin their narrative.

        1. You mean…. prove he spends too much time on child porn searches and doesn’t actually understand what happened last year.

        2. Maybe you and Buttplug can explain to us again how Pelosi’s vetoproof spending bills are Trump’s fault.

          Unless you and Buttplug are lying again, then just ignore the post.

          1. Listen one more time you dumb Canuck motherfucker.

            Trump and McConnell could have bottled up those massive spending bills in the Senate and refused to let them come up for a vote. The truth is the GOP WANTED those big spending bills. So much that Trump WANTED more than the Democrats did at one point.

            You Trump cultists never quit defending that Big Government asshole on a “libertarian” site. That is the disgrace here.

            1. Trump and McConnell DID bottle up those massive spending bills in the Senate.

              What do you think just happened over the last six months? How retarded do you think we all are?

              Maybe ask for a transfer and go fifty-cent somewhere more in line with your intellectual capacity, like TeenVogue or something.

              1. The CARES Act of 2020 passed, idiot. Then they passed another one. (also known as the Trump GOP Welfare Act of 2020).

                $2.1 trillion for just the first one.

                What fucking planet do you live on?

                1. “…(also known as the Trump GOP Welfare Act of 2020)…”

                  Also known as ‘turd lies once again’.

                2. And it was vetoproof, and Trump tried to hold it up.

                  Are you so retarded that you think we can’t remember ten months ago?

            2. But you’re a Biden cultist, so who are you to complain?

              1. another idiot you are.

                Biden is completely unremarkable. I can’t think of a single quality to assign him other than he is not Trump.

                You fuckers suck Trump’s dick nonstop.

                1. You like Biden though, right?

                  1. Not really.

                    I’d prefer a Gary Johnson.

                    1. Lol, the hell you do.

                    2. “What’s an Aleppo?” Great choice.

      3. Biden is on the cusp of signing a $2.5 Trillion bailout for the states. The idea that we should judge this on how much “more” of a deficit it is compared to previous years is only compelling if your goal is to find a way of framing your argument in a way to make that heap of shit look somehow better.

        Trump spent the latter half of last year preventing that $2.5 Trillion dollar expenditure. He is no hero on the budget, but the idea that Biden is better because he won’t triple what Trump refused is a scoring method that the gymnastics judges from the Soviet Union and East Germany would come up with.

        1. Cue all those lefties that were so eager and concerned about the Trump Administrations Budget.


          And every single lefty seems to be a bipartisan hack who really doesn’t care at all about policy but only about [WE] mob identity politics and gang-colors.

      4. Are we pretending covid didn’t happen now? That states shut down their economies, and congress didn’t pass a 3 T bill in response?

        I mean, that’s the only way you could say something this stupid.

  5. I could go on and on about the similarities between Trump’s and Biden’s policies

    They’re both big spending Big Government assholes yet somehow the Trump-Tard cult thinks he is “libertarian” in some way.

    Notice there is no Biden cult to defend him. He won because he wasn’t Trump.

    1. There is a massive Biden cult. It’s called the media and big tech.

      1. Cognitive dissonance. Reason boils everything down to immigration and tarriffs.

        Taxes- lower with Trump higher with Biden
        Regulations – lower with Trump more with Biden, and his million EO’s to boot

        Tip of the iceberg. Biden is anti-Liberty

    2. Lol. You’ve defended biden in every fucking thread. You call him a centrist. You claim he isnt for the GND despite his own campaign site.


      1. He is a centrist.

        He lopped off 90% of AOC’s Green New Deal. He shit on single payer which Bernie and the far lefters wanted desperately.

        Are you a fucking retard?

        1. “He is a centrist.
          He lopped off 90% of AOC’s Green New Deal…”

          turd pulls numbers out of his ass, leaves his head behind.

        2. And you’re upset right, because Biden is too centrist?

    3. You chase your tail just like Tony does —

      WTF! Is there suppose to be a Biden cult to defend his Big Government ‘asshole’ policies??? I see YOU are trying to.

      Why don’t you go back and see how many supported Trump NOT VETOING the 87% Democratic Pitched Cares Act???

      You have a permanently attached partisan-hack brain block on while you’re PROJECTING your own faults as-if they were everyone else’s.

  6. Wow this article gives us bot “to be sure” and a “to be fair”. The constant usage of a phrase in order to cop out of developing a full idea is something even my high school English teacher wouldn’t let get by.

    1. There’s a great drinking game lurking here somewhere.

      1. I’m in!

    2. I know you meant “both”, but “bot” seems to fit too!

  7. Unlike Trump, Biden recognizes the threat of white supremacy.

    The Secretary of Defense has ordered a 60 day pause in military activities to address extremism in the ranks.

    Presumably this does not include the new troops deployed to Syria, or the troops occupying Washington DC.

    Military purges based on ideology. Have we gone full Soviet?

    1. Well, if you’re a white supremacist or a nazi, yeah, you can get fucked.

      No more a valid “ideology” than thinking rape is good, etc.

      1. Is this like on north Carolina just 2 days ago where the local paper called the first black deputy AG A NAZI/kkk member because he was conservative?

        1. “Shut up, he explained.”

      2. Once the government starts actively policing ideas, everyone — I repeat, everyone — eventually gets fucked. No matter how appropriate or milquetoast you think your views are, when you permit the government to punish people for holding the wrong beliefs, with the definition of “wrong” shifting day to day, you will get fucked. It cannot be any other way.

        The fact that you are too stupid to see this is likely a source of psychological comfort because, when the time comes, and it will come, you will be too stupid to realize that they are not actually depositing you and your friends into a public shower terminal.

        1. ^VERY WELL SAID —- Ironically to point out the above point. The term Nazi is a syn for National Socialism so I guess the Biden plan is to lock up all Democrats? lol.. ya; exhibit #1.

      3. Raspberrydinners has backed literal economic fascism, political reprisals and authoritarianism right here in the comments, but look at him calling other people “nazi”.
        He’s even doing it while shilling for ideological purges FFS.

        We’re through the looking glass here.

        1. To dingleberryeaters, Nazi is just a synonym for racist. The whole socialism aspect of the Nazi ideology isn’t something even remotely on ze’s radar.

          1. Probably because the NAZI, like every other ‘socialist revolution’, put the socialist true believers against the wall first.

            That is their biggest crime to the true believers, and it’s why they keep trying it over and over again. They really believe that one of these times they’ll get a human angel to take over the world, and once they do that’ll be ‘true socialism’ at last.

            Essentially, they recognize the fact that if human’s were angels socialism would occur naturally. Hence the various attempts to change humans into something that fits the ethos, versus the other way around. They’re collectively trying to shove a square peg into the triangle slot.

      4. “Well, if you’re a white supremacist or a nazi, yeah, you can get fucked.”

        How about if you’re a commie thug, commie thug?

      5. ching! $.50

    2. Yea fake false flag threat. Who would of known that Jan 6 was an “isolated” incident. About 80% stage show is what it was.

      That’s why it hasn’t repeated. Its not real. BLM/ANTIFA rioting continues on.

    3. I wonder how long it will be before all military units have a zampolit.

      1. Didn’t that start during Obama’s term?
        I seem to remember some chaplains getting demoted or fired or something.

  8. Biden’s position on Trade (and it’s awful similarity to Trumps’) was well known prior to this election.

    Biden’s position on the Pandemic was well known prior to this election. And his party’s predilection towards mandating their way through the pandemic (to very little effect, other than restriction of liberties) was well known prior to the election.

    Biden’s position on getting us back into wars in the middle east was well telegraphed (by his statements, and his actions during the previous administration) prior to the election.

    Biden’s position on job-killing, freedom infringing climate decrees was well known before this election.

    Biden’s position on spending trillions more dollars to bail out states while sending a pittance to the serfs in those states was well known before this election.

    Biden’s position on destroying women’s’ sports (and freedom to associate) by pandering to TG Women was well known before this election.

    Biden’s position on Immigration was well known before this election.

    Of all those items above, Biden will be worse than Trump from a libertarian perspective on 5, functionally the same on 1 (Trade) and better on one (Immigration). Now we can argue about whether one or two of those issues is more important than another from a libertarian perspective, but I decline to entertain the sneering, snobbish assholery among Reason staff when they had the gall to say things like the “Trump Cult” lives in a fantasy land.

    If anyone was living in a fantasy land, it was Reason Staff who pretended that Biden was some sort of better alternative to Trump, from a libertarian perspective.

    1. I dispute the notion that the Biden/progressive position on immigration is more libertarian or in any way better than Trump’s.

      The democrat position is to encourage and promote illegal immigration.

      This is not libertarian. This is not good. This is actively evil.

      By being an illegal immigrant, you are not legally allowed to work. This places you at risk from many angles. You are ripe for exploitation.

      The libertarian position would be to address the shorcomings of the immigration quota system and adjust it… or eliminate it. Bush wanted a guest worker program… allowing large numbers of temporary residents to work in the US legally with the same legal protections as American citizens. This was dead on arrival with the democrats.

      They want illegal immigration. That is certainly not libertarian by any stretch. It is not pro-immigrant under any rational definition. It is corrupt as hell.

      1. If the alternatives are “decriminalize illegal border crossing” and “continue the restrictionism”, I think the former is more libertarian, though not as libertarian as the ideal that you state.

        And to be clear, Bush’s deal was destroyed by a revolt in his own party. If they had pushed it through and gotten this issue off the table, they would likely have been murdered in the primaries and mid terms (as they were anyways), but likely would have destroyed this as a wedge issue for a decade. Bush in fact carried a significant proportion of Hispanics in Texas during his second election, largely because of his promises here. Indeed, from endless wars, to becoming hypocrites on entitlements (NCLB, Medicare Drugs), and their fecklessness on immigration, Bush pretty much ensured that the Democrats would stick around with these wedge issues for the next 20 years.

        1. But this is not even decriminalization or depenalization, it’s partial suspension of enforcement. It’s kicking down the road a can of poison.

  9. When you buy American products the money is recirculated here and it’ll be used to buy something else hopefully made here as well. The Chinese products are pure fucking crap anyway. They’re cheap in every sense of the word.

    1. Holy shit, are we now seeing the left pivot from “Evil Trump is screwing with China” to “Buy American, it’s Better?”

      You realize how transparently partisan this makes you look, right? This has been the argument made by America First trade restrictionists since the 80s.

      Just in case you are aware, your argument that “money being recirculated here” and that American Products are of superior quality are old, and tired.

      1) Yes, that money gets recirculated, but it is a tax on the poor who must pay more for these staple items. Consumption is a larger proportion of their income, and so raising the price of their consumption is reducing their ability to buy stuff for themselves. So while the money is recirculating here, the actual consumption still goes down, which is another way of saying that you actually haven’t helped the economy. You have just transferred money from the poor to some protected political class in Steel, or some other manufacturing job.

      2) People are perfectly capable of judging what is of sufficient quality to justify spending their money. Sometimes you just want a place to put your books, and you don’t want to spend $2000 for the effort. If some MDF and cap anchors will do the job for you for $100, you should be allowed to make that decision for yourself.

      1. You did read your Orwell, right? You do know that we have always been at war with Eurasia, right?

        That stuff wasn’t a metaphor. The Ministry of Truth wasn’t allegorical. He was merely being descriptive.

        They always supported an America First trade policy with respect to China.

        1. Watching DOL, Tony, Jeff, Buttplug and all their socks instantly pivot on issues like a flock of birds is always unnerving to watch.

          1. I assume that in order to receive a deposit from their handlers, they are — at some point in the process — required to provide proof that they’ve recalibrated the subjects of their shilling.

            Lest people come to conclude that paid shills are a conspiracy theory, I have personally witnessed handlers paying people to shill and protest with pizza, beer, and a bus pass. One time, a fight almost broke out because the shills surrounded the handler in a bar and demanded a second pitcher of beer, whereas the original agreement was for only one pitcher of beer. After the handler purchased a second pitcher, they demanded a third. The handler then reached into his pocket and dropped a couple of hundred dollar bills on the table. The shills and handler shook hands, and the handler walked out of the bar … with their bus passes.

            It is a dirty fucking world out there. My only observation is that there are millions of people in this country that will do almost anything, for almost nothing.

      2. “Holy shit, are we now seeing the left pivot from “Evil Trump is screwing with China” to “Buy American, it’s Better?”


    2. “When you buy American products the money is recirculated here and it’ll be used to buy something else hopefully made here as well. The Chinese products are pure fucking crap anyway. They’re cheap in every sense of the word.”

      TDS-addled lefty shit now pushing Trump protectionism.
      No surprise, that third try at 6th grade didn’t get easier.

    3. Dude…this is truly laugh out loud pathetic.

    4. ching! $.50

    5. What’s so good about the money’s being recirculated here? According to monetary theory, that just fuels inflation in that market of that money. Pay attention to the goods, not the money.

  10. Biden Administration = Trump Policy + Democrat Policy – Trump Overt Vulgarity

    Great equation.

    1. Spot on. I’d pitch adding an exponent for pure sex appeal, but politicians don’t understand any math past addition & subtraction (if that).

  11. I sometimes wonder of any editor here even bothered to read Joe’s political website. This was known months ago. Comment threads told you. Reason stayed with the narrative as a centrist despite this. They ignored Joe’s 47 year record as well. This isn’t a surprise to anyone.

    But funny watching them say this all started under Trump. Lol. Obama must have been a Saint and never done things like erase policies W pushed. Never. What a joke.

    1. And Buy American is a decades old democrat/union slogan. Lol.

      1. Joe really has played the “union” folks as useful idiots

      2. If it’s good enough for the 1970s, it’s good enough for the Biden Administration!

    2. No comment here… or anywhere really… about our having already sent troops to Syria.

      Not even the slightest desire to find out what the hell is so important in Syria that we sent in troops without even so much as a formal announcement, let alone the consultation and consent of congress?

    3. Of course they looked. And, then, they looked away and lied about it.

  12. At least Joe won’t be sending new troops to Afghanistan or Syria or Iraq. Or anywhere else they don’t have transgender bathrooms available. So we got that going for us, which is nice.

    1. I wonder why we have not had any coverage of the troop deployments. That certainly seems more important to a libertarian audience than justifying censorship by the media and tech companies.

      1. Who would cover it and dare claim that the new emperor has no clothes?

  13. ‘which even The Washington Post observes is “awful economics.”‘

    Wait, the WP is some kind of protectionist bastion that can be cited when it comes to free trade?

  14. I must disagree.
    All of Trump’s policies were evil fascism; all of Biden’s policies are unity and light.
    This has been proven over and over by the honest, fair, and professional journalists of the elite overlords.

    1. +1000000000

  15. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. Until the new boss starts a war. Then he’ll be different.

    1. Does sending troops back into Syria on Inauguration Day count?

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  17. The Presidency Was Emaculate Until Trump Soiled It, Now Biden Is Repeating His Mistakes.

    In case anyone was worried that TDS would continue well after administration of the Biden vaccine.

    I mean, FFS, here’s a title that’s more accurate, still slanderous/slighting of Trump, and more libertarian:

    “How Biden Shows That Trump Wasn’t Exceptional Enough In Deviating From The Status Quo”

    1. Here’s another one:

      “Click Here And Read Our Ads Because We Need The Money”

  18. “…To be sure, these men have very different backgrounds and personalities…”

    Yeah, one ran a business, the other has never been other than a government grifter.

  19. The Democrat’s COVID plans had always been mask mandate harder, lockdown harder and throw public money at anything that complains. The executive orders are standard Democrat ideas, the only major difference is the pace at which they are coming. All you have really changed is the style of communication, which has gone from hostile to merely patronizing and condescending.

  20. A Reason Mag writer seriously thinks that citing the Washington Post is persuasive? LOL. Instant halt to reading further.

    1. New here? Wapo and NYT are one of the favorite cites for the writers here.

  21. This is the hot take you pull out when you have a massive hangover.

    Both parties are the same… music to the ears of the party who spends all its time trashing the place.

    Credit is earned in my book.

    1. Nobody cares what you think. Now go play in traffic please.

  22. But are these mistakes within normal parameters?

  23. Now do federal spending and foreign military adventures.

  24. So… Real journalism doesn’t pay any attention to the fact the Cares Act was 87% Written by Democrats? Doesn’t pay any attention that more Republican’s voted against Ag Bills than Democrats…… etc, etc, etc….

    This is EXACTLY how lefty-propaganda pitched the Obama cut spending b.s. Jacking it up 5x than previous consistently over the entire 1st Term then getting blocked compulsively by a full GOP congress and somehow Obama Cut-Spending??? B*LL-SH*T…..

    Anyone claiming the right spends worse than the left is absolutely loaded with lefty-propaganda sh*t.

  25. Reason: “Biden Fucks Up.”

    “Trump’s fault, of course.”

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  27. Oh no, probably not his favorite

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