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Maryland Is Vaccinating Remote Public School Teachers Before In-Person Private School Teachers

Teachers who refuse to go back to work should not get to cut in line.


In Montgomery County, Maryland, the public schools have remained closed since last March while many private schools have decided to open. But the county's vaccination plan prioritizes public school teachers over employees of private schools.

"[Health officials] also will be working with our school systems, starting with the public schools, to provide opportunities for vaccination for educators and teachers," Montgomery County Health Officer Travis Gayles said during a press conference, the Washington Examiner reported.

Gayles added that he anticipated "working with nonpublic schools" at some indeterminate point in the future. "All of those things are in the works," he said.

The Examiner's Tim Carney noted that the county's most recent vaccination guidelines allow public school staff to move to the front of the queue, but say nothing about their counterparts in private education. If this is an honest mistake, it's one that health officials are in no hurry to clear up: The county did not immediately respond to Reason's request for comment.

Vaccinating teachers who are not yet back in their classrooms ahead of teachers who are actually teaching in-person makes little sense. It's not even clear that public school teachers are receiving vaccines so that they can return to work: The Maryland State Education Association (MSEA), the state's largest teachers union, has dismissed calls by Republican Gov. Larry Hogan to reopen schools.

In a recent letter, MSEA President Cheryl Bost berated the governor for expecting union members to return to work and castigated him for suggesting that he might explore legal options to force the issue.

"I have never, in all my years, heard of a single statement uttered by a state leader that caused more tears, more anxiety, and more frustration among educators than your threat to withhold their pay and revoke their licenses at the very moments when they were working incredibly hard, as they have for months, to make the best of educating our students in impossible circumstances," wrote Bost.

These are crocodile tears. The Maryland teachers union bosses—as well as other teachers unions across the country—have made it abundantly clear that they will fight school reopenings for as long as possible, no matter the circumstances of the pandemic. Teachers engaged in protests in Chicago, New York City, Baltimore, D.C., and elsewhere have asserted that they won't go back to work until they feel completely safe. But we know that many schools are quite safe already—even the famously cautious Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said so.

Given that they intend to be among the last group of people to reenter the workforce, there's an argument for deprioritizing public teachers in the vaccination queue. They certainly shouldn't be stealing spots from private school educators.

Update: It's not just Maryland.

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62 responses to “Maryland Is Vaccinating Remote Public School Teachers Before In-Person Private School Teachers

  1. As you know the virus is transmissible through the internet. That’s why we all have to wear our masks on zoom.

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    2. It would be funny is that was true. Many pandemics were made worse by not understanding the method of transmission. They thought collera was airborne, etc.

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    3. That’s why we all have to wear our masks on zoom.

      As opposed to pants (*cough* Toobin *cough*).

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  2. Private school teachers don’t belong to a union that owns a certain political party.

    1. A certain political party whose current leader was the favored candidate of a majority of Reason’s “principled libertarians.”

    2. Public health employees are naturally going to aid public school employees first – any private school employees present the threat to those sucking at the government teat.

    3. During his first week in office, Biden also abolished a Trump-era rule that SEdf imposed some measure of accountability on the federal bureaucracy.……..MORE READ

    4. Subhuman Democrat libtard scum. Either do your stinkin’ job or get fired and decertified from teaching. Sorry self-serving scum.

  3. Hogan! Stop with the threats, take action. No show, no pay; you know like all us little people have to do.

  4. Does anybody else find it even slightly absurd that we are all suddenly taking to efficacy of the vaccine for granted?

    1. Well, some of us are taking it at the value established by certified test protocols.

  5. Well, it makes sense if the goal is to get those public school teachers back in the classrooms with live students . . .

    “It’s not even clear that public school teachers are receiving vaccines so that they can return to work: The Maryland State Education Association (MSEA), the state’s largest teachers union, has dismissed calls by Republican Gov. Larry Hogan to reopen schools.”

    Oh, nevermind then . . .

  6. Yeah, it’s stupid, but did we expect the government to do this intelligently? That goes double for public union leaders making ridiculous demands to the detriment of the public.

    Hell, as long as they’re actually giving the shots to people without having to throw away expired doses, let’s call it a relative win.

  7. Teachers who refuse to go back to work should not get to cut in line be fired.


    1. And lose pension benefits.

  8. How big is your in-person private school teacher’s union?

    1. And if there were such a union what party would they be loyal to and own?

  9. Actually, this makes sense – we know the private-school teachers are safely ensconced in the classrooms where they can’t spread the ‘rona, who knows where the public school teachers are off partying at and spreading it around?

  10. Maryland Health Department has told them to knock that shit off.

    “Maryland health department won’t let counties discriminate against private school teachers with vaccinations”

  11. What is the point of being a fascist if you can’t help out your friends?

    1. They still have punishing their enemies.

  12. Government Bread-Lines are HERE!

    Remember those ‘good old days’ when people DECIDED and those who knew they needed it the MOST would pay the bigger bucks for top of the line PC’S while the rest who could slide-by and live without waited until the prices dropped…..

    Funny how politicians are now everyone’s DICTATOR these days.

  13. I, for one, cannot WAIT to start seeing beachside Instagram posts from public school teachers flaunting their ability “safely” (despite still being able to be carriers after being vaccinated) to travel while working remotely thanks to their early vaccinations.

    1. Still confused on this like what another posted similar to your statement. What the point of me getting this? I’m in the low low risk group. To feel sick for a few days or not get the shot and possibly feel sick for a few days?

      1. Because “Papers, bitte.”

        After we are all acclaimed to our double masks, the Karens will turn their energies to shuttering any business with the audacity not to require proof of vaccination to enter.

        1. Prepare for a black market in vaccination records.

          1. The free market will fund a way

        2. *acclimated, dammit.

  14. Eh, it’s not like waiting for a vaccine that doesn’t really vaccinate is going to harm those in-person teachers at this point. If they’ve already been conducting classes, and they and the students aren’t being carried out of the school in body bags, then I’d say the risk associated with them not getting it for a while is pretty low.

  15. Teachers unions are selfish left wing policy activists, and most public school teachers are left wing propagandists who are indoctrinating students to be snowflakes, victims of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. and left wing social justice warriors.

    FDR warned against the unionization of government (i.e. monopoly) workers.

    Here in Pittsburgh, after dozens of parents urged the all Democrat school board to reopen schools, the teachers union demanded two vaccines for all teachers before the go back to school.

    So of course, then the school board unanimously voted to keep the schools shut until at least April, even though tens of thousands of parents will have to remain home with their child,
    which means they cannot work.

    So not only are selfish school teachers unions lobbying to screw students out of an already substandard education, but to also keep/put tens of thousands of parents out of work.

    Ironically (or not), most of these out of work parents (in cities) whose children cannot go back to school, voted for Biden because they believed thousands of lies by left wing media propagandists who have terminal cases of TDS.

    1. Govt sector unions should be illegal..period end of story

    2. They all get the government they deserve, good and hard.

    3. When you understand the goal is to destroy our economy and our nation you will understand DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST UNION determination to force parents into joblessness. My question is when are people who are crying and whining about these lazy self-serving scum going to rise and deliver ultimatums and back them with actions? Parents, if you keep acting like toilet paper you will continue to get crap wiped all over you

  16. Maryland Is Vaccinating Remote Public School Teachers Patriotic Democrats Before In-Person Private School Teachers Treasonous Republicans


  17. Nobody cares.

  18. The new media talking point pushed by the teacher’s unions and academia is…wait for it..home schooling is a cess pool of domestic terrorists in training…you know “white, christian, evil….”

    1. At least one = cess pool.

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  19. Israel vaccinated every Jew, 5 million dosages by the end of January to even the least vulnerable and essential, before “RELEASING” the first 5000 to any Palestinians, even the most vulnerable and essential.

    Now that’s the behaviour of an occupied apartheid state.

  20. If you vaccinate the public school teachers, then they’ll say they can’t go back to work until the janitors, lunch room staff, etc. are vaccinated, because the teachers might unknowingly carry the bacteria to them. Then they can’t go back to work until the students are vaccinated. Then the parents. then all the parents extended family and friends. Then the drivers who deliver food for the cafeteria. Then…

    1. Fairfax County, VA teachers are arguing against returning until all students are vaccinated.

      No vaccines are approved for children yet.

    2. We always find out more about each other in difficult times.

      Communities who take care of each other will emerge stronger.

      Those who refuse to, will emerge with a little deeper shithole.

      If you don’t care about each other’s lives, what rights would you stand up for?

  21. Here in Oregon, the over-sixty-five group was supposed to start receiving vaccinations on Jan 23. The screw-up by the feds kicked that back a couple of weeks, so I was looking at late Feb.

    Now it seems that Gov. Brown underestimated the number of teachers, who are in line ahead of us older folks, by 100,000, or by about one-half. Is she brain-dead?

    Now it seems that I have to wait until May. And, of course, most of the schools at which these teachers teach, are closed anyway.

    Ain’t gubmint wunnerful?

    1. Would you rather vaccinations were controlled by the free market and auctioned to the highest bidders?

      1. Nope. But, teachers, who are not working, don’t have to work, and who probably won’t be working until next fall, and are still getting paid, get the vaccine before people who NEED to work? Right now my wife will be lucky to get vaccinated before July. She is forty-four. Luckily, she doesn’t have to work. But, the vast majority of forty-four-year-olds need to get back to work.

        1. That sounds screwed up.

          Your point about government incompetence is valid.

          They’re politicians, not engineers, planners, doctors, police, etc.

          Telling you whatever you need to hear to elect them, regardless of their ability to deliver, is their expertise.

          1. “They’re politicians…”

            And that tells us pretty much everything we need to know.

  22. Well private schools and homeschooling is causing millions of white racists and “insurrectionists”…

    Solution is to have a Gov with some “%alls” and sign an executive order banning all public unions…just do it and be ready to fight and win that war…liberty over the bolsheviks..

    1. Amen! Now put that into action keyboard ninjas!

      1. STFU troll

  23. The government will always take care of itself first. It exists to serve itself, enrich itself, expand itself, protect itself and justify itself. It is a parasite. Providing the taxpayers with services in return for pay is just an annoyance to be done grudgingly (if at all). Now that they have realized that they can just print up an unlimited amount of money, they literally don’t even need the taxpayers anymore. It’s only going to get much, much worse.

  24. Teachers are mostly under 65.

    None of them should be vaccinated until every older person has had an opportunity to get vaccinated.

    Level of risk is by age, not vocation.

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