Brickbat: OK, Boomer


A British employment tribunal has awarded Neil McClements, 50, £7,500 (about $10,200 U.S.) after finding the National Health Service rejected him for a job because of his age and gender. Despite being the most highly ranked candidate, McClements was rejected in favor of a younger, female candidate by the hiring committee because of concerns he would not fit in with the rest of the staff, who were largely female and in their early 30s. The tribunal also found that the woman who would have been his direct supervisor expressed discomfort at having to supervise someone much older than her.

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  1. This guy may have lucked out. Sounds like he’d been working in a woke hen house. Take the money and run.

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    2. I’ve had a job in that environment. It was one of the most miserable jobs I’ve ever had.

      1. Can’t handle a strong, independent woman? Huh, incel!

        1. If they were strong and independent women, they’d get Hell out of the UK and have their own private practices elsewhere.

          1. And the same goes for the male Doctor. Get the Hell out of that floating Romper Room!

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    5. This was about a job he was applying for, not a job he already had.

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  2. If some retard says they can’t manage people, then they shouldn’t be a manager. I have gotten people moved off of my teams the day they tell me they can’t do the job.

    1. Exactly. Managers have to be able to manage everyone, not just the women or people younger than them. I’ve managed teams from 1 to 200 over the last 30 years and 99.9% of the time as long as you treat people like adults with respect and professionalism you’ll get along fine. The 0.1% who can’t be adult and professional can be sent elsewhere to infect some other workplace.

    2. Problem is, people get promoted into management roles as a reward, regardless of having management skills or not. Most firms have but a single career trac: worker -> manager -> executive. It’s the military model.

      1. The infamous Peter Principle.

        1. I prefer the dilbert principle. “people get promoted to where they can do the least damage” eg does it take more skill to be a brain surgeon, or a manager that tells the surgeon why it’s in the hospitals best interest not to kill the patient. (granted Scott Adams had this example before covid, so I wonder if killing. A patient during surgery would balance out with getting paid insurance, and saying they have covid and getting more money for that too)

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  4. …the woman who would have been his direct supervisor expressed discomfort at having to supervise someone much older than her.

    He organically would have taken over and the NHS would have started doing its job?

    1. I’ve had some female bosses in my life, and they tend to be pretty good. Side effect of having to break through glass ceilings is that you have to actually be competent at your job.

      The NHS doesn’t do it’s job primarily because of male bureaucrats.

      1. The NHS doesn’t do its job because it is Socialized. It’s the only game in town, so it doesn’t have to be efficient, effective, or caring.

        1. There will never be enough money and/or other resources to help everyone, so at some point in any such system, efficient, effective and caring become negatives to the system itself.

      2. I’ve had some female bosses in my life, and they tend to be pretty good.

        Split. I’ve had plenty who were superlatively competent and looked good doing it and I’ve had several who would make the stereotypical, perpetually-sloshed male chauvinist seem like a work horse. I can’t count the number of male or female employees I’ve seen smack a coworker on the ass or talk about their genitals in a work setting. The former because I can’t recall ever seeing it once, the latter because I can’t keep count.

      3. Females make shitty managers because they rely on executive policy to get things done, not personal authority or rapport with workers.

        Most are promoted to the position by longevity, buying university credentials, or meeting diversity quotas, not skill or loyalty.

        Once in management, it’s hard to get rid of underperforming women, because of fears surrounding lawsuits.

        Same for dark-skinned minorities, having benefited from generations of affirmative action. It’s sad, really. They should understand the struggle, but now that they’re the oppressors, they have no rapport to lean on when managing a mixed team of workers.

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  6. If the applicant is 50, the would-be manager should have said “OK, Gen X.” So that’s another mistake to add her pile.

    1. Ok, Boomer.

        1. Ok, Jewmer.


          1. Ok, Jewmer. Schumer.

            Too low?

  7. Jesus, that’s not how age and sex and racial and religious discrimination laws are supposed to work! They’re only meant to prevent discrimination against favored classes of people, not against disfavored classes!

    1. Correct! Equality before the law reinforces white supremacy. We need equity before the law if we want to obtain social justice!

      1. Yup. This guy should have been fined for applying for a job that he was not entitled to, and fined again for causing emotional distress in the people he scared.

        1. Triggered all around.

        2. Do his fines get discounted for providing entertainment for the Reason comment board?

    2. I am sure that is exactly how the people at the NHS saw it.

    3. Two legs good, four legs bad

  8. I always laugh when somebody throws the “OK Boomer” at me, as if I’m supposed to be devastated by such a clever insult. Heh. I am a Boomer.

    1. Wait until they use a MyPillow to finish the job and save Social Security’s solvency. Baka Boomers need to be snuffed out to save America.

      1. Come on over and give it a try. I dare you.
        A lot of what are reported as CORONA deaths were actually smart asses being beaten to death with a walker.
        Shut up and (unlike Biden) go pay your social security and medicare taxes; my doctor needs new tires for his Mercedes.

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      2. LOL Social Security. Nothing can save that ludicrous Ponzi scheme.

        1. COVID was a good try.

          1. Took 350,000 off the dole.
            “It’s a start” says SleepyJoe.

        2. Apply equivalent means-testing for benefits as are needed to qualify for Medicaid. Then expand the tax to cover all income, not just (quickly searches…) the first 137,700. Still won’t make it solvent, but it will kick the can a few years.

          Social Security is welfare for geezers. Start treating it that way.

          Besides, the real Godzilla just starting to climb out of the sea is Medicare. Or T-bill debt service, if interest rates ever start to rise to historical norms.

          1. And peg the age to start collecting to be 4 years after the median life expectancy, you know how it was originally intended

            1. The problem with that idea is that the age of being physically able to work has not risen in tandem with lifespan expectancy.

              1. That’s the problem with _any_ retirement plan; the ratio of people working to support those on it to those on it is always dropping. There are really only two solutions that will work in the long term:

                1) Free Dr. Kevorkian and send the geezers to him.

                2) Tell the folks under 75 (or 80, eventually) to suck it up and get back to work even if they don’t feel good. I’m sure that back when social security was established and the life expectancy was well under 65, most 64 year-olds weren’t very healthy – but unless they’d saved up to retire, they still had to work. And far more of those jobs involved heavy physical labor…

                1. That’s just silly. The infirmities of old age are much greater problems than just not “feel(ing) good”. And saving up money doesn’t solve the problem unless the productivity of those who are still able to work rises proportionately. If it isn’t, then the savings of seniors are just wiped out by inflation when they start spending them to live on.

        3. I would gladly give up every Cent taken from me to put into what Al Gore called the “Lawk Bawkx” in exchange for never seeing the acronym “F.I.C.A.” on a paycheck stub!

          Anything I put my money in after that would have to be much better. If Social Security was so damn good, why do mutual fund managers plug other income instruments to investers? Why does Tom Selleck plug home equity loans to old farts?

  9. Don’t know if this guy had other options, but when he interviewed for the position, the fact that he would be the only dude and the oldest employee should have been a red flag. In my experience, women only want to work with other women. He also would be dodging a bullet not getting involved in their drama.

    1. This is SO not true. A substantial majority of women, when surveyed, report that they prefer a male boss. It goes to the broader tendency of women to tear each other down, which starts in elementary school. Most female bosses I’ve had resent any intelligence or ambition in their staff. There’s also far more emotion and drama.

      I have a female boss now that I really like, but that’s because she’s direct, open, and there is zero drama or emotion. She’s the exception, I’m sorry to say.

      1. She’s probably autistic.

  10. So he got a few bucks.
    Were the sexists fired? Even reprimanded?
    Did he get the job?
    I was educated BC (before common core), and remember when answering questions like that were basic reporting, let alone journalism.

  11. If a man had done this to a 50 yr. old woman or colored person, in the U.S., the settlement would have been well into the six figures and someone would have been fired and HR would have descended on the rest of the workforce with hours and hours of re-education classes.

    1. Yeah, I was also wondering at the low figure. Some of that is likely because the UK legal system is less insane. But I can’t help thinking that $10k is barely a wrist slap. Especially since it will come out of the taxpayers’ pockets and not from any of the people who actually discriminated.

  12. Ok, Milly!

  13. I recall a company Christmas party a couple of decades ago. The chief recruiter at our engineering firm got drunk and started bragging about all the females he didn’t hire. Needless to say he was fired on the spot.

    1. Hell, at google you can get canned for trying to help the company recruit more women into engineers, if you don’t say it the way that the SJWs want you to.


    2. By any chance, was this The Dunder Miflin Paper Company in Scranton, PA?

  14. Fuck those millennial women!

    Or at least as many as you can before they find out how old you are.
    [nudge, nudge, wink, wink]

    Yeah, I went there. What of it?

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