Free Speech

No, AOC, It's Not the Government's Job to 'Rein in Our Media'

The First Amendment doesn't come with an exception for "disinformation."


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.) told her social media followers earlier this week that Democrats in Congress might respond to the Capitol riot with some sort of "media literacy" initiative.

The phrase media literacy ordinarily implies helping individuals make sense of the media landscape, but AOC seems to have more in mind than that: She suggested "we're going to have to figure out how we rein in our media environment so that you can't just spew disinformation and misinformation."

It's true that both traditional media and social media sometimes spread "disinformation and misinformation." But the federal government has no formal role to play in suppressing its spread. The First Amendment explicitly bars Congress from infringing on freedom of the press or freedom of speech, and the Supreme Court has recognized no exceptions for disinformation. If the government could ban disinformation, after all, it could use that as a cover for banning speech that is not actually false but merely critical of the government, or of specific politicians. Recall that Democrats swiftly denounced The New York Post's report on Hunter Biden's foreign connections as "disinformation," even though many underlying aspects of the story have since been confirmed.

Social media platforms are currently struggling with how to identify disinformation and what actions against it are appropriate. Certain subjects—such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 election results—are aggressively policed, while other misleading content is left alone. Users have every right to criticize these decisions, but ultimately Twitter and Facebook are private companies with the right to set their own moderation policies. They can prohibit speech they define as misinformation. Congress can't.

In suggesting a role for the government to regulate the media's speech, AOC is echoing comments made by numerous right-wing figures—most notably President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly called for changing libel laws to make it easier for maligned officials to sue the press. Trump has also made threats against newspapers for covering his presidency negatively. It's critical that the law not be changed; the media must be free to vigorously criticize the president, Congress, or any other aspect of the government, even if the reporting is sometimes wrong or off-base. Similarly, addressing disinformation should be a job for private platforms and individual readers, not the government.

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  1. Exhibit # 3,298,367 that progressives aren’t liberals.

    1. Before newspeak takes over completely, those who favor government control over the populace via corporations are called fascists, not progressives.
      (See Italy, not Germany)

      1. Fascism’s roots is progressivism. We are just following the same route progressives took in the early 20th century.

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        2. So it’s OK when you do it?

          You’re picking up this fascist thing amazingly quickly.

          1. When did libertarians do it?

        3. Perhaps I am mistaken but my understanding is that what we call progressive is and was primarily American. What we call libertarian is as well although it derives from certain European philosophers and economists.

          Fascism took some elements of socialism and melded it with an extreme form of nationalism. To me the short form is that progressives seek a more expanded government while libertarians a much smaller one.

          Trump working from the GOP base was without a doubt nationalist in the core. We are calling it populist. It did not have traditional socialist values as we think of them in social benefits like health care, taxes on the wealthy, and so on. There was no real philosophical base. Just a set of goals centered around a charismatic leader.

          Democrats and republicans each face divided parties. The role of propaganda and media control are central to both wings. AOC wants control of content as does the base objecting that a Twitter account is a constitutional right.

          Thing is the door swings both ways. I can’t force the NYT to publish my editorial, not yet anyway.

      2. Fascism is a type of progressivism.

        Progressivism = top down rule with absolute power and the aim of socially engineering New Man via central planning.

        1. soldiermedic76 & Nardz

          The original Progressives believed in a number of things that today’s “Progressives” would be horrified about.

          The original Progressives were a mix of upper-class people with inherited wealth and the contemporary intellectual class who believed that through “proper” planning “the masses” could be “improved” by a number of measures.

          They above all had a vision of a future towards which we had to “progress”. Essentially, to them progress meant moulding everyone to conform to the way that they lived. For the most part that meant conforming to the rules of Western European/American upper class culture, including the protestant work ethic and a vague kind of “free enterprise” guided by “enlightened government” .

          All of these beliefs led them to latch onto pseudosciences like eugenics (along with its brothers prenonology etc)

          Look to today’s “progressives” to latch onto the latest fads (climate change, gender theory etc) while they gloss over their predecessor’s attachments to the pseudoscientific fads of their time.

          Beware of people who think you need to be “improved”.

          1. Leftist became socialists which was then associated (rightly) with communists so they became liberals then they became progressives.

            Nothing about them changed. People caught on that they want to control your lives and take away your rights. Who can be against “progress”?

            It is good to see that there are actually some true libertarians at Nick Gillespie et al are just left wingers who took on a different name.

          2. “The original Progressives were a mix of upper-class people with inherited wealth and the contemporary intellectual class who believed that through “proper” planning “the masses” could be “improved” by a number of measures.”

            Breaking News – They still are. Billionaires, Ivy League schools and Hollywood celebrities support “planning” the lives of the hoi-poloi. Some things never change – one thing is the desire of people on top to stay on top.

        2. Utopias, after all, are sought mostly by great fools, though also by dangerous charlatans, and more death and pain has been brought down on humanity by the pursuit of a perfect world than by all other crime combined. [Dean Koontz, Red Rain]

        3. The mistake is when we equate top down rule with left or right as it is in American politics.

          Authoritarian vs libertarian exists on another axis.

      3. Too late. They are recruiting for staff of the minitrue already.

    2. Yep. There are more differences between AOC and Biden than between Biden and Mitch McConnell.

      1. Sadly you probably believe that.

        Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face.

        1. Wow, I don’t even know what to say about that.

          1. I started with “wow, that’s bullshit” and eventually escalated to “goddamn that’s some amazing bullshit”.

      2. AOC’s views on Biden and her being a lot alike.

        It is almost like you live in a world of ignorance chipper.

        1. AOC said her and Biden would not be in the same party in any other country, you moron.

          1. I post actual facts and discussions on bidens actual plans and staff. You lost child porn.

            1. By QUINT FORGEY

              01/06/2020 08:25 AM EST

              Updated: 01/06/2020 08:39 AM EST

              Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said in an interview published Monday that Democrats nationwide can cultivate “too big of a tent,” asserting that she and her party’s 2020 frontrunner, former Vice President Joe Biden, would be in different political parties in any other nation.

              Asked for a profile by New York Magazine about what role she might play as a member of Congress should Biden capture the White House, the freshman House Democrat from New York responded with a groan.


              1. Perhaps in some Euro country where they have 7 flavors of left-leaning parties (and a few right wing parties). Or maybe in the California model where all functional parties are leftist, and they stake out 2 or 3 spots on the spectrum.

              2. They would be in the same party in England, France, China, austrilian, venseual, Cuba, Canada… The list goes on. Just because she said that doesn’t make it true. You know like everything that mindless cunt says

                1. No, dickhead, this shit predates AOC.

                  The fat slob Michael Moore called Bill Clinton “the best Republican president in his life” because Clinton is a centrist and Moore is a socialist.

                  Same shit with AOC and Biden.

                  1. Wait. Leftists want people to be farther left?!? Oh my God. You showed him.

                    God damn child porn made you fucking stupid.

                2. She’s in the same party as Biden because political ambition and expediency meant she had to be to usurp the primary in a district where only the D party wins.

                  Admission that she doesn’t really belong there is admission that she is a political whore

                3. “They would be in the same party in England, France, China, austrilian, venseual, Cuba, Canada… ”

                  In France they would probably be in two different parties (I would say Biden in “La République en Marche” and AOC in the socialist or the green party or maybe even in “La France insoumise”). Of course this comparison is kind of pointless, the political culture and the voting system are very different in France and in the US.

              3. We get it. Youre a gullible child predator.

                A) AOC is an idiot

                B) GND and Medicare for all will take such an expansive share of the GND that those 2 share policies put aoc and biden closer together than biden and McConnell which was chippers thesis.

                Add in college forgiveness, CRT, etc and it gets worse.

                We know you’re a failure at life, especially education, so I forgive you for falling for a pair of decent breasts lying out of their mouths.

                1. Biden is opposed to AOC’s GND and MFA, you moronic idiot.

                  No, I am not linking his statement again. I linked 4-5 times for Ken.

              4. Correct. She is more purely a Communist while Biden’s more a whatever the F gets him elected state worshipper.

        2. Don’t worry about what “President” Biden will do. The day after inauguration Kamala will be trying to 25th amendment him.

          The bright side is that midterms are only two years away. The Republicans will retake at the least the Senate and possibly the House.

          1. Not if the steal isn’t exposed.
            The lack of any kind of inquiry into the steal of the presidential race gave full permission to use it in the Georgia runoffs.
            Those machines, programmed to divert votes, without being easily spotted, will become the predominant counting mechanisms, mailed-in ballots will finalize the steal, and the conversion to a banana republic will be complete.

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      4. Biden and McConnell are tools of their parties. The only question is who will use these tools?

    3. I wish the right wing commentators would stop using liberal as a derogatory term for people that are as illiberal as they come.

      1. That is what they self identify as, and if you dont use their preferred political pronoun you are a racist bigot guilty of a hate crime. Off to the reeducation camp for you!

      2. That’s why I go with leftist

        1. Lefty shit works as well.

      3. The left swapped definitions; try to keep up? 🙂 Mass-Media lefty-driven dictionaries are pretty good at keeping up with the by-minute changes to our language.

        1. Remember that day they took Nazism (National Socialist) and turned it into “Right-Wing” theology?

        2. Remember the day they coined the term “crony capitalism” when no-one in their right mind couldn’t see it was “crony socialism”.

    4. Indeed!

    5. Your latest Reason article has been found in violation of our Social Terms of Service (STOS) and has been removed. Accordingly, the authors and editors if said article have had their Social Responsibility Ratings reduced in accordance with the Public Safety Act of 2021. Be aware that having a SRR fall below certain statutory thresholds may reduce your opportunties for travel and employment.

      1. That’s ridiculous. Those things won’t happen for at least another few weeks.

  2. We don’t need all these news outlets; NPR should be enough for everyone. At least they can be trusted.

    1. Some much wasted, useless duplication of effort in our multiple media outlets. I agree. NPR should be good enough for everyone.

    2. USSR. Guy comes home from work, turns on TV. General Secretary of the Communist Party (head of state) is speaking. He changes the channel. Same thing. He changes again. Same thing. He tries one more time. Head of KGB comes on, shakes his finger at him and says: “I’ll teach you to change channels!”

  3. Too late, Fruit Sushi. Reason (which can fuck right off) sided with them because Orange Man Bad. Too late to complain about them now.

    1. Reason finds time for libertarian stances when their jobs are directly threatened. Voting for people who want a Ministry of Truth was cool until they realized they’d be subjected to it.

      1. Heh, Facebookland was dinging posts with “Fat Mike” in them yesterday. Some of us old(er) punks were kicking around alternative phrasing that would flummox the algorithms last night.

        Punk’s not dead. I’m sure there will be dozens of excellent, new, loud, AOC-approved, Biden-aggrandizing bands releasing albums on Dischord by June.

        1. Doesn’t it blow you away how fast all the anti-government, anti-establishment punk rockers of our youth have turned into quasi-biden cheerleaders? Absolutely tragic as fuck, should’ve known they stood for nothing but acceptance from an in-group. Government is and always will be bad, why is it so difficult for them to remain consistent on this topic?

            1. Dirk may not be as old as some of us…

        2. Punk isn’t dead, but it probably should be. As Dirk points out below, most of the bands mellowed out as they got older and it sucks, and the ones that didn’t get canceled. Leftover Crack wasn’t even allowed to play at Red Rocks when I went to see NOFX there, and that was at a festival NOFX organized themselves.

          1. [To be fair…] the older harDCore punks who were kind enough not to brush off little 13 year old me so many years ago are still being as angry and liberal as they used to be. Most of the ones I still know are smart and decent enough to be able to temper the trump hating with the, “What the fuck did she say? Fuck that noise” reaction.

            John Stabb would be having a field day (Dag Nasty reference not really intended) with this shit.

        3. >>Punk’s not dead.

          no but the 15 year-olds required to stoke the fires are all on anxiety meds and so spoiled they don’t know they hate their parents and government

          1. Oh, the parent-hating is still there, but turning your folks in for Wrongthing is not what Strummer was lisping about.

            1. *Wrongthink. No edit button for Christmas, and likely not before my birthday on Saturday either.

              1. Or the heat death of the universe, for that matter.

  4. “ultimately Twitter and Facebook are private companies with the right to set their own moderation policies. They can prohibit speech they define as misinformation. Congress can’t.”

    It’s not as if the govt would pressure these platforms to censor critics of the government.

    No, there’s an impermeable dividing line between the government and these social media companies. Impermeable, I say.

    1. When social media companies say they work with law enforcement, when politicians threaten to actually enforce antitrust provisions if social media doesn’t do what they want, and social media counts on govt protection in the form of sec 230, then private activities become government activities. Courts have already ruled the state cannot bypass restrictions by ‘encouraging’ private enterprises to do the job for them.

      Fuck off, Reason.

      1. I don’t even know where to start with this, but you have no right to expect twitter or facebook or anyone else to host your content.

        Want a printing press? Rent one, buy one, make your own, but you have no right to anyone elses and the government forcing someone to print whatever you want is literal tyranny. It has been shocking to see some “Libertarians” try to explain why someone else’s private property should also be yours.

        Fuck off, try being logically consistent, the baker shouldn’t be forced to bake someone’s cake, just like I shouldn’t be forced to host your content on my servers.

        1. Now do the banking system and see of your example holds true. The baker went and created their own shop bit then the original bakery collided with the baking suppliers to not sell to the new baker. That is anti free market.

        2. “I don’t even know where to start with this, ”

          Then save it because we all know your “100% totally and completely private” bullshit is just that.

        3. And those whiners could just start their own railroads, couldn’t they?

        4. you have no right to expect twitter or facebook or anyone else to host your content.

          Then the government should not absolve those companies of all accountability for what their users post. T/FB can’t moderate their users comments and then also demand not to be responsible for those things that they didn’t moderate.

    2. And the line goes down the table in the corporate board room. Political directors on one side and obedient directors on the other.

  5. I said it already. What Twitter, FB, Amazon, Google are doing will soon be emulated by the government and it won’t stop with Trump.

    1. The government is going to deplatform taxpayers and close their IRS accounts?

      1. Are you purposely being stupidly obtuse? Did you not just read the story above? It isn’t the tactics but the goals idiot, punishing wrong think and if you think that will just be conservatives, you are a bigger idiot than what your post suggests.

        1. Boy, this escalated fast. I guess you can’t help yourself with the insults. What is it exactly that you think the government is going to do?

          1. Did you not read the damn story? And you deserve every bit of shit you get with your snarky talking down to everyone.

            1. He calls it comedy for some reason. You would think nobody laughing would give him a clue.

    2. I agree but I think you have the cause and effect backward. The Fed’s have outsourced their brand of censorship to Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Twitter. The censorship definitely won’t stop with Trump; hell Trump is just the beginning.

      1. Oh I wasn’t trying a cause and effect. They got away with forcing censorship with threatening FB et al and the Russia stole the election. Now that it is normalized the government doesn’t even need to pretend.

        1. Just curious are we back to being friends with Russia again or are they still the biggest threat? Or do we have to wait until January 20th to go back to Obama chiding Romney for criticizing Russia?

          1. We’ll that’s the rub right. Obama needs to come out and specify so Reason and our leftist mouth breathers know what to say.

        2. The timeline is off anyway. Trump wasn’t the beginning. They outsourced their censorship when Lieberman had Amazon/Paypal/Visa/MC deplatform Wikileaks.

  6. Well it goes to show that there is nothing you can do to progressives that they don’t deserve

  7. Horse face but nice rack

    1. Probably paid for with your tax dollars.

    2. OK, so I’m not the only one whose… uh… ears perked up at the idea that AOC needs someone with reins and a bridle to teach her how to read.

      1. And a riding crop….

        1. “No, no leave the satin feed ba… I mean mask on.”

          1. “And stop hoofing at the tail plug.”

              1. I’m glad at least someone got my “AOC as Ponygirl” reference. 😀

      2. I heard she’s hot to trot.

    3. What the house needs is some hecklers to yell “show us your tits” every time she is speaking.



  8. Keep in mind this vicious, entitled bitch was literally named as a political candidate via a casting call by the Justice Democrats.

    1. She’s hawt.

      She is literally the poster child for don’t stick it in crazy. We wouldn’t need a rule if it weren’t so hard to follow.

      1. No way. She looks like Ruth Bader Ginsburg had a baby with an alien.

        Her body seems nice, but nothing special next to most other women her age.

    2. I don’t think that’s the kind of casting call most of the commenters here were hoping she’d be involved in.

  9. The difference between “fake news” and “disinformation” is merely the politics of the person calling for censorship.

    1. Which side is calling for truth commission’s, re-education camps, etc. Your both sides bullshit is wrong and proves your bias.

    2. Says the autist.

    3. ^EXACTLY!!! Facebook already has a ‘Panel’ on misinformation that pretended Stossells guest that tries to tell the world the Polar Bear is still alive gets banned for “misinformation”. DON’T GIVE that kind of POWER to the federal government!!!!!!!!!

    4. Virtually everything the mainstream media puts out is disinformation or misinformation.

  10. Only disinformation approved by the Ministry shall be disseminated.

  11. Somehow you made it about Trump again. In any case Trump was blowing smoke, whereas Democrats are quite serious.

    I think you misjudge them and their intent.

    1. Know who else had good intentions?

        1. He just cries he does.

      1. The road to hell

        1. The paving company anyway.

      2. My neighbor who put my ladder away without realizing I was on the roof?

      3. Ellsworth Toohey?

      4. The congregation last Sunday?

      5. The folks at the Capitol last Wednesday.

    2. Trump tried to Sue People for Saying Stuff about Him

      1. Tried and failed. System worked.

        Whereas AOC wants to put that in permanently.

        Don’t equivocate. The democrats are worse and you know it.

        1. The democrats are THE WORST and you know it.

      2. And Obama arrested journalists for saying stuff about him

    3. “I think you misjudge them and their intent.” — as many seem to be. Don’t hand them the gun!! Section 230 must remain!

  12. “Social media platforms are currently struggling with how to identify disinformation and what actions against it are appropriate. ”

    LOL. No they aren’t struggling. They are doing exactly what they think they should be doing.

    Democrats want government control to clamp down on conservative lies.

    Republicans want government control to prevent big tech bias.

    So they both agree on government control and the bipartisan establishment carries on.

    1. They might be struggling with questions like; “how far”, “how soon”, “how hard”, “how deep”.

      1. Her eyes are up there.

        1. yeah, but her rack is down there! we’re just trying to see what’s in her heart…which is right behind that sweatermeat

  13. After the House GOP beclowned itself constitutionally over the last week, this is an important reminder that constitutional illiteracy is a bipartisan issue.

    1. What did they do that was unconstitutional? Just so we are clear.

      1. To the commies, calling out obvious and blatant election thievery is unconstitutional.

  14. “No, AOC, It’s Not the Government’s Job to ‘Rein in Our Media’

    On the contrary.
    It IS the job of the government to control information.
    Otherwise the masses will start to think for themselves, develop their own opinions, think for themselves and might even (gasp!) question our obvious betters that take the time and trouble to oppress, get us in wars, embezzle our tax dollars for themselves and their entitled cronies, and whore themselves out to the highest bidders.
    The great unwashed must be told what they need to know, not what is detrimental to The State and our Fearless Leaders.

  15. The First Amendment doesn’t come with an exception for “disinformation.”

    Not yet it doesn’t. Just wait until the Supreme Court starts handing down a series of 10-5 decisions that re-interpret the Constitution. Between Chevron and Congress’ inability to do even the simplest part of its job, we’re going to get to see the Administrative State in all its glory. You thought a few million pages of rules was excessive? You’ll have rules for scratching your ass and picking your nose and the color of your socks.

    1. Plenty of “educated” people have stated hate speech is not protected and they are the ones determining what is hate soon as one form can be silenced then they all can be

  16. Can we impeach AO-C for crimes against the constitution before she gets elected to the Senate, or should we wait?

    1. I’d totally be in favor of impeaching her. She’s a danger to our country.

  17. I’ll reconcile w/AOC when she’s willing to do so naked.

  18. hey AOC…NICE TITS!

    1. Disinformation/fake news

  19. if we can put a man on the moon and cheese in an aerosol can, WHY CAN’T WE MAKE THAT FACEMASK SOUND CANCELLING

  20. Just think how much fun the Trump administration would have had with such power over the media (honestly he probably woudn’t have been nearly as bad with it as she would be). These idiots just can’t conceive of anyone but themselves running the country in the future, can they?

    1. The vast majority of politicians can’t see past their next election campaign.

  21. You’re getting a good look at what the next four years will look like.

    Buckle up.

    1. Time to read or re-read 1984. They are using it as an instruction book.

  22. As much as I abhor disinformation, the idea of hte government being in charge of information is frightening. Which is why I didn’t want Trump’s mitts getting power of social media, and I don’t want Biden’s mitts over it either.

    I don’t give a shit how much Section 230 makes you soil yourselves, I don’t want government regulating what you and I may post. I don’t give a shit that you think Trump is God Almighty himself, he shouldn’t have that kind the power. Neither should Biden. And Biden wanting that power does NOT excuse Trump from also wanting it. Section 230 keeps the government’s mitts OFF of a wide acreage of speech. It’s what lets me type the word “woodchipper” on the Reason comment section.

    1. As much as I abhor disinformation


  23. Teaching literacy is the key. Once you have the tools to distinguish lies from truth you’ll naturally be repulsed by the disinformation.

  24. what works for the 2nd also works for the 1st

    …the only thing that stops a bad guy with information is a good guy with information…

  25. The scary part is actually this:
    The only way our country is going to heal is through the actual liberation of southern states … liberation of working people from an economic, social, and racial oppression

    That’s leftist speak for invasion, take over, and reeducation.

    1. Or you could just take it at face value.

      It’s hard enough for progressivism to compete on a playing field that turns people like you into raging idiots who wouldn’t know a good policy if it sat on them. Then you go and “interpret” the secret code. Do Democrats have horns and tails in your mind’s eye? Might you be consuming the wrong media and thus making you the only problem anyone actually has right now?

      Republicans had a choice in, say, 2012 to keep all their tax cuts and deregulation and privatization, except they had to be willing to ease up on immigration and voter suppression of blacks.

      Guess what their voters chose.

        1. Making too much sense?

      1. Only only approves of secret codes that read ” I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard” to mean “I want you to storm the Capitol and bring me the head of Nancy Pelosi on a pike.”

  26. She suggested “we’re going to have to figure out how we rein in our media environment so that you can’t just spew disinformation and misinformation.”

    What about things she has said and will say in the future? Anything we can stop up her mouth with?

  27. Would.

    1. It is your sanity.

  28. “AOC suggests adding “media literacy” as a mandate for a congressional “truth and reconciliation” committee” The irony of this coming out of OCrazio’s mouth.

  29. People who point out that these are private companies, and anyone unhappy with their policies can start their own, should consider that the same thing could be said about those unhappy with being sent to the back of the bus because of their skin color.

  30. Authoritarians to the Left and to the Right on speech.

    Half wish to take our speech, and the other half our adjacent property and association rights. Are we sure that that old necessary evil government is really necessary?

  31. MORE National Socialism isn’t going to fix a resulting National Socialist Problem.

  32. Where’s SQRLSY and Tony here to tell us all how AOC is WRONG? Like they were all over the place in the “Great De-platforming” article?

  33. Congress shouldn’t and doesn’t have to pass any law. Viewpoint neutrality on public airwaves is defensible and a proven aspect of a decent country that shouldn’t have gone away, especially when it comes to radio. That’s where all this evil shit started.

    But the internet is a different problem, and one we were always going to have to face as a species. Facts don’t win over feelings if nobody stands up for facts. If a mass media apparatus is causing mass delusion and political strife, that’s ipso facto a problem with a public interest. Not one the founding fathers could have predicted.

    Corporations should and must shut down the right-wing horseshit propaganda and fact check stuff if they want to make money off people’s addiction to social media. Lest anyone think this has anything to do with freedom, people just tried to kill Congress because they think Hillary Clinton runs a sex ring in a nonexistent pizza basement.

    You morons got trolled into nearing destroying America. It shouldn’t be that easy.

    1. “Corporations should and must shut down the right-wing horseshit propaganda”

      Tony…. The Modern day Anti-fascist desperately trying to enact Fascism.

      The projection is so ‘bright’ it lit up the whole world.

      1. Stop buying into stupid shit that’s not true and we wouldn’t even need this conversation.

        I’ve long believed, and I’m right, that right-wing media is the biggest threat to this country and the human species that exists. I would see it nuked from orbit.

        It’s a new thing. It came about in the 90s. It leeched itself onto the internet. It caused… what it caused.

        What would you do if Antifa had stormed the capital based on horseshit they learned collectively on the internet all from coordinated messages probably from Russia?

        Oh wait, you think they did.

      2. Tony… Do you know how Hitler came to power?? Because your beliefs right there is EXACTLY how. [WE] must prosecute dissent at all costs to save our Democratic National Socialist Regime. Look-i-up. It’s something you should be aware of.

        1. Hitler came to power by feeding on the cultural resentments of white people.

          I’m trying to prevent the next Hitler, orange though he may be. I don’t believe Donald Trump has the moral conscience of Hitler, sincerely.

          1. Try again autist

            1. I think Hitler’s problems were compounded by drugs. Donald’s might be as well, but he also happens to be rather insanely sociopathic and solipsistic. I think he’d sell his own daughter-lover to Kim Jong Un for target practice if he got a retweet in exchange. At least Hitler had a vision.

              1. Obama, “I have a vision to Fundamentally Change this Nation”?
                Cultural Resentments? So kinda like your resentment of President Trump?

                I can tell you right now Tony; I as a proud Republican don’t want anything MORE than what I want for any Democrat — Individual Liberty and Justice…. I do not hate the Democrat; I hate the collection of the peoples POWER their National Socialist Policy theology has created through ever-growing “vision” of POWER over people that they represent.

                Why do you think I call them Power-Mad? If you ever step out of your delusional world of [WE] mob Power RULES! You might come to realize the platform of the Republican party as well as the USA foundation is only about GIVING you your natural right to be free form the Power-Mad.

                1. No, the word “vision” does not signal the coming of the Nazis.

                  The Nazis trying to violently take over the government: that’s a better signal. Be sure to keep that keen eye out.

                  1. What you see and what is real is complete opposites for you IC.

    2. What about left wing propaganda bullshit? They shove critical theory into children using our tax dollars. It’s partisan and it’s crap.

      Unlike the QAnon BS its officially sanctioned. Its also just as fake

      1. No they don’t. You don’t know what “critical theory” is and neither do most leftists, despite what your stupid youtube channels tell you about them.

        Even if you’re right, I’ll take lesbian women’s studies professors in charge over neo-Nazis any day of the fucking week, and any sane person would agree.

        1. People. People……people.

          Just look at this dog shit scribble above me.

          This is your enemy. Look at her.

          1. Mark one down for Team Nazi I guess.

            1. No that’s the nurse that shoves drugs down your gullet every day.

              What I can offer you is freedom from life

              1. More or less efficiently than the Nazis could?

        2. Lesbian women’s studies and critical theory professors.

          They don’t make them like they used to. One of my mentors in college could have been called that. She was tough as nails and kind as a butterfly. She was fluent in eight languages and a former soldier in the Israeli army. I learned a lot from her. When you went to her office to discuss a writing assignment you always came away with a better understanding of your strengths and where you could do better.

          Years later I wanted to donate some money. Called her. She told me where to send it.

          And gave me another writing assignment.

    3. The ideology that is busy rejecting the concepts of objectivity and logic somehow think they have a monopoly on “facts” and therefore can suppress any viewpoint they do not like.

    4. people just tried to kill Congress

      They don’t seem to have tried very hard.

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  35. “Social media platforms are currently struggling with how to identify disinformation and what actions against it are appropriate. Certain subjects—such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 election results—are aggressively policed, while other misleading content is left alone. Users have every right to criticize these decisions, but ultimately Twitter and Facebook are private companies with the right to set their own moderation policies. They can prohibit speech they define as misinformation. Congress can’t.”

    The question is, why should the users and content creators have any confidence that these platforms are competent at defining “misinformation”? They have amply demonstrated that they are not. Appointing themselves the gatekeepers for true information is dangerous territory as their employees are not experts and will filter information through their ideological biases. That damages and limits the marketplace of ideas if they are the public square for individual speech.

    Reason writers used to argue that the old media gatekeepers like being bypassed by new media sources was good for the health of the marketplace of ideas. It is disappointing to see them argue the institutionalizing of a new set of gatekeepers.

  36. Isn’t this the same person who said the world will end in 12 years and that was two years ago?

    I get it that she wants to emulate the Chinese Communist Party in the US, but man, lady, if you and everyone else on the planet are going to be dead within a decade, why give shit about the media?

  37. What is liberal about censorship? Much like calling something “sick” means it’s good. What exactly are we “progressing” to by restricting freedom of speech? Certainly nothing good.

    1. What exactly are we “progressing” to…

      Don’t look at their censorship push in isolation. Consider it alongside their push to take away law-abiding people’s guns. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the intentions / end-goal of someone who wants to shut you up and render you defenseless.

  38. I agree 100%. As a liberal, and therefore ACTUAL libertarian, I recognize the government is PROHIBITED from “reigning” in the media and IT SHOULD BE prohibited.

  39. The news media are supposed to rein in the government. But I have a feeling that will end sometime next week.

  40. Wikipedia tells me that AOC was a double major at Boston University and graduated cum laude.

    She sure doesn’t speak or appear to critically think like a cum laude graduate.

    1. There was a lot of cum in her lauding, that’s what I think.

      Ba-dum dum ching!

  41. All, this actually seriously scares me. People actually think AOC is intelligent and thoughtful, when it’s clear she’s never read the Constitution. I have to believe some first amendment attorneys out there will raise hell and get to the Supreme Court, and the 6-3 conservative lean on the SC will nix any government censorship of media and speech attempted by the likes of that ignoramous. What do we do? Seriously, what do we do. I’m in a blue city/state with no hope of ever getting elected to office, nor would I want to, and I’m not an attorney, nor could I afford one. Any groups out there fighting the non-violent, legal good fight?

  42. THis is so factually incorrect it hurts. The supreme court recognizes several exceptions to free speech rights, most of them revolving around misinformation. The most famous of which is there’s no right to to yell “Fire” in a crowded theatre that’s not on fire. You are however allowed to do so in a theatre that’s NOT on fire – the difference, obviously, is that one is misinformation, the other is not.

    Of course another is libel and slander. There is no right to either of those. It’s noted that being correct are an absolute defense against libel or slander charges – an acknowledge by the court that the right hangs on misinformation.
    The problem we have is that the courts have made the standard for proving libel or slander against a public figure nearly impossible. So fox news can gleefully assert that Hillary Clinton is a pedophile without fear of any consequences. We DO need to reform libel laws to a “reasonable man” standard.
    Trump has been falsely shouting “Fire” in a crowded theater, the resultant mayhem was a predictable and purposeful result. Each time he does, he libels tens of thousands of honest local officials and poll workers without proof. They should be allowed to sue him.

    1. “Fire in a crowded theater” was an argument for punishing people who opposed a war. It was a terrible argument for a terrible precedent.

  43. If the government could ban disinformation, after all, it could use that as a cover for banning speech that is not actually false but merely critical of the government, or of specific politicians.

    We all know that AOC is barely smart enough to not need 24/7 adult supervision, but what makes you think that is not the true goal of whoever wrote this talking point for her?

  44. Perhaps she could spearhead the establishment of a Cabinet-Level ‘Department of Truth”?

    Of course they’d have to take control over the archives of every publisher and library periodicals section to make sure that they can properly purge the public record of all historic misinformation; clearly whatever is true now must always have been true in the past as well, after all.

    Maybe she’d just settle for publication of a daily newspaper by the Federal Government? They could even simply title that paper “Truth” (they could publish it in Russian and make a killing in the nostalgia market…)

  45. You had the constitution which specifically guarantees free speech.

    You had logic which demonstrates how free speech is required for any democracy.

    You had a Supreme Court ruling that said we carry our rights with us onto private property.

    “ The more an owner, for his advantage, opens up his property for use by the public in general, the more do his rights become circumscribed by the statutory and constitutional rights of those who use it.”

    You had to be hit on the head with a censored president and you still don’t recognize that we carry our rights onto private property.

    Do you also support the phone companies, text messaging and email services monitoring your communications and cutting you off when you run afoul of the private or government interests who pay them to control the narrative?

    Of course you do.You’d bend over, abdicate whatever right your masters say, just so you could keep unimportantly nattering to nobody in particular.

    Just like Uncle Sam needs you to sign your meaningless life away to fight in some oligarchs war for financial dominance, fascism needs cancel culture useful idiots to advocate censorship and silencing dissent in the population. Affix the fascist image of your choice pointing at you.

    If you run a business which is open for the general public, you are obliged to respect ALL their human rights.

    This has already been settled in the Supreme Court.

    Suck it up princess.

    1. Suck it up Nazi.

    2. No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service.
      Now go away.

  46. AOC has a point, but sadly her well-intended rules would soon be twisted and corrupted beyond recognition.

    As for the libertarian brigade… so naiive. They think if they have it their way it won’t be a bloodbath. It will be, over and over again, until there are so few left all the progeny will be in-bred.

  47. Oh how I wish this political IT Girl would be de-platformed she is so tiresome

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