Capitol Riot

The Capitol Rioters Were a Right-Wing Cancel Mob

Instead of coming for campus speakers, they came for the symbolic heart of democratic self-governance.


Over and over in the past decade, we have seen students, usually left-wing, respond to the presence or expected presence of right-of-center speakers with attempts to stop them from speaking, either by threatening to show up in force or by demonstrating in large, often unruly groups. These scenes have tended to feature raucous activists disrupting orderly and peaceful proceedings. And while they rarely result in serious violence, they frequently devolve into tense, seemingly out-of-control situations where the speakers and those who gathered to hear them have legitimate reason to fear for their physical safety. 

Typically, this has limited immediate effect. The targeted speakers might delay their speeches or appear off campus. Even if they cancel entirely, they can still get their message out through social media and other forums.

But over time, this has a corrosive effect on campus culture. Colleges are institutions founded on open debate and intellectual inquiry. Mobs undermine that foundation by chilling the speech of students, professors, and others who don't wish to risk face their wrath. The direct results may not always be visible, but over time, the chilling effect can degrade an institution's values and capabilities, rendering it unable to fulfill its mission. And while the physical threats are often modest, sometimes people are injured

These mob tactics have been lumped in with an array of speech-squelching activities that have come to be called "cancel culture." As Greg Lukianoff, the president of the Foundation for Individual Rights In Education, has noted, the rise of campus cancel culture has been driven in large part by students, who in the early 2010s began to demand strict speech codes and the disinvitation of unwanted speakers. But although the demands originated with students, administrators played a key role in encouraging them, supporting cancel mobs through explicit policies and implicit support. The administrators may not have participated directly in the mobs, but they shared some culpability for coddling and even encouraging their obnoxious and destructive behavior

There has been some debate about what to call the scene at the United States Capitol yesterday, in which hundreds of President Donald Trump's supporters stormed the building, vandalized offices, stole equipment, and caused Congress—which was in the middle of certifying Joe Biden's election as president—to drop its official proceedings and flee the legislative floor out in fear. Is it sedition? A coup? An insurrection? A riot? 

One or more of those labels may be correct, but I think I have another answer: This was a right-wing cancel mob. Except instead of coming for a campus speaker or a controversial newspaper column, they came for the symbolic heart of democracy itself. They came to the Capitol to exercise a heckler's veto over the results of a presidential election. This was cancel culture on a national political scale. 

The attack on the Capitol yesterday was an attack on the foundation of democracy: the peaceful transition of political power following a legitimate election. Democratic self-governance, in which large groups of people work to make political decisions on their own rather than have them handed down by unelected rulers, is the necessary precondition for ensuring the individual rights and liberties that are the (oft-unmet) American ideal. And a baseline requirement for democratic self-governance is a fair and transparent system for agreeing to accept that sometimes, people you disagree with have won political power. Yesterday's riot was an attempt—a lame and disorganized one, but an attempt nonetheless—to cancel a core democratic function. 

As with campus mobs, the immediate effect may seem limited, and those sympathetic to the rioters may downplay its consequences. The House and Senate reconvened in the evening to finish their business, voting to confirm the election result. The Capitol was damaged and vandalized, but not burned to the ground. The building and all it represents still stands. 

But yesterday was far from harmless. Four people reportedly died, including one shot by Capitol Police. The property destruction was not insignificant. The necessary precondition for democratic governance—the peaceful transition of power—was not met. Power will transfer, but it has not been peaceful. 

Over time, if this mob and its beliefs are not firmly rejected, there will be a chilling effect on the values and systems that are designed to promote peaceful power-sharing, the institutions that are designed to make productive self-governance possible. These effects may not be obvious or apparent in the short run; over the next year or two, Congress is likely to proceed in a way that looks a lot like business as usual. But without a firm rejection of the mob and what it stands for, there will be a cost, even if that cost is largely invisible. 

Yet like campus administrators, much of the Republican Party continues to indulge the mob. Indeed, President Trump began yesterday by spurring on the crowd that would go on to storm the Capitol. Despite having his legal challenges to the election outcome repeatedly and often brusquely rebuked in court, including by judges he appointed, he called the outcome an "egregious assault on our democracy" and told his assembled supporters to "walk down to the Capitol." 

"We are going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women," he said, "and we are probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them—because you will never take back our country with weakness." Later, after the mob had crashed into the building and halted legislative business, he posted a video repeatedly reiterating the false claim that the election had been stolen, and a tweet seeming to express sympathy for those who had overrun the Capitol: "These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long."

At the beginning of the day, a large contingent of Republicans, including more than a dozen senators, planned to use the certification of Joe Biden to object to the vote on spurious grounds designed to comfort, if not explicitly validate, the conspiracy theories surrounding the election results.

While some of the senators changed their plans, more than half of House Republicans voted to reject the election results. Just hours after a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol, Sen. Josh Hawley (R–Mo.), who led the Senate GOP effort to reject the election outcome, used the certification vote as an opportunity to give a speech condemning violence—and questioning the election's legitimacy.

These Republicans didn't participate in the mob, and in some cases they offered pro forma rejections of its violent impulses. But they coddled it, treating its fallacious and dangerous beliefs as essentially justifiable, contorting themselves to embrace the unfounded feeling that the election was somehow illegitimate despite all evidence to the contrary.

They gave comfort to the mob's animating beliefs, tacitly encouraged its delusions, and built a permission structure for those delusions to continue. And in doing so, they failed their most basic responsibility to both their voters and to the ideals they supposedly serve. In the process, they have degraded their institution and embarrassed themselves. They have proven themselves cowards unworthy of their positions. And like those campus administrators caving to student cancel mobs, they share some culpability for what happened yesterday, and some blame for whatever happens next.

NEXT: Pelosi Says Congress Is 'Prepared' To Impeach Trump Again Unless Pence Invokes 25th Amendment

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  1. Fuck off, Reason

    This is not getting media attention it deserves…

    had the
    physically lock Trump supporters into their hotels in DC last night. This was HIGHLY dangerous, unconstitutional, and never done during Antifa riots.

    1. They’re not even waiting to start implementing the China system.

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        1. Instead of coming for campus speakers, they came for the symbolic heart of democratic self-governance.

          Peter Suderman is a dumbass. they came to fight in order to attain democratic self-governance. They want freedom from democrats. They want democrats to leave them alone and we all go our separate ways.

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          2. I don’t get why Suderman is hired by Reason. Tho That may go for other Reason writers as well. At any rate Reason is not the same as it was early on in the 70’s. I find Mises site much more reasonable. Dr. Ron Paul’s Liberty Report is more reasonable as well I think.

          3. same. Gotta say to witness such melodramatic pearl-clutching on the pages of Reason, of all places, is quite jarring. Tsk tsk.

          4. Those bad, awful, terrible Democrats.

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            2. American experiment has failed.Like any experiment when the wrong ingredients are added the result is failure. The scientific method requires that a result from an experiment be able to be reproduced. We can reproduce the original American experiment by using the original ingredients. The non-European ingredients introduced to the American experiment have destroyed result. That CAN be fixed… but it won’t be pretty

      2. Ah, uh huh, pete computerman suderman:
        CANCEL US!
        Take your jingling bag of coins, pete.
        Revel in your skewed opinion.
        Enjoy obscurity. peter.
        Rioters… sure
        Right Wing Cancel Mob… cancelling who? Who cancels who?

        1. The "peaceful protestors" were attempting to cancel themselves from forceful participation in the leftist socialist game.

        2. Yah, what would Suderman do in theRevolutionary War? Piss and Shit in his pants and high tail it up to Canada? He would object to the Boston Tea Party. Condemn the Patriots in the Boston Massacre. Tell everybody how terrible it was for the first shot fired at Concord.
          So our government is a bunch of self-serving liars and theives. Counterfeiting money. Stealing from the citizens with taxes and thru inflation. Killing thru endless senseless wars. Etc. Etc.
          This was a mostly peaceful protest. I also see that the bee hive is sending out a warning. If nothing changes for the better, or if our liberties continue to be eroded, the bees will begin to sting.
          Suderman is a pantywaist and a LINO. Suderman is a stain on Libertarianism.

    2. The replies are truly frightening. Americans are cheering for Americans being unlawfully detained because they disagree.

      1. Fire risk. If that is the exit you can get to in a fire, you’re trapped and dead.

      2. What happened yesterday at the Capitol sounds more like a coupe than even a riot. The fact that these ultra-rightwing Trump supporters broke into the Capitol and managed to stop Congress while they were in the middle of certifying Biden’s Election, causing them to flee from the office in fear of their safety and very lives indicates that.

        1. …and now the left understands why Kyle Rittenhouse was forced to do what he did.

          1. Oh, come off of the crap, Dubz! Kyle RittenHouse was not forced to do anything. He did all that shit of his own accord.

        2. Sincerely, I wish you were not so consumed with your inadequacies.
          Your whole life must have been quite miserable.
          Coup d’etat: of French language
          “removal of an existing government from power, usually through violent means. Typically, it is an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a political faction, the military, or a dictator”

          No similance to this phrase occurred.
          Instead “a riot is the language of the unheard” MLK Jr
          Do YOU remember?

          1. Uhm, congressmen were effectively run out of the building. They couldn’t do their job so “removal from power” they did so by breaking windows, barriers etc. so “violent means”. There is even an interview of a lady that was crying because she was maced (I think pepper sprayed, but close enough) as she entered the Capital building. She said it was a revolution.

            So yeah, attempted coup.

            1. Run from power doesn’t mean ran from the building, filbert. Do you think those Congressthings lost power because Antlerman? Learn english troop!

            2. They were allowed in by the capitol police who moved barriers out of the way and opened the door. It was “occupy the capitol building”.

              The silence of so-called libertarians of the silencing of the political enemies of the elite is deafening.

            3. Bull. Shit. Congresscritters being run out of the building doesn’t mean having the government overthrown. Even if the mob had occupied the building and were there to this day, all that means is that Congress would have reassembled elsewhere and completed the vote count, Biden would have been declared the winner, and his inauguration on January 20 would go on as scheduled (even if they had to swear him in at the White House or somewhere else–before he sent in the troops to clear the Capitol).

              1. No other bunch of people, be they on the right OR the left, has ever pulled the shit that this mob did. Come on now!

          2. Oh and:
            “King was questioned by CBS’ Mike Wallace about the “increasingly vocal minority” who disagreed with his devotion to non-violence as a tactic. In that interview, King admitted there was such a minority, though he said that surveys had shown most black Americans were on his side. “And I contend that the cry of ‘black power’ is, at bottom, a reaction to the reluctance of white power to make the kind of changes necessary to make justice a reality for the Negro,” King said. “I think that we’ve got to see that a riot is the language of the unheard. And, what is it that America has failed to hear? It has failed to hear that the economic plight of the Negro poor has worsened over the last few years.”

        3. What happened yesterday at the Capitol sounds more like a coupe than even a riot. The fact that these ultra-rightwing Trump supporters broke into the Capitol and managed to stop Congress while they were in the middle of certifying Biden’s Election, causing them to flee from the office in fear of their safety and very lives indicates that.

          Uh.......yeah - that didn't happen at all. But I sure wish it did!

          1. Bull shit, Woodchipper for Preet Bharara ( It did happen, because of people with attitudes like yours.

        4. Are you stupid, or merely a bot?

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      To be fair, the government’s been doing this shit for decades to varying degrees.

    5. What do you think should be done with terrorists?

      1. Oooh Tony. Please go on about how you think Trump (or McConnell or Pelosi or whomever) should’ve called in the Armed Forces to ‘gooify’ large numbers of unarmed American citizens.

        1. Should have been the president but he was busy being the terrorist.

          1. Trump is responsible for heating things up. He is not responsible for the actions of other adults. So he is not the terrorist.

            You know where frivolous and inflationary use of words like nazi, racist, terrorist typically takes a society, no?

            1. The problem is I’m not using them frivolously.

              You’d call them terrorists if they were Muslims. And you’d call Trump their terrorist leader.

              1. You are using them frivolously. Again, you don’t seem to know what a real terrorist leader actually does. Trump has used inflammatory rhetoric. But he hasn’t told them to kill all non-believers. Hell, even killallrednecks’s profile handle is more terroristic than Trump.

                Again, get your terms straight. Otherwise you lose credibility.

      2. I would have you all shot after drumhead trials. Democrats are terrorists. Not patriots like most everyone else.

        1. Id like to believe that most democrats are part of the moderate majority in this country that dont feel well-represented by top politicians.

        2. What a bunch of crap, Mark Thrust, Sexus Ranger! We Democrats and Independents are Americans who are just as patriotic as you and your kind are, if not moreso. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

      3. Well, the cops who unleashed tear gas in the rotunda and killed an unarmed protester should be punished.

      4. Obama pardoned the asshole who led the FALN. FALN carried out over 130 attacks in the USA and killed six people. Got any snark for him, you hypocritical lefturd scumbag?


        1. I hate to interfere when you’re on a roll, but it was Clinton in ‘99 who pardoned the FALN terrorists who killed four, wounded a bunch in NYC and Chicago.

        2. Trump pardoned Michael Flynn, Russian asset.

          Then he turned the United States into Russia. Only without the peace and quiet.

          1. Better weather, though.

          2. Michael Flynn is innocent, you asshole. Trump pardoned him because a crooked judge usurped the role of prosecutor, and the appeals court failed to bitch-slap Sullivan for trying it.

            You’d confess to the Lindbergh kidnapping, the JFK assassination, and burning the Reichstag if you were subjected to the shit the FBI pulled on Flynn.


      5. “violent” “insurrection” by “far-right” “terrorists” as reported by NYT, BuzzFeed and other “fact-checkers”

        1. At least they dont try to spread the narrative that these were regular trump supporters. Were not at the point of complete radicalization of the public. But we’re getting there.

      6. “terrorists” is just a stupid label – especially in this case.
        Its no more meaningful then calling people “liberals” or “socialists”.
        A “dog whistle” if you will. I’m guilty of it to, but I don’t think “beat them until they change their way of thinking” is going to work out well.

        But we can try 🙂

        1. Wont work at all. The people need to understand where they were coming from. Media suggests we do the same with antifa and violent blm. Well then, id say, lock em ALL up and then understand why theyre here.

      7. To us, democrats are terrorists. So please go ahead and you tell me what we should do with them.

      8. And Tony will lead the way —

        It’s funny; how easy it was to predict your ‘terrorists’ comment.

    6. I love how Reason is against people coming to the Capitol and instilling a little fear in the government by channeling a tiny bit of the same rebellious/revolutionary spirit that founded this country.

      l/Libertarian magazine clutching pearls over what amounts to a real-life shitpost session aimed at the government. We know that any 2nd amendment rhetoric from them is hollow nonsense if this is enough to get their undies in a twist.

      1. So, if they are “instilling a little fear” then everyone else can “fear for their lives” and make the problem go away? Really?

      2. The right to petition for a redress of grievances isn’t in McSuderman’s Constitution.

      3. Fuck! Brendan's got it. This is the best post so far.

      4. I’m waiting for the law-and-order cop-lovers who are always so passionate about punishment for property damage during protests to come out and make excuses for the window-breakers, vandals, trespasses and people who punched out the (very few) cops who got in there way. Because they’re Trumpists and Trumpists can do no harm.

        I liked the video of the cops opening up the gates for these people who just wanted to get a souvenir from Nancy Pelosi’s office. Very nice.

      5. Suderman, is a God Damn Tory!

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  3. So, you’re saying “both sides.”

  4. Maybe the media should ask themselves why a group of people feels like they need to storm the capitol to be heard?

    Maybe congress should really think “we were elected!” is an excuse to pass bullshit laws and oppress people?

    There’s a lot of thinking here to do. Demonizing people accomplishes nothing.

    1. No one’s asking because the answer is obvious: Trump. Trump is why they feel the way they do. It’s a personality cult being duped by an entertaining and comforting conman. A man who tells them they are special, and loved, and justified in letting their worst instincts drive their actions.

      1. You are incurably ill

        1. Does anyone give a fuck what this idiot says? I’ve lost interest in any conversation with progs. We just need to get rid of them. Or it just gets worse.

          1. Well then you better handle up on Pence and McConnell first because they saved Biden and stabbed Trump in the back.

            1. Hey, moron, you may have stumbled onto something for once.

      2. LOL. To think you pretended to try to be making honest arguments in the other thread.

        1. I’ll say it again. It’s not that Trump is a 12D, or even 2D, chess master. It’s that his opposition struggles to be one dimensional.

        2. We have video evidence, once again of Trump, his son, and his attorney whipping the mob up with:

          “Demand trial by Combat!”

          “March on the Capitol!”

          “Real America was Robbed!”

          “Don’t Stop Fighting”

          Then a weak tweet 50 minutes after lawmakers have been barricaded, a woman killed, and the chambers vandalized “No violence, please. You’re very special, we love you”

          I don’t see how my skepticism of this excuse is the problem here.

          1. Individuals have agency. That is true when BLM burns cities and it is the same with these rioters. Individual agency also extends to the capital police officer that, in everything that was going on, decided to aim center mass and kill a young woman standing still in the middle of the hallway.

            1. The fucker thoroughly endangered more people, and cops, standing in that hallway. Who’s fucking skull would have come apart if that woman’s’ chest hadn’t stopped that slug?

            2. Not justifying the shoot, but she wasn’t standing still in the hall. She was actively trying to get into the chambers.

          2. Do you see how the left started this trend yet?

      3. People voted for Trump because of what he campaigned on. Those feelings are still there. And it’s precisely because of a LACK of self-governance. Just because he didn’t deliver on what he campaigned on (like a long succession of rulers in so-called democracies now) doesn’t mean that feeling isn’t still there and legitimate. It was pre-existing and based on decades of autocratic government rule including disastrous life-or-death policies that people didn’t want being implemented top-down. Like mass immigration of very alien peoples who are net drain and public charge, and allowing the gutting of industry while allowing those doing outsourcing/offshoring to exploit the local commons. Trump is a fraud but what he campaigned on is real and the conditions still exist.

        I think you’re the one telling the comforting lies here. To yourself really.

      4. It’s so simplistic it must be true.

      5. No one’s asking because the answer is obvious: Trump. Trump is why they feel the way they do. It’s a personality cult being duped by an entertaining and comforting conman. A man who tells them they are special, and loved, and justified in letting their worst instincts drive their actions.

        You have TDS. This is grossly incorrect. Trump is their hero, because he is the alpha troll. Non-PC. An unapologetic fighter. There is nothing "comforting" about him. Special? Loved???? No. Put down the crack pipe.

      6. The “personality cult” of not wanting the USA to become a National Socialist Country ruled by [WE] mob ‘popularity contest/democratic’ cultists but instead a country of Individual Freedom and Liberty….

        I swear PROJECTION is the biggest strength of lefties.

      7. De expresso leche, your handle is a disgrace considering what your general messages are.

        Its peculiar to see both you and Tony fully incapable to assume a dialectically balanced perspective. Id like to believe you guys are self-righteous outliers.

    2. What those Proud Boys and other violence-prone ultra-rightwing Donald Trump supporters did was nothing short of a dangerous coupe, and the endangering of people’s lives.

      1. Is a dangerous coupe more dangerous than the little deuce coupe?

        1. Flat head Fords are not longer considered dangerous. Chevy LS motors rule (right now).

        2. Porsche made some dangerous coupes. Many 930 Turbo Carreras succumbed to the diminishing radius curve. Unpredictable snap oversteer on the 1991 MR2 Turbo showed the Japanese could dangerous coupe as well or better than their old Axis pals.

      2. Ah yes, the “dangerous coup” of yelling at representatives that don’t actually represent their constituents but instead represent oligarchal money power.

      3. lol you lefties and your hysterical exaggerations. drama queens.

      4. At least it wasn’t a dangerous sedan.

      5. Need mommy?

    3. “why a group of people feels like they need to storm the capitol to be heard?”

      Uhm, because they believe a habitually lying, orange headed conman? The mainstream media has address tRump’s accusations in multiple places. The courts have addressed the accusations, even states with Republican run elections have addressed the allegations.

      tRumptards listen to one person only and are no longer capable of reasoning.

      1. Come on, that was too simple. You can do better than that! Moar rage! Gnashing of teeth! Rending of lapels!

        You people are predicable and boring.

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  6. Hey Suderman you hypocritical fuck.

    Last May rioters in DC lit over 100 fires and caused over 50 million dollars in damage.
    During the Kavanagh hearings protesters burst in and swarmed the Rotunda.

    These instances were both 100 times worse than what happened yesterday.

    Do you realize what you’ve written above makes you?

    1. But they only assaulted a few politicians on the streets, not making them go run for safety in a building.

    2. Oh, fuck your stupid shit, Mother’s Lament. Suck on it.

    3. As reported elsewhere, when tRump needed a photo op at St. Johns, 289 peaceful protestors were arrested.
      Yesterday, what 50? arrested (more for what happened outside)

      1. Nice whaddabout you’ve got there, can’t keep it on topic?

  7. Oh shut up you never wrote once about the rampaging mobs all summer. Your hand wringing now is ridiculous.

    Only people who were against both sets of riots have a voice now. Those who ignore this or that can shut the fuck right up.

    1. The only supposed moral high ground you people hung your hats on was the claim (false though it was) that only the left was committing violence. You banked on that.

      Now the Trumpers have attacked and occupied the US capitol, there are dead people, and the president himself incited it all.

      No more moral high ground. And treason is worse than vandalism.

      1. The left committed 200 riots last year sweetie.

        1. When you say that, all you’re doing is more of the same Trumper racist Nazi evil shit.

          This is a libertarian site. I expect better than eternal cop fellatio.

          Bet you don’t like the cops as much when they’re rounding up yesterday’s terrorists.

          1. Says the outright fascist. Your answer to everything is trains.

            1. My answer to very few things is “trains.”

              “How do you like to get around Europe?”

              That’s pretty much it.

              1. You are one statist little shit, aren’t you?

                1. Tony, you stupid, dishonest wreck, why are you here?

          2. You should be rounded up for being a lying traitor. Trash like you should have been put down for your subversion many years ago.

            1. I really hope we figure out how to deprogram fascists efficiently, because bombing their cities to dust was all that’s ever seemed to work for us.

              1. Ah, the fascist pig we all knew you were speaks in his true OINK!

                1. Americans did commit a lot of atrocities in the midst of killing all the fascists.

      2. So, you’re happy that your side’s horrible behavior has been repeated by the other side?

        That’s twisted.

        1. apparently that is how a redress of grievances is done now days

        2. My side never tried to overthrow an election and did not invade and vandalize the US capitol building.

          1. Nope, just set a Federal courthouse on fire and tore down and defaced a variety of Federal statues. Same as breaking windows but different.

            1. Not my side.

              1. What exactly is your side?

                1. Truth and beauty. How about you?

                  1. Oh we can see your “bomb your cities to dust” side, alright piggy. Sooo-eee!

                  2. Did you really post that “truth” was your side?

                    1. Yeah but you have to appreciate that truth is stuff scientists say and not what Tucker Carlson farts.

          2. No one tried to overthrow an election. You know, when you have to lie to make your point, you probably don’t have that great of point.

            1. Yes they did. Trump did. He still hasn’t conceded. He took the election to court 60 times despite the outcome being perfectly clear. His supporters just occupied the capitol building during the electoral college count.

              What counts as a try for you?

              1. Using the courts to argue legal battles is not overthrowing the election. Idiots storming the Capitol and then leaving is not overthrowing an election. Your hyperbole is impressive. Moronic, but impressive.

                1. Obviously they didn’t succeed. I’m sure you’re very relieved about that.

                  Fuck you traitor. You can all hang. This isn’t funny anymore.

                  1. Courts == Treason?

                    Try Civics again, fuckface.

                  2. Good lord you psycho, settle down. I have no support for the moron Trump supporters storming the Capitol. I hope they all face proper legal consequences.

                    But your hyperbolic, angry teenager shtick is so intellectually dishonest and hysterical that it’s bordering on insanity.

                    Calm it down. I know the Republican party touched you inappropriately in your youth. But your hyper partisan lecturing and disingenuousness is pathetic at this point. Stop being a groupthinking moron and start thinking for yourself. And dude, ease up on the righteous indignation and anger.

                  3. Tony, once again I am going to ask how one as stupid as you has even mastered breathing on your own?

                  4. “Fuck you traitor. You can all hang. This isn’t funny anymore.”

                    The taste of emerging, violently leaning, leftist radicalization. This is delicious to the leftist media.

                    Tony, when exactly was the point where this ceased to be funny for you? 😀

            2. Well, if not overthrow, how about “Explored every avenue to throw out the popular vote in key states”

              1. Tell us which part of the Constitution touched your special area, honey. We won’t let it hurt you again…

              2. Are you competing with Tony?

          3. Sure it did. In 2016 and in 2018. You just liked the actions then.

            1. Can’t recall any institutions of democracy being physically assaulted in either of those years.

              1. How about during the hearings for Judge Gang Rapist? As I recall, the rotunda was occupied and there was a lot of wrenching at the doors. Clearly the CapPolice should have shot a pussy-hat wearing woman in the chest, what with the “physical assault on the institutions”. Teach ‘em about what this country is all about, right?

                Or is that only now, with other kind of dead woman entirely?

                1. How about fuck off and eat fat American dick until you choke, commie?

          4. My side never tried to overthrow an election

            Bullshit. It’s your standard operating procedure.


            1. You mean by gerrymandering and disenfranchising as many voters as possible?

              And when that is not enough, try to sue to remove as many voters / ballots as possible. In PA, the lawsuit, for 6 people that had their ballots cancelled because they didn’t follow instructions and were butt-hurt, they asked the judge to throw out 6.5 million votes.

      3. Tony, you called for the Armed Forces to gooify unarmed American civilians. There isn’t a bomb big enough to blast your remains onto any moral high ground.

        What’ the matter Omar Marteen too moderate for you? You hoping that maybe if Trump leaves disgraced enough that you might actually have a shot at sucking his dick?

        1. I could have told you that it was stupid to support an orange retard fascist. In fact I’m sure I did.

          1. Fucking fascist pig says what?

        2. The question is not whether the mob was armed or not, its a question of safety for those that are targets of the mob.
          I’m sure the lynchings in the South didn’t require arms as much as a mob and some rope.

          1. How about the other police in that hallway, endangered when fuckhole shot the woman in the chest? I know you hate the demonstrators and wish for a burst to the crowd from an MP-5, but think of the trauma to those other poor cops!

      4. The dead people in the capitol were all actual protesters shot by police, Tony. Really makes you think. Who’s doing the violence there, big guy?

      5. The only person who died from violence was peaceful and murdered at the hands of our government. Government is still clearly the issue here.

      6. Tony, your sanctimonious pontificating is great satire, but you need to cut the SASS – Situational Autism Simulation Syndrome – and own that the left is a full majority partner in the civil disorder project.

        1. Good. There are enemies among us. They need to be shot before they shoot us.

          1. Fascist pig says die die die!

            1. Trumpers clearly shot first. I saw it on CNN.

      7. One dead person due to police and 3 for medical incidents out of how many people?

        CHAZ existed for 24 days and had 4 shootings causing 2 injuries, 2 deaths, and numerous robberies, rapes, and assaults reported.

        Yesterday was a peace fest compared to what the left has done over the last 7 months.

        1. 4th medical incident, apparently a cop had a seizure and died.

          Comparing one riot to another riot seems a strange one upmanship. Lets agree that those responsible for the riot should be punished AND made to pay restitution.

  8. Who got cancelled, except 4 people the cops killed? I believe everyone in Congress kept their jobs.

    1. I’m going to laugh my ass off when government officials run the acting MPD chief of police out of town.

  9. The democratic hearth of self-governance?!

    I bet that’s how the Nazis would describe it when they were voted into power.

    Who cares how authoritarian and socialist the progressive Democrats are! The important thing is that they were properly elected?

    Is it okay to oppose their polices, or are we all supposed to just bend over and spread our cheeks because they won an election?

    1. Ken, would you call what we actually saw a ‘riot’? I saw people milling around, taking selfies. No smoke, no fire, no widespread property destruction, no mass injuries. The only casualty of note was the Capitol Police managed to kill an unarmed woman.

      I really do not think these dolts understand what just happened.

      1. It seems like the riot is purely media spin. It’s surreal to see in real time, and it makes me wonder if this is how the Reichtag burning was reported at the time.

        1. It’s also surreal to see how quickly Republican jobbers are lining up to swallow that media narrative whole. Trump orchestrating, condoning, or even failing to condemn the protest is not just fiction, but completely contrary to reality, and everyone on Capitol Hill is acting like it’s true.

          1. The gaslighting of America goes on…

          2. What’s surreal was watching the president’s supporters storm and occupy the US capitol building. And then having to have the vice president call out the national guard on them.

            1. I saw a mostly peaceful protest where the only casualty was an unarmed woman shot by cops. What did you see? Hell, there wasn’t even a good bonfire lit in the Capitol Building so Nancy and Chuck could be burned in effigy.

              1. To be clear, the protests were against the presidential election, and every single one of those goobers was under the impression that Trump still had a chance to overthrow it.

                Then they tried to overthrow it.

                1. the lady does protest too much methinks. I wonder what will be said when the political left riots start again in earnest, and they will. The die has been cast. In the lefts mind the riots over the summer worked. Do you think they are going to stop now? No, they will only get worse. The next time it happens it will be leftists who are upset about student loans or universal healthcare or “climate justice”. It will be interesting to see the spin when the 25th amendment is invoked to give Harris a try at it because somebody who did something bad was wearing a Biden t-shirt.

                  1. The first rule of trying to rule the country: you have to be smarter than a box of taints.

                    I have no reason to believe the rightwing cousinfuckers will continue being terrorists. What’s to stop them now? They’ve been terrorists my entire life. They blew up a building in my home state. They try to get their way on abortion policy by blowing up abortion doctors.

                    I’m just glad the rest of the world knows how little Republicans care for democratic norms as I have for many years.

                    1. You misspelled “progressives.” They’ve been burning and looting and bombing for more than your entire life. And you’ve been egging them on every step of the way.

                      The whole world knows that fascism came back to America from the party that first brought it to our shores 90 years ago. The party that you slavishly support.

                    2. Tony, terrorists are leftists. Like you. You’re the problem.

                    3. The first rule of trying to rule the country: you have to be smarter than a box of taints.

                      OK, so any subsequent advice from you about running the country is null and void.

                    4. you can’t possibly be serious. bill ayers the patron saint of the radical left. Who, along with the weather underground, openly called for civil war and the overthrow of the government.

                    5. Bill Ayers lol. Every example you could bring up is just proof that the American radical left is a joke.

                      That’s what happens in a strongly corporatist society. Leftism can’t get off the ground.

                      I’m not saying leftists can’t be terrorists. Just not in this country. It’s almost all rightwingers. Because a lot of the cops are one and the same, for one thing.

                    6. You do know that Oklahoma is full of people who contradict all your assumptions about conservatives, republicans, and right wingers, right?

                    7. “The first rule of trying to rule the country: you have to be smarter than a box of taints.”

                      If it were only this easy, there would be no Democratic party.

                    8. Ask me about my opinion of Republican opinions right now.

                      Every last one of them is responsible for this desecration. Every single psychotic asshole who fed at the trough of FOX News.

                    9. Fascists love them some disloyalty lists, and you’re right on board with that, right Herman?

                    10. You people invaded and ransacked the US Capitol and you still think you’re a fucking tween who just got his mind blown by Ayn Rand. Unreal.

                    11. I’ll go along with that as soon as you take responsibility for everything set on fire this year by Antifa and BLM.

                      It’s your idea; you go first.

                2. So we agree, these were mostly peaceful protests. Meaning, a large group of Americans exercised their 1A right to petition the government for redress of grievances. A much smaller group of Americans decided to totally act like assholes and they will pay a price for that.

                  What’s the problem, then? That the poor Congresscrittersmembers were shitting their collective pants? Maybe they should be shitting their pants. They do not act in our interest. Any of them get hurt? Nope. Injured? Nope. Anything burned down? Nope. Not even an effigy burned. Anything looted? Well Ok, that one guy grabbed himself a souvenir from Nancy Pelosi’s desk…an envelope. How terrible.

                  So….what riot?

                  OTOH, the Capitol police distinguished themselves by shooting an unarmed woman.

                  1. The guy should have grabbed one of those commemorative impeachment pens off of NP’s desk.

                  2. Plus 3 more dead that have been reported as “medical emergencies” by the MSM/DNC propaganda outlets.

                    Yeah, the live ammo the federal goons saved up babysitting the “mostly peaceful protests” this summer sure has been burning a hole in their ammo carriers, hasn’t it? Bastards.

                3. What you’re saying is exactly right, Tony. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

                  1. Good to know the statists, they nicely self-identify. Thanks!

                4. the protests were against the presidential election

                  Nope, the protests were against massive voter fraud.


              1. It says 164 were arrested for obstructing movement and such.

                How many Trumpers should be arrested for breaking into the US capitol and trying to overthrow the government of the United States?

                1. You’re very stupid.

                  1. Don’t care what anyone was doing two years ago, because there was an attempted violent coup yesterday. I’m focused on those criminals. You understand.

                    1. Where was the violence though, except from the hired guns of the ruling class? Really inconvenient for you that the only people killed were the protesters.

                    2. LOL! Stop providing me with facts! I only want to focus on the facts that support my position, not those that take away from it!

                    3. Translation: ugh, you got me.

                    4. Fuck. Treasonous. Cunts.

                      If you still support Trump when nobody inside his own government does, that makes you the enemy.

                      Keep making excuses for the looting of the capitol.

                    5. Of course you don’t care about the past, because idiots live in the “now”. Every year a Year Zero for proggy fascists.

          3. Establishment republicans are all part of the same system with the same paymasters, all begging for scraps at that master’s table. Why are you surprised?

          4. Let see:
            “Statistically impossible to have lost the 2020 Election, Big protest in DC on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!”

            “If we allow this group of people to illegally take over our country, because it’s illegal when the votes are illegal, when the way they got there is illegal, when the States that vote are given false and fraudulent information.”
            followed by
            “So we’re going to, we’re going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, I love Pennsylvania Avenue, and we’re going to the Capitol and we’re going to try and give… The Democrats are hopeless. They’re never voting for anything, not even one vote. But we’re going to try and give our Republicans, the weak ones, because the strong ones don’t need any of our help, we’re going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country.”
            And when he finally ‘condemned’ the riots, he did so with a tweet. Maybe I’m old school (no maybe about it) but checking your phone for a tweet seems to be low on the list of things to do during a riot.

            Keeping in mind, these are the same qanon, deep state, pizzagate idiots that have supported tRump all along.

        2. The Reichstag burning was an actual, destructive fire, not just a bunch of people wanting to shout at their representatives, like many other protesters before them.

          1. “We’re not quite as bad as the real Nazis! Vote R!”

            1. Nice strawman.

            2. True, Tony, you are not quite as bad as the real Nazis. But you’re close.

              1. I don’t know, in just this thread he’s talked about making lists, mass arrests, shooting protesters and carpet-bombing “conservative” cities. Sounds like most of the prerequisites have been ticked…

      2. Yeah, I do have to agree to this point. 99% didn’t do anything wrong, 1% broke a few windows (literally nothing compared to what BLM did) and then the government decided to execute a young woman for standing still.

    2. “Is it okay to oppose their polices, or are we all supposed to just bend over and spread our cheeks because they won an election?”

      It’s ok to oppose them legally, as they have 61 times in court, and found lacking 60 times. Now is the time to bend over and spread ’em, or betray the constitution. I know, not a fun choice, but there it is.

      1. Ok, Himmler

        1. “Himmler” doesn’t really work as an insult when you regularly talk about how America needs its own Pinochet. Just a thought.

          1. You know….given the level of corruption and fraud….just saying.

          2. Suddenly #bothsides doesn’t work. Clown nose on. Clown nose off.

          3. Pinochet did leave power willingly.

            Can you name a Leftist who did the same? After having improved their country overall?

            1. Can you name a Leftist who did the same? After having improved their country overall?

              No surprise that you’re a Pinochet admirer, given that you too yearn for the deaths of thousands of your fellow countrymen. It is strange that there’s an increasing number of out-and-proud fascists on a libertarian message board, but that’s a subject for a different day.

              1. So….that is a no. You could not name a single Leftist dictator who left power willingly.

                1. Nope. Never claimed I could, either. Was there a point to that question, or did you just need a break from your murder fantasies?

              2. Communists aren’t people, they are community property.

            2. Gorbachev?

          4. lol. Right on time they come in to defend Pinochet. A bunch of caricatures.

            1. Ha! Straw man much?

      2. You still don’t understand what a procedural ruling is, do you.

        1. You don’t. As I have demonstrated over and over and over.

          1. You’re a lying idiot, and a valor thief.

            No more back talk from you.

        2. Because we all know that procedures are arbitrary and have no basis in law.
          And by the way, lack of standing, latches, timeliness are not procedural rulings.
          Procedural rulings are ones that say, you have to go to state court first then appeal to supreme court. i.e. “You didn’t follow procedures”

          Motions are when you ask the court to do something. The courts have procedures to evaluate those motions – and in the case of preliminary injunction, the court evaluates your chance of success.

          Just because some courts threw out the lawsuits based on standing, doesn’t mean all the courts never looked at the ‘evidence’ (your term, not mine, and not the courts) and some commented on how lacking of evidence the affidavits were.

          Lack of standing means either you are suing for something this court cannot address or you don’t have an injury that this court can cure.

          1. And “laches” means too bad, so sad: we get to ignore real violations ‘cause of the spilled-milk and water under the bridge legal doctrines.

            Very reassuring when thinking of the actual violations ignored. But VicePres Biden will now be known as President Asterisk, and that’s that.

            But don’t fool yourself thinking that President Asterisk is going to have much credibility in terms of a “mandate”. Fuck him, his terrible VP sleeze, and the horrifically corrupt circumstances that brought his senescent ass back to office.

      3. It’s ok to oppose them legally, as they have 61 times in court, and found lacking 60 times. Now is the time to bend over and spread ’em, or betray the constitution.

        DOL and others seem unaware the Declaration of Independence is also a founding document of the USA.

    3. Figure out the difference between protesting and committing insurrection.

      You people were supposed to be experts at all these nuances.

      1. They were going to overthrow the government with what? Oh i see they were all black belts in karate.

        1. Well they tried to do it with lawsuits. When that failed, they tried violence.

          That they’re incredibly stupid is rather implied.

          1. Lawsuits to overthrow the government?! Holy shit, I laughed hard at that one. Thanks!

          2. So using recognized legal challenges in a court of law is now insurrection? You really are a vision of what is to come under the yoke of democrat traitors.

            1. The fact that every lawsuit was a joke and they resorted to violence when they all failed suggests that their motives were not to polish the knob of law.

              1. I love how you move goal posts and lie so easily. You make a good progressive.

                1. What fucking goal post?

                  My goal post is at “don’t commit insurrection in my country.”

                  What’s yours? Asshole.

                  1. Oh, someone’s getting cranky. Maybe someone needs to calm it down a bit.

                  2. You’re the idiot making statements about how the law was being used to overthrow the rule of law. Really, how does your Stupid not cause spontaneous combustion?

                    1. That’s how civil wars are won, nitpicking semantics.

                      You people never change.

              2. Every lawsuit was a joke? How did you determine that when none of the cases were actually heard and decided on the merits?

                1. Because they didn’t support the democrat narrative. Seriously, have you ever seen Tony EVER support or agree with anything that dissented from what his party orders him to think?

                2. Is your argument that Trump’s lawyers are idiots?

                  Why can’t the president of the United States get good lawyers?

                  Do you ever sit and think about the things you support?

                  1. You just decided to chop down those goalpost and set them on fire? Your words are seen, moron.

                3. Lawsuits are defined by the entire complaint, not just one section. They were all, 100%, dismissed on the merits.
                  I think you mean “the evidence”.
                  Note that many of the judges, even ones appointed by tRump, commented on the ‘evidence’ or rather the lack of evidence. Looking at some of the lawsuits you find gems like:
                  “Poll workers rolled their eyes when they saw a tRump ballot…. I’m sure thousands of tRump votes were not counted.”
                  1) They never claimed in the affidavit that they saw someone not count votes, only that in their hearts they believed some votes were not counted.
                  2) The total number of ballots in those precincts roughly equaled the tRump + Biden vote totals. Which means ‘thousands’ could not have been overlooked.

                  There were affidavits that people were not allow to observer some part of the counting. That again, is not evidence of illegal stuff going on.

                  There were affidavits about statistics. They completely mangled the statistics and inflated the person’s expertise. That is the one that I worried about. I was afraid the courts might be fooled. There are a couple of good Youtube videos that recreate the statistic and then explain why they are wrong.

                  There were affidavits about illegal voters (dead, double, moved out of state) and the lists that I found were redacted, so I could look into them. A few things
                  1) The states invariably claimed the lists were mostly false positives – there is not enough publicly available information to positively match, for example a death notice to a registered voter.
                  2) When asked, one of the guys who compiled the list admitted that the lists should have been labeled as POSSIBLE voter fraud because they couldn’t verify the names.

                  Then there was the stuff about Dominion . The accusations are so out of line with what Dominion says on its web page, that someone has to be flat out lying. The fact that the accusers of Dominion keep changing their story (now it’s a Canadian company?) and that everyone (except Powell) backed down when lawsuits were threatened, seem to lend credence that Dominion is being more truthful. I’m not saying they are 100% truthful.

                  The biggest problem with the Dominion angle is that Georgia did an audit plus a hand count and that would have shown massive Dominion election fraud. It didn’t. There is no other explaination other than Dominion accurately counted the ballots. That makes all the crazy Qanon accusations about Venezuelan connections etc. moot.

                  So yeah, barring some fresh evidence (WHERE IS IT GIULIANI???) I have no reason to believe the election outcome is incorrect, let alone fraudulent.

        2. Oh i see they were all black belts in karate.

          lol – the Ninja Rebellion of 2021!

      2. You people were supposed to be experts at all these nuances.

        Someone declares war on my country I want them turned to goo. I’m old fashioned like that.

        You said this about people who carried no weapons, wore no uniforms, and hadn’t declared war.

        There is no nuance nor interpretation of it required. You want, maybe even enjoy, the liquidation of innocent civilians.

      3. The difference between the two is “Does Tony support this?”

    4. Yes Ken, opposing policies is exactly equivalent to storming the Capitol. You’ve jumped the shark.

      1. “Storming” the capital with phones and selfies. That woman with the cops standing 3 feet behind her sure was wearing a short skirt and deserved to be shot.

        Whatever, Fonzie.

  10. As they were “mostly peaceful protests” there should be no problem.

  11. Condemn the violence, condone the protest.

    You know, just like I did with BLM and Antifa…..

    1. “Condemn the violence, condone the protests” rather empirically gets your non-protesting ass locked in your home under quarantine while protestors set fire to it.

      As long as the King isn’t behedding people at too fast a rate, while taxing everyone else at too high a rate, it’s not violence.

      I agree with your premise in an honest context or on a level playing field, but that’s not reality.

  12. Hey, after 4 years of the Left trying to oust a duly elected POTUS by baseless investigations, state agencies and operatives openly opposing him and an impeachment to nowhere, all cheered on by a compliant MSM, it’s easy for them to take the next step to assume the election was rigged, whether it was or was not.

    If they believe the election was rigged, then of course the incoming admin is illegitimate.

    Thousands (millions?) don’t just arrive at these conclusions by chance…

    1. Maybe they can argue stupidity as their defense when they’re hauled before a court.

      Isn’t it nice we no longer send terrorists to Gitmo?

      1. You want to send people who exercise these things routine in American life and history to Gitmo?

        In Tony, you see how the left would treat you.

        1. He is the epitome of the “authoritarian for your own good” position.

        2. What’s routine is a peaceful transfer of presidential power. It’s kind of a think we used to brag about.

          Trump took that away from you same as me.

          1. Yet he didn’t. Hmmmm. I wonder, do you realize your level of histrionics, or is this really how you see the world?

          2. No, Barry took that away with his sedition in 2017.

          3. A peaceful transfer of power?

            Like fabricating collusion, having your intel community fabricate evidence and lie on warrant application, and spy on political rivals?

            THAT is a peaceful transfer?

            1. You don’t have thoughts so much as strings of syllables.

              Read more. Not Newsmax.

              1. Good response. But I get it, when you don’t actually have a substantive response, deflect!

            2. Uhm, there was definitely an attempt at collusion. Trump Jr went get dirt on Hillary from a Russian. I don’t think there is a law about collusion specifically, just getting support from foreigners.
              As for the intel community, there was one section and it was a lie by obmission (altering the underlying document) that doesn’t mean the FISA warrant was without merit.
              And technically, Obama couldn’t run anymore for President so I’m not sure if tRump would be considered a rival in politics.
              And yes, that is pretty peaceful, doesn’t really compare to storming the capital and Injuring 14 police officers (one severely).

              1. The FISA warrant was absolutely without merit. Even CNN agrees .

              2. As stated by the IG, noted in USA Today.

                Neither “right wing” sources.

                Of course anyone who believes an idiot who deliberately spells Trump in some 3rd grade childish humor is beyond help.

          4. Yeah, like you people didn’t do everything but storm the capital building when Trump was elected…and it certainly wasn’t from lack of trying.

            1. But we didn’t storm the capitol building. We just bitched for a while.

              That you equate that speech with actual terrorism is why you shouldn’t be in power.

              1. Hurt nobody. Literally hurt nobody.

                1. “Police say 14 MPD officers were injured during the protests. Contee says one was seriously hurt after being pulled into a crowd and assaulted, one has serious facial injuries.”

              2. No talk about the hearings for Judge Gang Rapist. Pussie hats in the rotunda, beating on the Supreme Court doors.

                Open fire, right Tony? Goo-ify their cities too?

          5. Blame can be laid at the feet of the political right for all kinds of things. However this current round of political violence is owned by the left. The “peaceful transfer of presidential power” that you referred to died in 2016. It was replaced by any means necessary. This will be the new norm for the foreseeable future. Don’t tell me that the left is just now shitting themselves over politically motivated violence. There is simply too much evidence to the contrary.

            1. In addition, the politics of the future will be nothing more than a continual and never ending attempted fist fuck of those who oppose you. It is going to get way more ugly than some guy running through the congressional building dressed as a viking. Kind of fitting though when you consider the circumstances.

            2. Fucking stupid. It’s OK to criticize the president. But his opponent conceded the night of the election. Nobody committed a violent insurrection. These things are not like each other, and if you can’t tell why, then you need to stop expressing opinions and go read something written for grownups.

              All Democrats did was normal politics through all this. The tantrums and incompetence and death was on Trump. I’m sorry he’s a failure. That’s kind of why he lost reelection.

              1. I guess we really are Rome if this is now considered normal politics.

              2. Hillary to Biden before the election: “don’t concede under any circumstances”.

                You should lie less transparently, you evil fucker.

                1. The circumstances were him winning the election. Why would he concede?

                  Hillary Clinton should have cheated to win.

            3. Yeah, that Women’s march…. such barbarians!

      2. Democrats are terrorists, as the democrat party is a domestic terror organization. Through your antifa a and BLM groups.

  13. Reason and its writers have really gone off the deep end. “They are attacking the symbols of our democracy!” Yes, those symbols that are only welcome to the wealthy, Ivy League, deep state elitists who continue to profit from the corrupt status quo. If that is what libertarianism is considered to be nowadays, count me out.

    1. If I didn’t know better, I’d thing Koch was about to sell out to Vox.

      1. I think that happened awhile ago.

    2. And boy did the cower like a bunch of pussies!

      What a joke.

  14. Not so sure you have identified who really is the cancel mob.

    Violence is not the hallmark of Trump supports; respecting law and order is. Violence is the hallmark of leftist and demonstrated in Washington DC when Trump supporters rallied for the election and were physically attacked by leftists.

    Trump supporters did not leave a bomb at RNC headquarters. The narrative simply doesn’t fit reality.

    Meanwhile, police stood down during every riot and attack during 2020 because, well, BLM/Antifa. Have to respect the right to protest, you know. But Capitol police? Open fire, man!

    It’s time for Libertarians to understand that their liberty is at risk, too.

    1. Reason is like like the teenager who doesn’t want to get up to go to school wanting to stay in bed instead.

      It’s all passing them by. It hasn’t hit them Biden/Harris is not a libertarian moment.

      1. Movement libertarianism is a mind puzzle with accompanying shill rags that just carry water for the status quo.

    2. “At least two known Antifa members were spotted among the throngs of pro-Trump protesters at the Capitol on Wednesday, a law enforcement source told The Post.At least two known Antifa members were spotted among the throngs of pro-Trump protesters at the Capitol on Wednesday, a law enforcement source told The Post.”

      Wow, now we take anonymous sources? But not when its about tRump?

      “A Washington Times report initially claimed two other protesters were actually Philadelphia-based Antifa members — citing a retired military officer with access to facial recognition software — but the outlet deleted the article after the software company told Buzzfeed News that the story was “outright false.”

      What software company? I guess NYPost is like Reason, sensational headline and claw back the sensation in the article.

  15. Odd that now is the time you decry right wing cancel culture. One Million Moms literally invented cancel culture over a decade ago.

  16. Because it works?

  17. Yet, all I’ve seen from live footage is 200k people protesting in peace. Reason is zeroing in on one faction of the full picture.

    This is in stark contrast to the the Antifa/BLM violence in which Reason refused to call ‘rioters’ choosing instead to characterize it as a ‘peaceful protest’ treating deaths, looting, occupations and violence as a mere side show to the protests.

    Reason is now a punchline.

    So I guess we can expect a series of ‘muh right-wing crazy we’ve never seen this level of insurrection’ pearl clutching bull shit for the next week?

    Know what? I hope these people stay strong and keep pushing.

    1. Just give it up you goddamn moron.

      1. Or else what? You can send me to the gulag, Dimitri?

        /tickles Dimitri.

        1. Fritz. Definitely a Fritz.

        2. Are you really Canadian? Nobody can send you anywhere except the government of Canada. C’mon be honest. You keep giving away small hints.

          1. /moons.

            Don’t worry little bully. The last Canadian here will soon be gone.

            And you can have the sandbox all to yourself with Tony.

      2. Or what? You’ll turn him to goo? If that’s your threat and you intend to carry it out, what possible motivation could he have to stop? Maybe if you threaten to turn his friends and family to goo too, then he’ll stop.

        God what a fucking moron.

    2. I do so hope that when tony storms the halls of congress with his leftist comrades that they at least have the common decency to upstage viking man and dress even more outrageously. The black bloc dress code is so boring. Viking man did it right at least. He even had a spear. Do it tony just for me. I would like to see a spartan or mongol or maybe a zulu warrior!

  18. I think we need a new definition:
    Outrage signaling
    Conflating a right wing protest to sedition of the highest order, terrorism, fascism and now cancel culture.

    Cancel culture should start here, at lest for these ‘rioters!!!!’

    First Amendment

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or
    the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    1. least. And my bolding sucks. sorry

      1. Great post, AND the second amendment is there to protect the first AND prevent tyranny which has already begun and this scum isn’t even in yet.

  19. Tally up all the damages real and imagined done by the left wing antifa mob plus whatever you think you can tag onto conservatives then juxtapose those costs against the BLM/Antifa burning and looting of cities which exceeded 2 billion dollars AND you ALLOWED it to happen and still are allowing it to happen. There are liars and then there are G D liars.

    1. You don’t get a pass on crime because you can point to someone else somewhere at some time who also committed a crime.

      Do you really not understand things like this? What is going on here?

      There’s a reason the American people never wanted you idiots in charge. If the 350,000 dead wasn’t confirmation enough, the attempted coup surely was.

      1. Do you really not understand yourself?

        350,000 people dead because of communist China whom your Biden and his son are in bed with.

        1. Is the president responsible for anything?

          How can you believe that someone is simultaneously a great leader and also the victim of everyone?

          Joe Biden was a private citizen the entire time Trump was lying to you about the virus. Trump had the CDC.

          How the fuck do you worship such useless leadership… and then demand the rest of us live through another four years of it?

          1. Pelosi and Harris both egged on the “mostly peaceful” arson and looting over the summer. What exactly was their responsibility then? Biden and Barry depleted the PPE stocks during their failure theater of H1N1 and they never refilled them. Are they responsible for anything?

            1. Black people were rounded up and pepper sprayed by the hundreds for exercising their constitutional rights. It goes without saying that anyone caught actually committing a crime was put in a cell.

              Now can we talk about the sedition you support or would you like to change the subject again to something else? Cats?

              1. How many blacks (and the jewish antifa enabling them) were opened up on with live ammunition in that half a year of rioting?

                1. How many were picked up in the streets with unmarked vans?

              2. Shorter Tony: no, democrats are never accountable for anything ever, and fail upwards.

          2. Tony has pushed this narrative for far too long. It shows that you have no scientific background and no idea what you are talking about. This virus is asymptomatic and contagious for weeks. There is nothing anybody can do to stop this and there never has been. There are too many variables that simply cannot be controlled. Social distancing and masks may slow down the transmission but nothing more. This virus is inevitable.

            1. Tony once wrote the virus would cause the extinction of humanity.

            2. The one thing that could have been done is for state governments like NY not to issue edits like “Nusing homes must admit patients despite a positive COVID test, and are prohibited from requiring tests before admittance”.

              That killed tens of thousands in NY alone. Fuck the Democrats.

            3. “Social distancing and masks may slow down the transmission but nothing more. This virus is inevitable.”
              100% agree.
              However, you have to consider:
              a) we have ‘right sized’ health care system that is not sized to handle the influx. So slowing the spread helps save lives.
              b) we have a few vaccines in the pipeline, so slowing the spread might get people vaccinated before they get infected, thus saving lives.
              c) extreme isolation can control the virus. See New Zealand. That has to including testing and tracing.

              Trump has not lead in the idea of isolation or mask wearing infact, Trump has demonstrated the opposite of “Social distancing and masks” (and, perhaps jokingly, suggested injection of bleach…)
              Trump has blamed testing for the apparent spread of the virus.
              Trump has slacked on the distribution part of the vaccine. Federal government could have laid the ground work weeks in advanced.

              So yeah, failure of leadership.

              1. Most of the scenarios you describe above require as you said “isolation”. That is not possible in the United States in this day and age. New Zealand is a rural more agrarian society. They are already isolated. It was not and is not feasible to shut the country down to “slow” the spread of a virus when the vast majority of people will recover just fine. The whole notion that a $600 or $2000 check will prevent the foreclosure of peoples homes and businesses caused by a shutdown is absolutely ludicrous.

      2. You don’t get a pass on crime because you can point to someone else somewhere at some time who also committed a crime.

        So, you gooify Jacob Blake he was committing a crime then, right? Doesn’t matter how heinous a crime gooifying him might be, he was breaking the law and doesn’t get a pass.

    2. The total cost of yesterday’s DC riots in 2021 dollars doesn’t exceed the cost of The Weather Underground’s bombing of the Capitol in 1971 dollars by nearly an order of magnitude.

      1. There is police and national guard overtime. There is the repairs/cleanup. There is the legal expenses – gotta prosecute. Then those found guilty of felonies, you have to confiscate their guns. I’m sure there will be lawsuits.

        Not saying you are wrong, just wondering if you thought it out.

        From wikipedia:
        On March 1, 1971, members of the Weather Underground set off a bomb on the Senate side of the United States Capitol. While the bomb smashed windows and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage, there were no casualties.

        Bunch of smashed windows….

  20. The greatest thing about politics these days is the tribal arguments about how “my team did bad stuff, but it’s not as bad as what the other team did, so we win. right?!”

    Watching both sides try to justify putrid, embarrassing, and laughing stock behavior while trying to out-stupid the other side and using whataboutisming to support it, is so horrid at this point.

    1. No, the greatest thing is the “anti-tribe” libertarian tribe blasting their hypocrisy day after day, justifying every progressive riot and equivocating.

    2. There is nothing great about politics these days. Your observation is on point. Watching both sides continue to justify embarrassingly transparent narratives is banal and exhausting.
      Doublespeak is here to stay along with the outraged hyperbole. My God, this morning’s ENB column referencing a couple of trashcan fires and some spray paint vandalism was so dismissive it was akin to Ilhan’s ‘some people did something’ comment.

    3. And people wonder why voter participation is so low in this country. It’s quite understandable that sane, reasonable, non-apathetic citizens in this country refuse to endorse either of these two tribes of children squabbling with each other.

      1. Seriously doubt that.

      2. Trump got 12 million more votes the second time around. Biden did horribly after all the fraud was factored out.

  21. Should be cheering a protest for freedom , not denigrating it. These are not just Trumpies. They are people that have had enough of our present form of government and its actions. Suderman is such a hypocrite.

    1. Sure looked like Trump signs they were holding when they broke into the US capitol and vandalized everything in sight.

      You people are so fucked. You should be mad at those choads. They ruined your entire thing for you. They ruined it for Trump.

      I wish they hadn’t. I was looking forward to him being the stupid fat face of the party for four more years.

      1. We didn’t do anything you communist dickhead.

      2. Can you link to photos of this immense damage done?

      3. You people are so fucked.

        Again, you called for the liquidation of unarmed American Civilians. Your moral compass is so fucked up it’s a surprise you can find your way from your bed to your keyboard.

        1. Only people who declare war on the United States, and I’d much prefer if they simply surrendered instead. I hate blood. And God knows what diseases Trumpers have. Besides the one they keep spreading everywhere.

          1. Wow, you do wonders for your credibility every time you open your mouth.

          2. Trumpets tend not to be AIDS ridden faggots from years of getting raw dogged at the local bathhouse.

            Not like you.

            1. No they managed to rack up half the total body count of AIDS in a single year.

              Why are you people surprised when someone doesn’t support mass death and treason?

              1. Fascist faggot says what?

          3. Tony, we all know that you have an intimate knowledge of every imaginable STD, whereas most Trump supporters couldn’t even imagine half of the STD’s that you have experienced.

    1. Down the memory hole it goes.

    2. As usual with articles from The Federalist, the headline is a lie. This Lauren Hitt person did not ask for anyone to be banned.

      Partisan media outlets like this are counting on people to only read the headline and then share the link in a fit of outrage, thereby spreading lies virally.

      1. “We asked @Twitter to stop the misinfo, but as we wait, you can help with a RT,” she wrote on Twitter.”

        His words in the Tverse. The misinfo. What she wrote about protests making people uncomfortable apparently means others should be uncomfortable but not our representatives.

  22. It is not about canceling anyone, or even about Trump personally, except in the case of a very few crazy people.
    People are angry that our fair and transparent election system seems to be gone.
    It does not matter how many people vote or for which candidate, when the people counting the votes cannot or will not ensure that only legal voters can vote. Or that the democrats can stop the counting whenever they choose, and produce the needed number of votes in the middle of the night.
    They are less worried about Trump than they are that four years from now the democrats will have continued to change the election system so that they will never lose again, and that once in control, they will ban a great many things, and punish people suspected of disagreeing with them.
    Whether this is really the case is not even relevant. If tens of millions of people suspect the system is corrupted, then it is useless. That is how the currency works as well. It only has value if everyone believes in it.
    I heard one legislator tell the protesters that the best thing they can do is make sure to vote in the next election. That got a laugh, although it was not intended to.

    1. Very well said. Now it’s time to fire up the wood chipper and feed the hogs.

      1. You’re not far off. But it needs to be focused and productive. The democrats must have their agenda undermined. Their leaders, financial backers, and their media lapdogs destroyed. If we have a chance to destroy the life of someone like AOC, One of the Soros family, or a media tool like Acosta, we should take it.

        Mindlessly vandalizing shit doesn’t do anything.

    2. The myth of wide scale fraud or voting irregularities is a Big Lie that feeds on constant repetition. When it came time to stop singing it and start bringing it, scores of courts rejected the Trump team´s fatuous claims.

      1. No, they didn’t. Cases were tossed for laches or standing, very little actual evidence was ever considered.

        What was that you were repeating? Something about a big lie feeding on constant repetition – and then you thoughtfully provided an on-point example. Thanks!

        1. Again (and again) its not true, various courts did look at the ‘evidence’ and decided it wasn’t evidence afterall.
          Thank God Google still works:
          “In a scathing ruling late Saturday, U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann — a Republican and Federalist Society member in central Pennsylvania — compared the campaign’s legal arguments to “Frankenstein’s Monster,” concluding that Trump’s team offered only “speculative accusations,” not proof of rampant corruption.”

          Brett H. Ludwig, whom Trump nominated to a U.S. District Court in Wisconsin in 2017:
          “A sitting president who did not prevail in his bid for reelection has asked for federal court help in setting aside the popular vote based on disputed issues of election administration, issues he plainly could have raised before the vote occurred,”
          Ludwig added: “This court allowed the plaintiff the chance to make his case, and he has lost on the merits. In his reply brief, plaintiff ‘asks that the Rule of Law be followed.’ It has been.”

          Trump federal appeals court nominee, Stephanos Bibas, who ruled against the Trump campaign in late November in Pennsylvania.

          Trump federal appeals court nominee, Stephanos Bibas:
          “Charges of unfairness are serious, But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here.”
          …. Not even ‘SPECIFIC ALLEGATIONS’

          Trump-appointed District Court Judge Steven Grimberg said Wood lacked standing and that the evidence was far short of what would be needed to grant Wood’s remarkable request for a federal judge to intervene in a state’s election results.

          And in Georgia:
          “Their claims would be extraordinary if true, but they are not. Much like the mythological “kraken” monster after which Plaintiffs have named this lawsuit, their claims of election fraud and malfeasance belong more to the kraken’s realm of mythos than they do to reality.”

          U.S. District Judge Linda Parker:
          “In fact, this lawsuit seems to be less about achieving the relief Plaintiffs seek — as much of that relief is beyond the power of this Court — and more about the impact of their allegations on People’s faith in the democratic process and their trust in our government,” ….. case consisted of “nothing but speculation and conjecture that votes for President Trump were destroyed, discarded or switched to votes for Vice President Biden.”

          “Plaintiffs ask this Court to ignore the orderly statutory scheme established to challenge elections and to ignore the will of millions of voters. This, the Court cannot, and will not, do.

          “The People have spoken.”

    3. It’s obvious to anyone that will acknowledge the truth instead of fantasy.

  23. Is this article serious? Or is he trolling? Meanwhile, social media is banhammering everyone to the right of Hillary Clinton today, Michelle Obama is calling for social media to ban Trump and his supporters, media is raging against the poor yokels that stormed the Capitol single file through velvet ropes, and literally, every publication from the local news to National Geographic has pearl-clutching special issues dedicated to selling ads talking about how awful this was and what an attack on democracy this was.

    Fuck, these people are to campus cancel culture as this article is to thoughtful analysis.

    You can’t even remotely understand libertarianism or what is going on in America if you think a bunch of poor desperate people spooking Capitol Hill in their Viking costumes and MAGA hats represents a dastardly turn in American politics. These people have NO influence to “cancel” anyone. They’re there because the government has told them to get fucked and all the powerful corporate assholes have gamed the system against them and they know it.

    Quit being a wet blanket and appreciate the fact that people are that fed up that they’d actually do something like this. Answer THAT question and your writing is worth our while.

    1. Trump had four years to make their lives better.

      Maybe they should be clearer about what they want. All they seem to want is to keep Trump as president.

      1. And he did and they continued to support him

        Biden’s extra votes came from higher participation, not from people who switched from Trump to Biden.

        1. Some of it might have even been real.

        2. And? Is this more “I have a sad so I should get to win the election”?

          1. No, I’m just pointing out that your “Trump failed his constituents” claim is wrong.

            1. Sure, he can literally do no wrong. He is physically capable of doing anything wrong whatsoever to these people. You’re absolutely right.

              1. He did plenty of things wrong. Just not what you claimed.

                1. Yeah he tweeted too much.

                  He didn’t incite any mobs to invade and occupy the United States Capitol. And even if he did so what government sucks! Her der smell my finger I’m a poltcal philosoffer!

                  The things you believe are fake. You are a child who believes nonsense. And the people you unfathomably thought were your ideological allies (you know the ones who spent four years sucking cop dick) declared war on the United States.

                  Sucks to be in the shit bucket of history huh. You could try not being stupid next time.

                  1. Again, all I was pointing out was that Trump didn’t fail his contituents as you claimed.

                    The rest is confabulation and delusions on your part.

                    Sucks to be in the shit bucket of history huh. You could try not being stupid next time.

                    You’re going to be in the “shitbucket of history” when Democrats are through with the US. I have plenty of other places in the world to move to.

        3. Biden’s extra votes came from several sources. Ballot harvesting fraud. Copy machines, corrupted election machine software, etc.. odds are that democrat pollsters also three out a large number of republican ballots.

          1. Take your meds Mark

  24. First off, I in no way condone what happened yesterday, and you’re right that yesterday’s mob of Trump supporters crossed a line that groups like BLM and Antifa haven’t crossed, but the fact that you only use campus riots as example of the left wing mobs and cancel culture from over the years is ridiculous.

    In fact, the only line groups like BLM and ANTIFA haven’t crossed yet is storming the US capitol building…and it certainly hasn’t been from lack of trying either.

    In fact, that is just the tip of the iceberg of what leftist mobs has done or threatened to do in just the last 4 years with Dems cheering them on (and even sometimes participating).

    Come on now

    1. “and you’re right that yesterday’s mob of Trump supporters crossed a line that groups like BLM and Antifa haven’t crossed,”

      Really? Mobs burned down whole blocks of my city this Spring and what did we get? Outrage? No. We got across the board Fortune 500 “Black Lives Matter” support statements. You couldn’t open a video game or watch a sports game without BLM banners and constant support commercials.

      At least people asked the question “why are these people doing this” and there were probably 500,000 media stories attempting to explain why poor Black neighborhoods were erupting in riots.

      What do we get when a bunch of poor people charges into the Capitol? I’ll tell you. Their motivations are unspeakable, zero discussion of why people would do this, and just gaslighting from powerful rich people making money off it all.

    2. The FBI knows that rightwingers are a constant domestic terror threat. They all but ignore leftwingers because they are, in fact, just college students doing normal college student shit.

      As libertarians you should be on the side of BLM. All they’re protesting is abusive state power.

      But libertarianism just can’t shake off all the goddamn white supremacists and rightwing media addiction. It’s a terrible look. You’d think they’d work on it.

      1. Another well informed, glittering generality. Thanks!

      2. Says the guy demanding police shoot anyone he doesn’t like and worshiping abusive state power.

        Those “innocent” left wingers killed 30 people at their riots and “autonomous” zones (that right there is actual, honest-to-God insurrection). They murdered 3 Trump supporters last year. Hodgkinson tried to assassinate multiple members of Congress and all you have is mythical “white supremacists” who would struggle to fill a class room.

        And that FBI of yours also believed in the myth of “Russian Interference” and yet couldn’t bother to investigate now-documented evidence of influence peddling from Biden over the last year.

        You’ll forgive those of us who live in reality from joining your delusion.

        1. So the FBI knows less than you about domestic threats.

          If you can pick and choose which authorities to believe, you can never be wrong. How nice that must be for you.

          I gotta say it fucking sucks being a slave to evidence and facts.

          1. Fuck you, asshole. The Goddamned FBI is a domestic threat. State authority gives you SUCH an angry, little hard-on! You pathetic piece of shit. I hope you die slowly and painfully of ass cancer.

            1. If you want to play find the tootsie roll with your buck-toothed cousins and mudsled with while shooting rifles at varmints, how about you go to some shithole without a shiny nice capital city I paid for and shit all over that place instead?

              Goddamn traitorous lunatics.

              1. Stupid fucking lefty ignoramuses toss around terms like ‘traitorous’; they might try looking up the definition so they don’t get laughed at as often as they deserve.
                Fuck off and die, stinking pile of lefty shit.

              2. Tony, you are the most traitorous person here. You have no comprehension of liberty or justice, only state enforced power. You are a perfect progressive: stupid, evil, dishonest and arrogant.

                1. The fact that you think people with different politics than you are traitors but are OK with people storming the Capitol with the intent to commit murder and a coup makes you the fucking traitor. And it really doesn’t matter if you accept it or not.

              3. Fascist says what?

          2. “If you can pick and choose which authorities to believe, you can never be wrong”

            You really have zero self awareness.

  25. “Self governance”. Bwahaha! Good one!

  26. The Dems filed 300 court suits in order to corrupt the election process with mail-ins and loose deadlines. Since Elections are a state purview, the Dem Secretaries of State had their way with election process, turning it into a mockery of accountable voting.

    1. Most states are run by Republicans Governors. Are you saying these same states forget to vote in Republican Secretaries of State?

  27. There is a lot of reference to sock puppets in these forums. Suderman’s article reads like a sock puppet account for the national shrill organization of outraged signalers.
    It is embarrassing.

  28. “ Yesterday’s riot was an attempt—a lame and disorganized one, but an attempt nonetheless—to cancel a core democratic function.”

    I think this statement is at the core of our disagreement.

    I’d say it wasn’t an attempt to cancel a core democratic function—it was outrage over the belief that a core democratic function had been compromised.

    Continuing to condescend and dismiss that belief is what made it come to a head yesterday. One side’s allegations of election corruption gets the Mueller investigation, while the other side’s are dismissed out of hand, with a sneer and an insult. That double standard—on full display by Suderman—is what caused yesterday’s events.

    No—it was not an attempt to “cancel” a functioning component of democracy. It was outrage over it having been canceled already.

    1. You know, when it came to the Mueller investigation, there was actual, tangible, physical evidence that suggested Russian interference. The Russians really did have a troll farm set up to influence American elections via social media, in favor of Trump’s election. The Russians really did meet in person with Donald Trump Jr. under the belief of getting dirt on Hillary Clinton. These things actually did happen. That the evidence did not support the main hypothesis – that the Trump campaign and the Russian government formally colluded in any way – does not mean that there was zero basis for the investigation in the first place.

      By contrast, the evidence in favor of the hypothesis of MASSIVE FRAUD and STOLEN ELECTION is far weaker.

      Furthermore the place to address electoral procedural concerns is at the state and local level. NOT the US Congress for fuck’s sake.

      1. Fuck you, you Goddamned statist moron. You might as well suck off John Brennan and James Clapper, both objects of worship to piss-ant progressives like you–at least whenever it’s convenient to your incoherent excuse for an argument.

        1. Dialogue with the left is a waste of time. Just focus on ruining their lives and careers. We need to rid ourselves of them.

          1. Uhm, Chem jeff actually laid out an arguement, you tRumpsters are the ones incapable (or unwilling) to refute it. Back to your STDs I guess.

      2. Yeah the massive compelling evidence of Russians spending like $10,000 (peanuts) on targeted facebook ads. Wow. Amazing. They also did targeted ads for BLM stuff and whatever else they thought could cause chaos in America. Every powerful country has troll farms. China, Israel, and they all do the same stuff.

        This is all contrast to untold millions of fraudulent votes from methods present in elections for decades now– dead people’s IDs, bussing and using various IDs at different polling stations, straight up buying and harvesting votes especially among insular imported foreign populations that shouldn’t even be in the country like Somalis, as well as new and novel methods that surfaced in this election. Great stuff.

        Fraud occurred, but the system itself is just illegitimate regardless. It’s an effectively uniparty where money power rules and monied hostile foreigners just buy the politicians and ignore the people’s wishes on real life and death issues like immigration and what that means for who’s territory it actually is. What the people think or want doesn’t matter. There’s no self-rule and no self-determination for the American people. At least the Chinese get racialism and some level of self-determination as a people with their totalitarian government. In the US and now other western countries you get an opaque social credit system with financial services that cut you off if you’re an actual dissident, and a government that’s quite literally using bio-weaponized mass flows of foreigners with accompanying law and policy to try to kill off the native/founding people of the country.

        1. Well said. Fuck the Empire. Fuck the new Caesar. And fuck the assholes that try to justify it. It’s time for a divorce, amicable or not.

          God bless the sovereign state Texas.

          1. And its nuclear stockpile.

          2. Just a note, Texas is only a few percentage points from turning blue… Maybe next time 🙂

      3. While I’m generally skeptical that there was widespread fraud to such a degree as to impact the ultimate result, I do think there’s enough “smoke” to treat the concerns with some level of seriousness—instead, as you aptly demonstrate, calls for any meaningful investigation were met with vague dismissals based on there being insufficient evidence of proof (identification of which is the point of an investigation).

        Regardless, you’ve unsurprisingly seemed to miss the primary point—even if they are wrong about the illegitimacy of the election, they weren’t motivated by a desire to “cancel” a core tenet of democracy—but quite the opposite.

        Their methods were wrong. Hell, their belief may well be based on incorrect facts. But Suderman’s a piece of shit for twisting their motivations on end.

        1. I don’t agree with your premise, you say there is enough smoke. Please argue that point.

          And the real point is this. They are so deluded by tRump that they lack any critical thinking. That’s pretty bad. But with the mistaken believe that they are absolutely correct, with no room for error or misinterpretation, they have justified this riot.

          If they had a legitimate concern, why, with all the Republican resources (including judges and lawyers) could they not articulate an argument the persuaded ANY court?
          Why are they repeating the same tired arguments that have been disproven time and time again.
          And if, in their court pleadings, there is some gem of truth, why did they bury it with obvious falsehoods and irrelevant affidavits?
          “Yeah, there are 99 items of BS, but one of them is real… you find it…”
          The “inventor’ guy in Georgia promised, not 1, but 2 papers on how he hacked in the polling machine (actually the poll book machine – the one that tracks who voted at the polling station). I’ll wait

          1. His premise wasn’t about being plausibility of any of this.

            He even writes explicitely what his primary point (premise) was. I could quote it, but just read.

            The rioters’ motivations were trying to protest – prepare to empathize with people you disagree with here – what they believe is undemocratic, unfair, election and wish to restore an undermined democracy. That does seem to be more like their motivation, whether or not it is misguided/misinformed.

            And like he was saying, in the end, this widespread belief from constituents is certianly not being sufficiently addressed (even if that means ‘dispelled”) by their representatives.

            1. Correct. My argument doesn’t hinge on the sufficiency of evidence, but the (indisputable) recognition of a widespread perception.

              But to address one point: civil lawsuits don’t usually have perfectly framed evidence—you’ve got to wait for discovery to really get the smoking guns, and that never happened in these cases.

              Of course, litigation is not designed primarily to be an investigative tool—my criticism is levied more at our legislative bodies that possess subpoena power, and our media which (once again) exhibited a double standard in their willingness to try to discover evidence.

              If a patently unreliable DNC-ordered dossier is sufficient to kickstart a years long Mueller investigation, a questionable Project Veritas video, or affidavits from poll workers or folks approached about ballot harvesting should generate something other than derision and condescension from the media.

              And that brings it full circle—Trump capitalized on that dynamic by giving voice to those who were tired of being mocked, derided, and dismissed by the “elites.” Trump was the effect of that dynamic, not the cause. And Wednesday was just another effect of that same underlying dynamic.

              It will not get better, because the dynamic has only worsened.

      4. “You know, when it came to the Mueller investigation, there was actual, tangible, physical evidence that suggested Russian interference.”

        This asshole is so stupid, he probably believes that stinking pile of lefty shit.
        Fucking lefty ignoramuses like Jeff here, still spouting bullshit like this, do not seem to understand why those of us capable of critical thinking object to being handed 4+ years of ‘fake news’ from lying outlets.

        1. Common Sevo, a real arguement, with facts and conclusions.
          Only tRump gets away with name calling and no evidence to back it.

          1. How about the dossier was completely fabricated, and even knowing that, coney leaked it to his buddy at the new York times so the fbi could say “look, it must be legit! The NYT is reporting on it too! ” to the fisa courts.

      5. I thought Lawrence was clear and careful in his wording that it was over a “belief” – whether that belief is demonstrable/defensible is beside the point.
        Their belief (nevermind how unfounded an individual thinks it is relative to Russian collusion) is not being addressed, and that is the motivation behind demonstrating. In the end, this widespread belief from constituents is not being sufficiently addressed (even if that means ‘dispelled”) by their representatives, right?

        1. Right again.

          There’s plenty of fair criticism to levy at these protestors and rioters.

          One need not contort their motivations (into the exact opposite) to condemn their actions.

          Suderman is doing exactly what Reason constantly decries—ascribing the worst possible motivations to one’s political adversaries, so as to make them irredeemable. He’s a hack.

      6. Jeff doesn’t realize the infamous trump tower meeting was an attempted setup organized by by attorneys hired by fusion gps.

        Jeff, it’s clear where you get your news. The places that leave out the important facts.

  29. ~And a baseline requirement for democratic self-governance is a fair and transparent system for agreeing to accept that sometimes, people you disagree with have won political power. Yesterday’s riot was an attempt—a lame and disorganized one, but an attempt nonetheless—to cancel a core democratic function. ~

    Yesterday’s stunt was a microcosm of what the progressives and their stooges initiated and perpetuated since Trump declared his candidacy. It was barely two seconds of a Two Minute Hate exercise that the left made into a 24/7 campaign.

    In short, the stratified left and its statists have been playing political circle jerk with democracy as the pivot man for the last four years. Your “baseline requirement” of accepting an opponent’s political legitimacy has been a black hole in our political orbit since Trump became president, courtesy of types like you and the lunatic fringe.

    And now you are suddenly aflutter? Some MAGA types bust a few heads and disrupt the coronation. Pelosi wets her pants and CNN has a fake-news aneurism. Some bureaucrats get a taste of the mob run amok.

    Like I give a fuck. Democracy or, said better, our republic, has been a Potemkin village for the last four years. Now the chickens have come home to roost.

    Welcome to the party.

    1. So we are clear, I hated tRump before he was a candidate.

  30. And this sad fucking rag purports to be a libertarian publication.

    Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, Reason.

  31. All this time Reason has spent hammering Trump, our first true nonpolitician in a major office in a long time, as conservatives and others who supported him. I hope their ready for the ass fucking the Democratic may actually pull off on america. But whatever, keep riding that TDS train.

  32. What an utterly ridiculous attempt at drawing a parallel.

    Suderman, do you really think what happened yesterday is best compared to students who protest sneakers? You really think that college administrators are the same as Republican politicians grasping at a conspiracy theory that Trump lost due to election fraud? That 5 deaths yesterday (yes, it’s 5 now, not 4, as evidently a law enforcement officer also died) has occurred during student protests over speakers? Did college administrators egg on student protests to start, like Trump did?

    Do you even get the difference between violent sedition and protests? Insurrection, as Romney called it?

    Suderman, you’re trying to hard to maintain the old trope that both sides do it, which is only trotted out when the right does something reprehensible.

    1. All five deaths caused by police. Which you once thought was horrifying but are now OK with.

      Do not worry. Things will not get nicer and more pleasant.

      1. One death by gunshot.
        3 protestors for medical reasons.
        One police officer had a stroke.

    2. Oh, goody, jackass shows up to prove his idiocy again.

      “Did college administrators egg on student protests to start, like Trump did?”
      Yes, several did, by caving to the ‘non-negotiable’ demands from lefty fucking shits like you.

      “Do you even get the difference between violent sedition and protests? Insurrection, as Romney called it?”
      Jackass, you might look up the words “sedition” and Insurrection” instead of making a jackass of yourself misusing them
      Oh, and fuck off and die.

  33. No, I didn’t read a word of the article. Then again, neither Reason, nor any of the other media have read any of the hundreds of pages of testimony concerning fraud.

    It’s one thing to review the testimony and find fault. It’s another to simply ignore that it exists, and then say “There’s no evidence of fraud.”

    We have five straight years of being hated for having the audacity to vote for someone who is bucking the system. THAT is what this is about, anybody with IQ over 80 knows it. So, Reason, you can suspend your pontificating and hate baiting.

    Trump was never the problem, he is the symptom. The disease is two parties that have themselves convinced that it is up to them to decide what our governments should be. NEITHER party has any more than about 25% support. On the rare occasions when they feel their control slipping, they join together to present a united front. Even when they do that, they only represent 50% of us The other 50% will continue to do everything we can to destroy those two parties. That is not sedition, because the two parties are not the government. They are special interest groups with NO AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER.

    1. “It’s one thing to review the testimony and find fault. It’s another to simply ignore that it exists,”

      Please, site a court document and explain one piece of irrefutable evidence of fraud (voter or election).

      1. Here’s the problem:

        (1) Many states responded to COVID by creating all sorts of changes to election procedures—some of them didn’t follow the rules for doing so, but I’ll leave that aside. Point is: the 2020 election was conducted in a new and unprecedented environment.

        (2) That environment was designed to enable and encourage “remote voting.” That’s something that’s inherently more susceptible to foul play—and given that it was “new,” it’s hard to say whether preventative measures were sufficient.

        (3) The vast majority of “remote votes” went for Biden—allowing him to surge into the lead in several states that led to his ultimate victory.

        None of that is evidence of foul play—but it does seem to suggest that Democrats *really* benefited from increased remote voting (at unprecedented levels under untested methods).

        Couple that with some allegations of ballot harvesting, counting of late votes, finding ballots in the trash, etc.—and a lot of people understandably wanted a full and thorough investigation TO UNEARTH THE EVIDENCE YOU KEEP ASKING FOR.

        But that investigation never happened. Which makes people think “cover up.”

  34. You reap what you sow.

    These people watched Antifa and BLM riot for a year.

    They watched as the news and the government lied about Trump.

    They listened as they were insulted for four years.

    This event cannot be seen in isolation from the last four years.

    You reap what you sow. Violence begets violence.

    1. So, the hundreds of year suppressing black people in the US is justification for BLM based violence?

      “You reap what you sow.”

      Not always, but yeah, mostly true.

      1. Hey: someone gets it.

      2. I’m not justifying violence. I’m explaining violence.

  35. If a bunch of hotheads “occupying” federal buildings to temporarily delay legislative process is sedition, then a lot of left wing activists would be herded to jail. BLM forming human chains in front of government buildings to stop voting and debates? Insurrection, put them in jail for treason. YAY criminal justice reform!

    The irony of like 6 random people wandering in the senate floor (where many occupations, wars, and drone strikes originate) being characterized as “the first occupation of the Capitol since War of 1812” is so hot that it should melt the sun itself.

    Antifa set up a autonomous zone and received material support from the real government. Then their armed agents enforced their borders and shot 10 people, killing one. But no, that’s different says the left wing twitter lemmings – because Trumpers actually stormed the “capitol” and delayed election certification. That’s akin to an invading force trying to overtake an established order. The guy with bison hat is apparently a head of a stormtrooper unit.

    It’s all so silly in the most surreal sense. The very people who wants to dismantle the structural foundation of society – defunding the police, refusing to open schools to educate the young, shutting down mainstreet that employs the middle class, socially engineering behavior and speech – are suddenly shaking in their boots over a shocking attack on democracy because the right wing behaved like their fringe for like one day. The rest of the capital was perfectly safe and sound.

    In any of the clowns who charged the capitol are treated as “terrorist” then you can bet we’ll make sure the same will be done to antifa and BLM. This isn’t cancel culture, it would be law, so Reason can’t plead “but we can’t act like the do”.

    1. Thank you for putting in the time to make a clear and compelling argument. Your comment is spot on.

  36. This article is drivel. It’s not a libertarian argument, it’s a leftist argument. It completely ignores the relevant factors that lead to all of this. Voter fraud, courts dismantling separation of power, the flashpoint where media gets to define truth at the expense of critical analysis and due process. This article is hardly the product of reason.

    I’m done giving my money to this pseudo-intellectual shitrag.

    1. They got a $5 donation from me this year; just to let them know what I thought of their worth.

  37. Just to give a perspective: “From The Independent”

    “The death toll from the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre was at least 10,000 people, killed by a Chinese army unit whose troops were likened to “primitives”, a secret British diplomatic cable alleged. The newly declassified document, written little more than 24 hours after the massacre, gives a much higher death toll than the most commonly used estimates which only go up to about 3,000. It also provides horrific detail of the massacre, alleging that wounded female students were bayoneted as they begged for their lives, human remains were “hosed down the drains”, and a mother was shot as she tried to go to the aid of her injured three-year-old daughter. Written on 5 June 1989 by Sir Alan Donald, the then-British ambassador to China, the hitherto secret cable has now been placed in the UK National Archives at
    The ambassador said his account of the massacre of the night of 3-4 June was based on information from a source who had spoken to a “good friend” in China’s State Council, effectively its ruling cabinet.”

    So if you compare Tiananmen Square with what is going on in the U.S. at present, the protests here were remarkably small, non-violent, and easily handled by comparison.

  38. I sure appreciate Reason giving us another statist leftist’s take on yesterday.

    Not enough of those.

  39. Suderman must have a water-proof keyboard so it doesn’t short out from his spittle-laced typing sessions.
    Tell us again how orange man is bad, Suderman; it’s always amusing to read such bullshit.

  40. “the symbolic heart of democratic self-governance.”


    It may be the symbolic heart of “democracy” depending how you define that.

    But self-governance? The Capitol is rather symbolic of the destruction of self-governance.

    1. I liked the clever headline, though.

    2. The congress-scum got a fright yesterday: That, and that alone justifies the forelock-tugging.
      Last year lefty-scum burned down buildings, occupied ‘autonomous zones’, killed people, intimidated the media attempting to cover the issues, but since no congress-scum was frightened, well, it really wasn’t important.
      Congress-scum shoud be frightened on a regular basis; it’s what they do to the rest of us constantly and turnabout is fair play.
      Check under your bed, Pelosi. Could be a boogy-man there!

  41. And articles like this are why Reason stopped getting my money, not that they really care.

    I do hope the reason staff gets invited to all the big “media” cocktail and political parties now that they will be back in fashion and on the Washington social scene again, that’s what really matters.

  42. On January 6, 2021, we learned law enforcement will shoot you if offered half a chance. An unarmed woman was unjustifiably killed by a member of the Capital Police in Washington DC. Law enforcement must therefore be denied the chance to deploy deadly force against you. Avoid all police contact by any means possible. If contact with law enforcement cannot be avoided, do not let yourself become a target. Do it any way you can up to and including the use of your own deadly force.

    The government is owned by the people. The government is paid for by the people. Every government building is owned by the people. All government property is owned by the people. Every government employee is paid by the people. Government employees serve at the pleasure of the people. When an employee of the people seeks to raise himself to a position of superiority over his employers, he must be removed and replaced.

    Members of Congress have raised themselves above the people. They have voted themselves pay and benefits far above the level of the average citizen. Members of Congress promote their friends and family members to lucrative jobs as contractors and suppliers to government agencies. They enjoy emoluments and perquisites not available to the people who elected them to office.

    On January 6, 2021, the people decided to pay a visit to their capital building to meet with their employees. When they walked into their building, their employees scattered like cockroaches when the lights are switched on. Some of their employees barricaded doorways to keep the employers out. When one of the owners of the property tried to gain entry, she was murdered by one of her own employees. It is time for the removal of these cockroaches.

    1. You don’t remove them by voting; you remove them by extermination. Where is the RAID can?

    2. “On January 6, 2021, we learned law enforcement will shoot you if offered half a chance.”
      Well, if your white.

  43. If the H&R posters hate Reason so damn much, why not leave? It’s like bitching about clickbait being clickbait. For every 20 posters, it seems like there’s one libertarian, one leftist, and 18 people who got lost on the way to Newsmax. As someone with actual libertarians leanings, hey, do what you please but every time you post here, the click-meter rings and Reason pockets more money.

    What happened yesterday wasn’t an insurrection or even a decent riot. It was a bunch of primarily white ass hats acting badly. If they had kept their shit in the yard or on the front porch, fine. When they started breaking windows and kicking down doors and forcing their way into the building, they crossed the line from protected free assembly into trespass and unlawful behavior. White or black, communist or fascist, you break the law and you accept the consequences.

    And let’s talk about the “it’s not really their fault” bullshit. Have a leftists say that poverty isn’t the fault of the poor or that crime isn’t the fault of the criminal, and the conservatives lose their shit. But a bunch of right wing idiots act like thugs and they didn’t get enough hugs from mommy? A bunch of assholes interrupted another bunch of assholes, but the latter group of assholes are the ones elected by the wisdom of the body politic so they have a right to stink up the joint. The former do not.

    1. I used to be good for $50 per year sometimes less but beside ducks unlimited I don’t donate. I just pulled out my stack of old mags and compared it to the last 18 months and what the fuck happened. The old skepical view of everything has turned into this slightly less woke version of the usual drivel we are being fed. Besides Nick and the transportation guy it seem like the rest of the staff at reason has got on the train of status quo with a few more civil liberties winks. Fuck off reason seams to be the only real grown up response.

    2. Only a dickhead would believe that the Trump demonstrators were at the heart of the rioting. How do you not know that Antifa cretins were bussed in to create a false flag mess and distract from the congressional proceedings? I didn’t think anyone past the first grade was that oblivious.

    3. Because it is far more fun to try and torture those who now wear the skin-suit that is all that is left of Reason.

      On the plus side, they are making me rethink being registered as a Libertarian, given the uniformly lefty statist posture they and shits like Suderman have adopted. No leftward cause left behind.

  44. You are either an utter fool or a propagandist liar. The rioters were Antifa infiltrators of the Trump demonstrators. For you not to know that, or to profess otherwise, makes you unfit to write for, or be published by, any journal of any kind. Moreover, claims that the demonstrators were attempting to “overthrow democracy” or some such claptrap, smacks of leftist propaganda techniques. They were trying to STOP the LEFT from overthrowing democracy by hijacking the election, and by falsely inflating the votes for the oblivious, obviously incompetent Biden to the point of absurdity. Biden getting more votes than any president in history? On the basis of what qualifications? That he can hide in a cellar? That ANYONE was duped by this fraudulent election, the fraudulent Mueller investigation of Trump, the fraudulent impeachment on fraudulent grounds, and the rest of the treasonous mendacity of the left over the last 4 years marks them as imbecilic.

    1. evidence please

  45. Nice. Talk to me when you’re not writing as if it were for the Atlantic, but posting it on Reason. I can’t tell the difference.

    Reason no longer gets my money; too many awful, obviously statist writers here now. Some are unbearably puerile, like Sullum, some are tendentious shits like the present author.

  46. Today “Cancel Mob”, Tomorrow “Terrorists”. Name-Calling identity politics for the win!! All the foundational principles of a lefty-rag.

    I’ll be expecting to get blocked soon (cancelled). That’s what lefty-rags do.

  47. 2020: BLM protests are peaceful except for agents provocateurs and undercover cops
    2021: Capitol rioters are all right wing Trump supporters

    Mmmm hmmm.

    1. Well, lets see who gets arrested AND goes to trial or pleads guilty.

  48. I agree with the article..
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  49. Suderman makes excellent points. However, he should know, as a libertarian, that campus speakers do not have the power to tax, the power to destroy your business because virus, or any other power to compel or restrain.

    Government has all of these powers, and when government will not even try allegations of fraud, when it will not even allow evidentiary hearings or discovery, the people are going to do worse than storm the Capitol. They are going to start hunting politicians down.

    Is it how I want to spend the next four years? No. But it’s coming. And TDS isn’t going to stop it.

    1. You’re going to start hunting politicians down (to murder them) because the US judicial system (like all of it) wouldn’t hand Trump an election win he didn’t earn. Okay then.

      But the commander in chief of the armed forces you’d be declaring war on won’t actually be on your side this time. So…?

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  51. They were not a “cancel mob” they were sick of BEING CANCELLED by liberals.

    1. “…and so they (quickly checks notes) decided to cancel them! I am truly pathetic!” -fuckedjohnny

      1. Well what happens when you have a double negative? Cancelling the cancellers seems like a productive move if they don’t want to be cancelled.

        1. Spoken like a true leftist tyrant.

          1. What can I say, you guys are always setting new precedents. We just live within those bounds. But you guys just keep pushing those progressive boundaries.

  52. “symbolic heart of democratic self-governance.”

    Where you been at, bro? The Democrat party already killed that thing Nov 3. What self-governance?

    1. Maybe- just fucking MAYBE- they don’t believe that it’s the heart of self-governance anymore.

  53. It worked for Antifa so why shouldn’t other groups follow suit. The rule of law is dead. The momentum is to defund the police and allow this violence to continue.

  54. The protester should not have stormed the capital and those that assaulted people or damaged property should be arrested and charged. However, for the vast majority who were peaceful, they had an absolute right to be in DC protesting the actions of their government. That is what the First Amendment is all about. The same holds true for BLM protesters until they break the law. This summer has showed us that, regardless of the January 6th protests, you are still more likely to be harmed by a BLM mob than a conservative one.

  55. This is an incredibly stupid take. This isn’t a bunch of people throwing a hissy and “canceling democracy” and anyone who thinks that is retarded. This happened because people no longer have any faith in the institutions of government. The jackasses in the media can continue to dismiss that, and continue to chalk it up to some juvenile bullshit, but there are 8 million new gun owners in America today. People who believe that they can trust their civil institutions and elected representatives don’t go out and buy guns for the first time because they feel like taking up a new hobby. People are fucking furious all over the country, and they shouldn’t be dismissed so glibly. Dismissing a bunch of law and order, back the blue, I love America conservatives who attacked the capital as a cancel culture mob only pours gas on the fire.

    1. I love seeing tears like this from cucked pawns coming to grips with the fact that they’re essentially the same as their opposition, but in different clothing. I bought a gun to put down slavers like you

      1. Cool story Kirkland. You’re still a loser.

  56. The Capitol Rioters Were a Right-Wing Cancel Mob

    Sure. Sure.

    But consider this – what is sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose.

  57. Fuck reason and fuck superman. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  58. Pretty amazing how the leftist cancel mob, anfita, blm, and rioters are fully supported by the media and even encouraged to destroy more of the country. Yes, those people are all really mad and deserve to be heard…maybe they have good reason or not. But have some from the opposite camp get a little testy and the leftists go bonkers. We have every right to be just as mad as you left wing retards are. Even more so because you think you can steal this country and turn it into cess pool like China and Cally. At least we didn’t burn down the Capital.

  59. Reason writers still auditioning for Propaganda Press (e.g., CNN), I see.

  60. “The Capitol Rioters Were a Right-Wing Cancel Mob
    Instead of coming for campus speakers, they came for the symbolic heart of democratic self-governance.”

    Yep, managed to silence Congress for, oh, a couple of hours at least.
    Suderman, you might try to hide your spittle-driven TDS at least a little bit.

  61. so suderman is here to prove his allegiance to chinajoe/pelosi/demofascists and their blm/antifaterrorists, all in service to Xi and their chinese masters

  62. Interesting that the opening premise is a reflection on campus speakers, bastions of liberal thought. How do administrators at Billy Bob Universities welcome pro-choice, Or LBTGQ activists?

    Trumps whole presidency is undoing Obama’s legacy. Cancel our role in the Paris Accord;Iran Deal;ACA;NATO;support for Brexit;Section 230;etc. His use of Twitter as a weapon to fire dissenters in his ranks; intimidate critics;urge boycotts; and cancel election results is “cancel culture” personified, in my book. We’ve had to put up with this unending barrage for four years. The idea that Tuesday had much connection with Ann Coulters interrupted book tour at
    Berkeley is ludicrous.

  63. This website is becoming a piece of shit. Right wing cancel mob, it was a false flag operation to demonize the right wing. You assholes are either part of the demonizaiton effort or too stupid to figure out what happened. Eat shit assholes.

  64. The author compares students cancelling a conservative speaker with a right wing protest at the capitol, rather than say the BLM protests about how Democrats teach their police to kneel on the necks of perpetrators. Suderman takes this path, because the obvious comparison isn’t so good for Democrats.

    Compare the damage: the BLM protests were the worst ever in the nation based on paid insurance claims for riots, while most businesses have no such insurance. In both cases, federal buildings were entered, but the establishment police only shot the right wingers which is now celebrated by liberals. Yet, when a black policeman protecting a shop was killed by BLM rioters, liberals couldn’t care less. The Democrats had the police stand down for them.

    Democrats are going after conservatives, and their calls for healing and moving on are lies meant to cover up their planned retaliation. Heck, they even want to impeach Trump two days before he’s leaving the office, because they’re bullies willing to use government power against political opponents. The retaliation is ramping up, and Reason is supporting it. I’m going to withdraw my planned legacy to Reason pretty soon.

  65. So what does Suderman call the people in 6 Democrat run counties, that cheated in the election to give the state to Biden? They cancelled the votes of all conservatives. As for the protesters at the capital, they were cancelling nothing and wanted the elections investigated. Something almost all of the government officials declined to do. Look at the Antrim County forensics report on the Dominion voting systems, and you’ll see why: the deep state wants to pick the president, and cancel our votes.

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