January 6

Capitol Police Failed To Contain a Riot, Then Killed a Woman in the Chaos

Yesterday's events at the Capitol building should be understood as a colossal law enforcement failure.


The Capitol Police are coming under well-deserved scrutiny after they failed to prevent rioters from storming the Capitol building yesterday, then killed an unarmed woman who joined the break-in.

"I think it's pretty clear that there's going to be a number of people who are going to be without employment very, very soon," said Rep. Tim Ryan (D–Ohio), the lead House appropriator for Capitol Police, on a conference call with reporters yesterday. "This is the U.S. Capitol building with the House and the Senate in session. We knew. Donald Trump signaled this. There was enough time to prepare."

The House's sergeant-at-arms has already resigned. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.) is demanding the resignation of Capitol Hill Police Chief Steve Sund. Chuck Schumer (D–N.Y.), soon to be the Senate majority leader, says he'll fire the Senate's sergeant-at-arms when his party takes over that chamber.

The Wall Street Journal reports that federal authorities made a deliberate decision to maintain a light police presence on the ground yesterday in an effort not to escalate tensions and to avoid the unsavory optics of riot police on the Capitol steps.

As it turned out, the crowd needed no help in escalating things: The small number of Capitol Police on the scene were easily overwhelmed when things turned violent. Worse still, that initial light-touch approach to security didn't even manage to contain police violence. Videos from yesterday show obviously panicked and overwhelmed officers punching protestors from behind skimpy metal barricades.

During the chaos that followed, as rioters broke into congressional offices, one Capitol Police officer fatally shot Ashli E. Babbitt, a 35-year-old Air Force veteran. Three other people died after experiencing unspecified "medical emergencies," according to D.C. police.

It took about four hours for police to regain control of the Capitol building, with the D.C. National Guard and state police from Maryland and Virgina dispatched as reinforcements.

Yesterday's riot is drawing lots of comparisons to the violence that accompanied the George Floyd protests last year. It's interesting to note that law enforcement failed during those protests in a strikingly similar, if chronologically reversed, way. In Minneapolis, the police killed George Floyd and then failed to contain the riots that followed. In D.C., police failed to contain a riot and then ended up killing an unarmed person. (Both events also saw police arrest reporters on camera.)

It goes without saying that police are given a very hard job in these kinds of circumstances. They are tasked with protecting people's First Amendment rights to protest and preserving others' rights to not have their persons and property assaulted by violent demonstrators.

But just because that balance can be hard to achieve doesn't mean we should stop demanding it.

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    1. It goes without saying that police are given a very hard job in these kinds of circumstances. They are tasked with protecting people's First Amendment rights to protest and preserving others' rights to not have their persons and property assaulted by violent demonstrators...........HERE THIS MORE INFORMATION.

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  2. "Capitol Police Failed To Contain a Riot"

    Hey hey reason finally talkIng about BLM

    1. Except he seems to be saying they were equivalent in scope here:

      Yesterday's riot is drawing lots of comparisons to the violence that accompanied the George Floyd protests last year.

      I mean, ENB flat out dismissed the damage from the 200+ riots as just spray paint and trashcans on fire.

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      2. Leftwingers killing private citizens, torching their businesses, and unlawfully restricting their freedom of movement is just no big deal to the fuckheads here.

        But this - this was Pearl Harbor and 9/11 x 11. It was sacrilege to the politicians People's House.

        1. The mandarin class needs to learn that they are not untouchable.

      1. hahahahahaha

  3. Oh good that's the take now it's the cops fault.

    Fucking libertarians never get it.

    1. Key words are "break-in".

    2. Also, sometimes bad is good and sometimes good is bad. And sometimes bad is good and bad and sometimes bad is just douchebaggery!

  4. From looking at a lot of social media on the left, the cops didn't do nearly enough killin'.

    Man, it's hard to keep up with this shit.

    1. That’s why only trained professionals like cops should have guns.

    2. Not feeling the vibes for reconciliation from them, Bevis? Me neither. Imagine the power of the State behind them.

    3. Imagine if they were black!

      1. Yes, if it had been a black woman who was killed, and it had been BLM or Antifa who had breached the Capiol, the cities of this country would all be on fire now.

    4. Yea, but they'd never cheat at an election.
      Fucking dumbass.

  5. SleepyJoe will put a stop to all the madness. He will crush the rebellion with one swift stroke.

    1. And then Harris will be sworn in as President...

    2. That’s impossible. How will sleepyjoe maintain control throughout the bureaucracy?

      1. The regional governors now have direct control over their territories. Fear will keep the local systems in line. Fear of this battle station.

      2. Maybe the stroke is one Biden will have. Then "throw away the key" Harris will have free reign.

        1. It will not be a free reign.
          The dems have already promised to raise taxes.

      3. 70+% of the federal agencies, administrations, bureaus are democrat, shown by their annual payroll donations.

        1. "Fundamentally transform America."

  6. This is the biggest fuck-up in the history of the Universe - the peasants were very nearly allowed to breathe the same air as our royalty, an unforgivable act of lèse-majesté for which the servants must be most harshly punished. In their infinite mercy, perhaps their majesties might be satisfied with a few beheadings.

    1. The wrong tribe of peasants, you mean. Democratic "peasants" (who are almost always upper middle class white people) doing it is speaking TROOF 2 POWAH.

    2. Now that the Senate and Republic has been restored, Decimation for the cowardice Legionaries seems like the merciful thing to do.

  7. I don’t think the po-po is going to take the blame for this one.

    1. A Capitol PD Lieutenant shooting a white female Air Force veteran? No, I don't think so either. Allegedly, he's black, though I couldn't tell that from the video.

      Consider if the races were reversed, and this was a BLM protest. The Capitol would still be burning...

      Terribly bad shoot. You show me where the imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury was. Especially with a Cap PD Tac officer near her in armor with an M-4. I'm amazed the Lieutenant didn't blast anyone else.

      Stepped out from the doorway he was in and shot her. And nothing else will happen.

      1. What good is an M-4 if they’re not supposed to use their firearms?

        1. The guy with it didn't. Then again, he'd probably been policing something other than a desk in the prior decade.

          The videos are horrible.

      2. The claim, from reading the statements of some of the congressmen who didn't flee, but stayed to man the barricades, is that when the glass broke, someone yelled 'Shots fired.' This was repeated. He doesn't say that gunshots were heard, so I don't believe that they were. I also don't hear gunfire prior to her being killed. Whoever yelled out that shots had been fired is as much to blame as the cop who shot Babbitt. Bowser is to blame for refusing additional help from federal law enforcement and other troops when she had good reason to believe that there would be violence, if the months of media stories leading up to this were to be believed. But, the focus will remain on the over-hyped stupid claims of 'incitement' and ridiculous assertions of sedition, insurrection and treason.

        1. Nah, I don't buy it. It sounds like more media bullshit to get this guy off the hook.

          What I find much more likely is that Desk Cop got an order from someone to not let anyone pass that door, and he was too stupid to consider that was an illegal order, and was too far from street duty to consider other means of preventing people from coming into the hallway.

          You can't shoot people just because they cross a line on the floor. Not that line, anyway. Fuck, USSS doesn't head-canoe people breaking into the White House.

          Use of deadly force is permitted to stop an imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury. Or various fleeing violent felon considerations that don't apply here. Period. And you can't make that claim for Ashli Babbit's conduct at that moment.

  8. It's funny, I don't remember these guys pulling out live rounds for the Antifags when they tried to storm the White House this summer. Almost like they're actually on the same team, and are just play-acting for the media.

    1. Jesus Christ. Do you even have enough tin foil for that logical bald spot?

      In all that violence in the videos above, there were something like 12 arrests.

      If anything, cops are sympathetic to Trump. Both groups are authoritarian. Police unions, including the largest in the US mostly all endorsed Trump in the last election.

      1. There were 68 arrests yesterday lying fuck.

        1. 68 pardons are on the way - - - - - - - -

          1. Trump doesn’t give a fuck about his supporters unless it benefits him.

      2. In all that violence in the videos above, there were something like 12 arrests.

        No, dumbass, there were over 50. It was even reported on the news you love to cite, even when you don't read what you link.

        1. Most of those were for curfew later, well after the incident and well away from the capitol building. I'm talking about arrests actually resulting from the breach and attack on the building.


          Sorry, it was about 2 dozen. Still a paltry number considering what we see and what happened.

          1. So you lied and are now pretending you didn't.

            1. Lying is when you repeatedly state that Trump lost all his challenges on procedural grounds, even after you've been shown the primary sources over and over. That's lying.

              I was mistaken, and I immediately corrected myself when it was pointed out. Which is something I've yet to see you do. It's called learning and growing, Jesse-boy. Try it.

              1. No. You lied. And I've said the vast majority were procedural sweetie.

                1. I did not lie. To lie would be to persist, like you are still.

                  Trump had cases dismissed on the merits. Trump withdrew federal cases when given the chance to present his evidence. That is what happened. It does not matter how many others weren't even able to clear the low bars to allow a suit to proceed.

                  1. "I did not lie. To lie would be to"

                    No one gives a fuck abkut your pathetic attempts to demand you be allowed to lie then call it a mistake liar.

              2. Take wisconsin for example. The State Supreme Court their ruled that citizens could not declare themselves indefinitely confined, but that the trump legal team had to individualize the lawsuits, not bring it as a group lawsuit against those who did. You count that as a win on merits even though trump won on that but lost procedurally.

                Youre just a dumb retarded liberal who lies.

                1. Jesse, you are truly a mendacious piece of shit.


                  "This court allowed the plaintiff the chance to make his case and he has lost on the merits. In his reply brief, plaintiff 'asks that the Rule of Law be followed.' It has been."

                  1. But you got caught lying and pathetically insisting you be allowed to call it a mistake.

                    Maybe you should have spent more time researching so you didn't end up lying like you did.

              3. "Lying is "

                What you did and now you're making excuses.

              4. I was mistaken

                I'm sure you feel the need to let yourself off rhe hook foe lying but you don't gice anyone else this consideration so sorry but you lied.

                /Reap, Sow
                Fuck off now liar.

                1. If Jesse will ever admit a fault, I will let him off the hook. As it is now, he slinks off after he gets source-smacked.

                  1. But you got caught lying.

          2. By the way SV... are you even aware how many were arrested the first night in the Minneapolis riots?

          3. "Sorry, it was about 2 dozen. Still a paltry number"

            "I was lying but whatever"

            I'm going to quote your lie every time I see you forever.

          4. I’m talking about arrests actually resulting from the breach and attack on the building.

            Suddenly DOfruitLoop wants more arrests when federal property is damaged.

            1. If they start using federal agents in rented minivans and he doesn't condemn it as stormtroopers he will have fully proven his outrage is selective. I condemned the riots this summer and assault on federal property and I condemn yesterday's riots. And I condemn the cops and Trump's pollyandish attempt to get the election overturned. But the violence has been building since 2016. And the rhetoric has been building for 40 years. No, yesterday was the right but at the same time neither right nor the left does not own yesterday's violence.

          5. Trump should pay their bail, then publish the addresses of every leftist he can find.

      3. Oh, and you lied that Stacey Abrams conceded, too. That was easy enough to refute in less than 15 seconds.

        1. Not only did she not concede, she was introduced as Governor Abrams at the DNC last year.

          1. She didn't concede, but she acknowledged her opponent's victory and said she would not contest it, which is effectually the same. Sawwwwwwwwwrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

            1. She didn't concede, which is not effectually the same as conceding. And she had no problem being called governor at the DNC.

              1. How is it different in effect, then?

                1. Hey member earlier in this thread where you were caught lying about the number of people arrested and then you demanded that people accept you were just mistaken even though you were clearly lying

                  1. This is truly childish.

                    R Mac, I've said it once, I'll say it again: why do you insist on making your 2 digit IQ so apparent?

                    1. "R Mac"

                      "R. Truth"

                      You can't even say a name without lying you stupid fuck

                    2. " couple times a week" was a lie too

                    3. R Mac, I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: why do you insist on making your 2 digit IQ so apparent?

                      R. Truth
                      January.7.2021 at 7:09 pm


                    4. "R Mac, I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: why do you insist on making your 2 digit IQ so apparent?

                      R. Truth
                      January.7.2021 at 7:09 pm


                      IKR? What a fucking retard

                2. Well for one thing, her party leadership thinks she's the legitimate governor. But hey, being the legitimate governor is effectually the same as not being the legitimate governor, right?

                  1. People can think whatever they want. The problem is when their beliefs cause them to do something real, like storm the capitol in an attempt to prevent a constitutionally sacred duty.

                    1. "couple times a week" was a lie too

                    2. "Denying private citizens their civil rights and destroying their businesses is ok, but interrupting the anointing is a mortal sin against god."

                    3. Like when protestors broke into the Kavanaugh hearings and disrupted them. Maybe it didn't get violent but that is at least partially because the capital police handled that situation better.

                  2. The key word here being "effectually". I guess if you count thoughts as effects, I would see your point.

                    1. Ok but you got caught lying.

                    2. The key phrase here being, "You're a liar."

            2. So, you admit you lied that she didn't concede.

  9. It's odd that this Ashli Babbitt is being considered a martyr. Trespassing is a good thing? Weird, the people praising her name seemed to be OK with Ahmaud Arbery being gunned down for trespassing. I feel like there's a reason for this.

    1. I fail to think of a single person that said what happened to Ahmaud Arbery or the police seemingly shielding his murderers was even remotely okay. Are you sure you weren't having this argument with a scarecrow?

      1. Are you kidding? Check back to reason's articles on this.

        I was going to link a single comment, but the whole thread is full of them, so pick one.


        1. Hey member earlier in this thread where you were caught lying about the number of people arrested and then you demanded that people accept you were just mistaken even though you were clearly lying

          1. The funniest part is that Trump's "concession speech" was basically the same as Abrams.

    2. We need a better class of troll. Arbery got shot because he tried to take a shotgun from two dickheads who were trying to citizens arrest him for attempted burglary. Even though Arbery didn't complete a theft. Instead of calling the cops like normal people---and given that one of the two used to work for a local department, the cops might actually do something---those two geniuses decided to chase Arbery. They are very likely going to PMITA prison. I will note that if Arbery tried the same thing with an actual uniformed law enforcement officer, he gets shot too. Or he gives up like he's supposed to, which would have been a lot better.

      This woman looked like she was climbing through a window on that door. No weapons visible. No imminent threat of bodily injury or death. Cuff her, set her on the floor---it's not like there was a lack of cops with guns there---and keep guarding the door. Easy-peasy. Or smack her in the tits with a shove, a stick, or OC spray so she stays on her side of the door. Whatever. Shooting her was totally uncalled for, and in a perfect world, unjustifiable enough to ring up the cop with some variety of criminal homicide.

      We don't live in a perfect world. This cop is going to get a medal instead of censure.

      1. She should have said "I can't breathe,' then the press/left-leaning sorts here would have to support her and hound the cop... I also pointed out the normal, proper escalation of force procedures, but ideological zealots are locked into their beliefs, so facts don't matter when there are emotions and a narrative.

      2. It would have been easy-peasy if she'd been the only one trying to get through the door. But when you've got a large mob, many of whom have used sticks and other weapons to beat cops, it's hard to wrestle them all to the floor and cuff them. At some point, the sheer number of people pushing in and being willing to use force to do so is itself a threat of death or serious bodily injury. (Or to paraphrase Comrade Stalin, in this case quantity has a quality all of its own.)

        1. Really? This mob was armed and violent? It should be easy to show footage of people with weapons next to her then, instead of a bunch of people yelling in a Millenial pose (phone out, held at shoulder height, hopefully recording in landscape mode.) Yeah, three uniformed officers evidently just jetted out of there a few minutes prior, but damn: there's at least one other guy with a gun in the hallway next to Shooter Magee, a couple of cops coming up through the column of protesters, and again, no weapons visible. These aren't Reavers. The cop isn't going to be torn to shreds then, though it was certainly puckering.

          Give your nuts a tug and push the silly bint back through the window. Or pepper spray her and the crowd. Damn near anything but deciding to open fire.

    3. Which congressperson resides in the capitol? If you trespass in a mall after closing you might get arrested, but the cop shouldn’t just gun you down. If some stranger sneaks into your home that’s different.

  10. Capitol Police Failed To Contain a Riot, Then Killed a Woman in the Chaos

    That headline sounds faintly libertarian. What he fuck is going on here???

    1. A case of the vapors. 🙂

    2. Britches has come along way over the years, gives me hope for the future.

    3. One got by the commissar.

  11. "Capitol Police Failed To Contain a Riot, Then Killed a Woman in the Chaos"

    What a strange way to say they murdered a peaceful protester

    1. Correct. They did not kill her in the chaos, they killed her in the capitol.
      You know, going to redress grievances.

  12. So which Reason editor will have the job of tacitly condoning all of the SV companies banning any Trump support or questions on the election? We are seeing what happens in China happen in real time. The following companies have all banned Trump or election commentary that dares to question any issues at all:

    Facebook, Snapchat, Shopify, Facebook, Twitter (only a supsension, but they will ban let's be honest), YouTube.

    How many times has this site complained about companies in China banning political opposition to their government... will they even try to say this is bad or just accept it?

    1. I remember people laughing at me when I told them that Google developing censorship tech for the Chinese government meant it was inevitably going to be used on the US public. Those were more innocent times.

      1. Isn't it the reverse. They developed censorship tech in the US then the Chinese found it useful?

        1. This shouldn't have been a surprise at all. Google got to be as big as it did precisely because the government allowed it to--it was set up with CIA seed money via In-Q-Tel, it's tech investment arm, and a good chunk of its foundation code was gifted to them by the feds. Google Earth was based off of Keyhole Earth Viewer, a CIA project that Google acquired at a rock-bottom price.

          These fuckers have been working hand-in-hand with the spooks practically since they were founded. Same with Facebook, which got to be as big as it did thanks to angel investment by CIA-connected tech gurus.

          1. "Don't be evil" indeed. I've always felt like that slogan was the equivalent of a bond villain putting a giant flashing sign above their volcano that says "Not the bad guy's hideout"

            1. The slogan was them telling others what to do, based on their viewpoint. It was never a shared goal, or for the common good.

        2. I know I first read stories about ten years ago about how google was working hand in hand with the CCP to create a version of the internet that Xi considered acceptable. Which place it was developed doesn't matter, its here now. The entire time our betters were probably getting briefings about the tech directly from Google and how it could be used to their advantage. It was never a matter of if it was used here, it was a matter of when.

          1. I was being half facetious, but only half.

    2. And more China like actions the left is now taking.

      Hari Sevugan
      You better believe it. We just launched the Trump Accountability Project to make sure anyone who took a paycheck to help Trump undermine America is held responsible for what they did.


      1. Is that bindi fuck going to go after the entire US government, too?

      2. Up against the wall!

      3. Yeah, it was Trump who made our country a banana republic . . . .

      4. Other people have accountability projects too...

        Can't these dumbfucks just win gracefully?

      5. Kill or be killed.

    3. And now...

      “She said, ‘Pop, this isn’t fair. No one can tell me that if that had been a group of Black Lives Matter, protesting yesterday, they would have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the capitol,'” Biden said.

      “We all know that’s true and it is unacceptable, totally unacceptable,” the president-elect added. “The American people saw it in plain view and I hope it sensitized them to what we have to do.”

      Talk about conspiracy theories. We know how the police treated BLM for the 200 riots. Very few arrests and most released and not charged by the D.A.

      Fucking lying bullshit to add fuel to the fire.

      Whats Reasons stance on these lies? Acceptance?

      1. “They weren’t protesters — don’t dare call them protesters. They were a riotous mob, insurrectionists, domestic terrorists,” Biden said

        1. Fucking horrific, and incomparable to anything Trump has ever said.
          Possibly the most vile, unconstitutional public statement any president, or president elect, has ever made.

      2. I'm not expecting a "Reuters Fact Check" on these statements any time soon.

        1. Nor a robby conspiracy article like earlier.

      3. @KamalaHarris: "We witnessed two systems of justice when we saw one that let extremists storm the United States Capitol, and another that released tear gas on peaceful protesters last summer...We know this is unacceptable. We know we should be better than this."

        The woman who helped fund bails for arsonists and people who commit assault.


    4. Michelle Obama jumps on the China bandwagon.


      Looks like the left took the protest as an excuse to end individual liberty early if they don't like you.

      1. rioters were led out of the building not in handcuffs, but free to carry on with their days.”

        Accept for the now 80 arrests, 60+ yesterday. There were virtually no arrests during the Minneapolis riots that caused 100 million in damage. St Louis was under a dozen and they killed someone, not the cops.

        Are democrats really this delusional?

        1. No. Just evil.

      2. God damn, that shit was longer than one of Ken's posts.

    5. Except:
      1. "They" are not banning "political opposition". They are banning Trump. That is quite different. It is because of what he specifically said and did. It is not about any broad political ideology. Discussion of right-wing *ideas* like tax cuts and banning abortion are still completely permitted on all of these forums.

      2. "They" are not the government, they are private businesses. Them banning Trump from their forums is no different than if you ran a blog and banned all left-wingers from it. It's their property, their rules. The government is not banning anyone from any forum.

      Other than that, yeah, it's totes like China.

      1. Lol. Jeff once again thinks this only relates to trump and ignores the list posted above.

        Jeffrey dear... what are your thoughts on the CCP arresting political opponents. Do you condone that too? Why just trump? AOC backed the BLM violence. Oh that's right... youre an authoritarian globalist who wants one party rule, that of liberals.

      2. Let me put it more succinctly... youre like the dumbfuck reporters who had their offices destroyed by BLM while shouting they support BLM. You dont give a fuck about individual rights.

        1. Chemjeff is an obedient goose-stepper.
          Can't wait for him to deny, then justify, the camps when they get started.

        2. I'm not the one making lazy comparisons in an attempt to deprive property owners of their property rights because they do things that make you sad. You are, you authoritarian dickhead. Go away and take your proto-fascist friend Nardz with you.

          1. I didn't see him mention taking away property rights, he was just condemning their actions and how they didn't do the same to groups associated with the violence last summer.

            1. Oh and I condemn the authoritarian fuckheads who told us two weeks, which is now 9 months and they are now telling us 6 more months. Because people are pissed with no outlets and violence is what happens as a result.

      3. Banning Trump and any mention of his cockamamie conspiracy will just fuel the resentment. It is stupid, rather or not it is legal. And the left doing a jig dance today is also not helpful. It appears they want to create more violence. And the the cite above about holding anyone who accepted a paycheck from Trump accountable is straight out of Nazi Germany. The left bears as much blame as Trump the violence, much of it by the left, has been building for at least 4 years. I was sickened and condemned yesterday's violence not least because I felt the left would use it as an excuse to double down on their agenda, and in their attempts to silence the right (and they are proving me correct). But let's not pretend that the left didn't riot all summer.

      1. Trump's movement was and is about pissed off right of center voters who were tired of taking it in the shorts and being talked down to or outright ignored. Unfortunately, the rhetoric in this editorial (while not as bad as your characterized it as) is just more of the same. Any attempt to punish Trump supporters will result in even more violence. And next time they won't be unarmed. I applaud the Christian for writing this piece because it is the first piece that resembles any balance today from Reason. I condemn yesterday's violence, I condemn the lefts reactions today, I condemn the violence this summer. And I condemn social media for saying favorites and for helping politicize everything. They can do that as a private company but I still feel they are wrong. What happened to social media being about posting pictures of the family, liking music groups and looking at titties?

        1. And Twitter is the worse one, it only exists as an echo chamber for journalist and for wannabe porn actresses to advertise their OnlyFans site.

          1. And I had a Twitter account for about two weeks. It may actually still be active but I haven't looked at it since the first two weeks after I joined. What a shithole. Reddit is another shithole in the same thread.

  13. Story: Top Democrats Call for Trump's Removal.

    This headline literally could have been inserted in any day of any week since late 2015, and it would have been 100% right at home.

    1. I think it's worse now because . . .

      If this is any indication of how much self-restraint the Democrats are likely to show now that they have free reign, then we might as well consider the Supreme Court already packed.

  14. Everyone's so quick to criticize the chaos from yesterday, but we really should have a little talk about what the disrupters are getting right.

    1) Because the government is now almost entirely synonymous with the Democratic Party, they really should be considered the enemy of the Constitution, capitalism, and the American people.

    Democrats (and their cheerleaders in the media) spent the last 12 years telling us how much they hate the white, blue collar middle class, and there is no good reason not to believe them. They also spent the last year trying to prove that they were all more socialist than each other.

    2) There is no longer any means to resist the Democrats implementing their hated authoritarian and socialist policies--apart from violent protest.

    You can voice your opinion or displeasure peacefully, and you certainly should! But voicing your opinion won't stop the Democrats from packing the Supreme Court, coming after our gun rights, instituting Medicare for All, and passing the Green New Deal.

    Conclusion: Whatever else you have to say about the chaos of yesterday, it's all against that backdrop.

    1. Some unwashed hillbilly sat in the Speakers chair and handled her gavel. This...will...not... stand.

      1. Wonder if there was any of that designer ice cream in her office fridge.

    2. Yes, you lost a bunch of elections. Now you get to sit and watch for the next 2 years at least. Deal with it. Or betray the constitution. We saw what choice Trump inspired yesterday, and we see the equivocating today. And both are disgusting.

      1. Or pay foreigners to create a dossier and back channel it to friendly actors in the FBI.

      2. And congrats on taking 9 months to admit the blm riots were bad. Than means all of us who condemned the violence yesterday, including trump, are better people than you are.

        1. Why care about facts when you can just make shit up, right Coward?

          1. Like you did upthread when you lied about the arrests?

      3. But gun grabbing, suspending accounts, retribution for thought crimes, destroying careers, all acceptable now.

        1. lamp pasta cat tornado all adjective now.

          1. Hey member earlier in this thread where you were caught lying about the number of people arrested and then you demanded that people accept you were just mistaken even though you were clearly lying

      4. What I saw yesterday was an ex-Army Ranger cowering on the House floor like a terrified little bitch. No wonder he and his compatriots in the Army could never beat a bunch of goat-herding warlords wielding 1970s technology.

        1. I have no idea what you are talking about. But nice dig on our combat veterans. You guys are really racing to the bottom on the anti-patriot contest today.

          1. Hey member earlier in this thread where you were caught lying about the number of people arrested and then you demanded that people accept you were just mistaken even though you were clearly lying

          2. Ex-Army Ranger Jason Crow, who helped block funding approval so our combat veterans couldn't be pulled out of Afghanistan after nearly 20 years of failing to kick out the Taliban that whole time (or, at least get them down to the "occupation percentage" designated to allow the pull-out).

            I'll dig on that cowering piece of shit all I want, for ensuring the war in Afghanistan enters its second decade. Scrap that bottom of THAT barrel, you useless sack of shit.

          3. Maybe before running your piehole, you should check out what he's talking about, yes? Crow is a pos.

      5. Go fuck yourself. Leftwingers and Democrats don't give two shits about the Constitution except when they can use it as a convenient cudgel against their political enemies. They care only about power. *That* is disgusting.

        1. pot kettle etc

          1. Yes, you describe yourself quite aptly.

      6. You know what, if the democrats are going to be as bad as I think, and silly bitches like you are in charge, then the constitution has no meaning and I cannot possibly betray a document you use to wipe your smelly shit stained asshole.

        Frankly faggot you and your ilk are the enemy of the republic. Deal with it.

        1. Anyone else want to declare themselves traitors today?

          Oh, wow. Not all at once now.

          1. Why do you defend the powerful?

          2. "Anyone else want to declare themselves traitors today?"

            Lefty shits throw words around as if they knew what they meant.

          3. Dunking on Congressmen who ensure forever wars is treason now.

          4. If protesting or demanding accountability, refusing to treat government functionaries like royalty, makes one a traitor, then I'm in. You left-leaning types just cannot resist your totalitarian tendencies.

    3. The Democrats are much less of an effective force than you think. Last time they were in this position, they could barely get the PPACA thru, because they were quite split on details, some wanting "public option", etc. Those differences completely scuttled Hillarycare. "More socialist than thou" weakens them, doesn't strengthen them.

      Intersectionalism will get them only so far. They're running out of solidarity between their logrolling minorities. About the only thing they have left they can agree on is that they're not Republicans.

      The only thing I'm afraid we've lost any chance on was the more pragmatic and less bellicose foreign policy Trump was steering towards. Now I think it's back to all neocon, all the time in both parties, because Trump was an anomaly. As the late Stephen Cohen pointed out, the Democrats sank the best chance in a generation we had for a much better relationship with Russia. And it's not about Putin, either; he could go away and they'll still be figuring out angles to make Russia "our enemy". And they're going to keep the pot boiling in the Middle East.

      Their biggest challenge? Figuring out ways to antagonize as much as possible of Latin America.

    4. Joe Manchin recently stated his opposition to ending the filibuster, which will prevent the left wing Democrats from packing the SCOTUS, adding two states, banning fracking, and imposing much of their socialist agenda.

  15. Congratulations, media. You've successfully moved everyone away from the topic of why this woman was protesting in the first place.


    I will agree that this protest was misguided though. They should've gone to Georgia instead to throw those fucking machines in the ocean.

    1. Hey. They did 20k more after shutting down for the senate election. Fulton County is best County.

  16. It goes without saying that police are given a very hard job in these kinds of circumstances.

    The Capitol Police alone has a budget of $460 million per year. They requested over $500 million for 2021.

    Our Fiscal Year 2021 budget request is $516.7
    million, and represents an increase of 11.2 percent over Fiscal Year 2020 enacted levels to meet mandatory salary requirements, provide overtime for critical training, ensure the security of the 2021 Presidential Inauguration, and address other mission-related expenses. Our budget request does not include a request for additional FTEs, however, we are facing increasing personnel costs due to outside requirements.

    Specifically, our request includes $7.9 million to cover an increase in benefits costs related to an increase in the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) rate for the USCP.

    1. Democrats are taking a second, hard look at #DefundThePolice after yesterday's... situation.

    2. They also have a payroll of 2300 police and support staff. This is a small army.

  17. I’m not sure how Christian thinks the riot could have been prevented if there was a larger police presence. About the best that could be expected was that the riot would’ve taken place outside the Capitol. But to have prevented the mob from storming the building might have resulted in a lot more injuries and death.

  18. So a few trillion dollars to make America safe from terrorists and 100 unarmed folks storm the capital? they all should be arrested for trespassing federal property. the capital police should be fired...and all politicians should condemn ALL violence and destruction of private property...yes even BLM/Antifa. This all goes back to Ferguson when a false narrative was gleefully spread by the media and how many cops were shot? Funny how we forget that one...

    1. "yes even BLM/Antifa"

      What are you saying? That the government should repress *all* rioting no matter what smiley-faced slogans the rioters may be chanting?

      Riots aren't good or bad in themselves, it depends on who's doing the rioting.


  19. lol


    Authorities are trying to identify and locate the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Thursday. Who was the rioter sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s office? After being photographed with his feet on the House Speaker’s desk during the storming of the U.S. Capitol, Richard “Bigo” Barnett took to the streets bragging about his exploits. He showed no remorse, and no apparent fear of retribution or prosecution, belligerently speaking to cameras about his felonious activity.

    1. Is it really felonious?

      1. If he paid taxes he owns part of that desk.

    2. The media found their old style guide I see.

      1. "belligerently speaking to cameras about his felonious activity...."

        "and then the scoundrel, without even removing his hat, uttered a course remark in front of a dowager, who proceeded to feel faint and required escort to the nearest brocade sofa."

    3. I'm old enough to remember when anti-establishment types across the political spectrum approved of non-violent civil disobedient "sit-ins".

      1. They condemned them when they were by school segregationists.

  20. How the heck did it go from "Refund the Police" to Fire the Police chief for NOT having more police! It's about as comical as Trump telling the rioters to "Go Home" and getting painted with the narrative that he said, "Raid the Capitol". Seems media's biggest talent these days is painting delusions.

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