Brickbat: Bringing Out the Big Guns


Police in Brooklyn, New York, touted a raid they made last December that seized 22 firearms, even posting a photo of themselves with their haul online. But the police department's own lab quickly figured out that 21 of the 22 guns were not real firearms but replicas, starter pistols, and air guns. And the one real firearm had been rendered inoperable by the removal of the trigger and some internal components. But the district attorney is refusing to drop weapons charges against the owner of the fake guns, Elizaveta Zlatkis, who leases the weapons to people shooting music videos. The NYPD and the Brooklyn DA's office refused to answer questions from a local newspaper about why Zlatkis is still facing charges.

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  1. Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz has declined to drop the case against Zlatkis, who has refused to take a plea deal.

    The second clause explains the first.

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  2. These cops are so stupid they couldn't tell the the guns were air guns and props? Or did they just want a photo op? Just picking them up the feel would tell you what they were to someone that has handled guns. Then again, it's NY.

    1. Photo op gone bad; and the DAs charges aren't going to stick. It's going to take them a while to let this one go.

    2. Slight disagreement.

      Airsoft, starter pistols, etc. are/can be weighted to feel like real guns. Otherwise, yeah, even a trivial visual inspection would tell you that the "gun" was of irrelevant caliber, gas operated, or otherwise of insufficient manufacture to kill anyone.

      I can tell from the blurry photo that several aren't actual firearms. I've owned two pellet guns like the ones on the left and the AK-style pistol with the yellow tape looks like a toy/miniature version of the real thing. The pistol grip isn't even sized for an adult hand.

      I hope Zlatkis files a criminal complaint against every person in the photo. Illegal search and seizure, misconduct under color of law, slander... at the very least put a permanent mark on every one of these stupid fucker's records for this stupid bullshit. It's one thing (still illegal) to just be doing your job and seizing evidence, it's another to smile for a photo op while doing it.

      1. And how'd the case even come up? Did the police deliberately answer an ad for movie props, intending all along this phony photo op?

        1. He was known to have a stash of firearms. They didn’t know it was fakes until the raid. Looked real enough, they arrested on the spot. Possibly he rented them for use in crimes or where the fakes caused fear.

          1. When people will report terrorist attacks because they see a black family having a barbecue in a designated barbecuing area, 'causing fear' is not a good metric for whether someone is doing something wrong.

    3. What, a theatrical prop rental company had prop firearms?

    4. They lied because they thought they wouldn’t get caught

  3. Bunch of dumb fucks. And the prosecutor is corrupt for not dropping charges instantly.

    1. Truly the finest of us, worthy of honor and respect.

      1. HEROS!

    2. The prosecutor was corrupt long before this case.

  4. NY parents better hide their kids. Nerf dart guns are next!

    1. That legislation we read about yesterday; about arresting and sending people to a "suitable facility" for being a "danger to public health" will cover those.

  5. If you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to worry about.

    1. WORST

    2. If you're guilty, you need a lawyer.
      If you're not guilty, YOU NEED A LAWYER.

      1. If you exist, you need a lawyer. Or two.

  6. Hey... people get killed with toy guns all the time!

    See Tamir Rice.


  7. Never let reality get in the way of a good prosecution.

    Zlatkis is still being prosecuted as retaliation for not bowing down and taking a plea and the embarrassment he's caused them by not actually being a criminal. I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't just trying to bleed his finances.

  8. Gins and all replicas are on the cholping block anyway due to Ds in control. Reason should be happy.

      1. Soon, gins, too.

    1. Grins will be next. They tried it with that one kid already.

  9. When this finally gets dropped, I hope Zlatkis charges the NYPD for every day the rental prop guns are in their possession.

  10. Democrats. Meh.

    1. Coming to a country near you.

  11. I wonder if these genius cops can tell the difference between real donuts and props.

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  13. This will be a short trial.
    Prosecutor: We arrested this person for gun violations
    Defense: None of these qualify as guns
    Judge: Case dismissed

    1. It won't go to trial; they just need to let enough time go by for this embarrassing episode to be memory holed, which the MSM will be happy to do.

  14. Getting these fake guns off the street has saved countless numbers of imaginary lives.

  15. 22 guns heck thats not very many for a private collection from where I'm at and fake non the less.

    1. Just did a count; pretty darn close to that. Not counting black powder; maybe I'm just a photo op waiting to happen?

      1. Oops, missed one. I'm there.

  16. Anybody know how the theater props business in NYC is supposed to work legally, then?

    1. I'd say to just mime it, but at the rate we are going, that's illegal too.

    2. Somebody saw the props and got scared, called the cops.

      But rather than investigate and realize "hey this place with the guns is a theatre company, maybe this is a false alarm."

      But instead they view those kinds of calls as an excuse to kick in some doors and have some rough and rowdy fun. They get off on that.

    3. Anybody know how the theater props business in NYC is supposed to work legally, then?

      I've never operated a business in NYC but I just assumed be one a first name basis with the Chief of Police and the head of the Officers' union was SOP. And when I say "Be on a first name basis" I mean "Send envelopes full of cash with your name on it."

    4. Given Cuomo's Covid crackdown how do any business in NYC supposed to work?

      Which brings up an obvious question, what will happen to these scofflaw cops who ignore socially distancing and mask wearing guidelines?

      Oh right, I forgot about qualified "we just force you to obey so we don't need to" immunity.

      1. D'oh! "how are" not "how do".
        Darned broken edjit buttin.

  17. Taking all bets! Every cop in that photo is a Democrat.

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  18. The thing is, even in New York, owning guns is legal.
    You can jump through the required hurdles, pay the $340 fee, and buy and keep multiple guns in your home.
    Separate fee and permit for rifles, but they are legal, too.
    No assault rifles allowed.
    You are even allowed to transport them to a local shooting range and actually practice shooting them.
    So raiding people for a “stash of guns” may turn out to be problematic.
    That will not stop them

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