Brickbat: Tough Crowd


The Ipswich, Australia, City Council has reprimanded council member Paul Tully for posting a sexist joke to his personal Facebook page. The post read: "I asked my trainer which machine at the gym I should use to impress beautiful women. He pointed outside and said, 'The ATM Machine.'" The post received a half dozen complaints before Tully removed it.

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  1. It’s only mildly funny, but not offensive at all, to me. Just dumb. It was dumb for him to post it, and dumb for the City Council to take notice.

    1. I liked the joke and did not see a reason why he shouldn’t have posted it to his personal Facebook. It is very objectionable that his employer, the council, was monitoring what he did in private.

      1. So half a dozen of this guy’s friends complained about a silly joke? Either this man has very bad taste in friends or he tries to drive up his total number of “friends” on Facebook by sending friend request to anyone and everyone.

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  2. I prefer to give women a pearl neckless.

    1. If they’re neckless, what’s the point of the pearls?

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  4. As long as the ladies are still permitted to chide male stereotypes, equality may yet be achieved.

    1. If you give them enough money, they MAY yet soon, any day now, stop chiding you! Just keep giving them more money! HIT on that ATM machine at the gym, even HARDER than you hit on the babes!

  5. The Thought Police. They work everywhere now, not just America. I thought Oz would still be up for bad jokes though. Guess new world order is coming faster than I imagined.

    1. They are trying to restore the old Aussie image of everyone being a criminal.

  6. Paul Tully should be ashamed of himself for doing something that stupid and he deserves much more than a reprimand for being such an idiot. He should be drummed out of office if he’s that damn dumb. I mean, who the hell in this day and age is foolish enough to maintain a Facebook page?

    1. “…foolish enough to maintain a Facebook page?”

      Agreed; if you put anything on public media, it’s like an open invitation to every miserable Karen in the world; and none of those would have been amused by his joke.

      1. As much as I hate to say it, putting your real name on anything other than an extremely sanitized version of your life seems foolish. This is especially true if you are a public figure.

        Anonymity is a requirement if you wish to speak freely.

    2. I’m going to post your rant on my Myspace page.

  7. Anyone still posting on Facebook deserves what they get.

    1. This.

  8. Females are attracted to males with ample available resources, and males like a nice ass.
    Nothing sexist about acknowledging it in humour.

    1. True, and true; and if anyone doubts it, look at the wives of rich and famous men. Professional athletes all the more so.

    2. Warning! Any claim of sex/gender/race difference is a violation of federal equity code and punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. Please report to your nearest wrongspeech violation center to self-report your crime.

      1. lol… awesome comment — “wrong-speech violation center”

  9. I find it offensive if he really did say “the atm machine” he’s just as bad as the morons who say “hot water heater”

    1. As long as he uses his PIN number at the ATM machine, no problem.

      But hey, maybe you don’t know that water cools, and the proper name is a hot water reheater. I mean, just because it cools from 120F to 119F and needs reheating doesn’t mean it is reheating cold water.

      1. Maybe his water comes from a hot spring and needs to be cooled.

      2. I like the new ones with the LCD display.

      3. The water is cold when it comes from the ground. It’s a cold water heater.

    2. I call it a hot water tank.

      1. Water (re)heaters can be tankless. I don’t know if hot water coolers can be tankless.

        1. A brief search reveals hot water tank and hot water heaters are about equal in use. And what you refer to is called a “tankless hot water heater.” And then there is a hot water storage tank.

          1. It is a tankless job, so I praise it whenever I can.

        2. I don’t know if hot water coolers can be tankless.

          Lots of tankless heat exchangers out there.

    3. Don’t get me started. I could fill several SSD drives with oxymoronic, redundant skeuonyms.

      1. SSD = solid state drive, so it’s doubly redundant to call it a drive again

        1. That’s the joke. Also, it should be solid state device, it’s solid-state there is no drive in the first place. See ‘skeuonym’ in a dictionary.

  10. Its funny because its true.

    1. I’ve found that most women aren’t that crazy about ass to mouth.

      1. And most of them don’t understand asynchronous transfer mode.

  11. Does this idjit put his personal identification number number into the automatic teller machine machine?

  12. Wish they’d find their alimony, food stamps, living assistance and prenatal ‘planning’ as offensive as a male bank account.

    The power of –3rd party– theft for the win!!!

  13. I can’t imagine that people will change their mating behaviors and tendencies much because of woke BS. So I wonder how long we are supposed to keep pretending that people don’t behave they way they do and don’t have the preferences that they have?

    1. I can’t imagine 1.4 billion human beings living under the soft-and-hard authoritarianism of the CCP. But they keep pretending like it’s normal… because they don’t have a choice.

      Could happen here to.

    2. Until you confess your privilege and embrace the revolution.

  14. Good looks and childish naivete will only power the gravy train so far down the tracks. After that, if you want to keep rolling, you’ve got to pick up a shovel.

    Some women learn the lesson young and handle it well, some don’t.

  15. My wife had her credit cards stolen, but I didn’t report it because the guy who stole them spends less money than she does.

  16. If men and women aren’t different, why do we have transgender?

  17. “I asked my trainer which machine at the gym I should use to impress beautiful women. She pointed outside and said, ‘The ATM Machine.'”


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