Brickbat: No Good Deed


Daniel and Norris Keating saw a barrel marked "flammable liquid" floating in the waterway behind their Clearwater, Fla., home. They pulled it out and saw it was further labeled "ethyl alcohol." Daniel Keating called county officials to see about dropping it off at a hazardous waste drop-off site. Instead, he ended up with firefighters coming to his home and telling him that since it was now on his property he'd have to pay to have it disposed of. The contractor who handles such work for the county told him it would cost $1,500 to get rid of the barrel. Instead, Keating called a local TV station. Once a reporter started making some calls about the matter, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection agreed to retrieve the barrel.

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  1. I have a bottle of Maker’s Mark I’m going to start disposing of tonight.

    1. “I have a bottle…”

      I’d rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy!

      Also don’t forget this: The very reason that that drum full of booze was toxic (to drink) in the first place, is that Government Almighty loves us SOOOOOOO much, that it REQUIRES us to “denature” industrial alcohol. “Denature” is a “nice word”, used in a wussy-pussy way, to attempt to vaguely HIDE the fact that Government Almighty wants to poison and-or kill, those utter FIENDS that might try to evade booze taxes!

      Thank You Government Almighty, may I have another shot of your poisoned booze?

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  2. A reminder that there are still a few journalists left who are willing to question big government.

    1. Yes, and of those “few journalists left”, the vast majority of them work for! And for THAT offense (of questioning Government Almighty, which includes Government Almighty of the “R” stripe as well as the “D” stripe), as readers of these comments well know… Un-ending hordes of marching morons of the ultra-“R” stripe show up here every day, maligning reporters and editorialists! Marching morons LOVE Government Almighty, so long as it is “R” flavored!

    2. good job by the TV stations. embarrass the bureaucrats into doing the right thing.

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  4. Stupid people are probably still surprised, shocked, and outraged that the government attempted to punish them for performing a good deed, as if this an anomaly on the government’s part. Remember that all the government’s laws and rules and regulations only apply to law-biding citizens, they don’t apply to criminals.

    1. And those stupid people are also surprised when the media “report” on them with at least distortions and deliberate spin.

    2. they don’t apply to criminals”
      like the commercial for the video game,
      “what makes you a criminal? getting caught”
      or in Biden’s case being caught but no one doing anything about it now thats how to be a real criminal become a politician

  5. Bureaucrats are never so grateful that they won’t slap the do-gooder with a fee or fine.

    1. You mean government should pay for it? Is that the ‘libertarian’ approach?

      1. Public waterway? Yes. Or the land management authority that uses tax payer dollars to manage the public waterway take the responsibility for managing the waterway and uses its resources to try to discern who dumped the toxic barrel in their waterway and fine them.

      2. well the person who finds the toxic waste sure isn’t responsible. sue the person who polluted, if you can find them.

  6. See something, do nothing.
    Life under fascism. Get used to it.

    1. Best advice of 2020, thank you.

      1. What about “snitch on your neighbor before they snitch on you”?

  7. Guess it’s not Clearwater.

    1. You’re correct! Clearwater, as a matter of fact, has been polluted and corrupted by the presence of many-many polluted and corrupted, NASTY cultists called Scientologists!
      Scientology’s 40 years of conflict with the City of Clearwater, recapped
      The church arrived in secret in 1975. Here’s what happened next.

      Thank Government Almighty for ONCE, really, for sensible law = “Section 230”! I am still free to post the above “nasty” (but true) comments, without being dragged into the gutter, and beaten up, by 10,000 money-grubbing lawyers! And still posts my comments for FREE!!!

  8. Hey Nancy why do you keep coming back to Portland if you hate the people? Maybe if you weren’t such a stupid lying cunt your husband’s business wouldn’t of failed? To be fair it would of failed anyway because the coffee sucked.

    Aren’t you worried BLM or Antifa are going to attack you? Are you sure you’re safe? After all don’t you despise most Portlanders?

    Please leave and stay gone you goddamn lying cunt!

    1. Wrong article?

    2. Wrong article.

    3. Wrong article. Nancy is cute.

      1. KillAllRednecks isn’t man enough to “man up” (“person enough to person up”? PC-talk sucks!) and to ‘fess to a goof, and post a link to where his-her comments belonged. So I will “person up” on they’s behalf!

        I agree that Nancy is cute. HOWEVER, it seems she never got the fashion memo! Blue hair belongs to little old blue-haired women! Younger women with blue hair is “cultural appropriation”!!!

    4. Wrong planet.

      1. Wrong species.

  9. Come on Florida Man. I expected a different response to finding the barrel.

    1. Florida man uses ethyl alcohol found in the river to try to start long dead yard truck. Resultant explosion burns down his and neighbor’s house. Favorite dog lost.

      1. Hmm, maybe:

        California man: donates the ethanol to the local vegan People’s Bus Company

        Hillbilly man: hosts wild party in the woods, only a few people suffer temporary blindness

        New Jersey man: re-bottles the ethanol for mob-based liquor wholesale, same outcome as Hillbilly man

    2. Going to need a lot of grape Kool Aid.

  10. This is brazenly wrong and everyone involved should know this. Hazardous waste is a cradle-to-grave responsibility. Whoever owned the barrel and disposed of it illegally is legally responsible for it.

    This even counts if they thought they were disposing of it properly, such as if they paid a disposal company and the disposer then threw it in the dirt out back. In that case, the original company is still responsible for the cleanup.

    This is super-basic environmental law.

    Also, the dude was getting really ripped off. Burning a barrel of alcohol is a lot cheaper than that. It’s booze, not methyl-ethyl death.

  11. Government exists to crush people.

    1. The proper function of government is to defend liberty. We don’t have proper government.

  12. Set it out in the middle of the street. Not on my property anymore.

  13. I’d want to know if it was really ethanol or was it a drum reused to hold waste products. Five gallons of the stuff, the label reads SDA-40B which is often used in hand sanitizer, goes for around $200. Granted from the video it doesn’t seem there’s much in it but still, who in their right mind is going to toss it at those prices when hand sanitizer sales are booming?

    Oh well, the label appears to be still intact so I’m sure it won’t be too difficult to track down. Might as well keep one government employee busy doing something even if it is for only a few minutes.

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