Brickbat: No One Could Have Seen This Coming


Tiffany Pacheco, an employee of the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance, and her husband Arthur have been charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Prosecutors say Tiffany Pacheco used her job to submit more than $240,000 in fraudulent COVID-related unemployment claims on behalf of herself and her husband, who was incarcerated in Texas at the time. She was hired by the agency in April shortly after being released from prison, where she was serving time for aggravated identity theft.

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  1. The most annoying part of this: husband and wife will get their vaccinations before the rest of you plebes, because Massachusetts considers inmates a priority.

    1. And why shouldn’t they? Until the American Injustice System can show that it is a perfect institution, prison inmates should have priority over the rest of us.

      1. So how is it in your prison? Do you get the top or bottom bunk?

        1. Oh goodness no, I’m not in prison, yet.

          1. “I’m not in prison, yet.”

            Hope they don’t call you Ben Dover.

            1. Phil McAvity.

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              2. Gerald Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzgerald!

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      2. It the reason you can’t find prime steaks at the grocery store, they all get routed to the prisons.

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      4. you are a special kind of stupid!

        1. So you didn’t get anything out of my comment? Maybe you’re the stupid one.

          1. It takes a certain amount of intelligence to understand a comment that is facetious or sarcastic, an amount of intelligence tennisbum10 does not possess.

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    3. Yes, because they are not able to practice “social distancing”. The close quarters prisoners have to live in means prisons have been hotbeds of virus contagion. For inmates and also for guards. So giving the vaccine to prisoners (and to corrections officers) does actually make sense.

      1. Prisoners are overwhelmingly under 30, with nearly all being under 40. They aren’t visiting grandma and are not at risk for complications.

        When more vaccines are available, of course, vaccinate them. As long as supplies are limited, they should not be prioritized over seniors are those caring for the frail elderly.

        The only exceptions I’d make are for elderly prisoners and those in segregated hospital units.

        1. Plus they’re already in full lockdown.

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  2. Seems she was well suited for government work.

  3. I’m all for giving ex-cons a second chance. Barring someone with a conviction from any future employment forces them continue to be criminals or starve, doesn’t it?

    But FFS, use some common sense. Maybe don’t give an identity thief access to people’s identity data.

    1. Or their money.

    2. Yeah, it’s like letting a serial rapist teach at an all-girls’ school.


  4. You need to be Boeing or the Kennedy Center to deserve anywhere near that kind of unearned COVID scratch.

    1. If it saves one job.

      1. On Wall Street.

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    1. Stupid bots, trolling a libertarian-ish website. Don’t they know the real grift is on government employee union sites? Heck, you could make $240,000 just off unemployment claims. So much better than your old job at Shoprite!

  6. C’mon defund the police and jails because these are just good honest people wanting to make a living.

    1. Serve and protect was never the purpose of law enforcement. One less job requirement. So yes, by all means, defund!

  7. Sounds like a state with a “ban the box” rule. How very anti-racist of them.

    1. Why yes, Massachusetts does have “ban the box” law. Hawaii was the first state to pass such a law, I believe, but MA was not far behind. MA also amended their law in 2018 making it the strictest in the nation.

  8. What is aggrivated identity theft? Is the identity of someone aggrivated, the thief aggrivated, or the act of the theft done with aggrivation?

  9. “No One Could Have Seen This Coming”

    Yeah right! Mr Magoo could have seen this coming.

  10. Background checks are racist.

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