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Trump Pardons 26 More, Including Paul Manafort and Roger Stone

The list also included several drug war victims.


Donald Trump announced 26 new pardons and commutations tonight. The recipients included former campaign advisers Paul Manafort and Roger Stone.

Like yesterday's 20 pardons and commutations, tonight's list is a mix of Trump loyalists, law enforcement officers, conservative cause célèbres—and drug war cases who criminal justice advocates have been bringing to the White House. 

Manafort was serving a seven-and-half-year sentence for bank fraud, tax evasion, and illegally lobbying for Ukraine. Trump had already commuted Stone's 40-month sentence for lying to Congress and witness tampering. The White House painted both convictions as overreach by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe.

"As a result of blatant prosecutorial overreach, Mr. Manafort has endured years of unfair treatment and is one of the most prominent victims of what has been revealed to be perhaps the greatest witch hunt in American history," the White House said in a statement announcing the pardons.

The White House also attributed Stone's conviction to "prosecutorial misconduct by Special Counsel Mueller's team" and "potential political bias at his jury trial." 

Federal prosecutors originally recommended a seven- to nine-year prison sentence for Stone, prompting Trump to fume on Twitter that this was "horrible and very unfair." A day later, the Justice Department overrode the line prosecutors' recommendations—an almost unheard of event—saying Stone deserved a far lighter sentence.

As Reason's Jacob Sullum wrote, Stone's sentence was indeed excessive, but the Justice Department's sudden about-face was "unseemly and smacks of legal favoritism."

Charles Kushner, father of senior White House adviser and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, also received a full pardon. Kushner was convicted of tax evasion, witness tampering, and making false statements to federal election officials in a lurid case that involved sex tapes and a prostitute.

But while the pardons of Manafort and Stone will attract the most attention, the clemency list also contained several victims of the drug war. One of the brighter spots of the Trump administration has been its embrace of second chances and redemption.

For instance, Trump granted a full pardon to Topeka Sam, who was convicted of drug conspiracy and was incarcerated for three years. After her release, Sam founded Ladies of Hope Ministries, where she helps formerly incarcerated women transition back into society. Sam also facilitated a viral video on the case of Alice Johnson, a grandmother serving a life sentence for drug offenses, that caught the attention of megacelebrity Kim Kardashian. Kardashian's personal appeal to Trump led the president to commute Johnson's sentence. As it happens, Johnson was part of a group of criminal justice advocates who supported Sam's pardon and brought her case to the White House.

Trump also granted a pardon to Cesar Lozada, a Cuban immigrant who was convicted of conspiring to distribute marijuana, and Louisville activist Chris 2X.

"Mr. II X is a powerful example of the possibility of redemption," the White House statement said. "For a two-decade period ending in 1998, Mr. II X battled a severe addiction to both cocaine and marijuana. In this period he committed numerous state and federal offenses. Since overcoming his drug dependency and following his release from prison for the last time over 20 years ago, Mr. II X has become an acknowledged community leader in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky."

Pardons also went to former Ron Paul campaign staffers Jesse Benton and John Tate, both convicted in 2016 for their roles in a scheme to funnel $73,000 to an Iowa state legislator in return for the legislator's support in the 2012 Iowa caucuses. Benton and Tate's pardons were supported by Paul's son, Sen. Rand Paul (R–Ky.), according to the White House.

Other pardon recipients included a Maryland police officer who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for siccing a K-9 on a burglary suspect, and a Border Patrol agent found guilty of deprivation of rights under the Fourth Amendment for assaulting several compliant detainees who were caught crossing the border.

NEXT: I Got To Inform a Person That Trump Granted Her Clemency. So Many Others Deserve That Good News Too.

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  1. Trump. Best president in us history.

    Imagine what he will be able to do in his second term as president 2021-2025.

    Lefties are so upset.


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    3. I’m not upset. And Trump is gone on Jan 20.

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    5. Lol Trump was only good to the 0.1% (and a few of his lackies) and gave a middle finger to everything else and everyone else. If you want to live in some alternate reality with is tiny weenus in your mouth 24/7 then go right ahead and do it, but the rest of us know a Trump sucker when we see one. Not a leftie either, social liberal, fiscal conservative.

      1. social liberal, fiscal conservative.

        Isn’t this the definition of Libertarian? Broad, simplistic but a good summary. Or MYOB! captures a lot of libertarianism.

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  2. Georgia democrat organizations are sending me bigger and bigger mailers to vote for ossoff and warlock. HAHA

    The bigger the political flyer, the more you know you candidate is losing.

    1. I’m getting the same 3 fliers in my mailbox EVERY FUCKING DAY. Warnock and Ossoff must have the biggest mailing budgets ever.

      1. I get text messages, and I moved from GA in 2018

        1. Like that matters to the democrats.

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        2. One of the election investigators got emails for the person who used to own his house to vote. She apparently registered to vote on this run off using the house address she moved from. She moved out of state. Total fraud by the left.

          1. From the original article:
            “FOX 5 reached Meron Fissha in Maryland. She told us she lives and works in Atlanta. She said she requested the absentee ballot be sent to Maryland because she was helping her brother with a medical issue. A man, who said he was her brother, told us she has been visiting him to help him.”

            Her LinkedIn profile has her being a developer in the Atlanta area.

            I wonder where he is determining that she “moved to Maryland”

            1. The trump cult’s lying takes no holidays.

              1. Yes. That’s why she used an old address. Lol.

                1. Which you still have not substantiated.

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          2. As long as she doesn’t vote in MD, she can vote in Georgia. Trump votes in Florida. Lots of people move around and go back and forth. You still get to vote. But keep throwing more Krakenkrap. You still lost, you whiny little babies.

  3. This will make the pajama boy lefties freak out. And those are the girls. Imagine that their tranny men sjws will feel worse.

    1. “Pajama boy lefties”

      Yeah, because only “real Men” slaughter innocent civilians in broad daylight.

      Also, the Kushner one is just unreal. Imagine the message that sends. You can be that guy and do that shit and yor son still gets to work at the WH after bypassing security clearance tests, and then you can get a pardon too.

      They’re not even pretending any more.

      1. Like at, say, congressional baseball games?

        1. That has literally nothing to do with this. At all.

          1. Oh lol.
            That hit a nerve.

            1. Yes, suffering idiots gets pretty tedious.

          2. That has literally nothing to do with this. At all.

            Attempting to slaughter civilians in broad daylight has “literally” nothing to do with slaughtering civilians in broad daylight?

      2. Did Kushner physically assault or harm anyone? If not then he doesnt belong in prison. Prison and execution should be used only for the violent among us. People who we cant trust for our safety in society. Its as silly as locking someone up for drug charges. There are other ways to make people pay for nonviolent crimes.

        1. Now do Blackwater guys.

          1. Okay, what you think youre gonna get me or something. A case that has questionable details and didnt even occur in this country. But if theyre gonna punish them for violent crimes then fine. Lock em up.

            1. Are you suggesting they should have been tried in Iraq under Iraqi law? I don’t think there is much question how that would have ended.
              They killed something like 18 people, including children. Undisputed they opened fire first.
              Undisputed one of the Blackwater employees kept on firing even after the call for ‘cease fire’ and only stopped firing after another employee point a gun at him. (all that according to Blackwater employees).
              I’ll grant you there was confusion leading up to the slaughter, but that doesn’t give you carte blanche to slaughter everyone in sight.

              1. A firefight isn’t slaughtering innocent civilians in broad daylight, you mendacious jackass.

                1. It wasn’t a fire fight. At all. It was a slaughter. Trump just pardoned (more) child murderers. It’s fucking disgusting.

                2. A firefight which they started and apparently were the last to shoot (not sure if that qualifies as ending it).
                  Blackwater boys fired upon a car that they thought was carrying a bomb. As evidence, the car/driver didn’t head warnings, was driving on the wrong side of the road. They threw water bottles at the car and the local police tried to stop it. Turns out there was not bomb and they were likely completely innocent if not a bit confused. That’s 2 justifiable killings. FBI identified a 3rd who could have been justified (could find out why FBI thought so). Its the other 15 killed including mother killed while holding 8 year old child who was already dead.
                  People shot in the back while running away.
                  Stories from some Blackwater employees that they had to point a gun at one of the other employees to get him to stop shooting (he was ignoring calls to cease fire).
                  Keep in mind, Blackwater had zero oversight – they were not subject to “rules of war” because they were not soldiers. They were specifically exempted from Iraqi law.
                  As one general put it, Blackwater (over 100,000 employees) did what they wanted and it was up to the US Army to deal with the mess (pissed off locals etc.).
                  The reason their sentences were so long was they used automatic weapons (ie machine guns) and that carries mandatory minimums. The one guy charged with murder was a bit of BS. Apparently the prosecution missed some dates and as a result the statute of limitations ran on other things they could charge him with. So he got the murder charge… convicted of it twice!

                  Considering the head shots they got on kids as young as 5, you would think they could have killed a few insurgents well, if there were any there.

                  I heard a British saying once: in a life or death struggle with a cannibal, you are free to do anything necessary to win except eat the cannibal. The obvious connotation is that it make you no better.

                  It is hard to get details about what actually happened. Most of the articles are about the trial. Pissed of Iraqi’s testifying against Blackwater boys proclaiming their innocents. There are reports that one of the Iraqi investigators might have had ties to insurgents, but there are plenty of US investigators that put blame squarely on Blackwater.
                  Blackwater did pay in a separate settlement – of course the settlement was for an undisclosed amount.

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              2. Well if you think theyre guilty maybe Iraq and its people deserve the right to punish people who kill their citizens on its own soil in the way they see fit. That would be the proper course of justice. But since thats not how international issues are usually handled thats not what im suggesting. Im more concerned about what citizens here in the u.s. have to deal with. Not taking some area that is basically a mini warzone and treating it like some its similar domestic scenario that started out peaceful. Depending on who you want to believe, there are plenty of differing opinions on what happened. My guess is that people are more concerned about how they look handling said situations may have been motivated to push for punishment. Perhaps they would hsve acted differently if in a similar situation, who knows. Either way I said if they were violent they should at least be imprisoned, I would prefer death sentence as it acts as a better natural balance. But it seems most people are squeamish about that. I never said anything about these guys. Someone else wanted to challenge me, I answered and they never replied back. So did I say something contradicting?

                1. Another example of the perfect state of ignorance that allows trumpism.

                  Look up status of forces agreements. That’s why they are not charged in iraq.

                  1. Stolen Valor is extra angry this morning. Keep clapping for the leftists buddy.

                    1. Apparently wanting justice for child murders is a lefty thing now?

                      Do you realize how bad you are making the right look?

                    2. And when are you gonna take me up on that bet, coward?

                      A real man with any sense of honor would either stop slandering me, or would accept my challenge.

                      You are not a man. Pathetic, sniveling coward, who I am forced to assume leads the most boring and unaccomplished life possible, judging from how improbable he thinks my humble life experience is.

          2. That has literally nothing to do with this. At all.

      3. Yep Trumpers are a special breed. They can’t take stop thinking about him long enough to put together a coherent thought or use critical thinking to determine what a pice of shit he is.

  4. It would be cool if Snowden was pardoned.

    1. Or Assange.
      Or Ulbricht. There were rumours. Oh well.

      1. Snowden should be pardoned. Assange should stay in jail in Britain.

        1. Staying anywhere in Britain is punishment.

    2. Snowden doesn’t have anything on Trump that he could testify to in court.

      1. Trump has pardoned several people who meet that criterion.

        1. In fact most of the people he has pardoned. Over 95%

  5. Manafort and Stone probably get subpoenaed by a grand jury sometime in 2021.

    1. …then Jeff woke up and found his underwear was sticky.

    2. Yea, and their immunity from self incrimination is now gone.

      1. Keep up hope. The sign of a true leftist is wanting his political enemies in jail.

        1. Or dead.

        2. Explain how using the pardon power to reward people who lied to investigators to protect the president does not constitute corruption.

          1. Manafort wasn’t convicted for lying about trump stolen Valor.

            Basic facts would do you well.

            1. Stone was.

              Lying Jesse the Coward caught in his little cherry picking act.

        3. There’s nothing wrong with want treasonous assholes in prison, it’s neither a “left thing” or a “right thing” it’s the decent thing. Sucking on Putin’s nutsack should come at a cost.

  6. Jesse Benton’s the asshole who sold Ron Paul’s mailing list to the likes of Joe Arpaio. He can rot in hell.


  7. Tax evasion is not a real crime. I would pardon anyone in prison for tax evasion.

    1. How generous of you. Are you willing to pay the taxes for those that don’t pay theirs? I am not. If someone stole from the government, for example stole a government car from a lot and sold it, is that a crime? If someone embezzles money from traffic tickets payments, is that a crime?

      Do I worry about someone working for cash, no. But if your a big money suit type and you do a deal you should pay the taxes you owe.

      1. So it depends on what kind of clothes you wear if you should pay taxes or not. You heard it here first folks.

      2. Are you willing to pay the taxes for those that don’t pay theirs? I am not.

        There is not a person on this board who believes you pay net taxes.

        If someone stole from the government

        That you find people not paying taxes to be the same as theft tells me you have foregone a moral compass in life. How is a productive person not paying all of their taxes any worse than a non-productive person such as you not owing any taxes in the first place?

        1. That is precisely what I said. That a productive person who maybe get cash to roof houses on Saturday, I am will to look away. While some non productive person who sits on his ass all day and put together a deal should not be able to hide those earnings.

          You an I just have a different opinion on productivity. I respect people who put in a days works, you respect deal makers.

      3. Half of Americans don’t pay theirs.

        1. Not true. You mean half are not net contributors. Which is very different from criminal tax evasion.

          1. Let me add that that half that does not contribute is the choice of Congress. I have seen it happen many times. To justify cutting taxes on the richest they raise the lower limits and say they are helping the poor. What happen is debt with the burden going on the middleclass. I think everyone should pay taxes on income. Everyone should have skin in the game. It should be progressive with a low rate on low incomes they raising the rate as your income grows.

          2. Where did I say tax evasion sweetie? Half dont pay federal taxes. My guess is you are one of them. Youre a taker.

            1. “Half of Americans don’t pay theirs.”

              This “sweetie” thing you are doing lately is hilarious. Did you recently get sassed by an old black lady or something?


              The “theirs” in your sentence and the obvious attempt at false equivalency (a minor modification to the base “watabout” tactic of kremlin and gop shills) seemed to imply that you thought people not having a net tax bill is the same as people who criminally evade taxation.

            2. And I can almost guarantee that I pay more taxes than you.

              I own properties in high tax areas, employ others, am self employed, and trade stocks and options as a hobby and source of side income.

              My CPA loves me.

  8. Leftists get no pardon

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  10. Best president in us history.

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  12. Ha haaa, good for him!

    Eat a dick, you fake libertarian Block Yomommatard.

  13. I don’t know whether you insane cultists are going to wake the fuck up out of your stupor, or whether you’re going to keep pushing your bloodlust until you’re blowing up buildings, but hey at least there is no more libertarianism. Not how I intended for things to go. I’d rather have the libertarians back.

    But I guess if it’s power-hungry murder-happy fascists from here on out, at least I can stop caring about your rights. This is America. We kill fascists.

    1. Libertarianism is the opposite of Trumpism. We celebrate personal freedom, Trumpist worship a dictator and want more of what he’s doing rather more freedom for the individual, they will follow him anywhere because he told them “they matter”. Well guess what you stupid Trumptards, you matter only as much as you stand on your own two feet and are your own man/woman, you don’t follow a fascist like Trump around hoping for some fucking crumbs.

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