Employed, Middle Class Americans Don't Need More 'Free' Stimulus Money

But they're almost certainly going to get some.


The passage of a new stimulus bill hit a surprise roadblock on Tuesday night, but that's unlikely to prevent the federal government from throwing more money at Americans who haven't lost their incomes—and neither will the upcoming change in presidential administrations.

President-elect Joe Biden said Tuesday that he will push for another round of stimulus checks as part of a planned COVID-19 relief bill he'll urge Congress to pass after he takes office next month. Sounding a pessimistic note that's markedly different from how the Trump administration has approached the pandemic, Biden said the "darkest days" of the crisis are still to come. He favors extending emergency federal unemployment payments and said he would negotiate with Congress for more stimulus checks.

Hours later, President Donald Trump threatened to veto a $900 billion COVID-19 relief bill passed earlier this week because the package does not include large enough direct payments. The bill would send $600 to all Americans who earned less than $75,000 last year, with payments phasing out around $87,000. Trump wants payments of $2,000 per person—a demand that would add roughly $350 billion to the cost of the overall package.

And keep in mind that those $600 stimulus checks were only included in the current stimulus bill after the cross-aisle alliance of Sens. Josh Hawley (R–Mo.) and Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) threatened to block the measure's passage until they were added.

"I think you're seeing that there's a clear understanding that these issues go beyond any ideology," Biden said Tuesday, referring to the popularity of direct payments.

Indeed, it's understandable that most people like the idea of receiving "free" money from the federal government, and that such direct payments are more popular than bailouts, guaranteed loans, and the other forms of hard-to-get, arbitrarily and unevenly disbursed financial assistance that Congress, the Trump administration, and the Federal Reserve have employed during the economic crisis caused by COVID-19.

But broad popularity is not necessarily a good way to determine what is effective or smart policy. As Brian Riedl, a former Republican congressional staffer and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank, has pointed out, a middle-class family of four could end up receiving more than $11,000 in stimulus funds this year even without losing any income.

And that total only includes what has already been distributed through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act passed in March and what Trump is proposing now—it does not include any stimulus checks a Biden administration may try to pass next year. That sum is also wholly separate, Reidl notes, from unemployment and welfare programs intended to help people who have lost income due to the pandemic.

"The rebates are just a gratuitous handout unrelated to need," says Riedl. "Just put it all on the nation's credit card."

A credit card that's already got $27 trillion on it.

Making budgets and deciding how to spend money is supposed to be about setting priorities. Congress has sucked at doing that for a long time, and there's no reason to expect the government to get better at it in the middle of a crisis.

Still, there is also no reason to believe that direct payments to Americans who haven't lost jobs (or been forced to close their businesses due to government edict) should be a priority right now. It doesn't make any of the wasteful spending vanish, and it isn't offsetting other welfare spending—which is crucial if any universal basic income-adjacent proposal is to be taken seriously by libertarians. Most importantly, it doesn't prioritize the people and businesses who may need government aid right now.

Trump, Biden, Hawley, and Sanders are pandering to populists with promises of "free" cash in the hopes of distracting Americans from the fiscal mess they and others have made—a mess that predates the pandemic and one that we'll have to deal with long after COVID-19 is gone.

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    1. Employed, Middle Class Americans Don’t Need More ‘Free’ Stimulus Money

      Since I pay enough money in taxes every year to buy a brand new car in cash - I have zero problem with the government giving me back some of the money the previously took from me - by force. So.. for a great many of us... it is NOT free.

      1. The trouble is, the money that was taken from you was already spent and then some. You aren’t getting that same money back. More money is being borrowed to give you some money that you don’t really need. It’s not sound policy.

        1. From my perspective – I’m getting that money back. I see it as a net-gain / net-loss scenario.

          Of course the federal government should have a balanced budget. Butttttttttttttttt... it's never going to happen. At least not until this sadistic game is over.

          1. I see your point, but as a taxpayer, I know I’m just going to have to pay it back, plus interest.

            If I needed a few thousand fast, I’m pretty sure I could get it at better terms than what this is gonna cost me long-term.

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    1. We’re not starting out well here are we.

      1. Our diligent bots are always first out of the box nowadays.

        1. Diligent bots? They’re called Reason staff, TYVM.

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  4. Employed, Middle Class Americans Don’t Need More ‘Free’ Stimulus Money

    Of course not. The stimulus checks to the pissants is just a smokescreen for the massive blowout of the nations’ money to connected groups

    1. Buying votes…it’s an American tradition, acknowledged by both sides.
      Besides, isn’t all government money free?

      1. Only now they’ve gone to literal direct payments to buy these votes.

  5. Don’t listen to the spam bots promising big $$$ and Land ROvers for internet pron and fake snake oil 10-40 schemes. Just sit back and let your gubment check roll in.

    1. I like the bird and art guy though.

      1. Ha, yes!

        Scrolling through a comment section full of bickering, spam, and shit-posting, it’s kind of nice to read a few avian factoids from that bot.

    2. The bots are starting to entertain I see. There will come a point where Robbie et al are just a byline for 10w40 promotions.

  6. Why is this predicated only for the working? The unemployed receiving 2k extra a month is deserved. Fuck off?

    A. Lockdowns should end.
    B. Nobody should get stimulus.

    1. I would argue the takings clause now requires UBI for everyone. We have all been severely violated by government.

      1. Except that it’s almost entirely state and local governments involved in the takings. So they would be liable for just compensation, not the Feds. Also, the takings are not uniform among the populous, so just compensation cannot be achieved through UBI payments.

        Arguing for this wealth redistribution scheme through the takings clause is a bastardization of the constitution.

    2. I concur with both points, A and B. It really is that simple.

    3. I used to expect articles in Reason to at least state the libertarian position on these issues, instead of typical MSM articles that ignore libertarian positions in favor of more government.

      The libertarian position is we shouldn’t be using government to redistribute money to anyone for any reason because private charity does it morally (unlike government taxes). Yeah the virus sucks, it’s not fair harming some more than others, but it’s a fact and we shouldn’t do further harm to help some. IMHO, the libertarian position on forced participation in government unemployment insurance is that it shouldn’t exist (and it’s hard to imagine that such a product would exist in a free market, but who knows what people might figure out)

      The libertarian position isn’t for government to harm people by forcing everyone to lock down, it’s to allow people to figure out how best to deal with the situation using their creativity to find good solutions.

      The author might have discussed the advantages of direct payments to people, over funds politicians and bureaucrats direct. In the past, all stimulus was not direct payments. Certainly direct payment to individuals is an example of populism, and better than the prior stimulus that stimulated political spending on the politically connected. Not that a libertarian should support either. Seems it’s due to the TDS affecting Reason, something that will eventually pass.

  7. Better option you end lockdowns immediately and give businesses and tax payers a break.

    I suspect subsequent elections are gonna throw out a lot of incumbents.

    Assuming of course you haven’t fixed those too.

    1. “I suspect subsequent elections are gonna throw out a lot of incumbents.”

      Since when? Pelosi and Schumer are certainly set for the rest of their lives, and may even rival the legends of long serving Stevens [AK] and Byrd [WV], who were two of the most vile politicians to have ever besmirched the halls of Congress.

      1. Laughter and Nancy’s $140MM. She’s anxiously awaiting her stimulus.

    2. I suspect subsequent elections are gonna throw out a lot of incumbents.

      Wishful thinking. I wonder if a simple majority of voters could even tell you who Nancy Pelosi is.

  8. “Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.” ~ Ronald Reagan

    “Free” money from the government is very costly.

    The real costs of creating this illusion of government largess and the similar one propping up equities via the Fed are much larger than is the amount of this “free” money.

    Government can’t create. Government can only redistribute or destroy. And government redistribution entails much destruction. And government destruction entails much redistribution.

    1. You know it’s going to have to hurt, personally and severely, before anything even begins to change for the better.

    1. “If you want a d-cell in a tubesock upside the head, deal with the left”.

      1. “Antifa Tank Division”

  9. Once again, this is just a check to get people to sit down and shut up while they raid the treasury. Again.

    1. What treasury?

      1. We had a treasury? Was that in the hall of smoke and mirrors?

  10. It’s really hard to stimulate shut down businesses, but they’ll try.

    It’s like shooting a man in the heart, and then trying to defibrillate him. It doesn’t work that way.

  11. “Communism, the New Deal, Fascism, Nazism, are merely so-many trade-names for collectivist Statism, like the trade-names for tooth-pastes which are all exactly alike except for the flavouring.”
    ~ Albert Jay Nock

    If old AJ were alive today to see and hear Trump squeal for even more (from $600 to $2000 each) he would add Trumpism to his list of trade-names.

    Trump does have a great zeal for his brand.

    1. facepalm.jpg

    2. And yet you give not a single fuck that Congress passed this turd of legislation.

    3. Problem is last week it was the Democrats that “squeal for even more”.

  12. Giving cash to the hoi polli is still a trillion times better than another airline bailout or a hot billion to the Egyptian government.

    1. YES! I thought Reason would be on board for direct payments rather than contingent assistance that eats up half the value of the benefit in the administration of the benefit. Ironically, it would probably be cheaper than government-administered loan or other assistance programs.

      I’m in the middle class, and I could really use the money. Boehm is almost certainly paid well (via our subscription fees and advertising revenue) that HE doesn’t need it, but if the government shouldn’t choose who deserves benefits, why should he?

      1. Subscription fees?

        Who in their right effing mind would give these jackasses money?

      2. Which is a shame, literally, because Boehm has no intrinsic talent or ability.
        He’s a meat bot.

    2. This. We are angry about the waste in the bill, not the payments. I really don’t know anyone who’s mad about that. “Free” money or a reimbursement from the tax man: either way it’s a net positive for individuals.

      Boehm is apparently unable to think of a person who can benefit from the stimulus checks – and not benefit from any other factor of the bill. I’ve been jobless since February, but I don’t pull down unemployment, and I pay my rent, so I don’t need rent forgiveness. But I am in several thousand in the red for the year, and I would like some of my tax money back, since Congress apparently thinks FUCKING EGYPT needs a hand out before I do.

      1. What you’re really saying, “unable to think of a person who can benefit from” COMMUNISM..

        Or entirely equivalent to, “unable to think of a person who can benefit from” SLAVERY. After all Slaves had to be fed and housed to survive.

        The fact that a persons wealth must go through political policy IS THE BASIS OF COMMUNISM AND SLAVERY!!!!!

        1. No matter how deceptive and manipulative ways one wants to paint it as roses and flowers.

  13. Yeah, it certainly isn’t the middle class that’s suffered the most during this abysmal Drumpf economy. It’s billionaires like’s benefactor Charles Koch, whose fortune has collapsed to an unacceptable $56,200,000,000.

    But here’s the good news. Mr. Koch isn’t even asking for a direct payment. He only requires two things from the government: (a) unlimited, unrestricted immigration, and (b) a minimum wage of $0.00 / hour. THAT is what Washington DC should be focusing on.

    Honestly I’m a little disgusted with the greed displayed by middle class Americans demanding handouts, while people like Charles Koch have it so much worse.


    1. You know they fired Shikha, right?

      I still harbor a suspicion that you’re her sock.

      1. Nah open orders is way to smart to be dalmia

  14. “A credit card that’s already got $27 trillion on it”

    It has to be apparent to everyone by now that the Western governments have no intention of paying down this debt… or even the deficit.

    I’m starting to understand that “The Great Reset” is more than just some marketing buzzwords and “diversity” programs.

    1. Financial repression.” It’s what we did with the WWII debt.

  15. >>President-elect Joe Biden

    lol still not.

  16. More Trump bashing from Reason…

  17. Seriously though, two grand? I’m definitely adding another gun to my collection.

    1. I would go for freeze dried food and ammo. How many guns can you shoot at once.

      I’m moving to a southern state next month. I won’t be getting a check but I think it’s a law that you have to own a shotgun in this state so I might add one of those.

      1. Yes, a shotgun is an excellent home defense weapon. I have both a semi auto [Mossberg 930] which is fine for gentlemanly competitions, but for SHTF self defense I rely on a Mossberg pump action loaded with 00. As reliable as any gun on earth, in my considerate opinion.

        And if anyone tells you to keep the chamber empty and “rack the slide” if you hear a bump in the night, just shoot the fucker for giving such piss poor advice.

        1. I recommend #4; more pellets, and at home defense ranges, you aren’t giving up any hitting power.
          And yeah, if you’re gonna shoot, shoot, don’t talk.

      2. Leftist pussies aren’t welcome, asshole.

    2. I don’t need the money, so mine’s going directly into my kids’ bank accounts where it will sit for the next decade. This has the added benefit of angering the people initiating this ill-thought-out scheme.

      1. Sucker, after they print all that cash your savings will worth nothing.

        1. “Bank account” is loose shorthand. I’ll put it in something that tracks with inflation.

          1. Bitcoin

      2. Ha, same situation here. Folks who don’t want tax money going to religious organizations will be really pissed at me. Ten percent off the top of my check will go to my church. The rest will go into my kids’ 529’s, from which I pay their private school tuition (parochial).

  18. How many guns can you shoot at once.

    “Let’s find out. Hold my beer.”

  19. They don’t need their student loans cancelled, either, but there the Dems are, promoting Chumpanomics like usual.

  20. “But broad popularity is not necessarily a good way to determine what is effective or smart policy.”

    Libertarians against democracy.

    1. Democracy: two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner.

      1. Two poor guys and a rich guy deciding who pays the tab.

        1. rich guy = anyone who *creates* something of benefit for his fellow man.

    2. Democracy, like federalism, is merely a means to the end, which is liberty. Sometimes democracy destroys liberty; that’s when libertarians push back against it.

  21. Need? Maybe who knows what an individual person needs within a group.

    Deserve? Yes, it was theirs to begin with until it was stolen. Otherwise it be like if my bike got stolen; the cops returning it to someone who really needed more than me.

    1. Nice analogy. I paid the taxes from which these payments will come from. I will pay the taxes that will repay the debt. So if they’re sending money out to help people, why should they get to pick and choose who gets it? I get no current benefit but I’ll be on the hook later.

      When did libertarians start supporting redistribution of wealth based on a government definition of need?

      1. Those payments are not coming from any taxes.
        Tax collections are down, there’s no income stream for billions and trillions.
        They are printing new money out of thin air to make those payments.

  22. While as a middle class working American I feel like I’m owed something for them locking me down and taking away my freedom. A payment for wrongful house arrest if you will. It isn’t coming from the wallets of the people who made the choices to lock me down. Ultimately it comes from the wallets of everybody else lockdown with me., And that is what makes it wrong.

    Ultimately it’s just another wealth distribution scheme, borrow a lot of money and give an equal amount to everyone, and then when it’s time to pay it back only tax the wealthier.

    1. I think it should come from the people who ordered these policies and supported the fictional narrative, like the author and his colleagues.

  23. If the intention is (economic) stimulus, then it does need to go to people who do not need it and will spend it on consumer items, not waste it on rent and groceries and all that stuff.

    1. Yep. Giving people mo way so they can buy groceries is welfare, not “stimulus”. Of course, the best way to stimulate the r oniony is to get the state and local government jackboot off the economy’s neck.

      But we all know damn well that stimulating the economy isn’t the goal at all. The real goal is to “fundamentally transform” America from a self-reliant work-based society to a dependent socialist welfare based society.

      1. It’s pretty apparent the goal of this whole thing worldwide is to gut the middle and working classes

  24. “Employed, Middle Class Americans Don’t Need More ‘Free’ Stimulus Money”

    Neither do “quite-comfortably-retired” seniors.

    1. Any senior with a brain in their head is against it. It will cause inflation devaluing their savings, their SS check, their pension and any and all retirement accounts. All for 600 bucks. At that point those “quite-comfortably-retired” seniors” will no longer be very comfortable, they will have outlived their income.

      1. No. My pension has COLA. My indexed mutual fund IRA is surging, and I get the senior discount at Golden Corral. I’m comfortable………..but, I’m still against it. As Walter Williams might say, It’s legal theft.

        1. Don’t get to smug. I can’t say about your particular pension, but most pensions are underfunded. That means eventually they go bankrupt or cut payments drastically. As for the surging market, you are right but short sited. The damage will come when economy reopens and heats up, more money chasing after fewer goods. It is 1928 again right now, but the next 1929 is not far behind.

  25. Not just the employed, but those on Social Security too. Their payments has not stopped or changed. My wife and I got it last time, and did not need it. The stimulus should be much smaller, yet give more to those that really need it, that lost their job or business, so lost their income.
    By giving everyone money in a large stimulus package, from nonexistent money, it will devalue all future money. It is bound to be inflationary at some point, hurting those the Government purports to help the most. the unemployed, the working poor, and those on fixed incomes like the elderly. It is robbing your Social Security payment, your savings, your IRA and your 401K or 403B. We are about to resemble the Wiemar Republic.

  26. “Employed, Middle Class Americans Don’t Need More ‘Free’ Stimulus Money”

    Fuck you!

    The only people who deserve to get stimulus money are middle class and higher paid Americans.

    You’re not a capitalist, and you’re not a libertarian. You’re an embarrassment to both.

    P.S. Eat shit.

  27. For those of you interested in the facts:

    The top 1% of income earners ($515,371 in adjusted gross income) paid 38.5% of all income taxes in 2017–the latest year for which data is available.

    The top 25% ($208,053 in adjusted gross income) paid 59.1% of all income taxes.

    The top 50% of all income tax earners ($41,740 in adjusted gross income) paid 96.9% of all income taxes paid.

    People who make more than $40,000 a year in adjusted gross income should be getting their proportionate share 96.9% of the “stimulus” bill–them and the companies that get taxed on their profits. And the other 3% should be splitting that tiny 3% that’s left over.

    Do you even know where the government gets its money? Are you even aware that the government doesn’t make a profit? The reason the government throws people in jail for not paying their taxes is because most of the shit the government does (like redistributing wealth) isn’t valuable enough that people would pay for it willingly. McDonalds makes a profit because people are willing to pay more for a cheeseburger than than the cheeseburger costs to make and deliver. People pay employees because the value of their work is higher than the cost of employing them. The government parasites off of our productive labor.

    The “stimulus” money the government is giving us? That money is coming out of companies’ future profits–and out of people’s future paychecks. People who make less than $40,000 a year are only chipping in 3% (three percent) of all income taxes that will go to finance and pay for the “stimulus”. The ONLY people who should be getting “stimulus” money are people who are making more than $40,000 a year!

    There is nothing libertarian or capitalist about redistributing income to people who didn’t earn it–you shit eating socialist. And listening to some socialist shithead object that wealthier people don’t really need their own money–in the name of libertarianism?!–is nauseating.

    You don’t have a libertarian or capitalist leg to stand on.

    P.S. Fuck you.

  28. Libertarians for taxation! Libertarians for means-tested welfare!


    1. He’s not a libertarian.

      His reasoning is indefensible from a libertarian perspective.

    2. He’s not a libertarian.

      His reasoning is indefensible from a libertarian perspective.

  29. Just transfer 600 dollars from your bank account to your neighbor’s, and he transfers 600 to yours and whallah! $1200 fiscal stimulus without government red tape and overhead.

    1. government red tape and overhead = anywhere from 30% to 90%.

  30. You see, free money is like free gold. You just have to walk down to the creek, pick up a nugget, and take it to the store to buy groceries and other things. And there’s and endless supply of gold and money, right?

    1. Than man that dug the gold and made the groceries isn’t going to do it for what he can go pick it up out of the creek for.

  31. I don’t deserve $600 of stimulus money. The foreign nations getting millions or many millions of this stimulus money do not deserve it nearly as much as the poor and unemployed legal us residents. Seems to be another typical congressional bill, loaded with money to enhance the power and wealth of politicians. Democrat or GOP, hard to vote anyone into state or national elective positions. Best to write in my name?

  32. “Anti” fascists:

    A counter-protester with a “How Antifa saved Covid-mas” banner arrives at the Christmas parade route. Unclear what they’re doing #Michigan #LockdownProtest #Lansing


      Counter-protesters with a “How Big Gretch Saved Xmas” banner take position along the parade route #Michigan #LockdownProtest #Lansing

  33. A stimulus check is not for the person who receives it; it is intended to be spent to stimulate the economy. This idea that $600 (or even $2000) is not enough to cover an unemployed individuals losses is a non sequitor. Means testing to determine how much to send and any discussion about whether the recipient is still employed shows people aren’t clear about the concept. It reminds me of the Reagan tax rebates which morphed into payments to everyone even if they didn’t pay more than that in taxes.
    They shouldn’t cut stimulus checks but if they are going to send the money anyway, everyone should get it with a requirement to spend it in some short period of time.
    That being said, this is a great time for starting a business. You always lose money at first and the established competition are burdened with more expenses.

    1. Economies grow by increased in productivity not by distorting the cost of capital or printing money…we need to get over Pedo Keynes once and for all..Reason should be standing for sound money first not open borders..

    2. Good way to “stimulate” right out of existence — See the housing stimulus bills and the 2008 Recession.

  34. So progressives want $2K per person but have it paid back by our kids/grandchildren? I mean if they are progressives why are they not screaming for the rich to pay this now? Or are they in the end hypocrites? Seriously…you want to give people free stuff (like we do with Medicare/medicaid/SS and most govt programs…then fing pay for it Running Trillion dollar deficits is generational murder. Why isn’t anyone asking Silicon Nancy or Butter face AOC? Anyone..anyone?

  35. Many people think they don’t deserve that money nearly as poor residents of the US. I think it’s a good point for them.

  36. You aren’t getting that same money back

  37. The middle class deserve the money just as much as the unemployed. Boehm apparently thinks the middle class is some homogeneous well heeled entity.

  38. Don’t need it? Do you have any idea how much I have to spend on delivery now that it has become too cold for the outdoor seating at my favorite restaurants? Have some sympathy.

  39. No we don’t need the money. But I’ll take it.

  40. Indeed that money was not free. My wife and I earned ours.

    Now give it back.

    Boehm can fuck off.

    1. “Now give it back.”

      You forgot to say ‘please.’

  41. Awe; that day when society embarrasses the criminal mind that *need-excuses* justifies the act of stealing… Only left wondering later why so many criminals have taken over their neighborhood.

    1. One of the more controversial ideas of the Marquis de Sade was to punish the victims of theft. Those too careless to look after their belongings properly deserve what they get. And more.

  42. “long after COVID-19 is gone.”

    It may be here to stay. Then what?

    1. Then we all die with our masks on.

  43. There is so much garbage in this “stimulus” bill that I find it incredible that Boehm’s beef with it is the direct payments to Americans. I have heard others who write for this magazine argue consistently that if payments are going to be made, the most effective way to do that is to send it directly to people rather than push it through boondoggle programs like the Paycheck Protection Program.

    I’m sure I qualify as “middle class,” but I could absolutely use the money. Here are 10 very reasonable and useful things the middle class could do with $2k:

    1. Buy home office equipment (e.g. comfortable chair, reasonably-sized desk). It seems reasonable to provide money for this since it is the government that has inspired all this working from home. I for one am tired of working at my dining room table.
    2. Move to a two-bedroom from a one-bedroom so you have a dedicated office space for working from home.
    3. Pay down some debt so you have more cash to push into the live economy.
    4. Invest in car repairs.
    5. Get other office equipment to ease working from home, like a quality printer, or replacing expensive toner in your current printer.
    6. Patronize local businesses that are struggling to stay afloat.
    7. Fund a mini-vacation to keep yourself from losing your mind because you spend all your time in a small home with a puppy (or, god forbid, children).
    8. Invest in some kind of home fitness equipment to stay healthy while gyms are closed or absurdly expect you to wear a mask while working out.
    9. Buy learning aids for your kids to help them through the misery of keeping up with classes online.
    10. Upgrade your internet service, buy some books, get some comfortable clothes that fit you now that you have gained a bit of COVID weight and spend all your time at home, noise-cancelling headphones so you can focus, upgrade kitchen equipment so you can more easily cook at home, stock your pantry with essentials, see a doctor who can help you with the stress, depression, whatever is getting you down during the house arrest, buy some disposable surgical masks (they aren’t cheap but at least you aren’t covering your face in the same dirty piece of cloth every day) – whatever will make the current madness easier to live with.

    Boehm doesn’t need extra money for any of this, but I do. Now I support means-testing to some extent; anyone making $250k per year doesn’t need help. But the middle class? We don’t have the money to make the status quo comfortable. I did not arrange my current home with the idea that I would spend all my time here and work from here. A few employers are giving their employees financial help to adapt their home office, but most are not.

    Toss everything in the bill that is not direct aid to US families and individuals who are not wealthy. Covid relief should be just that and no more. And the money should go to individuals who can then choose the best way to use it. No more applying for aid from some new or existing agency. The government is responsible for the new burdens on the middle class. It’s not irrational to help them weather the restrictions.

    It is irrational to pack the damn bill with favored programs to bribe your fellow congressional representatives into voting for it. That’s how our government works, though, and Boehm’s beef with individual aid is the last straw for me. I subscribe (and have since 1999) because I want to support libertarian journalism and because reason used to strongly support libertarian causes. Too many writers here have been twisted into knots over Trump and it colors their views. Sudermann really needs a Xanax, and should be dropped from the weekly podcast so he can spend all his time making sourdough bread and fancy-pants cocktails.

    You may not need help, Boehm, but many of us do. And if no help is to be provided, fine. But if help IS to be provided, then it should simply be sent to those of us out here in flyover country who are having a hard time, even though our incomes put us in the “middle class.”

    1. “Toss everything in the bill that is not direct aid to US families and individuals who are not wealthy.”

      Sorry – that should have said toss everything… and individuals who are already wealthy.

      1. No wait, I had it right the first time. See? Covid brain fog.

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  45. Interestingly I told a very liberal co worker exactly this same thing, that we shouldn’t get federal assistance and that we were able to work without interruption all year long. They were livid that I wanted people to starve. The nation has no hope with a mindset of just taking all you can and ignoring the consequences.

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