Giant New Spending and COVID-19 Relief Bill Also Creates 2 New Museums and a Library, References Dalai Lama Controversy

"No responsible legislator should vote for such a thing," said Justin Amash (L–Mich.).


Congress reached a deal on Sunday to pass a $2.3 trillion spending bill that includes $900 billion worth of COVID-19 relief for families and businesses. But until Monday afternoon, no one knew for sure what was actually in the bill.

Well, the 5,593 page behemoth has finally been released to the public, as well as to the curious legislators who are supposed to vote on it. Just printing this monstrosity was a nearly fatal task: The file containing it was so unwieldy that it kept crashing Congress's computers.

The main thrust of the COVID relief package is to provide $600 per person to people below a certain income threshold and to expand the Paycheck Protection Program for various businesses.

But that's not all the spending bill does—not by a long shot.

For instance, one section of spending the bill also instructs the Smithsonian Institution to create two new identity-based museums: one for women, and one for Latinos. (The legislation refrains from using the phrase "Latinx.") The bill also takes a position on the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama, expressing that in the view of the U.S. government, "the wishes of the 14th Dalai Lama, including any written instructions, should play a key role in the selection, education, and veneration of a future Dalai Lama." The bill includes a provision prohibiting any federal funds from being used by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), an activist group that no longer exists in the United States. It attempts to normalize U.S. foreign relations with Sudan, criminalizes illegal streaming, and creates a plan for building a Theodore Roosevelt presidential library in North Dakota.

In short, this is an everything-and-the-kitchen-sink bill. It contains dozens if not hundreds of policy proposals that ought to be considered on their own merits, not attached to pandemic relief and smuggled into law by a desperate and confused Congress that has no idea what it's voting for.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.) complained, quite reasonably, that it's crazy to expect legislators to commit to voting for a bill they scarcely have time to read.

Rep. Justin Amash (L–Mich.) has for years complained about legislators being expected to vote for bills they haven't even read. He echoed Ocasio-Cortez's concerns:

How bloated is this bill? It literally needed to be brought into the chamber on wheels. This is the appalling state of our national law-making entity.

Correction: This post original described Congress as having reached a deal for $2.5 trillion worth of COVID relief. The bill includes $900 billion worth of COVID aid as part of a larger $2.3 trillion spending bill. 

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113 responses to “Giant New Spending and COVID-19 Relief Bill Also Creates 2 New Museums and a Library, References Dalai Lama Controversy

  1. >The legislation refrains from using the phrase “Latinx.”
    KEK. Those Beaners deserve the butchering of the Spanish language for voting white progressive into office.

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    4. I read it and 5,000 pages have the repeating of…All work and no play makes Congress dull people. (Shining joke).

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  2. And there’s billions in “foreign aid” that Reason won’t object to

    1. What? I absolutely object to it.

      1. Yet didn’t mention it above

        1. What the living fuck do you want, a detailed 5,593 page rebuttal?

          Christ. Grow some brains. You are aren’t going to find them.

          1. Awww, such simping

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        2. Does he have to mention everything he objects to? This is like SJWs complaining that Trump hasn’t disavowed yet another random white supremacist.

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      2. So while we have you here…….. what the Hell is up with Boehm and Sullum?

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  3. >The bill also takes a position on the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama
    So much for the establishment clause. But then again, liberal’s love for the Lama is more rooted in feel good spiritualism than any understanding of Gelug Tibetan Buddhism.

    1. that is an excellent point….. i mean, it is ridiculous enough on it’s own, but that is definitely the state taking a religious position.

      1. Now if Congress could only pass a bill to resolve the Shia-Sunni schism.

    2. Big hitter, the Lama.

      Tips for shit, though.

  4. I think they should read it out loud. The whole thing. Should take them until New Years. Then the new congress can start over.

    1. Forcing Hank Johnson (D – Georgia) to read on the House floor is racist!

      1. Reading is racist.

        1. Shit. I just read your comment.

  5. “No responsible legislator” You mean they’re not careful with my money. Say it aint so.

    1. SleepyJoe will do it better. His personal energy will give all of us a reason to live.

    2. I’m sure they’re all very careful with their own money.

  6. Lol. Don’t make me agree with AOC!

    1. She’s not wearing a mask in her twitter feed, so she LITERALLY wants your grandma to die. LITERALLY!!!

      1. She just got her vaccination for COVID-19 though. Cutting in line ahead of essential workers, healthcare workers, AND the elderly.

        1. Our Betters shall always be first in line.

        2. Maybe “socialists” have been identified as a high risk group for covid. Everything else seems to be.

        3. I think she identifies as a bartender, which would be an essential worker.


    God bless Weimerica

    “The Kennedy Center is getting another $14 million in this stimulus bill… that means they’ve gotten $40.4 total so far…

    Enjoy your $600, peasants.”

    1. Amazing how out in the open the corruption is. What a farce.

    2. I enjoy going to the Kennedy Center, but this is bullshit.

  8. I’d say Washington is pathetic, but they have the guns, monopoly on legal violence, and print all the money. It’s just irresponsible and sad.

  9. >>The bill also takes a position on the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama

    this is how you know the citizenry means absolutely fucking nothing to these assholes. fuck all of them sideways.

  10. $2,500,000,000,000/320,000,000=$7,812.50

    1. Look! We’ve figured it seventeen different ways, and every time we figured it, it was no good, because no matter how we figured it, somebody don’t like the way we figured it! So now, there’s only one way to figure it. And that is, every man, including the old bag, for himself!

    2. More like 25K. There’s only 100 million people paying taxes.

      1. haha! if that!

      2. Buy gold.

        And lead.

        1. And Bitcoin.

          1. Bitcoin is great when trust is high. but you ‘own’ that crypto the same way you ‘own’ the data you have in the cloud.

    3. We are all in this debt together.

      1. I didn’t borrow that.

        1. ^lol… The very concept communism ignores. YOU are not a person — Only [WE] are… Sell your soul to the [WE] foundation because you don’t own you; [WE] own you.

    4. 1 – (600 / 7812.50) = – 92.32%

      About the average return on “investment” for such things.

  11. and we wonder why everyone hates everyone else…… we can’t even put up a garbage bill we shouldn’t have on it’s own, without throwing in dozens of other garbage that has no business being included with it. it is impossible for any lawmaker to voter for something that is not awful, because such a bill cannot even exist anymore.

    1. The legislative function is broken because the handsome legislators who keep getting elected have enabled it to be so, and have no interest in fixing it. And there’s no function to punish them for failing. They continue to get elected (or not) based on a narrow set of issues, none of which is related to how broken the legislative function is.

      1. And the public has only itself to blame, having elected (and in the vast majority of cases, reelected) the politicians who broke it.

        1. Yes but “the public” like “society” is nebulous. You can’t hold “the public” accountable for the failure to act. And besides, I put the onus of responsibility on the educated lawyers who wanted to play the game, not all the bystanders who had the poor fortune to be born into this mess.

        2. How many members of the public contribute to a candidate being elected compared to members of special interest groups which have a vested interest in the outcome of the election? I know I’ve never formed a PAC and used it to shovel hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to a candidate – do you think these PACs are just civic-minded citizens interested in nothing but the public weal?

  12. To be fair, COVID-19 relief is only subsection N of the usual omnibus spending bill. The crazy stuff isn’t virus relief. The crazy stuff is crazy stuff they’d all be considering under normal circumstances.

    But they are gonna finally simplify the FAFSA, so that’s cool.

    1. I’m glad someone mentioned this. It’s full of pork, yes, but COVID was tacked onto something else — all this garbage was not tacked onto COVID.

  13. Legislators only need to know if the part they wrote is in it to vote for it. Who cares what the rest says.

    1. Responsible legislators… i.e. Amash and whoever else isn’t banging commie hookers

  14. Establishing museums and supporting Tibetan nationalism are among perhaps the least important of the other 2.5 trillion reasons this spending bill sucks. It’s like an article pointing out that John Wayne Gacy also jaywalked.

    1. He what!?!?!?!??!?!

    2. It’s probably just the pork that stands out on an initial glance over. I doubt anyone has had time to absorb the whole thing. I think we can expect plenty of articles with more substantial criticism over the next few weeks. Of course, by then it will be too late, as designed.

  15. For the last several days I heard the relief bill totaled $900 billion; now it’s $2,500 billion, yet the each individual is still only getting $600.

    1. It’s all you deserve.

    2. It was never about the individual. That was the cherry on top of a large banana split. You can’t even get the whipped cream near the the cherry.

      But Harris Biteme now has the cash they need to start excessive spending on all kinds of wacky left wing ideas.

      It’s gonna get ugly when the populace wakes up.

      1. “It’s gonna get ugly when the populace wakes up.”

        Sometime around 2350….

    3. In typical Congress fashion, they created a giant omnibus bill. It includes appropriations for the remaining FY. See, you have to vote for this or the government shuts down. It is a great way to get things that can’t pass on their own through.

      1. You have to vote for this or the government shuts down and everyone dies of COVID/starvation. So you doubly have to vote for it.

    4. They combined an omnibus spending bil for about $1.5T “to keep the government from shutting down” with the $900B COVID stimulus. To make each part *must pass* legislation, despite all the crap they piled into it.

  16. This bill is actually sickening! All should review it and see the obscene govt. spending thrown in. It will make some call for armed rebellion! Page 295 has 8 million allocated for HIV awareness in the military? Go figure!

    1. How did the trans advocates allow that one to slip in (no pun intended)?

    2. They need that much money to tell them which international brothels to avoid? Or is it like “field trip” spending money

      1. Someone needs to research which ones are safe.

  17. the Lowey Act would spend $50 million per year for the next five years. A version of the act passed the House in July.

    Covid related.

    1. Is reason protesting Rand Paul now? He also is against it and a bit more heft than departing amash.

      1. AOC and Amash are the new face of libertarianism.

        Like a 21st century Benneton ad.

        Not that Rico is old enough to remember those.

      2. Rand went to the dark err orange side.


    It’s been a while, but it needs to be said: one of the foundational principles of this country is the idea that the people have the right to alter or abolish a government that fails to adequately serve the needs of its people. #LetThemEatCake

  19. This is what you get when the electorate is made up of people who contribute different amounts to the common treasury. And some who vote even take from the common treasury rather than contributing to it!

    1. Partially, sure.

      But this bill is because our representatives consider themselves rulers, and don’t fear the ruled.

  20. Jerryskids
    December.21.2020 at 9:51 am

    “The deal includes restarting a $300 boost to the federal unemployment insurance benefit, extending eviction moratoriums for renters for an unspecified amount of time and a $600 direct payment to most Americans.”

    The deal also includes billions to bail out the airlines – again. You know what other hidden goodies it contains? No, no you do not because this hastily cobbled-together compromise must-pass bill hasn’t been read or studied by one single member of Congress so you’ll have to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in the bill. Where have we heard that before? And that’s how Congress fucking operates now.

  21. Pelosi is an evil sack of shit

    1. Hey! Sacks of shit have valuable uses on farms everywhere! How dare you besmirch their good names!

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  23. “No responsible legislator should vote for such a thing,” said Justin Amash (L–Mich.).”

    He’s easy to dislike, but I’m backing him here.

  24. So we’re spending millions to build museums when the government is discouraging trips to those kinds of places.

    I suppose the usual boondoggle involved means those museums might be completed by 2025. By then Donald Trump would president again so it won’t even matter.

    Museums will always get built. That’s less of an outrage than the government prioritizing vaccination and spending along racial lines. But Reason seems only mildly concerned about that, while throwing a tantrum over Donald Trump challenging election results.

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  25. Is that $600 per month? If so, frick Canada gave $2000 (roughly $1550 USD).

    Richest country in human history.

    Pelosi and McConnell are useless degenerates.

    Oh. Speaking of swamp creatures, anyone see Dr. Birx in the latest scandal? Same crap here. How people are letting this happen is beyond me.

    But I’m not sure what we can do at this point.

    1. Mind you, the $2000 is TAXABLE.

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  27. When will gingers get a museum?

    1. We have one. We just don’t tell you where it is unless you’re a ginger.

    2. I am a Mary Anne guy myself.

  28. Shifting The Burden

    “To relieve the present exigency is always the object which principally interests those immediately concerned in the administration of public affairs. The future liberation of public revenue they leave to the care of posterity.” -Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations (1776)

    Whence comes such money? Not from creativity. Not from productivity. From politicians indebting future generations. Good politics today. Bad economics tomorrow.

    These United States are in an escape-paradigm. The Wuhan-virus, a puny plague by historical standards, has elicited a tidal wave of mass hysteria among a population largely grown weak, passive, and dependent in a largely matriarchal society. Accordingly, instead of bearing the financial brunt of our own man-made misfortune ourselves, we are trying to pass the pain onto succeeding generations. Our children and grandchildren rightly will curse us for our malevolence. Heroes we are not. Cowardly sheeple we have become.

    We must change the system by employing scientifically-based contingency management as described in the novel, Retribution Fever. It can be done. It must be done. Americans today are dooming their children to a dreadful destiny tomorrow. We can begin by ridding ourselves of the Republican Party.

  29. How about Irish, Italian and German museums, those groups have been much more impactful on American society than Latinos.

  30. When even AOC is right you know the bill is shit.

  31. Where’s the new museums for Males and Americans? And to think the left believes they aren’t racist and sexist. The ignorance is absolutely amazing.

    And who said having a [D] majority wouldn’t fundamentally change the USA even centuries down the road. FDR set the precedence for funny-money and a joke of a USD. Obama set the precedence for compulsive “commie-money” stimulus and bail-outs.

    Wait; What authority does the U.S. Congress even have to be doing wealth redistribution again? When’s the SCOTUS going to start blocking these “commie” bills?

    1. A museum for males? Seems kinda, there might be something like that in certain parts of San Francisco.

      We have lots of museums for Americans.

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  33. Well, a mistake you made right in the subheading is calling Amash a responsible legislator…other than that glaring mistake, why should we believe anything else in the rest of the article?

  34. And Biden is promising another round of stimulus checks after he is inaugurated.

    “One thing I promise you about my leadership during this crisis, I’m going to tell it to you straight,” Biden said. “And here’s the simple truth. Our darkest days in this battle against Covid are ahead of us, not behind us.”

    These people are seriously demented. They desperately want COVID to be the preshow to the post apocalyptic future they are planning. Why does the end of days seem to the liberals ultimate wet dream?

  35. Well, I will admit I’m pleasantly surprised by the creation of a Presidential Library for Theodore Roosevelt after the toppled statues and the calls this summer for Mount Rushmore to come down.

  36. And the world’s largest staple to hold it together.

  37. As was the case with Obamacare and most other bills, it was presented to Congress with only about 2 hours before the vote. Being some 5,600 pages long, needless to say no one read the entire bill before voting. That is total irresponsibility and one of the main reasons why Congress is a totally useless entity. The thing is packed solid with tons of pork and $$millions going to things outside the country. How about $33 million going to the Venezuelan government? Then later in the same bill, it is stated that no money is to go to Venezuela. Most of the funds will go to special interests and lobbyist causes. The people no longer matter. Comrade Pelosivich could have had $1.8 trillion when Trump offer it to the Dems before the election. Well heck, maybe she just wants to keep the deficit down…lol. This country is a putrid joke and nothing is more putrid than the succumbing of the majority to a totally fake pandemic.

  38. I’ve read Proust’s In Search of Lost Time over the course of 2 or 3 years. It took him about 15 years to write it, some 3000 pages over 7 volumes. It’s probably the longest book I’ve attempted.

  39. If you want to know why young people feel “entitled” look no further than out leaders pulling BS like this.

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